Thursday, 31 January 2013


The chauffeur smiled to himself in pleasure as he looked at his
memsa'ab. She was great to look at. She knew it, and she knew he liked
doing it, and she liked that. She gave him teasing, tantalising
glimpses of her thighs and belly and breasts and flesh, knowing that
it turned him on and, finally, made their fucking much better.

Audrey was very attractive in a molten, earthily sensual way. She had
lovely large eyes, deep brown and lined with *kohl*, that sparkled
easily and quickly in wide laughter. Her nose was straight, if a
trifle broad. Her mouth was full and wide with sensual lips. Her teeth
were white and even. Her hair was dark and silky, held back now in
short, simple braid that hung just below her shoulders. Her neck was
long and slender and led smoothly, past the delicately sexy hollows in
her throat and shoulders, to full, sloping breasts, ripe and succulent
mounds tipped with long nipples in large, dense aureoles. Her belly
was firm and flat and her waist was nipped inwards. Her hips flared
neatly beneath and her buttocks were firmly rounded. Her arms and legs
were slender and shapely with slim ankles and wrists and elegant hands
and feet. Her skin was smooth and clear, the colour of golden honey,
beautifully offset by the fine gold chains that crinkled around her
neck, her delicate earrin!  gs, her solitary bangle and finely wrought
gold-and-diamond finger-rings.

She was on the telephone, standing by the edge of the large white
sofa. She wore knee-length shorts with angled side pockets and a
canvas belt and a simple white button-down shirt tucked into the
shorts. The shirt was completely transparent and the light from the
window behind her came through the cloth, letting him see that she
wore no underwear. The top four buttons of her shirt were open and
Jerry could see the deep valley of her cleavage with her gold chains
nestling comfortably on her tawny skin, and the superb swell of her
breasts as they strained at the material.

Jerry watched as she nodded, bent over and, picking up a pencil, noted
a number on the pad by the telephone. As she bent over, the lapels of
her shirt dropped open low and he could see her breasts fully, ripe
and heavy, the nipples long and stiff. Her gold necklaces swung free
against her chin.

She straightened, still speaking into the phone, listening in between,
and caught his eye. A silent, gamine grin split her face. It lit up
the room and the fire in his groin. She blew him a kiss, winked,
beckoned him closer. He smiled and stepped up to her. Still listening,
the earpiece clapped to her head with one hand, she pulled his head
down to hers with the other and kissed him on the lips. He felt her
tongue slide into his mouth and fence against his own, flickering
erotically. He slid his hands up from her waist and cupped her
breasts, felt the points of her nipples stiffen further through the
fine cloth of her shirt, felt her breasts grow heavier and harder with

"Yes, Mum, I'll do that," she murmured into the phone, breaking the
kiss. "I promise."

She listened again, and now her eyes, when she looked at him, Jerry
saw that her eyes twinkled with amusement and a deeper, fiery hunger.
She hooked her fingers in his belt and pulled him closer, flicking
open the belt and the clasp of his white trousers, jerked down his fly
and thrust her hand into crotch. Jerry stifled a soft groan. His cock
was already hard and it felt good to have her cool, slender, knowing
fingers curl lovingly around his thick shaft, stroking and caressing
its nine inch length, travelling the contours of its inch and half
thickness. She cupped and squeezed his balls delicately and he felt
the fire leap in his loins.

"No, really, mum, you don't have to worry about me." She winked at
Jerry. "I'm fine on my own. Really. I mean it. I have everything I
want. Everything. Yes, it's good to have a car and the driver. He's
very good, Jerry. Mm. I know. He's so cautious driving and he really
takes good care of me."

Jerry grinned hugely, enjoying the double entendre and began to undo
the buttons of her shirt. He pulled it wide across her breasts and
squeezed the heavy, turgid mounds, pinching and tweaking her stiff
nipples wickedly. Audrey bit her lower lip and stifled a soft moan.

"Yes, okay. I'll see you tomorrow, mum. Promise. We'll do lunch. 'Bye

She dropped the phone on the cradle with a giggle and flung her arms
around her chauffeur's broad shoulders, cupped his head in her hands
and pulled his mouth to hers.

"Now," she said. "Fuck me, Jerry! Fuck me hard! The way I like it!
C'mon ... my cunt's already wet!"

The chauffeur laughed in silent delight as he followed her into her
bedroom that led off the hall. It was a large, airy room with tall
windows at the far end looking out over the pool of a local club and,
beyond, the sea. The walls were recently paid a glistening white, and
the furniture was sturdy and upholstered in spotless white. Closets
ranged one wall, broken by a door that led to the plush tiled bathroom
ensuite with its sunken tub, jacuzzi and ultra modern fittings. A
large painting hung on another wall of the bedroom. The bed was
pressed against the last wall, big and large and well-sprung, with
attractive reading lights fitted into the wall with brass brackets and
cream silk shades. 

As she entered the bedroom, Audrey pulled off her shirt, kicked off
her open sandals and dropped her shorts. Jerry had barely stopped
moving when she turned and fell to her knees before him, jerking down
his trousers and burying her face in his crotch with a loud,
shuddering moan. Jerry gasped loudly, his belly snapping in with shock
as her warm, moist mouth engulfed his penis. He recovered quickly and
flexed his buttocks and thrust his hips forward, one hand on her head,
pulling it deeper into his crotch.

"Oh god, oh god, yes ... god, I love your cock," she mumbled, sucking
it eagerly, her face distended with its size, her head rocking back
and forth before him, her eyes half closed, her nostrils dilated. 

Jerry grunted softly, his mouth open, head bent, watching her. She was
an incredibly hot and randy piece of ass and he knew how demanding she
was in bed. He forced down the fires in his loins, denying himself the
pleasure of succumbing to the near-miraculous wanderings of her sharp
teeth and cunning tongue on his cock, though he knew she enjoyed
drinking jizz. The temptations of her cunt, and even her ass, were
equally delightful.

Jerry was a wonderful lover, and Audrey loved fucking him. She
constantly praised whatever higher powers governed the affairs of men
for having found him. The bank had recently changed its policy and no
longer provided men from its pool, and so she had to find one herself.
Her dearest friend, Mala, had sent this man over, recommending him
highly. A few days later, she found out exactly why Mala had been so
enthusiastic. Later, both Mala and Jerry confirmed Audrey's suspicion:
Jerry was yet another of Mala's servant-lovers. Mala had more than
enough servants, male and female, to sate her needs and could spare
Jerry. Besides, it wasn't like she was losing him forever: Audrey had
frequently borrowed one or more of Mala's servants and Mala was most
welcome to have Jerry whenever she fancied him. And, of course, there
were always the times, the wonderful times, when Mala and Audrey
indulged themselves in glorious lesbian sex and then invited some of
the servants in, turning long af!  ternoons into heaving, thrashing
orgies of unbridled pleasure. 

Jerry was a tall, dark, muscular man with lean, craggy, macho
features. He had a long, fine nose, a wide, slim-lipped mouth, strong,
white, even teeth and dark, deep eyes. His hair was thick and cropped
short, and his ears lay very flat against his head. He was
clean-shaven and his jaw was square and hard with a strong chin, and
his cheeks were sexily hollowed. He had a deep, dry voice. His body
was terrific, long-limbed and strong, with broad shoulders slashing to
a narrow waist and high hips and flat belly, hard as rock. His chest
was broad and deeply cleaved with powerful pectoral, his small, dark
stiff nipples pulled wide and low on either side of his depilated
armpits. His torso was hairless, something that Audrey -- and, she
knew, Mala -- found very sexy. His buttocks were trim and taut and his
legs and arms bulged with muscle. In his white tunic with his smart
cap, Jerry looked dashing. Naked, he was stunning, Audrey thought. His
penis was a glorious nine inches long an!  d correspondingly thick, at
least an inch and a half across if not more, before heavy, low balls.
He kept his cock-shaft and balls neatly shorn. That helped her feel
every inch of his cock as it entered her flesh -- especially her anus.
Audrey loved being fucked in her ass.

She groaned now, deep in her cock-filled as she sucked his thick,
throbbing cock. It filled her mouth and its heat and taste and the
muskiness of his pre-cum gunk spurting into her mouth made her swim.
She moaned, kissing and licking his shaft, pumping it in her fist, her
finger-rings glittering against its dark hardness, licking and sucking
his balls. Jerry grunted softly, fucking her face with leisurely to
and fro thrusts of his hips, one hand rocking her head back and forth
to suit his pleasure. His tunic was fully unbuttoned now and he had
tied its ends in a hard knot across the middle of his flat belly.

"C'mon ... suck it, bitch ... suck my prick, whore ... keep sucking
... such harder, whore! Do it!" he grunted.

Audrey moaned, thrilling at his rough words. This was what she liked
about fucking the staff, their rough edges added a delightful piquancy
to the sex. Whimpering, she dragged her tongue down his shaft, ducking
her head under his legs and, opening her mouth, gently sucked his
heavy balls, swirling her tongue cunningly over their rounded
contours. Jerry gasped, arching his head, thrusting his hips forward.
The softness of her face and the delicate touch of her tongue in his
crotch felt wonderful. Audrey moaned loudly, her eyes half-closed,
caressing her face with his rampant, sticky penis, dragging it over
her lips and cheeks and tongue. Rising slightly, she drew it between
her breasts, moving it over her nipples and aureoles, her tongue
flickering through his navel, lapping at his hard belly. As Jerry
watched, grinning slightly now, she moaned even louder, flinging her
head back and squeezing her breasts in a tight sheath over his cock --
it felt terrific, and he fucked her ti!  ts with great enjoyment. 

Jerry grunted softly and pushed her head back down to his cock. She
moaned, her chest heaving, her hands squeezing and crushing her
breasts now, and took his penis deep in her mouth again. Jerry grunted
thickly, in complete control now, savouring the pleasures of her warm,
wet mouth and its steady, relentless sucking pressure on his penis,
the way her electric tongue roamed over his sticky cock-head, trying
to prise open its long slit, questing for nectar.

"Yeh ... that's good ... c'mon, bitch ... keep going ... suck it,
bitch ... suck harder ... mm, yeh ... oh fuck yes ... oh yeh, that's
good, whore ... c'mon ... suck my cock, slut ... yeh ... oh yeh ...
that's good ... mm ... yeh! Oh fuck yes ... c'mon, whore, harder!"

Finally, sated with the fellatio, the chauffeur pushed his memsa'ab's
head back. Audrey moaned, whimpering, panting, mewing with lust and
moved smoothly onto the bed on her back, forking her legs apart,
drawing her servant-lover down with her. Jerry bent over her and
kissed her hard, jamming his tongue into her mouth while he kicked off
his shoes and tore off his socks. His penis throbbed between her
thighs. He cupped her cunt with the fingers of one hand and they came
away wet. Audrey moaned, writhing feverishly under her driver,
scraping her breasts erotically against his hard chest, arching her
head to suck and lick his hard nipples, her fingers under his knotted
tunic shirt. She flicked open the knot of his shirt impatiently,
jerked it off his shoulders, groaning and arching under him, caressing
his lean, muscular body lovingly. 

"Fuck me," she murmured huskily. "C'mon, Jerry baby ... fuck me hard
... shove your cock right up into my cunt ... please, baby ... fuck

She tugged at his rigid penis, drawing it to her cunt-hole, and the
chauffeur relented. He moved between her thighs on his outstretched
and knees, levering her thighs apart and pressed his cock-head to her
cunt-lips. Audrey moaned, biting her lower lip and arching her mons to
his hips. Jerry took a deep breath, steadied himself and then, flexing
his buttocks, sank his hips. 

"OHMAUHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHmauhhh yes!" Audrey cried, her long
neck arching, her face arching up, her body going rigid, her swollen
breasts thrusting upward as her servant's huge, hot, glorious penis
surged into her wet, clonic cunt. 

In and in it went, piercing deep, cleaving her cunt-flesh and
cunt-lips open, mashing her gorged clitoris, crushing her molten flesh
in its passage. Her cunt convulsed and spasmed uncontrollably on his
cock and, above her, Jerry groaned, his shoulder rippling and knotting
powerfully, his buttocks flexing taut, his hips sinking and sinking as
he buried his penis in his mistress' cunt. 

