Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Normally, I'm a very jealous man, so the events of the 
last couple of months leave me puzzled. Excited and 
angry, but also puzzled.

I've lost girlfriends because of my jealousy. I had it 
under enough control to ask Wendy to marry me, even 
though I knew she'd had a previous lover. She told me 
before the first time we made love several weeks 
before I asked her to marry me. She wouldn't tell me 
anything about him, just that she could never marry 
him and that it was over. My jealousy made me press 
her a little for more information, but she refused to 
tell me anymore. 

Control over my jealously kept me from pressing too 
hard, and Wendy didn't break our engagement. I always 
felt extremely lucky, as Wendy is an absolute doll of 
a woman. She's short, but she has a beautiful face, a 
magnificent bosom, an outstanding bottom, and great 
legs. She's also funny and very intelligent.

Wendy comes from a large family of Catholics. Her 
mother is gorgeous, too, despite having lots of 
babies, which kind of let me know what Wendy would 
look like when she was older. All of her sisters and 
brothers are good looking, and most of those older 
than Wendy are already married. The one who isn't was 
in the military. He served a couple of tours overseas, 
and missed our wedding.

Anyway, my story really starts a couple of months ago 
when Wendy and I held a small party for our family and 
friends to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. 
Wendy's brother, John, was out of the military and was 
the only person at the party who hadn't been at the 

We all enjoyed ourselves, finishing three bottles of a 
very good wine. People began leaving before it got too 
late, all of them congratulating us on our happy 
marriage. Finally, everyone was gone except for Wendy 
and me, and her brother John who was living with his 
parents until he found a permanent place to stay.

After everyone had left, John asked if he could kiss 
Wendy as he wasn't at our wedding and didn't kiss her 
when she was just married. Of course, I gave my 

The kiss John gave Wendy was not the kiss a brother 
gives to his sister. It was a kiss a man gives to his 
lover. And Wendy kissed him right back. The kiss 
started with them standing by the sofa. Wendy's arms 
went around John's neck, and John's arms went around 
Wendy's waist. After a little bit, John's hands 
started wandering, up to caress Wendy's big breasts 
through her dress, and down to caress her beautiful 

To my amazement, I got hard watching them. I was 
extremely jealous, but I also wanted to see how far 
they would go.

Wendy made no objection when John raised her skirt and 
slid his hands to the top of her panties. In fact, she 
ground herself harder against him. He pulled her 
panties down, and she stepped out of them. He ran his 
finger along her slit, and it came out really wet. 
Wendy's pussy was obviously ready for his cock. Wendy 
let go of his neck to unzip his pants and pull his 
cock out.

My cock was straining my pants. I was angry, but I was 
also as horny as I'd ever been in my life. I knew if I 
didn't stop them, John would be fucking his sister, my 
wife, right in front of me!

I didn't stop them. Wendy lay back on the couch, 
spread her legs, and pulled John's cock to her pussy. 
John has a big cock. I usually have to really work to 
get Wendy's pussy wet and loose enough to take my 
cock, but John's even bigger cock slid right in. Wendy 
helped. She put her legs around John's waist to pull 
him in and raised her hips to make sure he was all the 
way in. I could tell that she was having an orgasm 
while she was rubbing her clit against John's pubic 
hair by the way she was shaking and moaning into 
John's mouth as she kissed him.

I came just after Wendy started coming. Actually, I 
started coming just after I realized that John wasn't 
using a condom. Wendy and I had been trying to start a 
family since we'd been married with no luck, so I knew 
wasn't using birth control either. Just that morning, 
Wendy had told me that she was ovulating today. 
Realizing that it might be her own brother's sperm 
fertilizing Wendy's egg made me come. I was extremely 
angry and jealous, but I was also shooting off in my 

Wendy's orgasm triggered John's. He clinched his butt 
cheeks as he squirted his sperm into my wife, his 
sister. When I could stand, I went behind and could 
see John's sperm oozing out of Wendy's stuffed pussy. 
I got my cock out, and when John got off Wendy, I got 
on her and slipped my cock into her spermy pussy 
without saying a word. Wendy looked surprised when I 
bent down to kiss her, but her legs went around my 
waist and her pussy tightened on my dick. She started 
coming again almost immediately, triggering my orgasm, 
adding my second load to John's first load in Wendy's 

When we had all calmed down, Wendy asked, "Are you 
going to leave me?"

I said, "No. John's your first lover, isn't he?"

Both Wendy and John said, "Yes."

I asked, "Did you use condoms when you were together?"

John said, "Yes. I know it's against our religion, but 
I didn't want to get Wendy pregnant."

Wendy added, "We couldn't get married. We still can't. 
Besides, I really love you. Aren't you jealous?"

"Extremely. But I'm also extremely excited. Watching 
you two was the most exciting thing that's ever 
happened to me!" I said.

"So you're not going to try to hit me?" John asked.

"No. I doubt if I could anyway, but I really don't 
even want to," I said.

"So what are we going to do?" my beautiful wife asked.

"Well, why don't you call your parents and tell them 
you're spending the night here, John. Then let's all 
take off our clothes and go to our bedroom," I said.

"Are you sure?" asked Wendy. "I don't want to hurt 

I said, "John never fucked you in your beautiful 
bottom, did he?"

"Nooo," Wendy said.

"Well, I think that since John got your pussy cherry, 
it's only fair that I get your anal cherry. Besides, 
if we do it right, I think you'll really enjoy having 
John in your pussy and me in your ass at the same 
time!" I said.

* * *

Well, John lives with us now. He has the spare bedroom 
to keep his things, but all three of us sleep, well 
use, the same bed. I got Wendy's anal cherry, and she 
enjoyed her experience with two cocks in her at the 
same time. She still does.

Oh, and Wendy's pregnant. Two months pregnant. I think 
John got her pregnant on our anniversary. I had myself 
tested, and my sperm count is low. Of course, it could 
be low because I deposit so much of it inside my 
beautiful and loving wife.

As I work all day while John stays home to help Wendy 
with the house, I think he's fucking her more than I 
am. He's since told me that fucking Wendy without 
condoms was the best thing that ever happened to him. 
I think I agree.

Wendy and I plan on having many babies. John will help 
making them, but he'll also be changing a lot more 
diapers than I will be.

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