Thursday, 21 November 2013


For the longest time I have wanted to fuck my step-
daughter Lisa. I have known her since she was six. It 
has been ten years now and she has turned into a 
beautiful young woman, with a body that all men want. 

A few years ago when she was twelve we were wrestling in 
the living room, as we had done for many years. Lisa was 
wearing a small tank top and loose shorts. She was on 
top of me with her knees on either side of my chest. I 
gripped her upper body to push her away. My hands 
latched on to her tank top for leverage. By mistake I 
pushed too hard, we flipped over and I landed on top of 
Lisa. The force of the motion caused her right tit to 
pop out. Unlike other girls her age, my sweet step-
daughter had already developed a nice chest. The firm 
breast below me must have been at least large B cup. She 
acted like nothing had happened and kept wresting with 

I was so busy staring at her large dark nipple that she 
caught me off guard and managed to wriggle out from 
under me. Before I could react Lisa whipped her left leg 
over my head wrapping her strong legs around my neck, 
putting me in a neck lock (There were plusses and 
minuses to making your step-daughter study martial arts 
and I was experiencing both of them at the same time.) 

In this helpless position facing her I looked up and to 
my shock I found that I could see up her shorts. The way 
she was squeezing my head caused her shorts to shift, 
giving me a clear view of Lisa's bare pussy. The thin 
dark wisps of black hair covering those small tight lips 
were a revelation. I got an instant hard on knowing I 
was inches from her young sweet pussy. 

Before my talented step-daughter embarrassed me, by 
knocking me out, I decided to flip her around and get 
her legs away from my neck. Since she only weighed 
eighty pounds it was easy for a man my size to move her. 
In doing so Lisa slid down my body. In the heat of the 
moment I forgot about my huge hard on. I knew she felt 
it. Lisa jumped up then sat hard down so hard on my 
crotch that I swore that she was trying to rub her 
virgin pussy lips on my hard-on. At that point I decided 
to put an end to it by sitting down on the sofa and 
telling her I was worn out and needed a break. She 
smiled in a small victory she thought she had achieved. 
From that point on I stopped our weekly wrestling 

When Lisa turned sixteen her breasts were as big as her 
mother's 36D's. She was barely five feet tall and 
weighed 90 pounds. Lisa's small stature and thin body 
made her chest look even more immense than it was. 

I was very happy when the wife suggested one day that we 
build a pool. In the back of my mind I thought that I 
would have to be so careful with all the gorgeous 
teenage girls that my sexy step-daughter would invite 
over to use our new pool. 

The pool was finished a couple of months later, it was 
great. It was an in ground, with a shallow end about 
three and a half feet and a six foot deep end. The 
entire family was thrilled.

One weekend, when my wife was working, I had just 
finished mowing the lawn, when Lisa and her best friend 
Janie ask me to join them in the pool. After swimming 
around for fifteen or twenty minutes the girls started 
to get bored. "Hey dad, want to play keep away?" Lisa 
sweetly asked. 

"Sure," I replied. 

Janie climbed out of the pool grabbed the ball and 
jumped back in so we started to play. Both girls are 
short, Janie is about five foot three, and I am six foot 
two, so I was always in the deep end. As the game played 
out the two beautiful girls in tiny bikinis always 
leaned into me so they knew which way I was going. This 
to let the other one know where to throw it.

It was all innocent until Lisa's friend tossed the ball 
too far ahead of me. Lisa started swimming towards the 
ball, so I grabbed the only thing I could to pull my 
step daughter back. Not thinking I grasped her slim 
hips. My fingers got tangled in her bikini bottom. She 
kept swimming so I almost pulled them completely off. 
Lisa slipped out of my grasp and got the ball. Turning 
around with a mischievous grin on her Lisa splashed me 
calling me a cheater. 

As she moved to the shallow end, I could see that her 
small bottom was halfway down her firm thighs. I could 
not help staring at her dark patch as she pulled her 
bottom back up and with a fake stern look said "okay 
this is war." On the next toss Janie was in the middle 
she leaned her compact young body up against me. I had a 
huge hard-on from seeing Lisa's beautiful pussy. Janie 
started to jump up and down as my step-daughter kept 
faking as if she was going to throw the ball. 

When Lisa finally tossed the ball Janie tried to push me 
away. Her small hand ended up on my dick. Through the 
fabric of my swimsuit she wrapped her hand around the 
thick shaft as she jumped up to catch the ball. When she 
passed Lisa she whispered, "You are right it is huge." 
When it was Lisa's turn to be in the middle she setup in 
front of me with little space between us. 

As she moved back and forth to block my receiving the 
ball my hard cock was rubbing against her tight ass. One 
time she put her hands behind her back to find me, 
instead her hands found my hard dick. I thought she 
would remove them, but I was wrong. She left her hands 
there rhythmically massaging my straining member. I 
swear Janie was fake tossing the ball so Lisa could give 
me a hand job. 

