Sunday, 3 November 2013


My wife and I have been married for ten years and she 
is very, very sexy. She is about five foot six inches 
tall, one hundred and twenty pounds with long naturally 
loose curly auburn hair with a figure and legs to die 
for. For the last few years, I have had this fantasy of 
watching another man taking my wife sexually. 

I have talked about it with her, and slowly she has 
become more interested. She told me that she does not 
know if she could have sex with another man in front of 
me. I said that maybe she should have sex with a man 
without me there, in order to break the ice so to 
speak, so that she will feel more comfortable doing it 
in front of me.

I also confided in my best friend, Tony, about my 
fantasy. I told him that my ultimate fantasy would be 
to watch her fucking a man, while she does not know I 
am there. Tony agreed to help me make that a reality. 
After coming up with a plan, we picked a night and put 
it into action.

Tony came over one night to go out with us. However, I 
told Lisa that I needed to go to a meeting. I asked 
Tony to stay until I return. Tony agreed, knowing I was 
going to sneak back into the house and hide under the 
stairway, which has a hole that you can see into our 
extra bedroom. I then left and re-entered through the 
door downstairs and under the stairs to the hole. She 
had been drinking wine and was starting to act tipsy. 

Tony walked by her in the hallway and said, "I have 
always thought that you were hot. I know your husband 
wants to watch you fuck another man. I would do that." 
She resisted and said that he was to close a friend to 
me. Tony then grabbed her, caressed her breast, and 
began kissing her neck. She let out an audible gasp. 

She turned toward him and whispered, "Let's go down to 
the extra bedroom so we can fuck."

They walked into the room, she sat down on the edge of 
the bed, and Tony placed his cock deep inside her mouth 
and she started sucking it hard. She began grabbing his 
balls as she sucked him off. He suddenly pushed her 
away, laying her down on the bed. He rose up her dress, 
exposing her sexy long legs wearing black thigh-high 
stockings. He then slowly slipped off her panties. She 
was beginning to breathe heavy. He lowered his head 
between her legs and started tonguing her pussy. He 
licked her legs. 

She started moaning loudly, as an orgasm ripped through 
her, "Ooooooh uuuggghhhh." Finally, he stuck his tongue 
inside her wet slit. She kept moaning, "Yes...yes!" and 
squeezed her thighs tight against his head and grabbed 
his hair, moaning in ecstasy, "Oh, Oh baby, suck my 
pussy, yeah, that's it, and suck it good." She started 
pumping her pelvis forward until is too much for her. 

She wanted his cock inside her, so she grabbed his 
shoulders and pulled him up on top of her. Tony sat up 
and began rubbing the head of his massive cock up 
against her wet pussy. Tony grabbed his shaft and ran 
the head up and down her swollen pussy lips. 

She was moaning, "Oh Tony, please fuck me. Stick it in. 
Please stick it in." She kept moving her hips upward, 
while she grabbed his ass with both hands, trying to 
push his cock into her pussy. Tony stopped the head of 
his cock at the opening of my wife's pussy. She reached 
down to hold herself open for him saying, "Fuck me 
Tony. Stick it in. Please, fuck me." 

He gave a sharp forward thrust, shoving his massive 
cock balls deep into my wife, as she cried out a loud 
moan, "Uuggghh, yessss, baby." 

My cock was busting out of my pants as I watched 
another man shove his cock inside my private heaven. 
Her tight body began to shiver and she hooked her heels 
behind his knees. Her greedy pussy lips held tightly 
right behind his cock head as she grabbed his hips and 
tried to pull him into her. He then dragged those 
inches back out and thrust forward again into my lovely 
horny wife. 

As he forced his cock into my wife's tight wet pussy, I 
could see the sweat on his face. He winced as he 
continued to drive all nine inches into her. Lisa cried 
out, "Oh Tony, fuck me baby. I am yours. Do what you 
will with me." 

She was his to do whatever he pleased. Lisa moaned, 
"You're deeper than anyone has been inside me before. I 
have never had a cock this big inside me." A

t this point, I had to release my cock from the prison 
of my pants. It then occurred to me that he was not 
wearing a condom. He could cum in my wife. I wondered 
if he would pull out, or cum in her, filling her up. I 
wondered if she would let him.

Then Tony grabbed her legs, and hooked his arms under 
them. You could smell the sex in the air. I could hear 
his balls smacking against her pubic area. Then to my 
total surprise, she pulled his head close and placed 
her big juicy wet lipstick lips against his ear and I 
could just barely hear her say, "Tony, I want you to 
leave it inside me. I want you to cum deep inside my 

I was shocked. She actually asked him to cum inside 
her. Her requests were getting louder as she was 
begging him to cum in her. 

"Fuck me. Cum in me! Come on me baby! Cum inside my 
pussy! I want your seed deep inside my pussy!" She 
screamed as she moaned in erotic pleasure.

Just then, Tony said, "Are you sure you want my seed 
inside you?" 

"Yes, Tony, blow your load deep inside me. Do not pull 
out. Fuck me pregnant!"

Did I hear her right? 

"Fuck you pregnant?" Tony then said, "Alright, you 
asked for it. I am gonna blow my load deep in you." 
Tony slowed down his pumping and began to make a 
jerking motion, as he stated to grunt, "Here it comes 
honey. Oh SHIT!" His balls jerked as he pushed forward 
as deep into my wife as he could. The two of them 
moaned and groaned loudly. While she shrieked as an 
orgasm hit her.

