Thursday, 21 November 2013


The things I do for my kids.

It seems like every other night, I'm helping out at one 
or another of their activities. Coaching the soccer 
team, taking tickets for the play, anything. After all, 
with their mother gone, someone has to help out on their 

Thursday night was the topper, though.

My Karen studies dance. She has for 8 years. This year, 
she switched to a different school, because the old one 
wasn't challenging enough. The new one was more of a 
challenge, for Karen, and for me. My challenge?

Keeping my hands off the teacher!

Miss Alicia Walker is 5'4" of walking fire. Short, with 
full hips, a tiny waist, cantaloupe-sized breasts, and a 
gorgeous face, topped by a thick mane of long black 
hair. And for classes, she is typically decked out in a 
skin-tight danskin leotard that leaves little to the 
imagination. Makes me wonder why more fathers don't pick 
their daughters up after class.

The annual recital was coming up, and Alicia asked for 
help decorating the stage at the high school. Not much 
to it, and my kids were both at karate class that night, 
so I offered to help. Nice things happen to those who 

She was hanging foil-covered stars up on the curtain at 
the back of the stage. The old ladder they had was in 
bad shape, and when I had tried to climb it, it 
threatened to collapse. Alicia figured she would climb 
it, so long as I kept a grip on it. So there we were, 
this brunette bombshell up on the fourth rung, and me on 
the other side of the step ladder, my face only a few 
inches away from her sweet delights.

And that's when the storm hit.

Have you ever been in an auditorium when the power goes 
out. Let me tell you, it's dark. Darker than any place 
I've been before. And even with a thunderstorm raging, 
it was dark, since there were no windows for the 
lightning to shine through. That's when I found out that 
Alicia is scared of the dark.

"Dave?" I heard the voice from above. "I can't get 

"Sure you can," I told her. "Just feel your way down the 

"I can't do it." I was believing her, too. She was 
shaking so badly, I thought the ladder was going to come 
apart under her.

"Let me move around. I'll get hold of your feet, and 
guide you down. That way, even if you should slip, I can 
catch you." I didn't give her time to think about it, I 
just switched sides of the ladder. Feeling my way, I 
found her feet. "There, now, just move your right foot 
down." I lifted her foot from the rung, and guided it 
down to the next lower one. Once it was in place, I 
reached up and found her hand, and moved that down as 

"I feel silly, coming down like this. But I couldn't 

"It's all right. I'm the same way when I try to work on 
my roof. Now, let's come down on the other side."

If you're thinking that this was bringing us closer 
together, you're right. Her butt was right up against my 
chest, and when I reached for her hands, my head was 
coming under her arm. All I had to do was turn to the 
side and I could have filled my mouth with tit.

It took a few minutes, with more words of encouragement 
between each rung. She was on the last one, and I think 
ready to get down on her own, when this horrendous 
thunderclap rattled the building. She jumped back off 
the ladder, toppling into me. I grabbed hold of her as I 
fell backwards, praying that there was nothing behind 
me. I hit the floor, butt-first. I rolled back, both to 
absorb the impact and to make sure Alicia wasn't jolted 
any more than necessary.

When we came to a stop, I realized that my grip on her 
had shifted when we fell. One arm was wrapped around her 
at chest level. My right hand had a nice grip on her 
left breast. My left hand, which I had tried to get 
around her waist, had slid low, and she had it trapped 
between her legs. Through the lightweight linen pants 
she wore, I could feel the heat from her cunt, and she 
was making no moves toward removing either of my hands.

"Mmmmm." came low from her throat, and she squirmed 
against my hand. "I'm so glad you were here to help me 
down." She then twisted around in my arms to face me in 
the dark. I felt her lips brush over my chin and cheeks, 
seeking my mouth. "Let me reward you appropriately, my 
hero." she whispered, before covering my mouth with 

Her tongue plunged into my mouth. I met it with my own, 
as we tasted each other and sucked at each other's lips. 
I felt her hands moving down my body, unbuttoning my 
shirt and pulling it from my pants, and then opening my 
belt and jeans. Her hands were hot as they wrapped 
around my dick. She pumped at it as she moved down my 
body, leaving a trail of wet kisses down my chest and 

I felt her warm breath on my rod, just before she 
wrapped her lips tightly around the tip. She sucked hard 
at it, like a baby nursing at her mother's nipple. She 
started drawing more of it into her mouth, sliding up 
and down, taking a little more on each downstroke. I 
groaned in selfish pleasure as her lips sank down to the 
root of my bone, my entire 7 inches now in her mouth as 
she stroked the underside of it with her tongue. She 
slowly drew my manhood out of her mouth, with a wet 
suction that pulled my seed out of my balls. 

