Thursday, 7 November 2013


"At last, a couple have come to live in our vacant
house next door," Shrish's mother announced.

Shrish was not interested in knowing who they were as
he was very much involved in the cricket match showing
on TV at the time. He was 18, tall, fair, and
handsome, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He
was studying MBBS and in his medical college he was a
great attraction for the girl students.

The couple who came to live in the house next door
were Raj and Sheela, recently married and good
looking. Raj worked for a multi-national company and
his work involved frequent tours. Sheela was a
housewife. She was lean and well proportioned, except
for her very big boobs. The ample boobs on the
slender body attracted every male with sufficient

When she came for a formal chat with Shrish's mother,
Shrish stood mesmerized. Such a large set of breasts
on such a slim body made him gasp, and it took a few
minutes to recover. He envied the husband who could
play with those football sized boobs.

Sheela, in her turn, was also stunned by the good
looks of the youth with the great body. She saw his
gaze fixed on her breasts and she blushed. Though
such stares were not rare, his stare had a magnetic
quality that made her heart race.

Shrish's mother introduced her son to their new
tenant. He said hello to the boobs and he couldn't
take his eyes off them; he had never seen such a
beautiful set in his life, even in erotic movies.

Fortunately, Shrish's mother didn't notice her son's
behaviour as she was telling Sheela all about her
son's educational and athletic skills. But Sheela
could see his eyes still fastened on her boobs and she
was pleased by the handsome young man's attention.

Raj was good at sex but such adoration was not in him,
and he did every thing in a routine lifeless manner. 
But the neighbour's boy seemed to appreciate the
beauty, and he attracted her very much. 


Next day Shrish came to Sheela's house and had a
casual talk with Raj who also liked the medical
student very much.  When Sheela came in with coffee,
Shrish's eyes were automatically drawn to her twin
assets, but he was very careful in the presence of her
husband. Raj invited Shrish to come in the evening
for chats as he did not know any other people in the
area, and Shrish agreed willingly.

One day Shrish asked Raj casually, "Raj, do you play
foot ball regularly?" Though he asked the question to
Raj, his eyes were on Sheela's boobs, as she stood
behind Raj. She blushed, knowing the meaning. But
Raj said, "No, I don't play football. Do you play

"So far, no. But now I am very interested and keen" he
said, mischievously, knowing that she was enjoying his
double meaning.

Next day, Shrish came over a little earlier, knowing
that Raj would not be at home. Sheela welcomed him and
asked him to sit on the sofa. That day she looked
very pretty in a black sari and black blouse. He was
in a T shirt and lungi and his T shirt showed off his
bulging biceps.

"Raj has not come home yet. Shall I bring the coffee

"The only thing I am interested in now is milk," he
said lustily, eyeing her milk pots. She felt slight
uneasiness about his obvious fixation, but his
slightly parted sensuous lips and the way he was
looking at her tits looked very sexy to her. She
wanted to please the obsessed boy a little and she
bent down to pick up the newspaper from the floor. 

The pallu of the sari slipped, her low cut blouse was
unable to contain the enormous boobs, and a large
portion of the breasts spilled out triumphantly. 

Seeing the magnificent view, Shrish's eyes widened,
his lips parted further and his heart ran a marathon. 
He drank in the beauty of the firm creamy boobs and
feared that she might stand up again at any time.
Thoughtfully she took a long time to pick up the
newspaper and let him enjoy the feast. 

As soon as they heard Raj's footsteps she straightened
herself and put the pallu of her sari back to her
shoulder. Raj seemed tired and said he had a
headache. Hearing that, Sheela brought pain-killing
balm, applied it to his forehead, and began to massage
softly. Raj said to Shrish, "She is very good at
massage, Shrish; I am sure that my headache will go

Shrish was still mesmerized with the great view he had
seen. He waited till his horny cock subsided from the
passionate fury and then went home. 

Next day Shrish also arrived early, immediately after
playing tennis. He was wearing a T Shirt and shorts,
his hairy thighs showed their muscles and his wet T
shirt outlined his masculine body. "Sheela, I have a
terrible headache and so I have come here from the
tennis court, instead of going home. Will you put the
balm on, please?" he said eagerly.

Sheela looked at the clock and realised there was
still half an hour before Raj would be home. She
brought the balm, sat on the sofa and asked him to lie
down and put his head on her thighs. His lips became
dry and licking them, he eagerly lay down as she said.

She let her pallu down carelessly and her magnificent
boobs were just a few inches from his lips. Only half
covered by the blouse her breasts stood erect in all
their glory. He was enthralled. All he wanted to do
was bury his face in them, massage them, knead them,
kiss them and suck the nipples. But he dared not do
anything, and to control himself he closed his eyes.

She took the balm and applied it to his forehead and
began to massage softly; he enjoyed her touch. After
some time he slowly opened his eyes only to see the
beauty of the tits. He tried to move his head towards
the boobs. "No, Shrish, Raj will come home soon" she

"You are torturing me by not showing me them fully,
Sheela" he said frankly.

"OK, but no touching." she teased him. She had slowly,
VERY slowly, unbuttoned the blouse, one by one. He
watched eagerly to see all that she was revealing.