"Mm ... oohh yes," Audrey hissed, her hands sliding down his body to
grip his buttocks, dragging him deeper into her cunt. "God yes, Jerry
... god that feels so good ... c'mon ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me
hard! OHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes! OHHHHH that's it! C'mon ... shove it
in again! Ah uhh ohmauhhh ahhh uhhh yes!"

Jerry grunted, his lips clamped shut and began fucking her with deep,
piercing, skewering thrusts, moving his hips rhythmically up and down,
flexing and unflexing alternately, driving his throbbing penis steeply
in and out of her cunt. He moved unhurriedly, his weight on his
knuckles on the bed on either side of her chest, his legs spread wide,
driving his cock as deep into her cunt as he could. She took it all
and, moaning and whimpering sexy obscenities, moved in unison with
him, her hips rocking and bucking eagerly under his, swirling from
side to side. He moved with her, rolling his hips as he went into her
so that he was spiralling down into her with each thrust, mashing and
churning the molten lava of her cunt-flesh.

"Oh yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon, baby ... take it ... take it, whore
... take my cock ... mm, yeh ... that's it, bitch ... take my dick,"
he grunted softly.

"Oh yes ... ohhh uhhhyes ... oh ma uhhh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me,
baby ... fuck me all night long ... yes ... ohhh god yes," she gasped
and moaned. "Harder, Jerry ... fuck me harder! OHHHH uhh yes, baby,

Smoothly, steadily, he quickened the tempo, moving faster and faster,
thrusting in deeper and harder, using long, punishing strokes now, his
hips whipping and snapping sharply. His cock pistoned in and out of
her cunt, its shaft glistening and gleaming with their comingled
coital juices. His balls slapped at her cunt-lips. Beneath him, Audrey
groaned and cried out, her head jerking from side to side, her eyes
closed, her face suffused and radiant with lust. Her body jerked and
rocked with his thrusts, her breasts jiggling, swollen and hot and
turgid, the nipples long and stiff. She hissed loudly, wrapping her
legs about the backs of his knees and lifting her breasts in her
hands, squeezed them in an erotic frenzy. The gold chains around her
necklace twinkled on her tawny skin, slithering this way and that as
he plunged and pistoned and powered in and out of her cunt. The bed
rocked and bucked with their motions. Her cries rang in his ears,
goading him on.

"Yes! OH ma uhh OHHH uhh OH ma uhh yes oh god yes oh god yes!" she
cried. "Ohhhhuhhohhhh oh uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh Ah uh ah uh ah
uhhhh Ohma uhh ahhh uh oh god yes, Jerry, yes uhhhhh OHHHHH!"

Gritting his teeth, the handsome chauffeur moved even faster, his hips
rocking rapidly up and down, his cock plunging and rocketing steeply
and deeply in and out of Audrey's incessantly convulsing cunt. He
flipped his hands up to her breasts, crushing them under his weight,
and she gasped, pinned under him, her hips bucking and jerking wildly
under his. Moaning and gasping loud, lewd obscenities, Audrey began to
orgasm, her cunt spasming helplessly on his penis. Jerry flung his
head back, fighting the raging fires in his loins, ramming ceaselessly
in and out of her cunt with sharp, snapping jerks of his hips, ramming
in hard, pausing, ramming in again. Every thrust drew a broken,
choking gasp from her throat.

Jerry kept moving without respite. He knew from past experience that
this one orgasm would do little to sate her lust. He let the orgasm
ebb and slid slowly out of her cunt. Audrey, moaning, quivering and
writhing on the bed, her skin now flecked with the beginnings of a

"Want more?" he asked, kissing her gently, slipping his tongue in and
out of her mouth.

"What do you think?" she gasped in a husky voice, still writhing under
him, her hands caressing his powerful back. "What do you think,

The chauffeur chuckled softly and bent his head to her breasts. Audrey
moaned softly in pleasure. He toyed with her breasts in turn, plucking
at the still stiff nipples with his lips, flipping his tongue over

"Mm ... that's good," she murmured, caressing him dreamily.

Jerry dragged her nipple across his teeth and gums and the roof of his
mouth. She shuddered and arched under him. He twisted on his side
beside her and slid his hand into her crotch. Her legs forked apart
readily and she groaned as he slid a thick, long finger into her cunt.
It was hot and wet and he felt her cunt contract immediately on his
fingertip. Jerry grinned to himself and began masturbating her slowly
with his finger, mashing her stiff clitoris against his knuckle as he
sucked and licked her breasts by turn. Audrey murmured her pleasure,
her hips writhing erotically.

Slowly, the driver moved down her body, kissing and licking her warm,
soft flesh, moving lower till his face was in her crotch. Audrey
whimpered and lifted her hips, clawing her cunt-lips open with the
fingers of both hands. He thought the sight of her daintily
hair-rimmed cunt unfurled thus for him in her slender, shapely fingers
with the light glinting off her rings was extraordinarily erotic. He
dragged his tongue down her slit. Audrey gasped and hissed instantly,
her back arching, her long neck craning. Jerry drove his tongue into
her cunt. She cried out, her hands flying to her breasts, her head
snapping to one side. He prised her cunt-lips open and began
tongue-fucking her slowly, lapping at the musky-sweet nectar that
streamed out of her cunt. 

"Ohhhh uhhh yes!" she groaned. "Oh god yes, baby yes ... lick my slit,
Jerry ... mm ... yeh ... that's it ... ohhh uhhhh yes ... do it, lover
... fuck me with your tongue ... oh ma uhhhh yes ... oh ma uhhhh yes!"

Jerry slid his finger into her cunt and began tongue and
finger-fucking her simultaneously. Audrey's body writhed and thrashed
in uncontrolled delight on the bed, her head twisting from side to
side, her hands crushing and mauling her breasts, then flying down to
his head and twining in his hair. Her body flamed with lust, fiery
tongues of it leaping through her cunt and breasts. Jerry's tongue was
thick and heavy in her slit, darting in and out, twisting this way and
that, whipping and tormenting her quivering clitoris without respite
while his rigid finger rocked in and out of her cunt. Suddenly, he
slid his finger out of her and lifted her thighs high and wide,
turning her buttocks upward. They creased open and his tongue slid
down the ridge of flesh to the puckered darkness of her anus. Audrey
gasped thickly as his tongue swirled around her asshole. She yielded,
moaning loudly as his tongue slipped in and out, darting now between
her cunt and her ass, driving her wild with!  lust. He dropped a hand
from one leg and quickly slid his forefinger into her cunt,
simultaneously pushing his middle finger to her anus. Audrey gasped
and cried out, her face twisting in a rictus of lust, and grabbed her
own leg, keeping it raised high. 

"OHHHHH uh OH ma uhhh OHHHHH uhh Oh god Jerry OH Jerry uhhh OH uhh Oh
yes uhhh Jerry oh god oh god oh god uhhhh OHHHHH!" she sobbed
ecstatically. "Oh fuck yes! OH yes Ohma uhhhh ohma uhhhohma oh ma uhhh
ahhhuhhh OHHHHH!"

Now the chauffeur was finger-fucking her simultaneously in her cunt
and ass even as his tongue flickered like lightning between the two
adjacent orifices. Audrey's body lurched and thrashed and writhed
frantically as the chauffeur tormented her without respite, bringing
her to the brink of an explosive orgasm. Seconds before she came, he
stopped and rose to his knees on the bed. Audrey cried out in shocked

"Don't stop now, you bastard!" she hissed. "For god's sake, not now!"

"Yeah, now!" he snarled. "C'mon ... suck my dick, again, whore! Gimme
some head! Quickly! Suck it hard!"

He jerked her off her back. Audrey gasped and, turning on all fours
before him, took his cock in her mouth again. Jerry grunted thickly,
his head bent, one hand splayed around his penis, the other on her
head, fucking her mouth slowly and unhurriedly. Audrey moaned, her
head spinning in delirious joy, her senses overpowered. She could
taste her own cunt-juice on his cock and it excited her even more. She
held his cock delicately in one hand, sucking it rapidly, rocking her
head back and forth, to and fro as he pumped his hips at her face. Her
gold necklaces and swollen breasts dangled and he reached down with
one hand and crushed the turgid mounds, pinching and tweaking her
rigid nipples.

"Real randy whore," he grunted. "Really have the hots for my cock,

"Yes," she mumbled in her cock-filled throat. "God yes ... Christ, I
love your cock, Jerry ... fuck me forever!"

Jerry grinned and, closing his eyes, tilted his head back, savouring
the pleasures of her mouth enveloping his penis. Several minutes
later, he pushed her head away and turned her around with her back to
him. Audrey groaned, her body trembling and writhing, quivering in
excitement, on her knees and forearms before her servant, wantonly
offering her body for his pleasure. Jerry pressed his cock between her
buttocks. She tensed slightly as she felt the bulging cock-head at her
tight little anus, then relaxed, squirming her asshole against it. She
knew just how good it felt when his thick, hard cock seared into her

"I'm gonna fuck your ass, bitch," he growled. "I'm gonna fuck it nice
and hard and deep ... just the way you like it, right?"

"Yes," she groaned, turning her face over her shoulder to him. "Oh god
yes, Jerry ... yes ...  I want it in my ass ... c'mon baby ... fuck
me! Fuck me hard!"

The chauffeur laughed softly. "Not so fast, whore! Not so fast. First,
I wanna fuck your cunt some more!"

Audrey moaned, biting her lower lip, waiting expectantly for the
familiar, cherished surge of heat in her belly. She felt him push his
cock down from her anus, felt the sticky hard heat of his cock-head at
her cunt-lips. He paused, took a breath and then, his fingers digging
into the soft flesh of her smooth, golden buttocks, prising them open,
flexed his buttocks and pushed his hips forward. His cock-head burst
into her cunt and she cried out, her head snapping back, her mouth
open in a wide 'O', her eyes fluttering shut. 

"OH ma uhhhh yes Oh god Jerry yes!" she cried, her back bowing.

"Unhhhhh uhhh yeh!" the chauffeur exulted, his belly snapping inward
as her cunt convulsed on his penis.

His cock drilled her cunt, grinding inexorably deeper and deeper into
her cunt, going in and in and in till he was buried in her flesh to
the hilt, his hips jammed to her buttocks, his balls pressed between
their bodies. He paused with his cock embedded in her slit. Audrey
moaned, biting her lower lip, squirming her buttocks against his
crotch. His cock throbbed in her cunt. She felt light-headed with
lust. He slid his hands slowly up her body and, bending over her,
nuzzled the nape of her neck, slid his hands under her and cupped and
squeezed her swollen, pendulous breasts. She moaned, turning her face
over her shoulder to him. He kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep
into her mouth, sweeping it through her ear.

"Fuck me," she hissed. "C'mon, Jerry ... fuck me hard ... god, I love
your cock in my cunt!"

Grinning, the chauffeur squeezed her breasts hard, making her gasp and
straightened upright again. Gripping her hips, he began fucking her
with slow, measured, unhurried thrusts, swinging his hips steadily to
and fro, flexing and unflexing his buttocks alternately. His massive
penis glistened and shone as it appeared and disappeared between the
delectable, unblemished curves of Audrey's buttocks. His thrusts went
in deep and each brought a shuddering groan of pleasure from her. Her
body rocked and jerked under his, her gold chains swaying to and fro
and bouncing against her chin, her gorged, pendulous breasts jiggling
with his thrusts.

"Ohhh uhhh Ohhhh uhhh Oh yes oh yeh oh yeh uhh Ohma uhh yes ... do it,
Jerry, do it!" she gasped.

Her face was turned up, her eyes hooded, her sensual lips parted in a
wide 'O' of pleasure. Her breasts were hot and heavy and swollen and
her nipples ached and throbbed exquisitely. Her chauffeur's cock felt
wonderful as it rasped in and out of her cunt, crushing her molten
cunt-flesh in its passage, mashing her gorged, stiff, quivering
clitoris. She whimpered and rocked her body eagerly back against his,
squirming her buttocks erotically against his sturdy thighs. 

