Wednesday, 29 May 2013


As a young white suburban housewife in the 1980s I 
often became bored with mundane household chores 
including caring for my two young children. My husband 
was a great father and the love of my life, but 
something was missing. Without his knowledge one 
summer evening I arranged to drop my kids off at my 
parent's house telling my husband that we were going 
to spend the night at the lake. After dropping off the 
kids I met up with a girlfriend at a club in the city 
that was showing a performance of Chippendale Dancers. 

As the night went on I particularly enjoyed the 
personal contact as the dancers moved into the 
audience for a more close-up view by the women in 
attendance. One dancer especially caught my attention. 
He was a handsome black man with a great body and 
ebony skin that glistened from the active workout. His 
name was Bobby and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. 
Sensing my interest, he repeatedly positioned himself 
right in front of me to dance his pelvic thrusts. 

As he looked into my eyes I felt my focus move to the 
enormous bulge tucked into his thong and back-and 
forth to his eyes. Each time he came by my seat I 
could feel his intensity growing and my heartbeat 
racing. I ran my fingers over his sculpted chest and 
six pack abs. As the show was winding down at the end 
of the evening my girlfriend decided to call it a 
night and head for home. 

I had a final glass of wine as I watched the last 
dance of the night. As I was heading out the door I 
noticed several women waiting outside to see the 
dancers come out. I decided to wait as well when 
several Chippendales emerged including my handsome 
ebony dancer.

I shyly approached him and expressed how much I had 
enjoyed his performance. Without hesitation and with a 
smile of confidence on his face, he responded to my 
comment with "if you enjoyed that perhaps you would 
like a private performance". I asked where that 
performance would be to which he responded "in my 
hotel room". With my heart racing and feeling the 
tension of the moment I accepted my favorite 
Chippendale's offer.

I was 33 and he was 22. Walking across a pedestrian 
bridge toward his hotel he stopped briefly to enjoy 
the full summer moon glistening off the still river 
water below us. As we enjoyed the soft summer breeze 
he pulled me tightly to him and kissed me lightly 
before proceeding to his hotel. I could feel my heart 
racing and my panties getting moist in anticipation of 
Bobby's private performance.

As we entered the elevator going up to his room, Bobby 
pushed himself against me pinning me to the back wall. 
This time we kissed deeply as I felt his lounge 
exploring and exciting my senses. I could feel the 
heat of his crotch pressing against mine. As the 
elevator opened on his floor I remember the excitement 
and couldn't wait to get into his room. Slamming the 
door behind him, my ebony performer eagerly began 
removing my clothes just as I did to him. 

Standing only in my soaked black panties I tore off 
Bobby's thong and was staring at the most perfect cock 
I had ever scene. I was immediately on my knees 
sucking his beautiful rod. My mouth was barely able to 
open wide enough to accept his shaft. Without 
thinking, and for the first time in my life, I was 
deep-throating a cock that seemed to be going half way 
down to my belly.

The more I sucked on him, the wetter I could feel my 
pussy getting. After a little while he pulled me up 
and pushed me on the bed. Within seconds my 
Chippendale had my panties off and my legs spread. The 
beauty and the anticipation already had me near orgasm 
as I felt his lounge stroke my clitoris. I shivered in 
anticipation and pleasure with such a beautiful man 
servicing me. Feeling intensity of my clitoral orgasm 
within seconds I begged to have Bobby inside me. 

Calmly and coolly my lover teased my outer pussy with 
his enormous black rod and I could feel my intensity 
building once again. As he finally entered my love 
canal I felt a fullness I had never experienced 
before. I was immediately in ecstasy with each thrust 
of his cock from the tip to his balls slamming into my 
vagina. The rim of his black cock had a large rim 
separating the shaft from the head. With very few 
thrusts I was in orgasm as I squeezed my legs around 
my lover hoping to never let him go. I was constantly 
between panting and moaning as my lover stroked my 
pussy as no man had ever done before. 

After over an hour of the bust fuck of my life I got 
to enjoy my lover's juices as he exploded his load and 
his seed deep inside my belly. Not wanting the private 
performance to end, I feel asleep in my lover's arms 
before enjoying two more incredible lovemaking 
sessions by morning. It was a night over 20 years ago, 
a night I will never forget, a night of which I still 
feel in my erotic dreams. My husband could never 
satisfy me like my Chippendale lover.

Today I have a daughter in her 30s who is experiencing 
some of the same excitement with her black boyfriend. 
Often she shares her excitement and her satisfaction 
that she enjoys with her dark lover. After a recent 
tell all I confessed to her my amazing experience as a 
woman her age with a black lover more than 20 years 

She told me that her boyfriend has an older brother 
who loves white women. I confessed that I didn't 
believe at my age that I could ever experience the 
intensity of lovemaking again. My daughter has set up 
a double date with me and her boyfriend's older 
brother to see what might happen.

My panties are starting to get wet all over again in 
anticipation. I love private performances by beautiful 
black men.

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Kami bertiga terkejut mendengar suara klakson mobil kupastikan itu suara klakson mobil Papaku yang memang khas. Mbak Sari menengok melalui jendela di dekatnya. Dari jendela itu dia bisa melihat halaman luar rumahku. 

"Papa. Papa pulang." Teriak Mbak Sari. 

"Kalian beresin kamar ini. Biar Mama yang bukakan pintu pagar." Kata Mamaku yang kemudian mengambil semua pakaiannya yang tergeletak dilantai termasuk pakaian dalamnya. 

Sambil berjalan dia memakai semua pakaiannya itu. Sedangkan aku dan Mbak Sari merapikan tempat tidur. Beruntung Papaku membunyikan klakson mobil. Kalau tidak dan dia langsung masuk. Bisa berabe jadinya. Setelah rapi dan memakai pakaian rumah aku dan Mbak Sari lalu turun ke lantai bawah. Papaku dan Mamaku malah naik ke lantai atas. 

Ternyata Papaku pulang hanya sebentar. Papaku pulang untuk meninggalkan mobil dan membawa pakaian ganti karena kantornya mengirimnya ke Singapura. Entah bohong atau tidak. Aku tidak begitu peduli. Mungkin saja dia punya wanita idaman lain. Kulihat jam dinding di ruang lantai atas itu. Jarum pendeknya menunjukkan angka dua dan jarum panjangnya tepat pada angka duabelas. 

Rencananya Mamaku mau mengantar ke airport. Naik taksi ke kantornya dulu. Mengambil mobil yang tadi kelupaan dibawa karena begitu semangatnya diajak pulang Mbak Sari. Didalam kamar aku dan Mbak Sari menata pakaian Papaku. Sedangkan Papaku mandi di kamar mandi sebelah kamar tidur. Mamaku entah kemana. Aku lalu turun mengambil kantong plastik. 

Kulihat Papaku dan Mamaku yang sama-sama telanjang saling berpelukan. Tubuh keduanya basah oleh air. Tangan Mamaku menutup pintu kamar mandi. Tapi tidak tertutup sepenuhnya. Aku masih bisa melihat bagaimana Mamaku mengocok penis Papaku yang besar dan panjang itu dengan tangan kanannya. Tangan kirinya berpegangan erat dengan tangan kanan Papaku. Sementara tangan kiri Papaku meremas-remas kedua payudara Mamaku bergantian. 

Kurasakan ada yang melepas kaosku dan kemudian memelukku dari belakang. Aku mencoba menoleh ke belakang yang disambut jilatan lidah Mbak Sari ke lidahku. Tangan kanannya meremas-remas kedua payudaraku bergantian. Sedangkan tangan kirinya masuk ke celana kulotku yang tanpa celana dalam. Jari tengahnya mengocok vaginaku. 

Tanpa sadar, kami berdua sudah telanjang dan bergabung dengan Papaku dan Mamaku didalam kamar mandi yang termasuk luas ini. Tubuh kami berdua juga sudah basah oleh air. Mamaku duduk dipangkuan Papaku. Pantatnya diturun naikkan seiring dengan keluar masuknya penis Papaku ke dalam vagina Mamaku. Aku dari samping kiri menjilati payudara kiri Mamaku. Sedangkan Mbak Sari dari samping kanan meremas-remas payudara kanan Mamaku. 

"Aaahh.." Desah Mamaku. 

Beberapa saat kemudian Mamaku merangkak. Aku terlentang di bawah Mamaku dan menjilati vagina Mamaku yang masih dikocok oleh penis Papaku dari belakang yang juga menjilati leher Mamaku dengan lidahnya. Mbak Sari mengangkangkan kedua kakiku dan menjilati vaginaku yang sudah mengeluarkan cairan-cairan kenikmatannya. 

