Tuesday, 12 November 2013


That night Angela could only think about what she had 
done at the shoot and how she had lowered herself to 
become nothing but a common whore at the will of the 
two men. Before she had left the studio John the 
photographer handed her a check. She stopped to look at 
it. It was for one thousand dollars. The original shoot 
was to be for only half that.

"You certainly earned it baby. Come back tomorrow and I 
promise to double that again."

She went home sobbing at her lack of dignity and 
morals. Her pussy and asshole were sore too from the 
hard fucking Rex had given her. She got herself a drink 
and sat at the kitchen table hearing her husband 
snoring in the bedroom. On the table were a pile of 
bills. She sorted through them and sighed heavily at 
the amount due on all of them. More than what she had 
just earned. 

She got up and started to remove her clothes to take a 
shower but checked on her little girl. Amy lay asleep 
tangled in her sheets her little face a peaceful 
angelic mask. Angela closed her eyes and realized that 
she would need to go back tomorrow. Two thousand 
dollars would cover all the bill and leave something 
for Amy. Her only worry was what they had in mind for 

*  *  *  *

She took a cab to the studio the next morning since her 
husband wanted the car to go look for a job. She 
dressed in her tight low rider jeans and a snug t-shirt 
that enhanced her assets. The high heels gave it the 
right touch. She looked good today and convinced 
herself that whatever they wanted of he she would do 
and be done with it and go home. 

When she took her shower that morning and cleaned her 
pussy she began to feel the tingling sensations return. 
The wanton horny feelings that made her so open to 
their suggestions. She tried to understand where they 
came from and why suddenly she was being sabotaged by 
her own body. She kept asking herself if she really 
liked the feeling of being so promiscuous so sluttish. 
When she had dressed and looked at herself in the 
mirror she knew the answer was shockingly, yes.

Her bag in hand she went up the stairs to the studio 
and was met by Rex who stared at her with his roguish 
smile. She smiled shyly even though the man had his 
huge cock in her only the other day.

"Johns waiting for you. He's got another shoot going at 
the moment."

He followed her to the back of the studio and it was 
dark almost lightless. Angela felt his presence behind 
her aware of how it was affecting her. Already her body 
was betraying her. Her pussy getting damp. She could 
hear Johns voice giving directions to someone and as 
soon as she came into view of the platform she stopped 
in shock.

On the platform was a young girl with black hair naked 
and stunningly beautiful. Her nipples were hard and 
pierced. Her pussy open and wet and completely shaved 
also had a clit piercing. But what shocked Angela was 
that the girl was lying on the platform next to a huge 
black dog sucking its cock slowly, lovingly. She began 
to back away from the sight when she felt Rex's body 
move up against pressing his hardness against her jean 
covered ass.

"What is this..." Came her weak confused voice but Rex 
cut in his soft whisper near her ear making her quiver.

"That's Julie and her lover. She's here to do a shoot 
for John. A very special shoot for a very special 
client. Like what you see?"

She felt his hand encircle her waist and press her 
closer to him. The heat of his body made her breathe 
faster more excitedly.

"Her lover? You mean..."

He cut her off again his lips lightly touching her 

"Yes, they fuck like lovers. She is his bitch and he 
the master. She loves him. Cant you see that baby. Look 
at how she sucks him. His cock is huge and she takes it 
all inside her sweet mouth."

Angela watched with fascination and repulsion at first 
seeing the girl sucking the massive red cock of the 
animal who obediently lay near her watching her, his 
tongue out as he panted with pleasure. She held his 
cock behind what looked like a big ball of muscle 
taking his cock into her throat with each swallow. The 
other hand rubbed his belly his sides and then his 
balls. She did it with loving care as she licked around 
the head of his cock. 

She had heard of bestiality but never ever once thought 
she would be witnessing it up close. It was obvious 
that the girl loved the dog by her attention to him. 
She felt Rex's hand slowly move up capturing her right 
breast squeezing it. She moaned her body responding to 
his touch as it did the day before. His big frame 
engulfed her his huge cock pressed into her. 

