Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Angela found herself going about her regular routine 
after months of working hard in the modeling business. 
Though it had only been three months since she started 
she made enough money to pay off the family debt and 
put some away for a rainy day. She often thought about 
the shoots with John and Rex. But they seemed to fade 
with all the regular jobs she started to land. When the 
phone rang she never expected it to once again lead her 
into another phase of her career. It was her mother 
Janice. She had not called in at least a month but 
recently began to call her weekly. 

Her mother like herself was blond and green eyed and 
still quite beautiful. Her father left them early on 
for another woman and her mother lived alone but kept 
busy with her clothing business that made good money. 
Many times they went into the city to shop and go out 
to eat together and had been mistaken for sisters. 

Her mother was, like her, very sexual and had several 
male partners over the years. Her body was similar to 
Angela's. Small waist with a flat tight stomach and 
high firm breasts and a cute round butt. Not bad for a 
thirty eight year old woman. She loved her mother. When 
she called it was always about her business and if 
Angela's little girl was healthy. She had even 
mentioned some of Angela's photos seen in magazines. 
But today was different. 

"Angie, got a strange call today from someone that says 
they know you and had you model for them."

Angela immediately tightened up. Her stress level 
doubled knowing that someday the films of her might 
come to light. Though she liked both John and Rex they 
were, so to speak, pornographers. Could they be trusted 
with such secrecy?

"From who mother?" Came her wary tone.

"A young man from the sound of it. Said his name was 
John. Said he worked in a studio and you were a model 
for him. He was so sweet Angie. Very nice. Said he saw 
some old photos of me at a studio in Manhattan and 
wanted to know if I could pose for him. Can you imagine 
that? Me a model again. Been years."

Angela wanted to be sick. Wanted to hide somewhere and 
tell her mother to run also but that would be 
impossible. Besides she had never known that her mother 
was a model. She had never remembered seeing pictures 
of her anywhere.

"Mother, when were you a model? I had no idea. Why 
didn't you tell me?"

"Oh darling it seems ages ago really. I started when I 
was only sixteen years old. Before I met your father. I 
did some authentic fashion modeling and also some 
rather risque photos also. The studio in Manhattan did 
those. So when your friend John told me he saw them I 
was a bit nervous but he said they were excellent. He 
asked if I would pose for him again. Imagine that?"

Angela felt weak and sick just hearing what John was 
doing. But how could she intervene without giving her 
secret away to her mother. It would break her heart. 
Worse, what was John planning to do with her mother? 
She knew their methods, knew how they could turn a girl 
into a sexual deviate with ease. 

"Mother, John is a nice guy but he is a bit risque 
also. You certainly don't want to do something like 
that do you?"

Angela wanted to persuade her to give up such an idea. 
To stay away from John. But it wasn't that easy.

"Let me come over honey. I want to show you something. 
I'll be there in about an hour."

Angela hung up and knew that it would be near 
impossible to change her mothers mind once it was set 
on something. It had always been that way. But this was 
different. She would call John if she had to stop this 
plan he obviously had. Whatever it might be.

The hour passed quickly and the doorbell rang. Her 
mother came in hugged her and kissed her cheek. Then 
sat on the couch all in one motion. She looked stunning 
as usual and Angela was almost jealous of her but knew 
that her body was trimmer and tighter. 

"I want you to see these honey."
She handed her daughter a portfolio with a dozen pages 
inside. Angela put it on her lap and opened it. She 
stared in shock at what she saw.

"I was only sixteen when those were taken. Obviously 
they couldn't be published in this country, laws and 
all. But they were in Europe. I love those pictures. It 
was because of those pictures that I could buy the 
house we have now. Also the business that I now own. It 
seemed that I created quite an uproar. But I made lots 
of money."

The photos showed her mother much younger naked in 
sexually suggestive poses that left little to the 
imagination. She was stunning in every way and Angela 
couldn't help admiring how good they were. One showed 
her mother spread wide her pussy open also, wet and 
inviting. The look on her face was one of lust. Another 
showed her on all fours her ass open and also soaked 
with juices. Angela looked at them all and blushed 
openly aware that her mother was looking at her. 

"I-I... can't believe you did these mother. Your so 
beautiful. I guess I'm just a bit shocked that's all."

Her mother took her hand and patted it.

"I know honey. It's not something one shows their 
child. But I am interested in your friend John. I think 
I would like to pose again. Sounds fun don't you 

Angela wanted to tell her, warn her but held back. 

"If you must mom, but I think he's a bit over the top 
for you."

"More over the top than those photos? Baby, what did he 
shoot with you if that's the case?"