Tony grunted, "OH FUCK! I'm cumming in your pussy. I'm 
shooting my load deep inside your pussy." 

"I can feel you cumming in me. Fill me with your hot 
seed," she responded, wrapping her legs around his 
trembling body.

I could see both of their bodies trembling as she clung 
tightly to his body as he finished dumping his hot 
cream load into her. It was an amazing sight. I 
instantly came all over myself without even touching my 
cock. He eased up off her, and you could see a wet 
sticky thread of their mixed fluids joining them from 
her raw pussy lips to his still half-hard cock. He got 
dressed and she took a shower. 

I slipped out and entered the front door a few minutes 
later. She finished dressing and I suggested going to 
the casino. All three of us jumped into the car and 
went off to the casino. On the way there, I began to 
make comments to her that she should think about 
fucking a friend of mine in front of me, because I can 
trust him. She then looked at Tony, as if they had a 
secret. Little did she know I also knew. 

She said, "I don't know. Maybe I would, but whom?" 

I said, "How about Tony?" 

"Well, let me think about it." 

I agreed. 

A little while later, after getting to the casino, I 
turned the corner of a slot machine isle and caught a 
glimpse of Tony rubbing my wife's inner thigh, as they 
sat next to each other at two slot machines. I backed 
away so they could not see me. I managed to get the 
slot across from them and listened. I heard Tony say, 
"Why don't you and I slip out to the car and fuck again 
and then come back before he knows we were gone?" 

I could not believe my best friend was planning to fuck 
my wife without me knowing. I was even more shocked 
that my wife then said yes. I followed the two out to 
my car and watched as they got inside. I got real close 
so I could see without being caught. 

Tony unzipped his pants and pulled them to his ankles. 
She then pulled up her dress, pushing her panties to 
the side, so that her wet clit could receive Tony's 
giant cock once again. She then sat on top of him, 
guided the head of his cock to her opening and thrust 
downward sitting on his rock hard penis. As she did so, 
she moaned out in ecstasy, "Oh Tony, I love your cock 
inside me. I am going to fuck you until you shoot more 
hot cum inside me." 

I was freaking out. My wife telling my best friend to 
cum in her. Yet, I was strangely turned on. She 
continued to pump up and down on his stiff hard cock. 
She began moaning louder, "Oh, ugh, oh Tony. Cum inside 
me. Please! Cum in me! I want your baby! Shoot your 
load inside me. Get me pregnant." 

What was I hearing? She wants his baby! She then 
started moaning, "Oh, Tony, I'm gonna cum again. Cum 
inside me again." 

Tony then started to tense up and thrust forward and 
held his trembling body balls deep inside my wife, as 
he blew another full load of hot semen deep inside my 
wife's pussy. Lisa moaned, "Oh, Tony, that's it baby, 
shoot it deep inside me. Get me pregnant. I want your 

"Here goes, my hot seed in your pussy," Tony grunted. 

She held on tightly as her wet pussy and his cock both 
pulsated from their simultaneous orgasm. She then 
climbed off him, pulled down her skirt and the two of 
them went inside. I met up with them and asked where 
they were. She replied that they checked out the casino 
floor on the other side of the building. She then 
pulled me aside and said, "OK, I will fuck Tony." 

I asked her when she would and she shockingly replied, 
"Tonight, when we get back to the house."


We drove home and went inside. She then started 
passionately making out with Tony right in front of me. 
She then said, "Let's do the extra room." I sat in a 
chair in the corner of the room and she lay down on the 
bed. Tony then pulled up her skirt and pulled off her 
panties, again! You could see the wet cum stained on 
her thighs. Tony pulled out his huge cock and got on 
top of her. 

He wasted no time this time around and just thrust it 
deep inside her wet aching pussy. She let out a huge 
moan, "OH FUCK ME!"

Tony pumped his stiff cock in and out for a good hour. 
I blew my load at least two times before she started 
screaming, "I'm gonna cum Tony. Cum with me. Don't pull 
out baby." Then she moaned something in the pure heat 
of the moment, "Oh Tony, fuck me harder than you did 
earlier tonight, fuck me faster. Please cum inside me 
again, like you did earlier." She did not even realize 
what she said and that she said it in front of me. 

Tony also was lost in the heat of passion and grunted, 
"Ok, baby, I'm gonna cum in you like I did in the car 
tonight. I want to blow my seed inside you until you're 
pregnant with my baby." 

"Oh, yes Tony, fuck me baby. Shoot your awesome load 
deep inside my womb. Blow your hot semen inside my 
cunt. I want your baby. I want it bad. I LOVE YOU SO 

What was I hearing? Did I miss something? 

Just then, she enlightened me when she said, "Oh Tony, 
please baby, I've loved fucking your cock for months 
now. I cannot hide it any longer. I love your cock and 
want your baby." 

Tony's body jerked and he shot another full load of his 
hot semen deep inside my wife's fertile wet cunt. He 
grunted, "Ugh, here it comes, my hot seed getting you 

"Yes baby! Keep cumming! I can feel your beautiful cock 
pulsate my baby into my womb." 

When they both had a chance to catch their breath after 
that obviously fantastic cum, my wife looked at me and 
said, "I've been fucking him for months now and I've 
decided to have his baby. We want to be together. I 
knew you were watching and I didn't care. I want a 

I gave her the divorce and they got married shortly 
after she had his baby. 

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