Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I've been at this since I was 10. Now, at 14 and a 
half, I am proud to say I have not had my first period. 
Not because I'm late getting started, but because of my 
work. I have been fucked so many times every day for 
the last 4 and a half years, that my pussy is sort-of 
stretched out and always dripping sperm. As I have 
never had a condom used on me, I am almost ready to 
birth my 7th baby and my stomach is bulging huge even 

The men just come into the building, line up behind me, 
put their hard cocks to the entrance of my pussy, push 
in, and fuck me senseless before emptying their balls 
into my womb over and over again. The girls here work 
from their 10th birthday until they are 25 years old or 
until they are bred 20 times, whichever is longer. 
Usually by 25, most of us have hit "double-deuce" or 22 
breedings. Then, after our pussies are pretty much 
fucked out, they move us to any of several other jobs 
here on the farm.

Normally, the girls here only carry babies in their 
belly for about six and a half to seven months. The 
constant, never ending fucking from huge cocks 
generally bring on early labor and when a particularly 
large one pushes all the way in, it can cause the water 
to break, especially when it is pounding into the girl 
relentlessly. As most of the girls are very young, our 
bodies aren't really designed to carry to full term 
anyway, so I guess it's ok. As I mentioned, I have six 
babies already and am very happy to be well on my way 
to hit "double deuce" or maybe even pass it.

Let me back up a little. I live on a breeding & milking 
farm with a breeding population of almost 600 girls. I 
enjoy most of my days being constantly fucked while 
being bent over my milker. My milker is a soft, 
cushioned bed a little higher than waist-high that can 
be configured two ways. I prefer bending over it so 
that it only supports the top half of my body. In this 
position, it has a contour that can be adjusted with a 
couple of cranks to perfectly fit my swollen belly in 
any stage of pregnancy as well as a couple of funnel 
shaped holes that I can fit my en;arged tits in. The 
milking funnels gently suck and massage my tits while 
the milk is piped through the room, mixed with the milk 
of the other girls, and sent to the processor. 

Being milked is very comfortable and soothing in this 
position and the head rest supports my forehead and 
chin nicely. The milker has two sets of stirrups for my 
feet. In this position, my dangling feet can find the 
stirrups and metal anklets that lock my legs in place 
just above the floor. The stirrups keep my feet about 
30 inches apart (adjustable also). Far apart, yes, but 
not uncomfortable and it helps to hold me in position 
to receive a good fucking. This position is both 
comfortable for me and for the men as it gives them 
easy access to my cunt hole and ass. Ass fucking is ok, 
and many of the wonderful men like that, but not as 
enjoyable for me. I prefer the cocks in my pussy. 

The other configuration allows me to lie on my back 
with my ass hanging slightly off the milker for good 
cunt access with stirrups that keep my feet up in the 
air and spread wide. Funnels can be placed on my tits, 
but they don't seem to get as much milk in this 
position as when my udders are hanging down.

Whichever configuration, everyone knows that the best 
milkers are constantly being fucked, so I am always 
happy to see the groups of men entering the building to 
fill our cunts with their hot spunk. It means that I 
may hit my quota early and be moved to another activity 
before the day is over. We can perform on the stage in 
the theater, star in the movies they make here in the 
studio, or even go help take care of the many children 
and babies we share here. We are welcome to give them 
our tits to suck when we're not on the milkers and I 
really like letting them suck me with their little 

You may wonder if this is legal and the answer is, 
"YES". You see, this is Africa and almost anything is 
legal here if it serves the needs of the junta, 
whichever junta that just fought their way into power. 
I'm not much into politics or fighting, so I can't tell 
you much about that.

1. ME

Let me tell you a little about me. I'm not yet 15, and 
I have a charcoal-black complexion as do many of the 
girls here (this is Africa), but some are a little 
lighter. Either way, we seem to all be pink on the 
inside. When I see the girls on their backs with their 
feet in the air, I see the light skin on the bottom of 
their feet and the light or pink skin inside their 
gaping pussy. It's like three points of light, but 
that's not important.

None of us have last names and my only name is "Tiny". 
I was named "Tiny" because of my size. Clever, yes? I 
stand about 4'5" and look almost as big around when 
pregnant as I am tall. Normally, I have a smell belly 
(even though it is huge and full of baby now), narrow 
hips, small ass, and double-D tits, thanks to the 
constant milking. If not for the stretch marks, I would 
have the perfect black complexion.

I started getting fucked daily from the first day I was 
placed on my milker. Like the other girls lucky enough 
to have my job, it was on my 10th birthday, which is 
the same age that they take the boys to military 
training school. The boss man simply came to me and 
said that it was time to start working. We had a new 
army in power and several thousand were coming to tour 
the farm today. I knew what he was talking about as 
from a very early age, I had worked in and around the 
milking and breeding room as part of my daily duties. 

