Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Newlywed Norma Miller stepped out on her balcony, 
pouting and sniffing, feeling sorry for herself. Her 
husband of two weeks had hardly glanced at her this 
morning when she had worked extra hard to look good, 
hoping he would take a few minutes to give her what 
she needed, sexual satisfaction, a fierce quickie, the 
kind she really loved, perhaps up against the door, a 
pleasant rape. She usually enjoyed being banged hard, 
always had, since she was thirteen or so. 

Last night he had done his marital duty but that 
coupling hardly lasted five minutes including a lot of 
kissing and pawing beforehand and it left the young 
woman worse off than she had been before the soft 
young man in her arms jabbed his erect penis into her 
dripping vagina barely a score of times. She had 
hardly felt it and wriggled and humped at him as he 
grunted and rammed, doing his absolute best to please 
her and gratify himself despite his fat belly. 

His "love muscle," as he called it, was, when fully 
engorged about four inches long and very thin and 
crooked, about as thick as his thumb and turned to the 
right most of the time. She could cover it with her 
fist, the whole thing. He often suffered premature 
ejaculation and sobbed with regret if not shame. This 
time he had barely climaxed. In fact, she hadn't 
noticed that he did and then he had turned his back to 
her and was snoring in minutes.

"Damn," Norma thought as she stretched in the morning 
sunshine and closed her eyes. "It's my own fault. I 
should have bedded him before I gave in." She thought 
of the lovers she had enjoyed before she met Ryan and 
his very wealthy family. It was, she was sure, the 
steel gray Bentley that got her. The car was actually 
orgiastic, and she had begged him to fuck her in the 
back seat right after the ceremony. 

He was a broker in his father's firm, pulling down 
nearly a million a year if you included bonuses, and 
as far as she could tell, his sexual experiences 
before marriage had all been with prostitutes, very 
expensive prostitutes. It was his family's wealth, of 
course, that had ensconced them in this luxury high-
rise with its big bedrooms, brand new furniture and 
wonderful view of the Virginia hills across the river 
from the wide balcony.

"Hi," said a deep voice to her right, and she jumped 
and squeaked, ending her daydream about her wedding 
reception at the club and the pawing she got from some 
of her old friends. She stepped back into the 
fluttering curtains, her heart racing, aware of how 
bare she was in just the frilly top of her babydolls, 
the sexiest thing she owned except for one well-hidden 
teddy, a prize from her hedonistic college days.

It was her neighbor to the south, and he was also out 
on his balcony and like her he was only wearing the 
top of his light pajamas, but its hem was a lot lower 
than hers. She stepped back out, smiled and waved. 
"Sorry," she said, "you surprised me. We just moved 

"Good place to live," he said, drinking his orange 

She nodded. He was tall and, she could tell, well 
built with wide shoulders and a deep chest. His hair 
was cut short and seemed to be white around his 
temples. She wondered how old he was. She could see 
his the top of thick and hairy thighs.

Then very deliberately, for Sam Merchant had seen the 
luscious girl on the elevator and decided to add her 
to his long list of conquests, he put his glass down 
and turned toward her, the massive head of his huge 
phallus flopping along between his legs and the thick 
shaft bouncing off his muscular legs, just hanging 
there like a salami, a long and thick one, maybe a 
five-pound salami with a massive bag hanging behind 

Norma stood frozen, her eyes fixed on the man's 
enormous organ which dangled half-way to his knees and 
seemed as thick as her forearm, with its head like a 
blunt spear point emerging from folds of foreskin. She 
whimpered deep in her throat, backed up a step as he 
reached down and stroked it and then lifted the 
massive thing, pulled the loose skin back and laid its 
huge purple glans on the low wall of the balcony. He 
smiled at her, tensed his belly muscles and made his 
woman-pleaser jerk sideways and bounce up and down.

"Want to see it close up? Like to touch it?" he asked 
calmly, seeing that she couldn't look away. Her lean 
body under her thin black top was enough to engorge 
any man, and Sam could feel his balls churning as he 
admired her jutting tits and nearly bared hips. He 
could smell her and knew she was excited.

She shook her head and backed away, off the balcony, a 
hand to her mouth, feeling her groin pulsing, her 
pussy lips getting wet as the light drapery fluttered 
around her.

Norma stood behind the thin curtain getting her breath 
and watching as the big man turned away and went back 
into his apartment. Show over, she thought to herself, 
time to get dressed. Her new job at the daycare center 
didn't begin until noon so she had plenty of time. She 
thought of her green Rabbit, tempted, and slowly 
stroked her warm, wet labia.

