Sunday, 3 November 2013


I was 16 years old the first time I fucked my step dad, 
and yes, in case you were wondering, I fucked him, he 
didn't fuck me. I had wanted him for awhile, and when 
the opportunity came up, I jumped on it, or should I 
say I jumped on him! 

I was at the mall one day with my friends and had been 
doing a lot of flirting. It had gotten me very turned 
on. I guess I am a bit of a tease! Any way, when I got 
home my step dad was home alone. My mom was out of town 
at for the weekend and I knew my brother wouldn't be 
home until late that night. When I walked into the 
living room there he was, the object of my desires. 

Bob was 43 and a little behind the times, but I thought 
he looked really hot and I had always thought that 
since Mom saw something in him maybe I should check him 
out for myself. I think I had probably wanted him for a 
couple of years, but it had gotten worse since I had 
lost my virginity about 6 months before. I wasn't in 
love with him or anything, I just wanted to try some 
more experienced cock and I was attracted to him.

"Hi, baby doll," he said to me without looking up from 
the game he was watching. 

Two things about that irritated me. First, the baby 
doll thing, and second, he paid no attention to me. I 
thought to myself, "This guy is about to get a wakeup 
call from his "baby doll." I walked in front of the TV 
and said, "Hi, Bob." 

He looked up and I saw him glance nervously at me. That 
was when I realized why it seemed like he ignored me 
all the time. I turned him on and it embarrassed him! 
"This might be easier than I thought," I thought to 

I could see his eyes going up and down my hot bod as he 
asked me, "How was the mall?"

"It was great," I told him. "Lots of cute guys, and I 
did a lot of flirting, but they all seemed a little 
nervous when I talked to them. Why would they be 
nervous, daddy?"

Bob looked at me and said, "Well, ummm, it could be 
because, well, ummm...."

I could see him turning red and he was really 
struggling with this so I decided to help him out. "Is 
it because they think I look really hot? Do hot girls 
make guys nervous?"

Maybe I should describe myself to you so you can see 
what my step dad was going through. When I was 16 I was 
about 5'2", with long blonde hair, pretty green eyes, 
and cute pouty lips. My measurements were already 34c-
22-34. I was a cheerleader and ran track so my body was 
really hard and I loved to show it off. That day I was 
wearing a tight, short belly shirt, (my navel was 
already pierced), a short skirt, thigh hi stockings and 
heels. I had on just enough makeup to look good and my 
nails were done in a nice sexy French manicure. In 
other words, I was hot and I knew it!

Getting back to Bob, he was stammering still trying to 
answer my question, so I decided to keep the pressure 
on him. "Do you think I'm hot?" I asked him. 

He managed to croak out a very nervous, "Yes," which 
caused me to smile.

"Daddy," I asked, "do I turn you on?" He was staring at 
me with a look of shock on his face and all he could do 
was nod. I walked towards him, asking "Are you turned 
on now?" I stopped right in front of him. He didn't 
even attempt to answer as I bent down and grabbed his 

I could feel his half erect cock in his pants and 
smiled, looking up at him. I could tell he was looking 
down my shirt. I gave him a squeeze as I replied for 
him, "I guess you are!" He had always seemed so self 
confident before this, but now this big 43 year-old man 
had been turned to Jell-O by a 16 year-old girl. I 
really liked the feeling of power I had over him and I 
decided to use it.

I kneaded his stiffening cock with one hand while with 
the other I pulled up my little t shirt. My boobs were 
in a white lacey bra that was a size to small, causing 
them to spill over the top. I thought his eyes would 
pop out of his head as I pulled the left cup down and 
my firm young tit popped out. I put a manicured finger 
on my pink nipple. "You want that, don't you," I said, 
more as a statement than as a question. "Suck on it, 
daddy," I whispered to him. I hadn't called him daddy 
in years, I just wanted him to remember that it was his 
16 year old step daughter he was having sex with.

He looked at me as if in a trance, a look of 
bewilderment on his face. Then, as if drawn by a power 
he couldn't resist, his head bent forward and took my 
nipple into his mouth. I knew I had him and that there 
was no turning back now.

