Thursday, 31 October 2013


Jennifer Smith couldn't wait to get home. The assistant 
sales-director got a phone call from her husband Tim 
during the day and she'd been feeling giddy ever since. 
It was a long working day, but Tim's phone call really 
made her feel better. She loved her husband very much, 
but in the last couple of years they've had their 

Without either of them knowing it, they were both 
feeling dissatisfied with their sex-life, until at one 
point they had an argument which almost prompted a 
break-up, and they found out they had both been having 
the same problem. But ever since that moment they had 
been happy as can be, giving each other exactly what 
they unknowingly to their spouse had been craving all 

Taking their sexual frustration out on each other, in 
the most positive ways. They had two kids, a 19 year 
old son and a 21 year old daughter. Both of them had 
been out of the house recently, so with no one but each 
other around, they had to admit their marriage 
troubles, but thankfully it had worked out great. They 
were again having sex as if they just got married.

Their marriage seemed renewed and they started telling 
each other a number of their sexual fantasies, 
something which they didn't even do in the beginning, 
when the sex itself was enough. As if they were getting 
to know each other all over again, they had been 
experimenting. And whereas they both became 
workaholics, now they both couldn't wait to get home 

So when Jennifer got a call from her husband at 2:32 
pm, he told her he had a major surprise for her when 
she got home, something she would never believe was 
possible. He had let her on that it was something 
sexual, and this prompted Jennifer to start thinking 
about all the things she had been telling Tim lately, 
all the fantasies she'd had. 

All of them pretty wild and the kind of things that 
were not really doable. Did Tim manage to get something 
worked out to fulfill one of these fantasies? The 
thought of what it could be had Jennifer creaming in 
her panties. She tried controlling herself as she was 
wearing a skirt and the odors of hot, wet cunt would 
not exactly go unnoticed. At least it was already 
getting late in the afternoon and Jennifer managed to 
confine herself to her office pretending to be really 
busy and telling her co-workers she couldn't be 

God, she had to open a window, as the fragrance of her 
pussy was filling the office and aside from that, she 
felt the panties were soaked and she could feel the 
moistness of the material against her butt cheeks that 
were squashed flat under her weight as she sat on her 

Having managed to hold out until 4:45 pm, she finished 
up in the office and got out. She wished everybody she 
came across a good day as she hurried to the exit, 
worried some of them might pick up the scent of a horny 

She got in her car in the parking garage and drove 

Having finally come home, she closed the front door 
behind her and called out.

"Tim? Are you here?"

A voice from above answered.

"I'll be right down, Jenny."

With a move unbecoming a lady, Jennifer reached under 
her skirt and pulled the wet panties from her crotch 
and out of the crack of her ass. Whatever it was that 
Tim wanted to surprise her with, it better be soon as 
she wanted out of these nasty clothes and she really 
needed to be pounded hard. She'd been gushing for hours 
now and it had been more than enough.

Tim came walking down the stairs with a grin on his 
face. He was so glad things were better between him and 
his wife. He looked her over as she was standing in the 
hallway and realized he would have been an idiot of 
humongous proportions had he let her walk out of their 

Her perfectly shaped body, despite being 39 years old, 
dressed in a business-woman's outfit. A Grey jacket 
with white blouse, a grey skirt, wearing light brown 
stockings underneath and black heels. Her brown hair in 
a knot with a few long strands hanging loose along her 
temples in front of her ears. And wearing those 
librarian type glasses. She was noticeably shifting on 
her feet.

"Hi baby. How was work?"

"Oh fuck work, Tim. Tell me. What's my surprise?" 
Jennifer semi-demanded impatiently, again thinking 
quickly what it could be.

Could it be the food games, could it be he asked two of 
his black friends to give his wife a good hard fucking, 
or maybe he planned on filming her as she masturbated 
and posting it on some internet site. What else could 
it be, some of those other fantasies were pretty much 

"Patience, patience, my dear," Tim said. "First I want 
you to do something for me."

"What is it?" Jennifer asked. 

"Before I show you your surprise, I want you to put 
this on."

Tim reached inside his pockets and pulled out a black 
piece of cloth.

"I want you to be blindfolded so the surprise will be 
saved until the very last moment."

"Oh come on, Tim. Don't do this to me."

"Sorry babe. No blindfold no surprise. I don't want you 
finding out what it is when you can still back out. I 
took a big chance getting this thing done for you and I 
want you to commit yourself. After all, you told me one 
night about this particular fantasy and I managed to 
make it a reality. I can't have you seeing what it is 
before hand and whimping out on me. So you'll have to 
put these on and do exactly as I say."

Jennifer begrudgingly agreed, knowing Tim would never 
do anything to hurt her in any way, so she put the 
blindfold on.

"What now?" Jennifer asked as she stood blinded in the 

"Now you come upstairs with me and we'll take it from 

Tim took her by the hand and guided his wife up the 
stairs and into their bedroom.

"Okay baby, we're here. Remember you have to do exactly 
as I tell you or it won't work. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," Jennifer said with short breath, 
not knowing what or who was in the room with them. She 
had never been so self-aware yet aroused at the same 
time. She was pretty sure that if there were someone in 
the room with them, he, she or they would be able to 
smell her secretions. And that thought alone made her 
"secrete" even more profusely.

"Honey," Tim said as he stood somewhere a few yards 
away, "why don't you slowly take of your jacket and 

Without speaking, Jennifer unbuttoned her grey jacket 
until it came loose and she took them off, letting them 
drop. She now stood in her blouse. Her breasts seemed 
larger than life while her chest was heaving and her 
heart was pounding. No bra could hide the stiffness of 
her nipples right now, and it couldn't. Jennifer 
grabbed her blouse in her fingers, and slowly and 
carefully pulled it out of her skirt. She then slowly 
unbuttoned the blouse from bottom to top as nothing 
could be heard in the room but her heavy breathing. 

The last button was undone and the clothing hung loose. 
The midsection of her white bra was visible as well as 
the tasty cleavage it caused.

"Mmmm...That's great, hun," Tim spoke. "Just take the 
blouse of so I can see your beautiful tits while you're 
still wearing your bra."

