Sunday, 17 November 2013


My husband has always been a good man but he love fish 
and often drinks beer with the boys. I just think he 
likes it a lot and as a result I probably feel a little 
left out sometimes. This story is about a time shortly 
after we were married and he was stationed in Alaska in 
the Air Force.

On this particular occasion, hubby came home one day 
and announced that he was taking leave for a week and 
going fishing and suggested I go along and read or 
something if I wanted. It sounded like a good idea, as 
I liked to read as well as walk in the woods and just 
relax. He was 22 and I was barely 20. We had been 
married just a little over a year. He was a crewmember 
on a transport plane and his Sergeant had arranged to 
take his crew fishing for Salmon for a week. 

We arrived at the fishing lodge and signed in for our 
cabin. The night clerk was a black man of about 40 and 
was strikingly handsome and athletic looking. I noticed 
that he seemed be especially interested in me as he 
took care of the administrative work, and directed us 
to our cabin. His eyes kept looking at me and they 
seemed to move up and down my 5’ 9" body as if to say, 
"Baby you have really got it and I would love to have 

I found myself thinking about him as we moved our 
things into our cabin and was sort of wondering what he 
was really thinking. I was young and was flattered that 
an older man and a black one at that would be eyeing 
me. Was he just admiring me, as men often do, or was he 
thinking naughty things? 

I shut it out of my mind as we got things organized and 
hubby was preparing for the fishing the next day. I 
decided to get some ice and remembered that the ice 
machine was near the registration desk so I took the 
bucket and set off to get some ice. As I entered, I 
spoke to the night clerk and he said, "Hi, I’m Slim Jim 
and you must be Brenda." 

"Yes, Jim, I am Brenda. I need some ice," as I noticed 
that he was looking me over good and his eyes twinkled 
as he smiled and informed me that his nick name was 
given him in high school when he was tall and skinny 
and it stuck.

"Will you be fishing with your husband? I noticed that 
he has signed up for fishing all this week."

"No," I replied. "I am not much on fishing. I love to 
read and take walks so I will be around the lodge most 
of the time."

"I hope you enjoy it here. If you like walking, there 
are lots of trails around here and the scenery is 
great. I love to take morning walks before I turn in 
and get my rest before I go on the night shift again. I 
am just filling in for a couple of weeks here while the 
regular guy is away on a family emergency." 

I smiled, and said, "Thanks Jim, I may try the trails 
as I love to go for walks." I noticed that Jim seemed 
to take note of my comment as I left. 

The next morning after my hubby left for fishing, I 
made some coffee and walked out on the little porch and 
sat down sipping my coffee and looking at the morning 
sun as it brightened the day. I was thinking of taking 
a walk up the trail when I heard, "Good morning Brenda. 
Looks like you are already enjoying the morning here." 

I looked up to see Jim approaching in a white jogging 
suit and sneakers, looking really good. "Yes Jim, it is 
nice here this morning and I was thinking of taking a 

"Well," Jim replied, "I am on my way now and if you 
want to join me, I can show you a nice trial with some 
great scenery if you like." 

"Sounds great! Give me a couple of minutes and I will 
be ready," as I moved into the cabin and put on my 
black jogging suit and sneakers. 

As I stepped out and joined Jim, he said, "Wow, you 
look great in your black jogging suit. I think black is 
your color." 

I giggled and replied, "Thanks Jim and you look great 
in your white suit and white must be your color." We 
both laughed as we walked off toward the trail. 

We chatted as we walked and soon arrived at an old log 
that Jim motioned to and said that he often sat there 
and looked at the bay. I sat down and Jim sat next to 
me. During our chat as we looked at the boats in the 
bay, ships at dock, and the fishing village below, I 
found out that Jim was a school teacher off for the 
summer and was helping out his good friend who managed 
the lodge. He and his wife had now been separated for 6 

He turned to me and looked me in the eyes and said, 
"Brenda, you are one beautiful woman. I hope you don’t 
mind me saying that." 

