Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Hello, my name is Heidi. I'm going to tell you how I've 
become a cum loving slut for my 15 year old son Tommy.

During my son's early teen years I noticed while 
cleaning his wash, Tommy's bed sheets and pajamas 
bottoms were constantly being soiled. I figured since 
he was eating cookies with milk in bed as of late, he 
was just spilling some of the contents from the glass.

Upon closer examination of the fresh stains I realized 
the blemish was sticky and somewhat clear. 

I skated by index finger through the moist fluid 
rubbing it between my finger and thumb feeling the 
cool, slick lubrication. I immediately knew what it 
was, my beautiful son's creamy, smooth jizz! 

To be touching my young boy's seed. My face felt 
extremely hot. I thought I was to pass out with such a 
rush of unnatural excitement! 

My next immoral action which I was about to perform was 
a step in my relationship with Tommy I will never be 
able to change back from, i.e. a traditional mother-son 

I dared myself as I touched my glazed sperm soaked 
finger to my lips covering both upper and lower evenly 
is slow elliptical motions sampling the tang of his 
semen with the tip of my tongue.

It tasted wonderful! I couldn't believe how different 
his cum tasted, it more a neutral than overpowering and 
almost sweet. Quite pleasant, a change from several 
hundred loads of bitter tasting sperm I've swallowed 
throughout my thirty-five years of life.

But it wasn't just the zest of Tommy's cream that was 
exciting me, It was the portrayal of being so slutty 
for my young son's cum. Purely a incestuous, depraved, 
and in my mind a erotic act!

My intension wasn't to involve my innocent little Tommy 
in lascivious behavior with his dirty, dirty mother. So 
I kept my craving for his cum from him, (not that he 
would understand anyway)!

Over the next couple of years my ritual would consist 
of hunting and gathering. When opportunity would 
permit, (usually weekly)! Either on wash day or when my 
home was freshly empty. I would check to see if my son 
would make anymore virginal deposits for me
Before I would wash the fabric I would take cleaned and 
empty 35mm film containers and scrape all his moist cum 
off. I placed my treasure in the back of the freezer 
along with my other trophies that were gathered for 
several months to be used at a later time.

As Tommy grew older reaching 15 years, his volume of 
sperm increased substantially. He went from filling the 
bottom of a teaspoon to secreting two tablespoons 
regularly. I was curious as to what means he is 
producing it, whether masturbation or nocturnal 

Occasionally at night I would silently listen outside 
his bedroom door to see if I could hear the tell tail 
signs of him pleasuring himself, but so far I heard 

Then one month to my disappointment all his milky 
secretions stopped!    But then I found more and more 
used and dried tissues in his waste basket next to his 
computer. (A good half a box worth)! Naturally I 
figured Tommy was stroking to some porn he liked on the 
web. I was very intrigued and with the house empty I 
decided to investigate what would make him spurt!

I opened up his history file and visited his precious 
websites. I was extremely shocked! As it turns out my 
faultless adolescent isn't innocent after all.

The first websites content I looked at was all about 
SandM. The pictures portrayed physically and mentally 
abused, beautiful women dressed in form fitting clothes 
such as leather, latex, PVC, and other plastic or 
rubber items. They were depicted in varying degrees of 
distress. Bound and gagged, ropes wrapped painfully 
tight around the breasts, or made to lick the bottom of 
their masters gleaming high heeled boots. Feeling 
horrified I thought "Is this my little boy fantasizes 

This was only the beginning of my investigation and as 
I dove further along, I became afraid of what I might 
find out about my Tommy's sexual psyche!

Much more was reviled to me when I opened up several 
other websites consisting of fully clothed older women 
dressed in incredibly provocative attire sucking off 
and jerking younger men to the point of orgasm.

Now my emotions turned from dismay to pure sexual 

I plunged further and further and found an incest story 
website that also contained an open forum which people 
could talk and share information about the subject of 
"family loving." 

Searching through the forum I noticed much to my 
surprise Tommy himself had a lot of postings, 
cautiously I decided to read them.

My pussy warmed up when I read my son lately was 
leaving me his personal little presents around the 
house, (he secretly hoped for the possibility of me 
catching him). Which consisted of him Cumming in my 
flirtatious high heels as well with my sexy, black, 
silk panties that were buried at the bottom of my 
dresser drawer (I designated to wear them for special 
occasions with different boyfriends)?

I always knew It was perfectly normal for a teenager to 
masturbate (God knows I did by fair share of exploring 
my body)! But I didn't think I was common for them to 
mark there territory?

I read on...

Tommy wrote, "Underneath my mom's loose comfortable 
clothes, is the sultriest whore." Then he added "she 
just don't know it yet."