She smiled at her daughter. Hugged her again and kissed 
her tenderly.

"Don't worry about your mom honey. I've always been 
able to take care of myself. If your friend John wants 
to do risque shots I just might do them. Sounds sexy, 
if you know what I mean. I'm going to meet him tomorrow 
Angie. Want to come with me?"

She knew she would. She had to go to watch over her. To 
protect her from the wolves. But who was going to watch 
over her. Just walking into that building was going to 
make her horny. God help her. God help them both.


They took a cab to the studio and Angela led her mom 
inside where they were met by Rex who smiled broadly as 
he always did as if he knew something she didn't. She 
introduced her mother to him and he escorted them to 
the studio which was set up and ready to go. The set 
was extravagant with lights everywhere and props 
galore. A beautiful bed sat in the middle of it adorned 
with silks and pillows galore. It was exotic. She saw 
John adjusting his cameras and gave him a look that was 
meant to tell him she was very upset. But he only 
smiled and nodded. She pointed to him, wanting to talk 
privately with him. Rex led her mother to the dressing 
room a small bag in hand with her sexy nightwear. It 
was all too familiar.

"What are you up to John? That's my mom you're messing 
with. I'm not finding this funny at all."

He looked at her and his smile faded into a serious 

"You were given some serious cash last time you were 
here. Enough to make you come back for another session. 
Then you simply never came back. We needed you baby. 
Needed another session with you. I found out about your 
mom through some investigation and pure luck. She is 
some nice hot piece of ass. Now I know where you get 
your sexuality. Like mother like daughter. I wanted you 
here. I have you here. Plus a bonus. Your mom."

Angela felt a tear start down her cheeks. He was 
blackmailing her. Forcing her to work with them again 
whether she wanted to or not. 

"Alright John, I'll do another shoot, just leave my mom 
out of it. I'll do whatever you ask....please."

His smile returned. He leaned in and kissed her. 

"I know you will darlin. But I promised your mom a 
photo session. I think she deserves one don't you? 
Besides she is going to make a nice spread...so to 

She wanted to hit him. Force him to stop this insanity 
but it was no use since her mother was fully into the 
shoot. Wanted it to add to her already immense ego. She 
moved away from John and stood near the rear of the 
studio behind the light watching. Immediately Rex stood 
by her, close enough to make her body tingle. He made 
her very aware of her sexuality.

"Your mother is incredibly sexy Angela. I think were 
going to see some very hot photos today. I bet you'll 
love them."

Angela could feel her pussy getting wetter by the 
second as he whispered to her in his sexy voice. She 
hated him for that and also craved it. She knew that 
this studio would do this to her. Make her horny as 

At that moment her mom came out of the dressing room in 
a micro teddy looking fantastic. Her straight blond 
hair looking shiny her makeup perfect and her body 
luscious. Angela swallowed hard seeing her mom like 
that. So sexy and what? Naughty! God this place. John 
took over and asked her to lie on the bed. He started 
to take pictures immediately making her feel good about 
herself as he shot them. The teddy she wore was totally 
transparent with a small bra beneath and a thong below. 
Angela's mom looked sexy as hell and she knew it. 
Though nervous she complied with all John's commands.

"Damn sweet little body on her baby. You two could be 
sisters. Kissing cousins."

His wicked smile made her shiver in excitement feeling 
the heat in her body travel straight to her cunt. He 
moved closer to her his hand touching hers. She didn't 
move but closed her eyes. His fingers trailed up her 
arm moving her in front of him slowly, knowingly. Her 
body responded so easily to his touch. Her breathing 
fast and excited knowing her mom was right there before 
her not more than twenty feet away. 

He was behind her again his body pressed to her knowing 
he had her in his power to do all that he asked of her. 
His rock hard cock poking against his pants pressed 
into hers from behind causing her to gasp and then moan 
as he rubbed it back and forth. She in turn pushed 
against him in a fucking motion all the while watching 
her mom pose.

John now had her mom open her legs wide allowing him to 
capture the lacy material that barely covered her pussy 
clearly. She was breathing rapidly also knowing that 
this man was making her do shots that were quite 
naughty and sexy. More. Her daughter was watching. This 
only enhanced the shots and made her very wet and 
excited. Her daughter was seeing her for the first time 
as a woman. A very sexual woman.

"Look at her baby. Look how she's posing for him. Do 
you think that she's just doing it just for him?"

His hands found her breasts and began to squeeze them 
and pinch her already hard nipples. She moaned softly 
feeling the electric pleasure race to her pussy making 
her clit swell.

