Sunday, 17 November 2013


At 22, I found myself jobless and decided to do 
anything that comes my way. One day I saw an Ad in the 
newspaper. "Wanted: Helper for trucker's family. Good 
pay." I called the phone number in the ad, and a man on 
the other side told me that he wanted to hire someone 
for his pregnant wife. Since he has to go on long 
journeys he needed someone to help out his wife in case 
of an emergency. The pay had been good, plus lodging 
and meal. The only negative was that the place was away 
from town.
I took a taxi to reach the place. The journey took 
about two hours and finally stopped in front of a big, 
rambling old farmhouse with a huge trailer truck parked 
beside it. I paid off the driver and pulled my suitcase 
up the steps to the front door. There was no doorbell, 
so I knocked hard on the door. The paint was peeling 
off the weather-beaten wood. It looked as if the 
trucker didn't take much care about his house. The yard 
was nothing but beaten-down dirt. 

Finally, after knocking again I heard someone coming, 
and the door swung open. The man who opened the door 
was in his mid thirties. He was well over six feet 
tall, lean and hard-muscled. His black hair was short 
and tangled. He had a day's growth of whiskers on his 
jaws and thick matted black curls of hair on his chest, 
and he was wearing nothing but a pair of jockey shorts!

"Oh, hello," the man said. "Are you the man that's come 
looking for the job?" He wiped his eyes and smiled at 
me. "Come on in. You'll have to excuse the way I look. 
I forgot you were comin' out, and I fell asleep on the 
couch watchin' the ball game."

"Its okay sir," I said.

"Just call me George and tell me your name."

"Peter," I told him my name. He motioned for me to sit 
down on the sofa. He turned off the television and sat 
down beside me. "You want to hire me, then?"

"Sure, you'll do just fine. Don't you want to take the 

"I-I suppose so... Perhaps I should meet your wife."

"I'll call her in to meet you," he said, and went over 
to the window. He shouted, 'Daisy' and told her to come 
in. A couple of minutes later I saw the back door open 
and in comes a girl. Only as she came closer I realized 
she was a woman in her late twenties. But the most 
striking thing about her was her height. 

She was perhaps not a midget technically but she looked 
like one. She was only a hair over 4' in height. Every 
part of her body was in proportion to her height except 
her belly. The tank top covered half her belly and the 
rest was bulging out for me to see. She looked like she 
was at least 6 months pregnant. She was perhaps coming 
from a swim because she was wearing very little and she 
was wet. She might have been really good-looking if her 
hair hadn't been wet and tangled.

A dwarf woman is just like me and like you,
Happy sometimes and sometimes quite blue,
You might think that dwarfs are myth and not really 
But I've met one and this I will swear! 

Was she really human and not just some illusion?
Just like yours, I had my confusion.
Believe me my friends I am not crazy,
When I asked for her name she said it's Daisy!

"I'm sorry I don't have my proper clothes on," she 
said. "I didn't know there was any company here." The 
woman said.

"We get a little informal around here, I guess. Hope 
you don't mind too much." George said to me.

"It's okay, on a hot day I sometime too live with very 
little clothes."

George was a little amused and a little annoyed, "Do 
you want me to show you your room?" he said simply to 
change the topic.

When I saw my bedroom my spirits sank a little. The 
room was plain and had been kept neatly, but was now 
dusty and stuffy. George left me there and told me to 
join him later for discussing further details of my 

While I stood at the sink, visions of Daisy with her 
pregnant tummy kept flitting into my mind. How could a 
big man like George marry a short woman like Daisy? But 
how could he make her pregnant? Her cunt must have been 
small. How will she deliver a child?


Two days after my settling with George and Daisy, 
George was gone on his long trip. I found out that 
Daisy was invariably pleasant and soon she was very 
open with me. I came to know her routine around the 
house. She likes to walk around the house in a long 
flowing black see through lace dress. 

Every night before she went to sleep, she would always 
come into the bedroom where I was and used her bathroom 
across from me. But for some reason when she did, she 
never completely closed the door and I could hear her 
pissing into the toilet as clear as anything. Despite 
my best efforts to control my sexual urges I started 
dreaming of being beside her in her bed. 

