Thursday, 14 January 2016


My wife's parents lived with us until her dad dead in a 
hit and run accident as he was walking our dog. They 
never found who did it. Her mom never recovered from the 
shock and died just 4 months later. It seemed that when 
her husband died, she just give up on life. I went down 
stairs one afternoon to find her in her chair passed 

I asked the wife if she wanted to sell because it was a 
5 bedroom house and with only us living in it, it was 
way too much upkeep. She said a friend of hers had some 
exchange students from Japan living with them and it was 
working out great, so maybe we could do that. She said 
that she'd been contacted by the local high school and 
had been thinking about asking me what I thought about 

Well, my wife is almost 41, but she could easily pass 
for 25 if you ask me, so the idea of some horny teenage 
kid in my house with my wife when I have to go out of 
town, didn't turn me on at all. But Sue said we would 
only take in girls if that's what was bugging me. That 
seemed okay to me. 

So we signed up for the program and painted the whole 
down stairs, putting in new beds and desks and even wifi 
for them to use for home work and to keep in contact 
with their friends and family back home.

A month later we had two pretty and scared China dolls 
living with us. We did get lucky because one could speak 
English petty well, but the other spoke one not a word 
of English. 

Things went well until one day when Sue went to the spa 
on an island with one of her girlfriends for 3 days and 
there was a crash from down stairs. I ran down to see 
what had happen and when I got near the bedrooms I  
yelled that I was there and was someone hurt? 

Lucky for me it was Mia, her light had burned out and 
instead of asking me to fix it she'd climbed on to a 
wooden chair to fix to herself. I guessed that she had 
tried to climb the back of the chair and slipped, coming 
down with it between her legs. 

We were the only ones in the house at the time, as her 
friend Ming had gone on a field trip with other students 
in her class. I told her not to move until I checked her 
for any broken bones. I asked her where it hurt and she 
told me her lower back to her knee. I told her I was 
going to feel to see if there were any breaks and to let 
me know if I hit a bad spot. 

I started at her knee and worked my way up her one leg 
then the other one. She had on this short mini skirt and 
I could see no panties from the back side, as I worked 
my way up I saw her give me a little smile, like 
something wasn't right here.

There wasn't a mark on her, but I still had to make sure 
she was okay so when I got to top of her thighs... I 
heard her start to give little moans and open her legs 
just a bit. 

Okay I'm not that dumb, but I am not really smart either 
when it comes to females especially young teenage ones. 
But it seemed to me that this might have been a set 
up... for what I didn't know. Anyway, I started again 
half way up and back and worked my way down again. When 
I got to her ass I said, "Well, I guess there's nothing 
broken, so maybe you should get up and see if can walk."

She looked at me and said, "but it hurts a little right 
here," and  pointed to her ass. 

I said, "Maybe I should take you to the walk in medical 
Center down town."

"No, no," she replied, "you can do it," and she turn ass 
up at me. 

I said, "Okay, only if you're sure?"

She nodded her head so I got behind her and started 
working my hands up under her skirt towards her ass. The 
closer I got the harder I got, I couldn't help it. All 
that perfect teenage female flesh and me kneading it. By 
the time I got to the bottom of her ass I was rock hard 
then I heard her giving out tiny moans again.

I asked if it hurt and she said she wasn't sure just but 
it felt better when I rubbed her there. By now her skirt 
was pushed up over her ass and I could see she didn't 
have any panties on. Not even a tong. It was all I could 
do not to pull my cock out and fuck her right then and 
there right on the rug. 

I knew what was going on now and it was obvious that she 
was enjoying this, because she was pushing her ass back 
at me and I could see her pretty pussy with soft black 
downy fur outlining it between her legs. To my amazement 
I noticed that she was getting wet. 

I knew t was wrong but I let my fingers bump her little 
asshole, and that made her give out a moan and push her 
ass at me even harder. So I said to myself okay you 
little vixen, and put a hand between her legs and ran a 
finger along her slick pussy lips. 

This time she let out a very deep moan and said, 

I said, "What did you say Mia? I didn't hear you?"

She turned her head toward me and looked at me through 
hooded eyes, saying, "Please finger me, like my dad did 
before I left home I miss it so."

I was shocked, but I pushed a finger into her tight 
pussy lips and moved it up and down, thinking this is 
just nuts, but I couldn't stop myself. It isn't every 
day you get a hot young girl begging you to finger-fuck 

She then said, "Do my clit, I need to cum."

So there I was with my fingers not only on but in a 14 
year old girl's cunt and starting to think about putting 
my cock in her as well. 