Jennifer slid off her blouse and let it drop as the 
jacket before it.

She now stood with her skirt, her stockings, her 
panties, her heels and her bra. Nipples almost bursting 
through the material.

"By God, just look at those magnificent tits," Jennifer 
heard Tim say. Was he talking to himself, or to someone 

"They look so goddamn succulent. So supple. Nipples 
like pacifiers."

It was silent for just a moment, and then Tim spoke to 
her again.

"Baby, Why don't you take off that skirt, and kick off 
those heels while you're at it. No reason to be 
uncomfortable now."

Jennifer stepped out of her heels one by one, shoved 
them out of the way with her stocking-clad feet and 
then undid her skirt slowly. Her panties were so 
drenched by now they felt like a second, sticky, moist 

And then the skirt dropped at her feet. She knew now 
that if there was a person or persons present beside 
her husband, they could now see her in her lingerie. 
She was now standing blindfolded, in her bra, her 
soaking panties, a garter belt, and a pair of nylons. 
No doubt the panties were so wet they must be almost 
see-through, clinging to her crotch, the slit must be 
pretty much outlined by the wet material. 

The mere thought of being exposed like this to a 
possible third person, a stranger, was having an even 
more arousing effect on her. If there was somebody, 
that somebody could not only smell her sex, but see her 
so intimately, and even more intimately in a few 

"Just look at that," Jennifer heard her husband say.

"Look at that body. Those tits, those legs, just look 
at that crotch. Those panties are so wet you can 
clearly see her pubic lips, those fat lips. 

Turn around, honey. Let me see your ass, your panty-
clad ass."

Jennifer turned around slowly, still not knowing what 
the hell was going to happen. 

"What a fucking hot ass, babe. The way those moist 
panties are clinging to your succulent ass cheeks. The 
way that material is partially pulled up in the crack 
of your ass. Those panties, when you take them off, 
would be a delicacy in themselves."

"Take off your bra now, honey. Let me see those 
gorgeous tits of yours. Those hard, fat fucking 

Driven to greater lust by her husbands dirty language, 
Jennifer unclasped her bra, and dropped it, and felt 
her full breasts fall free, jiggling as they hung loose 
in their natural position, her nipples feeling as if 
they would pop off and shoot away.

She decided to become a little pro-active, and 

"Is that alright, baby? Can you get a good look at my 
hot tits now, hun? Do you see how hard and stiff my 
nipples are for you?"

"Oh fuck yes, baby. I can see alright. Just seeing them 
almost makes me go blind."

"You know, Jenny baby. Only one more to go. You know 
what, don't you?"

"Yes, I do," Jennifer groaned, trembling on her feet, 
waiting in anticipation for the revelation of her 
surprise. "My panties."

"You're right, Jenny. Your panties. Your dripping wet 
panties. Take them off, honey. Peel them off your 
sticky pussy and show me your cunt. Show me what smells 
so good, baby. Drag that sodden thing down your legs 
and show me that nice juicy beaver."

"You want me to show it to you, baby?" Jennifer 
responded. "You want me to get rid of these wet panties 
and show you my cunt? I can't wait to show it to you."

Jennifer inserted her thumbs into the sides of the 
waistband, and slowly pushed it down her hips. The 
crotch stuck to hers until the very last minute, until 
they finally let loose and the weight of the drenched 
things made it fall down quicker than it normally 
would. She stepped out of them and now stood completely 
naked -bar the stockings- in front of her husband, and 
who else might be there. Her perfectly shaped tits hung 
with their nipples pointing straight forward. And her 
fur-covered snatch, odorous, and tasty looking, was 
drooling along her inner thighs.

"Just look at that fucking cunt," Tim spoke. "That 
juicy, dripping pussy. It looks so tasty, so eatable, 
so succulent. It looks like you could just dive in and 
suck for hours and still there would be plenty left."

"Okay, Jenny. I think its time. I think you can take 
your blindfold off now and see your surprise. I hope 
you like it as much as I think you do. You sure told me 
that time how much you wanted it. Take off that 
blindfold and see what it is."

Jennifer took of the blindfold, and the light were 
taking away her sight momentarily. She pinched her 
eyes, making them adjust until she could see normally 

Then she found her surprise.

There was a guy lying on her bed, and it was not her 
husband. The guy was stark naked, and he was lying on 
the bed in the kind of pose that Jennifer had confessed 
to her husband was the one that turned her on the most. 

The naked man was lying back, leaning on his elbows, 
his legs spread wide.

His balls hung low in the hairy sack, hanging down 
between his thighs. His thick, powerful looking cock 
sticking straight up, its purple crown looking wide and 
fierce and glowing with pre-cum in the light. A full, 
thick bush of pubic hair at the base, hair that was 
growing abundantly. 

Jennifer looked up at his face as in some kind of 
distant reality she felt little streams of her juices 
rolling down her inner thighs. The naked man had a grin 
on his face.

And then the naked man spoke: "Hi mom."

Chapter 2 

"Remember that night that you confessed to me you had 
those fantasies about Mark? Well, honey, here is your 
surprise. You wanted your son, and I'm giving him to 

Tim's words registered in Jennifer's brain, but they 
seemed to come from a distance. It all seemed hazy. She 
had indeed confessed her incestuous desires to Tim one 
night, and it had turned him on immensely and they 
fucked like rabbits for the rest of the night.

But of all the fantasies she had, this surely had to be 
the one she expected least to ever happen. After all, 
what are the odds of a woman having sexual desires for 
her son, AND her husband respecting that, AND her son 
being willing, all at once.

Yet here he was, her son. Lying on her marriage bed, 
completely naked lying in a position he had to be in 
because her husband told him it made her mouth water. 
Conflicting thoughts were going through Jennifer's 
mind. He was her son, this wasn't supposed to happen, 
at least not out of fantasy; She should get dressed; 
She should feel ashamed; This was all just a dream.

