Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hi, my name is Marsha, and I have a great, true story, 
about how I discovered that size does make a 

This story starts when I was just 15 years old and a 
sophomore in high school. I was hanging out with some 
girlfriends at a little fast food place when a car full 
of guys pulled in. One of my friends knew the driver, a 
very good looking guy named Jon. The other guys were 
his friends, one was his brother, Jerry.

As we talked, I felt very comfortable with the driver. 
One of my girlfriends had a crush on him, so I was 
trying not to interfere.

We all decided to go cruising. I sat between Jon and 
Jerry in the front, which wasn't very comfortable, 
because Jon's white Mustang had bucket seats, but it 
was O.K.

Jerry kept "touching" me, and it scared me a little. He 
tried to kiss me, once, but I pushed him away.  Jon 
told his brother to leave me alone and squeezed my 
hand. I really liked that.

I found out that Jon was home on leave from the Army 
that weekend, and before he went back, we spent a lot 
of time parking. As we were parked and he was "feeling 
me up." He put my hand on his hard cock (it must have 
been about 7-8" long, and it felt great. I stroked it 
for him. I loved doing it.  He made me cum many times 
by fingering me.

Over the next two years, we carried on a long distance 
relationship. He asked me to send him sexy pictures of 
myself so he could take care of himself by looking at 
them and thinking of me. That turned me on, so I sent 
him some very sexy pictures.

I graduated from high school the year he got out of the 
Army, and we got married. Within a year, our sex life 
started going down hill, and he started asking me if I 
would ever consider being with another man so he could 
watch.  I thought he was kidding, but as we made love, 
he got really excited talking about it, and that 
started turning me on.

That went on for a few weeks, and then he started 
asking me to dress sexy when we went out, and I did it 
for him. I liked the attention, and I've been told that 
I have a real "walking wet dream" body.

After a couple of times out, he asked me to try 
flirting with guys. I did, and it was exciting. I would 
"accidentally" brush them, touching their crotches and 
let them "touch" me. It was a lot of fun, but it never 
went any further. Jon and I would discuss it as we made 
love, and we both, got very excited.

Then, one day, he asked me if I wanted to go farther 
with a guy. I told him, No, especially not a stranger. 
He then told me that he would love to see me flirt with 
his brother, Jerry. By this time I had known Jerry for 
a couple of years, and I liked him, but I would never 
think of him "that way."

Jon, then told me that his brother had the biggest cock 
he had ever seen. He said it was over 12" long and very 
thick. I told him  that he was full of shit. He then 
told me that he noticed Jerry looking at me when I had 
on a short skirt or low cut top, and he could see 
Jerry's big cock get really hard, and Jerry would try 
to hide it. I told him that I had never noticed that.

Jon asked me to wear a mini shirt and sexy top, with no 
bra or undies tomorrow night when Jerry was over for a 
cookout. I said I would, just to prove him wrong.


The next day, I showered and slipped on a halter top 
with no bra and a very tiny, white, summer miniskirt 
that stopped just a few inches below my upper thigh. As 
I looked in the mirror, I thought to myself, "God, I AM 

Just about this time, my husband came in and whistled 
and said that I would have his brother's cock busting 
out of his shorts, and he hugged me and felt my 
nipples, making them hard. Then he brushed his finger 
up my skirt and slid them over my pussy lips. He said 
that I was already getting wet just thinking about his 
brother's giant cock. I told him that I was not, and I 
still didn't believe it was as big as he said it was.

A few minute later, Jon's brother arrived and just 
stared at my body and legs. Jon said he had to run to 
work for an hour or so and would be back soon, and for 
Jerry to make himself at home. I didn't know Jon was 
leaving, but it sounded O.K. to me. Jerry sat on the 
lawn chair, and I sat across from him, letting my skirt 
hike up to just below my pussy, which was now getting 
very wet.

Jerry stood up and walked over to me and asked me if I 
knew that, ever since we had all met, Jon has wanted us 
to get together so he could watch. I said I didn't know 
that, but that we sometimes talked about him and how 
"big" he was.

He laughed and said that Jon told him that I didn't 
believe it was as big as he had said. Jerry then stood 
right in front of my face and told me to feel it. I 
had, already noticed it was hard looked awfully large, 
so I reached up and felt it. God, it was huge. It must 
have been 12" and really thick. I stroked it, and it 
got bigger and bigger.

Jerry, then asked me if I believed them now, and all I 
could say was that I had to see it first.  Jerry slid 
his shorts off, and there it was, a giant, hard cock. 
The biggest I had ever seen or felt. Jerry asked me if 
I wanted a little taste, and I said that I shouldn't, 
until Jon gets back and wants to watch us. I do love 
him, you know!

Jerry said that he knew, and he would never interfere 
with our marriage, but if Jon wanted Jerry and me to 
get together every once and a while, he thought that 
would be just great.  As he said this, he pushed his 
huge cock towards my mouth until it touched my lips. I 
kissed it, then slowly opened my mouth to accept as 
much of this fantastic cock as I could. Jerry slid it 
in and out as I sucked. It was so great.

Then Jerry slid down and knelt in front of me so that 
his tongue was at my pussy lips, and he started licking 
and sucking. God, it was driving me crazy. Jerry told 
me he wanted to fuck my sweet little pussy with his big 
cock, and I told him that he couldn't until Jon said it 
was O.K.

Jerry didn't care, and he flipped me over and pressed 
his cock head against 
my pussy. He pushed, and as it made its way in, I 
screamed, because it hurt,  and then it soon felt 
really good. He continued pushing until it was all 
buried in my once little pussy, but now it was 
stretched so big. He filled completely me up and then 
some. He fucked my brains out, and when we both came, 
he filled me with his cum. After that he licked me 
clean and asked if I liked it.

I told him that I hoped that Jon wanted us to do this 
all the time.

Just then I heard the car, and I knew that Jon was 
home. I hoped he would never find out that we did 
anything before he was here to watch.

After some small talk, Jon asked Jerry if he liked my 
outfit, and Jerry said that he did, but he liked it 
better with his cock in my mouth. I couldn't believe he 
said that. Jon, then asked if Jerry already had me, and 
I said that I couldn't wait, because it was so big and 
I wanted it do bad.

Then Jerry told Jon that he intended to fuck me any 
time he wanted and there was nothing Jon could do about 
it, because I needed his big cock and Jon's wasn't big 
enough to take care of me any more. Jon asked me if it 
was true, but before I could answer, Jerry grabbed my 
hand and put it on his now hard cock and told me to 
play with it.

I did as he told me, and Jon asked if I liked that, and 
I said yes. Jerry then pushed my head down and told me 
to show my husband how much I like to have my mouth 
fucked by a "real" cock. I did, and as I did, I saw Jon 
rubbing his cock. He really did like to watch.

I smiled, and I've been taking care of both of them for 
over five years now.
Now Jon helps me dress sexy and then flirt with 
strangers, and then Jerry comes over and gives me what 
I need.

Lately, my husband has wanted me to flirt with young 
girls. It sounds interesting. I'll let you know if this 
goes farther than just another fantasy...

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