I was no virgin and there had been a couple of girls I 
fucked at college. If you haven't had sex in a while 
you can forget what a compulsion it is. You can get 
into solitude and do things that can keep your mind 
away from sex. But once you have sex with someone you 
want to do it again with someone else. You think by 
joining your genitals with someone you can discover 
some hidden truth about the meaningless life.

I also noticed that by everyday she was getting quiet 
large in the belly. It has made her very sexy looking 
woman. That was the first time that I had an 
opportunity to watch a women body in pregnancy. 

One day she said to me, "I'm fat like a cow!"

"You're not fat, you're pregnant." I told her. 

"Do you like what you see Peter?"

"Yes. Actually I think pregnant women are kind of sexy 
in a way."

"Huh!" She exclaimed, "You're the only one who does." 

"What do you mean?" 

"George doesn't, he won't come near me." 

"What? Not at all?" 

"No, I mean in bed. Before my pregnancy he looked 
hungry for sex but now he doesn't like my belly and it 
isn't even big yet. He hasn't, you know, touched me 
since we knew. And the problem is that my gynecologist 
advised me to have frequent sex with him."

"Gynecologist! Frequent ... SS, But why?"

"Because my gynecologist thinks I had a small vagina 
and delivering a child naturally will be difficult for 
me. She advised me to have sex with my husband in 
certain safe positions to stretch my... you know what, 
a little before the birth."

"Well if George is not doing his job than you can get 
help from someone else," I said without mentioning 

"Can you?"


"Help me?"

"You sure?"

"Yes, and we won't have to use any protection. I'm 
already pregnant."

I pull my T-shirt over my head and let it drop to the 
floor. I lifted her smock off her arms and kissed her 
neck and shoulders as I released the small catch on her 
bra to let her beautiful breasts swing free. They were 
perfectly shaped and bounced a little from the sudden 
freedom. Her nipples were still erect and the dark 
rings around them were darker than I imagined. I leaned 
down and sucked the nipples into my mouth, each in 
turn. She told me they were sensitive and to be a 
little gentle with them.

I caressed her, stoking her back, arms, neck, and hair. 
I heard a slight moan escape her lips as she clutched 
me tighter. Her tummy got in the way, but not enough to 
matter to either of us. Then I reached round and undid 
the fastening of her trousers and let them fall to the 
floor. She was standing in her knickers with my naked 
cock pressing against her cheeks and while I rubbed her 
belly and stroked her pussy. Next I pulled her knickers 
down and started to run my free hand over her belly 
while I still sucked and rubbed her tits. Her tummy was 
larger but not so large as to make her body appear 
ungainly or gross.

Daisy turned herself on the lounge and puts her legs 
over my lap. Then she opened them and I looked at the 
widening cleft under the pubis hair to see her most 
private place. I watched the inner lips spread out to 
reveal her vaginal opening. She spread the outer lips 
with her index and ring fingers and rubbed her clit 
with the middle finger. 

As I watched, her clit seemed to become more erect and 
larger as she played with herself. I looked at her face 
and saw her eyes were closed and her tongue was licking 
her lips over and over. I felt the hair that covered 
her pussy and ran my middle finger between her pussy 
lips and over her clit. I heard her moan again and 
spread her legs to let me have better access.

I began kissing below her breasts and licked across her 
swollen belly. "Oh god!" she moaned. I licked her 
pregnant belly softly kissing every inch as I worked my 
way between her spread legs. I thrust my tongue deep 
inside of her hot, wet pussy. She held my head firmly, 
grinding her pussy against my face. "Mmmm, yes oh yes!" 
she yelled. My licking brought her to a stunning climax 
within a matter of seconds!! With a little smile 
creeping over her face she was finally was able to 
speak and whispered, 

"I-I'm sorry, it just happened, it's been so long for 
me, I just couldn't control it, please forgive me!!" 

Daisy did calm down a little, until she saw me sliding 
up between her legs with an erection. "You have to put 
your big cock in me, fuck me," she grunted. She got on 
her hands and knees, and raised her ass high in the 
air. I moved up behind her and my cock rubbed against 
her pussy. She reached down and took it in her hand and 
rubbed the head of my cock against her wet slit. 

I moved forward and entered her, burying my cock almost 
to the balls in her willing opening. Daisy quivered as 
I kept sliding inside of her. "Oh, yes deeper! Give me 
all of it!" she yelled. I kept slamming my cock with 
some force inside of her hot tight cunt. Then I started 
humping in and out and felt her moving to meet me with 
every thrust. I again wondered what was wrong with her 
husband to not be enjoying this as often as he could.

