Wednesday, 9 October 2013


The sixteen year old girl cuddled against her father 
in the old four-poster bed. The girl was lazily 
stroking her father's wet, slippery penis after a 
passionate session of sex that ended only minutes 

"Tell me the story again, Daddy."

The man chuckled. "How many times do you have to hear 
it, Kelly? By now, I would have thought you would have 
it memorized," he teased.

"Please?"she begged, smiling as she looked up at him.

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl 
who surprised her dad one morning. She was standing 
right outside the bathroom door, waiting to use the 

When her dad opened the door, she saw his penis for 
the first time and she asked him what it was. He told 
her it was his penis and that he used it to pee. The 
little girl pulled her flannel night gown up and over 
her waist and she pulled her cute little panties away 
to look between her legs. Then she asked him why she 
didn't have one. That's when her dad told her that a 
penis is what makes a boy and boy and a vagina is what 
makes a girl a girl. The little girl said "ok," and 
went inside, to the bathroom.

After school that day, the little girl came home and 
after a lot of hemming and hawing she asked her dad if 
she could look at his penis again. But her dad said 
no, that it wasn't nice for a little girl, like her, 
to look at a boy's penis until she was much older.

That ended the matter for that night, but the next 
night she asked the same thing while they were 
watching TV. And she asked the same thing the next 
night and the next night and the nest night until her 
dad finally promised her that if she would stop 
asking, when he gave her a bath that night, he would 
let her see it again.

Well, the little girl was fascinated by his penis and 
the girl soon came to expect her daddy to take his 
clothes off every night when he gave her a bath.

It wasn't long before the girl asked her daddy if she 
could touch his penis and he said no, that touching 
someone's penis wasn't polite. But she was a very 
smart little girl and she asked again and again and 
again until he finally said okay.

So, the daddy took his clothes off one night and while 
they were standing by the bathtub, before she took her 
bath, he told her she could touch it. Well, she just 
put her index finger on the skin and then she giggled.

It was that same night, when the little girl touched 
his penis, that her daddy touched her, too. Before 
that, he used to wash between her legs with a soft 
wash cloth, but this night, he just put a finger 
between her legs, right on her tiny little vagina and 
he touched her.

When she said it tickled, he told her it was supposed 
to and that it was a special daddy tickle.

Well, daddy was lost. On the nights his little girl 
didn't ask is she could touch his penis he reminded 
her to do it. And he never used a soft wash cloth 
between his little girl's legs again.

Well, pretty soon, he asked his little girl to use her 
whole hand to touch his penis and he started to let 
her wash it with warm, slippery, soapy water.

And then, her daddy got really excited because every 
night, when his little girl was in the bath tub, he 
would sit on the side of the tub and with his feet in 
the water. Then daddy would touch the little girl and 
the little girl would wash her daddy's penis.

This went on for a long time until one night daddy and 
the little girl were watching TV together. Daddy asked 
if she wanted to get into mischief together and when 
she said yes, giggling, he said let's take off our 
clothes. The little girl giggled again, but she stood 
up and let her daddy take all her clothes off, 
including her little pink panties. Then daddy stood up 
and took his robe off and then he took his underwear 
off, too.

When they sat back down, daddy lifted the little girl 
and placed her on his lap so she could lie back 
against him. Of course, daddy could feel her smooth 
soft skin against his and daddy's penis got a little 
harder than it normally was.

Pretty soon, they were getting into mischief every 
night and one night, the daddy asked the girl if she 
wanted to see his penis do a trick. When she said she 
did, she giggled. So daddy showed her a new daddy 
tickle. He told her if she tickled the hair between 
his legs, below his penis, on that round sack thing, 
his penis would do the trick. 

Well, the little girl learned really, really fast. She 
tickled her daddy just like he asked her to and when 
is penis started to grow, the little girl laughed and 
laughed. Pretty soon, the little girl was tickling her 
daddy every night after their bath and her daddy 
tickled her between her legs, too.