Yet Jennifer's perverted alter ego dismissed it all. 
She knew it was her son lying on her bed, yet that was 
exactly the reason why she didn't want to get dressed, 
and instead of feeling ashamed she felt pure lust. Her 
juices were running down her thighs even more profusely 
than before, realizing she was standing naked in front 
of her son, delectable and pungent. She knew her own 
son could smell her cunt and she loved that fact. 

She knew he could look at her twat, see her matted bush 
and the pink slit in between, and she loved that fact. 
She was going to be an incestuous mother and fuck the 
shit out of her own son and she loved that fact. Her 
own husband was going to be present and would like it, 
and she loved that fact. Finally, Jennifer could be 
everything she really wanted to be. The kind of freak 
she was all along.

"Well, honey. Whatever it is that you feel like doing; 
go right ahead. After admitting your fantasy about Mark 
to me I told you how much it would turn me on to just 
watch you, so that's what I'm gonna do for the time 

Again Jennifer heard what Tim said, but almost as if in 
a dream. She would thank him for his surprise later.

Jennifer looked at her son's cock. It had to be at 
least 8 inches. And it was thicker than her husband's 
cock. She made her eyes wander from top to bottom, her 
gaze going over the shiny purple head, drops of clear 
fluid running out the little piss-slit, then her gaze 
went down, down along his shaft, the shaft with a 
number of veins running through it. Then lower still, 
she gazed at his nutsack. Two egg sized balls hung low 
between his legs, the weight of them making the sack 
hang almost in front of his asshole. A black forest of 
hair obscuring the rest of his crack. 

Jennifer's mouth had begun to water, and without even 
noticing it, her hands were leading their own lives. 
One hand was squeezing one of her tits, and rolling a 
stiff nipple between thumb and forefinger, another hand 
had disappeared between her legs, its fingers rubbing 
into the pink slit. Rubbing up and down, rubbing the 
sticky juices into her entire crotch, showing the 
delectable pink gash to her son as her fingers rubbed 
upward and the fingertips strummed her clit.

Aside from mouth-watering and playing her body with her 
hands, Jennifer was also groaning, a low rumble coming 
from the pit of her throat. Her hips were swaying as 
she kept ogling the powercock belonging to her own 
flesh and blood as her husband had silently settled 
himself into a chair, watching his wife, wondering what 
she would do first.

Mark was still grinning as his mother seemed to be in a 
world of her own, playing with her body as she stared 
at his cock as if hypnotized. He then threw oil on the 
fire by grabbing his cock in a hand and squeezing it, 
making the purple head bulge and a stream of pre-cum 
ooze from his piss-slit, coating the top of his index 

Slowly he pumped up and down, making his balls jiggle 
and dance between his thighs, his foreskin playing 
peek-a-boo with the head of his cock. Jennifer's 
fingers were now noisily and sloppily digging in and 
out of her leaking snatch. The rubbing fingers making 
the pubic hairs that were still relatively dry rustle, 
but making slurping and squishing sounds as they 
invaded her pussy hole. 

"My son," Jennifer whispered dreamily. "My son is on my 
bed waiting for ME. And that cock...that gorgeous, big 
fucking cock is his."

"That's right, mom," Mark told his fingering mother. 
"I'm waiting for you with this cock. It's yours to do 
with as you please whenever you want it. Come take your 
son, mom. Come to your own flesh and blood and do 
whatever you want."

Like a prowling leopard, Jennifer bent over and crawled 
onto the bed, crawling over her son's legs until her 
face was close enough to his cock to smell his musk. 
She momentarily looked up, looking over the rim of her 
glasses into her son's eyes. The look she exchanged 
with Mark was a mixed one. 

A look that betrayed not only the lust they were 
feeling for each other, but also the fact that both of 
them were aware that they were mother and son, and that 
that was precisely what caused this lust in the first 
place. The acts they were about to perform were between 
a mother and her son, and that's what was going to make 
it so hot for them. 

Mark took his sticky hand away, leaving his cock shaft 
smeared with his pre-cum. Without much pause Jennifer 
then replaced his hand with hers. Her small, warm hand 
grabbed the shaft, feeling the stickiness. She felt the 
warmth of it, the power of it in the palm of her hand. 
She then pointed it toward her face, and settled her 
nose against the moist, sticky head of it. Then she 
inhaled powerfully, smelling the odor of her son's cock 
in her very soul. 

She took it from her nose again, making and breaking 
small strands of pre-cum that connected his purple 
crown with the tip of her nose. Jennifer panted and so 
did Mark, as she then slowly moved her hand up and down 
in wonder, looking the tool in her hand over, watching 
it's actions and movements from the tip to his balls as 
she slowly jerked him. Watching the balls dance up and 
down. Watching the piss slit open slightly and closing 
with each pump, making clear fluids ooze out and 
coating her index finger.

Feeling the skin of his shaft move up and down over his 

She let go for a moment and looked at the juices on her 
index finger. His pre-cum.

She then looked her son straight in the eye as she 
stuck out her tongue and dragged it along her finger 
with a passionately grimacing face, savoring its taste.

"So good," she slithered.

She then took hold of the cock again and never letting 
go of her gaze into his eyes, started circling her 
tongue around the head of his cock, lapping up his pre-
cum as it oozed out of his piss hole each time she 
squeezed his shaft.

Mark felt his mother's tongue go around and over his 
sensitive cock-tip as she pumped him, and the tongue-
lashing was driving him nuts. Her tongue was tickling 
him at the same time it was almost hurting him with 
pleasure. And all the while his thoughts kept repeating 
the same thing over and over again:

"My mother's tongue is licking my cock. My mother's 
tongue is licking my cock."

Being a true mother, she and her boy thought a lot 
alike, as she too was repeating the same phrase in her 
mind: "I'm licking my own son's cock. I'm licking my 
own son's cock."

Mother and son were reveling in the incestuous deed 
with ultimate abandon, as Jennifer licked stream after 
stream of pre-cum from Mark's purple head and at the 
same time pumping his dick with a tight grip. She 
enjoyed his smell as she dipped the tip of her tongue 
into his piss slit as deep as it would go, mini-fucking 
his piss slit with the tip of her tongue, using it to 
spoon out more of her son's tasty dick liquids.

