Thursday, 31 October 2013


My husband recently had a client from Africa who he had 
been meeting to do business with over the last several 
months. They were at a bar one night and his client 
told him his desire to fuck an American white woman 
while he was visiting.

They got to be good friends over the next few visits 
and one night when they were at a club watching a few 
girls dancing, his client mentioned his desire to my 
husband again. Only this time my husband told him he 
might be able to help him fulfill his wish.

My husband was afraid to tell the man the truth about 
how we were swingers and met black men and how he liked 
to play out the roll as my cuckold. My husband told his 
client that he had an attractive sister that liked to 
screw black guys and he would arrange for a date.

My husband showed his client a few pictures of me in a 
corset and dressed in a short skirt. His client wanted 
to meet me as soon as possible. He had never been with 
a white woman before and was looking forward to our 

The man called my husband and asked him to do one favor 
for him. He said that if he made love to my husband's 
sister on the date that he wanted him to record it on 
DVD. My husband not only agreed but told him he had all 
the equipment and would come to the hotel with 
everything he would need.

Since my husband had already told this man I liked to 
fuck black men, he assumed I was going to give out on 
the first date anyway.

I got a call that weekend from the man who was very 
nice to me on the phone and asked me what I liked to do 
sexually and I was honest with him. I told him I got my 
biggest thrill having a man cum inside my pussy. 

I realized I had spilled the beans when I told the man 
that my husband loves to watch me fuck black men and 
gets a thrill eating hot cum out of my pussy while it's 
still hot and fresh.

He confessed to me that he already figured I was his 
wife but he was too embarrassed to tell him so we kept 
our secret and decided on a time to meet.

We went to the hotel and I dressed in a teddy as he 
asked with black stockings so I decided to only wear 
those things under my long coat. We were staying in 
Pennsylvania and the evenings were getting cold.

He was tall and well built, I think he told me he 
worked out every day and I thought he looked hot. We 
immediately hit it off and sat and talked awhile as my 
husband prepared his camera.

When my husband was ready, I stood and took my long 
coat off and surprised my black lover. He stood and 
took his shirt off and I helped slid it off his big 

He sat on the bed where I helped him slip off his pants 
and he began touching me and feeling my tits telling me 
how beautiful I was. He told me he couldn't wait to see 
how it felt to fuck a white woman and said he was 
excited knowing I was married and my husband was going 
to watch.

I helped him take off his underwear and his large thick 
cock popped free. He was much larger than I expected, 
maybe 9 inches and thick. His ball sack hung low and I 
could tell he hadn't cum for awhile so I knew he was 
extremely horny.

He began touching me and playing with my tits and told 
me how much it excited him looking at the way our skin 
contrasted together. He couldn't wait to lick my pussy 
and see how I tasted. His was very talented with his 
tongue and I had an orgasm within minutes.

He had a very different style where he would nibble on 
my pussy lips and stretch each side than work on my 
clitoris flickering his tongue gently at the tip. He 
just about made me crazy teasing me until I almost had 
an orgasm than he would tease me more with his tongue 
and finally allowed me to cum. I had stronger orgasms 
the way he teased me.

I asked him to lie down while I sucked his cock and I 
had trouble getting him all in my mouth until I sat up 
and worked my head straight down until he was all the 
way in my throat. I could feel the veins along his cock 
hitting the side of my throat as I swallowed him.

He told me he liked to see my tits hanging down when I 
sucked his cock and he tried to reach out and play with 
them while I sucked him. He did manage to put his 
fingers on my nipples as I sucked him.

He was very excited about screwing me and said he 
wanted to mount me from on top so we switched places 
and just before he moved into position to fuck me, I 
sucked on his cock making him nice and wet. 

He licked my tits than began kissing me as he 
positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I felt 
the large head slipping between the lips and he began 
to slide it up and down until he eventually popped 
inside my pussy causing me to stiffen. 

He moaned as he entered me at the same time my body 
stiffened and it must have squeezed his cock because he 
complemented me on how tight I felt.

He kept rocking himself as he slipped into me an inch 
at a time as I pushed my legs back against my chest and 
placed my hands on his ass to pull him inside me. He 
kept pushing until he was all the way in and I felt his 
ball sack touching my ass.

I turned my head enjoying the large black cock inside 
my pussy and got a glimpse of my husband standing along 
the bed playing with his cock. He had opened his zipper 
and was stroking it as he watched me getting screwed.

My black lover whose name was Abu was fucking me with 
steady strokes and moving his hips from each side 
hitting all the right spots. I wrapped my arms around 
his shoulders and held on as he fucked me hard. His 
cock felt so big inside me and he had a great talent in 
the way he moved and paced himself.

Abu was kissing me pushing his tongue inside my mouth 
as I wrapped my legs around his ass disparately trying 
to pull him inside my pussy as deep as I could and hold 
him there.

I could hear my pussy making wet sounds as he continued 
screwing me with his big cock. I was sucking on his 
tongue as I dug my finger nails into his back. I didn't 
realize until later that I had put little marks and 
caused his back to bleed until we finished but he said 
he enjoyed it. It was just like he had dreamed it would 

Abu fucked me bringing me to another orgasm as he 
screwed me with more force knocking the wind out of me 
with each push of his cock. His ball sack kept slapping 
against my ass which added to the excitement for me. 

I could also feel my husband putting his fingers near 
my pussy wiping a small amount of my pussy cream and 
licking it off his fingers. I don't know how he managed 
not to touch Abu's big cock while he did that but it 
didn't matter to me because it was feeling so good.