Mamaku merangkak ke depan dan saling berjilatan lidah dengan Mbak Sari. Penis Papaku disentuhkan ke mulutku. Aku membuka mulutku dan keluar masuklah penis Papaku ke dalam mulutku. Sedangkan Mbak Sari juga meremas-remas payudara kananku dengan tangan kanannya. Jari tengah tangan kirinya mengocok vaginaku. Kedua tanganku hanya bisa membelai kedua paha Mamaku. 

Mamaku kemudian menelentangkan tubuhnya ke lantai kamar mandi. Papaku dari belakang kembali memasukkan penisnya ke dalam vagina Mamaku yang kemudian memiringkan tubuhnya. Aku duduk di belakang Papaku dan tangan kiriku membelai leher penis Papaku yang keluar masuk vagina Mamaku. Sedangkan Mbak Sari menjilati puting payudara kanan Mamaku dengan lidahnya. Mamaku hanya bisa mendongakkan kepala dan keluarlah jeritan kecil dari mulut Mamaku. 


Mbak Sari membungkam jeritan Mamaku dengan menyodorkan payudara kirinya untuk dihisap Mamaku. Papaku minta bagian untuk menghisap payudara kanan Mbak Sari. Sedangkan aku mengeluarkan penis Papaku dan kukocok dengan tangan kiriku. Jari tengah tangan kananku mengocok vagina Mamaku. 

"Aku mau keluar nih." Kata Papaku. 

"Masukkan lagi San." Pinta Mamaku. 

Kumasukkan kembali penis Papaku ke dalam vagina Mamaku. Papaku juga membelai paha kanan Mamaku dengan tangan kanannya. Aku juga berbaring miring di belakang Papaku. Kugesekkan kedua payudaraku ke punggung Papaku. Tangan kananku maju ke depan dan meremas-remas payudara kanan Mamaku. Kepala Mbak Sari berkali-kali mendongak ke atas. Payudara kanan Mbak Sari masih dihisap oleh Papaku. 

"Aaahh.." Desah Mbak Sari. 

Papaku akhirnya mencapai orgasme di dalam vagina Mamaku. Aku dan Mbak Sari serentak mengangkat tubuh Mamaku. Kami bertiga bersandar pada dinding keramik kamar mandi. Aku di samping kanan Mamaku dan Mbak Sari di samping kiri Mamaku. Papaku masih terlentang di lantai kamar mandi. Penisnya sudah lemas. Mamaku menyentuh penis Papaku dengan kaki kirinya. Penis Papaku kembali tegang walaupun masih setengah. 

Papaku kembali berdiri. Secepatnya aku jongkok di depannya dan kukulum penisnya dengan mulutku. Penis Papaku keluar masuk mulutku. Tangan kiriku juga membelai kedua buah pelirnya. Papaku mendongak ke atas menahan nikmat. Mbak Sari dari belakang memeluk Papaku dan menggesekkan kedua payudaranya ke punggung Papaku sambil kedua tangannya membelai dada Papaku yang ditumbuhi bulu-bulu lebat. Mamaku kulihat hanya duduk dan meremas-remas sendiri kedua payudaranya dengan kedua tangannya. 

"Aaahh.." Desah Papaku. 

Kutelentangkan tubuhku di lantai kamar mandi diantara kedua kaki Papaku yang mengangkang. Mbak Sari jongkok di belakang Papaku dan diraihnya penis Papaku ke belakang. Dijilatinya kepala penis Papaku sambil jari tengah tangan kirinya mengocok vaginaku. 

Tetapi Papaku malah mengarahkan penisnya ke mulutku yang langsung saja mengulum penis Papaku sambil kukocok dengan tangan kiriku. Kedua tangannya meremas-remas kedua payudara Mamaku yang berdiri di depan Papaku. Sedangkan Mbak Sari menjilati cairan-cairan kenikmatan yang keluar dari dalam vaginaku dengan lidahnya. 

Papaku lalu mengarahkan penisnya ke vagina Mamaku. Tetapi Mamaku malah menghindar. Papaku lalu terlentang di lantai kamar mandi. Mamaku lalu duduk diselangkangan Papaku. Otomatis penis Papaku masuk ke dalam vagina Mamaku yang kemudian menaikturunkan pantatnya. Aku berdiri di samping kiri Papaku. Kupegang tangan kiri Papaku dan kusentuhkan ke vaginaku. Sedangkan Mbak Sari yang berdiri di samping kanan Papaku dengan nafsunya menjilati lidahku yang keluar dan tangan kanannya meremas-remas payudara kiriku. 

"Aaahh.." Desah Mamaku tidak karuan. 

Papaku mengeluarkan penisnya dan dihisapnya vagina Mamaku yang berdiri mengangkangkan kedua kakinya. Aku dan Mbak Sari berebutan menjilati kepala penis Papaku dan mengocok penis Papaku. Papaku lalu berdiri dibimbing Mamaku. Dari belakang kedua tangan Mamaku mengocok penis Papaku. Aku dan Mbak Sari duduk berdampingan dengan mulut menerima air mani yang sedikit demi sedikit keluar dari penis Papaku. 

Air mani Papaku tumpah di kedua payudaraku dan kedua payudara Mbak Sari. Mbak Sari menggesekkan payudara kirinya ke payudara kananku. Lidah kami berdua menjulur keluar menerima sisa-sisa air mani Papaku yang juga dijilati oleh Mamaku dari samping kanan. Kedua jari tengah tangan kanan kami saling mengocok vagina yang banjir oleh cairan-cairan kenikmatan. Jari tengah tangan kananku mengocok vagina Mbak Sari. Sedangkan jari tengah tangan kanan Mbak Sari mengocok vaginaku. 


Aku tidak kuat untuk duduk. Kutelentangkan tubuhku sambil tetap menjilati kepala penis Papaku. Mbak Sari setengah memangku kepalaku sambil tetap juga menjilati kepala penis Papaku bergantian denganku dan juga tangan kirinya meremas-remas payudara kiriku. Sedangkan jari tengah tangan kanannya mengocok vaginaku. Mamaku asyik berjilatan lidah dengan Papaku yang kedua tangannya meremas-remas pantat Mamaku. 

Akhirnya kami berempat saling memandikan. Tetapi persetubuhan gila ini belumlah selesai. Selesai mandi dan menghanduki tubuh, dengan tetap telanjang Mamaku menyeret Papaku untuk masuk ke kamar. Mamaku menutup pintu kamar dan mencoba menguncinya. Mamaku melarang aku dan Mbak Sari untuk masuk. Aku dan Mbak Sari nekad dan saling dorong pintu dengan Mamaku. Mamaku kalah. Kami berdua berhasil masuk. 

Mamaku marah-marah. Tetapi entah mengapa aku dan Mbak Sari didorong oleh sesuatu untuk menghampiri Papaku yang tengah memakai celana panjang. Kami berdua memelorotkan celana panjang yang belum sempat dikancingkan itu termasuk celana dalamnya. Penis Papaku masih lemas. Aku dan Mbak Sari membelai kedua paha Papaku bergantian. 

Mamaku tidak marah lagi bahkan ikut bergabung dengan kami. Kami bertiga membimbing Papaku untuk terlentang di atas tempat tidur. Aku duduk di samping kiri Papaku. Lalu kujilati paha kanan Papaku sambil tangan kiriku membelai leher penis Papaku yang mulai tegang. Mbak Sari yang duduk di samping kanan Papaku membelai dada Papaku. Sedangkan Mamaku mengangkangkan kedua kakinya tepat di atas kepala Papaku. Papaku langsung menjilati vagina Mamaku. 

"Aaahh.." Desah Mamaku. 

Penis Papaku sudah tegang dan kukulum kepala penisnya dengan mulutku sambil tangan kiriku mengocok leher penisnya. Kurasakan cairan-cairan kenikmatan yang mulai keluar dari dalam vaginaku dan dijilati oleh Mbak Sari. Mbak Sari juga meremas-remas kedua payudaraku bergantian dengan tangan kirinya. Sedangkan jari tengah tangan kanannya mengocok sendiri vaginanya. 

"Aaahh.." Desah Papaku. 

Jilatan lidah Mbak Sari yang semakin liar pada vaginaku membuat aku terhenti dalam mengulum penis Papaku. Aku hanya bisa meremas-remas kedua payudaraku bergantian dengan kedua tanganku. Sedangkan Mamaku menngulum penis Papaku dengan enaknya. Kujulurkan lidahku ke arah Papaku yang kemudian juga menangkap lidahku dengan lidahnya. 

