Wednesday, 13 November 2013


While our child is away visiting her grand parents my 
wife and I experiment with the swinger life style for the 
first time.

For the first time in since her birth, our daughter 
wasn't at home. My parents had finally convinced me that 
putting her on a direct flight would be okay, and with a 
tearful wave at the excited six-year-old, we watched her 
board the plane for San Francisco and her grand parents 
for a two-week visit.

It was as if my husband Don had become a new man. We 
always have had a great sex life, a child didn't change 
that, but he suddenly couldn't get enough sex. 

It started in the car on the way home from the airport, 
with him rubbing me through my ever-increasingly damp 
panties while I tried to maneuver the car. I had my first 
orgasm as we pulled into our driveway, and I was barely 
inside the front door before he ripped my panties off and 
shoved his stiff cock deep inside me.

We fucked halfway up the stairs, in the doorway of our 
bedroom, on the bed, and again later in the shower. At 
five o'clock the next morning, he entered me from behind 
to start the new day.

We were "normal" people. A house in the suburbs, SUV in 
the driveway, PTA meetings, church committees, card games 
with friends, that kind of things. I'm an elementary 
school teacher, Don's a lawyer, and we had a great life, 
and we never felt as if we were missing anything. That 
soon changed, though.

By the third night, my drive had caught up with his. Not 
knowing exactly where the nerve came from, I rented a 
porno flick and brought it home with a bottle of wine. 
Halfway into the bottle, I popped the movie into the VCR 
and watched my husband's cock rise for the third time 
that night during the opening scene. He reached over and 
started playing with me, smearing the come from our 
earlier bouts all around the lips of my cunt and my clit. 
I just gave him a slutty smile and leaned further into 
the cushions of the couch, never taking my eyes off the 

Two couples were going at it - the men fucking the women 
doggie-style while the women french kissed and played 
with each other's tits. Watching the scene unfold in 
front of me, combined with my husband's ever-talented 
fingers, brought me to an earth shattering orgasm. When I 
came back down, the wine was spilled all over the front 
of me and Don was staring at me with a gleam in his eye.

"Does that kind of sex turn you on, Anna?"

I laughed and crawled across the couch towards him. "You 
touching me, turns me on. Yeah."

He put a hand on my shoulder, effectively blocking me 
from crawling into his oh-so ready lap. "No - the movie. 
Does it turn you on?" His hand moved from my shoulder to 
my breast, then he started to play with my nipple. "Does 
watching two girls kissing each other while they get 
fucked turn you on?"

His hand was torturing my nipple, sending a hot streak of 
lust straight to my pussy. "Oh yeah," I said, all 
inhibitions gone from the affects of the wine and my pure 
lust. "Yeah, it turns me on. Quit teasing me, Don. I 
admitted it now fuck me."

His hand snaked down my body and started teasing my clit. 
"Man - you're a regular little hotty tonight."

I finally pushed my way onto his lap. "Quit teasing me 
and fuck me."

By the time the bottle of wine was emptied, he had me 
convinced. I don't know how - never in a million years 
would I ever have thought that I would do anything like 
it, but I sat on the closed lid of the toilet with my 
legs spread while Don shaved my pussy and told me, in 
great detail, how much fun I was going to have that 

Freshly shaven and still horny as hell, I let him pick 
the shortest skirt out of my closet, left over from 
Halloween two years ago when I dressed as a French maid, 
and a sheer blouse that I wore to work, but always with 
the proper camisole and suit jacket. We dug through my 
underwear drawer and found a black garter belt and 
stockings, then three inch heels came from the back of 
the closet, another accessory from that Halloween party. 
I tried to put on a bra and panties, but he stopped me 
with a shake of his head and a smile. Getting more 
excited than ever, I quickly dressed.

I'm nearly five-eight, with auburn hair and green eyes. 
Even after having a baby, my body stayed lean and firm, 
and I knew I looked good. Don who is six-three and close 
to two hundred pounds with dark-blonde hair and ice blue 
eyes watched me primp in front of the mirror and 
occasionally rubbed his cock. This was new territory, 
exciting for both of us.

By the time I was dressed, I was into the whole plan. The 
thought of what we were about to do turned me on so much 
that my nipples stayed hard during the entire drive. 