In the breeding room, one of my jobs would be to use a 
water hose to clean the floor. When the girls, many of 
whom would stay there for days, would shit or piss, it 
would simply drop to the ground, so I would use the 
hoses to spray the floors continually so that the shit, 
piss, and extra sperm that the pussies couldn't drink 
were always being washed away. 

I always liked watching the globs of white sperm 
running out of the stretched out black pussies after 
larger groups of men left due to the contrast in color. 
I also know that if there was a shit, I would need to 
use the hose on the black ass that dropped it as the 
men hated fucking a smelly milking breeder. All this 
time, I knew my day would come when I could proudly 
take my place in the breeding room on a milker of my 
own and it finally did.

The boss man introduced me to a new milker and said, 
"This is your station now, Tiny." He then helped me up 
and bent me over the machine. To keep me in position, 
he fastened a belt around my lower back, spread my legs 
and put my feet in the stirrups, and fastened them in 
with the metal anklets. He then, thoughtfully, moved 
the circular headrest to fit comfortably around my 
face. Once in position, he slapped me playfully on the 
ass and said with a chuckle, "Welcome aboard and enjoy 
your rides."

I felt a little awkward at first, being bent over like 
this. I have never owned clothes as they only issue 
clothes to the boys a couple of years before they go to 
the military school. After a short time I realized why 
I should not be allowed to move as one of the other 
bosses came to me and told me it was time for my 
branding. First he gave me a series of five shots in my 
ass cheeks. He named them as he injected me, "This one 
is for disease prevention... this one is a vitamin 
concentrate... this one will make you horny... this one 
is to start you making milk... this one will make you 
pregnant, just add sperm, he, he, he, he. Now I need to 
get you branded before the army gets here." 

With that he took out a tattoo needle and due to my 
complexion he used a very black ink which even stood 
out on my ass skin. On my right ass cheek, he began to 
tattoo the logo of the company which is the words "West 
Africa Support Personnel" around the picture of a big, 
flying wasp. All-in-all, the brand is about 4 inches 
across, covering almost my entire 10 year-old ass 
cheek. Under it, he inscribed my breeder number, blood 
type and duty, "7119 O Breeding Milker". Then he 
sprayed it all with a sticky antibiotic and slapped 
(literally) my ass with a medical pad that would stay 
on for several days. During the time it was on there, I 
would not be leaving my new milker. 

While it was painful for a 10 year old to endure, I was 
still proud as all of the girls have a similar brand 
and I was very excited to be finally recognized as a 
part of the group. It is like an initiation or right-
of-passage that all of us breeding milkers go through. 
The only other tattoo that I would look forward to 
would be the first tally mark to be placed on my left 
ass cheek when I dropped out my first baby. All of the 
girls have a brand on the right cheek and tally marks 
on the left so that all passers-by can see how many 
times the pussy they are looking at has been 
successfully bred. While I was definitely looking 
forward to those tally marks, I was glad that I wasn't 
getting them at the same time as the brand. It really 

When he got done, he reached into his pocket and pulled 
out some sort of pill or tablet. He said it was a 
lubricant and that I would be happy about this in a few 
minutes. He put it to the entrance of my pussy and 
shoved it in to the length of his finger. It was warm 
from his pocket and felt strange for a moment but it 
melted quickly in my now damp snatch and began to feel 

A few minutes later, I heard men entering the building 
and, as procedure, the younger children and older 
adults that were tending to the breeders and machines 
retreated to the walls to assist if necessary or, as I 
frequently did, watch the fucking. I then, at that 
moment realized that my dream had come true: I was now 
officially a breeding milker working in the breeding 
room. The men that came here came here for one reason: 
fuck the breeders.

My first fuck as a breeder was with the new General 
himself. He was among the first in and I suppose the 
sight of my 10 year-old ass bent over for his mounting 
convenience was just irresistible. I don't know why he 
didn't go to one of the older girls as I surely didn't 
deserve this honor on my first day. My first man to 
mount me was the General, I am so proud to say. He was 
very dark, like me, and he was very handsome in his 
uniform. He came up behind me, dropped his pants and 
stepped out of them, this was very classy as many guys 
just lowered them half way. 

He then hung them by the belt loop on the edge of one 
of the upper stirrups I hadn't tried yet. After he 
positioned his big cock at the entrance of my pre-teen 
slit, he slowly pushed it all the way in. I felt like 
my pussy was being inflated like a balloon! I had been 
fucked plenty before, but this was sheer, overwhelming 
pleasure! I had never felt so full! 