"She's quite beautiful isn't she Angela. Look at how 
she takes his cock into her mouth. Look at how he 
responds. He is a handsome devil isn't he?"

His fingers pinched her hardening nipple making her 
squirm against him feeling his erection press into her 
jean covered ass. She watched the beautiful girl suck 
and lick the dogs cock which grew in size and thickness 
that even the girls hand could not encircle it. Every 
once in a while the dog would lick her face as if 
giving her a kiss. 

Angela felt her body heating up watching this realizing 
how powerful the image was and how it affected her. She 
was actually getting turned on by the sight. John 
turned to look at her and smiled. He knew how she was 
being affected. Knew that she was turned on by the 
sight before her. 

How could she be so perverted? So jaded as to be made 
horny by such a sight? But she was. She knew it. Rex 
slid his other hand lower between her legs rubbing, 
probing. Her jeans were wet through and his fingers 
pressed ever so lovingly and insistently. 

"Time to take your clothes off baby. Your shoot is 
about to begin."

Rex kissed her his tongue sliding against hers his 
fingers rubbing harder making her groan aloud. She 
slowly, unsteadily began to strip off her clothing. 
Soon she was naked and he was right behind her again 
his hands all over her body. 

The young girl kissed the dogs cock once and turned to 
Angela her eyes mere slits of lust.

"So this is the hot little thing you told me about 
John. Ummmmm... your right she is a sweet morsel isn't 
she. Nice body baby."

The girl wagged her finger at Angela telling her to 
come hither. Angela hesitated, her breathing 
quickening, unsure. What did they want her to do? 
Certainly not get on the stage with this girl and her 
dog? She couldn't do such a thing. Could she? Her body 
moved forward like in a dream. Her nipples were rock 
hard her pussy so wet. She was being betrayed again. 
Her body was overriding her brain and making her the 
slutty girl. The young dark haired beauty took her hand 
and led her the rest of the way to the platform where 
the huge dog waited. He stared at her never taking his 
eyes off her body. Angela felt as if he were drinking 
her in. 

"Come here baby. God you are beautiful aren't you. Come 
lay down right here."

The girl patted the area near her. Angela lay on her 
back and the girl pulled her legs wide spreading her 
open for all to see. John was right there camera in 
hand filming.

"Uhmmmm baby nice cunt. So smooth and wet. Lets see 
inside honey. Spread your pussy open for me."

Angela noticed the tattoo on the girls left shoulder of 
a dog. Noticed how Rex had his huge cock out and was 
stroking it up and down. Noticed too how the dog 
watched her nearby his huge cock still rock hard 
pointing at her. She reached down and opened her pussy 
feeling her juices running out before her audience. God 
she was so turned on, so hot she thought that she would 
cum in seconds. She looked at the girl with her eyes 
also mere lust filled slits and wondered if this 
beautiful girl was going to make love to her? She had 
never been with a woman before. The thought of it made 
her pussy juice more.

"Oh yeah baby nice and wet for me. Did you watch me 
with my lover honey?"

Angela watched as the girl ran her hand down her smooth 
silky leg till it covered her own fingers opening her 
pussy up. The girls fingers began to rub over her pussy 
lips and clitoris making Angela moan and raise her body 

"Yes..." Came Angela's soft excited voice to the girl.

The girls fingers moved deftly over her open slit to 
her asshole to her clit always capturing the little nub 
between finger and thumb to pull it and tweak it. This 
attention made Angela open her legs wider, her body 
inflamed by the feeling of it.

"I'm Max's bitch, his lover. He loves it when I bring 
home a cute friend that he can play with. Do you think 
he's handsome baby?"

The girls middle finger slid deliciously into her pussy 
spreading it open easily. Angela closed her eyes 
knowing what the girl was doing. Knowing what they now 
wanted from her. Max licked his muzzle very interested 
in this female and the dark haired girl smiled at him 
reaching out to pet him lovingly. Angela was losing 
this battle. Her body was responding too well from the 
girls practiced seduction. She would do something she 
never thought possible. Allow something that was so 
perverted, so taboo that it was unmentionable. But here 
she was with a girls finger deep inside her cunt and a 
dog in the wings ready to fuck her. Rex watched her 
with mounting interests as did John who kept his camera 

"Yes he's very handsome." Came her reply and moan when 
the girl added a second finger into the tight wetness 
of her pussy.