I moaned a little as he sucked, then he reached up and 
gave my tit a little squeeze. Damn, that felt nice! I 
pulled my shirt all the way off and pulled my other 
breast out of its little holster. It was kind of 
uncomfortable having the bra pushing up on my 34c's, 
but I knew it made them stand up and look really hot. I 
climbed onto my step dad's lap and pressed my chest 
into his face. 

Bob found his head between two perky teenage tits and 
he went wild: sucking, biting, pinching, pulling, 
squeezing, kneading. I am very sensitive to breast play 
so this was driving me wild. I would have thought that 
an older man would have been a little calmer about the 
whole thing than the teenage boys I had been screwing 
around with, but instead he was more passionate and 
aggressive than anyone I had ever had before! (Not that 
at 16 I had fucked a lot of guys. I'm not a slut, you 

I was getting really hot, and I wanted to play with his 
cock. I slid back on his lap and reached between my 
legs to unzip his pants. After they were unzipped I got 
off his lap. (He looked so sad when I pulled my hard 
nipples out of his mouth!) I quickly dropped to my 
knees between his legs and helped him slide his pants 
down. I was surprised when his cock popped out. It 
wasn't very long, maybe seven inches, but it was really 
thick. It was much thicker than any of the cocks I had 
seen, and he had a lot more pubic hair too. 

I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a few strokes. 
It was already hard, but it seemed to stiffen even more 
and he let out a low moan as I began playing with his 
rock hard pole. I looked at it as I stroked it, 
studying the big purple head and the veins that ran 
along it. It was actually kind of scary looking, 
especially when I thought that soon it would be in my 
tight pussy. I fell in love with his cock then and 

After I had run my hand up and down it I decided I 
really wanted to suck on it. I glanced up at my step 
dad; he seemed to be in heaven with a silly look on his 
face. I circled the base of his rod with my hand and 
leaned forward, my tongue extended. When it touched his 
cock I felt it jerk. That really excited me! I circled 
the swollen purple head of his cock with my tongue , 
then I licked it through the pee slit at the top. 

A drop of precum was there and I tasted it. It tasted a 
little salty, but I liked it. I pulled my head back to 
look up at my step dad, and the cum stuck to my tongue, 
leaving a string of it connected to his cock. Later on 
he told me he almost came when he saw that. I smiled at 
him and went back to his cock. I opened my mouth and 
slipped my lips around his cock. 

I started sliding them up and down, going down a little 
further each time I slid down. I was still gripping the 
bottom of his shaft and with my other hand I started 
fondling his balls. He seemed to really like this; his 
hips started moving up and down like he was fucking my 
face. I stopped sucking again and looked up at him. I 
kept stroking his cock with my hand as I smiled at him.

"Am I doing this right?" I asked him. Of course I knew 
I was doing it right, I just wanted to sound innocent 
so I could turn him on. 

I think it shocked him when I spoke to him; he just 
looked at me and stuttered before answering "Oh, baby 
doll, this is perfect! So perfect!"

I said to him, "Good, daddy, I just want you to feel 
good." I started sucking him some more, and soon my 
face was almost in his pubic hair. I still had about 
two inches of cock to go but I could feel it bumping 
the back of my throat. I started pulling my head back 
until just the tip was in my mouth, then quickly 
sliding down the five inches of cock I could fit down 
my throat. This was really getting to him, I could feel 
his cock jerking in my mouth. 

I had given a couple of blow jobs before and I could 
tell he was about to cum. I wasn't sure if I wanted him 
to. I had heard that old guys had a hard time getting 
it up again. I was so turned on though, I decided to 
risk it. I just wanted him to cum so badly! I wasn't 
sure if I wanted him to cum in my mouth, either, but he 
settled that for me. I had pulled my head back and just 
had about a half inch of his cock between my lips and 
was pressing my tongue to his piss hole when he started 
to cum. 

The spew hit my tongue and, instead of going down my 
throat, bubbled out from between my lips. Big droplets 
ran down my mouth and dripped off my chin. Quickly I 
sucked him back into my mouth and I could feel the next 
jets of cum hit the back of my throat. I jerked his 
cock with my hand, trying to milk it dry. My step dad 
gasped and moaned and his hips jerked up and down as he 
came hard. 