He began to pump in and out and I was enjoying his 
rhythm, rocking my hips up and down to match his 
thrusts. I then was distracted slightly by the sounds 
of fucking filling the room as the 581 girls now all 
had cocks thrusting in and out of their black pussies 
at different speeds. Some of the girls were moaning, 
some were experiencing orgasms, some were talking with 
the men in their pussies or with the other girls around 
them, and of course, the men were cheering each other 
on as well. 

After a few moments, the General that was stretching my 
little black pussy to full size for the first time 
started to quicken and I knew my honor of being fucked 
by him would be over soon. The girl on the milker next 
to me was getting a thorough reaming as well, and I 
noticed a constant streams of milk in the transparent 
tubes attached to her tits as a result of the attention 
her pussy was getting. At the age of 12, she already 
had three children (I saw the three tally marks on her 
left ass cheek earlier) and was in her heat for her 
fourth and was, therefore, much more experienced than 

She knew exactly what to say to help me out and give 
the General the encouragement he needed to empty his 
nut sack into my womb. Her high pitched girl voice said 
loudly, "Bust that big nut in her, General! She has a 
flat belly that needs to swell up huge with a nice, 
black baby!" The big balls that were banging my little 
clitty began to churn and I felt him let go inside my 
tiny pussy with massive loads of cum that completely 
filled my 10 year-old womb with sperm. He spasmed 
inside me for a few moments as my little cunt greedily 
suckled on his cock, milking every last drop of sperm 
out of it that my little pussy could get. 

Finally, he pulled out with a "plop" and I sadly felt 
his seed begin to escape. Much of it would have run out 
had his next in command not plugged my little cunt hole 
up with his hard black cock. I then looked and saw that 
I would have about 25 more cocks to go. Sure enough, 
one-by-one, they took their turns packing my small 
black pussy with sperm. Each one would push in, 
establish a rhythm, I would rock my hips to maximize 
their pleasure as best I could, each would tense up, 
and fire their load into me as his friends cheered. I 
was doing my job and doing it well even on my first 

By the time all of the men had finished, night was upon 
us and all 581 of us were completely fucked. All the 
girls from 10 to 25 had had their pussies worked hard 
to drain almost 10,000 sets of balls, some twice and a 
few three times. The milkers had all hit their quotas, 
the breeders in heat, including the 12 year-old next to 
me, were definitely knocked up as HUGE amounts of sperm 
found their waiting eggs, and the handful of new ones, 
like me, were well fucked, stretched out, and dripping. 
I loved the sweet smell of sex that filled the air from 
the sperm that covered the floor as it dripped out of 
the 581 steaming, hot black pussies that just couldn't 
drink any more cum. 

The younger kids began the big task of cleaning after 
the men filed out. I heard the familiar sound of water 
from the hoses and saw the water running on the floor 
under my milker as it carried away the semen that had 
spilled from the pussies up the row from me. In a few 
moments I felt the water splash on my ass and I felt 
the pride of being a breeding milker as one of the 
children had the duty of cleaning my little, used pussy 
and the floor under it. I had been fucked for three 
hours straight and I realized that I needed to piss, so 
I let it go as the water hose passed over my ass. 

I felt the water from the hose mix with my piss and it 
felt so good. It felt like a piece of ice moving across 
your hot forehead after being out in the African sun. 
The water felt like it was cooling my hot pussy like a 
fire hose and I would not have been surprised if it had 
sizzled and caused a cloud of steam. The kid held the 
water on my cunt patiently as my piss left and made 
sure I was completely clean. Nothing could be done 
about the cum that would leak out for the rest of the 
night, but I did get a small douching with the hose 
before the kid moved on and left me to dry with my ass 
stuck in the air. 

Following the cleaning, a boss man with a bucket of 
antiseptic salve was walking behind all of us and as he 
reached each pussy, he would get a couple of fingers 
full of salve and rub it into each well fucked cunt. 
When he got to me, it felt tingley and nice and I 
appreciated the extra care as he rubbed it into all of 
my little pussy folds. The salve keeps us from feeling 
sore or irritated after the gang fuck sessions. 

I stayed on my milker for the next several days, 
drinking from the tube that hung down by my head and 
eating the food bars that came in several flavors which 
filled the tray that ran the length of the room for the 
breeders. I must have drained an average of 20 ball-
sacks a day as people flowed in and out of the room. 
Sometimes even one of the boss men would mount me and 
ride me to a good cum and within a month (maybe it was 
due to the shots), I had never had a period, but my 
little, baby cunt started producing eggs and I was 
diagnosed by the doctor from the farm clinic as 

I was so excited! I knew that I would start giving milk 
any day now and nothing is cuter than a pregnant 10 
year-old being milked. It was really great. They fitted 
the sucking funnels to my small breast and I felt the 
massage and gentle sucking that I eventually loved this 
machine for. This constant but light suction also 
causes our tits to become quite large over a time and 
the shots we keep getting also cause those tits to grow 
large and fill with milk. The only part I didn't like 
so much after the first month was a series of shots 
that they gave me directly into my cunt lips. 