And then the hairy man, shirtless, was back on his 
balcony with a large plastic bottle of something in 
his hand. Sam smiled as he stood sideways to his 
neighbor; pretty sure she was watching. He squirted a 
big glob of his prescription cream into his palm and 
plopped the head of his thick penis into it and then 
began stroking and massaging it in, pulling back the 
foreskins and squeezing and corkscrewing one hand up 
and down the long root while he cupped and kneaded his 
swollen balls with the other. 

The ointment was his doctor's suggestion for his 
nearly unique problem - he had no trouble achieving 
erections but his rigid ram was so heavy when it was 
blood-filled that it was hard to keep it up. He had 
tried one of the Max products, but this was a lot 
better and now he could often hold it out and up for 
nearly an hour, through multiple ejaculations.

The prescription mixed the usual ED drugs to promote 
blood flow in powered form with tiny pellets of 
nitrous oxide and a soothing and astringent cream 
formula that was slightly numbing to the skin, making 
him just a bit less sensitive to friction. 

His massive root, when fully engorged, was nearly 25 
cm or ten inches in length and more than nine inches 
in circumference, almost three inches wide at its 
thickest point where it emerged from his tangle of 
belly hair on heavy tendons. He could barely get his 
hand around it when it was ready for action. "Thick as 
a beer can," was his usual description.

Sam stroked more gently, stretching it out fully and 
moving the heavy foreskin back and forth, got some 
more thick cream in his hand and felt his eager member 
begin to rise as his testicles drew up at the base of 
his spear and tensed, already churning. His scotum, 
when he was ready for sex, was about the size and 
shape and nearly as hard as a baseball.

Norma unconsciously slid one hand down to her 
trembling slit and cupped a full breast with the other 
feeling her big nipple extend. Her breathing became 
ragged as she watched her neighbor's incredible organ 
fill and rise, a battering ram of unimaginable size, 
frightening as well as exciting. Her nipples hardened 
and her clitoris emerged. She stroked herself very 
gently, breathing with her mouth open, unable to look 
away, feeling her vagina spasm and liquefy.

Sam now cupped his heavy ball sack as his trembling 
cock stood proudly before his hard belly, veins 
pulsing, head darkening, curved just slightly upward. 
He was ready, now what he needed was a place to put 
his trembling weapon, and deep and clinging place, a 
woman's genitals he could plunder and own. Sam had 
never raped a girl or woman, but he had come close 
several times before she yielded. His unconscious 
motto was that once he was in 'em, he owned 'em. The 
massive head became slick with his natural lubricant. 
The newly wedded bimbo was his target; she was young 
and lovely and obviously available. He smelled musk 
and his cock trembled.

He turned toward his neighbor's balcony, smiled and 
said, quite loudly, "My door is unlocked" and then he 
went back into his apartment, his huge ram bobbling 
before him and aimed at the ceiling, the pulsing rod 
on its underside as thick as his thumb, bouncing off 
his hard abs as it twisted and pumped. He kneaded his 
balls, eager to be at her and on her and in her.

Norma leaned against the wall, gasping for breath, 
unable to get the image of the huge phallus out of her 
mind, a bent fingertip well up inside her. She felt an 
orgasm developing in her gut as she imagined what it 
would do to her, impossibly deep in her. It really was 
as long as her arm, as thick as her wrist, even more 
than that. She closed her eyes and slumped back to the 
wall, moving her fingers in and out, breathing hard, 
salivating, thinking again of her wonderful vibrator, 
needing penetration, deep and hard.

She jumped and gasped when the doorbell rang, said, 
"No, no," to herself and stood by the widows, feeling 
her juices oozing down the inside of her thighs. Her 
pussy lips quivered, and her heart pounded as her 
inner lips squeezed out and wiggled. Her clit was rock 
hard, standing forth like a tiny prick.

It rang again and she stumbled to the door, well aware 
that her pajama top barely reached her thighs and was 
nearly transparent, just a lacy invitation to 
copulation, one that her husband hadn't even noticed 
despite letting the strap slip from her shoulder right 
in front of him.

She opened the door a crack, keeping the chain in 

He chuckled. "My name's Sam, and I have a present for 
you. One I know you will enjoy." He put his purplish 
cockhead in the open space briefly. She gasped, 
trembling, feeling her labia flutter. It was as big as 
her fist.

