Saturday, 2 January 2016


One of the things I enjoyed about semi-retirement was 
freedom to either do nothing or write but that meant 
meeting certain publisher's deadlines. But then you have 
it worse in certain industries, deadlines for turnout of 
products, customer expectations, the boss, stock holders 
– a royal rat race.

Not long ago I decided to see what a certain ski lodge 
up in the mountains was like. It was early spring the 
snow was melting off the mountains except in the "high" 
country and most every ski bum in the state and 
elsewhere packed their skis and poles and headed home 
for another season. That's when I closed up the house I 
was leasing, dug into my savings to pay the rent ahead, 
utilities, and other expenses for four months; except 
for the credit cards. 'Don't ask, just send money, we'll 
tell you how much later.' 

I'd been at the lodge a week and forced myself to get a 
lot of work done on the novel I been struggling with. I 
was not paying attention to people around me, not that 
there were many. A couple retirees chilling out, a young 
couple, the athletic type, they would start out into the 
mountains along one of the ski and hiking trails and 
disappear until evening. You could see they were suited 
for each other, athletic, nicely toned, and in love. 
Each day I'd watch them take off and toward evening 
return. Soon they left returning to the rat race of the 
city and I was back to my lonely existence of one for 
the next couple of days.   

However, in the mean time I became aware of a young girl 
wandering around the lodge seemingly bored with herself. 
I tried to ignore her and keep on with my work during 
the day not breaking stride. She noticed me sitting by 
myself on the patio an umbrella offering me shade, a 
slight breeze playing about the patio and veranda.  Some 
days the idyllic setting made me dreamy forgetting about 
my writing, just to sit and stare off into the distance.

One day I glanced over to see the young girl watching 
me. She was probably fifteen or sixteen. Whenever I 
glanced over to her she quickly looked away. This went 
on for two days, the third day I took a chance and said, 
"Care to join me?"

The girl looked around thinking I was talking to someone 
else. "Excuse me?"

I repeated my offer. "Come on you look lonely. Jason 

She got up moving over to the chair across from me. "Hi, 
Barbara Mills. No other kids to play with or spend time 

"Your parents?" I asked taking a chance asking her."

"Going to Nevada on business so I'm parked with my aunt 
and uncle for the summer. Mom and Dad will pick me up 
before school starts at the end of August."

Lifting my head in understanding I typed a few more 
sentences then shoved the tablet computer aside. "I've 
been parked here for the past couple weeks and haven't 
even seen more than a few hundred feet of the place 
since last Friday. Want take a walk?"


She helped me carry the tablet and papers up to my room 
then we walked around the grounds talking a bit. 
Stopping under a tree that offered shade and a pleasant 
view of the mountains on one side, the ski runs, and 
trails on the other she sat close to me. We sat staring 
at the scene in front of us, I don't know if it was 
intentional or what but after a few minutes we touched 
hands and soon we were holding hands. After that she was 
my constant companion the next two days. We talked she 
was curious about what I was writing 

The coup de grace was two days later. She was wearing a 
yellow and white mini sleeveless sundress with spaghetti 
straps a low scoop front showing off a generous amount 
of cleavage, and low back. Walking around the lift house 
on impulse I put my finger tips under her chin. We 
stared into each other's eyes, hers a deep green. It was 
a risk I know, lifting her lips to mine giving her a 
kiss. Surprised Barbara's momentary expression of shock 
slowly changed to a shy smile. Leaning forward she gave 
me another deeper passionate kiss.  

That's probably only the second kiss from a guy."

I looked down into her green eyes holding her about her 
slender waist I said, "Not to be nosey but your first?"

She blushed a pretty pink. "A guy in school last year. 
He had the hots for me."

"He must have turned you on?"

She nodded. "A lot. I gave into him and he put a hand up 
my dress then between my legs feeling me up until I came 
then put his hand in my pants feeling me." She blushed 
telling me of her first time. "He wanted to lay me right 
there. Except I didn't. That pissed him off. He was so 
hot to lay me but I spoiled his first time."

Telling me the story of her first time got me aroused my 
disk leaking pre-cum. I held Barbara close feeling her 
small firm breasts brush against my arm. My arm brushing 
her breasts was turning her on she was doing it 
deliberately. I guided her toward the lift house where 
no one could see us. 

Her aunt and uncle were too busy with a couple helpers 
rearranging the lodge to pay attention to us outside. I 
gave her a deep passionate kiss leaving her breathless. 
A smile stole at her lips then she stood on toes kissing 
me. She looked up into my eyes assessing my reaction. 
For an amateur she was first rate. After a few minutes I 
took her hand leading her to a secluded place where I 
leaned against the building she let me keep kissing her 
until she wrapped her arms around my waist. Barb slowly 
moved her hips against my suddenly raging hard on which 
seemed to encourage her to keep gyrating her hips 
against mine.  
Slipping a hand between us Barb grasped my hard cock 
through my jeans. I moved a hand to her waist slipping 
it under her little sun dress to her panty clad pussy 
and the moist spot between her legs. Moving my hand 
along her legs I gathered the little dress up to her 
waist. I gazed down at the moist spot the moisture made 
me feel good that I could turn a girl on to the point 
her juices would involuntarily seep wetting her. 