I was really feeling weak kneed now and replied, "Of 
course not Jim, I love flattery... uhhh you are damn 
good looking man yourself if I may say so." I could see 
that Jim was thinking something as he put his arm 
around me and squeezed me a little to which I giggled 
in encouragement. Jim placed his lips on mine as I 
responded and let him kiss me. He then said that 
perhaps he should not do that. That I was married and 
so young and he just lost control. 

"Oh, Jim. It’s ok. I’m not angry or anything. That was 
sweet of you," as I giggled and held his hand. Jim 
leaned over toward me and I moved to meet his lips 
again and we kissed again this time a little more 
passionately and I felt things began to come to life 
down between my thighs and felt my breast began to 
swell, (my breasts puff up some when I get horny). I 
knew that if we should stop before we went too far. I 
knew where this would lead if I did not stop things 

Jim looked at me and said, "You are so young and 
desirable, but I don’t want to take advantage of your 
youth and innocence. I think I should stop this before 
we go too far. 

At that time and age, if you wanted to pull my chain 
some, just imply that I was immature and didn’t know 
what I wanted. Now that I look back at the events, I 
think that Slim Jim was a sly fox. He knew that by 
implying that I was too young, he could get me to take 
the bait. Regardless, it worked. 

I was now considering the idea of busting his black 
balls. I could tell that this Black Jim wanted this 
white wife’s honey. I was thinking of all the negative 
things like, he is 40 and black and I am newly married 
and only 20 and I should not be considering cheating... 
well not yet anyway. 

I responded to Jim’s last statement with, "Jim, I think 
you are right. We need to cool it."

"That’s OK my little white honey, you are very sweet, 
lovely and sexy and any man would want you. You have 
sure struck a sweet note with me." 

We walked back to the lodge and parted with Slim Jim 
going to his cabin for his rest before his night shift 
and I went back to my cabin to ponder the events of the 
morning. I picked up a book and started reading. It was 
a Romance novel with lots of sexy scenes in it, just 
what I needed after the morning walk. I caught myself 
with my hand in my panties thinking of Black Slim Jim. 
What would it be like to feel his black balls knowing 
that they were full of his black seed? 

I knew that his full aching balls would want to get 
some relief in my white love canal. Oh damn, stop it! 
Stop thinking of those things! I am a married woman 
now! As I read on in my book, there was a salesman who 
made out with the black maid who made me start thinking 
of Black Jim and wondering if it would be good. No, I 
should not do it. I knew that Black Jim wanted this 
white wife. 

I had read where some black men really got off when 
they could get a white marred woman in bed. I 
remembered in high school that the black football 
players were always hitting on the white girls. I had 
head that one of the coaches wives had given a couple 
of the players a good time at a party one night at the 
coaches house. These thoughts were really stimulating 
me. Stop it I thought. 

Needless to say that night in bed I went to sleep with 
my hand in my panties thinking of Black Jim. The next 
morning after my husband left for fishing, I made some 
coffee but stayed in the cabin with a crack in the 
curtain and watched for Jim to walk by and when he did, 
he paused a few moments in front of my cabin but I did 
not come out so he walked on and I watched as he 
returned. He seemed a bit dejected as he waked by and 
to his cabin. I closed my eyes and felt inside my 
jogging suit and knew that I was wet for Jim and I knew 
now what I would do about it.

I walked to Jim’s cabin and gently knocked on the door. 
Jim opened the door as looked at me for a moment, as I 
gazed at his black thick kinky hairy chest as he stood 
there in only the bottom part of his white jogging 
suit. He said, "Come on in my sweet white honey. This 
is a nice surprise."

As I entered, I said, "I would love to, my sweet Black 
Jim. I hope I am not disturbing your rest," and I 
turned to meet his arms as he pulled me close and 
kissed me passionately. He knew why I was there.

When we parted kissing, he said, "You are disturbing me 
but it is in a nice way, sweetie. You don’t know how I 
missed you this morning, I thought I had lost you." 

"I had to get my head straight. I knew where this was 
leading and wanted to be sure I wanted it. I know now 
that I need you and you need me at this time in your 
life. I want to be yours and take care of what your 
wife is not taking care of."