Unknown to me Don had gone onto the Internet several days 
ago and looked up local swingers clubs. He'd we found one 
far enough away from our house that was still close 
enough to drive to by nine o'clock on a Saturday night. I 
alternated rubbing my crotch and rubbing his cock as he 
maneuvered through the city.

We pulled into the parking lot, and Don hesitated before 
opening the car door. He looked at me in the glow of the 
streetlight, his eyes as serious as the day he asked me 
to marry him. "You look so fucking hot honey."

I leaned forward and kissed him deep. "It's been hours 
since I drank anything. I need a drink."

We paid the fee to a rather intimidating doorman, then 
went all the way into the club. I don't know what I was 
expecting, but understated elegance in a room furnished 
in creams and gold's wasn't it. 

There were sofas scattered around the huge room, 
different people sitting in various costumes while they 
talked and drank and ate hors devours served by passing 
waiters. And then couples would get up and walk into the 
back or up the sweeping staircase, paired two or three at 
a time. Don and I paused in the entrance, not really sure 
what to do from this point forward. 

A beautiful blonde woman saw us from across the room and 
began to make her way towards us. She was taller than me, 
with breasts that beat out my humble 36B's by a long shot 
and she was dressed in a sheer flowing white dress. She 
obviously had nothing on underneath it. She stopped when 
she reached us and beckoned a waiter while she sized up 
my handsome husband.

"Hello. Welcome. My name is Diane."

We introduced ourselves while she handed us champagne in 
fluted glasses. "My husband is over there at the bar, if 
you'd care to join us." She hooked her arm through Don's 
while she looked me up and down with a stare that was hot 
enough to send a shiver through my body. I took a sip of 
the wine to appease my parched throat, and followed the 
two of them.

When we reached the bar and her husband, I swear that my 
mouth started watering. He was gorgeous - girlie magazine 
centerfold gorgeous - with long black hair that was tied 
back in a ponytail and dark brown eyes. He was as tall as 
my Don, as well built, and I suddenly looked even more 
forward to the evening ahead.

We sat at the bar and discussed everything from sports to 
the weather while we all finished our drinks. Diane 
couldn't keep her hands off Don, and I couldn't keep my 
eyes off Nathan. The longer our eyes held, the hotter I 
became, until, finally, Diane suggested that we find more 
private surroundings.

Anticipation built inside me as we walked down a long 
hall to a room near the end. Diane had an arm looped 
through Don's as they led the way, and Nathan had a hand 
on the small of my back, softly caressing me with his 
long fingers, waking up nerve endings that I didn't even 
know I had. My nipples were rock hard and brushing 
against the front of my shirt, sending little sparks of 
desire through my stomach every time the silk hit my 
skin. I was so horny that I thought I was going to erupt 
with need.

The second the door was closed and locked behind us, I 
was in Nathan's arms. His mouth attacked mine, or mine 
attacked his - at that point I was so turned on I 
couldn't tell who was taking the lead, and I suddenly 
found myself on my back on the bed, this drop-dead man on 
top of me, pushing my skirt up.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement and turned my 
head, uncrossing my eyes long enough to watch Diane pull 
my husband's glorious cock out of the front of his pants 
and slide the whole thing down her throat. My eyes 
widened at the sight. It had taken me years to learn how 
to take six of those nine wonderful inches, and she never 
even missed a beat swallowing the entire thing.

A hand on the inside of my thigh brought me out of the 
trance I'd seemed to be in watching Diane's mouth, and I 
returned my attention to my partner, who was smiling down 
at my hairless pussy. I was wet enough that he easily 
slipped a finger into me and began to move it, torturing 
me with the slow pace while his other finger ran small 
circles around my clit. I was hot...hotter than I'd ever 
been in my life, and in seconds an orgasm flooded through 
my system. Without hesitating Nathan ripped his pants 
off, freeing a cock that made me squirm with need. It was 
as long as Don's, but thicker, and the thought of that 
thing filling me up almost made me have another orgasm.

I reached out and grabbed it, my hand barely able to wrap 
around it. With a grin I spread my legs further and 
guided it home. He whipped his shirt off, braced his 
hands on either side of my head, and drove into me as 
hard as he could.

I let out a scream that should have brought the house 
down, instead, Nathan just grinned down at me with those 
wicked eyes while I locked my legs behind him and helped 
him set a frantic pace.