"I think he likes you baby. Look at how he's staring at 
your hot little body. He excited. His cock is so big 
and ready. Would you like to meet my lover honey?"

The girls fingers stretched her cunt with each thrust. 
She would slide them in smoothly then spread them wide 
on the way out. Angela's clit was swollen and sticking 
out straight from the attention. She reached up and 
began to play with her nipples that were so hard and 
sensitive. She moaned as the girl bend low to suck her 
clit deeply into her mouth.

"Yes I want to meet him..." Came her lust filled voice.

The girl kissed her pussy and turned to Max. 

"Come here lover. I want you to meet a cute little 
plaything. A very hot sexy girl wants to meet you."

Max bounded up, his huge black furry body moved over 
the girls stretched out bodies. The dark haired girl 
made sure that Angela's legs were still wide open, her 
pussy gaping with juices open to what ever pleasure 
awaited her. The girl placed both hands on either side 
of the beast and kissed his mouth. He reciprocated by 
sending his long thick tongue out to swipe her lips and 

"Max this is Angela a hot little slut who wants to fuck 
you. Angela this is my stud lover who wants to slide 
his big cock inside that tight pussy really bad."

Angela felt her body react to the words spoken, not 
sure if she should jump up now and run away from this 
temptation or stay and let them use her again for their 
depraved film. But it was Max who made up her mind. He 
moved forward his head lowered between Angela's wide 
open legs and licked over her cunt. The touch of his 
hot rough tongue on her overly sensitive pussy was 
excruciatingly erotic as well as powerful in it's 

Her mouth opened and her breath quickened in 
excitement. Her clit hummed with pleasure at the touch 
of the beast. She was indeed a wanton whore. Now she 
was a bitch to a beast and knew that it would make her 
want him. He licked again sending his tongue over her 
clit then down to her asshole in one swipe. Her 
reaction was obvious as she arched her back in pleasure 
from the touch. Her body was in heat and the dog could 
smell her, taste her. She was being seduced by an 

"That's it baby, let him show you how good he is to all 
his bitches. Open up for him baby let him use his nice 
long tongue to get you ready."

Angela completely under the animals spell and the girls 
could only obey as she spread her legs wide and back a 
bit opening her up to the dogs attentions. The dog took 
advantage of it quickly and pushed his muzzle deep into 
her open wet cunt his nose actually inside her as his 
long tongue slid into her tasty pussy. Angela groaned 
aloud feeling the thick tongue spearing her over and 
over licking her juices right out of her. The dogs 
persistence paid off as she began to cum hard squirting 
over and over. It only made him dig deeper into her 
lapping up her cum. 

"Like that honey? Like having my lover make you cum? 
Tell me baby where's my lovers tongue?"

The girl moved up next to her kissing her stomach, 
breasts then mouth her tongue twisting with hers in a 
hot kiss. Her hand was squeezing her nipples as the dog 
licked her steadily.

"Tell me baby... come on... where is my lovers tongue?"
Came her insistent but sexy voice.

Angela her brain registering the pleasure and the 
command answered in a fog of desire.

"In my pussy... ughhhhhhhh.." She groaned as the dogs 
tongue slipped out of her and twirled around her clit 
then down to her open asshole. It took the dog a second 
to drive his tongue into her hot tight asshole sending 
it deep. Angela cried out not in pain but absolute 
pleasure from the insertion.

The girl noticed the new target of her lover and 

"Now where's my lovers tongue bitch?"

Angela her body arching upwards with each thrust of his 
wet thick tongue in her ass could barely reply.

"In my ass... ohhhhh god..."

"Where baby? Where exactly is his tongue?"
"In my asshole... in my asshole..." She groaned in 
response as she began to cum hard again. The little wet 
spurts of girl cum shot over the dogs face and he 
immediately licked it up.

