Monday, 4 January 2016


I couldn’t have been happier. I had just completed a 
three week stint in the field and now I was heading home 
to my lovely wife Jennifer. Better still I had finished 
my assignment a day early and so I was going to surprise 
my wife. The only cloud on the horizon was that 
Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend Brett was going to be staying 
with us for a few days, since he was between 
international postings with the oil industry.

Whilst Jennifer openly admits that Brett was the 
shallowest self-centered person and that she had known 
she could never marry him, I still felt uneasy when he 
came to stay. Despite them having broken up 10 years 
ago, I could see that my wife still had some feelings 
for him. After all he had dated her through University 
and had taken her virginity! 

Coupled with this thought was the fact that Brett was a 
hunk. He stood 6ft 4 inches and weighed some 200lbs and 
kept himself in fabulous shape. He always liked to boast 
about how many women he had bedded round the world, all 
of which merely served to confirm Jennifer’s opinion 
that she was well rid of him.

And yet... every time he came to stay with us, I couldn’t 
help notice a certain wistfulness in my wife’s eyes. She 
seemed to become all soppy around him and sometimes she 
seemed to get all flushed when he described his latest 
female conquest. She had always refused to tell me about 
their time together and in particular their lovemaking. 
Every time I brought the subject up she steered the 
conversation away and so I had never really pressed it.

All of these thoughts and emotions swirled around in my 
mind as I drove home and as I swung into our road, I was 
startled to see that Brett’s car was already parked in 
our drive. This was odd because he wasn’t supposed to be 
with us until tomorrow. Typical of him and I knew that 
would ruin the lovemaking I had planned for the evening.

Something cautioned me from rushing into the house and 
announcing my arrival. Instead I sneaked in quietly. I 
could hear voices in the living room and peering through 
the crack in the door, I could see Brett and my wife 
sitting side by side on the settee. Brett had his arm 
around Jennifer’s shoulders and was saying things that I 
couldn’t hear. Jennifer suddenly made a show of 
stretching however and said that she was going to head 
for bed. She told Brett to make use of the television 
and that he knew where his room was. 

I decided to rush upstairs and surprise Jennifer, but 
again something made me change that plan. Instead I 
headed for our small box room which was located next to 
our bedroom. In this room I had built a secret door that 
lead into a concealed space between the two rooms. In 
this space I peered through the large two way mirror 
that I had installed. Why had I installed a secret two 
way mirror? Well it had become an obsession of mine to 
watch Jennifer masturbating. 

I always knew when she would be likely to do this and it 
was when she became fertile each month. She would go to 
bed and I would feign watching a late night movie. 
However I would sneak to my hidey-hole and watch 
spellbound as my gorgeous wife would slowly finger 
herself, tweaking her breasts and using her other hand 
to caress her clit and arouse herself until she achieved 
spectacular and noisy orgasms. How did I know they were 
noisy? Well I had also installed a sound system as well!

As I waited I saw the light come on and saw that my wife 
was wearing a light summer dress with bare legs and, 
well well, those shoes! I had bought her a pair of five 
inch heeled strappy white sandals that showed her long 
lithe and toned legs off to best advantage, particularly 
if, and this was the case now, she had painted her toe 
nails. Anyway when I had given her these shoes 
originally, Jennifer had told me she would wear these 
the day we decided to start having children. She laughed 
and said they would be her ‘breeding shoes’ as she knew 
how they aroused me!

So why was she wearing them now? She hadn’t worn them to 
my knowledge since I had given them to her. She said 
they were too special to spoil. And yet here she was 
wearing them, not knowing that I was coming home early! 
I started to get a queasy feeling in my stomach. Was she 
putting on a show for Brett to tease him and show him 
what he had lost?

My thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of Brett, 
bare-chested in the doorway to our bedroom. “Jennifer, 
I’m going to turn in as I’m tired. I was hoping though I 
could get a goodnight kiss first? “So saying he took a 
step toward my wife and looked expectantly. “You always 
were arrogant, weren’t you Brett. What makes you think I 
would give you a good night kiss?”

