Tuesday, 5 November 2013


"Danielle, you almost ready?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready Kelly," she replied.

I smiled and put my cooler in the boat. We got in, 
untied the moorings, and we sped off across the Sound. 
Danielle quickly got naked ad I just shook my head as 
she got the attention of boaters and fishermen alike. I 
had to admit, she was beautiful; absolutely stunning; 
tan skin glistening in the sunlight. We spent the day 
basking in the sunlight and exploring the open water. 

"What's that?" Dani asked. It was an island, and after 
a quick exchanged look, we both decided to go ashore 
and explore a little. We anchored in less than three 
foot of water and walked ashore. 

Danielle was all ready naked. I thought to myself, "Oh 
what the hell!" and got undressed myself. Both of us 
were completely shaved down there and watching Danielle 
although I was curious, I had never had a lesbian 
experience. I found myself watching her though with 
growing amusement. I would watch the way her body 
moved. The subtle shift and sway of her hips. I at once 
wanted to put my hands around her waist.

I more than once caught her looking at me too. I smiled 
and felt myself blushing slightly. 

The island itself was mostly brush and marsh. No trees. 
There was a small beach circling the island. Clumps of 
sea grass and oyster shells cluttered the sand in 
places. We were climbing one of these cluttered mounds 
of shells, when Dani cried out. 

She collapsed to the sand on the other side. I rushed 
to her side. She was clutching her foot. I fell to her 
side, rubbing the sand off her foot. Her flesh was soft 
and warm in my hands. "What happened?" I asked. 

"Cut it on those shells," she said. I looked it over. 

"Oh," I said. Sure enough there was a small slit along 
the arch, like a paper cut. I bent and kissed it. 
"There. All better."
"MMM," Dani moaned lightly, biting her lower lip. 

I smiled, kissing the arch again, massaging her foot in 
my hands. She leaned back as I took turns massaging 
each foot; I had not noticed how she had started 
rubbing the small nub between her legs. I smiled and 
looked up into her eyes. Her want matched my own, and 
so I began kissing along her arch of one foot, moving 
to her calf, licking slowly along her inner thigh, 
letting my dark hair tickle her thighs. Mmmm I could 
almost taste her all ready. 

I wrapped my arms under her thighs and brought my left 
hand back across raking gently down her belly, letting 
my middle finger trail across her clit and into her 
cleft. I immediately followed with my tongue, savoring 
the wetness I found there all ready. I cupped her ass 
and pulled her towards me as I licked all over, 
tasting, savoring mmmm....

She began grinding her hips, rolling them towards me as 
I licked and kissed. I sucked her clit into my mouth. I 
could feel that tremble building in her thighs applying 
just enough pressure on her clit with my finger as I 
licked and savored her. She began to moan louder.

Something darted through the marsh, startled by us in 
our passion. Of course this destroyed the mood 
immediately. We both sprang to our knees.

"What the fuck was that?" She asked. 

"I dunno, but it was big," I responded. "Maybe we need 
to get back to the boat."

"Good idea." 

We continued walking around the island, thinking we 
were closer to continue around than to turn back. I 
held her hand, and we walked close. Even as scared as 
we were, the way her body brushed against mine, made my 
nipples hard. 


"Oh shit!" I exclaimed. Up ahead, five wild dogs roamed 
the beach. They were mutts, mostly labs I suspected; 
jet black with a patch of white along their chests. 

"What do we do?" As soon as the words escaped her lips, 
the dogs spotted her and came running.

We held each other as the dogs drew closer, growling. 
Something warm ran down my leg and I soon realized I 
was scared enough to piss myself.

