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Our moneys dwindled swiftly and we had no alternative 
but to vacate the present house and sleep in a public 

My father's brother who was a devil in a rogue's 
disguise offered his paltry house for a temporary 
residence. The house was very modest with only one 
bedroom and a small kitchen. 

The furniture was nonexistent.

His benevolence did not lack consideration. He 
demanded a sizeable rent and in other case mom would 
had to repay him with her soul and body. We paid him 
by selling mom's last piece of jewellery and drove him 

Mom was extremely depressed. Tranquility was an 
impossible proposition and only medicines could give 
her some respite.

In this deplorable situation the sleep was a stranger 
and to give ourselves a reprieve we conversed late 
till midnight when her eyes became heavy with sleep. 
She said, 'Dear now we must retire, dear I would 
implore you to be near me as I am terribly afraid of 
your uncle. It would be improper to accommodate you on 
the floor but please excuse my inability to provide 
you any hospitality as there is no bed in the house.'

I, too eager to gain her nearness replied earnestly, 
'Dearest mom, please do not despair yourself, I can 
easily manage without a bed.' She put on a completely 
transparent sleeping shiff and went to bed 
immediately, and did not even care to cuddle or kiss 
me goodnight.

She was sedated and lay completely oblivious to her 

I could not do much but look at her graceful figure 
twisting and curling in the bed which overflowed with 
her radiating beauty. For me the sleep was out of 
reach. I had never been so close to her and in fact, I 
had never noticed her beauty.

Mom was the prime star. She was a mixture of all kinds 
of roses. Nature's exclusive handicraft. A delight of 
all delights. She was the light of the day and 
brightness of the night. Fresh as snow, hot as cinder 
and enchanting as a myth. Any other beauty at its 
highest perfection was only a coarse imitation of her 
figure, and a disgruntled dark image of her shadows. 

Her arms were bare, the rise of her breasts open to 
invitation, a lock of brown hair sported on her 
burning cheeks and half opened quivering lips showed a 
row of sparkling white teeth. Her legs up to the 
thighs were bare. The soles of her feet, the best 
moulded I had ever seen, were so delicate, so soft and 
so shiny as if she had never treaded on anything else 
but fresh flowers of the season. She was sojourning 
the realm of dreams; a gaily smiled embroidered her 

The night had begun its long journey towards the dawn 
but I was wide awake and propounding some strategy to 
gain the closeness of this libidinous woman. I crept 
very near and placed my hand on her shoulder. She 
moved, nor did she object to my audacity. I ventured 
forth, cupped her breasts, plucked her nipples in my 
fingers and, out of my rising passion, treated them 
rather unfairly.

She opened her sleepy eyes and welcomed me with a soft 
greeting on her exotic lips. Her smiles were the 
smiles of the flowers. She hugged me closer. I said, 
'Dear, you are very sweet, I like you.' 

She whispered sharply, 'Silence, ears are here; they 
hear everywhere.' 

I quickly removed my clothes, pulled up her nightie, 
wrapped my body around her and locked her lips with 
mine in a perpetual hold. Were they flowers or buds? I 
was strangely suffocated by the touch of that 
completely naked Amazon Queen. The animal heat and the 
piquant aroma rising from her womanhood totally 
disabled my senses.

She pretended undisturbed but was earnestly perturbed. 
Even the hair on her arms and hand stood erect with 
excitement. Her very soul implored for satisfaction, 
her eyes intoxicated, her lips quivering, her limps 
trembling and her body on a virtual fire which, to me 
experienced eyes, denoted extreme sexual frenzy.

She strongly took me in her arms and pasted her hot 
lips on mine in a deep kiss, but rather in a 
conservative manner without actually going French. The 
touch of her wet and hot naked body caused a commotion 
of such magnitude that my penis attracted an extra 
ordinary erection and rose in an ominous fashion. 

The wooden staff struck her cunt squarely and the head 
of my prick partially entrenched in her hot vagina and 
only a piece of clothing barred my way to the 
happiness of paradise. This emanated a shrill moan 
from us, her face assumed a vivid red incarnation and 
her eyes shone brightly. She quickly embraced and 
kissed me deeply but this time it was French kiss 
which explored the deepest crevices of my mouth and 

My prick still buried in her vintage arcade was 
reinitiated, and she feeling the swelling, compressed 
her thighs and tortured the puny prisoner. I pushed it 
further, and she grasped my buttocks and rapped it 
lightly to guide the rhythm of the thrusts.