In the corner, Tim was sitting in a chair, his pants 
around his ankles, jerking his cock as he watched his 
wife enjoying their son.

Chapter 3 

As Jennifer's tongue circled and slithered around the 
head of her son's cock, she kept eye contact with him, 
connecting with her offspring in a place forbidden, a 
place where the minds of mother and son meet, not in 
the form of mother-son love, but in the form of pure, 
depraved, incestuous lust. A place where the boundaries 
of family vaporize, where the walls of taboo are broken 
down by a mother who wants nothing more than to fuck 
her own son and a son who wants to fuck his own mother. 
A place where even her husband and his father, Tim 
couldn't get to.

Jennifer drew back her tongue inside her mouth, 
gathered a tongue-full of foamy saliva, and then licked 
around the head of her son's cock again. The warm spit 
covered the purple head and ran in warm, sticky 
cascades down his shaft, until it gathered on the top 
of her hand. She then used it to smear her son's entire 
cock with her drool, using it as lubrication as she 
continued pumping Mark as she kept licking and tasting 
his crown.

Jennifer drew back her head slowly, with the only thing 
connecting her tongue with the head of her son's cock 
being a thick, white string of spit and pre-cum. Mark 
looked at it and his cock twitched in his mother's 

"Oh Christ mom," he groaned as his eyes rolled up and 
he laid his head down.

"Mmmm... You like that, don't you baby? You like it 
when mommy spits and drools all over your nice hard 
cock while she jerks you off?" Jennifer lisped.

"I love it, mom. Your mouth feels so good on my dick. 
So wet and hot. You've got a wet and hot sucking mouth 
and I love it on my cock."

"I know you do, Mark. How would you like it if I shove 
that nice, big juicy cock in my mouth and suck you 
'till you cum? Would you like that, SON?"

Jennifer put emphasis on that last word for extra 
effect as she tried sexing him up with not only her 
hand and mouth, but with her words as well.

"I would fucking love it, mom. I would love it if you 
would stick my cock in your mouth and suck me. Please 
suck my cock, mom. Suck me until I cum in your dirty 

"Mmmmm... I love it when you talk like that baby. It 
makes your mom feel really dirty, just how she likes to 
feel right now. Tell me more. Look right into my eyes 
and talk dirty to me, honey," Jennifer oozed as her 
sticky hand made squishy sounds pumping her son's hard 

"Oh mom. I want you to be a dirty slut for your son and 
stick my cock in your mouth. Shove my meat in your 
mouth and suck off your own son. Cover my dick in your 
saliva, mom. Jerk me off and suck my cock until I 
squirt your dirty mouth full of my jizz, and then you 
can drink your son's cum like a real slut mother. Suck 
me until I empty my balls down your throat."

"I'll do it, baby. I'm gonna suck you and make you 
empty your balls in my mouth and then I'll drink it all 
down. Just like a good slut mother is supposed to do 
for her son."

Jennifer shoved her son's cock into her mouth like a 
woman starved, and after moving her hand down to 
squeeze around the base, making his cock seem even 
harder and larger, she started bobbing her head up and 
down his dick like a chicken crazed on caffeine. Loud 
slurping noises filled the room as she had her red lips 
tightly wrapped around his shaft and forced her mouth 
up and down, taking him to her throat and back until 
her lips were just around the ridge of the cock head. 

As she slurped and sucked, she then also twisted her 
head from left to right, continuously corkscrewing her 
mouth over Mark's cock. Mark drew his knees apart and 
further up, floundering on the bed under the 
administrations of his mother's heated, sucking, 
slurping mouth. Jennifer used the opportunity to 
reached her other hand underneath his buttocks and rub 
her thumb over his anus. Shiny with bubbling spit, 
Mark's cock disappeared over and over again into the 
hot, wet cavity of his mother's mouth, plunging against 
her throat, coating her palate and tongue with his pre-

In between she took her mouth off his cock, planted her 
lower lip underneath the ridge of the head, dug her 
upper lip in the small ridge of his piss hole and 
sucked tightly on half of his crown as her tongue 
fluttered against the purple head on the side. Then she 
resumed the rough, wet and loud pistoning of her mouth 
over his cock. Mark grabbed his mother's head with both 
hands, digging the tips of his fingers into the bun of 
brown hair on the back of her head. He loved the noises 
and feeling of her mouth and his dick and the feel of 
her thumb massaging his asshole. 

The experience made him wild and he felt his cum 
leaving his balls in surges.

"Mom, I'm going to cum. I can't hold back any longer. I 
have to shoot."

"Hmmm... Hmmm..." Jennifer moaned around the hardening 
dick, letting her son know she was ready for it. 

As if stuck with a knife, Mark screamed out. His mother 
had stuck her thumb all the way up his ass in one 
plunge and Jennifer opened her mouth and stuck out her 
tongue as far as possible as she jerked her son to 
orgasm. She fingered his butt and pumped his cock as 
long ropes of white cum blasted into her mouth and 
across her tongue. Cumming as he'd never come before, 
he offloaded the juice from his balls into his mother's 
mouth. His own mother's mouth. No matter how many times 
he told himself, it still seemed a dream.

Jennifer on the other hand, even though she felt as if 
dreaming, reveled in feeling her son's spunk splashing 
against her tongue, and feeling it blast with power 
against the roof of her mouth. She would never have 
imagined she would be taking her own son's jizz into 
her mouth and having her thumb up his butt. She was 
going to have to thank her husband later by giving him 
the fuck of all fucks later tonight. 

But for now, she wanted to experience all of this. 
Tasting her son's cum, and feeling it slide down her 

After Mark had shot all of his cock juice into his 
mother's mouth, Jennifer gathered it inside her mouth, 
made it splash around inside and after enjoying the 
taste of his spunk, let the sticky juices slide down 
her throat. 

"Mmm... Your cum tastes so fucking good baby," Jennifer 
told her son, after which she licked his softening cock 
clean, licking her sticky fingers clean and finally 
pulling her thumb from his ass.

As Mark puffed, Jennifer looked her son over. Laying 
flat on his back, his legs spread out, his reddish cock 
still relatively large, but soft laying on top of his 
nut sack with its empty balls. 