Abu whispered, "I'm going to shoot my seed. Can I shoot 
it inside your pussy?"

I was trying to catch my breath as Abu kept banging his 
cock into me and frantically tried to reply as my words 
got cut off each time his cock hit the bottom of my 
pussy as I said. "Yes. Please cum inside me . . . I 
want to feel you cum in me."

Abu spoke again, "I worried about a baby."

I quickly replied, "Cum in me... Just fill me with your 

I didn't have to wait any more than a few seconds as 
Abu began to moan and let out a loud grunt as he shot 
his thick load deep inside my pussy. I could feel the 
hot cum as it hit the wall of my pussy at least three 

My legs were locked tightly around his ass while he 
finished shooting me full of his black baby seed.

Abu slowed down until he lay on top of me perfectly 
still for a few seconds and finally slipped out of me 
with a popping sound. I could feel his cum inside me 
starting to drip out but I tried to hold as much inside 
that I could because my husband loves eating cream pie.

Abu lay on the pillow next to me and I motioned for my 
husband to join us. He sat down next to me and we 
kissed as Abu touched my tits and I played with his 
cock. My husband took his hand and dipped his finger 
into my pussy and got some cum on his finger and licked 
it off.

I continued to play with Abu's cock rubbing it until he 
was solid again as he touched my tits and pinched my 
nipples getting them hard as well.

I told my husband to take his clothes off so he could 
join us because I wanted him to eat my pussy clean 
while I sucked on Abu's cock. My husband stripped off 
his clothes and sat back down next to me and both my 
husband and Abu was playing with my tits while I rubbed 
Abu's cock. My husband had his hand on my pussy again 
dipping his finger inside and licking more cum off his 

I finally scooted down and got on my knee's and gave 
Abu's cock a few licks until I began sucking him again 
as my husband moved off the bed and went around behind 
me. I felt my husband put his hand on my ass than I 
felt his hair on my ass and the next thing I felt was 
his nose pushing between the crack of my ass so he 
could stick his tongue in my pussy.

He was moving around until he was able to get his 
entire face under my pussy and put his whole mouth on 
me and began eating Abu's cum that was still dripping 
from my slit. He's tongue felt good and he was licking 
my clit each time he flickered his tongue inside.

This was getting me more excited and I lovingly sucked 
on Abu's cock with even more attention as I though 
about my husband eating Abu's seed from my pussy.

Abu moved his head so he could watch my husband eating 
his cum from my pussy and reached out and play with my 
tits that were swinging down. Once my husband had 
finished, Abu wanted me to ride his cock so I moved 
into position and straddled his legs.

I lifted my ass off Abu and glanced around to see where 
my husband was and motioned for him to come and help 
me. He kissed me and cupped one of my tits and I 
whispered. "Help me insert Abu's cock inside my pussy."

My husband kissed me again and put his hand near my ass 
and took hold of Abu's cock and leaned over and help 
spread my pussy lips as he pointed the big black cock 
at the opening. My husband told me to lower myself down 
an inch and I felt the head pushing into my slit.

My husband pushed on my ass indicating to lower my ass 
even further which I did and Abu's cock popped back 
inside me. I was still wet from his cum and my 
husband's saliva and felt the cock as it continued to 
penetrate me deeper.

Abu took hold of my ass and guided me above his body 
and I leaned forward so he could suck on my tits as he 
began banging my pussy really hard. My husband gave my 
ass a few more licks than walked around in front of me 
and kissed me and cupped one of my tits for Abu to suck 
into his mouth. He never did that before and it was 
getting me excited watching him as he offered my tit to 
my black lover for him to suck.

I was bouncing on Abu's cock causing my titty's to 
swing back and forth and it made me laugh as I watched 
Abu as he tried to catch one to suck on it.

He screwed me for several minutes until he grunted and 
shot another load of seed deep into my belly. I sat 
straight up as I rotated my ass around his cock until 
he was completely spent and without any notice, Abu 
flipped me over onto my back and started to fuck me 
again without going soft.

My husband walked around and I reached out to play with 
his cock while I got fucked. My husband leaned down and 
gave me an open mouth kiss as Abu kept screwing me. My 
body kept jerking forward each time Abu pushed inside 
me and my husband loves to feel the sensation of a huge 
black man ramming his cock inside me.

Abu seemed to work with my husband as if they had 
planned everything out. Maybe they did and didn't tell 
me but Abu lifted up a few inches so my husband could 
rub the palm of his hand on my belly.

He was trying to see if he could feel the cock being 
pushed inside me and reached down lower and put the tip 
of his finger on my clit and gently rubbed it while Abu 
continued to fuck me.

I was still kissing my husband as I felt his hand on my 
belly and pussy than he moved his had up to cup my 
titty's and gave me one last kiss and told Abu to fuck 
me hard.

Abu screwed me with more force than he did the other 
times and I had one more orgasm before he shot another 
load of hot cum inside my belly.

When he finally relaxed, Abu kissed me and said he was 
going to let my husband enjoy my pussy now. He sat on 
the bed while my husband lifted my legs back and began 
to eat the last load of seed from my well-stretched 

My pussy lips were stretched open and looked puffy and 
swollen. My husband was very gently and it felt so 
soothing as he cleaned up my pussy before I showered.

I kissed and hugged Abu and now I'm trying to hook him 
up to meet my sister next time. I want her to 
experience the talent of this African's tongue and cock 
just like I did that afternoon.

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