I felt a strong sensation on the sensitive head of my 
penis and felt like losing my ground and discharge 
prematurely. I had to summon all my valour to beat the 
nature. Noticing my predicament, she alternatively 
relaxed and strengthened the pressure of her thighs. I 
shivered in my every hair and my breath coming like an 
inferno pierced through my capillaries. 

I had almost lost my reasons and in utter madness 
passed my hands and very powerfully squeezed her 
breasts. She recoiled, uttered a shrill cry of pain 
and said, 'Darling, you are a ruthless rogue, it was 
painful pressing them so wildly, you should follow the 
ethics of love and not lose the sight of wisdom. 
Patience my darling is a virtue, there would be 
occasions and occasions. Any unwarranted exhibition of 
wild lechery would certainly lend your beloved an 
immense suffering.'

I turned pale with shame and replied, 'To annoy you is 
past my will. My heart's ill, and my breath still. I 
am not guilty, my passion is. It made me such bold, 
but a sincere apology deserves forgiveness.' 

Noticing my embarrassment, she said, 'Oh Darling 
forgive me. What a fool I am, this is the time to 
speak from the heart and not from mind. At any time, I 
am yours.'

She repeatedly kissed my lips and this time they were 
purer and truer. She wiped my lips with her tongue and 
groped every nook and corner of my mouth. I sucked at 
her breath, I was inhaling the fragrance of fresh 
roses red, pink, yellow and black.

Our organs were straining against each and this mutual 
admiration of our passions sent a cold chill through 
our spines. She, however, took no practical steps to 
fulfill her desire. The victory was close in sight but 
there are many slips between the cup and the lips. 
Knowing her nature, I did not want to sacrifice the 
already won game by being indiscreet or trying some 
act newer. Therefore, I restrained myself from being 
louder in my efforts and kept my hands asunder of her 
cunt in order not to expose any previous experiences 
of a sexual extravaganza. I thought that she was a bit 
of an introvert. Those who take a long time in 
speaking their hearts but when they open them, prove 
to be the hottest women in a man's life.

She was heaving very heavily and stings of her fiery 
breath were burning patterns on my neck and cheeks. 
She pressed my head so strongly on her breasts that 
her erect nipples almost touched my throat. I, having 
an uncanny desire to bite the hard apples, sharply 
closed my teeth on one of them. She groaned with pain 
and replied the assault by deeply digging her sharp 
teeth on my shoulders. I retorted with an equal 
callous and the game of attack and retreat continued. 
Now I became intrepid and travelled my hands to her 
back, buttock and finally her cunt. The spot was soft, 
wet and hot as the fireplace itself. She held my 
hands, pressed it to her clitoris and motioned me to 
jerk it up and down quickly. I continued my cherished 
game as efficiently as possible.

Not able to hold any longer, she with a jerk enclosed 
her lips on mine and planted several ardent kisses 
with her soft and fresh lips. I sucked at her breath 
giving forth an aroma of fresh flowers. More kisses 
were exchanged repeatedly and my hands found the rise 
of her bosom. I opened the blouse, pulled up her bra 
and her heavy breasts bulged in my view. Large 
shinning globes, symmetrically moulded from some rare 
decorative glass. 

They were pink like roses. The thick auras were of a 
darker shade and the nipples jutted out in pure 
ecstasy. I saw a big mole on her breast, which not 
visible from the blouse, aroused my penis to an iron-
stiffness, awarding her an enormous pleasure. I kissed 
the mole, applied my lips to the erect nipples and 
sucked it softly. I figured that slow and steady 
tactics would be the best the instrument to arouse her 
libidinous temperament. My hand went down further 
towards her quim, to my surprise she did not hinder 
me, but instead she guided my hand to her erect 
clitoris and tempted me to titillate it with the quick 
movements of my fingers. I was not very astonished as 
I had understood her ardour. 

I was happy and smiled a covert smile, I even forgot 
the motherly love I shared with her. Mom's personality 
and my inhibitions were so over-powering that I, 
without, considering the murky consequences of this 
forbidden feast, leaped in her arms and smothered her 
face, lips and breasts with biting kisses.

She sat by me and embraced lightly and said, 'Dear 
love, I have fulfilled what you desired. Now match 
mine with your own.' 

I replied, 'Yes, I shall equate them by my actions.'