"I'm sorry mom," Mark said surprisingly in between 

"Why are you sorry, Mark?"

"That I came so soon. I couldn't help it. You sucked me 
so good. And the fact that you're my mother and I'd 
always fantasized about fucking you, I just couldn't 
hold out."

"Well, Mark, just because you emptied your balls 
doesn't mean we're done by a long shot. As a matter of 
fact, I pretty sure you still have an appetite and 
that's good for me."

Mark got up a bit, leaning on his elbows. "What do you 

Jennifer moved her body around, so she was lying on her 
back. She spread her stocking clad legs wide and up, 
bent at the knees. She reached her arms down, making 
the tits squash against each other and the nipples 
bulge. Her hands down, her fingers moved through her 
thick brown bush, until with the tips of her fingers, 
she spread her labia wide open, and she showed a tasty 
looking, pink, juicy gash to her son. And underneath 
her wrinkled, brown asshole was twitching.

"I know what your cock tastes like and you came in my 
mouth," Jennifer told her son with a smile on her face 
and she rubbed her fingers up and down her crotch.

"Now its time for you to know what mommy's cunt tastes 
like and for me to cum in your mouth."

"That's why I told you your appetite is good for me, 
baby. Come over her and eat me out."

"Come and eat mommy's cunt, baby."

Chapter 4 

Mark's balls may have been drained for now, but they 
were already stirring as he looked at his mother lying 
on the bed. She was looking right at him with her brown 
eyes through those librarian's glasses. That mousy look 
gave her natural good looks something wildly erotic to 
him, aside from her body and position of course. 
Jennifer, mousy or not, was lying on the bed looking 
like a wanton slut, just the way she wanted to be, and 
with the people she wanted to be a slut with. Her son 
was waiting for her, and her husband was sitting in the 
chair whacking his meat.

The mother of two supported her upper body on her 
elbows, her tits gleaming in the light, and her legs 
were spread and lifted, bent at the knees. Jennifer had 
a perverted "fuck your mother" look on her smiling face 
as she exposed her hairy cunt with its pink, sopping 
wet slit to her own son.

"Don't just look at it, as much as I like it. Come and 
taste it, honey. Stick your tongue in mother's cunt and 
eat me out," Jennifer oozed like an anticipative whore.

Mark smelled his mother's cunt from feet away. No 
surprise there since she'd been funking up the air 
where she went since she received that phone call this 
afternoon. But it was even more pungent now. He moved 
forward, and laid a warm hand on each of his mother's 
inner thighs, pushing them apart even further. 

The movement caused Jennifer's labia to spread 
simultaneously and her pink gash widened itself, 
leaking little streams of mommy cunt juice into the 
crack of her ass, and running over her pucker. The 
little pink clit stick its beautiful head, and the 
pubic hair directly around her slit was matted against 
her skin. It looked so funky and tasty to Mark he could 
no longer control himself.

He was going to taste the forbidden place of his own 

Mark dove forward with his face, buried his face in her 
sticky crotch and rotated it into her dripping wet 
cunt. He wanted his mother's juices everywhere; all 
over his face. Jennifer moaned and giggled at the same 
time as her son made his face wet with her fuck juice. 
He reveled in the smell and the feel of the warm sticky 
wetness on his face and then he licked everywhere. 

The taste of his mother's juices attacked his taste 
buds as his tongue investigated the taste and feel of 
every place of her snatch. The bush of pubic hair, the 
clit, the thick outer lips, the labia, the pink slit, 
even her asshole. He wanted to taste it all and know 
what it felt like under his tongue.

Jennifer curled her toes and bit her lower lip as she 
felt her son's tongue on all her secret, forbidden 
places. Places that any "normal" mother would spend her 
life hiding from her children. She enjoyed it all. She 
enjoyed his hot breath washing over her privates, his 
tongue and lips on her clit, dipping into her slit, and 
even her son's tongue delving momentarily into her ass 
crack. It was so deliciously nasty and depraved and she 
loved every minute of it. 

"Oh shit, baby. You make your mother feel so fucking 
hot. Lick it. Taste it. Lick and taste your mother's 
hot wet cunt."

Mark was tasting it from the moment his tongue had 
touched her crotch. He put his index fingers on her 
labia and spread her cunt wide open, exposing her pink 
gash more with its contracting pussy guts. It looked 
like a rose and Mark teased it with his tongue, then 
started dragging the flat of his tongue through her 
tasty gash, from asshole to clit, over and over again, 
slurping Jennifer's waterfall of cuntal syrup out and 
going back for more.

"Oh Fuck. Jesus Christ. That's it, son. Lick my cunt. 
Lick your mother's hot cunt. Lick my slit, taste my hot 
juices. Make me cum on your hot tongue. Make my pussy 
cum all over your face, baby."

Tim had left his chair and was now on his knees at the 
foot of the bed, where Jennifer's head was resting. He 
was pawing at her fleshy tits and whispered nasty words 
into her ear.

"Do you like my surprise, baby? Do you like that your 
son, our son, is eating you out?"

"Fuck yeah," Jennifer sighed in response. "I fucking 
love it. It's the best surprise you could have ever 
given me. Out of all the things you could have 
surprised me with, you gave me this one. I love it. My 
son is between my legs and eating me out. Tasting my 
juices. Tasting his own mother's cunt. He's so good, 
Tim. His tongue is so good on my fuckslit."

"Put your thighs on his shoulders, baby. Put your 
thighs on his shoulders and hump your cunt in his face. 
Fuck your son's mouth with your twat, baby. Feed him 
your fuck juices."

Jennifer didn't have to be told twice. She put her legs 
over his shoulders and locked them around his upper 
back. Then she started humping her son's face, forcing 
her own drooling pussy tighter against his face, her 
slit tighter against his mouth and tongue. 

Tim from his position enjoyed the view. He saw two 
beautiful tits, and further away he saw a big brown 
bush of pubic hair and his son's face behind it like a 
sun setting from the horizon. His nose buried in his 
mother's triangle of fur. 

