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Jack Watson was a 29 year old civil engineer who worked 
for a large construction company, from which he received 
a good salary. He was then unmarried and was not seeing 
any woman in particular, although he enjoyed occasional 
sexual experiences, mostly with old girlfriends and a 

Jack was known to be good in bed. It was not the size of 
his penis that lent him this modest fame, for it was, in 
fact, slightly smaller than the average male appendage. 
Rather, he was caring and patient with his bed mates, 
and seemed to know what they wanted and when. He could 
be gentle or powerful, depending on the mood of his 
partner. And he could last a remarkable duration, if 
necessary, to assure that his lover was satisfied, 
before he spewed forth joyously. 

Jack was charming, witty and fun to be with. His blond 
body was that of a swimmer; sleek, smooth and virtually 
hairless. His face was that of a boy ten years younger, 
unlined and full of wonder. He was handsome in a young, 
pretty way.

Annie Jones was a secretary at the construction company, 
whose wage was one third of Jack's. The thirty one year 
old unmarried mother eked out an existence for herself 
and her eleven year old daughter, Molly. 

They got by and were even able to save a little each 

Annie was Jack's height, 5'10", but at 130 lbs, she 
weighed thirty five pounds less than he. She too was 
blond, but of a darker hue. She was a good looking 
woman, although her calves and thighs were a bit heavy. 
Her face was almost pretty. Her breasts were modest, but 
not small. They sagged somewhat. Her skin was clear and 
very soft to the touch. 

Her frequent smiles revealed the soul of a warm, caring 
woman. Annie was very much interested in Jack. She 
wanted to know him more intimately, but she did not 
think of marriage. He seemed too young and, besides, she 
was comfortable living without a man always about.

Molly, Annie's daughter, was highly intelligent. She did 
so well in school that she was advanced a grade, where, 
in the seventh grade, her school mates were a year older 
than she. Even there she was near the top of her class. 
Molly stood four feet, ten inches tall and weighed just 
over ninety pounds. 

Although puberty was almost a year away, she had tidy 
little breasts which clung to her chest. Only her mother 
and her pediatrician had ever seen her naked, and while 
they never really noticed, the large mirror on her 
closet door saw an exquisite body with a narrow waist 
and a flat tummy, also limbs that were shapely and 
slender, without being at all skinny. 

Everyone who beheld the blond child remarked on her 
extreme prettiness, the prettiness of an innocent child. 
Her face was animated by her eagerness for life and her 
intelligence. She had a secret: she had just recently 
discovered the pleasure of masturbation.

Every day Jack and Annie saw each other at work. They 
frequently exchanged pleasantries, but they didn't 
really know one another. When Annie noticed that Jack 
was beginning to show signs of interest in her, she made 
herself more available and talked to him more often. 

Jack was impressed by her diligence, competence and 
serenity. He also thought that she was a good looking 
woman with whom he could feel comfortable. Over a period 
of two weeks they deliberately came closer to each 
other, and finally they dated. Annie had not been out 
with a man for months, and she had not had sex in almost 
two years; she was very picky.

They dated three times before they kissed. They had been 
probing each other's personality and quirks, sensing 
that a relationship was possible that could endure for 
some time. Neither of them thought of marriage. The kiss 
led to fondling and more kissing. 

They wanted to have sex that Saturday night, but it was 
close to midnight and Annie had to go in to Molly. They 
agreed to meet the next afternoon, at Annie's house, 
when Molly would be visiting a friend until after five.


At one o'clock Jack pulled his car into Annie's 
driveway, eager for the sexual pleasure that he would 
soon share with her. Annie, standing in the living room, 
saw his arrival through the front window. She was a bit 
flustered and excited. She was dressed casually in a 
skirt and blouse, but she was barefoot and wore neither 
bra nor panties. When Jack saw her, he was very pleased. 

Annie smiled warmly at him as he entered her house. 
After a moment of awkwardness, they embraced and kissed 
for a long time. They were patient; they had all 
afternoon. Hand in hand they went to Annie's bedroom 
where they stood three feet apart and casually undressed 
themselves. When they were naked, they surveyed each 
other, liking what they saw. Then Jack took charge and 
began a foreplay that, with his hands and his mouth, 
caused the eager woman to cry out in orgasm twice. Then 
he climbed atop her and they gloried in pleasure. 

