Sunday, 17 November 2013


Often while making love to my wife Sue, I would 
initiate a little fantasy that she seemed to enjoy as 
much as I did. I would say something like, "Honey, 
you're the hottest woman in the world. I would love to 
see you giving a young guy some... bet you would drive 
him crazy!" 

Then shortly after that I would add something like; 
"Makes me so hot thinking of him getting into your hot 
box. Bet he would be shooting in a few strokes it would 
be so good to him." I could tell that she liked it as 
she would pull me close and moan in pleasure. I would 
say something like, "How would you like to have one 
right now?" 

That would make her really roll and buck and mumble, 
"Yes! Yes!" However, she never really said she wanted 
one or even seem interested in discussing the fantasy. 

Time went by and her 39th birthday was coming up. I 
asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said 
that she was sure I would think of something to 
surprise her. I laughed and said, "How about a young 
stud to entertain you for a night?" She laughed and 
said that I would not dare do that.

Nothing further was said about the subject of a young 
guy for her birthday until the next year and we had 
about the same conversation about her birthday desires. 
When I mentioned getting her a young stud, she 
responded, "You promised me one last year and I never 
saw one. You are all show and no go. Promises, 
promises, that is all I get," and laughed.

I said, "You might be surprised at what I will do. 
Don't dare me!" She just looked at me with a devilish 
grin like she was daring me. I thought I detected a 
little desire that I go through with the threat but she 
would never really ask that I do it. I continued, "I 
would like to see if you still have what it takes at 40 
years. You might not be able to handle a young guy." 

She blurted out, "Just try me! I will show you and him 
both what a 40 year old wife can do. He should worry 
that he can handle me at 40," as she laughed.

I started thinking about what I was going to do. She 
had dared me now and I actually wanted to see her in 
action with a young stud. How was I to pull this off 
now that I had pushed the point? The ball was in my 
court and I didn't know if I could handle it. Two weeks 
to go till her birthday and it was on a Saturday night 
which would be great if I had a player for her. I 
didn't know what to do. I knew what I wanted to do but 
how do you just ask some young guy, "Do you want to 
fuck my 40 year old wife for her birthday?" I could not 
do that!

I asked her if she had someone in mind, as I wanted to 
go thought with it this time. She said no that was my 
problem and I still was not sure that she knew that I 
was serious. At least she had not said no and I was 
feeling that she wanted it but didn't want me to know 
that she was willing. 

Thursday before her birthday came and I still had not 
been able to come up with a plan to get the young stud. 
I was going into the mall to see what I could buy her 
when I was approached by a college student saying, "Hey 
man, I am competing for the 'best fund raiser' in my 
Fraternity and do you need any chores done at your 
house; mowing, painting, washing the car, or anything. 
I will work for donations." 

I looked at the young man as he stood there awaiting my 
reply. I was making some evil plot to get him into my 
house and with my wife on Saturday night. He was a nice 
looking young man who would make any woman happy but I 
was a bit concerned as he was black.

My mind was racing 100 miles an hour now as I was 
trying to think fast and get him into my house and 
interested in Sue somehow. How do I do this? I will 
think of something. Just get him there and work on him. 
"Sure, I have some chores that need to be done. Come 
over Friday and we will do some things."

"You got it dude. I'm Bo, give me your address and a 
time and I am there. I want to win this contest."

Friday came and I had him mow the yard and wash our two 
cars, and weed the flowerbeds. At the end of the day I 
gave him a generous donation, I asked him if he would 
like to really get a good donation on Saturday. He 
replied that he did and wanted to know what he had to 

I said, "I hope you are not offended with my request 
but how would you like to entertain a special lady 
Saturday night? It is her birthday and I have promised 
that I would get her a male stripper for a private 
showing. If you are interested, I will double the 
donation for a couple of hours of work if you can call 
it that." 

Bo said, "Man that is a big tip and I have done a few 
strips for the ladies but they were hot to trot and I 
got to go to bed with them. I don't know, getting all 
worked up like that then having to go home and play 
with myself. It's just not my bag. I just might take a 
liking to your special lady and want to make her mine 
for the night, no offense intended." 

Now he was playing right into my hand. "Well, Bo, if 
you are good, the lady may want you to stay. What do 
you say, double the donation if you will do a strip in 
private for her and I will triple the donation if she 
asks you to stay." Bo thought a moment, and then said 
he would do it. 

"Now who and where is the special lady going to be?"

"She is my wife and she will be here Saturday night 
waiting for you.. This is special because it is her 
40th and she needs to feel young again. You can make 
that happen for her."

"Oh shit," Bo said. "You want me to strip for your wife 
and if she wants me to stay it is OK with you? Are you 
sure, man?"

"Yes, Bo, I am sure. I thought this up for her and she 
is excited for it to happen. She gets pretty horny 
watching adult movies and has always wanted to see 
another man strip just for her." (Well mostly true, I 
had to get the thing going without being too obvious. I 
suspected that once she saw his naked young body she 
would be horny for him, especially being in her own 
home and no one around. I had not told her yet but was 
sure she would be eager for the special treat.) "Be 
here at 10 PM sharp and she will be expecting you. I 
will be gone so you will have all evening to entertain 
however you care to. And she may want to keep you."