"Oh... Oh... Fuck," Jennifer whimpered as she continued 
fucking Mark's face with her loins. 

She humped up at him, lifting her ass from the bed to 
do so, using her legs on his back as a platform. She 
rotated her pelvis, rotating her juicy cunt into Mark's 
face as he dipped his tongue into her opening.

"Oh yes, baby. Stick it in. Stick your tongue in my 
hole. Tongue-fuck me baby. Tongue-fuck your mother's 
cunt. Fuck my cunt with your fucking tongue. Stick it 
in all the way."

Driven on by his mother's increasingly lewd choice of 
words, Mark forced his tongue into her tight, sucking 
pussy opening. Her cunt muscles sucked and pulled on 
his tongue as he drove it deeper and deeper into her 
pussy guts with each thrust. He bobbed his head and 
mashed his mouth between her cunt lips time and again, 
until he couldn't get his tongue inside any further. 
This way he fucked his mother in the cunt for a while 
as she continued humping her crotch at his bobbing 
head. It made for a really hot and somewhat violent 
pussy eating.

As Mark's tongue drew back he drew back strands of 
sticky pussy juices with it, which lowered between the 
two points of his tongue and her cunt like a thread of 
glue and then broke, before Mark thrust his tongue back 
into his mother's snatch again. Within a matter of 
short time chin and neck were a sticky mess as were 
Jennifer's ass cheeks and the mattress underneath. 

Mark then fused his mouth between her lips as hard and 
deep as he could and started slurping and sucking into 
her gash, sucking the fluids right out of her cunt. 
With muffled suction noises he feasted on the odorous 
beaver as Jennifer held her ass in the air and her 
crotched tightly squashed against his face.

"Aaaahhhhhhh," she squealed in passion as she was being 
savagely sucked out.

"My clit, baby. Suck my clit. I want to cum in your 
face. Please, baby. Suck my clit and make me cum in 
your mouth. Make your mother cum in your fucking 

Mark drew his mouth from her slit, his mouth, cheeks 
and chin completely wet with his mother's fragrant 
juices. He looked into her glassed eyes and started 
lapping at her pink clit with the tip of his tongue as 
Jennifer's lower body convulsed with each touch.

"I will, mom," Mark said as he looked her in the eye. 
"I'll suck your clit and I'll keep sucking it until you 
cum in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want 
you to cum harder than you've ever cum, right in my 
face, right in my mouth."

"I will. I will. Just do it, baby. Just take my clit in 
your mouth and suck it."

Mark laid his lips over her little man-in-the-boat and 
started sucking it. He sucked on the little nub as 
inside his mouth his tongue kept toying with it. The 
tip of his tongue lapped at it, while his lips were 
sucking the clit hood inside his mouth. Then he let it 
go, before sucking it inside again. 

Time and time again. Sucking the clit hood inside and 
letting it wetly slip out again, while his tongue 
lapped at her clit. Mark slurped and licked and 
Jennifer's body was shaking, her ass never touched the 
mattress again. She used the strength of her legs on 
her son's back to keep her ass lifted and her cunt at 
his mouth and humped as he sucked.

"Ohh shittttttt," Jennifer growled from the back of her 
throat with an animal like voice. "Suck meeeeeeeee. 
I'm... I'm gonna cummmmm... Mark... Your mother... I'm 
gonna cum right in your fucking mouth. I'm gonna cum, 
baby. *slurp* Aaaahh... Here I cuuuuummmmm."

Jennifer's body stiffened and her cunt bashed hard into 
her son's mouth. He knew why. So he sucked her clit 
into his mouth and kept it there as he licked away at 
it inside his mouth. He felt his chin getting wetter 
and realized his mother was cumming, her juices 
forcefully running out of her gash and coating 
everything along the way. His chin got washed as did 
the crack of her ass, and her juices were streaming 
down her tightly squeezed butt cheeks, until they were 
dripping down to the mattress. 

Jennifer made a lot of noise, but nothing was coherent 
anymore, and she let go of her secretions for a while 
until finally her ass lowered and stickily rested on 
the bed again.

She had her eyes closed and her arms around her 
husband's neck as she panted.

Meanwhile Mark licked the wetness of her juices from 
her gash as her loins spasmed and the slit quivered 
around his tongue. He licked her juices from the cheeks 
of her ass and after he was done, he got on top of 
Jennifer and after she had opened her eyes and found 
herself staring into the eyes of her son, they kissed. 

They shared a passionate lip-locked tongue kiss to 
taste each other's mouths, breathing into it and 
connected again in that place where a mother was not 
supposed to ever find her own son.

And they knew they were far from done for the night...

Chapter 5

"I want you to fuck me."

Mark lifted his sticky face from his mother's loins and 
looked at her, seeing her look back at him, the lustful 
stare of her brown eyes piercing his.

Jennifer wanted to make sure her son knew what she had 
said, so she curled her upper lip in such a manner that 
her grimace betrayed how nasty the thoughts made her 
feel and how nasty she wanted Mark to see her be. She 
curled her upper lip as she rasped the words again 
while looking her son right in the eyes.

"I want you to fuck me, Mark. I want to you to fuck the 
shit outta me."

Jennifer felt a forceful shiver running through her 
chest as she spoke the words while rubbing one of her 
stocking clad feet along his lower back. Tim was 
playing with her tits and sucking her earlobes as she 
made her point to her son.

Mark climbed up his mother's body as his father 
retreated and then sat back in his chair, waiting for 
the next spectacle. Jennifer felt her son's flaccid 
cock scrape along her legs as he climbed further up 
until his face was aligned with hers. His hard chest 
squashed her soft pillowy breasts, and his eyes locked 
on hers like a missile. Mother and son connected by 
soul and lust as they tried whipping each other further 
and further into that place where being mother and son 
actually added tenfold to fucking like animals.

"Tell me again, mom. Tell me again want you want," Mark 
said softly.