"She's doing it for you. Every pose is for you to see. 
She wants you to watch her. To feel her sexuality."

His fingers rolled her nipples making her grind her ass 
against him harder. One hand went lower traveling past 
her flat stomach to her crotch in between her legs. She 
groaned as his fingers rubbed and prodded sliding over 
the jean material and her engorged clit.

"Look at her baby. Look at how fucking hot she is. Tell 
me that you want to fuck her, to taste her cunt." 

Angela moaned in ecstasy as his hand unbuttoned her 
pants and slid inside her wet panties. His words were 
like a branding iron on her mind searing into her cunt. 
God, did they want me to fuck my own mother? What kind 
of perverted bastards are these people? But she already 
knew. Didn't she fuck a dog for them? How sick was 
that? But she had loved it. Every minute of it. She saw 
the film and wondered who that girl was who was leaking 
cum from her cunt in sheer sexual bliss. Who was taking 
the dogs cock with gusto deep inside her? It was her. 
She knew how far she would go. So did they.

Her mother was now on all fours her round firm ass high 
the thong barely covering her asshole and pussy. John 
did close-ups always talking to her, whispering to her. 
Her face a mask of desire her eyes slit filled lust. He 
was getting to her and she knew it. What was to happen 
here today? What new depraved act was she to perform 
for them?

Rex's fingers found her clit, pulled it, teased it till 
she squirmed hard before him her cunt on fire. 

"Tell me you want her? Tell me you want to fuck her? I 
want to hear you say you want to slip your tongue 
inside her hot wet cunt. Tell me baby," came his deep 
whispered command. His finger was flicking at her clit 
making her cum. She shuttered and squirted inside her 
panties over his hand. But he didn't stop. Now a finger 
was entering her cunt slipping inside easily, deeply. 
He began to fuck her slowly. She knew that she would 
succumb to their desires. She watched her mom on the 
bed her body driven by dirty hot desires that could 
only be considered taboo. She wanted her mother. Wanted 
to fuck her and lick her.

"Yes... I want..." She hesitated.

"Want what?" He insisted.

"I want to fuck her. God I want to lick her."

His finger pulled out of her.

"Take your clothes off. Go to her now."

It was a command she couldn't disobey. She knew no 
boundaries. Her life was now set in perversions. But 
her cunt was on fire and it wanted to be quenched. She 
undressed and was naked. Her nipples hard, her pussy 
lips swollen as was her clit that stood out. Slowly she 
walked toward the bed seeing John move back a smile 
upon his face. One showing conquest, control. Her 
mother on her back saw her and both knew that something 
had changed between them. The air had changed top one 
of sexual heat. 

Angela moved upon the bed as her mom opened her legs 
wider waiting for her. They looked at each other lust 
in each others eyes. Angela moved between her mother's 
thighs her body pressed against hers, pussy to pussy 
breasts to breast. Then it happened. They locked lips 
in a hot sexual kiss. John was filming it all, 
capturing every moment for the best film ever. Mother 
and daughter incest.

They kissed with tongues twirling in each others 
mouths, groaning with each movement feeling each others 
bodies. Her mothers mouth tasted sweet and hot and her 
tongue wet and sexy. Angela peeled away her mom's 
nighty and began to suck on her nipples making her mom 
moan grinding her ass up to bump against her daughters 
rubbing pussies.

"Oh my sweet hot baby. Your so fucking good. Ohhhhhh, 
fuck me. Fuck me good honey," came her mom's soft voice 
in her ear. 

Angela pressed down her cunt wet and open over her moms 
and began to move in a fucking motion sliding her clits 
over her moms. Both striving to connect clits in an 
electric jolt of pleasure. All the while sucking her 

Rex moved toward the bed with a tube of KY Jelly in his 
hand and began to rub it over the bottom bedposts that 
were uniquely shaped like smooth dildos but much bigger 
and thicker. He rubbed the jell all the way to the base 
of the wooden post then walked away. Angela saw him and 
knew what they wanted. She ran her tongue down to her 
mom's stomach and then covered her cunt fully sucking 
her clit. 

Her mother arched her back in absolute delight as her 
daughter licked her cunt. Her tongues swiping at her 
pinkness and asshole then back up to suck into her 
mouth her big clit. Soon her mother cried out in orgasm 
squirting into her mouth a hot stream of girl cum that 
ran down her face to the bed below. 

She tasted so sweet so good. Moving back up she pulled 
her mom to her and led her to the bedpost and showed 
her what Rex did. Her mom in a pure state of sexual 
bliss nodded and licked her lips as she began to kiss 
her daughter fully. They kissed for a long time their 
bodies touching, hands groping. Then pulled away as 
Angela went first. She raised herself high above the 
thick post and rested just above it. Her mom licked her 
cunt as she opened her lips wide to accept it. 

