Thursday, 14 November 2013


My story begins as just another ordinary day during a 
very difficult time in my life. I had just turned fifty, 
and had lost my darling husband, Gene, about five months 
before. Our two children were both out of the home, one 
at college and one working in a nearby town. While I 
still mourned the loss of my loved one, I had also come 
to detest my loneliness and feelings of isolation. 

After the initial strong showing of support and comfort 
from family and friends, I was now experiencing long 
periods of time alone and with nothing to do. To combat 
these feelings, I had taken on a project of renovating 
our, that is, my, kitchen, something that had been long 
overdue. And while it was something of an empty activity, 
at least it gave me something to do. 

I had hired a local carpenter to do the work. He was a 
gentleman of about forty-five who was very friendly, in a 
country sort of way. While I was generally in no mood to 
laugh, he had a way of getting me to smile with his 
disarming humor and positive approach to life. It didn't 
hurt that he was also an attractive man with well-defined 
muscles and dark handsome features. 

It made me feel better just to be around a man, though I 
had never entertained taking anything beyond a business 
relationship. There had been some very innocent flirting, 
the kind of thing that occurs between any man and woman, 
but I had always been cautious.

This particular morning, my carpenter friend had shown up 
to work very early, about seven in the morning. He had 
let himself in with a key that I had provided, as I had 
often been gone when he needed to be working. I suppose 
he did not want to disturb me so early in the morning. 

Hearing the rumblings in the kitchen, I had gotten up to 
investigate, though I guess I must have known in the back 
of my mind that it was John, my builder friend. I 
wandered in a sleepy state into the kitchen and said 
hello and mentioned the early hour, as I got myself a cup 
of coffee. 

John was silent for a moment and finally said, "Well, 
hello," in a subdued tone. It was at that point that I 
realized that I had walked out in my sheer see through 
nightie that barely covered my bottom, with no underwear 
on. I know I must have blushed mightily, as I stood there 
trying to think of something to say. "Oh, I didn't 
realize you were here!" I finally blurted out, and made a 
hasty retreat back into my bedroom. "That's okay," he 
called after me, "I didn't mind at all!"

I stood in my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. 
I was aghast as I realized that John had probably gotten 
an eyeful as my nipples, rear end, and much of my mostly 
shaved pussy was visible through the sheer fabric. Though 
I was feeling very embarrassed, I also began to feel 
somewhat excited. 

Though I was fifty, I had worked hard at keeping in 
shape. I weighed one hundred twenty-five pounds, which 
was well distributed. Though my breasts had begun to sag, 
they were still pendulous and a moderate size. The look 
on John's face told me that his seeing me had not been a 
bad experience for him. I looked hard in the mirror, and 
wondered if I should be a little more playful.

It had been a long time since I had had even a friendly 
relationship with a man, and John seemed so nice and non-
threatening. I had been thinking about sex a lot lately. 
Gene and I had always had an active sex life for over 
twenty-eight years, and I had always found it exciting. 
Though he was not well endowed at just under five and a 
half inches, he was always eager to please me. 

I had never reached an orgasm through intercourse, but he 
always found a way to make me come by other means. We had 
experimented with many things, including dildos and mild 
bondage to keep things from getting too routine. One of 
my favorite fantasies had been exhibitionism, and 
thinking of exposing myself had brought me off many 
times. I thought to myself, "maybe I'll just play with 
John a little. It might be fun." With that, I went back 
out into the kitchen, wearing just the little nightie, 
and began fixing a little something to eat. 

John had returned to his work and began his usual 
friendly banter. I'm sure he assumed that I would be 
covered up with a bathrobe by now. As I looked into the 
refrigerator to get some orange juice, I heard him 
suddenly stop his talking, as I imagined that he had 
glanced over and realized what I was still wearing. 

As I leaned over, I could feel my nightie slide up my 
backside, and I know that most of my bottom must have 
been exposed. I began to make casual conversation as I 
sashayed around the kitchen with my breasts swinging and 
my nightie offering occasional glimpses of my crotch. I 
was enjoying this more than I had anticipated. John was 
still unusually quiet for him, as I sat in a nearby 
chair, and began to ask him about the work he was doing. 