Mamaku menindihi tubuh Papaku dan memasukkan penis Papaku ke dalam vaginanya. Lidah Mamaku juga berebutan dengan lidah Papaku untuk menjilati lidahku. Kedua tangannya juga berebutan dengan kedua tangan Mbak Sari dan kedua tanganku sendiri untuk meremas-remas kedua payudaraku. Mbak Sari sendiri masih menjilati vaginaku dengan lidahnya. Sesekali tangan kanannya yang kecil mencoba untuk masuk ke dalam vaginaku. Tetapi kucegah dengan kaki kiriku yang menyentakkan tangan kanannya. 

Mbak Sari pindah ke belakang dan menjilati leher penis Papaku yang masih keluar masuk vagina Mamaku. Tangan kanannya membelai kedua buah pelirnya. Sedangkan aku menjilati pantat Mamaku sambil tangan kananku membelai punggung Mamaku. 

Mamaku akhirnya tumbang oleh Papaku. Mamaku terjatuh di samping kiri Papaku yang kemudian menyodorkan penisnya untuk dikulum Mamaku. Kulihat Mbak Sari di samping kanan Mamaku terlentang dengan kedua kaki mengangkang. Cairan-cairan kenikmatannya banyak keluar dari dalam vaginanya. Kujilati vagina Mbak Sari dengan lidahku. Sementara Mbak Sari juga saling berjilatan lidah dengan Papaku. 

Jilatan lidahku naik ke atas. Kujilati pusar Mbak Sari sambil tangan kananku mengangkat punggung Mbak Sari dan kemudian memeluk pinggangnya. Lidahku semakin naik ke atas. Sebelum saling berjilatan lidah dengan Mbak Sari, lidahku menjilati belahan kedua payudara Mbak Sari. Jari tengah tangan kiriku mengocok vagina Mbak Sari yang mengeluarkan cairan-cairan kenikmatan. 

Lidahku kembali turun ke bawah dan menjilati vagina Mbak Sari yang basah karena cairan-cairan kenikmatan. Kulihat Papaku dan Mamaku berdiri dan saling berjilatan lidah. Tangan kanan Mamaku mengocok penis Papaku dan jari tengah tangan kirinya mengocok vaginanya sendiri.. Sedangkan kedua tangan Papaku memeluk pinggang Mamaku. 

Mamaku lalu jongkok di depan Papaku. Mulutnya langsung mengulum penis Papaku. Sedangkan aku sudah menindihi Mbak Sari dan menjilati vaginanya. Mbak Sari sendiri juga menjilati vaginaku. Kedua vagina kami berdua sama-sama banjir oleh cairan-cairan kenikmatan. Aku dan Mbak Sari berlomba untuk sama-sama mencapai orgasme. 

Aku kalah dan jatuh terlentang di atas tempat tidur. Nafasku habis. Mbak Sari menang. Mbak Sari lalu menghampiri Mamaku yang sedang menjilati kepala penis Papaku. Mbak Sari membungkukkan tubuhnya untuk kemudian menjilati leher penis Papaku dan juga kedua buah pelirnya. Kedua tangannya juga meremas-remas sendiri kedua payudaranya. 

Papaku membimbing Mamaku untuk berdiri dan dari belakang dimasukkannya penisnya ke lubang pantat Mamaku.. Sedangkan Mbak Sari dari belakang Papaku menggesekkan kedua payudaranya ke punggung Papaku. Kedua tangannya maju ke depan dan meremas-remas kedua payudara Mamaku. Jari tengah tangan kirinya masih mengocok vaginanya sendiri. 

"Aaahh.." Desah Mamaku. 

Mbak Sari lalu pindah ke depan sambil kedua tangannya membelai tubuh Papaku dan Mamaku. Digesekkannya kedua payudaranya ke kedua payudara Mamaku. Mbak Sari mengeluarkan lidahnya dan menjilati lidah Mamaku yang dari tadi terjulur keluar. Kelentit Mbak Sari digesekkan juga ke kelentit Mamaku. Kedua tangan Mamaku meremas-remas pantat Mbak Sari. 

Beberapa saat kemudian Mamaku lemas. Mbak Sari jongkok dan mengeluarkan penis Papaku dari lubang pantat Mamaku. Mamaku lalu bergeser ke dekatku. Dia duduk menyandarkan punggungnya ke sandaran tempat tidur. Mbak Sari lalu dengan nafsunya mengocok penis Papaku. Mulutnya sudah terbuka dan lidahnya dijulurkan. Keluarlah air mani Papaku yang kemudian ditelan oleh Mbak Sari. Aku sendiri ingin bangkit dan bergabung kembali. Tetapi rupanya aku benar-benar kelelahan. Aku terjatuh kembali dan menindihi Mamaku yang langsung memelukku. 

Mbak Sari masih menjilati sisa-sisa air mani Papaku ketika terdengar bunyi telepon. Kami berempat akhirnya sadar akan apa yang telah kami lakukan. Mamaku mengangkat telepon kemudian menyusul Papaku yang telah masuk kamar mandi. Sedangkan aku dan Mbak Sari masih termenung di atas tempat tidur. 


As I write this, I'm 55 years old - born December 1942. 
Although, everyone says I look MUCH younger than that. 
It's nice to hear, really. If you like, I'll send a 
recent picture of myself and you can judge for yourself. 

I am well-built, I guess, and just slightly heavy. 
However, most of my extra weight seems to be in my 
breasts, which measure 36DD, as I mentioned before. I am 
5'-4" tall and weigh 140 pounds, but am physically fit. 
I love hiking and ice skating and I stay active with 
both. My nipples are rather large and, in my first 
extramarital encounter, I learned that I love having 
then handled roughly, so much that the pain excites me 
and lifts me to new heights of arousal. 

Enough said for now? Once more, I hope this brief 
description has piqued your interest.

I've accumulated many experiences over the past years 
and the thought of sharing them turned me on. Using the 
Internet lets me offer these stories to a broad 
audience, yet stay somewhat anonymous. Everything I 
write is based on my real experiences and my life has 
unfolded exactly as I describe. The only thing I've 
changed are the names, for obvious reasons. I'll start 
by repeating a little background...

I was married at 21, a virgin until my wedding night. 
Yes, really. Unfortunately, the experience of my life, 
the one I'd been waiting for so long, was tremendously 
unfulfilling, as were most of the subsequent sexual 
interludes my husband and I shared. In fact, I can't 
even tell you for certain how long it was before I 
actually experienced an orgasm from intercourse, but it 
would be measured in years. He was one who would think 
first of satisfying himself and if I happened to get off 
along the way then that was nice, but not necessary.

Some of you who wrote have asked me to talk about the 
wedding night. 

Simply, there isn't much to tell. I was pretty nervous, 
but excited. Yes, it hurt when I was taken for the first 
time. I imagine it hurt more than most, in fact, since 
my husband did little to warm me up or prepare me. After 
a few brief kisses, he pretty much just got right to the 
task at hand, and pushed his cock in me, fucking me 
until he came. 

That evening set the pattern for our relationship, when 
he rolled off me and fell asleep, leaving me laying 
there, unfulfilled. That night, I was also sore - very 
sore. I finally fell asleep, hoping that things would 
get better with time.

About 5 years into our marriage something happened that 
changed my life. I had my first extramarital sexual 
relationship, which I wrote about in my last submission. 
Now I'm back to tell you about another experience.

A year had passed since my tryst with Brad. I'd now been 
married for 6 years and had one son, now 3 months old. 
To me, it appeared that Brad was the father of my baby. 
My husband was unaware of the chances of this, having no 
inkling of my one infidelity. 

I know this will sound awful to most of you, but I 
didn't care. I no longer loved my spouse. In fact, I'm 
not sure I ever did. I was even somewhat pleased at the 
idea that my wonderful one-time lover had fathered my 
child. He was much nicer than the man I married.

In the past year I'd not strayed again but that's not to 
say that my thoughts didn't. In that time I'd looked at 
many men and wondered what they might be like as 
potential sex partners. In spite of the fact that I 
never acted on any of those thoughts, I knew that one 
day I would. That day came when I went to visit my 

They lived about a hundred miles away. My husband was 
working out of town. He was a tradesman and went 
wherever there was work, so I went to my parents' alone, 
with the intent of surprising them. First I pumped some 
breast milk for my young son, then dropped him and the 
appropriate infants essentials with the sitter.

Arriving in my parent's city about lunchtime, I decided 
to have something to eat before I went to their home, 
not wanting to place the burden of feeding me on them. I 
pulled into a restaurant / lounge near their home. 
Inside, I found a corner table and perused the menu. 
When I looked up for my waitress I saw two old friends 
sitting together nearby. 

