Wednesday, 13 November 2013


As they walked up to the door to Martin's house Derek 
looked at his wife and asked her one last time "Do you 
really want to go through with this?"

"What choice do we have?" Leslie replied.

She looked stunning in her new red dress, a color that 
had always turned him on, but that she had rarely worn 
before. She thought it made her look slutty. Indeed. 
Combined with the white stockings and spiked red heels 
she looked like a high end call girl. The lingerie she 
wore underneath displayed the tops of her breasts 
perfectly in the low cut dress. Derek couldn't help but 
think that it was the sexiest she had looked since their 
wedding day.

They had talked about this night for the last two weeks, 
and had nearly backed out, but once they realized that 
they had no other options Leslie had called Martin to 

"I don't know, it's just..." he was cut short by the 
door opening as they approached.

"Derek, Leslie - I'm glad to see that you kept our 
date." Martin smiled from the doorway. "Please come in, 
there are some folks I want you to meet." He extended 
his large hand towards Leslie.

Leslie looked over at her husband and he gave her a 
small nod. She smiled back nervously, turned and took 
Martin's hand, and walked in the house. Derek followed 
behind, closing the door behind him. Leslie's journey to 
becoming an interracial porn star had begun.


It all started when Derek lost his job as a manager at a 
large investment bank in Atlanta. They had moved there 
in 2007, buying the largest condo in the hottest part of 
town that they could afford. They were immersed in the 
upper income party lifestyle of that boomtown, and 
assumed that things would always keep booming. Even the 
financial panic of 2008 left his job unscathed, and they 
continued to play - spending money as fast as they made 

Derek was up for promotion to a VP position when 
disaster struck. They turned on the news one morning to 
see his future boss, the senior VP in the investment 
division, being led from his home to a police car. He 
had been fleecing the bank for millions, covering his 
tracks with sham accounts. His manipulations were so 
extensive that within a month federal regulators stepped 
in and shut down the entire investment division. One 
week later Derek was unemployed, with a two month salary 
severance package.

Unemployed 30-somethings with an MBA were a dime a dozen 
in this economy. There was enough coming in for the next 
couple months from a severance package to cover the 
payments on the condo and cars, but that would not last 
long. Selling the condo and downsizing was out of the 
question, the amount outstanding on the mortgage was way 
more than it was worth now. Leslie was in a near panic. 
She had not worked since moving to Atlanta, mostly 
spending her time at the gym and doing Junior League 
stuff with her friends. She managed to find a job 
working for one of her Friends at a flower shop, but 
that wouldn't even cover the car payments when the 
severance pay ran out.

Out of the blue Derek got a call from an old fraternity 
brother, asking if he would be interested in working at 
a new start up green energy firm. His friend had landed 
some government grants to establish a wind energy 
company, and had hopes of getting a production line up 
and running within a few months. He wanted someone with 
additional business savvy board once they started 
expanding into different regions, and he wanted Derek 
because he knew he could trust me not to screw him over. 
The pay would be good, not as much as before, but enough 
that they might just keep the condo. The problem was it 
would be six months until the production would be on 
line and he could start work.

Derek figured that he needed about fifty grand to cover 
things until the new job was to start, and no one would 
consider an unemployed man for an unsecured loan. No one 
except the loan sharks, and they were demanding more 
interest than they would ever be able to repay. They 
were down to our last month of pay, Leslie was not able 
to sleep from worry, and Derek had started to drink way 
too much.

Leslie was talking to a friend of hers one afternoon 
that had gone through something similar. Corie's husband 
had been caught up in the 2008 crash. He had lost his 
job and was out of work for a while, but they seemed to 
get through things OK until he managed to land another 
position six months later. Leslie had always assumed 
they were drawing on savings, but as it turns out they 
had gone to Martin too.

Corie had invited Leslie over for coffee, knowing the 
financial trouble they were in. Leslie had spilled her 
guts over the phone to Leslie a few days prior. She met 
Leslie at the door, and offered her a glass of wine. "We 
need to talk," Corie said, "and you have to promise me 
that you will never speak a word of this to anyone but 

"What's this about?" Leslie asked, "Are you guys OK?"

"We are, now, but this is about you. I know how bad 
things are for you and I think I can help. But if what I 
tell you gets out this could ruin us, so you have to 
promise me, OK?

"Sure, OK, I promise." Leslie though she was going to 
tell her about some illegal trade or scam, but what she 
heard next made her jaw drop.