It really hurt, but one of the men had said something 
about a loose 10 year-old pussy and the doctor told me 
that after every 500 to 600 cocks or so, I would need 
these shots to keep my cunt fuckable and tight or the 
men would complain and have a hard time busting their 
nuts in me. I am so happy that the shots keep my pussy 
in good, fuckable shape, and would do anything to keep 
that sperm pumping into me. The doctor said the shots 
would get more important as I started pushing out new 
breeding stock and soldiers to keep my pussy from 
getting all sloppy as birthing can do that, especially 
after the first seven or eight. He explained that a 
pussy is an amazingly stretchable thing and that the 
shots just helped it to stay that way. 

The shots would work well, but after 20 or 25 births, 
not much could be expected to help. He encouraged me by 
pointing to the older women that worked around the farm 
in a variety of jobs and told me that they had all been 
milking breeders at one time, and that if I wanted to 
continue fucking after this job, I could work as a 
collector in the horse stable as horse cum is valuable 
if it came from a prize stud. I would be fitted to a 
belly saddle, the horse cock would be positioned and 
pushed into my pussy with a collection bag under my ass 
crack. I could rock to as many orgasms as I liked and 
the horse would come in me, but that most of the horse 
cum would flood down the crack of my ass and fill the 

 He then told me that at only 10, big decisions like 
that were a long way off. I had lots of human balls to 
drain before I ever had to think about that. I thanked 
him for the encouraging story as he proceeded to give 
me my regular series of shots, "This one is for disease 
prevention... this one is a vitamin concentrate... this 
one will make you horny... this one is to start you 
making milk... this one will keep you pregnant, it's 
for your first baby, he, he, he, he."


I was not a virgin, even at 10. I mentioned that I have 
never owned clothes, and the boys don't either until 
they are 8 (2 years before they leave). All of us 
children slept in huge rooms called "Sleeping Halls" 
with rubber mats that cover the floor from wall to 
wall. Most of the boys, even at a young age, get 
erections and feel horny from working in the breeding 
room and want to try breeding with the girls in the 
sleeping halls. Then the ones that aren't working in 
the breeding room get to watch a couple of the 
youngsters fucking, they get horny... imagine a huge 
orgy where most all of the boys are sexing the girls, 
trading partners, some actually ejaculate cum! Now 
picture it in a room the size of a large warehouse that 
sleeps roughly 1000 children. 

It's like a black ocean of sex with participants aging 
4 to almost 10. I vaguely remember my first sex 
experience in the sleeping hall when I was simply lying 
on my back letting the boy next to me slip his little 
black weenie into my little black pussy as he climbed 
on top of me and spread my little legs. He knew what to 
do from watching and began to push into my pussy, 
causing me to cry in pain, but after a nearly audible 
"pop", he sank into me and began fucking me as I lay 
there. He got bored in a few minutes and pulled out to 
go play with his friends. I felt sore, so I closed my 
legs before anyone else decided to jump in and curled 
into a ball and fell asleep to the nightly sounds of 
junior-orgy going on around me. 

I was only awakened the next morning as the overhead 
showers began spraying the room with water which served 
to clean the room as well as provide a mandatory 
shower. That night, I was mounted again by a different 
boy who could ejaculate. After he came in me, he yelled 
to his friends who took their turns fucking on me for a 
long time. It was a couple of years before I first had 
an orgasm, so us girls usually just took a series of 
fuckings, which felt good, but were more fun for the 
boys who would also fight amongst themselves for the 
group of girls that he and his friends had claimed. 

Even at that time, it seemed that the girls were the 
property of the boys who would stake claim and fight 
when we weren't all doing our various jobs around the 
farm. Sometimes you would be traded or lost in a fight, 
which always resulted in an immediate fucking. They 
didn't care if we were fucking during the day, but we 
would be penalized if we didn't do our jobs well, so we 
usually kept our fuck-play for the night. Kids will be 
kids, I guess.

There were 10 sleeping halls and with close to 1000 
kids in each, you can see that it was more like a small 
city than a farm. We had a series of jobs working 
outside and inside, some in fields (mostly indoor 
fields as we worked huge green-houses), some with a 
variety of animals, and some in the breeding and 
milking room. That's where I was lucky enough to spend 
much of my time. As all of the boys went to the 
military, the breeding room could only house about 10% 
of the girls. Maybe it would go to 20% some day, but 
not yet. All of the girls were hoping for the job as 
milking breeder because it was, by far, the most 
prestigious job here. Eating, sleeping, fucking, and 
having someone else clean your ass... 

