Friday, 15 November 2013


Laura and her father had been on the river for nearly 
two full days. Rafting was so much fun, she never 
understood why her mom never came along. Three years 
running, it was just her and father. What a good time 
they always had. At 14, she was finally able to help 
with the rowing on the lazy parts of the river.

Her father had caught three large fish for dinner and 
had cleaned them for Laura to bread them in cornmeal and 
fry. What a good meal. They retired to the tent for some 
reading before bed. 

"Honey, we need to take baths before we go to sleep. 
There's a hot spring just off the trail, so let's go 
before it gets too dark, ok?" 

Laura liked the hot springs. She had soaked in one last 
year in Florida when they were on vacation with mom. But 
now, they had no swimsuits... Laura dismissed the 
thought as she grabbed their towels and followed her 
father through the woods to the springs.

Laura was the first to undress and her father tried not 
to look. She had caught him off guard as her nipples 
shone in the perfect moonlight. Pink, hardening in the 
cool mountain air.

When had his baby girl developed those huge nipples? 
There were no breasts to speak of, but those nipples 
were... ripe. He shook his head, trying put those 
thoughts out of his head.

Laura had turned her back to her father to take off her 
pants and panties. Her father guiltily watched his 
daughter slip them over her little hips and down her 
thighs. He shook his head harder to clear it. 

Her smooth little bottom was perfect. Heart shaped with 
just a hint of baby-fat to round it out. When she 
stepped out of her panties, he saw her little hairless 
pussy for the first time in years. 

With no way to hide his erection, he slipped his shirt 
and shoes off, going into the pool of tepid water in his 
shorts as fast as he could. Finding a ledge of rock to 
sit on, they wormed their way to the warmest spot in the 
water. "Ah!" she sighed to no one in particular. 

"Feels good, huh?" father said.

"Yeah, after all of that rowing, I am sore!" she sighed. 
Her closed his eyes and leaned back. 

He could hear her washing with the little bar of soap 
he'd brought and lifting the water to rinse her lithe 
supple body. Developing muscle in all the right places, 
he thought. So soft, he imagined, as he peered secretly 
at her through almost closed eyes.

Silently, he slipped off his shorts and tossed them to 
the bank so he could bathe. "Well, it's about time 
daddy. I was going to say, it's not fair for me to be 
naked and not you!" Laura giggled.

Her father reached for her and turned her around, 
putting her back to his chest. He spread his thighs to 
give her a place to sit, as he pulled her down. "Let 
daddy rub your shoulders, I know they hurt after the day 
we had today." 

Laura melted. Those strong hands, the warmth of the 
water, the steam... all were caressing the tense 
feelings from her. She could not remember feeling more 

Her father's cock hung flaccid, as he willed his 
erection to go down. 

Laura moaned softly as he kneaded her skin and the 
underlying muscles. "Mmmm, daddy, that feels so good, 
like when Ryan does it after track."

Her father thought on that for a second before he asked, 
"Ryan is your little boyfriend, right?" 

She giggled, "Daddy, he is not, so little." 

He knew that. He also knew Ryan was the oldest boy on 
the team at 16 years old. "Well, what else does Ryan do 
sweetie?" he asked, messaging her back and arms.

She leaned into her father's chest, feeling the callused 
hands working her upper arms. "Well, he kissed me a few 

He thought about that for a moment before asking, "Did 
you like it baby?" 

"Yeah, I guess... but... well... he used his tongue and 
I thought it was gross."

Her father thought about that tender pink tongue too... 
Between the conversation and the warm, almost hot 
swirling water, he was stirring again.

Laura turned to face him in the moonlight and with big 
eyes asked, "Daddy, do you kiss like that?" 

Her words flustered him, "Um, well... honey... you 

She stared at him for a second then realized how it had 
sounded. "Oh no daddy, I meant with mommy!"

He looked at her, "Well, yes, I do baby. It's nice when 
you love someone." 

She looked at him, then added, "Well, I love Ryan, but I 
don't want him to do it, he slobbers."

"Well baby, daddy doesn't slobber," he laughed at that 
as did his daughter.


"Yes honey?" he said as she turned all of the way around 
within his arms, facing him. 

She looked at him with big green eyes that mirrored his 
own, "Daddy, will you show me what it's supposed to be 
like? The way you kiss I mean. I want to learn and since 
I love you, I don't think it will be gross."

He took her face into his large hands and brought her 
lips to his, tenderly. He opened his mouth, tongue 
seeking hers, finding it, slipping his over hers, 
dancing together, fuelling him toward full hardness. His 
daughter's hands went to his cock, slipping over it, 
feeling so small to him, making it throb. He moaned, "No 
baby... we... can't..."

His daughter panted, "Teach me daddy... please, teach me 
what to do..."

His mind numb, his body on fire, he lifted his daughter 
from the water, wrapped her in the towel and carried her 
the few yards back to their tent. He unzipped the 
sleeping bags and laid her down. Coming down beside her, 
he kissed her tender lips again, filling her mouth with 
his tongue. His daughter wriggled beside him, needing 
more from him, even if at her age, she didn't know 
exactly what it was. "Daddy, I am cold. You're so warm!"

Warm! Hell, he was on fire!

He covered her from the waist up with the flannel shirt 
he'd had on to keep her warm, and went to the foot of 
her open sleeping bag, kneeling. "Spread your legs 
honey, I'll make you feel warmer and much better too." 