Easing my fingers between her legs I caressed her virgin 
pussy b ringing another sigh from her. Lifting her head, 
her blonde hair falling in her face, Barbara locked her 
lips on mine laying on my back I pulled her on top of 
me. Spreading her legs she straddled me about the waist 
kissing me and rubbing her waist against mine 
stimulating me until I through I was going to burst, my 
cock ached with the pressure of the cum building up in 
me.  I rolled her over, unable to stand it any longer. I 
held her arms over her head leaning down to kiss and 
sucked her lips and breasts the nipples standing tall 
with my attention.

Our breaths increased in tempo until she was the first 
to have an orgasm making her scream my name. Then I had 
one putting us over the top. Barbara was supposed to be 
old enough to know what she was doing, and right from 
wrong. However all that seemed to by the way side that 
afternoon. Although we felt each other up and we'd both 
reach powerful orgasms, I did not immediately take her I 
wanted to see how she'd do letting me take her to a male 
induced orgasm first.  We finished, Barb laying with her 
head on my chest softly breathing, a smile creasing her 

Lifting her head gazing into my eyes she said in a soft 
whisper, "I love you Jason. I've never said that to a 
guy before – I've never had a chance you're my first."

Leaning over her again I kissed her fervently feeling 
her up again until I brought her to a second orgasm 
soaking her panty. She grasped my cock through my pants 
until I spasmed spewing my cum on her hand and dress. To 
Barb that orgasm was a badge of honor.

I copied a couple chapters off, to give Barbara 
something to do. I enlisted her to proof read the story 
which she gladly did. Proof reading was not my favorite 
past time. Girl's got a sharp eye for detail finding 
several mistakes which crept in in my haste to finish 
certain sections.

The afternoons we would go for walks around the area. 
That second day we took a walk over to the lift-house 
and ski-lift, and pass house. I was able to see how the 
ski runs were laid out. We sat on the ground, Barbara 
hugged up to me and I put my arm about her. Within 
minutes she had her head on my shoulder. Glancing down I 
noticed she was smiling, I held her hand she held my 
hand as if she would not want to let go.

Changing hands I slipped an arm about her waist laying 
her back. She smiled up at me as I hovered over her 
admiring her lithe form the panty pulled up between her 
legs. She lay looking up at me with dreamy eyes, her 
eyes between the look of a young girl wishing a Prince 
Charming would come to rescue her from some fate and a 
modern 21th Century idea of some guy with a Lamrigini 
who would just wine and dine her and steal her heart.

Barbara looked up at me, I could see the look of a young 
girl falling in love with an older man. It's easy to 
fall in love with a young girl letting an older man take 
her to bed to make love to her all day. My eyes assessed 
her, she did not have exceptionally big breasts lying 
her back her breasts appeared as two small mounds, a 
nice size for a girl of sixteen with a figure to match. 
I slid my hand along her side my thumb moving over the 
crown of the girl's breast to her stomach. She closed 
her eyes drawing in a shallow breath through her teeth. 
I leaned down to softly kiss her again then move my hand 
down to carefully draw the dress up to her hips glancing 
down I was pleased to see the yellow cotton bikini 

Leaning down again I kissed her forehead down to her 
breasts then her stomach to her waist pulling the panty 
waist band down I kissed her waist to the bit of hair 
from her public mound. She unconsciously arched her hips 
as I flicked my tongue over her abdomen grasping her 
slender waist in both hands I worked my way back to her 

Drawing the top down exposing those two beautiful 
mounds, I flicked my tongue over the pert little nipples 
that extended inviting me to continue licking and 
kissing them.  Sliding my hand along her side I slipped 
it inside her panty feeling and caressing her mound the 
hair soft and moist, she was leaking cum, moving her 
hips in a sensuous manner willing to let me her first to 
take and use her – make a woman of a young girl. 

However, I had time, I had all summer to do this. I 
played with her until she arched her back and grunted 
and sighed. "Oooooh! Yes, Jason Yes! I've never felt 
this good before."

She looked up me with a dreamy expression. I held my 
hand between her legs cupping her pussy rubbing her butt 
my thumb massaged her little hole until she cam a second 
time. I held my hand between her legs casually caressing 
her pussy. 

Barbara placing a hand on mine softly asked, "Jason – do 
I please you?"

Without hesitation I said, "Yes you do." I leaned down 
to passionately kiss her moving my hand back to her 
tender breasts that turned me on.
In response Barbara replied, "Take me, Jason I am yours 
whenever you want me."