"Yes! OHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes, Jerry, yes! Ooh yeh ... that's it
... mm ... yeh ... oh yeh ... that's good, baby ... yeh ... c'mon ...
fuck me harder ... ahhh yeh ... that's it ... like that, Jerry ...
c'mon ... fuck me ... oh yeh ... oh yeh ... fuck me, lover ... fuck my
slit ... Ohh uhhh yes oh fuck yes!"

Her cries grew sharper and louder and higher as the chauffeur picked
up speed, moving faster and faster, thrusting his cock deeper and
harder into her cunt. His fingers dug hard into the soft flesh of her
hips and buttocks. His thighs slapped loudly against her buttocks, his
balls swinging against her cunt-lips as he thrust steeply and hard
into her flesh. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his pistoning penis.

"Yeh ... c'mon, whore ... take it! Take my cock, bitch! Oh fuck yeh
... c'mon, take it all, slut! C'mon, you randy whore ... take my cock!
Take it uhhh yeh ... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck uhh yeh oh yeh!" he
gasped softly.

The fires roiled in his groin as her cunt squeezed and contracted
powerfully on his throbbing erection. He flung his head back, his
mouth open, his muscles rippling and cording, his belly sucked inward
as he swung his hips rapidly to and fro, back and forth, flexing and
unflexing his taut buttocks, thrusting his cock heavily in and out of
his mistress' cunt. Faster and faster he went, now jerking her body
rapidly back and forth before him, yanking her cunt up and down the
length of his bloated penis.

"OH! UhOHH! OHMA uh OHMA uh OHMA uh OHMA Ohhma OHMA OH uh OH uh OH uh
OH uh OH uh AH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHH uh OHH uh OH OHH OHHH OH OHH
OHHH OhuhohuhohuhOHHHH!" she called deliriously as he pounded
violently at her body, his cock plundering and pillaging her cunt
without respite.

She teetered on the brink of a violent orgasm and he moved faster
still, forcing the climax to crash through her. She gasped, twisting
on one hand, crushing her breasts with the other, reaching down to
flick her clitoris furiously, her hips and buttocks writhing and
squirming as his thighs cannoned off hers. The orgasm intensified,
peaked, and immediately segued into a second.

Quickly, Jerry slid his cock out of her cunt. Audrey moaned, writhing
and trembling on all fours, panting and mewing her lust, begging him
not to stop. He pressed his cock-head to her anus. She groaned, biting
her lower lip and closed her eyes, trying to steady her heaving
breath. Jerry shuffled his legs apart and rose in a deep squat across
her flared hips, pushing her shoulders steeply down on the bed. She
moaned, turning her face on the soft pillow, lifting her buttocks high
under him. His cock glistened between her buttocks, lubricated with
their coital juices. 

"Jerry ... use ... use the cream," she groaned, groping on the bedside
table for a long slim tube of salve. It had an elongated spout meant
for internal insertion. The chauffeur grabbed it from her hand,
uncapped it, pressed the nozzle to her anus. She groaned, relaxing her
sphincter and he squeezed the tube. Salve spurted from the nozzle into
her anus, coating it thickly. He tossed the tube aside and pressed his
cock-head to her anus again. It was sticky and smooth with the salve
and, when he flexed his buttocks, it yielded without resistance. His
cock-head popped into her rear channel. They cried out simultaneously.
Audrey's face contorted in a savage rictus of algedonic lust, her eyes
screwed shut, her lips tearing back over her white teeth, her mouth
wide open. Her neck arched and strained, tendons popping in her
throat. Jerry cried out sharply, his belly snapping in, his chest
straining outward, his hips tensed. He flung his head back, his
fingertips digging into the soft!  flesh of her buttocks. His eyes
hooded and his mouth opened in a call of pleasure as her anus
convulsed on his cock.

"OH fuck yeh!" he gasped. "OHH baby yes!"


Jerry groaned and slowly squeezed his cock deeper and deeper into her
anus. Beneath him, Audrey cried out in sharp, staccato moans, her
fingers scrabbling frantically at the sheets and pillows. His cock
felt like a white hot poker as it surged inexorably into her anus. Her
asshole cramped on the invader, pulsing powerfully. Audrey's head swam
with lust and desire. There were few pleasures so intensely satisfying
as a good butt-fuck. 

The chauffeur sodomised his mistress slowly and heavily and deeply for
the next ten minutes. Their rhythm steadied gradually, altering from
the initial lurching and jerking to more deliberate in-and-out, back
and forth, to and fro motions. The first spurt of pain, albeit
delightfully sharp and tangy, receded and now Audrey only felt a deep,
burning, searing, throbbing lust that powered through every vein and
fibre of her being. She whimpered in joy, rocking back and forth
beneath her chauffeur as he buggered her thoroughly. His cock slid in
and out of her rear channel and every time it went in she felt a surge
of joy wash over her. She squirmed and writhed erotically against him,
thrusting a hand down between her legs and masturbating gently. Above
her, Jerry groaned softly, savouring the wonderful heat and tightness
of her anus cramping and contracting powerfully on his pistoning penis
as he slid it slowly and deeply in and out of her rear channel.

"Ohhhh uhh ohhh uhh yes ... oh baby yeh ... c'mon ... do it, Jerry
babe ... fuck my ass ... yeh ... that's it ... oh god that's so good,
baby ... yeh ... c'mon ... do it, lover ... fuck my butt ... OHHHHH
yeh ... that's it ... c'mon ... yeh ... that's it ... shove it right
in, Jerry baby ... yeh ... mm, god I love your cock in my ass ... do
it, babe ... shove it right in ... ahhhhh uhhh yes, there! Oh god

The sharpness of her cries gave way to an erotic, husky, breathless
litany of obscene gasps and moans of unfaked pleasure. They aroused
Jerry even more.

"Ohh yeh ... c'mon, bitch ... take it ... take it, you fucking whore
... take my cock ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon ... take it, slut ... take
my prick, bitch ... take it ... c'monc'monc'mon uhhh yeh ... oh fuck

He felt her orgasm coming on and now there was little he could do to
stop himself. She climaxed violently as he stroked in and out of her
anus and, as her ass convulsed frantically on his penis and her
buttocks squirmed in tension against his crotch, he succumbed. He
plowed into her anus, paused, drew out, thrust in again, and yet
again, and each thrust drew a shuddering, cracked moan from deep in
her throat and made her lurch forward. At last, with a loud,
shuddering gasp, he came. The heat erupted from his groin and spewed
in thick, hot, sticky endless spurts deep into her tight rear channel.
He kept his cock buried deep in her cunt, his hips twitching at her
buttocks as he emptied himself into her. She moaned loudly, writhing
eagerly under him, wanting it all.

Slowly, the chauffeur pulled his cock out of Audrey's asshole. He was
still coming -- his load was prodigious -- and his jizz spewed out,
spattering her buttocks and hips and thighs, dribbling in the cleft
between her buttocks. At last he was drained. With a soft sigh, he
pushed his cock back into her anus and fucked her butt for a minute
more. Audrey whimpered happily under him. He slid out of her ass and
into her cunt and she groaned thickly, her body slowly sinking to the
bed beneath his. He went down with her, his cock still in her cunt and
they rolled over on their side. He cupped her breast, squeezing it,
nibbled her earlobe, nuzzled the nape of her neck. Their bodies were
slippery with sweat. 

"Had enough?" he murmured, sweeping his tongue through her ear.

Of course it wasn't enough. For Audrey it was never enough.

They rested briefly, dozing in each other's arms like lovers. Waking,
they fucked again. He licked her slit, rimmed her ass, once again
aroused her gently and steadily to fever pitch. She sucked his cock
hungrily and relentlessly. Jerry was a formidable lover and soon his
erection was hard and hot and throbbing angrily in her mouth. He
groaned, lying back on her bed, his hips bucking and bobbing under her
face while she sucked and sucked and sucked feverishly, her head
bouncing over his lap, her hands working her breasts and cunt

This time she mounted him, a position she enjoyed enormously, as did
he. Kneeling astride his hips, she impaled her cunt slowly on his
massive erection, savouring every inch of his penis as her cunt
engulfed it. She leaned over him on her knees and outstretched arms,
her knuckles on the bed and began to rock slowly up and down, rolling
her hips with a cunning deftness that made her cunt swirl and spiral
round and round on his penis. Jerry couldn't take his eyes off her
face. She looked so beautiful, he thought, her features softened with
lust, her eyes hooded, her mouth open as she moaned and gasped erotic
obscenities, her face turned slightly to one side, her long neck
craned, her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing, her gold necklaces
slapping and tossing against her honey skin. 

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh uhhh yes uhhh ohhh uhh yes ... c'mon Jerry ...
yes ... mm yes ... oh god yes, I love your fat cock in my slit ...
c'mon, baby ... do it ... fuck me ... fuck me, baby, fuck me!"

Beneath her, the chauffeur grinned to himself, sliding his hands up
her body to cup and squeeze her swollen breasts, pinching and tweaking
her long, rigid nipples. Of course he was going to fuck her. He was
going to fuck her as long as he could. What man in his right mind
could resist temptation so wondrous?


Aku wanita cacat tanpa sebelah kaki. Namaku Lyn. Aku kelihatan normal sahaja sebab menggunakan kaki palsu. Namun pengalaman dan berteman dengan rakan chat sungguh membahagiakan diriku. Ikuti kisahku dan salam sejahtera kepada pembaca setia situs Rumah Seks.

Selesai makan, aku menuju ke belakang rumah dimana Zainal sedang duduk termenung. Apakah yang dimenungkan sepupuku yang kacak tu? Aku pun menghampirinya dan menepuk bahunya dari belakang.

"Opocot!" Zainal melatah secara sengaja.
"Nal, kau ni sukalah buat lawak! Apa yang dimenungkan tu, fikir pasal makwe ker?" soalku. Wajahnya tiba-tiba serius dan melihat sekeliling rumah itu.
"Sudahlah Lyn, aku faham benar perangai kau. Hati siapa tidak marah kalau orang yang dipercayai memainkan kepercayaan yang diberi. Tetapi Lyn, kau sendiri tahu yang Kamil sepejabat dengan aku. Dia tidak seperti dulu yang kau dan aku kenali. Dia menjadi seorang yang panas baran, kalau pejabat tu boleh dia bom, dah hancur agaknya tau!," pujuk Zainal sambil menyelitkan lawak bodohnya.
"Hai, aku nak tau yang kau ke sini tiba-tiba ni dihantar Kamil ke? Kalau ya, kirim salam ajelah eh, aku perlukan masa untuk bersendiri. Aku nak tenangkan fikiran, bukan nak mengusutkan lagi keadaan," jawabku dengan nada kurang senang.

"Rileks Lyn. I datang pun bukan kerana disuruh oleh sesiapa. I kesini cari kau sebab aku sebagai teman Kamil dan sekaligus aku juga adalah sepupu kau, tak ingin lihat kau berdua dalam keadaan begini. Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul dan aku ingin cuba ringankan bahu kau tu. Oklah, serius ni, kalau I jadi Lyn, I tidak akan lari dari masalah. I ke sini ingin tolong Lyn selesaikan masalah, tengok tu muka masam mencuka. Kalau Kami nampak mesti dia lari tak kenal tau!" gurau Zainal, yang cuba menghiburkan hatiku yang sedang lara.
"Nal, ok aku hargai niat suci kau tu. Tetapi sudah aku putuskan yang aku tidak dapat terima seorang penipu dalam hidup aku. Kalau hal sekecil ini dia boleh merahsiakan dari aku, entah apa lagi dia buat belakangku, hanya Tuhan yang tahu," jawabku setelah berfikir sejenak.
"There's always a second chance, my dear. Fikir masak-masak dan jangan ikutkan sangat kata hati yang sedang marah tu. Gunakan daya pemikiran kita untuk menilai sesebuah masalah. Ikut hati mati, ikut rasa binasa tau," tegur Zainal lagi.

Lyn menghela nafas yang panjang dan merenung mata Zainal sebelum bersuara.