Bo said, "Man I get a big tip and win the fraternity 
fund raising contest and get me a hot white wife to 
boot. I can't go wrong with that. I will be here, 

Saturday I told my wife I was taking her out for her 
birthday and later she was going to have a special and 
private evening at home. At the restaurant I ordered a 
dinner wine, which my wife loves dearly. Makes her a 
bit happy and loosens her up some. At the end of dinner 
and her second glass of wine, I informed her that her 
special treat was a male stripper in the privacy of her 
own home.

"Oh damn, that's hot! How did you come up with that? 
Yellow pages or what?"

"No darling, it is a nice young fraternity guy I met 
and he did some work for me and I asked him to be so 
kind as to give my wife a nice birthday show... the 
fraternity is having a fund raising contest and he 
wants to win. I am going to give him a donation"

After arriving home, we sat on the couch and sipped 
another wine as I told her I would leave and come back 
after midnight and sleep in the guest room and for her 
to take as long as she liked. Little did she know that 
I had already installed a one-way mirror on the wall so 
I could go into the closet and see into the bedroom? I 
also had a good view of the living room through the 
picture window from the back yard. 

Sue looked at me and gave me a very loving kiss on the 
lips and said, "Thanks honey, you are the greatest 
husband in the world. I didn't know what you were going 
to do but I suspected you would do something erotic for 
my 40th. I love you darling,"

"Sue you had better be ready to please him because I 
think he will really be after you. I have the feeling 
he is the hot horny type of guy. He hinted that he 
might want a bonus in the deal, meaning you!" 

"Ohhhhh, honey that is sooooo hot. Wow, I would like to 
do that just this once. Are you sure it is OK by you."

"Yes honey, I want you to have a birthday you will 
never forget," as I realized my thoughts were making me 
hard for the moment.

Just before the appointed time I kissed Sue and 
departed (at least she thought I left). I only drove 
the car out and parked it a block away and walked back 
into the back yard and waited. Sue was wearing a split 
up the sides calf length black skirt, a white blouse, 
heels and stockings I noticed that she had removed her 
stockings She got two glasses and a bottle of wine out 
and waited for Bo to arrive.

The side window was open enough for me to hear the 
doorbell ring and listen to their conversation. She 
opened the door and gasped. I though: Oh no I forgot to 
tell her he was black. Bo took a look at her standing 
there and said, "Baby you are one foxy woman. I'm going 
to enjoy this evening a whole damn bit." 

I could see that Sue was really looking at Bo from head 
to foot, as she said, "Sugar, Momma is going to enjoy 
this evening more than I had thought. Wow what a hulk 
of a young man. I'm loving this already." She led Bo to 
the couch and poured the wine. They sat sipping the 
wine and making small talk Sue was really feeling loose 
now. There was no doubt she had enough wine to make her 
loose some of her inhibitions. It looked as if I was 
going to have to pay a bonus to Bo.

It was not long till Sue suggested Bo entertain her as 
planned. Bo asked for some music, which Sue provided. 
Bo stared a teasing dance moving his arms and hips and 
turning in a slow circle, as he moved I could see Sue 
was already enjoying it, as she made little encouraging 
remarks, like, "Oh yes sugar, oh show momma what you 
have, yes baby that's it... your are hot! Take if off 

Bo came over and told Sue to unbutton his shirt, she 
smiled as she fumbled with the buttons finally getting 
it unbuttoned to reveal his black hairy chest, he moved 
close as she rubbed his small nips and hairy chest. He 
then flung his shirt into the air and started rubbing 
his crotch as Sue started her little erotic epitaphs. 

Sue was now squeezing her legs together, a sign I knew 
too well….she was getting hot. Bo then moved near her 
again and asked her to remove his pants which she 
eagerly did and as they slid to the floor, Bo stood 
with his crotch within inches of her mouth and said, 
"Momma don't be bashful, do what you want to do." 

Sue took both hands and pulled his shorts down to his 
knees and eagerly took his hard black member into her 
hungry mouth as he slowly pushed in and out as she 
licked and sucked. I rubbed my hard dick through my 
pants, as I was getting very horny as well. 

I knew it was time to move to the bedroom closet and 
get set. I slipped into the closet and waited. It was 
not long until I head them giggling and walking into 
the bedroom. Sue had her arm around Bo and was hanging 
onto his black joystick. I was positive now that Sue 
wanted Bo as much as Bo wanted Sue. There would be not 
turning back now. I could tell that they were both 
totally obsessed with each other in a sexual manner. 

Bo turned to Sue and pulled her blouse off and I 
realized she had no bra on and as she dropped her black 
skirt to the floor, I saw there were no panties. Damn, 
she knew what was going to happen and she was not going 
to waste any time. Bo moved her to the bed and took her 
lily white breast into his mouth sucking them one at a 
time, as he kissed lower and lower, Sue gasping as he 

When he reached her clit, and took it into his mouth. 
Sue yelled out, "You fucking black son! You know what 
yo momma needs! Momma knows what her son needs, fuck 
me, oh now baby. Give it to yo white momma."

