Friday, 15 November 2013


The TV blared some mindless sitcom, the laugh track so 
obviously phony I wondered why the producer even 
bothered. It was a Tuesday night and I was killing the 
evening alone at home. My wife had left on an afternoon 
flight for a business trip which would keep her away 
until Friday. 

She was shooting a commercial in Dallas with some hunky 
TV star - I don't even know who, and if she had told me, 
the name wouldn't have meant anything anyway, cause I 
rarely watch TV. 

Anyway, there I was minding my own business when the 
phone rang. It was one of June's co-workers at the ad 
agency. Tina, and as the words tumbled from the tiny 
speaker in the handset I could tell she was in a panic.

"Mike," she said, "we have a crisis at the agency. That 
presentation tape that June worked on last week for the 
big Kramer pitch... we have to make some changes. They 
just sold one of their divisions."

"Yeah, well, June is on her way to Dallas," I started.

She interrupted, "I know, I know. I'll talk with her 
when she gets to her hotel. But in the meantime, all of 
the raw tapes are at your house.  God I hope they are. I 
can't find them anywhere around here. All we have at the 
office is the finished piece. We need the raw material 
to reassemble the tape."

"Well if they're here, you're more than welcome to them. 
But I wouldn't know which is what. You'll just have to 
root around in her office to find them." June's office 
was always a blizzard of audition tapes, field footage, 
demo tapes from camera guys, and god knows what else. 
"Why would they be here?" I asked.

"June did the edit plan for the piece. Remember, she 
worked from home a couple days last week?" I shook my 
head, as though she could hear it through the phone. 
"Can I come over now?" she pleaded.

"Sure, sure. See you in a while." I hung up, and looked 
around to see if the house was presentable. Just a 
couple of pillows out of place in the living room and a 
Fritos bag on the floor and an empty Coke bottle on the 
end table. And a few magazines strewn about. No big 

I took an old bathrobe from the clothes hook by the 
front door and wiped some cat puke from the foyer floor, 
then got out a broom to clean the front porch before I 
ripped up the old subfloor in the kitchen and put down 
some new linoleum. A few minutes later I was done.

Another 20 minutes passed, and the doorbell rang. It was 
Tina, and I invited her in. She was still dressed in a 
business outfit but packed a strong visual wallop 
anyway. Tina was a doll. Literally. Though barely 5 feet 
tall, Mattel could have used her hourglass proportions 
and sculpted face to sell a million. I guess I like my 
women short; the wife is barely 5' 1".

I led Tina to June's office and told her to help 
herself. In less than 10 minutes she poked her head back 
into the living room, arms full of tapes, saying she had 
found everything she needed. I asked "So you're running 
right back to the office to reedit the piece?"

"Oh, no," she replied. "We can't do anything until 
tomorrow when the studio opens. But it won't be any big 
deal now that we have all the raw footage. Whew. What a 

"Well then, how about a beer?" I offered. "You look 

"Thanks, that would be great," she responded. "I feel 
frazzled. Do I really look it?"

"Fraid so," I said. "A double frazzle with sugar on top, 

"Yeah, that's how I feel, I guess." She paused for a 
moment, as if to catch her breath. "But now everything's 
fine. Mind if I run down to the ladies' room and see if 
I can un-frazzle at little?" she asked.

"Help yourself," I offered. "I'll pour the beer."

She reappeared a few minutes later, her face scrubbed 
and hair combed.  And she had taken off her jacket and 
unbuttoned a button or two on her blouse. She looked, 
and apparently felt more casual.

As she came in she said "I noticed a bathing suit in the 
bathroom. What is June doing with a bathing suit here in 

"Oh, we have a hot tub out back. We don't really use it know, 

the novelty has worn off. It's still a kick once in a 
while, tho'. But 

I have to take that suit back,"

"Why?" she asked.

"June says it makes her look fat. I think it's sexy as 
hell, but she told me she'll never wear it again," I 

"Sorry to break the news, but stores don't take back 
bathing suits after they've been worn, even once. It's 
uh, personal clothing, like lingerie and underwear..." 
her voice trailed off.

"Oh great," I groaned. "Now I'm out $90."

"Well maybe not. I'm about June's size. Maybe I'll buy 
it from you," she said.

