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Introduction: Here we introduce the central characters 
of the story and their relationship with each other.

Dev: He is the main protagonist as well as the narrator 
of this story, and probably the whole series.

Rajesh: He is elder brother of our hero, and is always 
referred by Dev as 'Bhayya'. (Elder brothers are called 
and referred to as Bhayya by the younger siblings.) He 
is married to Radhika.

Radhika: Rajesh's wife and Dev's sister-in-law. She is 
always referred to as 'Bhabhi' by Dev. (In Indian 
culture, Brother's wife is always referred as Bhabhi and 
receives mother like sacredness, and obtains authorities 
and respect from other siblings of her husband, even if 
she is younger than some the siblings. Also, if 'Bhabhi' 
is younger than the husband's brother she refers to him 
as 'Devarji' out of respect.)

Here Radhika always refers to Dev as 'Devarji' as she is 
3 years younger than him.


CHAPTER 1: Bhabhi's Consensual Rape!

"Fuck! It's 6 o'clock," I said looking at my watch, to 
no in particular. 

"You got anything to eat man? It feels like I haven't 
eaten anything for ages," I asked one of my final year 
project group partner.

"Nahh man," replied the one whose room we had 'hijacked' 
for near about whole last year, "last piece of food got 
finished hours ago while you were sleeping."

"Dude! I only slept for like 20 minutes then. And that 
was 3 hours ago!"

He shrugged and said, "That's probably when we ate it. I 
might have forgotten to wake you up."

Damn! If I hadn't needed him on the project, and it 
already being March (we have to submit it by last week 
of April) I won't be able to replace anybody now, I 
would have kicked his ass.

He is still probably pissed off about using his room for 
project assembly. I can't blame him, he was being given 
hard time from his other room partners and the landlord 
for the mess we had created. Just more two months and 
everything will be over.

"I am going home."

"About time you did!"

Fuck Off Dude! I really, really wanted to hit him now. 
Again, not his fault. For the last whole year I have 
been living here more than at my home. People think I am 
that dedicated about the project, don't get me wrong I 
am, but I am dreaded about staying home and having to 
face my Bhabhi.

"Dude! I know you are pissed about the whole situation 
with the room. I am really sorry to put you in the spot. 
But please man, only one more month, or even less if we 
are able to finish the project. If the landlord says 
something tell him I'll pay extra for the trouble."

"Yep, that's the only thing you can do, right! Mr. I-
Have-Got-Money! Just go man!"

Others of the group had already left. I had decided to 
stay back for some testing, and now I was regretting the 

I collected my things and left immediately before the 
argument could get any uglier. As the project was coming 
near end tension was flaring everywhere. Only last week 
we had an almost full blown fight between the guys from 
Mechanical and Electronics department.

First time ever in my college's history someone has 
tried something like this, including multiple 
departments for one project. I and one of my closest 
friend had put together a team consisting of two 
students from each branch of engineering. 

Last year's fighting on the football arena between 
Computer Science (my dept.) and Mechanical had soured 
the intra student relationship. And created many 
faction. It was only time someone would do something 
stupid. So, with the intention of bringing everybody 
together we had come up with this idea and have 
everybody root for us, as the project itself would have 
rocketed the image if our college into glory.

My head was throbbing as I reached my bike. I was 
looking forward to get some relief from the ride home.

By the time I reached home, I was feeling a little 
better. But as soon as I started going up the steps of 
my building, I came to think what was awaiting me. 
Bhabhi! Damn that women! She was making it hell for me 
to live there.

Don't get me wrong. She isn't a wicked witch or 
something. She is good. And kinda young.

She and my brother got married more than two years ago. 
It's an arranged marriage. My brother's 35 now and she 
20. She is 3 years younger than me. And she is 
beautiful! Hell, she is hot! But she was... She was... 
sprawled across the sofa?

