Sunday, 17 November 2013


I had just moved to Columbus, Ohio to become the 
manager of a chain restaurant. Being single and new to 
the area, I put all my energy into my work. I was 
fortunate to inherit a staff of very attractive women 
but they were taken. Since they worked for me, I didn’t 
want to sleep with any of them, but it was to flirt 
with them. As time went on I seemed to find a special 
chemistry with Marie, the banquet manager. 

Marie was a gorgeous brunette with a great smile and 
brown eyes you can get lost in. She has a great body 
with D-cup breasts and long, sexy legs, what a 
combination! Unfortunately she was married, but I got 
to a point where I couldn’t get her off my mind. 

The flirting at work got more intense and one night she 
invited me to a business dinner since her husband was 
out of town. I got the feeling this could be my own 
chance and I wasn’t going to blow it. After several 
glasses of wine, I convinced her to let me come to her 
house. We continued to drink more wine at her place and 
had a great time just talking. 

Unfortunately, it was hazy after that point until I 
woke up in her bed with both of us naked. I knew 
something had happened but couldn’t remember what or 
how. She woke up and we kissed and started making love 
like we had been together for years. I was in heaven 
knowing I was inside this sexy woman who I had 
fantasized about for months, and she seemed to be was 
loving it as much as me. 

Back at work, we were business as usual but I knew I 
had to have her again. We got to talk on the phone one 
night and I told her I wanted to be with her sober and 
make it a night we would never forget. After much 
convincing, she agreed to come to my house the upcoming 

That night she left work before me and went to my house 
with my key in hand. When I walked inside, her sexy bra 
was on the door knob and her panties on the banister at 
the bottom of the stairs up to my bedroom. There was my 
beauty, under my covers, and apparently naked. We were 
both nervous since it felt more like our first time and 
we made passionate love. 

After that night, we were both addicted. Anytime we had 
a chance, we found a way to be together. One day that 
we were both off work, she showed me how good she could 
give head. We had been driving around and ended up in a 
quiet parking lot. She sucked so well and the feeling 
of her lips around my cock had me exploding in her 
mouth. Knowing how much I enjoyed her blowjobs, she 
repeated her oral talents for me several more times 
including in the office at work.

Since she was married, our time was always limited. 
Then a huge opportunity arose when I had to go to 
Philadelphia to inspect another restaurant in our 
chain. I was told to bring another manager with me and 
she was the obvious choice. She seemed hesitant but I 
knew the temptation would be too strong for her to say 

Once she agreed, I started planning our company trip 
together. We decided to drive there and I knew having 
that much time in the car would be only the beginning. 
As we discussed plans for the trip, I told her to wear 
a comfortable, short skirt for the ride, and not to 
wear panties. She said she couldn’t do that because she 
wanted to play it safe until we got out of town. 

I picked her up and was happy to see her sexy, long 
legs exposed below a black short skirt. We kissed and I 
loaded her luggage in my car and soon we were heading 
down the interstate. It wasn’t long before I put my 
hand on her thigh and felt my way under her skirt. You 
can imagine my excitement to find her exposed pussy. I 
instantly got hard and started to play with her. She 
let out a low moan and laid back in the seat. Rubbing 
her slit and teasing her clit soon had her juices 

She was really enjoying my fingers but now, I had a 
surprise for her. I had hidden a new vibrator in my car 
door. She was dripping from the excitement and while 
her eyes were closed, I started to slowly insert the 
vibrator. She opened her eyes in shock. Her desires 
overtook the initial surprise and soon I was using this 
fake cock to fuck her. She put the seat back even 
farther and was really enjoying the ride. 

At one point, we passed a tractor-trailer and the 
driver got a perfect view of her. He honked causing her 
to turn red with embarrassment but she wasn’t ready for 
me to stop. After several miles, she let out a scream 
as she orgasmed. Composing herself, she looked down and 
saw my bulge and asked, "Do you want me to suck you?" 

I wanted to save my load for when we got to the hotel 
but a quick little lick would feel so good. She teased 
me with her tongue for a good while, but somehow I was 
able to keep from coming and then we stopped for lunch. 
As we enjoyed our meal, I got even more horny knowing 
she was naked under her skirt.

Arriving at the hotel in Philadelphia, we each checked 
into our own room, but it wasn’t long before I was 
knocking on her door just down the hall. She opened the 
door with a towel wrapped around her and I could hear 
the bath running. 

We had a long French kiss and you could feel the 
anticipation of the evening ahead. She dropped her 
towel as I watched her sweet ass walk into the 
bathroom. I took out a camera and took some great 
photos of her in the tub full of bubbles. I lit some 
candles she had brought and then stripped and joined 
her in the tub just barely big enough for two. 

After a long, sensual kiss on the lips, I started 
sucking on her magnificent tits. Her nipples were hard 
and I enjoyed teasing her. Soon, I felt her hand on my 
dick and she slowly stroked it under the water. We were 
both so ready for more so I got out of the tub and 
quickly dried off. I took her hand and helped her out 
of the tub. I enjoyed toweling off her body, giving her 
kisses all over as I dried her body. 

In the hotel room, I pulled the sheets back and pushed 
her lightly down on the bed. I love to eat pussy, and 
Marie is the best I ever tasted. Nibbling my way down 
her body, soon I was between her legs and started 
licking her, teasing her clit with my tongue. Her 
moaning encouraged me to give her a great tongue bath, 
driving her to squirm around the sheets. 

Before she came, I flipped her over on top of me. She 
knew what I wanted and she was very willing to oblige. 
Marie took hold of my hard cock and kissed it. She 
looked up at me with such desire in her eyes, it was 
mind blowing. But now she was blowing me another way. 
Licking away my pre-cum, she took my cock-head in her 
mouth and wrapped her lips around me. Her head started 
to bob and I was enjoying every second. 

Now it was time to do what we went away for, to fuck 
like rabbits. I rolled her over again and got on top of 
her. I started to enter her slowly as she spread her 
legs for me. We moaned in unison, as I pushed my cock 
deep inside her. Soon we were rocking the bed. 

I got off her and stood at the side of the bed. I then 
pulled her towards me, pulling her longs legs up to my 
shoulders. I started using my cock outside of her, 
sliding it against her clit, driving her crazy. But I 
couldn’t take it for long, I had to be back inside her. 

Looking down, I watched my cock disappear inside her. 
This position allows me to get my cock completely 
inside her. I told her to rub her nipples while I 
pounded her hard. I was so ready to cum, but I wanted 
to finish off doggie style. Marie knows what I like and 
happily got on her hands and knees, what a sight! I 
kneeled behind her and slit in from behind while I 
reached under her to play with his breasts. 

We were going at it when she let out moans in orgasm 
which was too much for me and I filled her with my cum 
load. We fell on the bed together to catch our breath. 

This was just the beginning of our trip.

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