"Nal, apa jua keputusan yang aku lakukan, ia adalah muktamad. Aku rasa cukup setakat ini perhubungan aku dengan Kamil. Sudah buat kali keduanya dia melukakan hatiku. Dulu hilang entah ke mana, aku beri peluang untuknya membuktikan kejujuran dan keikhlasan bersamaku. Kini ternyata kelihatan bahawa kata-kata yang dilafazkan bak menanam tebu dipinggir bibir. Sudahlah tak payah Nal nak cuba mengubah fikiran Lyn. Selamat malam, esok kita ada aktiviti baru baik tidur sekarang," jawabku dan berlalu pergi meninggalkan Zainal duduk memikirkan apa yang telah aku katakan tadi dan terpinga-pinga.
"Pergilah Zainal, beritahulah kepada Kamil tentang keputusanku tadi. Perit untuk aku luahkan namun itu adalah jalan terbaik kerana keegoan diri tidak dapat dielakkan. Sampai bila aku harus mengalah dengan Kamil dalam soal hati? Tambah dengan manusia panas baran sedemikian." Kataku tepat kezainal, sepupu-ku.

Apapun aku tahu kekurangan aku. Apa yang hendak kuharapkan. Aku memiliki pendidikan tinggi. Yer kerana itu agaknya aku didekati. Kalau aset itu tida denganku, mungkin aku tambah dipinggirkan. Mungkin Kamil hanya melawak atau memainkan perasaan aku sahaja.

Kalau berdiri, ketinggian aku 158cm, dadaku pejal, buah dadaku 36cm. Usiaku.. Hehe.. Cuba teka.. Dah 31. Kalau nikah muda dah anak 3 kut.. Namun nak buat camner bab nikah belum ada rezeki dan jodoh. Aku ada rahsia peribadi. Bagi mereka yang tahu.. Tahulah dan maklum. Bagi mereka yang tidak, takkan tahu. Aku pincang ialah kaki kananku tuu. Sebenarnya kaki kananku ini bermasalah. Dipotong di bawah lutut akibat sejenis penyakit gengrin yang dasyat menyerang kakiku itu ketika aku di tingkatan empat. Kini aku gunakan kaki palsu dan memang orang tidak perasan dengan penggunaan kaki palsuku itu. Aku berlagak macam manusia normal. Sebenarnya jauh di lubuk hatiku aku merasa rendah diri juga.

Ini bukan kali pertama aku menghadapi masalah dengan kekasihku Kamil. Tapi kali ini cukup. Aku mahu meletakkan noktah. Dia ganas, dia panas baran dan dia tidak boleh berfikir dengan warasdan perlukah aku mengahwini lelaki semacam ini? Self centered dan hanya memikirkan dirinya sahaja. Orang lain disamping dia tidak pernah wujud.

Abang N: "Apakah final keputusan yang you buat ni Lyn?"
Lyn: "Final lah Bang.. Too bad. Dalam keadaan camni pun he is aggresive, abusive dan I rasa tak bertahan lama nanti."
Abang N: "Tapi dia untung. He got you?"
Lyn: "Nak buat camner? Itu kesilapan I. I yang termau-mau dan dalam tidak tahu berlaku Bang N."
Abang N: "Well it is your life dear.. He is your man walaupun bukan official."
Lyn: "I tak reti nak kata apa-apa Bang N. I rasa hidup begini lebih baik dari ada tanggung jawab kepada dia sebagai suami. Kalau sekarang I dah rasa sukar baik dari segi perasaan atau fisikal, baiklah I tutup cerita takat nie. I tak perlu lanjutkan untuk menghadapi kepayahan."
Abang N: "Rapuh cinta you?"
Lyn: "Yeah nak buat camner sebab perangai dia terserlah. Yang I tak boleh terima. Itu belum lagi tangan dan kaki naik ke tubuh atau ke muka kita Bang?"
Abang N: "Agreed. Bab tu Abang tak sukalah. Kalau dah memukul isteri baiklah ceraikan sahaja. Isteri dah patah hati dan luka hatinya. Ramai chaters yang begitu. Suami memukul isteri. Suami hidup hasil usaha isteri. Suami yang berlagak sombong sedang isteri yang menanggung. Itulah gayanya."
Lyn: "Itu yang tidak mahu tu Bang.. Leceh.. Mana tau ni semua belum nikah. Dah nikah nanti lagi payah. Lyn pun ada dengar dan baca kisah-kisah yang semacam itu."
Abang N: "Ramai lelaki sudah tidak tahu tanggung jawab mereka. Tanggung jawab pada diri sendiri dan pada orang yang sepatutnya terlebih lagi isteri."

Tetiba chat mereka terdc. Disconnected. Lyn mengeluh dan dia menunggu sebentar sebab talian telefon ada gangguan. Sekejap itu juga SMS dari Abang N terpacul di skrin handset.

"Naper Lyn, dc ke? Oklah kita chat lain kali."

Lyn faham maksud SMS itu. Abang N bz dan dia sudah tak chat lagi. Fikiranku menerawang. Apa harusku katakan pada Mama tentang perhubungan aku dan Kamil? Apa harusku katakan pada Kamil bila dia menanyakan kesudahan perhubungan ini?

Mama sedang beristirehat menonton kaca televisyen semasa aku sampai ke rumah. Terkejut Mama tiba-tiba tanganku menekup mukanya yang halus. Walaupun hanya meninggalkannya selama seminggu, rinduku pada Mama amat mendalam, biasalah anak perempuan.

Terjaga aku dari lena yang panjang. Aku membetulkan letak tongkol kaki kananku yang sekerat itu. Terasa lendir membasahi cipapku. Alamakk.. Aku datang bulan.. Bingkas aku bangun dan jengkut-jengkut ke kamar mandi untuk mebersihkan diri, cipapku yang berdarah dan mengenakan pad. Setelah selesai aku keluar semula dan berasa sedap. Segar semula. Aku duduk di tepi tingkap memandang ke dunia luar. Teringat kata Abang N-maksud dia ialah Kamil telah menghisap madu daraku. Kamil berjaya meratah tubuhku.

Aku tidak menafikan. Aku juga lalai dan menyalahkan diriku yang perkara itu berlaku. Hampir lapan bulan sejak awal tahun ketika aku masuk 31 tahun, daraku hancur dirobek kekasihku yang panas baran orangnya. Memang tidak disangka ia akan belaku, namun ketipisan iman dan keasyikan membuatkan aku terserah cipapku ke kote Kamil. Berjaya juga kote Kamil menerobos masuk ke lorong wanitaku walaupun tersekat dan sakit.

Namun setelah itu aku menjadi ketagih pula. Aku pula asyik masyuk mahukan diri aku difuck oleh Kamil. Bila berjumpa di rumah sewaan kamil, kami akan memadu asmara dan kamil akan meneroka tubuhku sesedap dan semau dia. Begitu juga dengan aku.

Pada mula-mula aku rasa sakit tetapi kini fucking itu sedap pula. Seluruh tubuhku akan berasa bahagia dan seronok ketika dan sesudah difuck oleh kekasihku.

Dan kekasihku ini yang aku sudah mula tidak senang dan memper-cayainya, akan kutinggalkan walupun lelaki ini telah mendapat kegadisanku. Aku tidak peduli dan aku sanggup menghadapi apa-apa sahaja. Namun mahu berbaik semula dengan Kamil no way mann!!


Venue: Bilik mewah berhawa dingin di tingkat 25 Hotel Cititelo.

Waktu: Jam 3 petang..

Fulamakk.. Fuyoo..

Abang N terpempan sebentar. Mengucek matanya. Benar atau tidak. Dan yang nyata serta mengiyakan dirinya bila dia sendiri membuka ikatan dan menarik kaki palsu yang melekap di tongkol lutut Lyn. Lyn duduk di atas katil sambil melunjur dan menyandarkan tubuhnya. Abang N melihat kaki yang cacat itu. Memegang dan mengurut tongkol lutut itu. Lyn senyum..

"Terkejut ke Bang? Lyn ni cacat.. Sebelah kaki takde.. Sejak Lyn di tingkatan empat.. Dokter kata tak boleh diselamatkan maka dipotong Bang.." Jelas Lynn melihat Abang N yang duduk di depannya sambil mengurut bekas tempat kakinya dipotong.


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Diana opened the new prescription and took one of the 
tiny pills and placed it on her tongue while reaching 
over to pick up the small glass of water and swallowed 
the little pill down her throat.

Diana opened the kitchen cabinet placing the little 
packet of pills on the cabinet shelve before heading 
back into the bedroom. The prescription of birth 
control pills would be the last thing Diana thought she 
would ever need to take considering her husband Joe’s 
low sperm count.

Diana and Joe had been married for nine years straight 
out of college and both were successful working at the 
same marketing corporation for several years before 
venturing off on their own and forming there own 

Diana would be turning twenty-nine this June and her 
and Joe had wanted to adopt a child for the last two 
years but the demand on venturing out on their own had 
left them with less time right now for children and Joe 
wanted to wait another two years before giving it 
another thought.

Diana had a great looking figure and worked very hard 
at it by working out in her own gym Joe had set up in 
the basement. With blonde hair and five foot two inch 
frame and one hundred and five-pound Diana was proud of 
her 34-22-34 figure which made her the envy of all of 
her friends

Joe had to fly out to Atlanta this morning on business 
and would be back home in the late morning tomorrow. 
Diana looked at the clock knowing she had to go online 
in about thirty minutes to talk to Tony.

Tony was a man Diana had became friends with as a pen 
pal a few short months ago. Tony had served nine months 
over in Iraq as a Sargent in the marines and just 
returned home a few days ago.

Diana got involved as a pen pal for lonely soldiers 
with a group she had herd about and they had become 
friends over a period of time. Diana got so comfortable 
talking with Tony that she finally told him about this 
crazy idea her husband Joe had about swinging. 

Diana went on to reveal to Tony that her husband had a 
fetish to watch her make love to another man and that 
he had this fascination to be a cuckold. Diana told 
Tony she didn’t want any part of that kind of lifestyle 
and worried about her husband’s behavior.

Over the coming weeks Tony and Diana discussed 
different idea’s how she might convince her husband to 
reconsider his wild proposal. One night Tony suggested 
to Diana to give in to her husbands desires and go 
along with the idea as if she loved the idea.

Tony mentioned that perhaps if she were to pretend she 
wanted to try swinging and perhaps even meet another 
man that her husband would get cold feet and back out 
on his own.

Diana was a little reluctant at first but thought that 
Joe just might change his mind once he saw that she was 
going to go through with the idea. 

A couple days later Diana told Joe she would give the 
swinging idea a try under her conditions in which he 
would let her find the man. Diana even went to her 
doctor to obtain a prescription of birth control pills 
to help convince Joe she was really going through with 

Joe would be home tomorrow morning and Diana knew one 
of the first things Joe was going to ask, "Honey, have 
you had any luck finding a lover yet?" Tonight she was 
going to ask Tony’s opinion about avoiding that 

Later that night Diana was online chatting with her 
friend Tony and asked that question. Tony said that 
perhaps if she went out shopping and bought a revealing 
dress and model the dress for her husband when he 
arrives home that it might make him jealous. Tony said 
to make sure she told him it was for her first date.

Diana thought Tony’s suggestion might work on her 
husband Joe and she told him she had to sign off and go 
shopping before the stores close. Diana thanked Tony 
for giving her the idea and would leave an email 
tomorrow on how well it turned out.

Diana went shopping that night and found the perfect 
dress and when she got home she slipped into the dress 
with heels and paraded around in front of the mirror 
admiring the item she had bought. The dress was green 
with a low plunging neck line that revealed plenty of 
cleavage and was short enough that when she sat down 
the dress would hike up to her ass.

Diana picked up Joe at the airport the next day and it 
wasn’t an hour after they returned home that Joe asked 
the question Diana knew he would ask. Joe said, "Were 
you able to find a stud to fuck you?" Diana told Joe to 
wait in the family room and she would show him what she 
had bought while he was gone.

Diana came out of the bedroom a few minutes later 
wearing the revealing dress and turned around in front 
of Joe and waited for his opinion. Joe was smiling and 
Diana thought she would ad a few words to try and shock 

"All I have to do is lift this up and my lover can fuck 
me while I’m wearing it." Diana was pulling up the 
dress to reveal that she was not wearing any panties 
under the dress. "I’ll shave my pussy nice and smooth 
for him and maybe spray some perfume down here and 
drive him wild."