Well, let me backtrack a little. I reached the door of 
our flat with my mind clearly occupied, I absent 
mindedly pulled my iPhone out and pressed the command 
for door unlock in my Home Security's master app. I 
removed my shoes and placed them in the rack and I was 
just about to head towards my room when something caught 
my eye. I turned to check what it was when I say her. 
She was sprawled across the sofa couch. It wasn't unlike 
her. Her and Bhabhi's bedroom was just a few feet away 
across the living room.

She was lying face down with her head towards the door. 
I was starting to get worried when I saw her voluptuous 
left breast almost spilling out of her low cut blouse.

I paused there for a moment or two just ogling at her, 
when finally I came to my senses I called out, 

She stirred a little.

"Bhabhi?" I called out again a little loudly this time, 
successfully capturing her attention.

"Are you alright!" I asked a little concerned.

"Aahh... Devarji," she moaned (I think painfully, but 
I'm never sure with her), "I think I sprained my back 
while changing the cylinder." (Here cooking gas -LPG- is 
sold in 14 to 16kg metal cylinders. We don't have gas 
lines till now.)

"Why don't you go and rest in your bedroom. You'll be 
more comfortable there."

"I don't think I can move properly. I barely made it 
here from kitchen. I am really glad you are here. Please 
help me get to bedroom."

"Ya, okay! Let me just put my things away first."

I quickly went to my room dropped my things and returned 
as quickly.

I went to her side pulled her left hand across my 
shoulder and tried to make her stand so that she could 
walk to her bedroom with my help. But it wasn't going to 
be so.

"Aaaaa!" she screamed as soon as I tried to pull her to 
her feet. Immediately I let go of her and stood there 
pondering what to do next.

"You will have to carry me to my bedroom, devarji. I 
don't think I can walk."

Seeing that it was the only option I said, "Okay. But 
first roll over on your back so that I can pick you up 
in my arms."

"I think you'll have to help me roll over."

I sighed and crouched down and placing my right hand on 
her hip and left on the shoulder I started to push her 
up and over. As she came to lie on her back I tried to 
avoid my elbow brushing against her breast. But my 
attempt seemed to be in vain as I felt her boobs 
pressing in my forearm and elbow like she was 
intentionally pushing it. (Strike One)

I picked her up with my arms under her knees and 
shoulders and her arms across my neck for support. My 
left arm was under her shoulders and I had made sure to 
place it such that my hand came under her near her 
stomach. I didn't wanted to, even unintentionally, place 
my hand anywhere near her breast. But my hand 
positioning only seemed to enable her to lean towards 
me, pressing her boobs in to my chest with such a gusto 
it felt like the boobs wanted to get into my lungs. 
(Strike Two)

We weren't rich or something but my brother had got 
himself a really good position job. We had a comfortable 
living with a good flat on rent in a pretty decent 
locality. The only downside was that my brother didn't 
get to be at home much. His job made him travel to 
different locations every week and was mostly away for 
4-5 days usually between Monday and Friday.

I think this was affecting Bhabhi' sex life. As within 
six months of their marriage she had started flirting 
with me and eventually teasing me. I first thought it 
was a playfulness of Bhabhi, that she was really getting 
fond of me and was having fun making me feel 
uncomfortable. But soon I wasn't sure about that. Later 
it looked like she was trying to seduce me. Only because 
I had a girlfriend I think I could hold out against her 

I placed Bhabhi on the bed and was about to leave when 
she asked me to massage her back. I obliged her.

I went to the bedside drawers to find something to apply 
on her back. There were some options available in the 
second drawer, a spray, a tube and a glass container. I 
knew by experience what was the best remedy for sprained 
back or for that matter any sprained muscle, the glass 
container which went by the name "Tiger Balm". (Tiger 
Balm is a semi-solid vapor rub of such a strength that 
just by opening its cap your eyes start to water. It 
gives out a very good heating effect on the underlying 
muscles reliving them of any strain. If you could ever 
get your hands on one I'd recommend buying it.)