"I don't know any other way to say this, so I am just 
going to be blunt - I fucked someone, on camera, to get 
us a loan when Joe was out of work."

"What?" Leslie blurted out, starting to blush.

"There was nothing else we could do. We were about to 
lose the house, and there was no way we could let that 
happen. I heard about this guy in Buckhead from a girl 
at the gym who had, well, worked for him before. He runs 
a porn company and apparently he's worth millions." 
Corie paused, and took a deep breath before going on, 
"He also takes a fancy in married women. White married 
women." Leslie was bright red now, and she felt her 
heart jump at that last.

Leslie was speechless. She could see that Corie was 
starting to tremble and blush herself, but she carried 
on with her story. "I think he gets his kicks out of 
this, taking advantage of folks when they hit the rocks. 
He makes high dollar 'loans' to people and collects his 
interest payments up front, by fucking their wives on 
camera for one of his interracial websites. As long as 
you pay back the principal on the loan the faces stay 
blurred on the videos posted online. But if you are 
late, then you and your husband will be visible to 

Leslie had downed her wine and was halfway through 
another glass. "How could you? How could you fuck a 
black guy and have it on the internet? How could Joe let 
you?" She was almost in tears, and when it sank in on 
her that Corie was suggesting she do the same thing she 
broke down.

"We were about to lose everything Leslie. He loaned us 
fifty grand, and it pulled us through until Joe could 
get another job. We just finished paying him back last 

"But Leslie..."

"Look, it's just sex. Nothing more, noting less and no 
one but you has to know about it. We paid off the loan. 
My face will stay blurred," she paused, considering 
whether to say the rest, and then went on "and the video 
will be taken down completely and we'll get the master 
back if I send him someone who needs to make a similar 

"How dare you!"

"Listen - you are my best friend. I would never ask you 
to do something like this just for me. But you need the 
money - bad. This may be the only way for you two to 
make it through this, and you can help me get this part 
of my life behind me in the process."

Leslie choked back her tears. They just sat there 
looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity. 
Leslie finally broke the silence "I want to see it. Your 
video. Show me the website."

Some small part of her still thought this was some 
elaborate prank on Corie's part, and another thought 
that even if true, Corie would never let her see the 
video. Corie surprised her by walking over to the 
computer, pouring herself another glass of wine on the 
way. She typed into the 
address bar, and a few seconds later a page with dozens 
of women's faces popped up. Most were blurred, but many 
were not.

"My God is that Wendy?" Leslie practically yelped. Wendy 
was a mutual friend whose husband had also fallen on 
hard times two years ago. Her picture was there near the 
top, clear and unblurred, with Wendy and Robert on the 
link below. They had split up last year and both had 
moved away. To where she did not know.

"Yes, that's Wendy. She and Robert worked with Martin 
before me, but I never knew she did this until after I 
had filmed my video. I guess they couldn't pay."

"How do they get anyone to subscribe, who wants to watch 
videos with so many of the faces blurred."

"Martin told us that it's the simple fact that he has 
real wives in his videos, not used up third rate porn 
stars wearing fake rings People want to see that, even 
blurred. But what really keeps people coming back is 
waiting to see if some poor couple misses their 
payments. Then per his contract they get to show the 
video with real unblurred faces, with real names on the 
link. Like Wendy. 

"As you can see that doesn't happen a lot, but when it 
does it sells like hotcakes. People pay an additional 
subscription fee to access the unblurred videos. He 
probably made way more off Wendy's video than whatever 
loan he gave them. And he gets to fuck all these women 
in the process."

Corie scrolled halfway down the page to a brunette with 
the names Alexis and Steve in the link below. She took a 
long drink from her glass and then clicked the link. The 
video started with a white couple sitting on a couch, 
talking. Their faces were blurred and unrecognizable, 
but Leslie immediately recognized Corie's voice. 

Corie was wearing a short black dress and the tops of 
her thigh highs were clearly visible below the hemline. 
A voice off camera said, "So Steve, how long have you 
fantasized about Alexis fucking a black man?" 

The man replied in a nervous voice, but clearly Joe's, 
"Awhile now." 

"And you Alexis?" 

"I've wanted to be with a black man since high school, 
and now I get that and the money we need too." 

The banter went on this way for several minutes, then a 
large muscular black man, naked from the waist up, 
walked on camera.

"That's Martin." Corie said in almost a whisper. "He had 
us use fake names and engage in a little dirty talk in 
the videos." Leslie's eyes were fixed on the screen.