I'd feel her pussy clutching my cock like it didn't 
want to let it go. I was a little worried I'd cum too 
quickly and leave her unsatisfied. I needn't have 
worried; just as my own climax was approaching, I felt 
her shudder and a low, soft, and lingering moan escaped 
her lips. She pressed back against me as hard as she 
could and her pussy muscles gripped my cock hard. 

I held myself still inside of her so she could come 
down from her climax and as she did, I started humping 
in and out. I made about five strokes and then my balls 
released their load of cum deep inside her pussy. Wave 
after wave of release swept through me, as I emptied my 
prostate in her pregnant belly. 


We lay there for a while and then she went out and 
fixed us some drinks. I watched her as she came back 
into the bedroom towards me. As I watched her pert tits 
bounce slightly with each step she took, I started 
getting hard again. She gave me my drink and I fondled 
her tits as she leaned over. 

We sipped only half of our drinks and decided to do 
some more sex. I laid her back on the bed and ran my 
hands over every inch of her body. She really seemed to 
get off on having her pregnant tummy rubbed and 
caressed, so I spent a great deal of time doing so. As 
I did, she would moan and toss her head slightly from 
side to side. As she got more excited, she would squirm 
her ass into the bed and hump up and down as if she had 
a cock inside her. By the time I started playing with 
her pussy, she was soaking wet and ready for me.

"Let's try something different." 

She turned herself on her side and I lay down behind 
her. I lifted her leg slightly so I could enter her 
from behind. As I moved up behind her, my cock rubbed 
against her pussy. She reached down and took it in her 
hand and rubbed the head of my cock against her wet 
slit. I pushed forward, her pussy stretched to accept 
my cock and then close tightly around it. My cock slid 
in easier and deeper than before and I felt as if I was 
touching the backside of her cunt on each down stroke.

I could feel her moving her muscles and squeezing me 
continually and this was making my cock harder then 
ever. So she told me to start fucking her again and 
this time, I felt her reach down and she started to rub 
something above my cock. As I continued to move in and 
out of her vagina, I noticed that she was getting very 
excited as she was rub herself. 

I wrapped my arms around her and started playing with 
her tits again. I cupped one in each hand and felt 
their firmness and weight. I pinched each nipple and 
rolled them between my fingers. Teri turned her head 
and by shifting our position a little, we were able to 
kiss while we fucked. I ran my tongue around inside of 
her mouth and then licked her ear, sucking on the 
earlobe and the small gold loop earring she wore. I 
took one hand from her tits and ran it over her 
swelling belly, feeling every inch of it. She really 
seemed to like that, since she started to fuck faster 
and harder.

I felt a slight tremor start to build and I knew she 
was about to cum. Suddenly, she started breathing very 
fast and then she let out a few real loud grunts. While 
she was doing this, I felt her vagina squeezing my cock 
real hard, and once again I began to have that 
wonderful feeling for the second time. When it was all 
over, this time my cock gradually got soft and so she 
got me to pull out of her. 

We spent three more days in making love as often as we 
could. It pleased and excited me that I could make her 
happy and contented. After three days her husband came 
home from his trip. We didn't get to spend any time 
together. Of course, we met each other daily but the 
opportunity to be alone didn't present itself. All I 
could do was to remember her naked body next to mine as 
we fucked few days ago. My dick got hard just thinking 
about it.


Daisy was getting bigger, but I still found her very 
sexy. I was aware of her feelings. She did love her 
husband, but the fact remained he was a lousy lay, a 
good provider and considerate, but just no good in bed. 
And since she had gotten pregnant, he was afraid of 
harming her and hadn't laid a hand on her since. 

One day George went to do some shopping and this gave 
us the opportunity we were waiting for. I was doing 
some laundry when Daisy came and started looking at me. 
I said to her, "Do you have any idea how often I 
thought about having you alone with me?"