Another special daddy tickle she liked was when she 
and her daddy would stick their tongues out and touch 
them. She liked doing that a lot. 

And the daddy and the little girl started taking their 
baths together every night and every night they did 
special tickles for each other. 

One night, the little girl asked her daddy if she 
could give him a special tickle before she went to bed 
and he said yes. So while he was standing right next 
to her bed, she tickled his big sack and when her 
daddy's penis started to get bigger, she laughed and 
laughed and laughed.

When the little girl was eight, her daddy told her she 
could take her bath by herself, but she didn't want 
to. She wanted her daddy to take his bath with her.

One night, just before the little girl's ninth 
birthday, her daddy bought some tootsie pop suckers 
and that night, he taught her how to do another 
special daddy tickle by taking the head of his penis 
in her mouth and sucking like she did the tootsie pop. 
She laughed and giggled when she did and after that, 
the little nine year old girl put her daddy's penis 
into her warm little mouth every night. Sometimes he 
didn't even have to ask. She would lay with her head 
on her daddy's lap with the tip of his penis in her 
cute little mouth and her small hand around his penis.

Right after she learned how to take the tip of daddy's 
penis in her mouth, daddy taught her how to rub lotion 
into it by using both hands or by one hand while she 
did the special tickle to his ball sack.

The little girl became scared one night when she was 
putting lotion on his penis and a lot of slippery 
white stuff started coming out of it and shooting up, 
into the air. She was afraid she hurt him, but when he 
told her that it was his penis saying it had enough 
lotion and it was just shooting out of his penis to 
let her know.

He didn't ask her to tickle him like that again but 
about a week later she asked if she could and he let 

When the girl was ten, she asked her daddy what a 
pussy was. And then a couple days later she asked 
about peckers, cocks, cunts and cunnies and he told 
her that they were bad words for the things they 
called his penis and her vagina. The girls at her 
private school talked too much, but there was nothing 
he could do about it even though he wanted to.

At the same time, she and daddy started sleeping in 
the same bed at night. This was nice for both of them 
because they didn't wear any clothes and when her 
friends were going to their own beds, she was getting 
into her daddy's.

Just after the cute little girl turned eleven years 
old she asked her daddy what fucking was and he 
explained that it was a bad word for when someone 
wanted to make a baby. She asked him if she could make 
a baby and she seemed disappointed when he told her 
that it would be a while. When she asked how long it 
would be, he said he didn't know but if she wanted to, 
he could show her how to make a baby and then when she 
was ready, they could have a baby together.

The first time her daddy put his penis in her vagina, 
it hurt pretty much everywhere around her vagina and 
she had to stop. Her daddy respected her wishes. Her 
hymen, right inside her tiny little hairless cunny was 
broken the first time but she had to stop. So, daddy 
started using his finger inside her and that felt 
pretty good. She kind of liked that feeling and about 
a week later, he let her sit on his penis and she did 
all the work.

Compared to her, her daddy was really big and it still 
hurt when she tried to have him inside her vagina, but 
not as much as it did the first time her daddy tried 
and after many, many tries, she could move down on her 
daddy's penis until he was way, way inside of her and 
she liked it a lot, even though daddy had two inches 
of his penis that didn't fit inside. She was always on 
top, so when he hit her tiny cervix, she could feel 
it, and she didn't have to try to go down anymore.

One day, when she came home, she told her daddy she 
was bleeding, a little bit, between her legs, but he 
explained that she could have a baby, now, if she 
wanted to and she told him she did.

So, they did and they've been in love with their kids 
and each other ever since."

"I love that story, Daddy," the girl said.

"I know you do. It's true, you know. That's, pretty 
much the way we ended up here."

Through the baby monitor in their room, they both 
heard the soft whimpering from Marguerite, their third 
child in almost as many years.

"I have to feed her," Kelly said.

"I know," her Daddy agreed.


I would love to hear from everyone who reads this 
story. Tell me what you think.

No, I am not Kelly.

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