I grasped her torso all my strength, kissed her 
passionately, and played with her impatient nipples. 
She too was not too low. She bent her mouth my hairy 
mound, reached for my penis and held it her wet lips. 
She gasped, 'My dear, I shall value your love more 
than my life. You have brought springs to my murky 
winters. Now please reply me the same pleasure that I 
affording to you, bent down on my cunt and suck my 
clit in a similar fashion. I looked at her lustrous 

Oh! What a wealth of hair was there on her Mound, the 
lips of her cunt were very thick and long, surmounted 
by a fleshy clitoris with its point blunt as a small 
pea. It had a deep red angry look enough to frighten 
away any weakling from the game of sex. I sucked her 
clit with my tongue and drilled her vagina with my 
fingers. We were both playing roughly at the same 
frequency and were at the height of arousal. 'Mom, 
please do something, I have a strange sensation in my 
prick. The erection is too painful.' 

I cried in lust. She arose, and fixing my penis on the 
hole of her cunt simply sat down on it. My whole 
prick, up to its root, was engulfed and imprisoned in 
the tight vice of her cunt. It was very hot, very wet, 
very slippery and very soft, but not lax. 

She moved her torso back and forth to make the penis 
go in and out, and revolved her pelvis in a circular 
motion to perpetrate a twofold attack. Her buttocks 
pressed against my balls which she crushed and pounded 
with successive blows. I was in seventh heaven of 
delight and shrieked in pleasure. We were a match for 
a match, an eye for an eye, and reciprocated each 
other's tortures and pleasures. I caught both her 
breasts and pressed her nipple between my index and 
thumb in such a way as if strangling the throat of a 
disloyal beloved.

She could not bear these attacks much longer and 
uttered low whines. She whispered, 'Oh Darling, this 
is the best fuck I have ever had in my life. Oh! My 
goodness, what a cock! So powerful, so full of life, 
so full of passion. Dear where were you till now. I 
never knew the bliss of youth. Oh! If had only known 
you! If I had only known! All my yesterdays without 
you; what a waste of existence. My dear boy, I think I 
am truly in love with you.' 

She was now nearly boiling with the heat of passion, 
waved her frame to and fro and cried, 'Oh Darling, 
suck by breasts and bite on my nipples.' I sucked them 
with all my zest and drank the Ambrosia of her sweet 
perspiration mixed with her tantalising perfume. I 
kept pushing my cock without a refresh and moved 
quickly. She was not in the frame of mind to expel her 
juice and lose the pleasure of the great rendezvous. 
She continued to twist and turn for countless minutes 
then said, 'My darling your prick seems to have an 
infinite erection. I marvel at your sexual prowess but 
I don't give in so quickly like other incompetent 
women; I shall suck you all your vigour.'

We locked ourselves in a mortal combat where rules 
were non-existence. We were at war and no clemency 
understood. In this arena of love, there could be only 
one survivor. I could not afford to lose but had to 
win at all cost even if it meant selling out my soul 
to Hecate, the Queen witch, otherwise face the loss of 
integrity. I had to summon all the Lucifer's powers of 
lechery to guide my sails.

My preservation won the battle. She did not hold fast 
to her words and whispered, 'Darling you win, I am 
going to cum soon, please increase your efforts, give 
me more of your young pleasure.' 

I squeezed her breasts with all my might and taking 
one of nipples in my teeth bit it so hard that 
droplets of blood smeared my lips. She screamed loudly 
and said, 'Darling! You are hurting me too much, the 
pain is excruciating but pleasing, do not stop and 
treat the other nipple in the same bloody fashion.'

Lust was largely writ on her face and she could endure 
no more and cried, 'Darling, you are a sadist, but I 
love you, oh! Dear don't stop, do not slow down; I am 
cumming.' She heaved forward, fell on me and bit my 
throat leaving a deep red mark. Her cunt contracted 
powerfully followed by more strong contractions. My 
penis was drenched in a hot flow of sperms as she had 
spent in a copious quantity. 

I, unable to hold myself any longer, vandalised her 
womb with a titanic discharge. She squeezed her cunt 
and sucked off the last drop of my semen, and nipped 
the sensitive head of my prick. She did not loosen her 
hold on my penis as wanting to keep it imprisoned 
forever, but all good things must end. My vanquished 
prick, all wet with her salacious juice, slipped out 
sluggishly and we were glued to each other for a 
timeless eternity.


We were deeply pressed for money and both of us had to 
hunt for a preoccupation to supplement our meagre 
resources. One night I returned late at night and 
entered the bedroom. I observed that she was lying in 
the bed with a thin silk sheet stretched over herself. 
She smiled at me and said, 'Oh! Dear, I am so tired 
and exhausted by this endeavour, please come and sit 
by my side, your proximity soothes my soul.' She threw 
the sheet and underneath she was entirely naked. 
Against the white bed sheet her body shone like a 
statute chiseled out of the rarest marble. 