It couldn't get any better and I hoped I would be 
chosen because that would also mean I was among the 
prettiest. To be chosen to work as a breeder, you must 
be pretty and then have certain measurements that would 
ensure your hips could bear children without much 
difficulty or complications. The other girls would be 
sold on the outside when they turned 10 as factory 
workers, sex slaves or brothel whores and would not be 
lucky enough to stay on the farm. 

As such, boys were typically more valuable because they 
were stronger and could be trained as soldiers. They 
tried training girls as soldiers once, but I guess it 
distracted the boys from fighting the enemy and started 
them fighting each other for pussy... then girls also 
have a funny tendency to end up pregnant if you fuck 
them too much, right? Not the best ingredients for army 

The only real fucking we were supposed to do during the 
day would be in the theater while entertaining groups 
that would come to watch or while making the films in 
the studio. We even had plays we would do as young kids 
that had story lines, mild plots, romance, and sex. 
Those were fun. Other times, we were just to have sex 
and sometimes, they would bring in the Dobermans. 
Several dozen dogs were working at the farm as guard 
dogs, but they were trained to fuck us as well. 

We frequently had them on stage or in films published 
by the company. One of the shows that everyone seemed 
to like was when we kids were placed in miniature 
stocks and the boys would come in and fuck us from 
behind as we were instructed to scream. We were then to 
scream even louder when the dogs would run in, the boys 
would yank themselves from our little pussies and run 
off the set as the dogs would clumsily mount up and 
begin punching our little cunts with their cocks. 

The knots were mostly too big to get in anyway, so it 
actually felt pretty good except for one time when the 
dog accidentally got his dick in my ass. If you are 7 
years old and have a giant Doberman dick pounding your 
ass, those screams are not entirely acting, but gave me 
a sense of understanding for the boys that, as a 
disciplinary measure, would be placed in the stocks. 
It's humbling to have several of your friends with 
their small black dicks plunging in and out of your 
ass, I suppose, but certainly discipline when the 
Dobermans come out to replace them. Most of the boys 
would fuck with each other from time-to-time, but 
unlike us girls, they didn't get much fun from the 

Another favorite was when they would bring in one of 
the professional breeders to film or perform. The 
crowds would cheer at the sight of a 10 year old 
pregnant breeder and watching her fuck on stage or in 
front of the camera was always a turn-on for the men in 
the crowd. Sometimes, a breeder that was not pregnant 
would come in, and in front of the crowd, they would be 
tested for ovulation and after showing she was in her 
heat, a line would form to impregnate her. That was 
always a crowd pleaser.


Several months ago, about six I guess, I had pushed out 
my 6th baby by a few weeks and was going into my heat. 
This was a time that my pussy just ached to drink sperm 
and get impregnated again. I couldn't help it if I 
wanted to. It's like my whole mind and body were 
focused on getting sperm pumped up my cunt. Then to my 
serious disappointment, I was told that I was not to be 
strapped on my milker and could not let my little pussy 
get any man-sperm at all! I was given a choice: all I 
could do was work in the nursery, letting the children 
suck on my tits when I felt full or I could have sex 
with the Dobermans. I was very upset about this, so I 
decided to do both. That way, at least, My heat would 
be partially satisfied by the pumping of the dog cocks 
and my tits could be kept drained by the kids. 

I went to the theater for this and assumed a position 
on the stage where I was on a special bench that 
allowed me to be on all fours, but supported my upper 
body with a cushioned bench about four inches wide. It 
allowed my tits to hang down like udders on either 
side, while my body was still and rested on the 
cushion. Just perfect. In a few moments, the cameras 
were rolling and I was told to beg for hot cock to be 
shoved in my cunt. 

As I was in my heat anyway, that wasn't hard. I started 
when the cameraman signaled. "My cunt is so hot for 
cock right now! I'm 14 and I need to be fucked for my 
7th baby. Please get a cock in me for my breeding. I 
need some good, hard fucking and I need sperm pumped 
into my womb. My tits are so full and my pussy is so 
empty! Fill my pussy and put another baby in me!" 