“Because I know you want to, come here.” Brett stretched 
out his arms and seeing Jennifer’s hesitation he took 
her hands and pulled her toward him. 

When she reached him he bent forward and kissed her 
without asking her again. Jennifer looked surprised but 
didn’t push him away. Perhaps taking this as a sign of 
her compliance, Brett put his arms behind her and pulled 
her close so that she was squashed up against his ripped 
torso. This time Brett aggressively assailed her mouth 
and I saw her open her mouth and accept his probing 
tongue into her mouth. I could tell they were fencing 
tongues and really having a good snog!

Jennifer suddenly broke away and said, "Brett how dare 
you. I’m not your girlfriend any more, I’m a married 

"Oh come on Jenni,(only he had ever been allowed to 
call her this), don’t be such a prude. In any case I 
know you enjoyed that. You swapped tongues with me just 
like old times." 

"That’s not the point,” said Jennifer, "it’s just that 
I... I am..." 

"You feel horny, don’t you, that’s what you feel. Your 
body wanted the touch of a man?”

“No, I... that’s not what I mean, it’s just that..." 
Jennifer never finished her sentence as Brett moved 
quickly behind her and putting his hands on her hips 
started to nibble and lick her neck and ears. I knew 
from my own experience that this always got Jennifer 
aroused and sure enough as I watched her resistance 
started to melt.

"Oh Brett, please don’t it’s not right, you shouldn’t, I 
ohh..." The cause for her intake of breath was Brett 
whose hands had come round to cup her breasts through 
the thin fabric of her dress, and since she wears no bra 
(her breasts are fabulously firm 34B’s) and I could 
imagine how she felt. 

In retrospect I know I should have made my presence 
known at this stage. However part of me was incredibly 
turned on by the spectacle (in the same way as when I 
watched her masturbate), but also I wanted to see at 
what point my faithful wife would put a stop to Brett’s 
attempts to get into her pants. I was fully expecting 
him to be on the receiving end of a slap across the face 
at any second. But no, how wrong I was!

Standing behind Jennifer I could see him fiddling with 
the tie of her dress and ever so slowly he undid the 
ribbon and then whilst still nibbling her neck he gently 
brushed the straps clear of her shoulders and the dress 
slowly slipped off her and pooled at her heels. My god 
she looked fabulous. Standing there in nothing but thong 
panties, five inch strappy sandals with red painted 
finger and toe nails and her brunette hair cascading 
around her sexy neck.

I noticed Brett fumbling with his trousers and as they 
fell to the floor as well I wasn’t entirely surprised to 
see that he had no underwear. Seeing him naked answered 
one question that my wife had never discussed with me. 
He was hung, I mean really hung. Even in his semi 
flaccid state he had more than my 5 inches and I could 
just about make out what looked to be an impressive pair 
of balls to match. He could have been a model or a porn 
star with a body and equipment like that. No wonder he 
had got into the pants of women all around the world!

As he brought his hands round to cup my wife’s pert 
breasts he stepped into her back and I could see his 
erecting penis push up her back. Although I hated to 
admit it, they looked good together and I could see how 
and why as a teenager at college she had fallen for him. 
As I watched and listened I could hear Jennifer moaning 
as Brett lovingly squeezed and played with her breasts, 
tweaking her sensitive nipples until they were standing 
proud and erect.

Suddenly Brett stopped his ministrations and picked my 
wife up in his arms as if she weighed nothing. He slowly 
walked with her over to the bed, our bed, our marital 
bed which we shared as man and wife. The symbolism was 
not lost on me. He was showing her that he was going to 
take her on her marriage bed and husband be dammed!

Again I knew I should do something. Instead however I 
dropped my pants and pulled my aching cock from my 
underwear. Deep down I still thought Jennifer would stop 
this before it went too far and yet part of my brain 
wanted to see him succeed. Wanted him to give me a 
display of how he used to fuck my wife before I knew 
her. I was so conflicted by emotion and light headed on 

My wife seemed to have been in some kind of a trance for 
a while and it wasn’t until she felt Brett laying her 
down on the bed that her senses returned. “Stop this 
Brett, I can’t do this, I’m married, please.” 