They waved when they saw me looking. I hadn't seen Tommy 
or Billy for years and smiled as I waved back. The two 
of them rose from their seats and walked over to my 
table. After our hellos and brief hugs, they asked if 
they could join me. I told them I'd like that very much.

Let me make it very clear, there was never anything 
remotely sexual between myself and them. We had been, 
simply, friends. So it's true when I believed that, in 
our reunion, the thoughts of sex never occurred to any 
of us. I had been a "good" girl, hardly even dating and, 
when I did, there was never anything that would even 
lead up to sex. 

My father, a big, strong and, in my mind at the time, 
fierce, Polish man, scared the hell out of me and I knew 
that if I ever did anything bad, his wrath would be 
brutal. Even if it weren't my intention to be a virgin 
on my wedding night, I'd have been too scared to do 
anything about it. This accidental reunion of friends 
was just that, and nothing more.

Tommy, Billy and I had lunch together, then they asked 
if I'd like to have a drink with them. I accepted and we 
moved to the bar. Three drinks and much conversation 
later I was feeling pretty good, relaxed. Perhaps I was 
naive. I guess I was, really, because when they 
suggested we'd be more comfortable if we got a bottle 
and a room, I still had no idea that sex would play a 
part in this. I readily agreed.

Tommy went out to buy the liquor while Billy and I went 
to get the room. We waited in the hotel lobby for Tommy 
to show up, then the three of us went to get 
comfortable. The room had a king-sized bed, a couch, and 
a chair. The guys told me to make myself comfortable 
while one poured drinks and the other found some music 
on the radio. I had to admit, this was much better than 
sitting in the lounge. 

I sat on the couch and Billy sat on one side of me. 
Tommy brought drinks and sat on the other side. Again we 
sat and talked while we sipped our drinks. Mine was much 
stronger than I was used to and I was already feeling a 
little tipsy from the drinks at the bar.

Finally, Billy provided an admission from the days we 
were in school together, saying that he'd always 
fantasized about getting into my pants. I was very 
surprised at this since he'd never given any indication 
of his desires back then. I told him this. He replied by 
saying that everyone knew I was untouchable, so there 
was no point. I had to agree, and explained the issues 
of my father and my fear of him at that time. 

Tommy then entered the conversation, pointing out that 
those issues were no longer valid. He was turned, 
looking over my body, then he told me something else 
about our school days, that all the guys had fantasized 
about seeing my tits. As if to support this revelation, 
he reached for a breast, lightly brushing his hand over 
it. I shivered slightly and my nipples became 
immediately and obviously hard. Then he squeezed, and 
leaned to kiss me. I let him. While we kissed, I felt 
Billy's hand on my other breast.

When Tommy's kiss ended he breathed his request to be 
able to see my breasts, now, that there was nothing 
stopping that from happening. I was going to counter 
with the fact that I was married should be enough to 
prevent that, but the words never came out. Tommy took 
my silence as agreement and reached for my blouse, 
lifting it over my head. I raised my arms to let him. 

Billy's hands went behind me to unclasped the bra I was 
wearing not only for the benefit of the visit to my 
parents but to contain the leakage I was now sometimes 
experiencing. As my breasts were bared, Tommy gasped 
that they were just as gorgeous as he'd imagined. They 
were even larger than usual, as I was now a nursing 
mother. Again, two sets of hands reached out for them, 
then soon, two sets of lips were sucking my nipples.

One of the guys, I can't remember which, raised his head 
slightly and gasped, surprised at the milk he was 
drawing from my breast, and commenting that it tasted 
delicious before returning to his sucking. I leaned back 
and enjoyed the attention.

Obviously they wanted more, and soon I felt their hands 
meet between my legs when they both reached for my pussy 
at the same time. I spread myself open for them as their 
hands pushed up and under my skirt. My panties were 
pushed aside and fingers were vying for entry.

Tommy won, pushing his inside me. Billy took this 
opportunity to lose his clothes, then sit back down 
beside me and take my hand, coaxing it to his cock, 
which I loosely gripped and stroked. As Billy's hand 
went back under my skirt, Tommy stood and undressed, 
then moved in front of me, his erect cock inches from my 

With my free hand, I reached for it, then lowered my 
head, taking him in my mouth and sucking. I still wasn't 
practiced in the art of cocksucking, and I didn't get 
much opportunity to hone my skills this time either, as 
Billy also stood up and the two of them urged me to the 
bed, removing my skirt and panties along the way. We 
fell naked onto the king-sized bed.

Tommy returned to sucking my tits, apparently taken with 
the milk I was producing. Billy lowered himself between 
my legs and licked my pussy briefly. This is another 
area in which I'd had very little experience, and the 
feeling was awesome. Soon I was begging Billy to put his 
cock in me. He, of course, obliged. Tommy continued 
sucking milk from my nipples while Billy pumped his cock 
in and out of me.  

The sensations provided by having two men at once were 
amazing, but short lived. Tommy lifted himself from my 
chest, seemingly intent on watching his friend fuck me. 
That's the way things went for the next hour or so, with 
my two horny friends taking turns between my legs while 
the other watched.

After Billy had used my pussy for a while, he pulled out 
of me, nodding to Tommy that it was his turn. Tommy's 
cock slipped easily into my wet pussy and I was again 
being fucked as the other guy watched us. Billy leaned 
for a closer look at Tommy's cock sliding in and out of 
me. The fact of being watched in such an intimate act 
excited the hell out of me, as did sharing my body with 
two men at once.

By now I had cum with both Billy and Tommy fucking me. 
Tommy pulled out and moved aside to make room for his 
friend, and Billy moved back again between my legs. 
Neither had cum yet, but I was, in fact, getting a 
little weary and winded from multiple climaxes. Still, 
though, my passion wasn't sated, and when Billy mounted 
me yet again, I wrapped my legs around his back and 
urged him on, telling him to fuck me. 

He did, plowing into me until I was again cumming, then 
literally rammed me until he eventually emptied his 
balls into my cunt. I felt Billy's cock slip out of me 
and his cum leaking from my hole as he stood up.

Immediately, Tommy moved towards me. I spread my legs 
yet again, but Tommy wanted something different. He 
lifted and turned me onto my hands and knees, then moved 
behind me. I felt his hands on my hips and his cock 
probing for my hole. He found it quickly and pushed 
inside my cum-filled cunt. Holding me tightly, he 
pounded into me deep and hard, and it wasn't long before 
I was cumming yet again. I pushed back against him, 
begging the deepest possible penetration, and Tommy gave 
it to me, briefly, before he too was spurting cum into 

I collapsed onto the bed and Tommy landed on top of me, 
both of us out of breath. Billy had been standing next 
to us. His critique of what he'd just witnessed was a 
single word - awesome! I agreed enthusiastically.

Finally, Tommy rolled off my back and I struggled to 
roll over, move off the bed, and stand. Two loads of 
their cum, along with my own prolific juices were 
streaming down the insides of my thighs. The guys both 
peered between my legs. I looked down there as well, 
then back at my friends and we all grinned. I suggested 
that perhaps I needed a shower.

Tommy and Billy joined me and we washed and rinsed each 
others' bodies, paying special attention to the more 
interesting places. Afterwards, we toweled each other 
dry and dressed, then refilled our glasses and sipped 
our drinks quietly, speaking little. I felt like I was 
in a sort of contented trance.

After the latest round of drinks were finished, it was 
time to go. They both asked me if I would come to visit 
them again and were disappointed when I told them that I 
didn't think that was a good idea, being a married 
woman. In deference to their protests, I offered that I 
wouldn't promise them anything, but that perhaps we 
could do this again someday. We never did.

It had been a magnificent afternoon, my first encounter 
with multiple partners. Tommy and Billy had taken turns 
fucking me, but each had cum only one time. Still, my 
pussy had felt flooded, and it was, with their seed. My 
womb was still unprotected, as it my my intent to have 
another child soon after the first. However, neither 
Tommy nor Billy became fathers that day.

The sex had been plain, simple and raw. There was very 
little oral, and no anal, but I'd spent much of the 
afternoon with my pussy being pummeled by their cocks 
and my body in the throes of orgasm. I was tired, spent, 
bordering on exhaustion. When I finally arrived at my 
parent's home I had to take a nap. 

We had dinner together and chatted for a while 
afterwards, then I had to make the drive home. My baby 
was waiting for me, and I would need to nurse him that 
night. As I drove, my thoughts lingered on the nursing 
that Tommy and Billy had done at my breasts, and on the 
continued fucking I'd received by the "tag team" duo 
that had taken turns in me.

