Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I participated in a convention of engineers that was 
convening in our city, I've made friends with two young 
engineers of Irish descent, and invited them to a nice 
evening in our house, I mean together with m wife and 
she was excited about the idea. My wife is a beautiful, 
plump Indian lady, and has great tits and ass, but, 
being plump, her brassiere is always too tight and 
uncomfortable and cuts into her flesh, so she goes at 
home bra-less under her sari. 

I strongly recommended her to wear one for our evening. 
But she blatantly refused, saying that she won't torture 
herself in order to satisfy a bunch of my drunk friends. 
At last we compromised about her wearing a Punjabi suit 
for the evening, and she went and bought one, a very 
beautifully embroidered one, for 1000 rupees. It annoyed 
me, of course, but I had to admit that it looked very 
fitting on her.

My acquaintances thought so as well. They complimented 
her very profusely, and my wife glowed in her 
satisfaction. The atmosphere was very nice and friendly, 
especially so since they have brought two bottles of 
good Irish whiskey. 

Soon they turned boisterous and gay and they started 
talking about how clever they were and how successful 
with the ladies and, among other talk they bragged how 
they had fucked a whore the evening before, for "only 
ten thousand rupees" and how they had made her go all 
night, and I thought to myself "ten thousand rupees? She 
ripped you off!" Then they started telling ribald jokes, 
which I thought rather rude, but it made my wife giggle 
a lot. Well, she was also quite tipsy herself. 

Somehow the Anglo-Saxon always think that we, Indian, 
can't take our alcohol. I don't think that making crude 
passes at my wife, and patting her ass is taking your 
alcohol well, but since my wife didn't object, I didn't 
want to make a fuss. Actually, my wife began giggling 
uncontrollably, making me wonder why - and then I found 
out that Bill's cock peeped out of his pants with every 
movement. (Bill was the shorter, darker engineer) 

It wasn't a very big cock. Actually, it wasn't much 
longer than mine, only about six or five and half inches 
long, but it was uncommonly fat, at least two inches 
across. The sight made my cock go hard so I can imagine 
what it did to my wife.

But it wasn't Bill who has made advances to her, it was 
his friend Jeff. 

He started praising her Punjabi suit, fondling it's 
fabric, admiring it's embroidery, and asked my wife 
where he can buy such a beautiful suit for his girl 

I took the opportunity to teach him a lesson and said 
that it was a very expensive piece of ritual clothing, 
which I can find for him only for a very high price. He 
got hooked and pried from me the cost. I told him ten 
thousand rupees! Let him eat dust the braggart, making 
fun of us, Indian! To my amazement he had accepted the 
price without batting an eyelid. He, with Bill's 
support, only asked to buy it right off my wife's body. 
I tried to object, but my wife was all in favor, dazzled 
by the huge sum. 

She raised her hands to let Jeff pull the top off, while 
Bill was pulling her pants down. 

Well, they were all quite drunk, so my wife got 
entangled in her pants when she pulled them off and 
crashed down, falling on bill's crotch. Wow, it must 
have hurt! Bill just groaned but my wife squealed and 
tried to rise up. Being drunk she didn't manage and kept 
dropping down, moaning and squealing, causing Bill to 
jerk in his pain. 

Jeff gentlemanly tried to steady my wife and help her 
get up, but being drunk himself he somehow grabbed her 
by her tits, instead of by her outstretched arms. She 
tried to steady herself grabbing Jeff's hips, and but it 
only caused his pants to fall, and expose his hard, long 

It was long indeed! At least 10 inches long, but very 
thin in proportion, I don't think it was thicker than 
one and a half inches. Jeff of course stumbled and 
almost fell down and somehow his cock entered my wife's 
open mouth. The weight of course made her drop down on 
Bill again, and when she tried to push herself up, 
Jeff's cock, to my utter amazement, went inside all the 
way down to its root.

You may ask why I didn't help my wife. Well I was so 
turned on by the sight of my naked wife being impaled on 
those two cocks that my own cock almost blew up and I 
had to stroke it in order to calm it down. Meanwhile 
Jeff was swaying in his drunkenness and kept pushing my 
wife down on Bill's cock until he, I mean Jeff, roared 
and erupted in my wife's mouth. My wife screamed and 
dropped on Bill, who jerked spasmodically and all were 
moaning and yelling and jerking until all three of them 
dropped in a stupor to a heap.

The sight of my wife's spread cunt, with her juices all 
flowing down her spread thighs, made me most protective, 
and I crawled in between her thighs to lick her cunt 
dry. It had such an awesome musky taste too, of her 
juices and some musky, sticky stuff. I licked her 
diligently dry with her stirring and squirming and 
moaning until she woke up and said, "What ARE you doing? 
Do you mean to have sex with me in front of our guests? 
What..." Here she just moaned in ecstasy, letting me 
answer her: "Shut up woman! Look how dirty you have made 
Bill! Clean him now, he is our honorable guest!" 

Indeed, Bill's crotch was all wet and sticky with my 
wife's come, and since she is a good and obedient wife, 
she turned over and started cleaning him. For some 
reason, she has decided that it would be best to lick 
him clean-well all beasts do it so it must be efficient, 
doesn't it? Anyhow I turned to clean Jeff's cock, which 
was also encrusted with his white musty spunk. I licked 
the slack cock, imitating my wife as best I could, 
savoring the salty musky taste.

Jeff's cock woke up to life with my treatment, and so 
did Jeff himself. He mumbled something, and rose to his 
knees, sticking his hot hard cock in my mouth, straight 
down into my throat! It made me gag and quiver and I 
moved back. This in turn made Jeff stumble, and in his 
attempt to steady himself he has grabbed my wife's 
raised ass-she was still cleaning thoroughly Bill's 
cock, you know. This made her stumble forward, and 
Bill's cock went all the way into her mouth. The loss of 
foot hold made Jeff stumble and waver and his cock, now 
all hard and stiff, went all the way into my wife's 
upturned ass! 

She screamed as much as the cock that was stuffing her 
mouth allowed, and attempted to push herself up, which 
mad Jeff sway and shove in, and so they went swaying 
forward and back. I couldn't remain uninvolved. In order 
to steady them, I crawled under Jeff's spread legs, 
attempting to hold him steady by his butt. Somehow his 
swaying balls started to slap my face and in order to 
stop it, I held them in my mouth, licking all over their 
musky sweat, their round firmness, OOH!

My own balls nearly exploded, so I had to relieve myself 
again, stroking my stiff cock until it had erupted. 
Since Jeff lost my support he went swaying and heaving 
and soon has erupted himself with aloud roar, pulling 
his ejaculating cock from my wife's ass. 

His spunk went flying on her back, on my upturned face 
and some of it even hit my open mouth. I licked off all 
of it that didn't, and then Bill started jerking and 
hollering. My wife, who all that time was frozen in her 
comatose orgasm, has now jerked strongly her hips 
screaming and yelling and dropped, exhausted. 

We all lay in a heap for quite a few minutes. 

Then my wife rose, folded neatly her Punjabi suit and 
offered it to Jeff, who paid up, without any word, the 
ten thousand rupees. He and Bill had even let me lick 
their cocks clean and left, thanking us profusely. So we 
had all had a wonderful and fruitful evening, and I have 
even earned ten thousand rupees. Although my wife claims 
that it was my doing, the bitch. She had all the fun, 
didn't she? 

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