"Are you serious? half-price, how's that for an offer?" 
I said. "That way you get a deal, and I'm not totally 
shafted. Go ahead, give it a try."

This particular suit was a gift for June for use in the 
hot tub - I knew she would never wear it at the beach. 
It was such thin material, and while not quite a thong, 
had just a 2 inch wide strip of cloth that went up the 
crack of the ass. It was a one-piece that was really two 
pieces, a top and a bottom, which just fastened together 
with a couple of strips of cloth, kind of like 
suspenders. I didn't think Tina knew what she was in 
for. Still, I hoped to salvage at least some of the 

From the bathroom down the hall, I heard her exclaim, 
"Oh my god." Then she laughed aloud. "Jeez, I'm not even 
sure which part of me goes into which hole!"

"You're a bright girl, you'll figure it out," I called 
back. I already had.

When she finally came out, she had a towel wrapped 
around her hips.  The top of the suit covered her tits, 
though just barely, with the low neckline squared off at 
the bust. A diamond sort of shape was cut in below her 
breasts, and at the right angle you could see a sliver 
of flesh beneath them. I laughed. "The, ah, bottom...not 
enough bottom?" I said. "Oh I have enough bottom," she 
giggled. "It's sticking out all over the place. I didn't 
realize there wasn't any material down there."

"Well that's the fashion these days, you know. Maybe 
you'd be comfortable with it if you just uh, got 
comfortable with it.

"I'll keep my towel, thanks," she replied, cocking an 
eyebrow as she watched my reaction.

The suit was also uniquely constructed in that there 
were no cups inside the top. It was just a piece of 
fabric, cut to act as a combination bra and top. It 
certainly did the job, and I could see the faint outline 
of her nipples pressing against the other side of the 
cloth. She had small pointers, but I stared at the hard 
tips as they became clearly defined through the thin 

I looked up and realized she had been watching me eye 
her tits; perhaps that's what caused her nipples to 
grow. I said, "Before you decide, you really ought to 
try it in the water. The hot tub is right out back and 
it's fired up." I didn't say that I'd noticed that water 
had a very special effect on the suit. That's one of the 
reasons I wanted June to keep it, because my eyes had 
practically fallen from their sockets when she got wet 
and then rose from the water.  I'd have to have been 
dead not to notice.

"OK, if you really think so." She looked at me. "Where 
is this hot tub?"

"Right out back. Here, I'll show you. I have to take off 
the cover, but other than that it's ready to go," I told 

"Are you going to join me?" she asked innocently.

"Absolutely," I said. I rubbed my hands together for 
effect."You grab some more beers from the fridge, and 
then come meet me out back. It's just down this hall and 
to the left. Back porch."

I fairly ran out back and wrestled the top off the tub, 
then ran back to get my bathing suit. I had a choice, 
either my floppy trunks or the blue speedos. I chose the 
tighter fit. I got back to the hot tub just as she was 
climbing in. She dropped the towel only at the last 
minute while she was facing me.

"Really don't want me to see your butt, huh?", I joked. 
She blushed.  "That's OK, I understand. It is a little 
revealing, but of course that's why I bought it Do you 
think you would ever wear it out at the beach?" I asked.

"Sure, I don't mind having people look at me on the 
beach, as long as they're people I don't know and won't 
see again," she replied. "In fact, I kind of like it. I 
work very hard to keep myself in shape."

"And a great shape it is, too," I noted.

"Thanks," she said. Suddenly she cried out. "OUCH! Oww!"

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Something just pinched me in the ass," she said. It 
couldn't have been me; I was way too far away. "Right 
about here." Her hand ducked under the surface of the 
water and she fumbled around.

"Got it?" I asked.

"No," she replied. "And it's still there, all of a 
sudden. Ow! There it is again! Would you take a look?"

She stood up and faced away, and I looked at her cute 
ass cheeks sticking out of the bottom of the suit. She 
twisted part way around and pointing to the strip of 
material between the globes of her bottom, said "It's 
somewhere right in here."

I reached for her, and took the strip of material 
between my thumb and forefinger. As I tugged first up, 
then down on the material, I realized that I was only an 
inch or so from her anus as my finger was scraping along 
on her butt. I moved my hand further up, then further 
down, until my finger was nearly touching her pussy, 
then moved it back again. I thought I detected a sigh as 
she bent over to give me a better angle.  Suddenly I 
felt it, and my fingers dug in.