Joe got down on his knees and crawled toward me and 
started to kiss my legs down to my ankles. Joe was 
licking around my ankles now as he looked up and said. 
"You look so beautiful in this dress and I can’t wait 
to see you getting fucked by your stud."

Joe kissed his way back up my legs gently placing his 
hands up to hold onto my hips and smelled my pussy 
through the thin material of my dress.

Joe got back up off the floor and told me, "You don’t 
know how much I love you." Joe smiled as he left the 
room leaving me standing in the room wearing this 
revealing dress. I’d have to talk to Tony tonight and 
seek some advice.

That night when Joe was in bed, I got online and told 
Tony all about what had happened today and let him know 
it only seemed to encourage my husband more. After 
several minutes’ Tony made the suggestion that maybe, I 
should find a man that would go along with the idea.

I was stunned by Tony’s remarks and told Tony I 
couldn’t go through with meeting a strange man for sex. 
Tony said that I should find someone that would just 
play along with the idea and not really go through with 
the sex part of it.

Tony said that my husband would surely be jealous once 
he saw me getting fondled by another man. I answered 
Tony back and said I didn’t know anyone that would do 
such a thing.

Tony answered back saying that he knew someone that was 
willing to help me out and I asked him who it was that 
he knew. Tony said he would be glad to help me out and 
to just let him know when I wanted to do it. 

I was sitting there looking at the computer at the 
words that Tony just typed trying to decide what I 
should write him back. I typed back say, "You would be 
willing to help me?" Tony typed his phone number up on 
the screen next and told me to call him.

My hands were shaking as I typed out, "I’ll sign off 
now and give you a call in a few minutes." I copied the 
number down that Tony had wrote and signed off the 
computer. I sat in the chair trying to decide if I 
should call Tony. After talking to this man all of 
these months, I would actually be hearing his voice for 
the first time. 

I knew Tony was stationed about one hundred miles from 
where we lived so maybe he could help me. Once the 
night was over and maybe my husband would put all these 
crazy ideas out of his head than I wouldn’t have to see 
this man ever again.

My hands were trembling as I dialed his number on my 
cell phone and walked toward the kitchen so my husband 
wouldn’t hear me. I listened as the phone rang a second 
ring and a man answered saying, "I knew you would call 
me." His voice was really deep and husky and I said, 
"Hello, this is Diana calling."

Tony responded, "It’s really nice to speak to you after 
all these months and I’m looking forward to meeting you 
and helping you out with your husband."

We talked for over an hour that evening until we 
decided on a place and time to meet. We decided on the 
following weekend at a hotel that was located half way 
between us. I had sent Tony a picture of myself at my 
ten-year high school reunion from last year so he knew 
what I looked like.

I’d never asked Tony what he had looked like until now 
and he replied, "I’m six feet five inches tall and I 
have short curly dark hair and I weigh two hundred and 
seventy-five pounds." He reminded me that he worked out 
every day with weights and it was all muscle. 

I was surprised when Tony told me how huge he was and I 
felt a little afraid to meet him but he reassured me 
that he was considered a gentle giant at the base. We 
ended our conversation after planning the events for 
that evening. We pretty much had planned the whole 
evening and Tony told me not to be afraid that 
everything would go well.

I didn’t get much sleep that night thinking about 
meeting Tony next weekend. The next morning I told Joe 
that I had a date for next weekend. Joe said, "How is 
he and what’s his name?" I told Joe, "He’s a soldier I 
corresponded with while he was in Iraq and his name is 

Joe than asked, "What does this man look like and did 
you tell him about me?" I answered, "Yes Joe, I told 
him all about your desire to watch me make love with 
another man." Than I answered the second part knowing, 
I would have to tell a little fib. "He’s tall and very 
muscular and very handsome and I can’t wait to fuck 

Joe put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me and 
said, "Please darling, don’t forget to take your birth 
control pills." I said, "Don’t worry honey; I didn’t go 
to the doctor to end up getting pregnant."

I hope that Tony had made the right decision about my 
husband backing out at the last minute. What if he gets 
there and expects me to go through with this whole 
thing. I better get sick in a hurry.

Friday cane around pretty fast and Joe looked nervous 
as he watched me putting on my new dress without any 
panty’s or bra. I had shaved my pussy smooth and 
applied perfume around my belly and just a little above 
my pussy mound. I had my nails done the day before 
along with my toe’s and all matched in a bright red.

I dried my hair and applied my makeup while Joe hung 
around the bedroom watching every move I made. I looked 
in the mirror and hoped the neighbors wouldn’t see me 
walk to the car tonight. The dress was tight and I 
could see my nipples through the dress. 

I bent down to grab my heels and looked in the mirror 
while bending down and noticed how much of my titties 
were showing. The dress barely came up above my nipples 
and I thought Tony was really going to get an eye full 
of me tonight.

Joe was going to be disappointed tonight if I have to 
pretend I’m getting sick. Joe was packing his video 
camera and was already dressed and ready.

We got on the expressway and were on our way and I 
could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we got 
closer to our destination. We got off the expressway 
ramp and I could see the hotel straight ahead and my 
legs started to shack.

Joe spotted the hotel but pulled into the parking lot 
next to the office. I glanced around and didn’t see the 
car Tony said he would be driving. Joe said, "I’m going 
into the office and check in." I pulled down the visor 
and checked my makeup, reapplying my lip stick while I 
waited for Joe to return.

Joe came back and said, "The room number is 108 and 
it’s the first one across the parking lot."

Joe moved the car around and started to back in the 
parking space when I saw Tony’s car pull up and along 
the side of our car and park in the next space.

My heart was beating fast as I tried to look over in 
his car and get a look at the man I had been chatting 
with online all these months. It was already dark and 
all I could make out was a dark figure in the driver’s 
seat. Joe opened his window and motioned for Tony to 
roll his window down.

Tony’s window rolled down as my husband introduced 
himself and Tony answered him back in that deep husky 
voice I herd on the phone last week. Joe said, "I 
already checked in and the room is right here."

I was shacking and my heart was racing as my husband 
opened the door and walked around to open mine. I got 
out of the car as my husband took my hand and we walked 
around to meet Tony.
Tony was just getting out of his car and looked tall as 
he started to walk toward us.

I was holding onto my husband’s hand as tight as I 
could as we walked toward Tony and he started to come 
into view. My heart almost stopped as I looked up at 
this huge black man standing less than five feet in 
front of me.

Tony reached his hand out to shack my husbands first as 
they introduced each another and Joe turned to me and 
said to Tony, "This is my beautiful wife Diana." Tony 
reached for my hand and said, "I’m very pleased to meet 

Tony was looking at me straight in the eye’s and I 
could see him glance down toward my tits than down 
toward my legs and said in his deep voice, "Look very 
beautiful tonight Diana."

We all walked toward the room and once inside my 
husband said he wanted to bring his things inside and 
walked back out leaving me with Tony. There were a 
small table and chairs and Tony and I sat down across 
from each other as my husband walked back into the room 
carrying his camera case and wine. 

My husband put everything where he wanted it and poured 
all of us a drink. Tony was the first to speak saying, 
"You’re much more beautiful than I would have ever 

My husband started a conversation with Tony and they 
started talking about the war and Tony told him every 
place he had been. I sat and listened to them because I 
was too nervous to speak and crossed my legs.

I noticed that Tony was looking at my legs now because 
the dress was hiked up so far part of my ass was now 
showing. Tony was a handsome man and had a nice smile 
besides having a sexy voice. As Tony and my husband got 
acquainted, Tony would glance toward me and give me a 
smile every so often.

Joe kept pouring more wine into my glass as I drank to 
settle my nerves. Tony than told my husband, "You have 
a beautiful wife here; I bet you’re really proud of 
her." Joe answered, "Yes, I’m very proud of my wife and 
how she keeps herself in shape." Joe continued and 
said, "My wife bought this dress she is wearing tonight 
just for you."

Tony leaned over and looked around the table and said, 
"Your wife looks very stunning in that dress and I love 
the heels." I took another drink of my wine as I saw 
Tony looking at my ankles. 

I started to panic as he leaned forward lifting himself 
off his seat and grabbing my leg at the ankle and 
gently rubbed his finger above the strap on the heel 
and said, "I’ve always thought high heels made a 
woman’s legs look very sexy and appealing."

I was relieved when I felt Tony’s hand let go of my 
ankle and sat back down in his chair. Tony said he had 
brought another bottle of wine out in his car and 
walked out to retrieve it. There was a love seat next 
to me and thought it might be more comfortable and 
moved and sat down while my husband went to the 

Tony walked back in and put the bottle of wine on the 
table and said he had it chilling in a cooler and 
opened it and poured another glass and handed it to me. 
Tony than poured a glass for himself and walked toward 
the love seat and sat down next to me starring at my 

Tony leaned over toward me and whispered, "I know 
you’re nervous, just relax and let me handle everything 
when your husband comes back out." I was feeling the 
effects of the wine as I looked over at Tony and told 
him, "I’ll be fine, I was very nervous when we first 
got here but I’m feeling better now." 

Tony was sitting just inches away from me as he 
answered, "You’ll be just fine tonight Diana, we’ll 
give your husband a little show here in a few minutes."

Although the wine was making me feel more relaxed, Tony 
scared me the way he said we would put on a show for my 
husband. Joe stepped out of the bathroom and starred at 
us as he walked back to his chair and sat down.

Tony was the first to speak, "Diana and I thought we 
would get a little better acquainted here." Tony moved 
his had around my shoulder and gently gave my arm a 
squeeze as he smiled over at Joe.

Joe was looking as if he were waiting for Tony’s next 
move as Tony looked my way and said, "You picked out a 
lovely scent to wear this evening." I could feel his 
hand starting to stroke my bare arm as he slightly 
tilted his head over to smell my perfume.

Tony looked over at my husband and said, "Joe, have you 
ever seen a black man fuck a white woman before?" Joe 
just starred at Tony for a few seconds before giving 
him an answer and said, "I’ve only seen a couple adult 
videos but never seen it in person."

Tony was laughing and said, "Its going to be a real 
treat for you tonight." Tony leaned over and placed his 
wine glass on the table and took mine and placed it 
along the side his glass and sat back and pulled me 
close to his body.

Tony looked back at Joe and said, "You better get your 
camera setup if you want to catch all the action here 
tonight." Joe got up and took his camera out of the 
case and started to place it on the tripod. I was 
getting more scared as Tony held me close to him.

Tony asked Joe, "Would you mind if I gave your wife a 
kiss." Joe answered, "I don’t mind, go ahead and kiss 
her." Tony looked over at me and moved his head toward 
mine and placed his lips on mine. He felt warm as he 
gently parted my lips and I could feel his tongue 
pushing forward trying to enter my mouth.

I parted my lips a little and he pushed more of his 
tongue inside my mouth as it touched the tip of my 
tongue. I could feel Tony’s hand on my leg now as he 
slowly began to stroke my thigh as we kissed. Tony 
pulled his tongue back and whispered, "Give me your 
tongue." He than started to kiss me again as I slowly 
pushed my tongue out and he sucked it into his mouth.

Tony’s hand moved from my leg and under the hem of my 
dress and was now feeling around toward my pussy. For 
some reason my legs gently parted for Tony as he felt 
his way up and to my pussy mound and he moaned into my 
mouth as his fingers felt the soft skin around my 
shaven pussy.

Tony broke the kiss and whispered, "I love a shaved 
white pussy." Tony continued to kiss me as I felt his 
fingers gently trying to part my pussy open. Finally 
Tony’s finger had found its target and he gently 
started to insert it inside me and rubbed my clitoris. 
My pussy was getting wet by this time but Tony withdrew 
his finger and pulled his hand out from under my dress.

I didn’t feel as afraid as I was but wondered to myself 
how far Tony was going to take this little show for my 
husband. Tony looked over at Joe and said, "Your wife 
has a nice tight little pussy here and she’s getting 
wet thinking about having my black cock inside her."