I'd never been fucked so long and hard in my life. It 
was all I could do to pick up the baby and feed him that 
night before I went to sleep... and I slept very well.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


I don't really know how it started, only that it did and 
then my life changed in so many ways. I had better 
explain. My name's Dave Cousins, and I am a 
photographer. I inherited the business from my father, 
he died when I was 25, and over the last three years I 
have managed to expand it a little.

We do all the usual stuff, weddings, kids, portfolios. 
Up until last year I had never considered adult 
material, had no idea about the market for it. 

The idea started when I was watching a XXX video when my 
wife was away, the women were just a little too perfect 
for me, the clothes too sexy, and the panting ...well... 
a little hammy. I had just leased another studio space 
and hadn't really had time to do anything with it yet, 
when I put these two ideas together I found myself 
getting pretty excited. It was something for me, I must 
admit, not for profit. 

I suppose there is a lot of the voyeur in every 
photographer. I wanted to see real woman on video, the 
ones we pass on the street, or work with, or live next 
door to, and just see how far they would go. And all the 
panting had to be genuine.

So, with that initial idea I put some fairly low key 
adds in various places; free newspapers, porn magazines, 
some trade papers. "Models wanted for adult video, no 
experience preferred."

The first week a few replies arrived, I sifted out the 
ones from the professional models with glossy photos and 
narrowed the field to one. Ironically it was a reply to 
one of the local free newspapers, a very tentative 
letter from a woman called Lucy, in her letter she said 
she was 25, had a husband who she wanted to surprise, 
but was very nervous. 

The photo clinched it, it was a passport photo, head and 
shoulders, she was pretty in a girl-next-door sort of 
way. No makeup, a thin face framed by short blonde hair.

I wrote to her and invited her to an interview session 
for the next week, then I set about creating a set in 
the new premises. I put together two sets, a bedroom and 
a lounge, I also brought a box full of toys in case it 
got that far.

The day arrived and I was putting the finishing touches 
to the sets when there was a timid knock. I answered the 
door and found Lucy smiling nervously on the doorstep.

"Hello, Mr. Cousins?"

"Yes. Dave, call me Dave."

She shook hands nervously and I invited her into the 
cluttered reception, I had made sure there would be no 
other staff there that afternoon.

She was dressed smartly, wearing a matching dark skirt 
and jacket, black tights and a cream blouse. She was 
slight, 5' and slim, and she was already blushing.

"Well Lucy," I said, "Thanks for answering the ad, I 
think it is a good idea to be upfront from the start."


"I operate the equipment, there are no other staff 
involved in this project, on completion of the shoot I 
will pay you a £100 fee and the video stays with me, 
plus a copy for you."

She nodded, the red flush spreading across her pale 

"It will be for my husband, a surprise."

"He is a lucky man. Now what I want is for you to start 
off in normal clothes, then undress, then go as far as 
you want."

I could feel my cock springing to attention at the very 
idea, it felt strange how easily I had adopted the role 
of porn maker. Lucy nodded her head slightly.

"Do you have any problems with that?"

Her cheeks were almost scarlet now, her eyes riveted to 
the desk. She shook her head very lightly and bit her 

"Can we do it now?" She asked in a quiet voice. My cock 
convulsed, that is the only way to describe it, I 
expected her to say she wanted to think about it.

"Sure, I will show you around."

I took her through to the studio, she looked very 
nervous the whole time.

"I have a camera on each set, so it is best to point 
everything at me." She nodded and looked away nervously 
before pointing at the bedroom set. I set about 
positioning lights and checked the cameras. She stood 
where she was, seemingly in a trance.

"Okay. Ready when you are. Take your time."

"Do I have to talk?"

"Not if you don't want to."

"Will you help me through it?"

"Of course, walk in the door and slowly undress, try and 
turn yourself on as you do."

She stared at the floor, biting her lip again, then 
nodded and went off the set.

"Ready! Action!"

She sidled into the room like someone at gun point, 
looking at the floor and trying to take off her jacket.


She almost jumped out of her skin.

"Lucy, I think you need to relax a little."

She nodded again, fleetingly meeting my eyes.

"Can you tell me..." She started, then her voice trailed 

"Okay, come in again and follow my instructions."

She took a deep breath and looked at me for a second 
then went off set.

"Action! Come in and sit on the end of the bed."

She sauntered in this time, still as awkward as hell but 
better than before.

"Think about the last time you had an orgasm." God knows 
where that came from.

She sat tentatively on the end of the bed, her face 
blazing red now, I could see it went down her neck and 
under her blouse. There was a surprising amount of power 
in this and my cock was absolutely solid in my trousers.

"Think about it and stroke one of your breasts."

She looked at the floor and licked her lips, then one 
hand hesitantly moved towards her breast, she stroked it 
softly, her eyes glazing. I let her carry on for a 
second, zooming right in on her hand, her breasts were 
small but when her hand moved I could see the outline of 
an erect nipple through her blouse. She leant back on 
her other arm and her legs parted a little, I zoomed in 
and realised she was wearing stockings, there was a hint 
of white flesh between her legs. My cock was taking on a 
life of its own.

"Take the jacket off and stroke the other one."

She absently shrugged off her jacket, her erect nipples 
bulging as she arched her back. As she changed position 
I zoomed in between her legs again, seeing the flesh of 
her thighs and the crutch of a pair of white lace 
knickers. Her eyes were closed now.

I spent time zooming on her breasts, her bra was visible 
through the blouse, both nipples seemed to be making 
huge, erect bulges through the thin material.

"Stand up and take off your blouse, do it slowly."

She nodded slightly and moved off the bed, her eyes 
still half closed. Slowly she began to unbutton her 
blouse. As she took it off I noticed how flat her 
stomach was and the flair of her hips. She was small but 
definitely in proportion. I could feel pre-come 
dribbling down my inside leg.

As with most women with small breasts, her bra seemed to 
be slightly too large. They hardly seemed to fill it. 
What hypnotised me was the size of the nipples pushing 
against the lace. Without being asked she unzipped the 
skirt, letting it drop and stepping out of it. She was 
wearing a tiny pair of lace knickers outside the garter 
belt, her cheeks bulging slightly over the tight 
elastic. She stood still then, absently stroking a 

"Lie on your back on the bed and stroke whatever feels 
good." I surprised myself again.

Again she nodded slightly and manoeuvred her way on to 
the bed, she lay with her ankles crossed and her eyes 
closed. I zoomed over the slight bulge of her mons, and 
the flair of her hips up to her breasts. Her blush ended 
in the cleavage of her bra. One of her hands started 
running across her belly, then up to her neck, then back 

She looked entranced, eyes closed. After a while she 
changed position, her legs opened slightly, revealing 
the crutch of her knickers, I immediately zoomed in and 
spotted the spreading damp spot on the lace. 

It was then that she moved on to her side and removed 
her bra. There was an urgency to her motions and I told 
her to take her time, amazed I still had a voice. Her 
nipples were incredible. I had to sneak a stroke of my 
cock, just to relieve the unbearable tension. Her 
breasts were small and drooped a little, almost V-
shaped, but my eyes were glued to the nipples. 

Her areolae were at least three inches across, and 
sprouting from them were nipples as thick as my finger 
and at least an inch long. She began to tap them with 
her index fingers, jolting a little as she did, and they 
seemed to grow another few millimetres. It was all I 
could do to remember what I was there for, I just wanted 
to chew on them, to lick them and shoot over them.

"Can you lick your own nipples?" I asked.

She didn't seem to hear but carried on flicking the 
thick, rubbery teats.

"Lucy? Can you lick them yourself?"

Her eyes opened and she shook her head slightly. I went 
to the box of toys and put them on the bed within her 

"Help yourself to whatever you want."

She levered herself up and looked in the box, if 
possible her blush deepened. She took out a six inch 
vibrator, a sleek, pink tube. I got behind the camera 
again as she lay back down and turned it on. She put the 
end of it against a nipple, pushing the teat to one 
side, then she slowly moved it round and round her 

As she was doing this her legs were opening, I could see 
the outline of her labia through the stretched material 
of her knickers. She was shaved. Again I had to reach 
for my cock. This timid woman had shaved herself bald 
before coming here.

I had her crutch in focus when the vibrator appeared in 
the shot, she ran over the bulge of her lips, the damp 
patch was growing and I could hear her panting now.

"Take off the knickers," I croaked.