I think the camera man was having a hard time holding 
the camera, but he managed to move back and get the 
shot of the six Dobermans entering and circling my 
body. Within moments, I felt the first one climb on my 
back and I felt his slippery cock jab at my pussy 
opening. After a few misses, he hit the mark and I felt 
the relief of cock sliding into me. To my brief 
surprise, he paused for a second and then jabbed 
sharply. I felt his knot make its way past my pussy 
lips to tie us together as I cried out, "Do me baby! 
Pump your doggie sperm into me and make puppies in my 

I don't think he understood me, but he started humping 
away like crazy! My big boobs were swinging and it felt 
like the milk in them was weighting them down and 
causing them to slosh back and forth as I felt the dog 
pummeling my pussy like there was no tomorrow! I don't 
care what anyone says, big dogs know how to fuck and 
when you're 14 and in heat, they can tell! I was 
getting the fucking of a lifetime and five more were 

I couldn't believe it! After a few moments, my tits 
began leaking and the camera was focusing on the milk 
splattering out of my tits, then moving to my baby-face 
that was contorting from orgasm, then moving to the 
Doberman cock that was now pumping cum into my body. He 
kept the camera on my cunt long enough to get a good 
shot of the dog pulling the knot out with a plop and to 
see the stream of sperm pour out of my pussy onto the 
floor as the cock came free of my cunt lips. Then the 
next dog, as if on cue, jumped on my back for his try 
at getting me pregnant.

With the mounting of the second dog, I was briefly 
distracted by the entrance of two very pregnant girls, 
one was 11 with only one tally on her ass, the other 
was due any day and had no marks yet. Each of the young 
breeders came to either side of my bench, laid down on 
their backs and moved their heads under my two hanging 
udders. Then they put their little mouths on my hanging 
nipples and started sucking! It was so far past 
incredible that I can't explain it. It was as if the 
dog sperm was being pumped into my cunt and being 
sucked out of my tits! 

Then, to top off the high point in the movie, each of 
the young breeders had the pussies elevated to the same 
height as their bulging bellies with pillows and two of 
the remaining dogs were commanded to mount them, which 
they did with great enthusiasm. As each of the girls 
were getting their pregnant bellies filled with my milk 
through their mouths and dog sperm through their fuck-
holes, I began to have my next orgasm and the cock in 
my pussy exploded with another blast of cum from those 
hairy balls that were slapping my clit.

As three dogs finished cumming in all three of our 
cunts, I was wondering what would happen next as there 
were three empty pussies and only two dogs left. Soon 
enough, I saw the two dogs mount the two pregnant girls 
that were greedily sucking my tits and began to feel 
left out. Then I saw the new star. If I was not in heat 
and had not had two dogs drain their balls in me 
already, the huge Russian Wolfhound would have scared 
me to death. He had to stand as tall as me and had a 
cock that was mammoth! It hung down about a foot and 
had to be twice as wide as any cock I had ever seen! 

He was new, so it took a couple of people to get him 
positioned over me and they had to use a couple of 
blocks to elevate the back of my bench to get it high 
enough for my new giant lover. I am sure that I am the 
luckiest 14 year-old black girl in all of Africa. With 
the wet pussy dripping below him and the smell of my 
heat in his nostrils, his hips started thrusting even 
before his giant dick hit my entrance. 

Within three of four quick lunges, his cock had found a 
new home in my pussy and I felt that wonderful 
stretching which reminded me of my first fuck with the 
General several years before. I yelled out, "Yes, fuck 
me with your massive cock! Make me your little black 
bitch doggie and breed me! Tear my little pussy apart 
and fill your little bitch with your hot spunk!" 

As he was pumping furiously, I heard some prompting 
from his handlers, heard a slap that must have been on 
the hound's hind quarters, then with a lunge that 
nearly knocked the wind out of me, I felt a huge knot 
the size of a baseball pop into my well-fucked hole. I 
thought it would tear me in half, but my little black 
cunt somehow managed to stretch. It was like giving 
birth in reverse and it took a moment for cum-hungry 
little pussy to adjust to it.

Within a couple of minutes, I felt the familiar pulsing 
of a dick pumping cum and knew that this monster was 
pumping more cum into me that I had ever had from one 
cock and it was causing me to expand further as nothing 
was leaking past that huge knot. As the hound 
dismounted, the knot remained stuck and the camera 
moved to the side to capture a great shot of us being 
tied ass-to-ass. The two Dobermans also managed to 
finish and withdraw, so the two pregnant 11 and 10 year 
olds were able to come and pet the hound and I as we 
were stuck there. 

They ran their hands and mouths all over us and I felt 
them licking my pussy, providing a little lubrication 
that allowed the massive cock to finally be pulled 
free. As the massive cock withdrew, allowing a dam-
break of cum to come gushing out of my gaping hole, the 
girls immediately began kissing and sucking the sperm 
from me. Normally, I would have been upset to be in my 
heat and having sperm sucked out. My pussy needed it to 
make a baby and, without thinking, I yelled 
"Leave the sperm in there, my pussy needs to be 
pregnant!" I realized almost instantly how silly that 
must have sounded as it was cum from three big dogs and 
would have laughed with the cameraman and crew had the 
small lips of the young breeders not brought me to my 
final orgasm. The camera was finally switched off as my 
orgasm began to subside.