I could feel the cum bubbling up inside of my heavy 
balls. As I was about to blow my load I grabbed Lisa and 
put my right hand in between her legs and my left on her 
back. Bending my knees and rising back up I tossed her 
up in the air. As I was lifting her out of the water, 
with my hand in her crotch, I pushed my middle finger as 
hard as I could, stuffing her bikini bottom into her 
pussy. Lisa flew into the water. I quickly climbed up 
the ladder, and said to the girls, "That's enough for 

I went into my bathroom and dropped my suit. Facing the 
bathtub, I began to stroke my still partially hard cock. 
In a matter of seconds I was stiff as a board. I picked 
up the tempo. It only took about a minute for my balls 
to pull up against my body. What followed was one of the 
biggest discharges in my entire adult life. I coated the 
tile wall. I hadn't shot like that in years. After my 
poor cock was reduced to a few dribbling spurts, I bent 
my knees against the tub and leaned over placing my 
hands against the wall. I was spent.

That night, completely recovered, with thoughts of the 
nubile young girls from the afternoon, I fucked my wife 
so hard that I know the neighbors could hear her 
screaming orgasms. I came three more times. I was ready 
for round four, when my wife looked down at my rising 
cock and said "no more, I won't be able to walk 
tomorrow." Reluctantly I kissed her. We spooned and 
drifted off to a needed rest.

The next morning my wife woke earlier than normal and 
got ready for work. She came out of the bathroom, and 
looking quizzically at me, asked, "What the hell 
happened to you last night? We haven't fucked like that 
since the first months we dated?" 

Sheepishly I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't 
know, Bob sent me some porn, maybe that was it." She 
chuckled and said, maybe "I need to tell him to send you 
stuff more often." Relieved she wasn't angry and seemed 
to buy my story, I relaxed back into my pillow as she 
left the bedroom.

About thirty minutes later I turned on the TV and 
started to wake up. I was still totally nude under the 
covers, soon after Lisa pranced into the room and jumped 
in bed with me, asking what I was watching. My stunning 
step-daughter had stolen one of my large shirts. I 
thought I could see the outline of her small panties 
partially covering her firm butt. The obvious points of 
her nipples pressed against the front of the shirt 
confirmed that she was not wearing a bra to hold up 
those impressive globes. 

Lisa turned her back to me and snuggled closely. When 
she pushed her ass into my groin she let out a small 
moan realizing that I did not have any clothes on. She 
paused at first then pushed harder into me grinding her 
amazing ass into my growing cock, which caused it to 
grow to its full nine inches. Lisa spread her legs 
allowing my dick slide up against her panty covered 
pussy. Every once and a while she would pretend to 
scratch her leg to touch my dick head. 

I was going to see how far she would go when my wife 
called to tell me that her mother would be at the house 
any minute to pick Lisa up. I told Lisa to go shower and 
she was mad, but she left before my mother-in-law 

After that weekend I started to push the limits with 
Lisa. One afternoon we were in the pool with my younger 
son teaching him how to swim when Lisa said, "okay, 
Steve dad will hold me and you will see what you need to 
do." She spread her legs and pushed back to wrapping her 
legs around my waist and started to act like she could 
not swim. 

While she was doing this she was rubbing her pussy into 
my crotch. Her actions aroused me very quickly. Lisa 
realized this and said to her brother, who was sitting 
on the side of the pool, "Stevie honey can you go in and 
get us all some sodas." 

He adored his sweet older half-sister and said eagerly, 
"No problem." 

With my son gone I started to pretend like I was fucking 
her and jabbing my hard-on against her covered pussy. 
Quickly she responded and started to push her pussy 
against my hard-on. Her movements and guttural sounds 
made it clear to me that she was using my cock to rub 
herself to an orgasm. I'm almost one hundred percent 
sure that she did have an orgasm but I was busy looking 
to make sure no one was watching us. 

Three nights later my wife had to work the overnight 
shift, so I was lying in bed watching TV.

Around one in the morning I heard a thunder storm in the 
distance. Knowing that Lisa was scared to death of them 
I stripped off all my clothes. Like clockwork there was 
a loud bag and two seconds later Lisa was jumping into 
bed with me. When she put her body up tight against me I 
wrapped my arms around her. 

To my surprise she did not have any clothes on. Her warm 
naked flesh tight against my body immediately raised my 
libido. My hand found a hard nipple. Not thinking I 
squeezed it rotating my fingers to cover all of the firm 
flesh. Then I spread my hand rubbing as much as I could 
of her huge tit. Rolling over Lisa turned to face me. 
She started to rub my dick as I started to suck her long 

Suddenly we heard a noise somewhere else in the house. 
We stopped to listen and see what was going on. 
Realizing it was nothing Lisa turned her back to me, 
lifted her left leg slightly and at the same time 
reached down and put my dick between her legs so it was 
rubbing against her pussy. Within minutes I was about to 
blow my load so I kept moving my dick like I was fucking 
her. All of sudden I lost it and blew my load all over 
her underwear and legs. Turning her head towards me Lisa 
smiled at me, kissed me quickly on my lips, and got up 
to go back to her bedroom. 