Martin bent over, planting a deep kiss on Corie's 
blurred face. She moaned, arching her back and reaching 
her hand up to his neck. Martin's hand moved to her 
breast and she began to moan louder. His hand moved down 
her side to her thighs, and then he began to slowly push 
her dress up towards her waist. 

"Oh God!" Corie said. "Oh, I can't believe this!" She 
lifted her ass from the couch, and now Martin had her 
dress pushed entirely up around her waist, exposing her 
black panties and garter belt. 

He backed away and continued to lift the dress over her 
head. Her hands dropped reflexively to cover her 
breasts, now covered by a flimsy lace bra. Martin moved 
in front of her. The camera man moved around to her 
left, and the three of them, Martin, Corie, and Joe off 
to the side watching, were clearly in view, except for 
the blurred faces. "You know what to do," Martin simply 

She saw Corie's head turn to the right to look at Joe, 
hesitate a second, and then turn towards Martin again. 
She then reached up with her hands and began to undo 
Martin's belt and zipper. Corie then pulled out Martin's 
cock - already over 9-inches long and still not fully 
erect, and begin to stroke it with her hand. "Use the 
other hand." Corie hesitated, then reached up with her 
left hand and began to stroke. Her diamond engagement 
and wedding rings were clearly visible.

Leslie glanced over, Corie was absent mindedly twisting 
her rings on her finger. She looked over and could tell 
what Leslie was looking at. "Guys love seeing the 
wedding rings. Helps him sell more videos." Corie said 

Leslie looked back to the screen. As she shifted she 
felt her nipples brush against the inside of her bra. 
They were rock hard. She had not even noticed until 
then. And she could feel wetness below. She blushed anew 
at the thought of being turned on watching her friend 
make it with a black guy. Corie saw her blush but said 

The face on the screen was now unblurred at the lips, 
but still you could not tell who was on the video unless 
you really knew them well. On the video Corie began to 
lean forward, and her lips, covered in bright red 
lipstick, parted as she moved towards Martin's cock. In 
the background she saw Joe's hand move towards his 
forehead. It was hard to tell if he was watching or not. 

Corie began to slowly lick the tip with her tongue, and 
then worked her way down the shaft, licking from the 
side. Martin was now fully erect and as she moved down 
his Cock extended to the top of her head. She moved back 
to the tip and began to take him in her mouth. She 
moaned a little as the head passed over her tongue, and 
then her head began to bob back and forth on his cock, 
going a little deeper each time. 

Saliva began to drip from her chin, and her left hand 
became wet stroking the rest of the shaft. Martin placed 
his hand behind her hed and began to push deeper. Corie 
could barely take half before she started to gag. Martin 
pushed another time or two, and then eased off. He 
reached down her back and deftly unsnapped her bra. He 
slid it off her arms and her perfectly round C-cup 
breasts popped into view. 

Saliva dripped off her chin and onto her breasts, 
running down over her nipples. He reached down and 
spread it over her areola with his fingers. Corie began 
to moan louder, Martin's cock brushing against the back 
of her throat with every thrust. They both began to move 
faster, Martin now clearly starting to breathe hard and 
break into a sweat. "Whoa now, not too fast, papa still 
needs to see that pretty married white pussy." Corie 
backed off, a long strand of spit dropping down to her 
breasts and belly.

Martin pulled her up from the couch and spun her around, 
turning her shapely ass to the camera. Leslie couldn't 
help but think how she was always jealous of Corie's 
ass. Her boobs were better, but Corie's butt looked 
better in a bikini. He pulled her panties down slowly 
over her stockings, and moved back up to caress her ass.

"Bend over," he said. 

Corie did and now her shaved pussy was visible between 
her legs, framed by her stockings and garter belt. 
Martin moved around for a look and the camera zoomed in. 
"My man my man, that is a pretty white pussy you're 
married to. It will never be the same after today. Are 
you sure you still want me to fuck her?" You could see 
Joe jump a little over to the side of the picture. He 
clearly was not expecting that question. "Umm, yes, yes 
I do." he said, barely audible.

"Tell me to fuck her with my big black cock. Do it."

Joe shifted a little, then said with a stronger voice 
"Fuck her with that big black cock. Fuck my little white 

"That's more like it!" Martin said. "Now turn around 
whore." Corie turned and Martin began to finger her slit 
slowly, working in first one then two of his large 
fingers. "Nice and wet - you really do want that black 
cock don't you whore? Now tell me to fuck that married 
white pussy."