Her tall exciting figure, milk white skin, black wavy 
hair spread on the pillow, her glowing face, her 
drowsy pink eyes, and her moist quivering lips 
overwhelmed me. The symmetrical breasts, swollen pink 
aura and the stiff nipples petrified me. The thin 
navel, heavy buttocks, wide spread long legs and the 
rich Mound of Venus clouded me. The erect clitoris 
shining like the mother of pearl and her honey 
dripping pulsating gash tantalised me. All alive to my 
eyes, was a treat for the gods. Am a mortal, they 
pulverised me.

This was the ultimate woman, this was life, this was 
my optimism. Her youth was like a full bloomed summer 
flower, ready to be plucked, else it would die. 

She stretched her hands and pulled me to herself and I 
dropped in her arms like an autumn leaf. She was at 
the highest of her sexual frenzy and waited just for 
me. She needed a special treatment as the occasion 
warranted. I was 'rich in knavery and lacked 
Chivalry'. This alluring proposal retarded my natural 
piety, and not able to restrain any further, plunged 
in her embrace. It seemed as if this was our first 
rendezvous and our lips met in kisses, kisses and 

She nearly tore off my pants and seized the stiff 
prick in her hands. I, divorced from all 
principalities, in one action, inserted the hot rod in 
her aching cunt. 

As I entered her, she heaved a long, long 'aahhh' and 
closed her eyes with a pleasant smile of the purest 
delight. She was too hot and wet inside, never had I 
witnessed her in such a frenzy of passion or so 
lovesick. She shouted, 'Darling, darling fuck me with 
all your power! Be at your best today, I need you as 
never had I needed you before. Conquer me, vanquish me 
or obliterate me. Teach my apathetic soul to live 

She entwined her long legs on my buttocks and guided 
the rhythms of the strokes with light prods of her 
feet. I improved my offerings and with every backwards 
action she shouted, 'Oh! No, No,' as if fearing the 
loss of penis. 

With ever inward push she uttered an 'Aha yes,' in 
satisfaction that she had retained the prized object 
and I continued my pushes with all my zest. 

Our relationship was completely beyond recollection. 
[Not worth the trouble of a thought.] I was at the 
edge of my emotion and announced, 'Dear your fondness 
overwhelms me. I shall never let you of my sight.' She 
shouted in reply, 'Yes, let's make it permanent, you 
may rule me as you like, beat me, cajole me, destroy 
me, render me useless. 

Be a son or a lover, but nothing for any-other. 

She was so wet and slippery inside that in the heat of 
action many times my penis slipped out of her gash. 
She hurriedly caught it in her trembling hand and 
inserted it back. We were both drenched in her 
perfumed sweat. 

She was slippery as an eel, and I had to encircle my 
arms around her neck to prevent ourselves completely 
slipping out of the hold.

She started trembling from head to foot and shrieked 
at the top of her voice, 'Dear you have battered me. 
Ooff! I am cumming, here I come.'

Her breath quickened, she gritted her teeth and white 
foam burst from her lips. Her cunt throbbed violently 
and she squeezing her legs wrenched at the root of my 
prick as to extract all its stiffness. With some such 
powerful jerks, she discharged forcefully, almost 
sucking my penis in her womb.

She writhed, twisted and her vagina played havoc with 
my prick. She bit me at several places, tore the skin 
of my chest and dug her long sharp nails in my back. 
It was like the first woman mating with the first man. 
The pain was excruciating but celestial.

She almost swooned from excess of passion and remained 
motionless for several minutes then opened her eyes 
and said, 'I love you, today you have enslaved me 
forever. You may do with me as you please. Now you may 
have your pleasure and end up in my cunt at your 
will.' I was not in a hurry as I wanted to avail this 
woman to my best and would not discharge so quickly 
and end her proximity so soon. I withdrew my penis 
from her cunt. She looked surprised, 'Dear love, are 
you even with me.' 

'No my dear, to the contrary, I want to extract the 
same magnitude of pleasure as I had offered you. Now I 
shall take my time.' I kept up pushing and whenever I 
felt like quitting, I slowly withdrew from her cunt 
and rested for a while then engulfed inside her again. 

I continued this for a long time, and she marvelled at 
my sexual prowess and enjoyed the amazing process. 
Between the rest and work, she discharged twice and 
said, 'I am all undone, please do not punish me any 
longer, I know my master. Please forgive my impunity 
and release me from your bondage.'