Tony’s words caught me by surprise but I knew he was 
trying to shock my husband into changing his mind. So 
far I haven’t seen any changes in the way my husband 
was reacting to Tony’s advances on me.

Tony’s hand moved up and cupped my tits through my thin 
dress and started to move his hand from one to the 
other as he looked over at Joe and said, "You’re a 
special kind of husband to be letting another man take 
your wife and do as he pleases."

Tony looked at me again and said, "You have nice 
titties Diana, I bet you like showing them off to other 
men don’t you?" Tony than moved the thin material of my 
dress away to expose my left breast and moved his hand 
onto my nipple and started to rub his thumb around in 
little circles and said, "Diana’s nipples are getting 
hard for me Joe."

Tony bent his head down and placed his lips directly 
over the nipple and started to nibble and circle his 
tongue around. I was scared but aroused at the same 
time as Tony worked his tongue around my breast.

I couldn’t help getting aroused as Tony gently started 
to lick and kiss his way up to my neck and under my 
chin until his lips were on mine again and his tongue 
back inside my mouth. I slowly sucked on his tongue as 
he slowly worked his hand around pulling the straps of 
my dress down over my shoulders.

Now both of my tits were exposed to Tony’s view as he 
continued to kiss me while moving his hands up to 
massage my tits, squeezing them in his big hands. I 
placed my hand over his hand on my tits and gave it a 
little squeeze. Tony took hold of my hand in his and 
held it as we kissed.

Tony’s hand was large and when he finally broke the 
kiss, he raised my hand and starred down at my hand in 
his and starred at my diamond engagement ring and 
placed his thumb over it and looked over at my husband 
and said, "Are you feeling all right with this Joe, I 
can stop anytime." I waited for Joe to respond and say 
something but he just shook his head in agreement.

Tony than leaned over and whispered and said, "I want 
you to unbutton my shirt and than the pants." My hands 
were trembling now as I started at the top of his shirt 
and worked my way down. Tony’s hands were not still as 
he went back too gently rubbing my boobs causing much 
stimulation keeping my nipples very erect.

I managed to get the last button as Tony tiled away 
from the love seat and pulled off his shirt. His 
shoulders were broad and his arms were massively huge 
from lifting weights. Tony flexed his arm and told me 
to grab a hold and feel it. I placed both of my hands 
around his arm and his muscles felt so big.

Tony stood up in front of me and waited for me to 
unbuckle his pants. I reached out and grabbed the belt 
and got it undone and worked on the snap and zipper and 
Tony’s pants feel to the floor.

Tony stood in front of me with just a red pair of 
boxers on with a bulge as his cock tried to point 
straight out from under the red material. Tony took my 
hands in his and lifted me up and pulled me next to him 
as he placed his hands on my back. Tony was so much 
taller than me and my boobs pressed into his stomach as 
he held me tight.

I had planned all along to feel sick if things started 
to get out of hand but I was so afraid of Tony’s size 
as he held me tight against his body I just couldn’t 
find the words.

Tony looked down at me and lowered his head to kiss me 
again. He was being very gentle and when we broke the 
kiss and looked into my eye’s and asked, "Are you all 
right with this?" I don’t know what came over me but 
instead of saying I wasn’t feeling well, I answered 
Tony back with a simple, "Yes."

My full attention was on Tony now as he held me in his 
arms and told me to pull his shorts down. I had no idea 
what my husband was doing at this point as I grabbed a 
hold of Tony’s boxers and slid them down his legs. I 
had to kneel down and pull them all the way because his 
kegs were so muscular and as I started to get up, 
Tony’s cock was sticking straight out at my face as I 
stood up.

Tony stepped out of his shoes as I stood there starring 
at his cock which had to be as thick as my wrist. Tony 
took hold of my left hand and gently placed it around 
his cock. I couldn’t even get my small fingers 
completely around it. 

I slowly worked my hand around as much of it as I could 
as Tony reached around me to cup my ass in his big 
hands. Tony’s cock had a huge head and had to be at 
least eight inches in length. Tony kissed me again as I 
kept a hold of his cock and felt his tongue entering my 
mouth again. 

Tony broke the kiss and told me to raise my arms above 
my head as he grabbed the bottom hem of my dress and 
lifted it up over my head. My arms were trembling now 
as Tony slipped my dress off and through it down on the 
chair. I stood naked in front of this large man as he 
slipped his hands around my waist and said, "I want you 
to leave the heels on and lay on the bed."

I walked around and sat on the bed and noticed my 
husband looking through the camera lens with the look 
of anticipation on his face. The bed was king size with 
tree pillows so I got up and laid in the middle and 
waited to see what Tony was going to do next.

Tony got on the bed next to me and leaned over and 
gently started to kiss my boobs which gave me goose 
bumps as I felt his lips touch my skin. Tony was 
nibbling on my tits now gently biting around my nipples 
as he moved one of his hands down and spread my legs 

Tony kissed his way down over my belly and placed his 
tongue in my navel giving me chills. Tony had licked 
his way to my pussy mound while moving his body around 
to a better angle to lick it. Tony worked his tongue 
along the sides of my pussy and touching my leg with 
his tongue making me shiver.

I spread my legs more as Tony lay at the foot of the 
bed now kissing my thighs and leaving trails of saliva 
as he moved his tongue over my body. I lay wondering 
how far Tony was going to take all this as I felt him 
moving closer to my pussy.

Tony was slowly licking my pussy mound as he reached up 
and squeezed my boobs. His hot tongue felt good as I 
arched my hips up off the bed giving Tony better access 
to my pussy.

Tony was licking around my pussy but kept away from 
actually putting his mouth near the opening. I couldn’t 
help but wonder if Tony was holding back waiting for my 
husband to tell him to stop or was he just teasing me. 
I got my answer within seconds as Tony inserted his 
tongue into the slit gently nibbling and pulling on my 

Tony was working his tongue in perfect motions along my 
labia causing my pussy to get wet. He kept this up 
while I started to rotate my hips enjoying the touch of 
his tongue. I jumped when Tony touched my clitoris with 
his tongue. He was very skilled as he flickered it 
gently moving in little circular motions with just 
enough pressure that made me squirm even more.

I lifted my legs back giving Tony better access with 
his tongue holding them up with my hands on the back of 
my thighs.

Tony let up for a second, just enough to look up at me 
and said, "Do you want me to stop?"
Tony’s question should have been a slam dunk answer but 
I was so aroused at this point I just wanted to enjoy 
his tongue. After all it didn’t have to go any further 
than oral sex so I answered Tony by saying, "Keep going 
I love your tongue."

I held my legs apart as Tony put more pressure on all 
the right areas with his tongue. I started to move my 
hips up to try and bring as much of his tongue inside 
me as I could. Tony finally put his hands on my legs 
holding them up while I reached down and put my hands 
in his hair.

Tony kept up the gentle licking until my body started 
to quiver and I knew I was about to cum. Tony was an 
expert as he put just enough pressure on my clitoris to 
give me the right stimulation until I finally knew I 
was there. 

I let out a scream as I hit my peak, "Oh yes Tony, I’m 
going to cum. Keep licking me, oh yes, oh yes ah yes!" 
My orgasm lasted a few seconds but felt so good as my 
whole body relaxed. Tony was now kissing my inner 
thighs while his hands rested on my belly.

Tony lifted himself up and crawled up along the side of 
me and put his arm around my head and the other hand 
now stroked my pussy mound. He looked over at me and 
said, "I can make you feel a whole lot better if you 
want to go further." Looking down toward Tony’s cock I 
could see he was as hard as a rock.

I looked out of the corner of my eye and could see my 
husband playing with his video camera. I slowly reached 
down and put my fingers on Tony’s cock and started to 
rub the head with my thumb. I than started to move my 
hand along its length feeling the thick veins along the 
shaft and trying to take in its thickness.

I tried to image what it would feel like having this 
mans large cock inside me. I was so use to Joe at six 
inches and only about half this thickness. I wondered 
if it might hurt or maybe cause me damage but I’ve only 
seen a gentle side of Tony tonight and knew if would be 

I continued to move my hand very slowly on Tony’s cock 
than suddenly got the urge to set up and suck on this 
huge cock I had in my hand. Tony was on his back now as 
I sat up still stroking his cock. I hesitated for a few 
seconds and lowered my head down to his shaft and 
kissed the head.

I opened my mouth and licked the head in little circles 
before bent further down and took the head in my mouth. 
I ran my tongue across the head wanting to return the 
pleasure that Tony had given me. I was afraid to look 
over at my husband as I started to lick the shaft 
around the side and giving it soft kisses before 
returning back to the head and taking it into my mouth.

I worked on Tony’s cock for several minutes until I 
climbed down between his legs where I could lick and 
tease his testicles. I gently took each one into my 
mouth and sucked as Tony moaned with pleasure.

I moved from his testicles to the shaft giving much 
attention to both as I tilted my head up to see the 
expression on Tony’s face. Tony reached for my hand and 
held it as I continued to suck and lick him. Tony’s 
testicles were huge and every time I would touch them 
with my tongue, Tony’s body would jump from the 
sensitivity in that area.

I laid my head on Tony’s leg and tilted his cock enough 
to be able to take him in my mouth. Tony placed his 
hand on my head and started to stroke my hair as I 
sucked on him. I was aware of my husband moving around 
the room but couldn’t see where Joe was at.

I felt my leg being lifted up and apart and the sudden 
warmth of my husband's warm breath on my pussy as his 
tongue parted my labia and started to lick me. I still 
had my head resting on Tony’s leg and one hand on his 
testicles and reached back and placed my hand on my 
husband’s head and pulled him tight against me.

I tried to image how my husband felt right now, he was 
experiencing the ultimate fantasy in his mind of giving 
me, his wife to another man. This other man that gave 
me so much pleasure a few minutes ago and now I was 
returning that pleasure to him. Now, in another way I 
was sharing pleasure with my husband.

I was now on the verge of deciding if I should give 
myself completely to another man. I know I would be 
fulfilling my husband’s fantasy and giving pleasure and 
satisfaction to both men. Tony was being a complete 
gentleman allowing me to make my own choices. This was 
going to be my decision now as I lay between these two 
men, one I loved and knowing the other could give me 
sexual pleasure.

Joe licked my pussy getting me highly stimulated until 
I felt him stop and the next thing I felt was a gentle 
kiss on my arm than another on my breast and finally on 
my cheek. I could feel Joe’s hand as he rubbed my ass 
as he whispered into my ear, "You look beautiful 
tonight and I love you." I turned my head away from 
Tony’s cock and reached out and took his head in my 
hand and pulled him close and kissed him.

I had let go of my husband and gave Tony’s cock one 
more kiss and started to get up off the bed to ask my 
husband if he had seen enough and noticed him disappear 
into the bathroom and shut the door.

Next thing I felt was Tony reaching around my waist to 
rest on my belly while he kissed the back of my neck 
sending chills down my spine as I stood next to bed 
with Tony. One of Tony’s big hands slipped down over my 
pussy mound as he continued to kiss his way around my 

Tony whispered into my ear, "Why not lay down on the 
bed and we’ll wait until your husband gets out of the 
bathroom." Tony took me by the hand and held me as I 
climbed on the bed and laid down while Tony seated 
himself down toward the end of the bed facing me. Tony 
leaned over and started to kiss my feet, working his 
way up my leg until he was right up next to my pussy 

Tony leaned over until his lips were gently kissing my 
pussy and massaging my belly with one of his hands. I 
could feel him shifting around on the bed until he had 
spread my legs so he could lean down and kiss my boobs. 
Tony gently sucked my titties into his mouth while 
inserting a finger into my wet pussy.

Tony was slowly moving his finger around gently 
touching my clitoris while kissing his way up from my 
tits, than my neck and was now pecking around my lips 
until his lips meet mine and we were locked in a 
passionate kiss.

I sucked on Tony’s tongue as it entered my mouth; I was 
so aroused with his finger in my pussy that I arched my 
legs up placing my feet on the back of his legs. I felt 
one of Tony’s hands reach around and lift my leg off 
his as I thought maybe the heels I was still wearing 
maybe hurting his leg.