“It’s ok,” said Brett, “I’m going to lick you like I 
used to, I’ll make you feel so good.”

“No, please Brett, don’t... I... oh my goodness Brett... 
yes just there, please, I oh..." The cause for her about 
change of loyalty to her husband was the feeling of 
Brett’s tongue as it lapped her sex and caressed her 
sensitive clit. Before long her hips were lifting off 
the bed and were weaving in the air. I noticed her 
fingers had also found their way to Brett’s head and 
were running through his hair as he pleased her.

I could hear the familiar sounds of my wife starting to 
get aroused. The sighs and ah’s and moans that built and 
built as Brett relentlessly worked on her sopping sex. 
After several minutes of his ministrations Jennifer 
stated to sob and cry out, “YES! Oh my god yes! I'm 
coming... coming just there... yes, yes, ohhhhhh!” The 
room was filled with her shrieks as she came and came on 
Brett’s tongue and drenched his face in her love nectar. 
Lucky bastard I thought, that should have been me.

Brett in the meantime had moved up and over Jennifer and 
was kissing her. As he did so I could see him using one 
hand to direct his hugely erect cock at my wife’s 
vagina. When my wife felt what he was doing she said “ 
no Brett, not that, I can’t let you have me. My marriage 
vows, please." “Oh come on Jenni, you know you want it, 
you’re desperate for a man to get between your legs. No 
one will ever know, just you and me. Come on just for 
old time’s sake."

This was crunch time. Would my faithful wife rebuff him 
or was she too far gone? It didn’t take long for me to 
find out. “Ok Brett, get a condom from the drawer, and 
you can just once." “Sorry Jenni, but just for once I’m 
not going to use a condom. You made me wear one all 
through college, because of your religious beliefs. Well 
this time and just once I want you bare." “Brett no, I’m 
not protected, please. I’m also fertile; this is a 
really bad time for unprotected sex.” 

“Well that settles it,” said Brett, “bareback it is." So 
saying I watched in disbelief, in denial but also in 
lust as a voyeur watching another couple fuck, as Brett 
pushed forward and the bulbous helmet of his nine inch 
cock pushed into the womanhood of my darling wife. No 
words can do justice to the sight, the sounds or the 
feelings coursing through me as I watched another man 
taking my wife. Pushing a big cock into her sodden 
snatch, watching her moan and flail around as she 
succumbed to her old lover.

Once he was fully embedded right up to his big balls 
which had to be nestling up against Jennifer’s pert bum, 
he stopped and raised himself up on his hands. Brett and 
Jennifer locked eyes. “Doesn’t that feel good?” asked 

“Yes,” said a breathless Jennifer. “Brett, promise me 
one thing please.”

“What Jenni?” 

“Please promise me you will pull out before you come, 
please Brett, I’m begging you. I can’t get pregnant by 
you, James would divorce me." 

“Whatever,” was Brett’s noncommittal reply as he started 
moving his huge cock in and out of my wife.

So there it was. My wife had gone from being a faithful 
wife to a cheating slut within less than an hour. She 
had succumbed to her ex boyfriend’s charms and more 
particularly to his big cock. She had spread her legs 
and let him put his bare cock into her knowing full well 
that she was fertile and unprotected from pregnancy. 

As I watched and listened to their love making I at 
least now knew why Jennifer had refused to discuss the 
size of his tackle. He had been and was still much 
bigger that her husband and although she had found him a 
jerk, she still longed for his big cock. 

Masturbating furiously I still wondered why I wasn’t 
rushing in to stop them. As much  as I hated to admit 
it, I was turned on by watching another man service my 
wife. I realised that I had always had such feelings 
about wanting to see her screwed by a better endowed 
man, but had always been too afraid to mention it to 
her. Well now I had a ring side seat to her infidelity.