She did as she was told, with no hesitation. She gasped 
as her father's lips kissed her inner thighs, then 
higher, to her mons.

He inhaled, soap, earth, thin smoke from the fire, her 
scent... no better smells on the planet... He lowered 
his mouth to her hairless little pussy lips, and kissed 
them as if they were the lips he'd kissed a moment 
earlier. Her legs opened to him wider out of instinct, 
and she gasped again, then moaned as his tongue slipped 
between her lips and onto her blossoming little clit.

He licked her virgin slit, kissing it, making love to it 
with his mouth. He slipped two fingers into her, gently 
finger-fucking her to loosen her up. Her little hips 
rose from the bedding, pushing herself deeper into her 
father's mouth. 

"Oh yes daddy! Lick me, like that! It feels so 
wonderful! She whimpered and cried out, in the throes of 
her first man-given climaxes, echoing off of the canyon 


He let her cum twice more. Then he let her rest in his 

"Daddy, that felt so wonderful, I've never even imagined 
feeling like that before. I liked it!" She snuggled 
against him further.

Her father looked down at her, "I am glad baby girl, 
would you like to do more?" 

She nodded, kissing him, his lips, his neck. He guided 
her to his chest, his belly, his hand stroking himself a 
little. He guided her lips to his throbbing cock. Purple 
head, hard shaft, she liked the way it looked. A little 
scary, but yummy all the same. 

Her warm wet mouth enveloped him and she sucked like 
she'd done it a thousand times. "Oh yes baby! Suck it, 
there you go, good girl. Oh, you make daddy feel so 
damned good baby!"

Laura sucked and licked for a full ten minutes before 
her father felt his sperm rising. He was so close to 
shooting, "Baby, you have to stop right now, or daddy 
will cum!!" 

Laura stopped, as if she thought it was a bad thing. His 
daughter's eyes welled up with tears and he had to 
comfort her. "No baby, it is okay. I-I... just want to 
make this last. If daddy cums, we'll have to wait a 
while to do anything else because daddy'll get softer... 
I'll show you later," he finished telling her and she 
was calm again. 

He laid his daughter back on her sleeping bag and licked 
and fingered he again. Could he ever get enough of her 
sweet little cunt? Her beautiful young body? He 
wondered, as he lapped up her natural juices. 

Laura shuddered and softly came again, filling his mouth 
with her cum. "Good girl!" he said as she rolled on top 
of him, laying there, panting for breath little from her 
exertion. "Baby, are you ready to feel something more 
than daddy's fingers?" he whispered.

"Yes daddy, oh yes please..." she whispered back.

He eased his fingers into her once more, feeling the 
tight wet canal open to his intrusion. Then he climbed 
on top of his daugther's prone body and position 
himself, sliding her vagina over his cockhead and waited 
for her to slow her breathing. Then he inched a little 
more in, waiting for her small whimpers to subside. 

"Daddy, it hurts a little!" she gasped. 

"Do you want me to just put it into you Laura? I promise 
baby, it'll feel better after the hurt." 

"Do it daddy, all the way."

Grasping her tightly, he pulled her shoulders straight 
down and thrust his thick cock up, bucking his hips as 
he did, forcing all of his prick into her wet little 
cunt. He groaned, and it mingled with her sharp, small, 

Looking right into his eyes she moaned quietly, "Do it 
daddy. Don't stop, I want the feel the good part."

Her father slowly withdrew and then plunged in a little 
harder, breaking his sweet girl's maidenhead. He felt 
the trickle of blood and was afraid for her and stilled 
for a moment, letting her get used to his size. "Baby?" 
The small scream suddenly turned into a moan, as she 
started to ride him.

"I-I... am okay daddy." and then she was thrusting up at 
him, moaning in coherently. Mmmmuuuuuhhhh!"

He fingered his daughter's clit to spur her on, as he 
felt her tight hole sucking him into her. Rocking 
against her father's hard cock, she came, again, hard! 

He looked at her, kissed her, stroked his painfully hard 
cock into her, out of her, over and over, taking her 
virginity with each seething hot plunge, feeling her 
grinding her clit onto his cock like a woman twice her 
age. He pumped and kissed, hell, he fucked her, till he 
could take no more.

"B-baby!! Oh baby! Daddy's gonna cum my sweet baby!" He 
pulled out at the last second, his spurting cock. The 
last thing hen wanted to do was cum in his own daughter. 
"BABY!" he moaned loudly as he jerked his cock off, 
stroking it, masturbating in front of her. 

He suddenly felt her fingers wrap around his spurting 
manhood as he sprayed his cum onto her belly. "Oh yes 
baby, oh yes... yess... yess... yess!" he moaned.

Finally, after a long while, he began to control his 
breathing again, calmed, the cum stopping, his breathing 

In the afterglow of their secret illicit union, he 
carried her to the hot spring again, wrapped in a 
blanket and washing her, rubbing her sore  pussy. Laura 
came again, shuddering into her father's chest. He held 
her in his lap, as they let the water caress them till 
she was sleepy. 

He took his daughter out of the hot water, wrapped her 
again in the blanket and took her back to the tent. 
Draped in a flannel nightgown, he in his sweats, they 
drifted to sleep in the zipped up sleeping bags, warming 
each other, listening to the owls hooting in the 
distance and the fire crackling it's last embers 


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