I could feel his eyes on my pussy as he stammered out his 
answers. I began to adjust my legs so that he might have 
a clearer view. As I was enjoying my game, I became aware 
of a large bulge in his pants that was becoming more and 
more prominent. It suddenly occurred to me that John 
might be becoming genuinely excited, and that my 
flirtations might lead to something more substantial. 

Suddenly, I became overwhelmed by a force inside me. I 
became more bold, and got up to walk back to the 
refrigerator. I pretended to drop my napkin and leaned 
over to pick it up. I knew that John could clearly see my 
entire bottom and my pussy lips, and possibly a little 
peek at my butthole.

"Oops," I said, and turned to face him. His penis was now 
straining against his blue jeans. It was as if someone 
else was controlling my actions now as I reached out and 
began to fondle his bulge. I felt some urgency now as I 
quickly unsnapped his jeans and unzipped his fly. I 
pulled his pants down as he made no attempt to resist. 

Hungrily, I pulled down his briefs and his raging hard on 
sprang out. I stopped for a moment and just looked at it. 
It was at least ten inches long and very thick, with 
veins running the length of the shaft up to a large, 
perfectly shaped head. His balls were very large as well, 
though they were tight in their sac with his excitement. 
His penis was more than twice the size of my late 
husband's. I began to caress it with both hands, lost in 
a state of animal lust. 

I felt his balls. I slid my hands up and down the shaft 
and over the head. Instinctively, I lowered my head down 
and began to kiss and lick his huge cock all over. "I'm 
sorry, Gene," I thought to myself, "but it just tastes 
too good." I licked his balls and cock for a good ten 
minutes and it grew impossibly large. I could tell he was 
ready to explode, and I began sucking the head in 
earnest, licking the glans and putting as much of the 
shaft as I could in my mouth. 

His groans told me he was about to come, and soon I felt 
the first of many warm spurts of his milky semen. It 
splashed against the roof of my mouth again and again, 
covering my tongue. Soon my mouth was completely full of 
his cum. I swallowed it all, and then began to lick the 
remaining jism off his still hard dick.

We remained for a moment like that, as John caught his 
breath, and I tried to figure out what I had just done. 
Then John began to take the initiative. He began to kiss 
me on the lips and neck and fondled my breasts and pussy 
underneath my nightie. Soon he removed the flimsy garment 
and I was standing before him in the nude, feeling 
unbelievably excited.

He took his time as he fondled and licked me all over. He 
laid me back on the table and began to lick my pussy. I 
came hard with my legs flailing in the air, totally 
exposed to this man. Finally, he stopped, and I was 
stunned to see that his penis was once again erect. He 
removed his clothes, turned me around, and leaned me over 
the table. My pussy gushed with wetness as he began to 
slide his dick into my twat from behind. 

He slowly pushed his hips against my butt cheeks as he 
worked his length into my pussy. As he sunk the last of 
his cock into me, he began to hump my ass, his balls 
slapping against my mound of venus. I had never felt so 
submissive or excited as he pounded me. I began to feel 
like I had never felt before, with an excitement I had 
never felt during intercourse before. 

As his huge dick strained against my pussy, I had the 
most intense orgasm of my life. I had two more before 
John emptied another load of cum into me. We lay there 
exhausted, then I got up and went to get dressed. I had 
been a little embarrassed by my actions, but I had 
enjoyed the result.

After this day, we regularly had sex as John finished my 
kitchen renovation, and I became a bit of a slave to his 
cock. I sucked him nearly every day that he was over, I 
let him shoot his cum on my face and breasts, and even 
took his huge dick up my ass, something that I never even 
let Gene do with his little dick. But somehow it seemed 
like the thing to do, and it felt great once we got it 
in. Gradually, John drifted away, as he took other jobs 
in other towns, but about a month ago, he called up and 
wanted to come by. 

Of course, I said yes, and I ended up bringing him off 
three times, in my mouth, pussy, and ass. I hope I hear 
from him again soon.

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