I kept sucking until he started saying, "Stop, stop, 
stop!" He pushed my head away and looked down at me. I 
can just imagine what I looked like, his sweet young 
blonde step-daughter with drops of his cum dribbling 
down my chin. I scooped it up with my fingers and 
licked them clean. I climbed back onto his lap and 
kissed him. I wasn't sure if he would kiss me: one boy 
I sucked off wouldn't kiss me after he came in my 
mouth. My step dad wasn't like that though, and he gave 
me a deep passionate kiss. 

After we broke off the kiss I pulled my shirt the rest 
of the way off, but I left my bra on because I knew 
what it did to my tits. Then I climbed off his lap and 
pulled my little thong off. He watched intently as I 
stepped out of it and sat next to him on the couch. I 
sat kind of sideways and lay back against the armrest, 
then pulled my skirt up.

I thought his eyes would pop out of his head when he 
saw my shaved pussy all wet and glistening for him. I 
took the middle finger of my right hand and ran it up 
and down the slit a couple of times, then I used my 
fingers to pull my pink pussy lips apart. I wanted him 
to see how tight and small my little fuck hole was. 

I wanted him to play with my pussy but he was just 
staring at it, so I reached down with my other hand and 
started rubbing my clit. It was harder and more swollen 
than I had ever felt it! I looked down and I could see 
it poking out from between my pink lips. I rubbed the 
tip of my finger across it, then I slid my finger down 
my juicy slit and slipped my finger inside my wet 
pussy. It felt great so I closed my eyes and lay there 
for a moment enjoying the feeling of finger fucking 

When I opened my eyes Bob was still just looking, so I 
asked him in a sweet but sultry voice, "Daddy, don't 
you want to eat my pussy?" 

He blinked a few times, then nodded. He got down onto 
his knees, then pulled me around so that I was 
positioned right in front of him. He flipped my legs 
over his shoulders, then lowered his face to my pussy. 
An electric shock ran through my body when his tongue 
touched my clit. I trembled and felt good all over. His 
tongue ran slowly up and down my wet slit, lapping up 
my juices. I felt it slip into my love canal and swirl 
around in there, then he focused on my erect clit. It 
was driving me crazy having this old man licking my 
most private parts. I could feel his whiskers on my 
thigh and that turned me on as well. 

Next he cupped his hands under my ass and lifted my 
crotch to his face. His tongue put more pressure on my 
hard nub and I began wiggling around on the couch. I 
grabbed my firm tits and began kneading them like two 
handfuls of dough. I was gasping and moaning as he 
licked faster and faster, and soon I came hard, 
squeezing his head between my legs. 

He kept licking and sucking at it, and I kept cumming 
harder and harder. Soon my whole body was trembling and 
I was moaning loudly. It seemed like every muscle in my 
tight young body wanted to contract at the same time. 
How long this went on for I couldn't say, but when Bob 
stopped it seemed like it hadn't been nearly long 

After he stopped he looked up at me from between my 
legs and smiled, my slick wetness all over his face. 
"I'll bet you never came like that before, have you?" 
he asked.

All I could do was shake my head from side to side in 

Bob dropped my legs off his shoulders then stood up. He 
was still dressed in a t shirt and jeans, but his cock 
was still hanging out and it was semi-hard. I gazed at 
it and kept rubbing my breasts almost absentmindedly. 
Bob took his cock in his hand and rubbed it gently as 
he looked down at me. I think we both needed a moment 
to rest up for what we both knew was coming next. 

Finally Bob started taking the rest of his clothes off 
while I slipped off my skirt. Now all I was wearing was 
my lacey white bra with the cups pulled down, my white 
thigh hi's and my white heels. Soon my step father was 
undressed and his cock was hard again. He stood there 
stroking it again while I lay back on the couch rubbing 
my pussy. After a long moment I whispered to him, "Fuck 
me, Daddy."

He sat next to me on the couch and grabbed my arm, 
pulling me to him. Without saying a word he positioned 
me so that I was straddling his lap, facing him, my 
pussy over his cock. He grabbed the base of his shaft 
to hold it steady while I reached down with one hand 
and spread my pussy open. With my other hand on his 
shoulder to steady myself I slowly lowered my little 
fuck hole towards his thick, meaty fuck rod. I looked 
down and watched as it touched my pussy lips and then 
start sliding inside me. 