She lifted her bum off the bed and pulled them down, 
casually kicking them away. Her cunt was completely 
shaven. She had what I think of a busy cunt, a good 
three inches of thick crinkled lips. I saw a dribble of 
liquid leak from the bottom of her slit and trickle over 
her tiny, puckered arsehole. It was then she put down 
the vibrator and pulled her labia apart. I almost came.

They were two fleshy triangles that framed the 
glistening insides of her cunt. More liquid dribbled 
down as she massaged her labia. One of her fingers 
rubbed the hood of her clitoris, which slowly began to 
swell, another finger dipped into the glistening centre 
of her lips. She was moaning now, her eyes closed.

I was focusing on her cunt when she moved, after I had 
refocused she was on her knees with her arse to the 
camera, one hand shoving two fingers up her cunt. They 
eased in and out slowly, covered in a layer of juice. I 
saw her look in the box of tricks again, her head jerked 
round and one hand grabbed something. It came out with 
the biggest dildo I had found. It was at least 12 inches 
long and so thick I could just about get my hand around 

She immediately turned round and lay on her back, 
spreading her legs wide. The dildo was the shape of a 
huge cock. Dreamily she rubbed the huge glans over her 
gaping slit, one finger teasing her clitoris from its 

I watched amazed as she slowly eased the head into her 
cunt, I could see how much it was stretching her lips 
just getting the head in. She stopped for a breather and 
grunted, then she slowly pushed the thing further in. I 
watched it disappear, watched the juice running over her 
arse as she slowly pushed. I undid my zip and took my 
cock out, she was so far gone she would never notice.

She was making great, heaving, snorting noises now and I 
realised the huge dildo had vanished up to its oversized 
rubber balls. She was grinding her arse into the bed and 
grabbing the sheets with her free hand, her stomach 
muscles twitching, she left the dildo where it was and 
rubbed at her clit, now fully out of its hood. She 
whimpered and her hips twitched on the bed, I zoomed in 
on her stretched cunt, the lips gripping the base. I 
began to wank with my free hand, my cock now almost 
bursting at the sight before me.

She then put both hands on the dildo and began to draw 
it out, the whole length was coated with her juices, I 
could even smell her musky scent from where I stood. She 
pulled it almost all the way out until the glans were 
nudging her soaking lips, more rivulets of juice 
dribbled over her arsehole and onto the sheet. 

I noticed her whole body tense, then she pushed the 
great shaft back in, faster this time. I heard the 
slippery, squelching sound it made and the grunting 
whine Lucy let rip. Then she started pulling it out 
again. I watched as she got into a rhythm, both hands 
gripping the rubber balls of the dildo, juices dribbling 
down her thigh, the regular squelching and grunt, and 
the musky scent filling the room. 

I was focused on the dildo when it stopped, still 
stuffed to the balls. I shifted the camera to Lucy's 
face and froze. Her eyes were wide open and she was 
looking directly at me, he eyes riveted on the engorged 
cock in my left hand.

"Here," She mumbled thickly, one hand leaving the dildo 
and pointing at her mouth. I hesitated, this was never 
what I had in mind, this woman wanted to suck my cock. 

"You won't be able to move, I have the camera focused on 
your..." I gesticulated to her cunt, stuffed with 14 
inches of rubber yet unable to say the word.

She nodded dumbly and grunted. I checked the focus and 
joined her on the bed, she turned her face to me as I 
knelt to the side of her head and lay beside her. Both 
her hands returned to the dildo and she opened her mouth 
and grunted again. 

I moved my cock close to her mouth and she moved 
slightly and the head disappeared into her mouth. I was 
in heaven, her tongue worked busily under the helmet. 
She had done this before.

She grunted again and I moved closer, pushing more of my 
cock into her mouth. She began to move her head back and 
forth, running her tongue under my helmet and nibbling 
when she could. I looked between her legs and could see 
she was bashing the dildo in and out at quite a speed. 
The smell of sex and the squelching were too much for 
me, I felt the sperm begin to rise. 

She turned her head to the ceiling and arched her back a 
little just before I came, her tongue was running along 
the edge of my helmet when I shouted. The first spurt 
shot a rope of sperm across her cheek and hair and 
landed on the bed two feet away. She started to turn 
then, as the second spurt splashed her teeth and 
splattered he temple, by the third she was slurping 
greedily on my pulsing cock as I tried hard not to grab 
her head. 

Sperm was drooling down her chin and she was groaning 
and gurgling. When my soft cock slid from her lips 
followed by a dribble of sperm that splashed across her 
cheek she was working the dildo in and out at blurring 
speed. Every time it went in she let out a little grunt 
which got louder and louder, suddenly she went one 
handed and rubbed her clit with the other. Now she was 
beginning to squeal and I realised she was desperately 
trying to keep her body in line with the video. Then her 
orgasm hit.

Her hips rose off the bed a little and her legs 
scissored wide open and she began to scream, it was an 
animal noise, the pitch rising and falling. I was glad 
that the studio was quite far from another office. Juice 
was pouring from her cunt now as she suddenly stiffened, 
eyes tight shut, pelvis spasming, back arching and a let 
out a huge scream. 

Her whole body spasmed in time to the screams which 
seemed to take an age to taper off into whimpers. I was 
getting hard again looking at her flushed and spunk 
splashed face. She pulled the dildo out with a loud 
squelch, followed by what seemed a pint of juice.

I rushed to the camera and thought it best to withdraw.

"There's a bathroom behind the set." I said 
pathetically, pretending to mess with the lights.

She opened her eyes and smiled nervously.


She came back to the reception half an hour later, 
dressed and none the worse for the experience. This was 
what I had wanted, plus a little extra. She was the kind 
of woman you could sit next to on the bus, or work with, 
and never guess she was capable of such a display.

"I'll copy the video and send it to as soon as I can." I 
said, handing over the envelope containing ten tenners.

She took it and glanced at my face.

"Thanks again."

The blush was returning and so she stuffed the money 
into her jacket pocket and left. I went to copy the 
video, my first experiment had worked. Who would be 


Debby sangat menyukai usapan-usapan telapak tangan Theo. Usapan-sapan itu mengurangi dinginnya terpaan angin malam. Bahkan kehangatan pun mulai terasa menjalar di bagian bawah perutnya ketika ia merasakan lidah Theo merayap mendekati lipatan antara paha dalam dan vaginanya. Ia merintih ketika bibir lelaki yang suka 'mimik' pipisnya itu menariki bulu-bulu halus di sekitar bibir vaginanya. Bulu-bulu itu masih terlalu pendek, masih sepanjang bulu alis mata sehingga bibir itu selalu gagal menariknya. Hal itu malah membuat vaginanya semakin basah. Setelah mengencangkan lilitan kimono agar belahan di bagian dadanya tidak terbuka, kedua lengannya segera jatuh di atas kepala lelaki itu. Ia menginginkan lidah hangat itu membelah bibir vaginanya. 

"Theo, mimik dulu dong lendirnya," kata gadis itu sambil membuka bibir vaginanya dengan jari telunjuk dan jari tengahnya. Sejenak, Theo menghentikan ciuman-ciumannya. Ia menengadah sambil tersenyum, tak lama kemudian, ia kembali menciumi paha kiri gadis itu. Sengaja tidak diturutinya keinginan gadis itu. 
"Theo, jahat!" kata gadis itu sambil menarik kepala Theo ke arah pangkal pahanya. Kedua tangannya menahan agar kepala itu tetap berada di pangkal pahanya. Dan ketika ia merasakan kehangatan lidah menyusup ke dalam vaginanya, ia merintih.. 

"Ooh, ooh.., enak Theo! Aarrgghh..!" 

Tarikan nafasnya pun mulai tak teratur ketika lidah itu menjilati dinding dan bibir dalam vaginanya. Ia mendorong pinggulnya agar lidah itu masuk semakin dalam. Ia mulai lupa dan tak merasakan dinginnya angin malam. Biasanya, keadaan seperti itu membuat pori-pori di sekujur tubuhnya terbuka. Berkeringat. Tapi saat ini, tak ada setetes pun keringat di kulitnya. Pori-porinya tetap tertutup. Kenikmatan dan kehangatan nafas yang mendengus-dengus di vaginanya hanya mampu memberi kehangatan tetapi tak mampu membuatnya berkeringat. Dan ia menyukai hal itu! Sebuah sensasi yang membuat vaginanya semakin basah berlendir. Apalagi ketika merasakan lelaki itu mengisap lendir yang terselip di bibir dalam baginanya, ia merintih berulang kali.. 

"Argh..! Argh..! Theo, Oh nikmatnya, sstt, sstt.., aarrgghh..!" Ia menjadi lupa pada paha kirinya yang belum cukup banyak mendapat cumbuan. 