I had my tool out checking it good from tip to the 
base, wanting to be there with them. I wanted to see 
his black ass on her white ass more than anything I had 
ever wanted. I wanted my hot wife to show that little 
black stud what a white woman could do to him. 

Sue was squirming and begging Bo to take her as he 
moved up between her white thighs and placed his black 
plow into her white hole. I wanted to see her crack his 
black nuts and pull all his daddy sperm from his balls.

Bo was now in the saddle and moving his black seed 
planter in and out, as sue hugged him and moaned with 
delight. I though, damn, chocolate and vanilla pudding 
in one big bowl. I felt like I was going to shoot my 
wad anytime so I stopped touching myself and gritted my 
teeth as I resisted stroking it any more. Sue was 
hotter than I had ever seen her. Bo was sweating and 
working hard when he yelled out, "Fuck momma, you are 
making me cum, I'm cummming Momma, oh Baby, I'm busted. 
You hot bitch you. I ain't fucked no hotter bitch than 
you, as he slumped and went limp.

I saw Sue shaking all over, as she moaned, baby you 
made yo momma explode. I knew that Sue had done it. She 
had proved she was still a hot piece of ass and I had 
watched her in action, even though she didn't know I 
was watching every move nor did Bo. I had just seen a 
young black stud fuck my wife's white ass making her 
shake and shudder with pleasure and loved it. Damn, 
that was some of the hottest fucking I had ever seen. 
They had both reached their climax together and watched 
as they snuggled up to each other, looking peaceful and 

I slipped out of the closet and went to bed wanting to 
save myself for the morning and my hot wife. I then 
fell asleep to awake in the morning and peek through my 
viewing glass to see that they were both still naked 
and sleeping. I went out for breakfast and came back 
and rang the doorbell as if I was coming home. I 
realized Bo was up and dressed. 

As Bo came outside, I asked him if I owed him for the 
strip or did he want a bonus. He grinned and said just 
the strip as he asked for only the double donation. As 
I handed it too him, he said, "I got a bonus last night 
that I'll never forget. You have one hot wife there, 
dude, and she sure likes to use that white ass on a 
black man." 

I went to our bedroom and looked at the rumpled sheets 
and my sleeping wife knowing she had been well taken 
care of. I undressed and moved into bed with her and 
snuggled up to her back as my hard member started 
rubbing against her white butt. She started waking up 
as she said, "Bo honey, are you horny for yo momma 
again this morning? You wanna give yo momma some more 
her baby's black cock?" 

"No darling, it is your white daddy needing some 
attention. I'm so horny for my love this morning." 

"Oh darling," and she turned to me and gave me a big 
kiss and said, "Thank you for a wonderful birthday 
present. I wish you could have seen us last night. We 
were totally consumed in our lovemaking. He was one 
horny black stud and I got him off good just like you 
wanted me to do. Judging from that hard white rod, I 
think your wife needs to take care of you now." 

"Yes my love, I have visions of your young black lover 
pounding your white body as you drained his balls, and 
it makes me so damn horny for you"
I moved in between her legs and started pounding like a 
hungry teen. I enjoyed the moment as I shot my load 
into her waiting canal. I knew that I was mixing my 
white seed with Bo's black ones. Sue hugged and kissed 
on me and kept saying, "You are so sweet to me, and I 
love you."

I knew that I had shot my load in record time, as she 
snuggled up to me and said, "You were really horny this 
morning. You poor thing, thinking about us and 
wondering what we were doing. This is one birthday I 
will never forget." 

"Well if you liked it so well, maybe I can do the same 
for you next year," I laughed.

Sue got real quite for a moment then in a soft sweet 
voice said, "Darling, why not Christmas? Maybe you 
could find me one of Santa's black helpers?" I knew now 
that I had awakened a part of her that had been dormant 
for a long time, and it seemed that she had not only 
shown that she enjoyed her young lover, she enjoyed him 
being black. 

I looked at Sue and said, "Maybe you would like a 
threesome next time?"

She sort of closed her eyes and took a deep breath and 
said, "I love your surprises darling. Whatever you 
think up will no doubt be very enjoyable."

I had witnessed it all, as a young black lover 
satisfied my wife. I saw her totally consumed by 
passion and knew that she would be forever seeking to 
repeat of that night. I had opened a door to our sex 
lives that would never be closed again. I knew that it 
made me horny to watch, as Bo seemed to be driven crazy 
with lust by my hot white wife's ass. 

I felt that Bo had been changed forever as well and 
would be seeking the sweetness from other white wives 
in the future. I am sure there are other black Bo's out 
there taking some white man's wife and giving her 
pleasure she will never forget. Some with the knowledge 
and approval of their white daddy and others sneaking 
in while white daddy is not looking. 

I started thinking about how I would "join in" the next 
time. I was now thinking how hot a threesome would be 
for me as well as Sue, and yes I would make sure to 
that the helper would be black. 

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