Now I rolled her on her stomach and placed some cushions 
under her, such that her lower back was slightly 
elevated for easy access for massage. I placed a cushion 
under her head and told her to relax and started 
massaging her back.

Bhabhi usually wears Sarees just below her navel. So on 
the back side, the area of back which I knew would be 
most affected was easily available for massaging. But 
still I made a mistake of asking her, "Where do you want 
me to massage you?"

"The whole back," she replied.

So I started on her back just below the blouse. I 
applied a generous amount of the balm and massaged with 
care and strength. As I started to move down she stopped 
me by saying, "Devarji, You didn't do my shoulders!"

Though her blouse was low U cut on the back, still 
access to her shoulders was not possible. Which I 
pointed out, again to my fault.

She immediately brought her hands back, unstrapped her 
blouse and pulled it down on her arms to the biceps. 
This gave me access to her whole shoulders and back and 
also made me aware of the fact that she wasn't wearing 
any bra.

'Is this another trick of her to seduce me?' I thought 
to myself as blood rushed to my dick. (Though it didn't 
got erect but it stirred.)

'She couldn't have known I was coming home today,' I 
thought unsure, 'could she?'

I wasn't sure if this was a trap or a genuine situation.

"Stop staring at my back pervert and do what you are 
here to do." She said playfully.

I hadn't realized that I was staring at her back while I 
was thinking. Embarrassed I started to massage. I 
started with her neck, then moved down to her shoulders 
and shoulder blades. As I was about to start to move 
down, she asked me to go lower on the sides. I obliged 
and moved my hand laterally sideways just a little and 
started massaging. A moment later she again asked to ho 
down. This time again I obliged, though reluctantly. I 
was aware that my hands were almost reaching to the base 
of her breasts which were bulging out sideways due to 
her body weight. Before she could make another request I 
said, "That should be enough in this region. Let's move 

As I slowly moved down I, finally reached the hem of her 
saree. There I massaged her back for a while. When I was 
done I tried to leave only to be stopped again by Bhabhi 
with her new request. "Please go lower on the back!"

I didn't wanted her to just drop her saree now. So I 
myself pulled it down as far as it will go without 
having to unravel it. It had reached the base of her 
buttocks and I could see the edges of her ass cheeks. I 
went ahead and massaged as good as I could without 
reaching near her ass crack which was slightly visible. 
All this massaging had got me worked up and my dick was 
now at semi erect state.

"Go lower, please!" again came the request. My dick 
jumped on that.

She felt my hesitation and said, "Here, this will help 
you!" and pushed her hips up, taking her hands below her 
stomach she undid the knot that kept the saree in place. 
Then pushed her saree midway up her ass.

I didn't know what was I shocked about more! The fact 
that she wasn't wearing anything or that she pulled down 
her saree to show me her ass. And what a lovely ass it 
was. Perfectly rounded, pink tight ass! How do I know it 
was tight? Well I instinctively touched it. And I would 
have kneaded it with all my might had she not moaned and 
broken my trance.

This time I silently massaged on the extreme ends of her 
lower back and slightly on her visible ass. And as I was 
expecting she asked me to go lower.

Now my dick was already trying to cut out of my jeans. 
And the rush of blood there had left me with little in 
the brain, I think, because what I did next I don't 
think I would have done if I had been sane.

I pulled her saree all the way down to her thighs. And 
gods help me for I would have cummed in my pants just 
from the sight of those delicious globular ass. And that 
pick rosebud of an asshole. It took all my mental 
strength, whatever that was left, from taking out my 
dick and impaling her ass.