"I've got it!" I cried. "I think it's the other half of 
the little plastic tab that holds on the price tag. June 
must not have pulled it out when she took off the tag." 
My fingers tugged at the material and I twirled it 
around in my hand. "By the way, nice, uh, ass," I said. 
I could barely ignore the beautiful buttocks now staring 
me right in the face.

"Thanks," she said. "But are you sure you got it? You 
better be sure.  Maybe there's another one there, too?" 
She twisted around and looked at me.


"Let me check," I said. My hand returned to the thin 
strip of cloth, only this time I let my fingers dig more 
deeply across it. So as I moved my hand up and down, I 
was scraping all along her cheeks, including right over 
the pucker of her pretty little asshole. I moved my hand 
down, exploring further and further, pushing up between 
her legs, until my finger was brushing against her cunt 
lips. She made no movement to stop me, and I pressed my 
advantage, stroking my eager fingers across the slippery 
hot flesh. 

I continued wiggling my fingers beneath the skimpy 
cloth, and she wiggled her butt in grateful reply. I 
poked and prodded, my eager digits sliding over the 
folds of skin and slipping in and out of her in a gentle 
travelogue of sexual exploration. I could have continued 
the play for hours, but I felt one of her hands reach 
back for me and watched as it found my thigh and then 
moved higher. Without so much as turning her head, her 
hand found the mark, and she began rubbing me though the 
elastic shorts that had so recently changed their shape 
and dimension.

"Oh, if that's what you want, help yourself," I said, 
lifting myself out of the water and sitting on the edge. 
She moved toward me. Her fingers went to the waistband 
of the suit, and she ducked one of them inside. Then as 
I had to her, she moved her hand around, testing the 
material between her thumb and forefinger. 

After a minute or so she went for one of the elastics 
around the leg where my dick was beginning to grow. As 
her finger dipped under the material, I could feel her 
nail scrape along my balls, held tightly as they were in 
the elastic shorts.

"Uh oh," she said. "I think I've found something. I 
don't think it can be left over from a price tag, 
though, it's too big." With that her hand draped across 
the front of the suit, her palm squeezing my engorged 
dick. "Stand up," she said. 

I did as she asked. 

"You were nice enough to take that thing out of my suit, 
so I'm going to take this thing out of yours." And with 
that she reached up and yanked on the sides of my suit, 
pulling it down to my knees. My dick popped to 

"Ah, the advantages of a private hot-tub," she said 
softly.  She moved in. "Ummm. Pretty. Now what can I do 
with this?" Before I could offer a suggestion, she 
formed her lips into an "o" and put the head of my cock 
directly between her lips. "Ymggfh! Gluuuck!  Lufft!" 
She made gurgling noises as she sucked harder and harder 
on my dick.

I bent forward and undid the snaps on the top of her 
suit. "I just have to see these," I said mindlessly. 
"You've been teasing me with them for the past half-
hour," and I just have to have them. The top half of the 
suit came off. My hands went down and cupped her full 
breasts, her pointy nipples making their presence known 
in my palms.

She sucked and slurped up and down my pointed dick, 
making loud noises with every pass. I was sure she was 
doing it for effect, because I had never heard another 
woman make such a racket. "God, it sounds like you're 
going to inhale me," I said. She answered me with a 
slurp.  I could feel her tongue working like crazy 
against my stiff rod inside her mouth. More sucking 

"Some people like to look," she said. "I like to listen. 
I love the sounds of lovemaking. I like to talk while 
I'm doing it." She had stopped sucking.  "I like to hear 
you talk, too."

"So do I," I replied. "But you're not making much noise 
at the moment."

"Oh I can fix that," she said. "But you have to help in 
the audio department."

I got the message. I began to moan, and loudly. I was 
rewarded with a deep suck. "I wonder if you can put my 
dick any further back in your mouth?" I wondered aloud. 
She pushed her head down further, until I could feel the 
head of my dick bouncing against the back of her throat. 
"God if you just push a little harder, I think I could 
push it right down there." She pushed harder. "But I 
don't think I want to do that.  I think I want to come 
in your mouth."

