Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I had to travel to Boston for some customer visits so 
my wife decided to fly out of the weekend and join me. 
We are both 38 years old with three kids that were left 
at the grandparents for the weekend. I was there all 
week and my wife came out Thursday afternoon and we 
were flying home on Sunday. 

Thursday night was pretty uneventful, she joined me 
with a customer for dinner and then we had some pretty 
uninspired sex and went to bed. My wife was still 
asleep and I headed off to meet our local people and 
left a note that I would meet her at around 6pm and 
then we would go to a nice dinner. 

The meetings went long and traffic was crazy so I 
called my wife and told her I was going to be late and 
suggested she go down to the bar for a drink and I 
would be back around 6:30pm. I finally arrived around 7 
and found my wife in the bar in a new sexy dress she 
had bought for the trip. She is about 5’8" and about 
135 pounds and very nice C cup breasts that looked nice 
in her new dress that showed a lot of cleavage. She did 
not see me come in and I saw her talking with a young 
black guy. My wife was enjoying the attention and he 
definitely was enjoying the cleavage and they were both 
flirting heavily. 

I watched for a few minutes from across the bar and it 
was a turn on to watch my wife with this good looking 
young stud. I decided to join the two of them and 
walked over and introduced myself. His name was James 
and he was a 26 years old married accountant in town 
with a group auditing a company. He was about 6’4" and 
had a slender muscular body. He played basketball in 
college but said he was not tall enough for the NBA so 
he got his CPA and just started working for a large 
accountant firm. 

We all had a drink together and it was the 3rd of 4th 
for my wife and she was definitely feeling good. He 
told us he had been there all week and was anxious to 
get home to his wife. She was pregnant and it did not 
seem like he was getting a lot of action lately and was 
getting into the flirting with my wife and no doubt had 
a hard on in his pants. The rest of his group showed up 
and they headed off to dinner and as we were finishing 
up our drink James came back and said that they were 
going to be back about 10pm and were going to meet in 
his bosses suite for drinks and play some cards if we 
were interested and told up his boss was in room 1801. 
My wife quickly said we would be there and he left. 

I asked if she was ready to head out to dinner and she 
leaned over to me and said "let’s order room service 
and go upstairs and fuck". Obviously she was turned on 
by the flirting with James and I signed the bill and we 
left. As soon as we were in the crowded elevator my 
wife backed into me and with her ass started grinding 
on my crotch. I thought if the elevator ride lasted any 
longer I was going to cum in my pants. 

I was rock hard as we got into the room my wife pushed 
me towards the bed undid my pants and proceeded to suck 
my cock until I came in her mouth. I was pretty primed 
up so it did not take long. My wife then let her dress 
drop to the floor and took off her panties and laid on 
the edge of the bed and I took the cue and buried my 
tongue into her slit. I licked her clit which was 
driving her crazy and put two fingers in her cunt. 

She was in a nasty mood so I put one finger at her back 
door and worked it in as far as it would go and put my 
thumb into her wanting pussy. I kept going at her clit 
and working on her wholes and then she started to tense 
up and had a huge orgasm and she even squirted like I 
had never seen before. I was hard again and I jumped on 
top of her and fucked her hard and fast and she had a 
2nd orgasm right before I unloaded my cum deep into her 

I rolled off of her and we collapsed in each others 
arms. After a few minutes she said she was hungry and 
we ordered up some room service. I went to the bathroom 
and when I came back I found her with her fingers in 
her pussy masturbating with her eyes closed no doubt 
thinking of James. 

She was really working herself over and my cock was 
hard in no time. Then she opened her eyes remembering I 
was there and said "fuck me now" and she rolled over on 
to all fours and I slid my cock into her pussy and 
grabbed her hips and I started thrusting and she kept 
saying "harder" and "faster" and I kept thrusting as 
hard as I could and then I started coming. 

Just as I started coming there was a knock at the door, 
"room service". I pulled out as my cock was still 
quivering and threw on the robe, put a cover on my wife 
and opened the door. The room no doubt smelled of sex 
and I gave the young boy a nice tip and he left I am 
pretty sure with a hard on. We had a good laugh, he no 
doubt new my wife had just been fucked. I brought the 
food over to the bed and we sat there naked and had our 

I was still finish up my burger and my wife started 
stroking my cock until it was hard again and then she 
took me into her mouth and sucked and stroked me until 
I came again in her mouth. This time she right away 
came up to kiss me and pushed some cum into my mouth. 
We noticed it was 9:30 already so we decided to get 
dressed and head to James’ bosses room. We both took 
quick showers and my wife put the dress back on and I 
suggested she skip the panties and she reached under 
her dress and removed her panties. 

I told her she looked hot and I could not wait until we 
get back to the room. She just smiled. My wife and I 
have always been faithful to each other and I was 
pretty sure we were both thinking that tonight that 
might change. My wife had only one other partner before 
me so the thought of her getting fucked by James’ black 
cocked was a real turn on. 