I increased the pace of pushes and was soon out of 
wind. At the precise moment of discharging, I shouted 
in her ears. 'My dear Mom.' My voice rose in a 
crescendo only to eclipse with, 'I love you.' I 
twisted and rotated my prick inside her cunt up to the 
extent that she nearly swooned with excess of 
pleasure. I paused and discharged very heavily thus 
emptying my pouch of semen and filled her cunt with my 
Eau de Love. 

We were drenched in our sperms and perspired wildly. I 
kept lying over her and did not attempt to withdraw my 
penis to take the pleasure to the end. 

However, she throbbed several times and my triumphant 
penis softly slipped out of her vagina after its 
longest journey.

Our combined sperms dripped from her cunt that I 
soaked it with a towel which she had placed at her 
bedside for this specific purpose, as though, already 
had planned a grand combat. She lay unconscious like a 
razed marble statue of a she-god. 

Her hands and legs stretched apart, displayed her 
smashed breasts, severely tortured cunt, inflamed 
clitoris and broken pubic hair. 

A thick trail of the silvery fluid oozed out from her 
enlarged gash. It travelled down the ravines of her 
buttocks, dripped slowly on the bed and was absorbed 
in the linen to make a wide yellow circle. Overcome by 
this scenario, I put my face on her thigh and smeared 
my fingers with the oozing ambrosia and tenderly 
rubbed her clitoris which had still retained much of 
its prior hardness. 

She opened her eyes and looking affectionately at me 
said, 'you are gift from heaven, you have has brought 
back some of the smiles in my deserted life.' Catching 
me bodily she pulled me to herself and kissed my lips 
profoundly. Totally exhausted after our fierce battle 
of sex, the nature would not approve of her blessing 
for another sensuous game. 

We kissed, revealed our love and coaxed each other's 


We embraced passionately, tears of joy dripped through 
our eyes. 

We promised an eternal devotion. Our friendship had 
turned into love.

My first and last and the most passionate. 

A never ceasing, a never dying end.

Friendship is full of joy. Love is filled with some 

We had transacted -- A losing bargain. -- Yet, still 
so profitable. 

We were dripping with perspiration though it was icy 
cold outside. The flickering fire playing on our 
bodies lulled us into a deep slumber and eternal bond 
of love.

We consumed by our excitement slept comfortably in 
each other's arm for a long while. I regained my 
reason first, kissed her sleeping lips and she awoke 
with the smile of a morning flower. Our love rekindled 
and soon our organs were competing with each other in 
the race of love. 

We repeated this entertainment again and again and in 
one night I ravaged her four or five times until our 
genitals lay totally exhausted.

We conversed of our love and I told her, 'darling you 
are the brightest star in the Galaxy. I am in the 
perpetual debt of your love.' A ray of jubilance 
radiated from her face. I kissed her eyes and said, 
'darling would you give something I ask.' Tears 
drowned her eyes and she spoke in a disheartened 
voice, 'dear my heart and soul are yours, you may draw 
them whenever you wish.' 

I said, 'Darling I want propose to you.' 

She appeared surprised, 'Propose to me, have you drunk 
from the river of forgetfulness!' 

I began solemnly, 'Darling, I love you beyond 
sensibility, please marry me as life has no 
destination without you.' 

She was drawn in some morbid thoughts and said, 'The 
catalogue of Life is not so simple; It is a supreme 
disorder. It weaves a web of confusion around its 
prey. A mistress cannot wear the crown of a bride.' 

She added, 'Dear, I am your mom.' 

I replied, 'Does relationship, age, wealth or beauty 
count, love is a marriage of hearts.' 

She shouted cheerfully, 'My love, you are in the 
right, I am a lost meteor burning in my fire, please 
save me from annihilation! All the suns of the 
universe cannot brighten my murky world. Without you 
now, life is a deceitful mirage I cannot exist outside 
your arms and shall be forever your faithful wife, a 
beloved mistress and your best friend.'

With a passion she wept and embraced me, 'Oh 
sweetheart, my sweet boy, I love you very much. I 
found you, and you are most fruitful. Yes, I shall 
marry you because I want to be a part of your life. 
Even now, I am here and you will not require another 

Finding ourselves unable relinquish each other we 
decided to change our identities and shift to some 
remote part of the country. We clandestinely married 
and lived a solitary life. 

We were very happy to find each other and consider 
this union as a Heaven's reward to us for some of our 
good deed which we might have performed unknowingly.

We never had children as we did not want to cast the 
shadows of our unorthodox relation to our successors 
but would carry that emotion to our graves.

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