"What are you waiting for, then?" she asked. And then 
she came up to me, kissed me, and started rubbing my 
cock through my slacks. I kissed her back and ran my 
hands over her back and ass. As we continued to kiss, I 
forced my tongue into her mouth and moved my hands to 
her tits. They were definitely larger now and I could 
feel they had gotten heavier as her pregnancy 

She moaned slightly as I fondled her tits and rubbed 
her tummy against me as we stood there. I reached down 
and ran my hands over her belly and felt her shiver 
slightly. I unbuttoned her blouse and opened it wide so 
I could get at her boobs. Instead of unhooking her bra, 
I pulled the cups up over her tits and exposed them to 
the fresh air. The nipples had gotten darker and became 
erect as soon as I started to pinch them. 

I broke our kiss and bent down to suck her nipples. I 
sucked one and played with the other, pinching the 
nipple and palming and squeezing the tit until it was 
erect as it could get. I alternated back and forth 
between her boobs, as she got hotter. With my other 
hand, I felt her belly and ass, running my hand over 
them and feeling the tautness of her skin under her 

She reached down and undid my belt and unzipped my 
pants. She reached in and released my cock from its 
confines and started to stroke it as she had before. 
She ran her fist up and down its length and ran her 
thumb over the head.

I broke away from her and cleared off the center of a 
nearby desk. I took her hand and led her to the desk 
and undid her pants. I slide her pants and her panties 
down her legs to rest around her ankles. Then I picked 
her up and sat her down in the middle of my desk with 
her legs dangling over the side. 

I drew up a chair and sat down. Now I was staring 
directly at her pregnant belly and started licking it 
all over, while playing with her tits again. She leaned 
back a little and spread her legs slightly. I could 
just see her pussy nestled between her legs and covered 
with her pubic hair. I spread her legs wider at the 
knees and buried my head in her crotch. I starting 
licking her cunt and teasing her clit with my tongue.

She leaned back farther and rested on her elbows. This 
gave me unrestricted access to her pussy and I started 
eating her in earnest. I kept eating her and running my 
hands over her tummy and tits. She was squirming on top 
of the desk now and I could tell she wasn't far from 
cumming. I kept eating her pussy, swapping back and 
forth between her clit and driving my tongue as deep 
inside her as I could. I felt her tense up and start to 
quake as she came.

I rode her clit with my tongue, following it as she 
humped her ass on the desk. Finally, she started to 
settle down and I licked her entire pussy so I could 
suck up every drop of her cum and enjoy its taste.

I stood up and dropped my pants. Then I moved closer to 
her and put the head of my dick against her pussy. I 
rubbed the head against her cunt lips to cover it with 
the lubrication she had produced. Finally, I thrust 
forward and entered her. I stepped closer and started 
fucking her pussy with deep and slow thrusts.
Daisy lied back on my desk and spread her legs as wide 
as she could so I could penetrate her fully. From my 
vantage point, I watched as my prick entered her pussy 
and then withdrew with each stroke. I widened my stance 
and gripped her hips as I pumped in and out of her. 
With each stroke, I could see her pussy expand to take 
my cock inside and watched as her outer lips slowly 
released their hold on me. I was going as deep inside 
her as I could, and watched as my cock buried itself up 
to my balls in her pussy.

I released her hips and held her swollen belly. As I 
kept thrusting in and out of her pussy, I ran my hands 
over her pregnant body. As I did, she started to hump 
her ass forward to meet my thrusts and reached down 
between her legs to hold my cock between her fingers. 
With each thrust, her tits would roll back and forth 
and her belly would quiver. I moved my hands to her 
legs and held her thighs, squeezing and kneading her 
flesh as we fucked. 

I felt my balls tighten up and my cock seemed to grow 
inside her as I pumped my cum into her pussy. I thought 
my cock would spurt its hot load for hours, but 
finally, I stopped and my cock lost its hardness. I 
continued to watch as it went limp and slipped out of 
her pussy with a slight sucking noise. 

As I stepped back, she slid down off the desk and knelt 
between my legs. She took my cock into her mouth and 
sucked it clean of our cum. Her tits were still exposed 
and I bent down and fondled them. As I did, we heard 
her husband's car stop outside. We quickly dressed and 
moved away to different rooms. By the time George came 
in when both of us were looking normal.

In the end I have to say that I will never forget my 
four months stay with George and Daisy.

There's nothing more beautiful than,
A woman pregnant with a child
Her skin glows like pure ivory,
Her body can drive men wild!

A pregnant woman's breasts are sweet,
And her pussy delicious, and divine!
She surely is a sight to behold!
I wish I could make her mine. 

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