Brett slowed the pace of his fucking and took hold of 
Jennifer’s long legs and put them over his shoulders. As 
he resumed his thrusting Jennifer said “Oh Brett you are 
such a stud, you feel so good." 

“Better than your husband?” 

“In bed yes, you are just so manly, a stud." 

“Well,” said Brett, “you know what studs do don’t you, 
they always seed their mares." 

Jennifer laughed in response. 

“What’s so funny?” asked Brett. 

“Seeing my shoes over your shoulders reminds me that 
James bought these for me and I told him that I would 
only wear them when I was going to be bred and with our 
first baby." 

“Oh Jenni, I want that so much, I want to put my baby in 
you and watch your belly swell with our love child."

“No Brett, you promised!” said Jennifer. 

“I know," said Brett, "but knowing you're fertile, 
unprotected and wearing those ‘fuck-me pumps’ which you 
promised to wear when he breeds you is too much. I’ve 
got to have you completely Jenni, I’m going to seed you 
and make you a pregnant wife."

“Oh god Brett, I can’t! My husband... oh but I do love 
your big cock... I can’t think clearly. You will have to 
think for us, I’m so full of you. Your cock is against 
my cervix and my womb is getting ready for conception. 
Oh yes fuck me pregnant Brett. Let me have your spunk 
deep in my womb!”

I couldn’t believe the words coming from my wife. She 
had completely lost it and had surrendered to Brett’s 
big cock. Unless I rushed in and separated the 
copulating couple, I knew Brett would mate with my wife 
in front of my eyes! So what did I do? Nothing of 
course! Just like the rutting couple in the next room, I 
was also too far gone now. 

I knew I had to see the ultimate betrayal of our 
marriage vows. Had to witness the moment when my wife 
willingly accepted the virile sperm of an alpha male 
into her open, ripe and fertile womb. A womb that had no 
defence against the impending blast of DNA that was not 
her husbands, but was that of her first love and first 

As I tried to time my ejaculation with their mutual 
orgasms I could see their mating was reaching a 
crescendo. Jennifer had locked her long legs around 
Brett’s muscular bum as it drove his big baby maker 
towards making her a mummy. God her painted toenails 
encased in strappy stilettos looked so dam sexy as they 
worked to keep Brett in place.

And then it happened. Brett cried out, “Oh Jenni my love 
I’m coming, going to give you our baby, oh here it 
comes." “Yes, yes shrieked Jennifer, give it to me, fill 
me, seed me Brett, I want you baby." As I watched Brett 
tensed and roared and the clenching of his bum cheeks 
told the story of sperm being fired direct into my 
wife’s cervix. Her simultaneous orgasm ensured that 
Brett’s sperm was helped on his way. His big balls which 
had not been emptied for over two weeks were now 
discharging their contents directly where it counted. 

My wife mewled and sighed and held onto Brett’s muscular 
back as he continued to seed and impregnate her. She 
knew it, he knew it and I knew it. She had been bred in 
the most erotic and sensual manner, only not by her 
husband as it should have been. Instead a superior male 
had beaten me to her eggs and had stamped his DNA on her 

I looked down at my sticky hand and realised I had 
spunked all over myself. Taking my flaccid cock in hand 
I took one last look through the mirror and saw the 
lovers whispering sweet nothings to each other. 
Wondering what to do next I became aware of movement 
from Brett. He was gently humping into Jennifer. “Oh 
Brett, you can’t be hard again so soon, you are so, oh 
yes Brett, yes, again, make love to me again and make 
sure I’m pregnant."

I’d heard and seen enough. Tidying myself up I crept out 
of the house and found a motel, where I had a restless 
night. The following evening I went home again to find 
Brett’s car gone and Jennifer answered the door. She 
looked radiant as she hugged me. But then she should, 
having no doubt been fucked silly for 24 hours! 

As I made my way into the house I couldn’t help 
wondering what would happen in nine months! After all I 
wasn’t going to give her the get out of pretending it 
was my baby. Oh no, there would be no bareback sex 
between us until I knew if she had caught or not. And 
then I always had the video evidence. 

Did I mention that?

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