Soon Mia was moaning almost crying, with her hips moving 
up and down on my fingers, saying that she was cumming. 
And cum she did, right there on my fingers. Then reached 
out for me trying to reach my cock, so I moved up a 
little so she could feel my cock through my pants. 

My heart nearly stopped when she said, "I want to see 
it, please."

So as if in a dream I got up so she could grab my 
zipper, pulling it down, putting her little hand inside 
to fish my throbbing cock out. Her eyes got big. "You 
are twice the size my papa."

As I looked down at her hand massaging my manhood, I 
asked, "Mia, what else did you and your papa do?"

She said that her daddy would suck her tits and lick her 
down there as she put her own finger on her pussy. "I 
would suck on this," she said,  jerking on my cock. 
"Papa loved to put this jerking thing in me," she 
admitted, moving her finger in her cunt again. 

I said, "You mean you two made love?" I was shocked 
again, but so aroused now that I couldn't breathe.

Mia said, "Yes as often as we could but momma found out 
and here I am, but I need this and you can do it 
whenever we can."

"You didn't fall did you?" I asked.

She admitted that no she hadn't, that she was sorry but 
she didn't know how to get my hands on her any other 
way. That she missed her Papa and their intimacy and 
wanted to feel that again with me, if I would.

So I pick her up and placed her on her bed, then took 
off  my pants and said, "Are you going to undress so I 
can make love to you?"

With that, her clothes came flying off and there in 
front me stood a perfect naked 14 year old China doll 
waiting to be fuck and by me! That was the shocker of it 

Without saying more I got on top of her not putting my 
full weight on her and kissed her and worked my way 
lower down to her nipples, which were hard as rocks. 
Then I slowly made my way down further, kissing and 
licking all the way to her tight little pussy with maybe 
a couple of dozen wispy hairs on it. Spreading her legs 
and starting at her knees I kissed my way back up to her 
very appealing pussy, which had juiced up and running 
out of her.

At the very first lick I give her, she came, she was so 
horny. She grabbed my head and pulled my face right into 
her sex and hump my face with her pussy. After a good 
half hour of this she moaned, "Put it in me, I needed it 

I moved up and started to enter her but before I was 
half way in she was having a huge orgasm, moaning, 
"You're so big, you make me feel so full,  fuck me give 
it to me."

I started fucking her hard and soon her eyes rowed back 
in her head and she came and kept cumming. I could feel 
her pussy juice all the way down to my knees. 

Suddenly I knew I was about to shoot off myself and 
tried to pull out but she would have none of that, she 
wrapped her smooth young legs around me and thrust up at 
me eagerly. I couldn't pull out and had no choice but to 
let her milk me dry with her grasping cunt.

After we rested for some time to catch our breath, I 
asked her if she was okay, but all I got back was that 
she loved me and that was the most wonderful love making 
she had ever had and she started kissing me eagerly. I 
finally pushed her away and said that we had better get 
cleaned up before someone came home, meaning her friend 

Mia she said okay, but as I stood up she knelt down 
between my legs and taking my cock in her sweet mouth 
she started sucking me like a pro. It was better than I 
had ever received from my wife. Nowadays my wife only 
takes the head in her mouth, and as soon as am hard, its 
fuck time. And here is my little China doll with over 
half my cock in her mouth sucking it like her life 
depended on it. 

In hardly any time at all she had me ready to shoot off 
again. I told her that I was close and she went faster 
and deeper, taking all of me in her mouth and down her 

Soon my balls were giving her what I had left in them. 
For the first time in my life I not only got my cock 
into a female's throat but for the first time ever I 
came in a female's mouth and she drank it all down and 
seem to like it. 

I looked at her and said, "That was fantastic." I told 
her that I loved her, but it wouldn't do to be seen like 
this, "You would be sent back to China and I would be 
sent to jail, so thank you for your love but we need to 
clean up right now, it's getting late."

We both showered, then change her bedding and had clean 
clothes on when Ming came home from her outing. As she 
walked in the house she looked at Mia and me in a weird 
sort of way. Smiling, she went to her room. 

Later over supper Mia said that Ming had asked her if I 
was a good fuck. I turned blight pink and my mouth fell 
open in shock. I asked Mia if she had admitted to 
anything. How did she know we had sex?"

Mia said, "Women know these things. It was on our faces, 
so she knew what we had done. Don't worry, she won't 
tell anyone so long as she can join in next time."

What have I got myself into and how could I ever handle 
two of them?

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