I forgot the other two in the room as he pounded into me, 
over and over, sending me towards an orgasm that I didn't 
even know a human was capable of having and still 
survive. It washed over me, flooding every sense, every 
nerve until I was one throbbing mass of pussy being 
pierced by cock. And it went on and on until with a shout 
of his own, he ground himself into me poured his hot come 
out, filling my channel.

His arms were trembling and with a laugh he gave me a 
quick kiss before rolling off me. I could barely breathe, 
let alone move, until I heard the unmistakable sound of 
Don coming. His breathing was rapid, he was making a low 
groaning sound in the back of his throat, and when I 
finally got my strength back enough to turn my head, I 
saw him clutching Diane's hair and fucking her face with 
thrusts that could have matched what Nathan had just 
given me.

Diane stared up at him, a ghost of a smile on her face 
while she held onto his cock with one hand and fingered 
herself with her other. Then with one final thrust, his 
butt clenched and he held his cock in the back of her 
throat while he pumped his sperm into her mouth. His come 
was so strong that some leaked out of the corner of her 
mouth, but she sucked the rest right down, licked his 
shaft up and down one more time, then sat back and licked 
her lips.

"Hmmmm," she said, wiping the trail of come off her chin 
and licking her finger. Then, taking her eyes of my 
husband, she looked towards me, catching me watching 

Then something happened that I hadn't anticipated, had no 
time to prepare for. One minute she was kneeling on the 
floor by the bed, the next she was between my legs. The 
tongue that had just worked my husband into an orgasmic 
frenzy started lapping at my cunt, and I was so shocked, 
so suddenly turned on by it, that I did nothing to stop 
her. She sucked her husband's come out of me, licked me 
from my asshole to the top of my clit, then back down 
again. I was in a frenzy. Don was good at this, really 
good, but he had nothing on this woman. 

Almost immediately, I neared an orgasm, and she backed 
off, licking and nipping at the insides of my thighs 
until my body calmed down again. Then she slowly went 
back at it.

The bed next to my head shifted, and I turned my head to 
find the tip of Nathan's cock by my mouth. With a hunger 
that surprised me, I opened my mouth and lifted my head, 
taking as much of him in as I could. I could taste myself 
on him, and instead of revolting me it spurred me to take 
him deeper and deeper. Before I knew how I did it, he was 
sliding down the back of my throat and my nose hit his 
pubic hair. I cupped his balls with one hand and kept my 
head still, letting him set the rhythm to fuck my face.

I felt and heard Diane moan, so I opened my eyes and saw 
my husband behind her, gripping her hips and slamming 
into her as if his life depended on it. Watching that 
beautiful cock glistening with another woman's juices 
sent me to the brink of another orgasm, and I 
inadvertently squeezed Nathan's balls and sucked him 
harder, urging him faster.

Diane shoved two fingers into my pussy, toyed with my 
anal opening, and at the same time, sucked hard on my 
clit. The orgasm burst all around me and I screamed 
around Nathan's cock, which was pumping furiously into he 
ripped it out of my mouth and sprayed his come all over 
my face and breasts.

I was still coming, and I grabbed Diane's hair and ground 
my pussy into her face. I kept my eyes open, watching my 
husband, and could tell that he was on the brink of 
another orgasm himself.

Then Diane started moaning, her fingers moving in and out 
of me so fast that they were a blur. I was so sensitive, 
almost to the point that I couldn't take it any more, 
when she screamed and shoved back against Don as hard as 
she could. The feel of her pussy contracting with her own 
orgasm must have been enough to send Don over the edge, 
and the three of us came together in frenzy.

Soon we were all laying on the bed, unable to move, 
sucked dry. There was a hand clutching one of my breasts, 
another on my calf, and somehow my own hand was resting 
on Diane's pussy where I could feel the evidence of hers 
and Don's orgasms slowly seeping out. I had never been so 
sated, so sexually content in my entire life.

Three days later, our daughter returned. School started 
the next week, and life returned to normal. We still had 
our PTA meetings, our card games with friends, our 
"normal" life. And we never mentioned that night again. 
Oh, but we both remembered. And there were nights when it 
was on both our minds, when the sex between us went for 
hours and hours, neither one of us able to get enough of 
the other when we remembered what it was like.

The next year, at Don's Christmas party, we ran into 
Diane and Nathan again. But that story will have to come 
at another time....

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