Lying in bed that night the hard copy spread out I was 
proof reading the rest of the story, I still had a ways 
to go on it. There was a tentative knock at the door 
then it opened and a blonde head peered around the side. 
Barbara smiled slipping into the room. 

She had a thin nearly translucent nighty that flowed to 
just above her knees showing off her body well, her dark 
nipples stood erect and proud against the material, a 
white bikini panty shown through. Needless to say 
'George' my little buddy came erect and hard as a steel 
spike. There was no need to explain why she was there. I 
laid the blankets back gesturing to the place beside me.

Locking the door Barbara, with sure sensuous strides 
crossed the space to the bed sliding under covers beside 
me. The thought struck me, she was a Lolita, with that 
fatal charm for me that was hard to resist. 

Barbara folded herself into my arms we kissed and felt 
each other up. She sighed and moaned her love to me, she 
withered and thrashed as I kissed her all over, lifting 
her nighty above her breasts to kiss and suck and lick 
her erect nipples.

Her right hand disappeared under the covers then I felt 
her grasp my erect manhood sliding her hand it's length, 
feeling it making me moan with pleasure it was sore, the 
cum straining to burst its confines. She got a funny 
look on her face taking her hand out to look at it. She 
touched then felt my balls caressing them. 

"This…?" she showed me the clear sticky fluid on her 

"Pre-cum. I leak it before sex to lubricate you before I 
take your virginity in love."

She looked at me with sudden deep love as I kissed her 
down to her chest to her breasts, taking a nipple in my 
lips I teased it sucking on it, her breasts swelled with 
her arousal. 

"Jason, take me …! I'm yours! Make a woman of me 

  I slid my hand down to her waist and the wet spot 
between her legs. She was ready for me. I was ready to 
burst any second. I sat up to pull the little wisp of 
cotton that was the panty down. She pulled her legs up 
so I could slip the panty off her legs. Laying her legs 
down, Barb spread them submissively laying her arms 

"Don't worry, darling I've been on the pill since the 
end of school."

Moistening the head of my cock I placed it at her 
pussy's opening and began to gently insert it, my cock 
opening her a bit at a time. Barbara was nice and tight. 
Sliding my cock into her she moaned as I stretched her 
going back in to her pussy.  Easing it in a bit at a 
time letting her get used to the feeling. Drawing a 
breath through her teeth Barb arched her hips letting 
out a sound. I sunk in to her touching her virgin 
childhood then withdrew only slightly easing back 
forward, her muscles gripping my cock, my balls aching 
with the pressure screaming for the need to cum to 
relieve the need emptying my sack. 
With a guttural moan and sigh I shot load after load of 
cum into her, Barb cried out arching her back as far as 
it would go. Her cry ended in a wail reminding me of a 
banshee cry.  Her body collapsed back onto the bed, her 
pussy dripping a mixture of cum and blood. After a time 
she looked up at me her face flushed from her exertions 
her voice dry and harsh from the effort she had to put 

"I'm yours now, Jason – forever."

The girl got a starry eyed idea that because I took her 
cherry we were bonded forever. It would have been great 
if she was not a teen ager and laws allowed it but that 
stumbling block made our private lives a problem.

In the afternoon following lunch we would slip off like 
two teen agers to find a dark corner to hide. Within a 
few minutes of finding someplace that was away from the 
lodge and secluded she would throw herself into my arms 
kissing me I would feel her up, laying her on the ground 
on a blanket. I soon had her slowly stripped, feeling 
her up I began kissing her down to her pussy making her 
squeal with delight.

Two days before her parents came to pick her up we spent 
the better part of the day in bed. I drilled her on what 
to tell her parents – we were just friends. The day 
before her parents came to pick her up Barbara hung on 
to me the whole day. 

September I was home, the last couple weeks the blues 
for me my little darling was home I was imagining what 
she was doing – and not doing. I was working on my big 
ugly beast, a GMC Suburban my head buried under the 
hood. I heard a familiar girl's voice, "Excuse me sir, I 
am selling candy for the girls' varsity cheer leading 
squad …" 

I straightened up turning from the truck to see Barbara 
standing at the end of the driveway. The kids were told 
to keep some distance between themselves and strangers. 
Most had relatives and favorite patrons who supported 
their school activities. For a few seconds Barbara and I 
stared at each other, our jaws hanging open in 
disbelief. She squealed in delight, I said, "Barb…!"

I took a couple steps toward her, she dropped the candy 
rushing toward me throwing herself at me, jumping to 
wrap her legs around my waist.

"Jason I love you!" Barbara cried. 

"We have each other back, little one."
She said around kisses and hugs, "Please Jason tell me 
you won't leave me again?"

I finally peeled her off me. "Where am I going to go? 
Most of my work is here."

She buried her face in my chest crying with both joy at 
finding me and feeling me holding onto her. The girl got 
her wish and now I had someone to care for.


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