Friday, 18 October 2013


My name is Karen I work at the Manchester Royal 
Infirmary as a nurse, I am forty years old and have 
one daughter Viv who is married to Phil a chef in a 
local restaurant.

I have been separated from my husband for nearly three 
years and have to work extra shifts to pay the 
mortgage and other bills. I have not had much time to 
meet another partner and tried a singles club twice 
without success. I still have needs and bought myself 
a Rabbit and after adjusting it to suit my wants I can 
give myself an orgasm whenever I feel the need.

I was just finishing my shift at 2 pm when I received 
the call that everyone dreads.

I was told to come down to the emergency room where by 
my son in law had suffered an accident.

I told my doctors that I had to go and ran down the 
stairs to the A&E unit.

I found out that Phil had burnt the skin on the palms 
of both hands and suffered a small scald to his chest.

Going into the cubical to see him he explained that 
Viv had flown up to Aberdeen that morning and would 
not be back till that evening at about nine.

I looked at him in his gown he had a sterile dressing 
on his chest and both his hands were totally bandaged, 
I asked the nurse how bad they were and she reassured 
me that they were not so bad as they looked and should 
be better within the week. I collected some new 
dressings and Phil's clothes which were in a plastic 
bag and asked a porter to bring him to the door in 
five minutes giving me time to get my car to the front 
of the hospital.

Soon I had got him to his house and I had to open the 
door he could not hold anything with his bandaged 
hands, I told him to go up to lie down and I would 
bring him a cup of tea.

A minute later he called me to come upstairs, "Karen 
I'm sorry I need to have a pee but I need some help" 
heheld up his bandaged hands.

"Oh, yes I suppose you do" I stammered, "Don't worry I 
am a nurse, I will help you."

I stood behind him at the toilet I reached inside his 
gown expecting to find his shorts but instantly came 
in contact with his warm hairy penis. With one hand I 
lifted his gown and pointed him at bowl, I glanced 
over his shoulder to make sure he was hitting the bowl 
as he relieved himself. When the flow stopped I acted 
naturally and shook him a couple of times I quickly 
let go of him as I was sure I felt him start to 

I went down stairs and made the tea I dismissed my 
ideas as being stupid and took the tea up to him, he 
was laying on the bed propped up on two pillows, he 
was covered with a sheet and I could not take my eyes 
off the tent that he was causing in the fabric of the 

"I'm sorry I always get stiff when I lay like this," 
he apologised.

I helped him with the tea "What time will Viv be back 
I asked him, do you want me to call her?"

"No its better she finds out when she gets back, her 
plane lands at about half past eight if its on time."

I looked back at his erection and tried to estimate 
his length it looked long to my limited knowledge. "I 
will find something to do whilst I wait for Viv to get 
back, call me if you need anything."

I went downstairs feeling a little strange and washed 
up the plates by the sink I generally tidied the 
kitchen, looking in the laundry room I found the 
clothes bin full and decided to pass some time by 
doing their laundry.

Phil got his work clothes laundered at work so there 
was mainly Viv's clothes, a couple of pairs of jeans, 
her blouses and tops and lots of undies.

As I sorted through the clothes I dropped the undies 
into one pile and the whites into another separate 
from the dark clothes.

As I picked up a pair of Viv's panties the gusset felt 
stiff almost hard, I picked up another pair it was the 
same, I don't know why but I felt each pair they were 
all the same, when I picked up the pink pair that had 
been at the top of the hamper the crotch was wet and 
sticky, I ran my finger across the satin material and 
felt the slippery contents, I brought my finger to my 
nose and inhaled it was musky the smell of a woman but 
also the smell of a man's cum. then and I don't know 
why I popped my finger into my mouth and savoured 
their combined juices.

Quickly I loaded the machine with the white clothes 
and set them on a quick wash.

I filled the sink with hot water and set about washing 
the undies by hand. Soon the stiff gussets softened 
and I carefully washed each garment, I had a last 
sniff and the pink pair before I plunged them into the 

The whites were done and I spun the water out of the 
clean undies and put the dark clothes in to wash.

As I pegged out the clothes I had washed my mind 
wandered to the my daughters knickers, judging from 
their condition she must be getting plenty of sex, and 
she must have had it this morning if her pink ones 
were anything to go by.

I called up to Phil, "Do you need anything?"

His reply was unexpected, "I need to pee again, Nurse. 
I drank a lot of water in the kitchen and now it needs 
to come out."

My mind flew to his erection, the undies and I was 
more embarrassed than him as I climbed the stairs to 
find him stood in front of the bowl. With his bandaged 
hand he was holding up his gown and thankfully I could 
see that he was soft. I lifted the lid on the bowl and 
held him with two fingers as he streamed into the 
bowl. This time I stood at his side and judged him to 
be about six inches, as his flow diminished I shook 
him again but I don't know why I slid my fingers back 
and forward as I shook the last drops of him.

"Oh thank you Nurse," he laughed I kept hold of him as 
his erection grew in my hand.

I was stunned by our actions I let go of his pulsing 
hard cock as though it was red hot metal.

I ran back down stairs and stood in the kitchen 
shaking. What had I done? I heard him go back to bed.