Just as her lips reached the tip of my dick, I started 
cumming. Eager to suck it all down, she dove back down 
on me, lodging my erupting head in her throat and 
swallowing all I had to offer.

In the darkness, I couldn't see her. I grabbed her 
shoulders, and gently rolled her over onto her back. I 
found her mouth in the inky blackness, and kissed her 
deeply. The taste of my cum was still in her mouth, and 
she enjoyed sharing it. Then it was my turn to strip her 
clothes away. She wore a leotard, which I peeled down 
her body. 

I stopped for a long moment to orally worship those 
beautiful breasts. Each nipple, which I had only 
previously seen outlined against her tight leotards, 
stood up proud and firm, eager for the touch of fingers 
or tongue. Despite the inability to see, I shortly knew 
their shape, as they hardened and prodded up from the 
softer flesh of her tits.

I peeled the leotard down further, until it was blocked 
by her slacks. She unbuttoned them, and started pushing 
them down as I followed with the leotard. I pushed them 
both down her legs and over her feet as my tongue was 
buried in her naval. I know that some women don't like 
that, but Alicia must have been especially sensitive 
there. She was squirming under me, and seemed on the 
brink of orgasm when I stopped and moved down to the 
main course.

I started by licking and kissing her inner thighs.

"Don't tease me, Dave!"


"My cunt! God, please, lick my pussy!"

"I don't think he's going to do that. Would you like me 
to do it instead?"

Her response was to grab my head and mash it into her 
sopping wet pussy. I was pleasantly surprised to find 
that she was shaved. The only hair to worry about right 
now was the double-handful that she held. I gave one 
long lick, up the length of her slit, then stopped.

"Nooo. Don't stop! Please, suck meeeeee!"

And suck I did. I sucked one lip, then the other, into 
my mouth, nibbling at them. Then I probed as deeply as I 
could with my tongue.

"Yess! That's it!"

It must have been. Another lick, and she was bucking 
against my face, and I could feel her muscles spasming 
as she came. Knowing what she would be asking for next, 
I was ready. I firmly grabbled both asscheeks in my 
hands, and pulled her to me.

"Now, Dave. Fuck me now!"

I murmured a "No" into her pussy, as my tongue attacked 
her clit with a vengeance. With the first orgasm already 
finished, I wanted to take her over the top again before 
I entered her. I lapped at her clit, feeling her tense 
and release under me. When I thought she wouldn't try to 
switch positions, I let go of her ass. One hand I 
brought up under her, and as I sucked her now-swollen 
clitoris, I slid my middle finger into her spasming 
cunt. The other hand remained under her, and as she 
bucked up at me, I slipped the index finger of that hand 
into her asshole.

"Shit! Oh, damn, that feels so fucking good!!" She 
bucked and moaned as I fingerfucked her pussy and her 
ass, and nibbled her clit until I felt her tense up 
again. Then I stopped, and held still.

"No, dammit! Don't stop! I've gotta cum!" She begged me.

I looked up from between her legs, and smiled at her. I 
stuck out my tongue, and gave her clit one long, slow 

"Yes! Lick my clit, you sunuvabitch!' Ohhh!" I licked it 
again, this time sucking it between my lips, an biting 
down on it gently. "Gawd, yes! I cumming!!"

Before she came down, I was up kissing her face. She 
reached down between us and found my cock, hard again. 
"Now!" she said, guiding it to her pussy. "I need this 
in me, right now!" She wrapped her legs around me, and 
pulled me to her.

I slid into her, right up to the balls. Her pussy was 
already wet from her own orgasms, and I met with no 
resistance. She sighed, as I pulled back and plunged 
into her again. I kept driving in and out of her, long 
easy stroked that had us both working up to a killer 
orgasm, when the lights came back on.

"Don't stop. Don't you dare stop fucking me now!" she 

"Why would I want to do that?" I asked, as I bent down 
to kiss those beautiful lips.

"Don't cum in my, though. Cum on my tits." She didn't 
have to tell me twice. She was already on the border of 
another climax, and as she started to cum, I pulled out 
and moved up to her chest. Her swollen nipples looked 
exactly as I had imagined, and she grabbed my dick and 
laid it in the valley between her tits. "Come on. Fuck 
my tits, then cum all over them!"

I humped at her mounds, and every time my dick poked out 
past them, her tongue darted out to lick my tip. It 
didn't take long before the sperm was rushing up my 
shaft again. I pulled out, and she started stroking my 
dick, until it spurted gob after gob of hot sticky cum 
all over her nipples.

When I finished, she licked my dick clean, and said with 
a wicked gleam in her eye. "If I keep this up, will you 
finish what you started with my ass?"

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