My pulling down of her saree might have amused her. With 
a smirk she said, "Saw anything new today, Devarji? 
Something that you might have liked?" (And that's Strike 

I couldn't help but think back on all the times she had 
been a cock tease. How she would rub her ass against my 
crotch most of the times. Bawdy jokes about my manhood. 
"Mistakenly" grabbing my dick and then innocently say 
"Sorry". Sometimes she would just spill some juice on my 
pants and then rub me like she was helping me clean my 
jeans. Once she even said, "Thank the gods its only cold 
drink! We wouldn't want to burn IT up with hot coffee!" 
while eyeing my crotch. Sometimes she even did this all 
in front of Bhayya. Every time I'd be flushed with horny 
embarrassment! From the fear of getting asm.

'Yep!' I thought to myself eyeing her puckered asshole 
with a devilish smile on my face.

I took some balm and started massaging and kneading her 
ass cheeks. I kneaded and massaged in such a way that 
the cheeks started to part a little. Then keeping my 
left hand on her left cheek to part it from the right, I 
again scoped the balm from the container- but this time 
only with my index finger- and then jabbed it in her 
asshole and rotated my finger as quickly to apply it 
everywhere on the inside.

"Aaaaa!" came the scream I had been expecting.

"What the fuck did you do?" she screamed banging her 
fist continuously in the mattress. "Its burning like 

"I just shoved some Tiger Balm in your ass." I replied 

"Why the fuck did you do that! I am dying with pain!"

"Well, consider it a revenge for all the time you have 
been cock teasing me, making me uncomfortable and making 
it a hell for me to live here."

"You know I had to live at a friend's room to get away 
from you!" I continued. "That fucker friend is now 
getting on my nerves! All because of you!"

"Okay, okay! I am sorry for all the shit! But please do 
something now! I can't handle it anymore! Ohh god, 
please fucking do something!"

"Alright! Let me just get the Vaseline from the drawer."

I rummaged through the drawer and found what I was 
looking for. I took the Vaseline to her, putting some 
generous amount on my index finger I started to enter 
her ass. I couldn't believe how tight she was and I 
hadn't noticed it previously. Hell, my asshole was more 
stretched than this. (A lot more actually. It wasn't 
that I was bi. I didn't even liked the taste of my own 
semen, I don't know if I could suck some other guy. But 
I liked massaging my prostate glands and could easily 
take a regular sized 6inch dildo.)

I could only go in up to my first knuckle in her anus. I 
massaged her inside for a while and then retrieved my 
finger to take some fresh supply of Vaseline. This time 
I pushed in more and was able to fit my whole finger in 
her. I gyrated my finger with some gusto and Bhabhi 
started to moan. 

"Mmmm... It feels good. But it's still burning, please 
keep doing it." She said, like I was now going to stop.

I retrieved my finger and this time pushed in two lubed 
up fingers. Again I massaged for a while, occasionally 
with crooked finger to heighten the pleasure. As I 
sensed her getting closer to an orgasm I stopped. She 
grunted her disappointment.

"I have a cream in my room that I think will be more 
effective." I said to her. "Also, I have a funnel that 
will make it easier for spreading the cream on your 
inside and it will massage your anal walls as well."

Saying that I left for my room not waiting for an 
answer. Though I think I heard her grunting 'Okay'.

In my room I striped out of my jeans and T-shirt. I saw 
that my underwear was soaking wet with my pre-cum. So I 
decided to strip out of it as well. I pulled out myself 
made cock and ball restraint which allows me to last 
longer than usual, as I was not sure I'd last longer in 
my current state of arousal and with what I had in mind. 
I donned a shorts and a football jersey without any 
underwear. I adjusted and placed my cock under the band 
on my shorts. I took a tube of anesthetic lube from my 
supplies in my wardrobes' hidden compartment. As I was 
about to leave my room I decided against the lube and 
placed it in my bedside drawer for later use.

As I entered Bhabhi's bedroom again I heard her say, 
"What took you so long? It has started to burn up 

"Don't worry. I have brought the special cream. It will 
smooth your pain. And after I use MY FUNNEL you'll 
forget about THIS pain."

"Okay, hurry up! I can't stand this anymore."

"Okay. I'll get right to it. But first you'll have to 
raise your hips to give me easy access to your anus."