They made love for over two hours, at the end of which 
Annie was almost feint and Jack was completely spent. It 
had been perfectly marvelous for the two of them. Annie 
clung to her lover and wanted to whisper love words into 
his ear, but she was fearful of scaring him away. Jack 
held her in his arms and indulged himself with her 
scent. They became regular lovers, to the exclusion of 
all other persons. In time they exchanged love words and 
promises. They were very happy. 

Jack soon met Molly and thought that she was a very 
pretty little girl indeed. 

Molly knew what Jack and her mother were doing, when she 
was not around. She knew about sex. Her class mates were 
abuzz with the talk of boys and sex. She actually heard 
one of them describe her first fuck, the night before. 
The small circle of girls were aghast and fascinated as 
Nelly Palmer told in detail how her older cousin had 
taken her for the first time. Nelly answered many 
questions of the girls, although Molly asked none. She 
just listened and learned. Molly wanted to do it, but 
she was afraid, and, besides, she didn't have a boy.

Molly came to like Jack very much; he was so sweet and 
so good looking. He took her and her mother to ball 
games and the zoo, to movies and on picnics. She 
wondered if he would become her father, although he 
looked too young. She became infatuated with him and 
began to sit close to him. Jack did not really notice 
the girl's touching of him. He thought of her as just a 
pretty kid. Jack was not into kids and never had been.      

Molly was too shy to sit on Jack's lap, although she 
knew that being provocative in that way would get his 
attention. Over those initial several weeks of Jack's 
new presence in their house, Molly could only lean 
against him on the couch and sometimes take his hand in 
hers. Jack came to love the affectionate little girl, 
but, to him, she was still a little girl whom he could 
not imagine as a sexual person. 

Molly had a close friend who knew something about sex. 
Her friend said that guys were attracted to legs, bare 
legs. Molly began to wear shorts and go barefoot when 
Jack was in the house. Jack noticed, and he thought that 
she was a stunningly beautiful little girl with great 
legs. But, for him, she remained a little girl. Jack was 
turned on by Annie's more ample thighs, which he licked 
with abandon, when they were in bed together, behind 
Annie's locked bedroom door.


That Summer, before Molly turned twelve, the three of 
them spent their vacation at Jack's cottage in northern 
Michigan. The cottage was set in a cedar grove, less 
than one hundred yards from the shore of Lake Michigan. 
It was a magic time for Molly, who awoke that first 
night in the darkness,  smelled the cedar and listen to 
the lap of the waves. She felt so free. 

Molly went outside and wandered the beach in the middle 
of the night. She met Jack there, who also loved to roam 
the beach at night. Jack wore a windbreaker, but Molly 
was clad just in her swimming gear, in which she had 
decided to sleep. She shivered at the cool breeze. Jack 
put his arm around her small shoulders and tried to give 
her warmth. 

Molly was very conscious of his touch, wanting it. She 
cuddled to him and put her arm around his waist. They 
played in the sand dunes. Jack buried the girl in sand 
to keep her warm. When he was finished only her pretty, 
young face was in view. She was so beautiful, he 
thought. He kissed her lips on an impulse, was shocked 
by the feel of it, and he kissed her again, like an 
adult. Molly pulled her arms from the sand and clutched 
to him. They kissed for a long time, during which Molly 
learned to kiss like an adult, tongue and all.

Jack was appalled by his behavior, yet he was drawn to 
the little girl whom he had buried in the sand. He 
stopped kissing her. He pulled her up and led her to the 
cottage, where she would snuggle in the warmth of her 
own bed. But he could not help but notice that she was a 
very beautiful little girl in her skimpy swim gear. Back 
in his bed he woke Annie and made love to her, and he 
felt abashed when he came, thinking of Molly's soft 

Throughout the next day Jack and Molly stole looks at 
each other and finally came to stare without 
embarrassment. Annie noticed their mutual infatuation 
and was pleased. She thought that Jack would be a 
splendid first lover for her daughter. Annie had not 
been much older than Molly, when she chose to have sex 
for the first time. She too had chosen an older man, a 
beloved cousin, to introduce her to that new world of 
pleasure. He had been so gentle and loving; it scarcely 

Annie left them alone. She went into town to make some 
necessary purchases.

Jack could not take his eyes off the young girl; she was 
so lovely. He found her sexually attractive, yet her 
face was that of a young child. He had never actually 
thought things like this before, but it was the way the 
innocent looking child was acting around him. Her face 
was inconsistent with her small breasts, which thrust at 
the bra of her bikini, and with her alluring thighs, 
which he so wanted to kiss. 