"Tell me baby do you like what my lover is doing to 
you? Like the way he's making you so wet for him?"

The girl continued to prod and direct her responses all 
leading to such hot pleasure that Angela would now do 
anything for her. Wanted to.

"Yessssss...ohhh yess...please..." Cried out Angela her 
cunt was on fire. She needed more. The girl smiled and 
knew what was next.

"Turn over baby. Lift that hot tight ass high for him."

Angela, unsteady, excited did so her body one member of 
pleasure. She raised her ass high her legs wide her ass 
cheeks wide open and ready for mounting. She knew that 
this would tell the huge beast that she was ready to 
fuck. To allow an animal to have sex with her. She had 
become a dog slut. The dog ready moved over her back 
his legs quickly encircling her waist as he prepared 
himself to enter her. His massive red spear was 
dangling under him rock hard and at least ten inches 
before the big veined knot behind it.

"Ok lover she's all yours to take. Fuck her good baby. 
She's a real hottie. Teach her how good it is to be a 

The dog obeyed instantly as he jerked forward his cock 
aimed perfectly. The huge head of his cock slid into 
Angela's wet pussy hard and fast. She grunted with pain 
as it stretched her more than ever before. More than 
Rex's had. It was hot, burning up inside her as he 
moved in quick pumping motions. Her body responded just 
as fast as she began to cum hard from their union. 

The girl in front of her began to kiss her, tongue her 
mouth. Max took over as his furry body warm over her 
moved like a beastly machine driving his cock deeper 
and deeper into her widening cunt. His thick knot 
slamming against her cuntal opening and clit making her 
gasp in delight. 

"Our little slut likes my lover. You like that big cock 
inside that tight cunt of yours. But you have to please 
my lover baby. You have to take all of him inside you. 
Let him in honey, open that beautiful pussy up for 

Angela listened to her soft voice and like a slave 
obeyed. She raised her ass higher, opened her legs even 
wider to allow him better access to her. Max pushed and 
slammed into her all the harder driving his knot deeper 
into her pushing it past her vaginal lips into her pink 
wetness till it popped inside her making her grunt in 
pain. The thickness of it was overpowering. 

It hurt at first till he moved forward tying to seat it 
properly into her. It stretched her cunt muscles to the 
limit but also made her cum hard lubricating her 
insides for him. He pushed more with at least a foot of 
doggie cock inside her as he now started to fill her 
with hot gushes of cum. 

Angela cried out in absolute bliss as she felt the hot 
rush of his cum inside her like he was peeing. He 
stopped moving as he continued to fill her. She kept 
cumming hard mingling her cum with his. After a few 
minutes he started to back out his large knot plopping 
out with a wet smacking sound then his huge thick cock 
along with a river of thick cum. Max moved away from 
her as she remained in place her gaping pussy dripping 
juices from deep inside her. Her legs trembled and the 
girl had her lay flat.

John moved back filming the entire sequence then fading 
it out to end.

"What did you think of my lover honey?"

Angela smiled knowing that it was so obvious to all how 
many time she orgasmed on the dogs cock. The girl 
kissed her sweetly, lovingly.

"He was wonderful. God he was incredible."

The girl laughed lightly.

"I think Max has another girl for his harem. I 
certainly wouldn't mind sharing him or you."

*  *  *  *

Before she left John approached her and handed her 
another check. It wasn't for two thousand dollars but 
for three. She stared at it confused. He noticed and 

"baby you are one of the best I've had in here in 
years. I want you to consider coming back to me and 
doing more shoots. I think we can use our imagination 
to get to you again. I know that Max would love to see 
you again. At least think about it. You have a unique 
opportunity to make some serious money here. I'll pay 
you well for what our clients want."

She leaned in and kissed his cheek.

"I'll call you soon."

When she left the studio the cab was waiting. Her body 
was still humming with pleasure. She was becoming 
someone else. The Angela she thought she knew no longer 
existed. She had become whatever was needed to take 
care of her little girl. They, her husband and child 
would never know about her secret. She would keep it 
that way. Already she was missing the excitement that 
made her so wet and made her a part of Max's harem.

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