"Okay, alright. How do you want me positioned?"

Pushing my hand under her stomach I pulled her up and 
brought her knees under her. I placed a cushion between 
her thighs and abdomen. Then I placed my hand under her 
chest and grabbing by one of her breasts pulled her up 
to place a cushion under her chest and one under her 
head. All the while mauling her breast very hardly. I 
think I might have left a red hand print there. As I was 
retrieving my hand I pinched her other nipple very hard 
and twisted it for a second or two.

"Aaaa!" she screamed in her pillow, and then asked, 
"What was that for?"

"I am still mad at you a little for all the teasing!" I 
lied to her. "Now relax as I work on your anus." With 
that I pushed her head in the pillow and got on the bed 
behind her.

I took some Vaseline and worked up inside her anus with 
one digit. Then taking my dick out lubed it up with 
Vaseline. (If I had brought the anesthetic lube, Bhabhi 
wouldn't have felt much pain from the stretching my cock 
would have provided. I didn't want that. But also I 
didn't wanted to dry fuck her. Well at least not today. 
By the way my dick is about 7" when full erect with 3" 
of circumference. That should make a pretty good 
stretching on her ass.)

"Relax now," I said, "I am about to put the funnel in. 
It might sting at first, but later you'll feel good." (I 
hope so. But I don't think so.)

"Hmm, okay. But hurry up. I can't take this burning 

She seemed eager to take my 'Funnel' in her ass. If she 
only knew I was going to trade her burning pain with 
some stretching pain. I couldn't help but smile a wicked 
smile as I placed my cockhead on her anus opening, 
guiding my cock with my right hand and holding her ass-
cheeks apart with left.

I pushed on the opening a little to gauge how tight it 
was. Putting it in a 'very tight' category, I pushed 
hard and my thick cockhead popped inside her. I was 
rewarded with a painful grunt.

Damn! The sensation felt good! The tight sphincter was 
trying to crush my head. As much as I wanted to keep my 
cock that way I also wanted to ram it all up in the ass. 
(It's not like you get to rape your Bhabhi's virgin ass 
every day. You can always slow fuck later. But the 
tightness now can be only optimized with a rough fuck.)

After a moment or two laying still and enjoying the 
feeling I decided to continue my onslaught. I pulled 
back my hips to bring the cockhead all the way out, just 
leaving the tip inside to guide it back, I held her hips 
with both my hands, and then rammed it home with all my 

"Bhenchod*! You ripped my ass!" she yelled at me through 
the pillow. (*Bhenchod is a Hindi cuss word meaning 

I felt satisfied at the sight before me, my cock rammed 
all the way in my Bhabhi's virgin ass and my balls 
resting probably on her cunt.

Without giving her any time to get accustomed to my cock 
I pulled out all the way leaving just my tip inside and 
rammed all the way in again. I continued this for quiet 
a time each time treated with a grunt from her.

Now that her canal felt a little stretched I decided to 
change my tempo. Without disengaging myself from her ass 
I got down from her bed while pulling her towards the 

"What are you doing?" she asked a little confused after 
catching her breath.

"Shut up, bitch!" I growled not wanting to be disturbed.

As soon as her ass was positioned perfectly on the edge 
of her bed, I said, "Let me finish what you started!" 
And with that I started fucking her ass with all my 
might at a break neck speed.

On and on went the assault, and I was completely 
oblivious to her shrieks, or moans or whatever noise she 
was making. I didn't cared then. I wouldn't have given a 
damn even if she would have been dying then. Today I had 
snapped, and I had snapped for good. I had been 
transformed into a Beast. It was only right that I get 
to have my Beauty, whatever the cost.

Still continuing my speedy onslaught I took my hands 
down to her cunt with the intention of tormenting it. To 
my surprise I found her soaking wet and her clit swollen 
out like a tiny 1inch cock. Not sure what to make of it, 
I took her clit between my thumb and index fingers and 
squeezed on it a little. This must have a shiver through 
her body as I felt her trembling. Liking how it felt on 
my cock, I this time pinched it hard and twisted it, all 
the while keeping my fast paced fucking!