We had always jokingly fantasized about something like 
that but never thought it would happen. As we were 
leaving I told her that it was ok with me if she 
flirted more with James. She said "you like that?" and 
I told her it was a turn on watching her flirt with him 
and it would be even ok if things got out of hand a 
little and we headed off. 

We knocked and James answered the door and introduced 
us to his boss, Don and his two co-workers Brian and 
John. They had just got back and were getting ready to 
have a drink. My wife offered to make drinks and 
suggested we started playing cards she would just 

She served us all our drinks of choice and went over to 
James and started rubbing his shoulders and chest 
letting her boobs rub against his neck. He was getting 
distracted and I suggested he might want to sit out a 
few hands and talk with my wife. He got up from the 
chair and his hard on was back and she grabbed him by 
the hand and took him into the bedroom. His boss joked 
that he will probably have to sleep on the couch 
tonight. It was quiet for a while until suddenly we 
heard my wife scream out, "I’m cumming, fuck me, I’m 

It was loud enough that I think all the neighbors heard 
also. After about 10 minutes James emerged with just 
his pants on and said that she wanted someone else to 
come in and James said to Don, "you’re the boss, I 
guess it is your turn". 

Don did not waste much time and he was undoing his 
shirt as he went into the room. About 20 minutes later 
he came out and Brian went it and then John. When John 
came out he asked who is next and I said I would go. I 
went in and my wife had her ass in the air and she had 
the cover over her. I shut the door and she said "I do 
not want to know who you are, just fuck me and then 
tell someone else to come in". I went up to her and 
there was still cum dripping out of her pussy so I slid 
my tongue in and suck out what I could. Then I slid in 
and did as told and fucked her until I deposited my 

I went out and James went back in and we all took a 2nd 
turn. When it was my turn I did the same thing, I 
sucked out all the cum I could get and then fucked her. 
I went back into the room and James went in one more 
time and then he came out with her and said they were 
going back to his room and they left. John said he was 
going to leave and told Don he could sleep in his extra 
bed and then left. Brian and I were both on the couch 
naked and he looked at me and said he was still hard 
and asked me if I would suck his cock, he would suck 

I said I had never done it before and he said he had 
never either. I said I was willing to try and I lowered 
myself and took him into my mouth and grabbed his base 
and started sliding my mouth up and down his cock and 
stroking him at the same time and then he said he was 
going to sum and I kept stroking him until he started 
cumming in my mouth. 

I swallowed everything down and released his cock from 
my mouth. Brian then surprised me and asked if I would 
want to fuck him in the ass. He said he had always had 
a fantasy about being taken in the ass. We looked in 
the backroom and Don surprisingly had a small tube of 
lubricant. I spread it on my cock and then worked a 
generous amount into his ass. He was tight at first but 
with a few insertions I was able to get a finger deep 
into him. 

I figured it was time and I brought my cock up to his 
opening and slowly started working it in. He was even 
tighter than my wife’s backdoor. I kept working it in 
slow until I had it all the way in. I then started 
thrusting slowly at first and kept building up speed 
until I could feel the pressure building up. Then I 
asked him if he wanted me to cum in his ass or not. He 
said not to so I kept thrusting until just before I was 
ready to cum and then I pulled out and he quickly 
turned around and I sprayed my load all over his face. 

He was hard again so I grabbed him in my hand and 
jerked him off until he came all over his chest. It was 
around 3am and he just went in and went to sleep in 
Don’s bed and I headed back to my room. It was strange 
not to find my wife knowing she was probably still 
getting fucked probably in the ass by James. In the 
morning I heard a knock at the door about 6am and it 
was my wife. She said they had an early flight and had 
to head out. She told me that she never went to sleep 
and she was tired and we went to sleep. 

Finally about noon we woke up and we had a pretty quick 
fuck and then ordered some room service. I got up and 
took a shower and was dressed when the food arrived. My 
wife was still in bed naked. It was the same young man. 
We found out later he was a 19 year old college 
student. I got a $20 bill and started handing it to him 
and then I said do you want this $20 bill or would you 
want to fuck that, pointing to my wife and my wife took 
the cue and removed the cover inviting him to join her. 

He did not hesitate and he took off his clothes and 
jumped into bed with her and fucked her in the 
missionary position. He came pretty quickly and he then 
got off her and started to get dressed and as he was 
leaving I gave him the $20 anyway. I went over to the 
bed and put my face to her pussy and sucked out the 
mixtures of our cum and then I fucked her again. We 
fucked one more time that night and once in the morning 
before we left. I think we were both sore and worn out 
for the adventures. 

When we got home the trip no doubt rejuvenated our sex 
life. Then about 6 weeks later my wife told me that her 
period never came and she was pretty sure she was 
pregnant. The problem is I had a vasectomy so we both 
knew it was not my baby but we were excited anyway, 
even if it was possibly black. Months later the baby 
was born and I guess fortunately it was not black, that 
would have been hard to explain, and we had our forth 

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