Jennifer grinned and gave Mark what he wanted: "Fuck 
me! Fuck your hot slut mother! Stick that fat fucking 
cock in my nasty cunt and pound the piss out of it. I 
want to feel your dick rape my twat and your balls slap 
my ass. Do it, son. Shove that delicious meat up your 

Mark's cock had turned hard as a rock again and he was 
already dripping pre-cum all over his mother's sodden 
snatch. His mother's words drove him crazy and he 
wanted to give her what she craved. So he grabbed his 
mother's legs under the knees and forced them up. 
Jennifer reached low and with one hand opened her pink 
gash wide and with another grabbed her son's cock and 
put it in place.

"Do it," Jennifer begged and Mark shoved hard, shoving 
home. His cock was enveloped by hot, moist velvet as 
his rod sank into his mother's depths. Jennifer groaned 
as she felt her son return to his birthplace. His cock 
drove deeper and deeper until his pubic bush was joined 
and entwined with the brown sodden bush of his mother. 
The root of his dick was enclosed by Jennifer's tight 
vice-like pussy and his nut sack pressed flat against 
her bunghole.

"I'm in, mom. I'm all the way in. My cock is all the 
way up you cunt."

"Oh shittt. Mark baby. I can feel it. I can feel your 
cock so deep. Please do it, son. Please fuck me hard. 
Fuck my cunt as hard as you can. Fuck the piss out of 
my cunt and make me cum all over your fucking cock."

Jennifer reached her arms around her son's shoulders 
and dug her heels into her son's ass. Mark felt the 
nylon scrape against the skin of his ass cheeks as he 
withdrew his schlong from the wet, searing depths of 
his mom's boiling snatch, and then pounded his cock 
back in to the root in one hard movement. The force 
made his mother gasp and squeal. Again he withdrew and 
powered back in. The slapping sound of his pelvis 
against that of his mother filled the room, his balls 
bashed against the sweaty crack of her ass.

"YESSSS. YESSS...," Jennifer screamed as her son 
pistoned into her hot sodden cunt with pure violence. 
She squeezed her pussy muscles around his shaft and 
milked him as he withdrew and drove back in, leaving 
more and more white froth as a ring around his veiny 
pole. Her fingertips dug into the flesh of his 
shoulders, her hot breath blew into his face, her 
thighs clamped around his hips and her nylon-clad heels 
bore down into his buttocks. Mark drew his ass back and 
his cock with it, and pounded back, little specks of 
sweat and cunt juice flying from their pounding 

Mark held his mother's face in his hands as he looked 
through her glasses into her squinted eyes. Her cheeks 
were flushed, spittle collecting in the corners of her 

Mark placed a few strands of brown hair behind her ears 
and locked his lips onto and around the full, wet lips 
of his mother. He felt her hot breath rush into his 
mouth, and their tongues started playing. As his 
mother's glasses got caught between their faces, their 
mouths devoured each other, their tongue wrestling 
savagely and mother and son tasted each other's oral 

Taking turns they sucked each other's tongues into 
their mouths and groaned heavily as they licked, sucked 
and bit each other's lips while their sweaty, hot cock 
and cunt were respectively fucking and sucking. The 
abundant juices made Mark's cock squish and they were 
coating his balls. Mark withdrew his face from his 
mother's and a few thin strands of spit were connected 
between their lips, until the distance made them break. 
Their lips and the corners of their mouths were wet as 
Mark kept humping his mom and the force of each thrust 
made the air rush from their lungs, escaping their 
mouths in pants.

"Ohh God you f..f..fuck me g..good," Jennifer 
groaned as she laid her head back and took the slow but 
hard pounding her son was giving her.

Her heels left her son's ass and suspended in midair as 
she spread her legs a bit wider. Mark withdrew his cock 
for a moment and started rubbing the length of his 
shaft along his mother's squishy slit. Up and down, 
rubbing the underside of his cock over her knotted 
clit, shoving his cockhead through her dripping wet 
bush, making his balls rub over her slit as well. His 
whole crotch was becoming drenched with his mother's 
cuntal secretions and he enjoyed that thought. He was 
becoming so crazed with the thought of his mother's 
juices everywhere, that he even wetted a finger in her 
cunt, and then used the warm juice on his finger to 
coat his asshole as well. 

"Oh Christ, baby. Stop teasing me like that. Stick you 
cock back in my cunt and fuck me. Just fuck that cunt, 
son. Please," Jennifer begged as she had lifted her 
head and looked at her almost evilly grinning son.

"I'm gonna fuck you alright, mom. I'm gonna fuck your 
hot, wet cunt until it stays loose all by itself," Mark 
told his mother with a scowl as he dropped on top of 
his mother, shoved his cock to the root into the 
searing depths of her cock receptacle, grabbed her 
warm, soft, quivering butt cheeks into his hands as he 
reached back, and started lapping away at her mouth. 
Jennifer lapped back and their tongues were dueling 
frantically as Mark kneaded his mom's ass-buns, pulling 
and pushing, stretching her crack and pushing her 
buttocks against each other. 

Her nipples poked almost painfully into the skin of his 
chest as they panted into each other's mouths. 
Meanwhile the young man pounded and pounded at his 
mother's wanton crotch, banging her needy gash hard and 
loud. Her toes curled inside the nylon of her stockings 
and her fingers were digging into the flesh of her 
son's shoulders and back. Thick drops of vaginal froth 
oozed into the crack of her ass, pleasurably tickling 
her butt hole as it passed. 

"You like this don't ya, mom? You like having your own 
son, your own flesh and blood fucking the piss outta 
you. Maybe dad should be taking pictures for the family 
album so we can savor this moment for all time. Tell my 
future kids, your grandkids about it. 'This is when 
your daddy fucked the holy crap out of your granny,' 
you'll be telling your grandkids as they sit on your 
lap looking in the photo album together with you. And 
if I have a daughter, she'll sit on your lap and you'll 
tell the girl, 'when you're older, maybe your daddy 
will fuck you someday like this too.'"

Jennifer involuntarily contracted her hot cunt around 
Mark's hammering cock as she listened to his perverted 
words about the future, reveling in the nastiness of 
his talking about her future grandkids and her talking 
about the pleasures of incest with them. 