Tony continued to kiss me as I felt him lean toward one 
side still holding my leg up when I felt his finger at 
the entrance of my pussy again. Tony was kissing me 
with much intensity now as I felt him push at least two 
fingers in my soaked pussy. I was stroking his big arm 
with my hand as his fingers seemed to be spreading my 
labia apart. 

Tony was sucking my tongue into his mouth as I felt 
what I thought was his thumb at the entrance of my 
pussy slowly moving along the slit. I felt a slight 
pressure and I knew it wasn’t his thumb poised at the 
entrance, it was Tony’s cock.

I could still hear the blower in the bathroom where my 
husband had gone as Tony gave a little shove and I 
winced as the head of his cock entered my pussy. Tony 
broke the kiss long enough to say, "Lift your legs up a 
little higher for me." I felt his weight shift giving 
me plenty of room to move and without any thought moved 
my legs up higher to give him more access to my pussy. 
Tony continued to kiss me as I felt him push forward 
lodging the head of his cock another inch inside me.

Tony was sucking my tongue as I wrapped my legs resting 
my heels on his ass as he pushed himself inside me even 
more. Tony broke the kiss and said, "Your pussy is so 
wet and tight." I felt him back out and than he pushed 
himself forward driving himself further inside me. 

I moaned as I felt him push into me and whispered, "Oh, 
it feels so big inside me." Tony responded, "You’re 
such a beautiful woman, it feels so good being inside 
you." I looked at the passion in Tony’s eyes as he 
continued pushing himself deeper inside me. 

I whispered again, "I shouldn’t be doing this without 
my husband here." Tony continued to kiss me 
passionately as he whispered, "Relax, your husband 
wanted you to do this and now I’m here for you."

My pussy felt stretched as Tony began to slowly fuck me 
as we continued our kiss. I was stroking the back of 
his head with one hand and squeezed his arm with my 
other hand feeling his cock sliding inside me. I moaned 
with pleasure, "Fuck me Tony, fuck my pussy." 

Tony probed his tongue back into my mouth with great 
passion as he lifted himself up enabling to push inside 
me deeper. My body was trembling as I felt Tony’s large 
cock fucking my pussy. The sensation going through my 
body as I glanced down between my boobs and saw this 
thick cock disappearing inside me. 

I could see Tony’s cock each time he thrust himself 
inside me making my body shack as his body touched 
mine. Tony’s cock was glistening now from my pussy. 
Tony’s cock felt so good inside of me as I said, "I 
love your cock Tony, keep fucking me harder."

The contrast of his massive black body above my white 
little body drove me insane with desire I can’t explain 
as I bucked my hips up to meet Tony’s downward thrusts 
into me. Tony bent down and kissed me again and said, 
"I can feel your little white pussy grabbing my cock 
baby." Tony spoke again, "You like my black cock inside 
your white pussy don’t you?" I looked up into his eyes 
and said, "Yes Tony, I love your black cock fucking my 
pussy." I moaned as he began to fuck me faster as I 
said, "Oh yes Tony, fuck me harder. Give it to me 

I could feel my body start to shack even more and I 
knew I was about to have an orgasm and than it hit me 
as I said, "Oh yes I’m going to cum, give me all your 
cock, oh yes, ah yes give it to me." My legs shot 
straight out as I arched my back up off the mattress 
and had an orgasm like any before.

Tony had slowed down waiting for me to calm back down 
before he again started to fuck me with faster rhythm. 
My legs were being held out high by Tony’s large arms 
as he continued to pound his thick cock deep inside me.

I placed my hands down onto my buttocks and slid my 
fingers along until I could feel Tony’s thick cock as 
it continued to slice its way in and out of my pussy. I 
had never done this before and the sensation was 

I could now see my husband standing at the corner of 
the bed with his camera now and he looked like he had 
pointed the camera at Tony’s cock as it disappeared 
inside me.

Tony was driving himself into me with a faster pace and 
looked down at me and said, "I’m going to shoot my 
black seed deep inside your belly." Tony’s words 
excited me and seemed so taboo but I think he was 
saying those things for the benefit of my husband.

Tony kept fucking me hard as he said, "Open your mouth 
wide for me and close your eyes." I did as Tony asked 
and could sense his head lowering toward my face as he 
said, "keep it wide open for me." I than felt a large 
amount of Tony’s spit fall into my mouth as he said, 
"Swallow it." I swallowed his spit as he started to 
fuck me intensely. My whole body shook as he banged 
into my buttocks each time he thrust inside me.

Tony let out a loud groan, "Oh shit, here comes my 
seed." Tony locked his hips forward as I felt the first 
spurt of his cum hit inside me. It felt so hot as the 
second spurt hit inside me. Tony said, "Oh yeah, do you 
feel it inside your belly?" I answered, "It feels so 
hot shooting in me."

Tony added making sure my husband would hear, "Gonna 
put a little black baby inside your belly tonight." I 
was caught up in the moment and said, "Oh yes Tony, 
give me your baby, your black baby."

I could barely see my husband but noticed he was 
playing with his cock through his pants now. The words 
we had just said about a black baby excited him beyond 
belief. I guess his words exciting me too but I was 
thankful I had got the prescription of birth control 

Tony kept my legs up and had to admit how erotic it 
must have been seeing this large black man above me who 
had just pumped my belly full of sperm with my high 
heels pointing straight up in the air.

Tony finally backed his cock out of me and there was a 
loud plop as the head came out of my pussy. I could 
feel his cum dripping down the crack of my ass as Tony 
said to my husband, "Are you getting a closeup of my 
seed in your wife’s white pussy?" My husband answered, 
"I’m getting everything on video."

Tony lifted himself around letting my leg’s drop and 
said, "Here, make sure you get a shot of the black cock 
that just impregnated your wife." Tony reached over and 
patted my belly and said, "This little white belly here 
is going to stretch once my baby starts growing 
inside." Tony bent forward and kissed my lips making 
sure my husband could see his tongue enter my mouth.

Tony looked back at my husband saying, "Your wife isn’t 
going to be satisfied any longer with just any cock 
inside her. After tonight she’s only gonna want this 
inside her from now on." Tony held his cock so my 
husband could see and say, "I hope this is what you 
wanted cause Diana’s pussy is gonna be stretched out to 
accommodate this after tonight."

I knew the things Tony said to my husband were meant to 
enhance my husband’s fantasy but I think Tony was 
getting into humiliating my husband now. Tony looked 
back toward my husband again as he spread my legs and 
said, "Do you want to lick this cum out of your wife’s 
pussy?" I looked at my husband as he sat his camera 
back down on the tripod and said, "I’d love to eat 
Diana’s pussy clean."

Before I had a chance to object, my husband was laying 
on the bed between my legs as I felt his mouth touch my 
pussy. I could feel his tongue into my slit and could 
hear the sounds he was making as he sucked out Tony’s 

Tony walked around the bed and bent over and kissed me 
making sure he made loud slurping sounds that my 
husband could hear as he kissed me. Tony looked down at 
my husband and said, "Make sure you get all that black 
baby seed out of your wife tonight."

My husband continued to lick my pussy until he was sure 
he had cleaned the seed from inside me. By this time, 
Tony had got dressed and was writing a note. Tony gave 
my husband the little paper and said, "This is my phone 
number, call me when your wife needs some real cock."

Tony bent over the bed again and kissed me and said, 
"I’ll see you soon." He walked out the hotel room 
leaving my husband wiping his face.


Dekat dua minggu, aku diam apabila bersama dengannya. Aku sugul. Bukan aku sengaja tetapi aku tidak mampu membohongi hatiku sendiri. Tugasku sebagai seorang isteri aku laksanakan sebaik mungkin, tapi aku merasakan semuanya tawar. Aku melaksanakannya tidak sepenuh hati. Aku sayang dan kasih kepada suamiku, tapi aku luka dan siksa dengan permintaannya itu.

Hatiku parah. Aku cuba menjalankan kerja-kerjaku di pejabat sebaik mungkin sambil menebat hati kecilku. Aku benar-benar dituba dengan kebosanan dengan masalah yang kudepani.

Di pejabatku.. Dan aku menegur nick Buahatikuis3Org.. Di chenel veteran.. Break record. Sebab enam tahun aku tak chat, kini aku memulakan chatting semula. Dan aku menegur nick itu.. Lalu kami chat.. Aku mahu meredakan masalah hatiku yang memberatkan pundak marahku.

Chatting aku dengan Abang N selesai sebab aku ada meeting petang itu. Aku mengeluh sambil membaca jawapan Abang N. Kemudian menutup komputer dan mengambil fail serta dairy lalu keluar dari bilikku menuju ke bilik mesyuarat.

Aku rindukan suasana yang dulu. Riang bergurau senda dengan suamiku. Kini, aku hanya terhibur dengan keletah anak-anak. Senyumku untuk Abang Shafie telah tawar dan tidak berperisa. Yang nyata, aku tidak mampu bertentang mata dengannya lagi. Aku benar-benar terluka. Tercuka.

Namun, Abang Shafie masih seperti dulu. Tidak jemu dia memelukku setelah pulang dari kerja walaupun sambutanku hambar. Tidak jemu dia mencuri pandang merenung wajahku walaupun aku selalu melarikan pandangan dari anak matanya.

Tidak jemu ucapan kasihnya untukku. Aku keliru. Benar-benar keliru. Adakah Abang Shafie benar-benar tidak berubah sayangnya padaku atau dia hanya sekadar ingin mengambil hatiku untuk membolehkan dia berkahwin lagi?

Dengan hati yang calar berguris luka, aku mengizinkan Abang Shafie bernikah lagi. Dan, demi untuk mendidik hati ini, aku sendiri yang menyampaikan hasrat Abang Shafie itu kepada Izah. Suamiku pada mulanya agak terkejut apabila aku menawarkan diri untuk merisik Izah buat dirinya.

"Aini? Aini serius?"
"Ya Abang. Aini sendiri akan cakap pada Izah. Aini lakukan ini semua atas kerelaan hati Aini sendiri. Abang jangan risau. Aini jujur terhadap Abang. Aini mahu lihat Abang bahagia," ujarku senyum tawar.

Aku masih perlu masa untuk mengubat luka ini. Dan inilah satu caranya. Ibarat menyapu ubat luka. Pedih, tetapi cepat sembuh-nya. Namun jelas dan berkarat parutnya.

"Abang rasa serba salah. Abang tahu Abang telah lukakan hati Aini. Tapi.. Aini sedikit pun tidak marahkan Abang. Aini terima segalanya demi untuk Abang. Abang terharu. Abang.. Malu dengan Aini."
"Tapi.. Abang kena ingat. Tanggungjawab Abang jadi semakin berat. Abang ada dua amanah yang perlu dijaga. Aini harap Abang dapat laksanakan tanggungjawab Abang sebaik-baik mungkin."

Aku bermadu. Suamiku nikah lagi dengan izinku.. Aku yang menurunkan tandatangan untuk suamiku berpoligami..

Pada hari pertama pernikahan mereka, aku menjadi lemah. Tidak bermaya. Aku tiada daya untuk bergembira. Hari itu sememangnya amat perit bagiku walau aku telah bersedia untuk menghadapinya. Malam pertama mereka disahkan sebagai suami isteri adalah malam pertama aku ditinggalkan sendirian menganyam sepi. Aku sungguh sedih. Maha hebat gelora perasaan yang ku alami. Aku tidak mampu lena walau sepicing pun.

Fikiranku melayang terkenangkan Abang Shafie dan Izah. Pasti mereka berdua bahagia menjadi pengantin baru. Bahagia melayari kehidupan bersama, sedangkan aku? Berendam air mata mengubat rasa kesepian ini. Seronok Abang Shafie dapat lubang cipap baru. Dapat menyetubuhi Izah yang muda dalam usia 26tahun. Seronoklah dia merendamkan kotenya seperti dia merendamnya ke dalam cipapku dulu.

Aku benar-benar lemas. Hidup kena teruskan juga. Aku kini bermadu dan berkongsi lelaki. Terasa aku bodoh. Lelaki bernama suami hanya hendak mengena dan mengongkek sahaja. Petang di sebatang jalan sunyi diatas bukit menghadap ke sebuah ampangan dalam sebuah kereta dengan hawa dingin dan enjin dipasang dan dihidupkan..