Slowly she lowered herself feeling the massive tip 
enter her. It spread her wide stretching her. Her 
mother continued to suck her clit as she slid down 
capturing the length of it. She could feel the 
immensity of it spearing into her cunt its long length 
disappearing inch after inch inside her well lubricated 
pussy. Finally she felt the base of the headboard. She 
had it all inside her. All twelve inches of solid wood.

"Baby be careful. Don't hurt yourself. I want to watch 
you fuck it. Take it all baby. Show mommy what you can 

Her words spurred her on as she began to slowly fuck 
the post. Up and down she went taking more and more 
deep thrusts with each motion. She could feel the 
thickness opening her up and making her so hot she 
needed to cum. Faster she went sliding up and down it's 
length driving the post into her starved wet cunt 
before her mother. She felt her mom's fingers slide 
inside her ass cheeks seeking her asshole and groaned 
as she slid a finger up inside her ass. She came 
instantly her hot juices running down the post. Her 
mother's finger continued to open her up as she fucked 
faster, harder. 

Soon she cried out as her body went rigid. She was 
cumming hard again, squirting heavy creamy cum down the 
thick wet post. When she stopped her mother helped her 
to come off it. Then it was her turn. Angela helped her 
mom straddle the post and watched in awe as she slid 
down it with ease. Her cunt swallowing it all to the 
base of the bed. She grunted when she hit bottom and 
immediately began to fuck it up and down in earnest. 

Angela took one of her nipples into her mouth and 
sucked feeling the rigid nipple in her hot mouth, 
licking and biting it. This drove her mother into 
another level of sexual excitement pushing down harder 
slamming her cunt against the headboard. She stopped 
and came hard her juices flowing over the bed and down 
the post. Several more cums and she need help getting 
off the post. Both lay spent, kissing fondling each 

John kept filming them as they cuddled and kissed and 
spoke in soft whispers of love. Rex stepped forward 
again and deposited a huge strap-on dildo near them. 
They both looked at it and Angela's mom moved first. 
She put the harness on and climbed back on the bed. 
Angela saw that the dildo was massive and shaped 
strangely. The head was flared the length more than 
eighteen inches.

"If you hot little girls are wondering what sort of 
cock that is I wont keep you guessing. It's an exact 
replica of a horse cock. I want mommy to use it on her 
baby girl. Show her what a real cock feels like."

John stepped away filming after he gave his command to 

Angela stared at the rubber replica in awe as did her 
mother who was fondling it in her hands rubbing the 
flared head and up toward the sheath. Angela on all 
fours opened her legs wider and reached back to spread 
her pussy lips wide. Her cunt dripped cum and her mom 
moved forward the huge cock swinging before her 
attached to her harness. She placed the head against 
her daughters open cunt and pushed. The sheer size of 
the head made Angela grunt in pain as it popped past 
her vaginal lips stretching her to the max. Her mother 
could see her dilemma and proceeded slowly inch by inch 
till more than half was inside her daughter's cunt. 

"You ok baby? Do you want mommy to keep going? I'd love 
to see you fuck this hot cock."

Angela turned and smiled at her mom and started to push 
back against her driving the cock deeper. Her mom also 
began to fuck her faster now that she was accepting the 
immense girth easier. Both were in a rhythm now fucking 
in unison. Hot wet smacking sounds emanated from 
Angela's cunt as she became wetter and wetter with each 
thick long stroke from her mom. Soon she could feel the 
heavy rubber balls slap against her ass. 

She was taking it all inside her cunt. Stretching it 
farther than ever before. But best of all she was being 
fucked by her hot sexy mother who was now slamming it 
into her faster and faster. She squirted over and over 
around the giant horse cock dribbling it like crazy 
down it's length to the bed below. Her mother cried out 
too cumming hard from the act she was performing.

Soon they were done, satiated from the incredible sex 
they both had. The love they gave each other. They 
kissed and lay in each others arms long after. 


Before they left arm in arm John handed a check over to 
her mom. It was for four thousand dollars. 

"I'm hoping that we'll see the two of you again soon. 
Have a really sexy project coming up."

He winked at them both and they laughed. When they got 
to Angela's house her mom kissed her hard and long.

"Baby you were incredible. I've never cum so much in my 
life. I hope we can do it again soon. I think I'm going 
to be craving that hot little pussy of yours."

"I know I will mom."

They kissed and waited till John called again.


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