"How about making home movies with a video cam?" Mark 
continued as he sloppily pounded his mother's snatch. 
"We could make home movies of me sucking your cunt and 
then showing them at family gatherings with the adults 
having their kids on their laps, enjoying the family 
moments. Showing you with your son between your legs, 
slurping and sucking away on that wet pink gash with 
your legs over my shoulders."

"Don't put it past me Mark. I'd have your father taking 
snapshots or video taping us fucking without any 
problem. I'd love to have you show them to your kids 
later, so they can see their nasty grandmother and 
their daddy fucking the shit out of each other. Then 
maybe you can tell them its okay for them to taste 
their own mother's cunt as well."

"I've got a secret to tell you, mom. Deborah (Mark's 
girlfriend) and I have already role-played a little 
while having sex, and she's not above calling me 
'Daddy', if you know what I mean."

"Nasty fucking whore," Jennifer gasped, the air pounded 
from her lungs by the relentlessly hard pounding her 
son was giving her. "And did she also play mommy and 
pretend she was me while you fucked her hot cunt, Mark? 
Did you two pretend you were sucking and fucking my 
cunt while you did it? Tell me, did you already imagine 
what it was like to shove that fat cock up your whore-
mom's snatch when you were role playing?"

"Fuck yeah. She pretended to be you and told me to call 
her mom when she spread her legs for me and told me to 
eat her out. She even pulled her legs up and told me to 
eat out her ass pretending it was your ass I was eating 

"You nasty mother fucker," Jennifer retorted with a 
lustful grin on her face, "thinking about me while you 
were drilling your tongue up your girlfriend's butt. 
And did she suck you off good, Mark? Did she make you 
feel hot, sucking your dick while you pretended she was 
me, huh? Did she cover your fat poker with her spit 
while you were thinking about me?"

"Jesus yes. She did. She slobbered all over my dick 
while I called her 'mom'. I think she even stuck her 
middle finger up my asshole while she did it. It was so 
fucking hot thinking it was your finger that was up my 
butt, mom."

At this point Jennifer grabbed Mark's ass with both 
hands, used one hand to pull one buttock away, and 
started rubbing her son's anus with the fingertips of 
her other hand.

"Jesus mom. That's it. Rub my pucker while I fuck your 
nasty mother cunt. I love feeling my own goddamn 
mother's fingers on my shit hole."

"Well then you're gonna love this, baby," Jennifer 
groaned as she stuck her middle and index finger in her 
mouth to wet them with her spit, and then pushed them 
into her son's narrow butt hole. 

"OH FUCK", Mark cried out as he felt his mother's 
fingers sink into his backdoor, with her cunt 
simultaneously squeezing tightly around his dick.

"Do you like that, baby? Hmmmm? Do you like it when 
mother fucks your asshole with her fingers while you 
fuck her wet cunt? Do you like the feeling of having 
your own nasty mom drilling her fingers into your tight 

"I'm gonna cum if you keep it up" Mark responded.

"Don't hold back for me, baby. I'll fuck your ass real 
good with my fingers; just cum in your mother's cunt, 
baby. Empty your delicious balls up my fucking pussy. 
Shoot your sperm up my snatch, son." 

With her legs wrapped around her son's thighs, Jennifer 
was swiftly and deeply drilling her fingers into her 
son's ass, feeling her offspring's sphincter squeeze 
them tightly. Mark was humping and pumping his 
groaning, sweating mother. His churning balls pressing 
flat against the sweaty crack of her ass, he kept 
shoving his meat up his mom's cunt to the root. 

Tim, meanwhile, was rapidly jerking his cock as he 
watched the perverted, incestuous spectacle taking 
place on his marital bed. He knew his wife would love 
him all the more for giving her the realization of one 
of her wildest fantasies, one of the few ones they had 
previously deemed damn near impossible to make real. 
But he succeeded in doing so anyway. 

And there they were, his wife and his son, fucking the 
living shit out of each other, no holds barred. 

The image of his wife viciously finger fucking her own 
son in the butt as he pounded his mother's oozing twat 
like a jackhammer, was one he would never forget. 

Even so, the idea of immortalizing all this by taking 
Polaroids or filming it with a video camera was a hot 
idea, one to remember for a possible next time.

"Motherfucker, I'm cumming," Mark yelled as he felt his 
balls twitch and pull, as the full, aching feeling of 
his mother's fingers sliding up and down his shit pipe 
added to the arousal. 

"Shoot it up me, you nasty motherfucker," Jennifer 
yelled in her son's face, and licking all over his face 
like a slut possessed. "Empty those fucking balls up 
your mother's fucking cunt, you perverted bastard. 
Gimme a record breaking flooding. Flood my nasty hot 
cunt with your spunk, baby. Oh Christ I'm cumming 

Mark shoved his meat up his mother's gash to the root 
and kept it there, tightly squeezing his asshole around 
her fingers as his cock started spewing his load into 
her milking, sucking vaginal hole. Jennifer sucked her 
son's tongue and bottom lip into her mouth and moaned 
as she felt a hot wave crash over her. She almost 
pinched her boy's dick off as she felt his warm cum 
fill her up. She curled her toes and with the first 
knuckle of her index and middle finger still imbedded 
in her son's butt, she squeezed the butt flesh with the 
rest of her hand.

The simultaneous climax of mother and son lasted well 
over a minute and during that time the voluntarily 
separate father had also cum, spewing his load all over 
his chest as he jerked himself to orgasm while watching 
his wife and son.

And with sounds of fast breathing and moaning, the 
family trio came down from what would be the best 
orgasm all three of them had ever had. And it would 
take over five minutes for any of them to make the 
first move. Mark's softening dick remained in his 
mother's quivering, sensitive slit; Jennifer's fingers 
were still in her son's ass minutes after, and Tim sat 
back with his softening cock slowly going down until it 
rested limply against his thigh.

The funk of fuck was unmistakable in the room.

After everything that had already happened, the three 
of them knew that fulfilling Jennifer's fantasy to 
spice up the sex life of her and her husband, would 
have a profound impact on their future as a family. 

They would no longer be like any other family, but they 
would no longer have it any other way.

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