"Apa rasa Aini suami dah nikah secara rasmi minggu ni?"
"Soalan cepumas dan soalan sensitif Abang N. BAdd and sickening.."

Aku menahan sebak. Aku menahan airmata. Tidak tertebat dan merembas juga lalu Abang N mengesat airmataku dengan tisu.

"Menangislah it is good for you." Seru Abang N lagi.

Aku merenung dalam kelabu mataku ke wajah bersih Abang N. Dia tersenyum. Dia tahu aku mengigit jadam pahit yang memalit deria rasaku yang tercuka namun dia cuba juga menceriakan aku.

"Kalau boleh I tak mahu menanggis."
"Than don't. Laugh and shout aloud now. Buat apa ditangisi perkara yang telah you setujui. At least you know you have to share your husband."

Aku tunduk dan hatiku sakit. Aku mengangkat mukaku semula dan menjerit sekuat hatiku. Abang N mengikut aku dan kami sama-sama menjerit.

"Jom keluar kereta.. Kita menjerit kat luar halakan ke ampangan."Ajak Abang N dan mematikan enjin keretanya lalu keluar.

Aku mengesat mataku, membetulkan cermin mataku dan keluar dari kereta. Abang Nmendepangkan tangannya dan aku masuk dalam pelukannya. Kami menghadap ke ampangan. Kami menjerit sekuat-kuat hati kami.

"You feel good dear? "Tanya Abang N memegang tanganku dan meramas-ramas dengan jari jemarinya.
"Yess.. Perkara sudah berlaku. Buat apa diratapi. I sendiri yang memberikan hukuman ke atas diri I."

Angin bukit dan bau hutan menyucuk hidung dan menyegarkan. Aku memegang tangan Abang N dan berada dalam pelukannya. Jantungku berdebar dan aku tidak penah dipeluk lelaki lain selain Abang Shafie, suamiku. Namun aku berasa segar dan bahagia bagaikan seekor anak kucing dikapuk tuannya.

Ini kali keempat aku date dengan Abang N dan kami datang ke bukit ini. Dan dengan Abang N aku berkongsi masalahku. Dia seorang pendengar yang baik. Dia menguatkan semangatku untuk menghadapi kenyataan itu. Date yang lalu tidak pernah aku berada dalam pelukannya. Aku juga pelik kerana sikapku berubah dan aku berani datang dengan lelaki asing bukan suamiku.

Sebenarnya aku frust. Sebenarnya aku rindukan suamiku namun pembahgian masa untukku sudah berubah. Aku hanya memiliki suamiku selama seminggu dalam sebulan. Yang lain Abang Shafie menghabiskan masanya dengan isteri mudanya, Izah.

"Cakap tak serupa bikin kan Bang? Kesian anak-anak I tercari-cari bapa mereka dan I have to tell them that bapa mereka ada dua rumah dan mereka ada mak muda. Eii, sakitnya hati.." kataku melepaskan dan menghamburkan kata-kata semampunya.
"Apa rasa you bila you kena share kote suami you sayang? Deep inside your heart. Be fair to yourself." Tanya Abang N.

Soalan itu bagaikan gerudi merobek jiwaragaku.

"Sickening. Tot he is mine.. Now no more. That cock is not worthy to fight for. But thats the cock that gave me our beloved children. I don't enjoy it anymore. Lebih-lebih lagi with him. Hanya melepas danb melaksanakan tanggung husband was never good in bed either." Jawabku terus terang kepada Abang N.
"What do you mean Aini?"
"Until this date-yes dia fuck saya Bang. Tapi klimaks dan kepuasan tiada. He is a quicky.." Jawabku lagi membuka pekung didada dan meludah ke langit kena semula ke muka sendiri.

Aku merenung anak mata Abang N dalam kekaburan mataku. Mataku kuyu bila Abang N mengusap dan menjalari lenganku dengan jari jemarinya. Nafasku kasar.

Perlahan-lahan Abang N memegang wajahku lembut dengan kedua belah tangannya lalu menampal bibirku dengan bibirnya. Pantas menjulurkan lidahnya dan bermain dengan lidahku.


Hujan petang itu turun mencurah-curah. Angin juga bertiup kuat. Kilat memancar guruh berdentum. Kami beredar dari perbukitan dan Abang N memacu keretanya dalam hujan yang tetiba turun dengan lebatnya..

Di situ, di dalam master bedroomnya, dalam sebuah bangalo, di sebuah kawasan elite.. Aku berlabuh di bangalo Abang N. Aku benar-benar malu dicumbu.. Dirayu.. Diulit.. Diuli.. Belum pernah seusia pernikahanku-sewaktu mahu bersetubuh aku berbogel terus. Never.

Dan bila Abang N membogelkan-aku benar-benar merasa malu yang amat sangat.. Now what happens.. Aku bogel tanpa seurat benangpun depan Abang N, lelaki bukan suamiku.

"Fuyoo tetekmu tegang kencang, puting susumu cokelat senang.., cerah kulitmu mata Abang jalang.." Abang N mengusap pangkal dadaku sambil memuji harta milikku.
"Malu lerr.. Tak biasa camni.." Kataku menepis tangan Abang N yang tangannya mula merayap.
"Jangan malu.. Jangan segan sayang. You should be happy dan bangga you memang lawo dan memiliki tetek yang mengiurkan lelaki," kata Abang N sambil membelek tetekku.

Tetek adalah alat sensitifku dan seluruh kawasan dada boleh merebah dan mencairkan aku sekiranya diulit dan diuli dengan sebaik-baiknya. Bunyi hujan dan guruh kedengaran di sebalik daun tingkap yang ditutup. Bibirku dikucup panas oleh Abang N. Aku membalas dengan meng-hisap lidah Abang N dan mempermain lidahnya dengan lidahku. Kami bertukar air liur lalu menelannya. Abang N bertindak menyedut pula dan kucupan yang lama itu melemaskan walaupun sari listrik merangsang nikmat setiap saraf dan otot ditubuhku.

Hatiku berdebar kencang. Kini Abang N memegang kedua-dua buah tetekku. Tetekku akan keras bila diuli. Putingku mencanak bila dijilat, dihisap dan dinyonyot oleh Abang N. Karan nikmat mencuit saraf resahku.

Aku mula merenggek. Aku mula mengerang kecil. Dan rabaan tangan Abang N ke perutku membuat aku merasa eli geleman dan bulu romaku meremang. Mencanak naik. Lidah Abang N yang nakal menjelajah belakang tubuhku. Aku meraung mengalahkan bunyi guruh.. Tidak pernah aku begini dengan suamiku. Dan bila lidah Abang N menjilat lurah dan liang pukiku yang berair, jeritanku makin kuat dan aku menghinggutkan pukiku ke muka Abang N.

"Abangg.. Oh.. Oh.. Ohh.. Sedapnya. Tak pernah rasa Abang N. Tak pernah rasa jilatan cam ni.." renggekku dan nafasku keras. Tubuhku kejang dan terkinjal-kinjal.

Aku mula merasai kegelian yang mat sangat bila lidah Abang N memainkan clit aku. Kemudian menjilat bibir vagina dan menjolokkan lidah ke dalam lubang pukiku.

"Mak.. O.. Mak.. Sedappnya.. Abang N nice buat lagi.. Tak pernah rasa camnie.. Uu.. Arghh sedapp.. Oh Bang N.. Oh Bang N.. Nak kuar.. Gelii rasa nak kencingg.." Jeritku kuat-kuat dan memutar punggungku dan Lidah Abang N terus bermain di kebun cipapku.
"Oh.. Oh Bang nn.. Sedapp. Arghh" Aku menjerit lagi bila merasakan lubang cipapku disedut dan jus madunya ditelan oleh Abang N.

Abang N meneruskan usaha dan kerjanya untuk merangsang dan menaikkan syahwatku. Yess.. Aku terangsang dan aku lemah bila aku mencapai puncak. Baru aku rasa bagaimana riaksi cipapku. Gelinya, ngilunya kemutannya dan airnya melimpah ketika aku klimaks. Malah aku terkencing tadi hasil jilatan Abang N. Sungguh aku tidak tahan. Barulah aku tahu nikmat dijilat di cipap dan bahagian-bahagian clit dan lubang faraj yang sensasi.

Dan bila Abang N menanggalkan seluarnya, terpacullah rupa kotenya.. Mataku buntang.. Nafasku keras.. Di depanku wajahku batang kote Abang N keras mencanak dan diacahkan ke mulutku.

"Oo makk.. Besar dan panjangnya kote Abang Nn," aku menjerit terkejut lalu memegang dan meramas-ramasnya. Bolehkah aku menerima batang kote Abang N ni dalam lubang ku?

Dan akhirnya aku tetap menjerit-sakit dan pedih dipaku oleh batang kote Abang N ketika mula-mula ditujah masuk ke dalam wanitaku. Nikmatnya sedemikian. Dan akhirnya aku menjerit lagi-merasa sedap dan mendapati lubangku padat dengan menelan seluruh batang dan kepala kote Abang N yang mengembang, batang yang lebar, besar dan panjang yang menujah g spot dalam gua pukiku.

Pantas aku mengemut dan dinding pukiku mengigit batang zakar Abang N. Aku melawan pompaan keluar masuk kote Abang N dalam lubang pukiku. Aku menjerit, aku meraung, aku menangis, aku merenggek dan aku memegang kuat belakang Abang N yang menghunjam dan membenamkan batang kotenya ke dalam lubang cipapku..

"Abang nn.. Besttnyaa.. Sedappnyaa.. Padat dan sendat rasa Aini.. Abang nn.. Nak kuarr.." Aku menjerit-jerit menahan palaman kote Abang N dalam wanitaku.
"Yess.. Urghh.. Sayangku Aini.. Abang juga.." Jerit Abang n sambil mengucup bibirku. Meramas tetekku. Menjilat dan menynyot puting susuku.

Aku benar-benar lemass dan fana.. Aku menjerit lagi bila aku sampai ke puncak. Tubuhku kegelian dan bergelinjangan. Aku meramas dan memegang kuat cadar katil. Gigiku dikertap. Punggungku mengikut asakan kuat keluar masuk kote Abang N. Wajah ku mengerut dan kini aku dapat merasakan kehangatan tembakan air mani Abang N dalam farajku.

Lalu Abang N mengeluarkan zakarnya, memegang dan melepaskan pancutan maninya ke mukaku, hangat dan panas bila air mani itu menjejeh turun.


"Fuhh.. Nikamt Abang Nn. Inikah yang dikatakan a good solid fuck?" Tanyaku kepada Abang N.
"Aini rasa camne. Ada beda?" Tanya Abang n sambil mengusap cipapku dan memeluk tubuhku. Dia melepaskan beberapa kucupan hangat di seluruh tubuhku.

Aku benar-benar fana.

"Banyak Bang. Jilat yang Abang N buat tu pertamakali dilakukan kepada Aini. Tak sangka I leh kuar multiple times. Lemah dan lembik badan saya Bang. Kote Abang mak oii besar, lebar dan panjang.. Sakit dan pedih Bang puki Aini.. Bu I love it,"

Abang N mencubit hidungku. Mengucup dan mencium seluruh mukaku.

"Tq Aini for giving me the chance to fuck you well." Kata Abang N sambil memelukku erat dalam keadaan berbogel.
"Tq Bang for teaching me a good fuck. Giving me a well deserved Fuck. Nanti kita fuck lagi Bang ya Bang.." Kataku sambil memegang kote Abang N yang terkulai.

Aku tidak akan melupakan persetubuhan dengan Abang N ini. Yes, dengan Abang N aku merasa puas yang sebenarnya dalam menikmati senggama.

Aku bukan isteri yang baik. Aku curang. Salahkah aku menikmati keseronokan persetubuhan dengan lelaki lain? Sedangkan suamiku boleh berbuat demikian dengan aturan duniawi. Aku rela curang dan Abang N membuka mata deria rasaku tentang nikmat sex. Peraturan dan hukum tetap salah. Aku akur namun hatiku amat kangen disetubuhi Abang N selalu.