After a couple of days of movie-making with the dogs 
and other girls, I was so happy to be going back to the 
breeding room and to be getting back on my milker. I 
was still in my heat and needed a good breeding and all 
of the pussies and dog sperm in the world weren't going 
to do the trick. I needed man-cocks for my little pussy 
to drink from and I didn't want to waste any more time. 
When you're 14 and in heat, nothing will satisfy you 
like the feeling of good, hard cock pumping ball-fulls 
of cum into your snatch and womb and I just couldn't 
understand why I had been taken out of the breeding 
room during my heat.

I was greeted by my waiting milker and was so glad to 
feel the familiar sucking and massaging of my tits as I 
was put into position and the switch was turned on. I 
watched with joy as the valve was opened on the milk 
tubes and I saw the milk from my swollen tits flow into 
the tube and join the milk of the other 600 or so girls 
as it flowed to the processing room. Oddly, a new 
device was placed between my legs. 

I couldn't see it well, so I asked what it was and I 
was told it was a "semen collector". It would keep the 
sperm that ran out of my pussy from simply hitting the 
floor. It would collect it for later use. I didn't know 
why we needed that, as so many men came through daily 
that my pussy had all of the sperm it could possibly 
drink. I thought it odd, but I'm not the boss, so what 
do I care?

Later that evening, I finally heard the familiar sound 
of men coming in from outside and knew that I would 
finally be bred. The waiting was over and before I 
slept I would have my heat satisfied with a seventh 
fertilized egg in my womb. As the men entered, I saw 
something different that answered my questions. These 
men wore blue helmets and were white skinned! I was 
absolutely overjoyed at the surprise! I was going to be 
bred with white men and birth a light-colored baby! 
Light colored babies tend to be more valuable as they 
are more rare.

This was truly an honor and I was very proud that I was 
in my heat at this time. I didn't know how many there 
were and I suddenly feared that if there were only 
several dozen that I may not get one, so I called out, 
"Please come fuck me! I'm in my heat and need you to 
put a baby in me! Please come and pump your cum into my 
pussy!" I was not to be disappointed even though 
several other girls heard me and had a similar thought. 
Soon the whole room was filled with the pleadings of 
the girls in heat to be fucked and bred by these men. 
As it turned out, we were lucky. There were close to 
10,000. I guess we have a new government.

I remember well the first white cock from the man who 
said, "Don't worry baby, I'll knock you up. I'll fill 
your young black cunt with enough white cum to make ten 
babies." With that, I felt the great joy of his cock 
splitting my black pussy open and his hands grabbing my 
hips. He thrust into me and I felt the end of his cock 
touch my cervix. I nearly blacked out with pleasure as 
he began his deep and deliberate fucking. He was not 
trying to get off fast, he was breeding me and we both 
knew it. 

After a few minutes, I saw a line of about 20 behind 
him and knew that this would be a great breeding day. I 
was very thrilled and began to orgasm as his pace 
quickened and he finally thrust into me as far as he 
could. I felt his balls emptying into my womb and I 
could swear my pussy was sucking his pole for all it 
was worth. I don't know how, but I instantly knew that 
I had been bred. When his balls were empty, he leaned 
over me and said, "I think that did it, baby. You're 
knocked up well. I gave you a nice full load, but these 
other blokes want a chance as well... by the way, nice 
pussy for six kids." 

I was so happy to hear him say that as I felt him knock 
me up too. Most men didn't say anything at all. I 
replied, "Thank you sir. I am happy you liked nutting 
in my pussy and breeding me pregnant. I wish you could 
give me my next 15 breedings as well." He must have 
liked my response because he went to the back of my 
line again.

The next white man came up and made his white cock 
disappear into my black breeding hole and proceeded to 
just fuck the absolute shit out of me. I didn't know 
how long these guys had gone without a good ball-drain, 
but I guessed it had been a while as most of them 
pounded me with a lot of energy and the amount of sperm 
they shot out was really huge. About half way through 
my line as my little black cunt had emptied about 24 
white balls, and I was coming down from more than a 
dozen orgasms, I knew that it was impossible for me not 
to be pregnant. This was truly the best breeding ever. 

Suddenly, I remembered the semen collector under my 
pussy. I looked at the breeder in front of me (we all 
face the same way) and saw copious amounts of white 
sperm running out of her black cunt and saw it dripping 
into the collector that was fit between her legs. Like 
mine, it had an open top with two straps, one around 
each upper thigh, to hold it in place. It looked like a 
canteen with the top half gone. It was really perfect 
for catching all of the cum that our 600 pussies 
couldn't swallow. I was trying to imagine what they 
would do with the sperm from 20,000 white balls leaked 
from about 600 black pussies. I guessed I would find 
out later.