It was a tight fit at first and I could actually feel 
it spreading me open, but I was very wet and it slowly 
penetrated me. When I had sunk all the way down onto of 
it I stopped and just sat on his lap and enjoyed the 
feeling of his cock inside me. I hugged him and put my 
head on his shoulder. We stayed like that for a long 
time, but then I could feel urgings inside me and I 
began rolling my hips around. He whispered to me, "Oh 
baby doll, you are so damn tight, you're the tightest 
fuck I've ever had!"

It made me feel good to hear that and I started sliding 
up and down his cock, slowly fucking my step dad. His 
hands pushed me back, opening some space between us. I 
was disappointed, wanting to feel his body against 
mine, until he grabbed my tits and began playing with 
them. That felt soooo good! 

I slid my hips forward until I could feel the head of 
his cock right in the entrance to my pussy, then I 
would slide back until he was all the way in me. I 
looked down and could see that every time his cock 
pulled out of me it was pulling my pussy lips out as 
well. His cock was all shiny with my juices and it made 
a squishy sound every time it slid back into me. I was 
more turned on than I had ever been before.

It wasn't very long before I started to cum. It started 
in my pussy. I could feel my muscles tighten up, then 
my whole body began trembling. I couldn't hold my head 
up and it flopped to the side. I still had my hands on 
his shoulders and I was fucking my step dad faster and 
faster. He reached behind me and grabbed my ass and 
helped me move back and forth. 

He leaned forward and took one of my erect, pink 
nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. My other breast 
was bouncing and wiggling as I fucked his big cock 
faster and faster. The friction of his penis sliding in 
and out of me drove me wild and I came harder than 
before. I was gasping, squealing, moaning with ecstasy 
as I felt our passion wash through me. 

Bob dropped my tit from his mouth and leaned his head 
back. He grunted, then said "I'm coming, baby, gonna 
cum inside my baby doll!" His body jerked a couple of 
times and his grip tightened on my ass. I couldn't feel 
it, but I knew his thick shaft was shooting his load 
inside me. His eyes closed and his hips thrust up hard 
several , driving his meaty shaft deeper into me. He 
gasped each time, and each time I met his thrust by 
sliding my pussy down onto his cock, wanting this cum 
to be the best cum he had ever had. I think in some way 
I thought I was competing with my mother.

After awhile his thrusts grew less vigorous. He put his 
arms around me and pulled me close. I rested my spent 
body on his chest, both of us breathing hard. As we lay 
there I could feel his penis shrinking inside me, until 
it finally dropped out. 

As I lay my head on my shoulder he said to me softly, 
"Damn, baby, that was good. That was so damn good! I've 
wanted you for so long now..."

"And I've wanted you, too. It's too bad it took so long 
for us to get together," I replied.

"I know, honey. You are great! I guess it's safe to say 
you weren't a virgin?"

I giggled. "No dad, I've been having sex for almost a 
year now."

"I thought so. But there are some things we need to 
talk about."

"Like what?" I asked him. I thought I knew what he was 
going to say.

"Well, baby doll, first there's your mother. I really 
don't think she would be happy if she knew we were 
having, well, you know..." he said as he blushed.

"You mean if she knew we were fucking, daddy?" I said 

"Well, yes hun, she would really be pissed. We have to 
keep this quiet. I do want to have sex with you some 
more, if it's ok with you?" he asked almost shyly.

"Of course we can't let mom know. She would kill us 
both! And I do want to make love to you again!" I 

"Ok, but you know we can just have sex, we can't be 
like boyfriend girlfriend or anything like that."

"Of course. I mean, I love you for being my step dad 
and all, but I don't love you like that, not like mom 
does. I just think there is a lot you can teach me 
about love making, and I want to be the best at it. I 
really like having sex, but I think there is a lot of 
stuff I'm missing and I want you to show me what to do. 
Can you do that, daddy? I asked.

"Of course, sugar," he said. "I'll teach you whatever 
you want to know. Maybe we can start this evening. Your 
brother won't be home until late."

"Oh, thank you, daddy!" I said as I snuggled up against 
him. Like I said, I wasn't in love with him, not like 
that, but it felt so right being with him. I was really 
looking forward to my next "lesson" with my step dad.

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