The next day when we were in the pool she asked me to 
throw her again. I put my hand into her crotch at that 
point I noticed she had pulled her bottom aside so I 
could feel her bare pussy. As I picked her up, I shoved 
my finger into her wet pussy I wriggled it around for a 
minute, then I tossed her across the pool. As she was 
swimming back I was licking her sweet juices off of my 
finger. Breaking the mood, my wife yelled out that she 
wanted to go out before she went to work, so I jumped 
out and took a shower.

We went to one of the local bars. Missing my sweet step-
daughter I was pounding away the drinks and got totally 
wasted. My wife drove us home and put me to bed. Since 
she had to work later she had only been drinking soda. 
Once home and in bed I passed out cold.

I don't know how long I was out but I woke to a soft 
hand stroking my long dick. Rolling over my face was 
confronted with a large breast and erect nipple. I could 
not see anything else. As I worked on the tremendous 
flesh the moans I heard told me I was pleasing her. 

After about five minutes of sucking her tits I swear she 
had an orgasm. I was still so out of it, I had no idea 
who it was. I thought hmmm maybe my mind was playing 
tricks on me as my wife has never had an orgasm with her 
tits being sucked. So I started kissing her whole body 
and teasing her I passed right by her pussy and went 
down to her toes which drives her wild. 

After sucking and licking for about fifteen minutes I 
felt her toes curl in my mouth. This orgasm was soft, 
but long. I worked my way up to her pussy. I teased her 
for a while by kissing and sucking her inner thigh so 
when I finally dove into her pussy she had a huge 
orgasm. I worked on her clit and started to insert a 
finger into her pussy think boy she is so tight tonight. 
I worked on her slowly and kept pushing in harder. After 
she had another mind blowing orgasm I said "okay it's my 

I start to push my nine inch dick into that sweet pussy 
I hit a barrier. I looked hard at her for the first 
time. Shocked I saw my beautiful step daughter beneath 
me. In a deep throaty voice she commanded, "Go ahead 
dad, put your huge cock all the way in, I am ready."

I was beyond stopping now. I cocked my hips and pushed, 
lowering my weight on to her slight body. With one hard 
thrust I felt the skin break. I was in. Lisa let out a 
small whimper, but she was not deterred. I felt her feet 
on my ass encouraging me to continue. I slowly slid the 
rest of my long, thick cock into her no longer virgin 

I was amazed, as after about five minutes, our pelvic 
bones met. My sweet step-daughter had taken my entire 
cock on her first night. Lisa moaned and said in a low 
voice, "Daddy you are so big." My cock pulsed at the 
words. I stayed there for a minute or two to let her 
body adjust to the monster inside. It was not me, but 
the darling girl beneath me who was ready for more. I 
felt Lisa's hips buck as she said, "come on daddy fuck 
me hard." I pulled about half way out and slowly re-
entered her slick tunnel. The next thrust was faster and 
the one after that even more.

Soon I was pounding my little girl with everything I 
had. Lisa did not back down, I could feel her body lift 
up and meet my every plunge. I slowed down for a minute 
and lowered my mouth to hers. As our lips met, I snaked 
my tongue into her waiting mouth. She greedily sucked on 
my tongue as I picked up the pace again. Lisa began to 
emit the most amazing and animalistic moans. Her body 
began to shake. She reached up, wrapped her arms around 
me and pulled me down to her. Her huge breasts smashed 
against my chest as my girl came for the first time by a 
thorough fucking.

Now it was my turn. The combination of her tight pussy, 
her extreme beauty and the culmination of years of 
desire meant I could not last long. Soon I could feel my 
orgasm approaching. In a moment of clarity, as the cum 
started up my shaft I pulled out. Without any assistance 
my cock sent spurt after spurt on her stomach and chest. 
One even hit her chin. After the last one dribbled out 
of my shrinking cock I collapsed on top of her. She did 
not even wince. My precious girl wrapped her arms around 
me again and pulled me even tighter into her warm body.

We lay like that for several minutes, not moving. 
Finally I rolled us over so she was on top of me. We 
kissed for minutes. There was a new glow on her sweet 
face. Lisa smiled looked me in the eyes and said, "Daddy 
I have waited for so long to do this." 

I replied, "Me too sweetie."

All too soon the combination of the alcohol, time and 
the effort I had just given proved to be too much. I 
drifted off to sleep again.

The next day I woke alone. I was so hung over but I also 
was wondering if it had really been a dream. Could my 
fantasy have really become reality? I got out of bed to 
go downstairs and get a cup of coffee.

As I passed her bedroom I heard her on the phone with 
Janie saying why don't you sleep over tonight and we 
both will fuck him, but I have to tell you he is much 
bigger than we thought he was.

I was thankful that my wife had the night shift again...

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  1. why did you use MY PHOTO to your sick fantasy blog on here? You're a piece of shit.