Jack could not understand what had come over him. He 
went into the bathroom and masturbated, but that did not 
help; he still yearned for the girl. He could not focus 
on anything but Molly for the entire day. What made it 
worse was the obvious availability of her. She stared at 
him, would not leave him alone. She touched him and held 
his hand. He wanted her and was disgusted with himself 
for wanting her. He wanted her, but he was fearful of 
the consequences.

Annie returned from town. She prepared a light supper 
and they ate in a strained silence as the evening grew 
dark. Jack was impatient to gain sexual relief with 
Annie. He resolved not to think of Molly at the moment 
of his orgasm. They went to bed early and Jack 
immediately fell upon the naked woman, fondling, licking 
and sucking her body. Annie whispered that she was 
having her period. 

She offered to give him a blowjob and did so. Jack lay 
back and felt Annie's mouth do wonderful things with his 
penis. As his pleasure grew he thought of Molly's smooth 
young limbs and her pubescent breasts. When he came he 
visualized her child's face, so beautiful and innocent. 
When Annie returned to the bed after rinsing her mouth 
and brushing her teeth, Jack was asleep. She snuggled to 

After a couple of hours, during which time Annie did not 
sleep, but relished the warmth of her lover and the 
exquisite beauty of the Summer night, Jack stirred and 
awoke. They kissed lovingly and Jack became hard again. 
He wanted her, regardless of the blood. 

Annie refused him, stroking his cheek lightly. She told 
him to seek out Molly, and to be gentle with her. She 
pressed a package of condoms into the hand of the 
stupefied man. She urged him to go. She pushed him out 
of the bed.

Jack could scarcely believe it. Annie wanted him to do 
her own daughter. Molly wanted him to do her too. Was he 
going crazy, or was this really happening?

He put on a pair of shorts and walked to the beach, 
where he found Molly. That evening was much warmer than 
the previous one, but Jack shivered as he saw the girl 
standing with her feet in the water, waiting for him. 

She was naked. The bright Moon illuminated her beauty. 
She appeared to be a young goddess. Small breasts with 
roseate nipples clung to her chest. She had no pubic 
hair. The lips of her child's face were slightly apart, 
expectant. They embraced and Molly buried her face in 
his chest. She mewled as she clutched the man. Jack led 
the girl back to the cottage, where he resolved to make 
love to her on her own bed.

Jack did not close the bedroom door, because he knew 
that Annie would want to peek in on them as they made 
love. The room was bright with Moon light. Molly lay on 
her bed and watched as Jack slipped off his shorts. She 
stared in wonder at his cock, which jutted straight out. 

She thought that it was large. She knew that it would 
hurt the first time, but it had to be. Jack looked down 
on the beautiful girl. He had never loved a virgin 
before. His penis had never caused pain, but there was 
no avoiding it. He lay beside her, and they kissed 
gently with Jack's palm on her cheek. He ran his hand 
over her body; her slight shoulders, her slender arms. 
Her breast did not fill his cupped hand. They kissed 
more passionately and touched tongues. 

Jack's fingers played with the hairless lips of her 
vagina. He ran his mouth across her cheek and down her 
neck. He suckled her tits as she caressed his head. He 
kissed further down her body. He was amazed at her small 
waist, which he could almost encircle with his two 

He sat up and brought one of her feet to his face. He 
sucked her toes as he fondled her shapely calf. He 
licked up her legs and nibbled at the soft flesh of her 
inner thigh. He smelled the odor of her very moist 
vagina, and he breathed in deeply, relishing her pungent 
scent. He parted her nether lips and licked on her, 
tasted her. 

Molly began to thrash about with her arms, rolled her 
head from side to side, arched her back and cried out 
without inhibition as the first orgasm struck her 
powerfully. Annie, standing naked in the doorway, 
masturbating, came with her daughter. Jack heard the 
ecstasy of the two of them and loved them both beyond 
measure. Molly's second orgasm left her limp, almost 

Jack's face was smeared with her juices. He licked his 
lips as he raised his body between her slender thighs. 
He did it quickly, but not violently. His penis broke 
through into her warm tightness and the girl yelped in 
pain. But she clutched to him, pushed herself at him, 
and he penetrated her fully. He knew that she hurt, so 
he resolved to finish as soon as possible. 

He looked down at the child's face, which grimaced, and 
he spewed into her body with spasmodic shouts. In the 
doorway Annie fondled her breasts, which the girl on the 
bed had once suckled for nourishment. She returned to 
her bed, very excited, pleased and happy.

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