I had expected painful tremors, but what I got not just 
surprised me but also stopped me in my tracks, or in her 
tracks to be more specific.

As soon as I pinched she started having a BIG orgasm, 
with a huge emphasise on big. How I know? Well for 
starters, her ass clamped down on my dick with such a 
force that, even if I had achieved an orgasm, I wouldn't 
have been able to spill my cum inside her at that 
moment. Over that she was shaking so violently that I 
was feeling like my cock was inside a mechanized 
vibrating pussy. All this was having an heightened 
effect on me, and the only reason I hadn't had an orgasm 
was because of my tight restraint. I had fixed it very, 
very tight. So tight, that my cockhead was a dark purple 
now and my balls were starting to turn blue. But I had 
started to feel that, if I didn't cummed soon and 
relieved the pressure on my cock, I might burst a vein.

Now, mustering up my strength and Bhabhi's ass still 
clamping down on my cock I started my slow in out 
motion. The friction was too much to handle and 
apparently Bhabhi was still shuddering with her orgasm 
which was having a stronger effect on my over sensitive 
purple cock. With just a dozen stroke it was evident to 
me that I was reaching my point of no return. Few more 
painfully difficult strokes and then I had my greatest 
orgasm in my life up to now. So great was the orgasm 
that I spewed and spewed my cum in her ass for what felt 
like eternity.

I might have collapsed on Bhabhi had I not balanced 
myself with the help of her back. This fuck was what you 
would call 'fuck of the century,' and I was pretty damn 
sure I wouldn't have such a good orgasm ever. It wasn't 
just the act of fuck, but also the perverseness of the 
situation. Me having fucked (more likely raped) my 
Bhabhi's virgin ass. (Bhabhi is considered sacred, like 
ones mother. And this added to the perversion that much 

I may have been satisfied now. But I wasn't done. My 
cock had started to get limp, but the cock-n-ball 
restraint made the process slow. Again I started 
pumping, but this time at a slower pace. This got the 
attention of both my cock and my Bhabhi. As both started 
to stir, where my cock got hard and ready, Bhabhi let 
out a moan indicating her readiness.

This time, instead of ravaging her I decided to pleasure 
my Bhabhi as a token of appreciation. Being standing on 
the floor beside the bed and her ass pointing up towards 
me in the air I had a lot of room for movement.

Placing my left leg on the bed beside her body and 
leaving my right leg down on the floor I started my hip 
movement. This position allowed me to apply a good 
amount of pressure without having to pick up speed. 
After a while of straight in and out motion, I pulled my 
cock out up to my head, then bending a little down I 
pushed in and upward. This motion seemed to have brought 
the desired effect as I heard Bhabhi moan. 

On next stroke I again pulled my cock out up to my head 
and then pushed in and downward. Again I heard her moan. 
I continued to do this alternatively, up to the point 
she was panting heavily. Sensing she might be near her 
orgasm I decided to try something. I took my one hand 
towards her breasts and other towards her cunt. Then 
pulled my cock out leaving only the head inside and 
pinched and twisted her nipple and her clit together. 
The pain seemed to work, as she started to have a 
screaming orgasm and again clamped down on my cock.

As soon as the clamping started I pushed with whatever 
strength I had left and started fucking her with hard 
full strokes. This pushed her over the top and she 
started to shudder violently having one continuous 
orgasm after another.

I held myself there for her to calm down and all the 
while making sure not cum. After she came down from her 
high her sphincter finally became lose enough for me to 
retrieve my still swollen member. As soon as I released 
her from my grip she rolled over on her back and started 
breathing heavily.