She released the chain and he pushed open the door and 
stepped in, still wearing only his light blue pj top, 
his monstrous male tool now hidden up under its 
flapping tail, standing fully erect and pulsing out 
pre-ejaculate, bouncing against his hard abdomen, his 
testicles engorged and tensed at its base.

Sam pushed the door closed silently, stuck out his 
hand in a friendly manner, smiling, feeling his cock 
tremble because the girl before him was so ripe, so 
lovely, so bare.

"Norma," she said. "Norma Miller. I'm married, we were 
just married, I mean last week."

"Congratulations," he said with a smile. "Do I get to 
kiss the bride?"

He pulled her to him and she lifted her face and 
parted her lips. He hugged her gently as he kissed 
her, and she was mashed to his thick phallus which 
reached up between her full breasts, feeling iron hard 
and blood hot. He patted her bare buttocks, held her 
still closer and kissed her again, slipping his tongue 
tip into her willing mouth as his cock probed her 
breasts and his forefinger tickled her anus. The top 
of her head barely reached his shoulders.

"Which bed?" he asked as she twisted her face away.

'No, please," she sobbed. "It's much too big."

He picked her up as if she weighed nothing and carried 
her to the bed she had left unmade. He stood with her 
in his strong arms, her buttocks in his hand, put a 
knuckle under her chin and kissed her gently. "This 
OK?" She could feel his glans bouncing off her 

She nodded and her put her down and stripped off his 
pajama top.

Norma screamed and scrambled away. Sam laughed, 
grabbed her ankle and pulled her back. He brought her 
face right to his upright ram, raked back her hair and 
said, "Kiss it, Norma, it loves kisses."

Sobbing and gasping for breath, the girl reached out a 
hand and grasped the iron pole, feeling the stretched 
and silky smooth skin and the flow of blood. She 
licked up to the fierce head and kissed it, pursing 
her lips and rising so that his huge glans pushed 
against her teeth. She moaned and felt her pussy lips 
quiver, sure it would not fit.

"Very nice, that was really good," Sam said as he 
turned the lithe girl around and pulled her back to 
the side of the bed. He pushed his massive ram down, 
screwed its blunt head into the girl's pink and 
slippery vagina and then bent and whispered in her 
ear, "Pray!"

He gave it all to her, driving it in slowly and 
inexorably, ignoring her squeals and her bucking, 
pressing deeper and deeper, feeling her flesh part, 
feeling things being torn open, he shoved his rigid 
cock right past her cervix like a bulldozer and 
stretched her fully, stretched her as she never 
imagined she could be stretched. She whimpered and her 
vagina spasmed. She felt a minor climax of sorts, a 
very odd feeling.

He patted her ass, still not all the way in, and 
started to withdraw, pulling her flesh out with his 
mighty spear. Her pussy lips parted and stretched 

"That was just a test, honey, just to see what size 
you are. Some females can't take it the way you can. 
This is going to take a while."

She looked up at him. "I have a job, noon, daycare 
center in the basement."

He smiled. "Almost three hours." He shoved a half-foot 
a thick gristle into her, and she arched and gasped as 
he moved it from side to side inside her, rocking her 
body gently with her breasts in his hands, her nipples 
pinched between his fingers as he sought her G-spot. 
"We're going to do a warm-up, ok. You can count it you 
want, a hundred strokes in sets of five. Just to get 
acquainted, to adjust our bodies, get to know each 
other. Understand?"

While Norma tensed for her vagina's destruction, her 
new husband was at his club in mid-town, donning his 
ballerina costume and becoming a submissive, ready to 
be tied up and sodomized.

"That's a hundred," Norma gasped, shuddering and 
having climaxed at around fifty strokes, something she 
had never done before from vaginal fucking.

"Very good," he said, admiring his thick rod as he 
eased it back and prepared to really fuck her, "you're 
nice and tight and you came, didn't you, little pussy 
cat?" He lifted her right leg straight, stepped over 
his left and started driving his thick ram down into 
her sodden passage and bouncing her off the bed.

At his club, her husband was sucking an elderly man 
while his over-weight son sodomized him and he knelt 
on the dark red Persian carpet.

Sam ejaculated in his new conquest for the second time 
while taking her doggie fashion, aware that she was 
finally being cooperative and meeting his thrusts with 
pelvic movement of her own. He owned her and her ass 
was next on his list with her throat to finish off the 
job. He watched her big jugs bounce as he flipped her 
over and impaled her again.

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