Monday, 11 November 2013


Angie lived across the street from my wife and I. She 
was 14 when she was married and was now 17 years old. 
She had one child already. I don't know how. Her 
husband was almost always gone. And she was a wild one.

Not having the chance to be an average teen, Angie was 
ready to be wild at any given moment. The first time I 
met her, my wife sent me over to borrow a couple of 
cigarettes one evening. 

Angie was a knockout, with long blonde hair and ample 
size tits. She was wearing sweat pants and a midriff 
shirt. No bra in sight, but plenty of hard little 
nipples to see poking through the shirt. The sweats 
were somewhat tight and showed off a fat pussy with a 
camel toe shape. Boy, did I want some of her. 

After some serious smiles and chat, I retrieved the 
smokes and returned to my house. I fucked my wife with 
great ambition as I thought about Angie and her fat 
pussy. What I wouldn't do for some of that one.

The opportunity finally came when I was sent over to 
smoke a joint with Angie while my wife cooked supper. 
Thinking Angie's husband was home, my wife told me to 
take my time. 

We went into the garage and I fired one up. I began to 
notice Polaroid snapshots of Angie naked, posted 
everywhere in the garage. What a pussy! I asked her 
about them. She explained that her husband liked to 
take the pics and show them off. Being 17 did not 
matter, as they were married. 

I asked her what else they liked to do, and as the 
joint relaxed her, she informed me that he liked to 
hear about strangers fucking her while he was away. 
Turns out he worked out of town a lot. Bingo! That was 
my answer to opportunity wishes!

I stood closer and asked her for a peek at the goods. 
She was reluctant at first, but then told me that she 
would only show her tits. With that being said, she 
lifted her shirt and showed me the braless creatures. 
What a form! I immediately reached for one, but she 
backed away. Still, she showed them to me and told me 
they were sensitive. 

After a couple more pulls on the joint, she asked to 
see my dick. I showed her my own tool and she was 
surprised to see it was shaved clean. She immediately 
grabbed it and stroked it, as it was already hard. 
Then, Angie surprised me by bending over and licking it 
on the underside!

Suddenly, I found myself getting a blowjob as we both 
stood. I reached under her chest and massaged those 
lovely tits. Her nipples were long and hard and she was 
moaning as it all went down. Suddenly she stopped 
sucking and started panting and screaming lightly. 
Then, I could see the wet spot through her sweats! She 
has orgasmed from the stroking I was giving her. 

Angie relaxed and then had a look of fire in her eyes. 
I found her to be very horny still and she was trying 
to tell me that she needed some dick. With that, she 
pushed me into an armless chair and began sucking me 

Without warning, as I was nearing my own nut, Angie 
stood up and dropped her sweats. In a lovely, sexy 
thong, she approached me hurriedly. Pushing the thong 
aside, she impaled herself on my dick and began to work 
that pussy like there was no tomorrow.

I watched her face as she neared orgasm again. As she 
got off, Angie humped my dick with fury. It was more 
than I could take. I let go a load of cum that blasted 
her cervix with such force that she again orgasmed. 

Relaxing, and thinking she was done, I began to think 
about how I needed to get home. But, my dick was still 
in this little vixen and it was still hard. I lifted 
her up as I stood up with her still on my dick. I moved 
her to the workbench and threw her legs over my 
shoulders as I fucked her with fury. I sucked on those 
wonderful titties and enjoyed the sight of my dick 
pushing past the thong. It was more than I could take.

I flipped her around, bent over while standing an 
entered her from the back. I pumped with all I had 
before I again dropped a load up in that delectable 
little quim. I withdrew my dick and Angie licked it 
clean and smiled as she kissed me on the cheek and 
thanked me for the fucking I had just given her. 

She then told me that she would share it with her 
husband, but that was the only place she would repeat 

I went home, blazed from the joint, and just in time 
for dinner. After that evening, anytime my wife needed 
something from Angie, I was happy to oblige. I would go 
over and fuck her with her thong on. Sometimes she 
would give me her panties to keep for a few days. I 
would often smell the little thongs as I jacked my 
dick, thinking of that pretty little pussy.

This went on for a few years, until she finally moved. 
Angie had some babies and I sometimes wondered if any 
of them were mine!

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