My cock was still hard and I needed to cum at least one 
more time before I was done with her. So I moved towards 
the other side of bed where Bhabhi's head had finally 
came to rest. I could see she was still panting and 
heaving, clearly exhausted by her tonight's ordeal.

As I was moving across to the other side Bhabhi seemed 
to notice for the first time ever my erect cock. "Oh My 
God! That Monster was in me?" she exclaimed, clearly 
surprised at the size of my cock which had ravaged her 
ass tonight. It was evident from the look on her face 
that she had never seen a cock of this size. There was a 
glad/pleased look in her eyes. Glad that the cock wasn't 
in her anymore and pleased that it had been in her.

I didn't replied anything, I was still in a trance. And 
my brains' only objective was to get as much pleasure I 
could by using her body.

I reached the opposite side of the bed where her head 
was. Leaned down, held her shoulders and dragged her 
towards me. All this while she was eyeing my cock with a 
look of amazement. Only when I pulled her body to me and 
started to aim my cock towards her face did she realized 
what I meant to do. Instinctively she opened her mouth, 
either in protest or in acceptance I don't know as I 
muffled her with my cock.

I could only go in for like 3 inch and the angle of her 
head restricted me. Again I pulled her towards the edge 
so the her head was off the bed bent backwards lining 
her throat for my dick. I pushed in one more inch before 
hitting her throat and she gagged on that.

I could see fear rising in Bhabhi's eyes on the 
implication of deep-throating. She hadn't done this 
before, and didn't wanted to do it now. But like I said, 
I was in a trance and didn't give a damn about what she 
thought or wanted.

I was relentlessly pushing against her throat, and she 
was squirming under me trying to get away, her movement 
just made her gag on my every thrust. Finally I growled, 
"Swallow my cock bitch or I'll choke you to death first 
and then throat fuck your limp body. One way or another 
you are getting throat fucked today! Understand?"

She stopped squirming, I think she couldn't deny the 
seriousness of the situation. The coldness with which I 
said must have really spooked her up, as I tried to push 
my cock this time, she tried to swallow.

It took me 3 tries to push my cockhead past her throat 
entrance and lodge myself all the way in her throat, my 
ball resting on her nose. The effort had left her eyes 
watering. Seeing it I decided to have some fun, and not 
to pull back my cock from her throat. This made her 
panic and she started to push me back and thrash her 
head sideways in an attempt to escape.

After a moment of denying her air I pulled back and she 
started breathing heavily trying to get as much air as 
she could. I didn't gave her more respite though, as I 
slammed in immediately. I fucked her roughly, but with 
deep and long strokes, which was not just giving me 
pleasure but also allowed her to breadth in between each 
stroke. I continued fucking her like this for some time. 
And was nearing my orgasm.

I was sure I was going to explode in her in about a 
minute or two, but there was something my mind was 
trying to tell me that I couldn't place in all the 
fucking frenzy.

There was a distinctive beep-beep coming from somewhere, 
my conscious mind was not able to determine where it was 
coming from, or what it meant, but my subconscious mind 
knew that my Watch was triggering an alarm to notify me 
that someone with a KEY was trying to get in the house. 
(I had Master Locked it, so the door could either be 
opened from inside or with my phone's master app.) 

The beeping continued for some 2-3 minutes and I 
continued my fucking relentlessly. It seemed like the 
beeping was extending my explosion point with every 
beep, accumulating all the pressure for a big bang 

I continued ravaging Bhabhi's throat, and the beeping 

Deep in my subconscious mind I knew that other than the 
two of us in the room there was only one person who 
could have a key. My brother!

'Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong' finally came an 
insisting sound of door bells.

The door bell pushed me over the top, and I exploded 
deep in Bhabhi's throat spewing all my cum directly in 
her food pipe.

The door bell and the orgasm must have broken my trance. 
As I was draining my cum in Bhabhi's throat realisation 
of reality was flooding my brain. I immediately became 
aware of where I was, what I had done. And more 

"Bhayya is HERE!"


To be continued in next chapter...

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