Monday, 18 January 2016


Sometime ago, my husband and I decided to share our 
fantasies as part of our love making. My husband was 
always saying that he wanted to see me take a young 
black man and watch him as he made love to me to see his 
face when he was getting the best damn ass he had ever 

He would also say that he wanted to see my face when the 
young stud shot his black seed in me. He would ask me if 
I would do that and I would just blow it off as a 
fantasy. One night as we were making out in bed, he 
said, "Yhy not do it for real?" 

I replied, "You really want it to happen?" 

"Yes," he said. "I really get horny thinking of it and I 
bet you would like it too."

I thought about it for a minute, and replied, "You get 
me one and I'll show you how I can get him off."


A few days later, my husband (Ron) called and said, "Fix 
a special dinner for your special guest Mary."

'Oh,' I thought, 'he really had done it. He has found me 
a young black lover.'

Ron arrived home and he filled me in. He met this young 
black man in the mall. He was a freshman at college and 
had played soccer in Africa. Ron said he asked Zola if 
he would like to make love to a white wife and after 
some discussion he had agreed. Now I was actually 
looking forward to meeting him although I was nervous. 

I prepared dinner with wine and my husband answered the 
door bell and invited Zola in.

I greeted a handsome young African man, the blackest I 
had ever seen. I thought, "Wow he looked like a real 
muscular God of something." My heart was beating fast as 
we sat for dinner. We made small talk and I could not 
get over how hot Zola looked. 

We finished dinner and my husband said for us to go to 
the den and he would do the dishes and clean up after 
dinner. I carried our wine glasses to the den and we sat 
and sipped wine and started making out. Zola told me how 
nice I looked and I told him hot handsome he looked. My 
three glasses of wine was making me mellow and very 
flirty as I rubbed his leg and snuggled up to him. He 
was soon exploring every inch of my body. 

I took Zola by the hand and led him to our bedroom where 
I started undressing him and he was removing my clothes. 
When I got to his shorts, I saw his erect Jet black pole 
standing up and inviting me to suckle it which I did. I 
played with his ball sack and knew that soon he would be 
emptying his black sperm into my waiting womb. He laid 
me on the bed and began parting my hairy lips and 
licking my white honey pot. He scooted me to the middle 
of the bed and I opened my legs wide for my newly found 
black lover. 

He moved over me and placed his pole at my lips and 
slowly entered into this white wife. I pulled him close 
and held on tight as he began to pump hard and fast as I 
screamed with pleasure. I was talking dirty and was 
being taken like an animal.

I stated an orgasm then another as his pole started 
pumping his black baby seed deep inside my waiting womb. 
He was pumping and moaning as he emptied his black balls 
into his white momma.

AS we both had our orgasms we laid there as his pole 
slowly became soft and he rolled over laid beside me and 
went to sleep. I was soon asleep myself. 

The next morning, I looked over at his lump pole and 
told myself that I had really been ravished and I knew 
that I had pulled his black balls dry. I gave my lover a 
gently kiss and went to the kitchen to get some coffee 
and my husband greeted me with, "That was hell of a romp 
you had last night!"

I had forgotten about him and realized that he must have 
watched all of it.

"Yes," I said, "He sure knew how to make me feel good 
and I think he was pleased as well. You were right. I 
really enjoyed it, and I hope this is not the last one, 

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