When she had undone the button just below her bra, she
pulled the sides back and stopped. Her bra was lace,
and he could see her large perfect nipples through the
lace. He was entranced. Looking at those breasts, he
could see the darker color at the tips. The dark pink
nipples. That was where he wanted to be. He stared at
the entire expanse of lace-covered flesh. Her bra cup
was large enough to cover to just above the nipples.

The upper curves were exposed to his eyes in all their
abundance. His mouth was open now, and his hands
flexed convulsively. He wanted nothing more than to
grab on to those tits. He had fairly large hands, but
he would bet that it would take both hands to
completely hold one of her boobs while he nursed on
the tip.

He swallowed his saliva and exclaimed, "Oh God...Oh
God." His cock stood at 90 degrees and it looked
longer than her husband's. 

They heard Raj's bike outside the house and acted
quickly so that when Raj came in Shrish was reading
the newspaper and Sheela was in the kitchen. Raj and
Shrish chatted about the coming elections in India,
and then Raj said he would leave early the next
morning and return very late, because of his work

Next morning, Shrish woke up very early and as soon as
he heard Raj leave the house he went to Sheela's
house. Sheela was going to have a bath and she was
wrapped in a small towel that covered neither the
enormous boobs nor the smooth upper thighs. He
brought a big bottle with him and Sheela frowned and
said, "Shrish I don't like people who drink."

"Sheela, it is not liquor. It is only honey, dear."

"What for?"

"I want to taste you with honey, babe"

He undressed immediately and she was very much pleased
by what she saw. His wide shoulders, slightly hairy
chest, flat stomach, and above all his long raging
cock, perhaps 8 inches, all made her passionate.  He
came to her and took the towel from her body and
enjoyed seeing her inch by inch. "What a body!" he
exclaimed in a whisper. 

Her boobs looked firm, even without the support of the
bra. And her nipples were even larger than he had
expected, seeing them through their lacy cover
yesterday. His mouth watered as he saw her shaved
cunt, already oozing with love juice. He loved that
reaction. He wanted to taste her inch by inch.

He poured the bottle of honey on the magnificent
boobs. After covering the vast area of her boobs, the
honey travelled all over her body, ending at her cunt
and mixing with her dripping juices. He began to knead
the one white globe closest to him; it was slippery
with honey. He was fascinated by the softness and yet
the firmness beneath it. He kissed every inch of that
breast. He licked up and down it. The taste of her
boob was exciting. With his tongue he encircled the
boob from the farthest point, where it attached to her
chest, and slowly drew a spiral until his mouth was on
the nipple. And that he took into his mouth and
suckled on. He massaged that breast, pulling on it,
while he took as much into his mouth as he could. He
flicked the nipple with his tongue, batting it back
and forth while his teeth held it steady. His senses
were completely fixated on the tit before him. He
moaned around it and realized that this is where he
wanted to be forever
She couldn't believe this; he had spent at least
fifteen minutes on one breast, until she couldn't take
it anymore, and she switched him to the other. She
felt immense pleasure as he took the other boob and
gave it the same exciting treatment. It took a long
time for him to finish his obsession with her tits
that were now covered with his saliva and from which
the honey was completely cleaned. 

He thoroughly and neatly licked her and then leaned
down towards her pussy and buried his face in her. He
couldn't get over how hot she was. Hot and wet. His
tongue slid deep inside her, and he felt the walls of
her pussy try to clamp down on its slipperiness. His
nose bumped against her clit, and he could hear her
moaning. He moved in an in and out motion, and then
sneakily took one of his hands off her lips and began
to rub that magic button back and forth while he
finger-fucked her. He could feel his cheeks getting
wet with her, and he loved it. She tasted so wonderful
with honey, he thought he could lick it the whole day,
and smiled to himself when he realized that he could
indeed do just that. He went on and on. He ate her
out more and more. He did not stop. He did not pause.
She had never been eaten out like that before. Oral
sex, yes, but never ravaged like that. 

When she couldn't bear any more, she pulled him up and
clasped his lengthy pink rod. He felt her touch on his
prick and looked down to see her white hands clumsily
begin to roll the condom down over his cock. (He
didn't know where she had kept the condom so far). He
helped her, wanting to ensure that it was anchored
properly, since he was damn sure he was going to fuck
the hell out of her, and he didn't want to have to
stop in the middle. Finally, it was in place, and he
circled her hole with the tip of his cock. He could
feel the heat emanating from inside her. 

Her moans were matched by his at this point, as they
both watched his cock against her cunt. And then, with
one thrust, he slammed about six inches inside her.
They both groaned loudly at the invasion. He couldn't
believe how hot it was inside her, and how she seemed
to grip him like a glove, even through the thin latex

He watched her large firm breasts jiggle with each of
his motions, and he wanted to see how much he could
make them move. So, finally, in a game with himself,
he suddenly rammed his entire cock all the way inside
her tight channel. Both of their eyes closed and he
just held it there, enjoying the moment. He pulled all
of the way out, and then did it again. And again. And
again. Picking up speed as her pelvis was tilting up
to meet his every plunge. The sweat was dripping from
his forehead as they continued their motions. They
were both moaning loudly, and there were no words, as
the sensations were overwhelming both of them.

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