Malam itu Theo merasakan sebuah perbedaan. Aroma segar kemaluan gadis itu tidak setajam biasanya. Mungkin karena aroma itu langsung tertiup angin malam. Karena rindu akan aroma itu, Theo menekan hidungnya ke celah sempit di antara bibir vagina gadis itu. Ditekannya sedalam-dalamnya sambil menghirup aroma yang sangat dirindukannya itu. 

Debby terkejut merasakan hidung lelaki itu tiba-tiba menusuk lubang vaginanya. Ia menggelinjangkan pinggulnya. Menggelinjang dalam kenikmatan. Geli dan nikmat tiba-tiba terasa menusuk hingga ke jantungnya. Ia merintih-rintih berkepanjangan akibat dengusan nafas di dalam lubang vaginanya. 

"Aarrgghh..! Aarrghh..! Ampun, Theo..! Aarrgghh.., aarrgghh..!" rintihannya semakin keras ketika merasakan kumis lelaki itu menyapu klitorisnya. 
"Ampun, ampun.. Theo! Aarrgghh..! Debby mau pipiis!" 

Tapi ia tak berusaha menghindari hidung itu. Ia bahkan memutar pinggulnya sambil menekan bagian belakang kepala lelaki itu. Ia tak ingin hidung itu tak lepas dari jepitan bibir vaginanya. Hal itu tak berlangsung lama. Ia hanya mampu memutar-mutar pinggulnya beberapa kali! Tiba-tiba saja ia merasakan adanya dorongan lendir orgasme yang tak mampu ditahannya. Dorongan itu terasa sangat kuat. Jauh lebih kuat daripada dorongan yang biasanya ia rasakan ketika mendekati puncak orgasmenya. 

"Theo, Theo.., Debby mau pipis! Aarrgghh.., mimik!" 

Theo mendengar rintihan itu. Tapi ia tak ingin menarik hidungnya. Ia tak peduli walaupun merasakan dua lengan memukul-mukul kepalanya dengan gemas. Ia telah terbius oleh aroma, kehangatan, kelembutan, dan kehalusan dinding vagina gadis remaja itu. Bahkan semakin diremas dan ditariknya kedua bongkah pantat gadis itu agar hidungnya semakin tenggelam ke dalam liang vagina yang segar itu. 

Remasannya di bongkah pantat itu sangat kuat, membuat gadis itu hanya dapat merintih dan meronta-ronta. Dan tak lama kemudian, ia merasakan lendir hangat membasahi ujung hidungnya. Ia sangat senang merasakan kehangatan lendir itu. Lendir yang membasahi hidungnya ternyata membuat batang kemaluannya semakin tegang. Bengkak. Mungkin karena merasakan nikmat yang berbeda dari biasanya. Selama sebulan, telah berkali-kali ia rasakan orgasme gadis itu di ujung lidahnya. Tapi kali ini berbeda, ia merasakannya di ujung hidungnya! 

Walaupun terasa agak sesak, Theo menarik nafas. Ia menghirup aroma yang sangat pribadi itu langsung dari bagian yang sangat dalam dan tersembunyi! Ia pun merasa sangat puas karena baru kali ini ia mendengar gadis cantik itu merintih-rintih minta ampun! 

"Aarrgghh.., ampun! Ampun.., Debby pipiis!" rintih gadis itu sambil berusaha menarik pinggulnya agar hidung lelaki itu terlepas. 

Ia tak mampu mengendalikan rasa nikmat dan geli yang bercampur menjadi satu di lubang vaginanya. Tapi remasan telapak tangan di bongkah pantatnya lebih kuat daripada tarikan pinggulnya. Akhirnya ia hanya merintih-rintih melepaskan lendir orgasmenya ketika hidung itu mendengus-dengus. Seluruh sendi-sendi di sekujur tubuhnya menjadi lunglai. Membuat ia pasrah dan berusaha agar tak terjatuh ke lantai. 

Theo menarik hidungnya setelah merasakan lendir orgasme itu berhenti mengalir. Ia menengadah sambil tersenyum puas. Ia dapat melihat kenikmatan yang baru saja usai mendera gadis itu. Hal itu terlihat dari bola mata yang menatap hampa dan kelopak mata yang setengah terpejam. 

"Theo jaa.. haatt.., Theo jahat! " kata Debby terengah-engah sambil meminjit hidung lelaki itu dengan jempol dan telunjuknya. Tapi jari itu terpeleset karena hidung itu masih dipenuhi lendir licin. 
"Jahat!" ulangnya sambil memijit kembali. 
"Oh ya?" sahut Theo sambil menunduk. Lalu ia mulai menjilati vagina yang masih berlepotan lendir itu. 

Debby menggeliat ketika merasakan kembali lidah yang menjilati bibir luar vaginanya. Ia merasa lelah tetapi ia pun tahu bahwa ia tak dapat menghindar dari lidah yang selalu rajin membersihkan sisa-sisa lendir orgasme di vaginanya. Ia tetap berdiri walau tungkai kakinya mulai terasa pegal, terutama tungkai kakinya yang menginjak lengan kursi. Ia tidak akan mendorong kepala itu menjauhi vaginanya. Percuma. Ia tahu bahwa lelaki yang selalu memanjakannya itu tak akan berhenti menjilati sebelum vaginanya benar-benar bersih. Selain itu masih ada hal yang belum ia dapatkan. Malam itu ia belum merasakan nikmatnya 'menumpahkan' lendir orgasmenya langsung ke dalam mulut yang terjebak di dalam vaginanya. Terjebak di bagian yang paling dalam dan tersembunyi. Belum merasakan nikmatnya 'menumpahkan' lendir orgasme langsung ke dalam bibir dan lidah yang menghisap-hisap vaginanya ketika dinginnya angin malam menerpa tubuhnya. 

Ia menunduk sambil mengusap-usap rambut lelaki tampan yang masih rajin menjilati vaginanya. Kelopak matanya kembali terbuka. Bola matanya berbinar-binar menikmati pemandangan erotis di pangkal pahanya. Menikmati indahnya lidah yang menjulur dan menghilang dalam belahan bibir vaginanya. Lidah yang basah mengkilap ketika keluar dari lubang vaginanya. Tanpa sadar ia mendesah ketika lidah itu mulai mencari-cari sisa lendir di balik sekumpulan urat saraf yang menutupi klitorisnya. Ia menggeliat. Dan menggeliat lagi ketika merasakan klitorisnya dijentik-jentik dengan ujung lidah. Lalu diturunkannya telapak kaki kirinya dari lengan kursi. Setelah memindahkan berat badannya ke kaki kirinya, diangkatnya kaki kanannya dan diletakkannya pahanya di pundak lelaki itu. Ia menarik nafas lega merasakan kehangatan di bagian dalam pahanya, bagian yang menempel dengan pipi Theo. 

"Nggak apa-apa 'kan, Sayang." kata gadis itu sambil mempermainkan jari-jari tangannya di rambut lelaki itu. 

Ia terpaksa bertanya karena sebelumnya tidak pernah melakukan hal seperti itu. Tidak pernah berdiri sambil menjepit kepala di pangkal pahanya. 

Theo menengadah, lalu mengangguk. 

"Puaskan Debby ya, Sayang. Sebentar lagi, mimik lagi ya." Theo mengangguk kembali sambil mengulum klitoris gadis remaja yang nakal itu. 

Melihat anggukan kepala itu, Debby jadi lebih bersemangat untuk meraih puncak orgasmenya. Kedua tangannya segera menekan kepala lelaki itu agar semakin terdesak ke vaginanya. Satu tangan menekan bagian belakang kepala, dan yang sebelah lagi menjambak segenggam rambut. Posisi seperti itu membuatnya sangat bergairah. Kelopak matanya terbuka lebar menatap kepala yang pasrah di pangkal pahanya. Seolah kepala itu dipersembahkan sebagai alat untuk meraih puncak orgasmenya. 

Walaupun vaginanya telah pernah beberapa kali dioral oleh guru matematikanya itu, tetapi ia belum pernah merasakan nikmatnya mengendalikan kepala itu di pangkal pahanya. Mengendalikan sesuka hatinya. Jantungnya berdebar-debar ketika ia mulai menggerak-gerakkan pinggulnya. Ia merasa lebih nikmat karena pinggulnya bebas bergerak sesuka hatinya. Ia pun merasa bebas untuk mengerak-gerakan kepala lelaki itu ke arah yang ia inginkan. Menekannya, mendorongnya, atau bahkan menariknya. Beberapa kali ia terpaksa menariknya sambil berjinjit karena kumis lelaki itu terasa menyentuh ujung atas belahan vaginanya. 