I was sort of asking permission, or at least giving a 
warning. Her only response was, "Mfft. Slurp. Glxxox. 
Flummp." She couldn't get the words out.

"Don't try to talk," I said. "I don't want those pretty 
lips doing anything but sucking on me." I figured if she 
really didn't want to, she'd let me know.

She tried again. This time she pulled her lips back 
until just the head of my dick remained in her mouth. "I 
want you to come, too. But I'd like to take a shot at it 

"Well then turn around," I said. She was already 
twisting around, the water swirling as she did, even 
before I made the suggestion.

I pulled the flap of the thong out of the way, and 
positioned my fuck pole at the entrance to her tunnel of 
delight. She started talking. "Oh you dirty boy. I think 
you're trying to do something nasty. Why I can feel 
something pushing against me, and I'll just bet it's 
your dick, isn't it?" She turned around and looked me in 
the eye. So that was her game. Fine with me.

I pushed forward a little. As the head of my penis 
entered that slit I said "Oh no, I would never do 
something like that. Try to push my dick into you? Why 
that would be a very nasty thing to do. How could you 
ever think I would try to do that?" I continued looking 
her in the eye as I increased the pressure. I reached 
forward with both hands, and scooped them up under her 

She grunted and pushed back a little further. I was now 
about two inches in, sliding slowly into the warm moist 
flesh. "Feel it? Do you feel it?" A rhetorical question 
if there ever was one.

"uh," she said.

"Uh-huh," I grunted.

I gave another forward push, and felt the delicious 
sensations along the length of my dick as my groin 
slammed into her. She began moving in time with my 
thrusts, and we kept perfect harmony with our motions.

My hands slid across her ass, around her midsection, 
across her stomach, and finally up and under her hanging 
breasts, and I held them gently as I continued bouncing 
against her.

She groaned and moaned, and occasionally muttered 
something like "Oh, that feels so good," and I must have 
muttered something back, but for all intents the 
conversation had ended, replaced with the animal noises 
which are specially reserved for this particular act. 
There was more sighing and grunting, when I realized 
that I was getting ready for my climax. I recovered just 
enough brain power to give fair warning.

"I cannot tell a lie," I said. "I'm perilously close. 
All your teasing, or maybe it was just how delectable 
you looked in that suit got me here pretty quick. Can I 
just cum inside you?"

"Oh, don't do that," she interrupted. "I don't have any 
protection in, So let me know when you're ready and I'll 
finish you off in my own special way."

"Well, if that's the way you want it. Get ready." I was 
on the verge. 

She quickly turned around and grabbed hold of my cock 
and began pumping it frantically. She moved to put her 
mouth around me again, but slipped on the slick surface 
of the tub and wound up with her face just an inch from 
my dickhead. Suddenly she seemed engrossed, staring at 
my tool, pumping it harder and harder. 

"Here I come," I practically shouted.  She continued 
pumping as my jism shot out, the first spurt catching 
her just above her left eye on her forehead. She 
continued the stroke, and the second spurt landed square 
on her nose. She began to laugh, and continued working 
on me. She opened her mouth and set it right on my dick 
as I continued to spasm, coating the inside of her mouth 
with my spoogee.

As the waves subsided, she released me from her mouth 
and took a big, loud gulp. She giggled. I couldn't help 
myself, and I did too.

Her eyes were shut tight, and she complained "It's sort 
of stinging. Could you find me a towel or something?"

"Oh, uh, sure, right away." I jumped out of the water 
and looked around.  I couldn't find the towel she'd had 
on earlier, so I picked up my briefs and handed them to 
her. She used them to push as much of the gooey spunk 
off her face as she could, then sank back into the water 
and began to wash herself off.

I started to help, but mostly my hands flew to her tits 
and her pussy, and she really didn't need much help 
there. She didn't protest, however, and she turned to me 
and we locked in a passionate embrace, with a deep kiss 
that lasted for several minutes.

She was ready to go again, and luckily so was I. This 
time I had far more control, and as I lifted her up and 
sat her on the edge of the tub, I moved between her legs 
with purpose, and pointed my weapon at her again.  As we 
moved together I entered her for a repeat performance.

I looked at her with a cocked eyebrow as she said, "Take 
your time. I don't have anything to do until tomorrow 

"Oh yes you do," I said, as I pushed myself into her 

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