By the end of the session, the sweet smell of sex had 
again filled the air and I had been mounted 31 times. 
The sperm had surely knocked me up and I even felt my 
heat being satisfied as all of that ball-juice made its 
way to my egg and did the work of planting another baby 
in my belly. I so much wanted to see my belly swelling 
with a white baby. This was certainly a high point and 
I knew that I was among the select few that had been 
impregnated today by these beautiful white-skinned 

After the white men left, a boss came through with a 
cart and began taking off the semen collectors. He 
would unfasten the straps and hold the collector up to 
the pussy. Then he would insert a finger into the pussy 
as far as he could and wiggle it rapidly, causing the 
pussy to drip. After a good drip, he would pull any 
sperm out with his finger and wipe it into the 
collector. This took a while as he paid special 
attention to each dripping snatch and was careful to 
get as much of the extra sperm collected that he could. 

When he came to me, I asked him what he was going to do 
with the sperm and he told me that I would see in two 
weeks as he pointed to a girl on a milker that was only 
a couple days on the job. She was 10 and had just 
received her first shots and branding. After he 
finished, the hoses came through and our asses were 
washed, but I heard them give special instructions not 
to use the hose to douche us out this time in any way. 
Simple washing of pussies and asses was all they would 
be doing and sure enough, as I watched the water 
running on the floor under my milker, I saw none of the 
familiar white blobs running away.

A couple of weeks later, the boss's words came true. 
They were coming through the breeding room taking piss 
samples from the ones that were new or who had recently 
given birth and were using a marker to place an "x" on 
the ass of the girls who were in their heat or 
ovulating. Sure enough, the new 10-year on the milker 
near mine was awarded an "x". She had no idea how 
wonderful this would be for her. After the dozen or so 
"x" marks were given, another couple of bosses were 
coming through with a cart which had some gynecology 
equipment on it and a tray of test tubes. Each test 
tube was full of white fluid.

I watched carefully as they placed the 10 year-old on 
her back and placed her feet in the upper stirrups and 
locked her ankles in place. The milker was then 
adjusted on the end to lift her little hairless pussy 
up about 10 inches on an incline. A speculum was then 
lubricated and inserted completely into the girl and 

I saw then that the test tubes were actually syringe 
vials and a plunger was snapped onto the top of one 
while the base was fitted with a rubber fitting with a 
squeeze bulb and valve, then a long, hollow plastic 
stick with a funnel-like shape on the other end was 
attached to that. The plastic stick with the open ended 
funnel was inserted into the girl's pussy and I heard 
one say, "Make sure the opening is fitting the cervix 
snugly before you inject the semen into the womb, or 
some could leak out around the end." 

The other one simple said, "Ok. It looks good." I then 
saw one push down the plunger slowly and noted out loud 
that it seemed to be going in ok. And when the plunger 
hit bottom, he opened the little valve on the squeeze 
bulb and said, "Now we empty out the tube as half of 
the sperm is still in the pipe," and he slowly squeezed 
the rubber bulb, forcing air down the pipe and more 
sperm directly into the girl's womb. 

When he finished, he said, "There. She should be 
pregnant now, but we'll check in another couple of 
days. In the meanwhile, we'll keep her pelvis elevated 
with this small vibrator egg in her vagina to stimulate 
the womb." Then, he shoved a small egg on a wire into 
her as far as his finger would go and on the end of the 
wire was a small box with a switch. "Better strap her 
hands first so that she doesn't pull it out." "Right," 
said the other one as he placed each of her hands into 
restraining bracelets attached to the sides of the 
milker. He then reached to the box hanging from the 
girls pussy and switched it on.

As they moved away, the girl was told by the breeder 
next to her that she was very lucky as she would now be 
having a white baby and would start making milk soon. 
The girl was overjoyed and was remarking that the egg 
up her cunt made her feel like her insides were 
tingling. It was only sad that she couldn't enjoy her 
first good fuck today as she would be off-limits to a 
group of soldiers that we were waiting for to dump 
their balls into us.


This brings me back to the top of my story as the 
soldiers have just left, 18 fucked my pussy like crazy 
and to the cheers of their friends, they succeeded in 
breaking my water with their big cocks. After they 
left, I was taken to the clinic and gave birth to a 
very light colored baby with golden eyes.

I'll be in heat again in a couple of weeks. I wonder if 
I'll get inseminated with the special sperm or get 
fucked pregnant by the black dicks? Either way, I have 
another tally on my ass and my pussy feels empty. 
They'll come with shots for me and for my pussy in a 
little while and within a few days I will be back on my 
milker with a line of men waiting to mount my pussy.

Bye until next time....

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