"Argh..! Argh..!" rintihnya menahan nikmat yang mendera sekujur tubuhnya. Debby merasakan lendir yang semakin deras mengalir ke vaginanya. 
"Mimik, Sayang," katanya sambil menekan pundak Theo dengan paha belakangnya. 

Ia ingin lidah itu menyusup ke dalam vaginanya, menarik lendir dan mengisapnya. Ia merasa bahwa sebentar lagi ia akan mencapai puncak orgasmenya. Ia ingin merasakan kelembutan dan kehangatan bibir itu ketika dinding vaginanya berdenyut-denyut. Sambil agak menekuk kedua lututnya, dihentakkannya pinggulnya agar lidah dan bibir lelaki itu masuk lebih dalam ke lubang vaginanya. Ia seolah mendapat sinyal ketika merasakan remasan di bongkah pantatnya, sinyal yang menyatakan bahwa lelaki itu menyukai hentakan pinggulnya. Tanpa ragu, ia kembali menghentakkan pinggulnya sambil menekan bagian belakang kepala lelaki itu. Dilakukannya berulang kali, seolah ingin menunjukkan bahwa vaginanya ingin menelan lidah dan mulut lelaki itu. 

"Theoo.., aarrgghh..," rintihnya sambil menekan dahi lelaki itu dengan ujung jarinya. Tekanan itu menyebabkan wajah Theo terdongak hingga mulutnya persis berada di bawah vaginanya. 
"Mimik 'pipis' Debby, Sayaang," rintihnya sambil menghentak-hentakkan pinggulnya dengan cepat. 

Sekujur tubuhnya menggigil merasakan nikmatnya lidah yang tertanam di lubang vaginanya, lidah yang dapat ia perlakukan sesuka hatinya. Seolah ada 'penis' kecil tertanam di lubang kemaluannya. Ia menggigil merasakan sensasi nikmat yang luar biasa dalam terpaan dinginnya angin malam yang berembun. Bulu-bulu roma di sekujur tubuhnya merinding ketika merasakan lahapnya lidah dan mulut lelaki itu menghisap-hisap, menanti lendir orgasme yang akan tumpah dari vaginanya. 

"Aarrgghh.., hasshh.., hasshh.., aarrgghh, aarrgghh, aarrgghh..!" rintihnya berkepanjangan ketika 'menumpahkan' orgasmenya. 

Ia masih merintih-rintih bekepanjangan ketika merasakan liarnya lidah lelaki itu menjentik-jentik bibir dalam vaginanya. Lidah itu masih rajin bergerak seolah belum terpuaskan dengan segumpal lendir yang telah mengalir dari lubang vaginanya. 

Theo masih menjilat-jilat. Sesekali mengulum bibir luar vagina gadis yang masih terengah-engah itu. Ia pun merasakan nikmat yang luar biasa ketika merasakan lendir orgasme gadis remaja itu mengalir ke kerongkongannya. Mungkin karena dinginnya terpaan angin, lendir orgasme yang ditelannya terasa lebih hangat dari biasanya. Paha yang menekan pipinya pun terasa lebih hangat. Dan.., hentakan-hentakan pinggul itu lebih liar dari biasanya! 

"Ooh Theo, nikmatnya!" desah Debby sambil menatap bola mata lelaki yang masih dijepitnya di pangkal pahanya. Jari-jari tangannya mengusap-usap dahi dan rambut lelaki itu. Dibelai-belainya dengan mesra. Bibirnya tersenyum bahagia. 
"Sekarang kita ke kamar yuk!" sambungnya sambil mengangkat pahanya dari pundak lelaki itu. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013


hye..cite ni jadik mase aku knal sorg abg ni..aku knal dia sbb dia kwn abg angkat aku..aku rapat la dgn abg f ni..1 aritu aku mintak tlg dia amik aku balik dari keje..xkusangka plak aritu aku abes keje lambat n hampir2 aku kene tinggal dgn abg mase tu aku ckp kt dia, "abg tunggu lagi 5 minit jnj org ikut ape abg nak nanti.." naseb baik la aku xkene tinggal.. nak dijadikan cite..lpas insiden tu, abg f ajak aku kuar gi tgk wyg kt mid valley..mase jln2 tu dia tuntut la janji aku wat dgn dia dulu..aku ckp la "ok..abg ckp abg nk mkn kat mane, org blanje k.." "abg xnk blanje mkn, abg nak mende lain.." "abg nak ape?" "abg nk adik awk yg kt bwh tu" aku terkejut gile la..memule aku xnk..pas dia pujuk2 aku, aku ikut kan je la sbb aku dah janji nk ikut ckp dia.. dia bawak aku gi 1 hotel..masuk je dlm bilik, dia tutup sume lampu n langsir..mmg gelap gile bilik tu..aku dah cuak gak la..walaupun ni bukan kali pertama aku wat seks, aku tetap takut sbb dah lame gile lubang aku ni xkene ceroboh dgn batang..abg f trus peluk aku...dia cium mulut aku lelame..kitorg wat french kiss..lame gile..aku nak start stim dah...dia suh aku tanggalkan sume baju aku...aku ikutkan aje..abg f baringkan aku kat atas katil tu..dia start cium2 tetek aku...dia ramas2, isap2, n gigit2, puting aku...aku mengeliat geli...aku mule merengek..abg f makin geram dgar aku merengek...makin kuat dia isap2 n gigit tetek aku sambil tangan dia merayap ke lubang aku...dia main2kan jari dia kat lubang aku...lubang aku pun bagi respon baekkk punye...mula basah n berair...aku mengeliat kegelian...aku makin terangsang...aku merengek2 kegelian n nikmat..."syg merengek wat abg makin ghairah...manje sgt syg merengek...btg abg makin keras ni.." aku ketawe je..abg mule turun ke cipap aku n dia start jilat2 cipap aku...lidah dia main2 kat biji aku..."ahhh...abg....ahhh...geli abg...ahhh..uhhh..abanggg...ahhh..." abg xpeduli...dia terus jilat, lidah dia korek2 lubang aku..aku mengeliat geli,terangkat2 bontot aku sbb geli campur sedap..last2 aku klimaks dulu...tapi abg xbenti...dia terus jilat n isap cipap aku...aku terangsang balik...aku kegelian...last2.. "abg..syg dh xthn sgt ni...bile abg nak masukkan btg abg ni....." aku merengek manja.. abg terus senyum..dia luaskan lagi kangkangan aku...dia gosok2 btg dia kat lubang cipap aku...aku menahan nafas bile abg start tolak btg dia...mule2 masuk kepale je..aku ckp[ sakit...maklum la...dh lame xkene, kene la btg abg besar..abgtolak slow2...aku ckp lai sakit...abg cp...tahan sket ye syg...zapppp!! terus dia tekan btg dia masuk..penuh aku rase cipap aku ni...terkemut2 cipap aku nak menampung btg abg...jeritan aku abg xpeduli...abg terus hayun btg abg..."ahhhh...sygg....sedapnye...ketat lagi cipap sygni....ahhhh....arghhh!! syg....sedapnye syg kemut2...ahhh!!!sedapnye syg...."abg mule merengek2 ghairah...aku masih berusaha menyesuaikan btg abg dlm cipap aku...lame2 rase sdap plak btg bsar abg ni...aku mule melawan...staip kali dia tarik aku kemut...setiap kali tu jugak la abg mengerang sedapp...."syg main2 ek?" aku ketawe kecil je..."xpe...syg tunggu la nasib syg..." abg mule hayun laju2...aku mule rase xtahan...geli sedap sume campur baur.."ahh...abangg...ahhh....abangg...ahhh...ahhh...abanggg....xtahan dah ni...ahhh.."abg buat xdengar je...dia terus pam makin lkame makin laju...aku makin kuat merengek...abang tetap wat xtau...akhirnye aku klimaks lagi tapi abang terus hayun aku sbb dia xpancut lagi.."abanggg...dah laa....xthn dah ni..lame nyee...ahhhh,...." abg senyum je bile aku ckp camtu..."raseka..tadi main2 dgn abg kan? hehe...ahhhhrgg~" abang hayun makin laju...lpas 15minit abg henjut aku,aku meraung dah mcm nak gile dh...last2 "syg...abang nak pancut dah ni....arhhh...ahhhh...arghhhhh!!!!' trus abg lpaskan air mani dia dlm cipap aku...panas! hik3~ pas kejadian tu, kitorg slalu wat seks klu ade mase..abang memang best!!! muahhhh~