"Fuck me," she replied "fuck that married pussy with 
that big cock."

Martin laid her down on her back, her head on Joe's lap, 
and positioned himself at the other end of the couch 
between her legs. Leslie was relieved to see that he 
rolled a condom on first, then began rubbing the tip of 
his cock against Corie's wet hole. "Now watch a real 
cock fuck your wife," Martin said, and began to push his 
cock in.

Corie let out a scream and clenched her thighs 
reflexively. "Slow, please, oh go slow" she whimpered. 
She reached out and held Joe's hand tightly. Martin 
backed off, then pushed forward again until the head was 
fully inside. 

Corie yelped again, but then relaxed as Martin began to 
stroke slowly back and forth, moving deeper with each 
stroke. Corie was breathing hard and sweating, moaning 
louder with every thrust. "Oh fuck!" she yelled. "Fuck 
that feels good. Oh god, fuck me." She pulled free from 
Joe and wrapped her hands around Martin's ass and began 
to buck her hips up against him to meet his thrusts. She 
started to scream, "Oh God, I'm cumming! Oh god! Oh god! 

Leslie did not expect this part - Corie was clearly not 
acting at this point. She seemed to actually be enjoying 
it. She looked over and saw her friend give her a wry 
smile. "Well it did feel good" she said.

They continued to fuck that way for another five 
minutes, and then Martin pulled out and sad down on the 
couch. "You on top" he said. Corie began to climb on 
facing him, but he stopped her. "The other way, so the 
camera and your husband can see." He motioned to Joe - 
"move around front so you can get a good look." 

Corie positioned herself over his cock in reverse 
cowgirl and slowly lowered herself down on his cock. She 
let out another scream as the head went in, and started 
to work her way up and down slowly. His cock went in a 
lot deeper from this position, and she began to let out 
little screams as it began to bounce against her cervix. 
Leslie began to wonder just how long that guy would go. 
Before long Corie was taking the whole thing, ten or 
eleven inches it seemed, in long strokes. 

Leslie had no idea how that monster could fit inside her 
petite friend. Soon she was screaming again as she 
reached another climax. Leslie could tell by the way 
Corie's thighs were quivering that this one was not a 
fake either. Now Martin stiffened and quickly pushed her 
off. He pushed her down on her knees and tore off the 
condom just as sperm began to spew onto Corie's upturned 
face. Although blurred, you could see semen running over 
her bright red lips and down onto her tits. After what 
seemed like a cup of sperm, Martin slowly began to go 
limp and slowly the camera faded out. In the background 
he was saying "Now how was that for your first taste of 
black cum?"

The video ended there. Leslie and Corie sat there 
speechless for a while. Finally Corie said "That video 
saved us. Saved our home. I don't know if this is 
something you could do, but it would help both of us if 
you did. Believe it or not it's kind of a thrill knowing 
how many people get a thrill watching me fuck on camera. 
It's not something I would ever do again, not now that 
Joe has that new job, but I have no regrets."

"But what about Joe?"

"He told me he was actually turned on too, seeing me 
with Martin. Maybe he is just saying that, but I don't 
think so. I actually found his porn collection a year or 
so after we got married, and about half the DVDs were 
black men with white girls. I was going to confront him 
until I talked to some other women who told me that sort 
of fantasy is common and doesn't really mean they 
actually want you to do something like that. Later we 
actually watched a few of those videos together, and had 
the best sex of our lives, but it was always just a 
crazy fantasy until Martin."

"Corie this is crazy, and even if I did think this was 
something I could go through with, how could I ever even 
bring this up with Derek? He is so stressed now he could 
just walk out and never look back."

"I wouldn't worry about that honey," Derek said, walking 
into the living room. Joe had called him over earlier in 
the day to talk about Martin. They had been listening, 
at Joe's insistence, from the next room just to gauge 
Leslie's response. If she had just stormed out at the 
first mention they would have dropped it at once and 
never mentioned to her that they had talked. "Joe told 
me about this earlier today. I wanted Corie to talk to 
you first to see how you reacted. I think we need to go 
home and talk now sweetie."

Leslie walked over to him silently and hugged him for a 
second. At this point all she could do was turn to Corie 
and give her a small nod. "We'll come over and talk to 
you guys some more tomorrow," Derek said, and they 
walked outside to the car.

As Martin's door closed behind him, Derek thought about 
that day with Joe and Corie and how it was about to 
change their lives, but he had no idea at the time by 
how much.

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