"My sweet white honey, you are just what I need’, as he 
kissed me and pulled me close as I felt his manhood 
standing erect and hard in his jogging suit against my 
now tingling and aching hair covered woman hood. He 
slid his hands inside my jogging suit and felt my naked 
bottom pulling me closer as we moved our pelvises 
slowly against each other knowing that we both wanted 
each other and I knew that his Big Black one would soon 
be playing in my this white wife’s honey pot. 

We were now rubbing our hands all over each other and 
kissing like two horny teens. I felt life a virgin 
about to get her first cock, yes her first black cock. 
Jim removed my jogging top to reveal my young perky 
breast with their hard brown nipples waiting his 
attention which he gladly gave, suckling like a baby, 
yes my black baby sucking the milk from my tender white 
breast as I fanaticized that I was giving him milk with 
each and every suck.

My Black Jim now removed my bottoms as he licked his 
way to my clittie and he nibbled and sucked it as I 
moaned and pushed to meet his mouth and tongue. He was 
now breathing hard and sweating and then he stood as I 
pulled his pants down to reveal the most beautiful 
black pole as it stood there at attention for my 
inspection and approval. 

I knelt down and placed my hand around it and looked at 
the beautiful flared black head and the clear drops as 
they slowly seeped from the little slit in the end. I 
knew this was mine and mine alone today, I knew now 
that I wanted it more than anything I had ever wanted 
in my life. I played with his black balls knowing they 
were filled with his seed that I would soon make him 
give to me. Jim pulled me up and lifted me onto the bed 
as he moved above me and I opened my thighs to welcome 
my new black lover. 

We wrapped our arms around each other as I felt his 
hard black pole parting my hairy lips and entering into 
this white wife’s wet hot love canal, gently pushing 
deeper and deeper until I felt it knocking at my womb’s 
door. I was pushing hard against Jim wanting every inch 
of it, as he slowly pulled back and pushed in and out 
and in and out. I was now moaning and begging Jim to 
give me all he had. 

"Oh my Black Daddy, give your baby some good loving, 
God I love it, you fucking black stud. Give it to me, 
oh I need it, come on!" Jim pumped me hard and fast now 
as we were now both bathing each other in our sweat as 
I moaned. Jim was now grunting with every stroke and 
pulled me hard and tight as I wrapped my legs around 
his waist and held on as he pumped me hard and fast, 
with his full black balls slapping my white bottom 
hard. I knew that his black balls would soon be 
spewing, "Yes, oh baby yes!"

I felt his rod start pulsating shooting his seed deep 
in me. This made me start my orgasm, knowing that I had 
made him cum, I started shaking all over, then got 
stiff and then just went limp as he made his final 
stroke pumping the last of his black seed deep inside 
my white waiting womb. We lay there relaxed and limp 
for a few moments then Jim moved off and to my side. We 
lay there in each other’s arms knowing that we both had 
just had the best sex we had ever had. 

I finally spoke, "My Black Jim, you have made me yours. 
I cannot believe that you made me have an orgasm like I 
have never had before. I cannot describe it. 

"My sweet white honey, you made ole Black Jim so horny 
I thought I was going to die," and he laughed.

I looked down at his black soft pole laying there, 
knowing that I had made it hard and then made it soft 
again. I knew that I was a married white woman and that 
this black man was hot for her sweet thing. 

We laid there for a while enjoying the moment, then I 
kissed my Black Jim on the cheek and whispered that I 
would see him the next day if he wanted me to, and 

Jim winked at me and said that I had him hooked and 
would be looking for me the next day. Jim said, "There 
is one thing sweeter than a white wife’s sweet pussy, 
it is a young white wife’s pussy."

I have to admit that my hubby really had a good time 
fishing that week and talked about it a lot and his 
wife had a good time as well but never breathed a word 
of it till now. You are the first ones I have ever told 
about this. (What do you think? I don’t think I was 
wrong and I really enjoyed writing this story as it 
made me horny for Black Jim again, "GIGGLE"!)

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