But as they circled us, they were sniffing, drawing 
closer. I realized they could smell our arousal from 
earlier. The first one darted ahead and plunged his 
cold wet nose right into Danielle's crotch, knocking 
her back. I spun, following her with my eyes as she 

A second dog jumped, and all I remember is his nails 
digging into my thighs. His weight brought me down 
also. I watched now in horror as the first dog had 
mounted Danielle, still on her back, his legs around 
her leg, humping her shin. A third dog had her by the 
hair, gripped in his menacing teeth, yanking her head 

The second dog mounted me his forepaws gripping my 
waist as he began thrusting, I could feel his cock warm 
and dripping against my thigh. I lowered my head and 
could see his red cock, thrusting from its furry 
sheathe. His forepaws drew blood around my waist as he 
gripped me harder, and suddenly, violently he entered 
me fucking me with the likes of which have not been 
meant since. My knees sunk in the sand as he fucked me 
forward. I was crying, as this juge dog raped me. I 
looked over at Dani, who had three dogs on top of her, 
now lying down. "DANI!" I cried. She responded but it 
was too muffled. 

I could feel the dog inside me growing bigger. He 
gripped me tighter forceful jabs, the painful tip 
feeling like it was slicing right past my cervix into 
my very womb. His pace changed, jabbing harder as if 
trying to force more inside me. This actually hurt a 
little almost like having the wind knocked from you. I 
drew my knees to my chest, concentrating solely on 
catching my breath. something bigger weird feeling 
overcame me. I would later realize this was his knot. 
And just as quick he was filling me with his warm seed. 
I struggled under him to regain my breath, my own body 
responding as a mini orgasm racked my body, toes 
curling in mud and sand. he stopped and now I could see 
Dani. She was willingly sucking one dog as she stroked 
another. I couldn't believe it. 

The dog inside me was still tied with me. My own body 
was shaking under him, sweaty and exhausted. He tried 
turning, dismounting but still stuck, turning ass to 
me, painfully pulling me backwards. As I knelt there, 
the last dog came and tried mounting me from the front 
his huge cock inches before my face, fucking back and 
forth. But had I even wished, I could not have taken 
him orally. The position was not right, but I sat there 
mesmerized at this cock growing before my eyes, the 
smell of sex thick in the air, these nasty dirty dogs, 
and Dani, oh Dani.

She was on her hands and knees now, being fucked just 
as I had while the others circled her, awaiting their 
turn. The dog humping air in front of me forepaws 
around my shoulders, began to cum shooting all over my 
face, stinging my eyes, and over my breasts and belly.

I spat as some shot in my mouth. It wasn't unpleasant. 
I could not believe there was so much cum. The dog 
inside me softened, warm cum spilled from me and down 
my thighs pooling on the soles of my feet. I rolled 
over onto my back. 

Dani screamed again, this time in the throes of her 
passion. Another dog came over and licked my cunny. I 
turned over, my own mind lost in lust, and presented my 
ass to him. He mounted, sliding inside me on the first 
try. Danielle came over to me and smiled. Her hair was 
slick and matted with dog cum. In fact she was covered 
in it.

She smiled and rubbed my cheek. "It'll be all right..." 
her voice trailed off. I knelt there, mounted time and 
time again by the dogs, some numerously having a go at 
me. And then I simply remember Danielle holding me, 
smelling; reeking of dog. Both of us. 

The dogs had gone on; each having left its mark on us. 
We had discovered a new passion in us. Something new 
and gratifying and very taboo. 

Danielle rubbed my cheek and asked how I felt. 

"Pretty good considering," a small sob escaped my lips. 

"Good," she said, kneeling between my thighs, her 
tongue snaking inside me. I could feel the cum escaping 
me, and she hungrily gulped it up. 

I was dizzy with my own sexual high, giving in; I 
grabbed her waist as we moved into a 69 position, 
tasting, exploring each other... finding a new taste 
for dog cum and a new love for women.

It was night before we got back to the boat. The ride 
back was long and my cunny literally hurt. We didn't 
talk much but shared an occasional smile at each other. 
Finally, Dani looked at me. "What do you think about 
getting a few dogs?"

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