I fussed about with the washing even getting the 
whites and undies ironed I looked at my watch it was 
nearly 5 pm I was about to take the clean clothes 
upstairs when Phil called me. 

I took the clothes up with me and as I entered the 
bedroom my surprise caused me to drop the clothes on 
the floor.

Phil was laid on his back his gown had ridden up 
exposing his lower regions, in the centre of a mass of 
black hair were his large balls and at least nine 
inches of steel hard cock. I just stared at his 
hardness and said nothing.

"I need some help with this Nurse, I need to pee but 
you can see my problem."

To this day I do not know why I didn't run, but I 
reached out my hand and took hold of his thick cock 
and started to pump it furiously. 

"Oh Nurse that is fantastic," he groaned.

I swapped hands and cradled his heavy balls with my 
now tired hand, then as my left hand tired I changed 
back and twisted my hand round his cock as I pumped 

He never said anything and the first spurt of his cum 
took me by surprise, it went straight up into the air, 
some of it landing on my uniform, his second spurt 
went on my hair and dribbled down the front of my 
uniform top. 

Not wanting to soil any more of my clothes I lowered 
my head and took him into my mouth and swallowed and 
he continued to shoot his cum into my throat.

Swirling my tongue round the head of his cock I 
cleaned him off.

I looked at myself in the mirror and went to the 
bathroom. I cleaned the stains of my uniform, you 
could hardly see them when I had finished, I rinsed 
out my hair and dried it off.

Back in the bedroom I picked up their clothes and put 
them away in the drawers. I noticed in Viv's knicker 
drawer she had a small collection of vibrators hidden 
under her panties.

"Are you ready to go to the bathroom?" I asked as I 
turned round to look at him I did not need an answer 
as he was just as hard and looked even bigger than 

Phil just grinned at me and flexed his muscles, his 
cock moved towards his chest and back again, he did 
not answer my question.

I looked at him I wanted to have him inside me soon 
but I did not know what to do he may not want the same 
thing as I needed, I faced him and started to remove 
my nurses uniform.

"No please, keep your uniform on," he pleaded.

I reached down and pulled down my tights and sopping 
panties I was practically dripping pussy juice I was 
that wet.

Without saying any more I squatted on the bed and with 
one hand I guided him into my pussy I lowered myself 
down a little as I felt the bulbous head stretch my 
pussy wide open, I had never had anything this big in 
me before, as I became used to the intrusion I lowered 
myself more and could not help moaning as it stretched 
me further, As I gently lowered myself again Phil 
thrust up and impaled me his balls were touching my 
bottom I could not help myself from grinding my clit 
against his pubic bone.

I was glad that I went regularly to the hospital gym I 
could easily do knee push-ups and as I dropped down 
Phil would thrust up. 

I let out a yelp of pleasure Phil had already 
penetrated to a depth where I was a virgin, and his 
thickness was spreading the walls of my pussy, 
exposing nerve endings I never knew I had. 

"Phil I am cumming!!" I screamed as I had my first man 
induced orgasm for more than two years.

Phil thrust up while my pussy muscles clutched again 
and again against the upper part of his cock. When my 
orgasm subsided Phil withdrew a couple of inches and 
then thrust again, and again, and again, until I felt 
that all of his huge cock was inside me. I was in 
ecstasy I came yet again. "Phil fuck me! Fuck me hard! 
I've wanted this for so long," I moaned, I moaned, 
continuously, sometimes not even sensibly as he began 
to move his cock in and out, slowly at first but in a 
gradually accelerating rhythm. Again and again I came! 
I lost count of the number of times.

"Oh yes," I moaned. "I didn't think you could go any 
deeper, but you are."

They had been fucking for 20 minutes when his orgasm 
hit him, It was even stronger than when it was in my 
mouth, I felt his cock swell as the hot spurts of 
potent sperm splashed against the top of my pussy 
flooding into my unprotected womb 

This gave me another orgasm, more fierce than I could 
have imagined.

I felt his cock go limp and as it popped out of my 
pussy I could feel the large quantity of his cum 
coming out with it. 

"Oh we have leaked all over you bed," I worried. 
"What'll Viv say? We must change the sheets, 

Just then I heard my daughter's car pull up outside, 
quickly I pulled on my panties and tights and told 
Phil to lie over the stain.

You could smell the sex in the air but I hoped Viv 
would not notice.

I met my daughter as I came down the stairs.

She looked tired from the flight.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. I calmed her 
down as I told her what had happened and her husband 
was up stairs but he would be OK in a week.

As she started to go up to him she looked me in the 
eye and said, "You look different, you're all a glow, 
you look like you have just had a fantastic sex 
session with many orgasms."

I just blushed a deeper red as she added "Did he ask 
you to keep your uniform on, he has been fantasizing 
about fucking you in your uniform for months. From 
your glow I think he just put his longings into 

I was about to leave when Viv called me to go 
upstairs, I looked into their bedroom Viv was 
squatting on his hard cock and bouncing up and down. 
"Mom, we'd like you to come back tomorrow afternoon 
when you finish your shift in case he needs any help 
with anything, oh and Mum you better get the morning 
after pill, in fact you better get a few."

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