Now I've never done this before without manual 
stimulation, but I was on the verge of having a full 
blown orgasm!

Just the thought of Tommy writing his desirers in this 
type of forum gave me the blissfully, soulful feeling 
of stimulating my eraser sized clit.

I wanted to cum, right here and right now, in front of 
the very same computer by son wrote from his heart's 
sexual appetite. I ran downstairs to the freezer in 
which his sperm was stored, frozen. Impatiens was 
getting to the best of me while waiting for the 
container to warm in the microwave. (Ding! It's done).

I ran upstairs to my bedroom first retrieving my 1 foot 
tall 3 inch wide battery operated vibrating dildo I 
affectionately called "Kong" my big friend used 6d 
sized batteries to make it function. I had discarded 
both my jeans and panties before I returned to Tommy's 
room as I had anticipated a great climax with my son's 
micro waved, sweet discharge in one hand and "Kong" in 
the other.

As I sat down I tilted back Tommy's comfy, leather 
office chair momentarily alarmed as it felt cool to my 
naked backside.

Sitting as far back as I could, I extended my very 
feminine well toned legs to his close hamper along side 
of the desk. Spread enough to have full access to my 
baby smooth pussy.

Now my next action will probably shock you. My thoughts 
were that I nuked hi spunk a little too long as I 
removed the lid and poured approximately half of the 
filled canister dripping with Tommy's very hot slippery 
seed on "Kong."

My cunt was gushing as I evenly coated the top 6 inches 
of it with my right hand cooling it down and working 
into a nice greasy glaze, I made sure there was an 
extra healthy dollop of jizz at the head!

My left hand had easy access to the computer's mouse so 
I could read some more of Tommy's fantasies for my 
primary stimulation.

With my silent black friend fully lubed, I gently 
rubbed the head of Kong up and down my pussy lips 
making them slippery before pushing it past the 
entrance. I rotated it in half circles in order to push 
Kong in 3 inches which strained my lips to the limit 
due to its massive girth.

I was being mindful of my right hands actions all the 
while focusing my attention on the computer's monitor 
scrolling the mouse for Tommy's next thread entry, and 
there it was! An attachment next to his name and it 
said, "My mommy pix."

Almost panting with my anticipation! "What could this 
download contain," I asked myself?

When I opened up the files I unwittingly noticed how 
far I was penetrating "Kong" into my dark place.

With long, smooth, fluid strokes automatically twisting 
"Kong" and burrowing it deeper and deeper into my large 
capacity cunny. "Damn Tommy's sweet cum makes an 
awesome lube, I've never been able to take 10 inches of 
it without it hurting a little," I thought!

All Tommy's pictures lay open for my review (and the 
world for that matter). I clicked on the thumbnail to 
produce a larger image and I was impassioned and 
mortified at what I saw in front of me!

Apparently my stealthy little boy was taking pictures 
of me showering, sleeping, masturbating, and fucking 
one of my old lovers which I haven't done in 4 years.

I uttered something from my lips, "how long has this 
been going on?" 

Overwrought with too much mental stimuli I felt a 
medium sized convulsion in the deepest reaches of my 
pussy. Not quite a full cum but a very good prelude!

I viewed more of his arousing pictures and I came 
across some of him marking his territory on my clothes,

Shoes, boots, and even my bedroom pillow. (I always 
thought that the stains left on my pillowcase were 
drool from my sleep).

Finally I saw the series of 15 pictures of Tommy boy 
jerking his small pubescent dick on top of "Kong."

I clicked on my vibrating feature and increased the 
pace of my strokes in an almost desperate move to get 
the maximum feeling of my impending orgasm! 

And now the last picture that sent me over the edge was 
Tommy's 5 inch prick sperming all over my giant dildo, 
I studied how his thin, pearly fluid contrasted against 
the slick, blackness of the rubber; it looked like he 
drizzled icing on a cake.

Listening to the frequency changes of my dildo's motor 
reducing it to a very low grinding tone buried to my 
cervix I kept it up there, (it almost sounded like it 
was going to stall)!

A warm felling of pleasure overcame me, overriding all 
my automatic bodily functions.

The most powerful cum I ever had happened beyond by 
control I couldn't think or move all I did was spasm in 
the confines of my son's leather chair.

After shutting off "Kong" (I had to, my cunny was way 
too sensitive) I looked down at my pussy after several 
minutes passed and removed my giant black beast slowly 
with a squishy POP. 

My vagina slowly oozed all its fluid onto Tommy's black 
chair. (My juices and his mixed all together) how 
erotic is that?

I left it there for him to see when he got home from 

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