Tuesday, 22 October 2013



The dream had been so real, for Kay it was like nothing 
she had ever experienced before. Kay had dreamed that 
she had made love to a man in a car. That she had acted 
like a slut with this man. Stranger still, the man had 
been black. Kay had a slight headache and no 
recollection of how she had gotten home. She had been 
out with her friend Jolene and made a note to call her 
later. Lying there Kay tried to gather her thoughts. 

Wow, what a dream, the man had really excited her, in 
fact she still felt excited. The man in her dream had 
been black, that was a first. Sure Kay had wondered 
what it would have been like to have sex with a black 
man. This dream had been so real, her pussy seemed to 
ache. Undoubtedly it was the fact that her friend 
Jolene had shown up with a new man, who happened to be 

Kay slipped her hand between her legs and felt her 
slit. Kay's vulva was tender to the touch and the dried 
sperm was evidence of sex. Probing further she found 
the interior of her vagina wet and sticky. Bringing her 
fingers she sniffed, sure enough cum. Kay's fingers 
were soaked with cum, almost dripping with stringy 

In the dream she and the man had fucked like animals, 
it was the only way to describe it. Thinking about it 
made Kay flush with heat. The man's cock had been big, 
very big, and it had gone in so deep. Kay wished she 
could fall asleep again so she could finish the dream.

Curt, Kay's husband was still asleep. Kay had a 
headache so she slipped out of bed realizing she had 
slept in the nude. She and Curt must have had some time 
of it last night. Unusual, but not extraordinary. 
Walking into the bathroom, Kay could feel the sperm 
oozing out of her. There was so much cum and Kay 
couldn't remember Curt ever cumming like that.

Jesus, Kay thought, as she turned on the hot water in 
the shower, Curt had been exceptional last night. To 
bad Kay couldn't remember what happened. The water 
warmed and Kay let it pour over her body. Kay found 
herself going back over the dream, dam it felt so real. 
In the dream she was in the front seat of her car and 
it was parked in the driveway. Dark, it had been hard 
to see the man's cock. Kay had been the aggressor, she 
had climbed on top of him and guided his big cock into 
her wet slit. 

Kay closed her eyes and let her mind drift back to the 
dream. Then soaping her pussy she noted the exquisite 
soreness. The man in the dream was average height and 
very handsome, Kay eye's still closed, gently rubbed 
her clit. Kay could almost feel that big black cock 
stretching her pussy. What had the man in the dream 
told her, something about her being made for black 
cock. Yes, her dream man used the word cock didn't he. 
Kay felt the first wave of a very strong orgasm course 
through her body and in response pinched her left 
nipple hard.

"Dam Kay you didn't get enough last night."

"Dam you Curt, you scared the living daylights out of 

"Hey don't stop, I've never seen you do that before."

Curt had been quietly admiring his wife's body. Kay at 
5'5" was a goddess, Curt's goddess. The first time he 
laid eye's on Kay Campbell it had been love. Kay, a 
German girl, was a dirty blonde with striking blue eyes 
and a perfect body. Kay's breasts weren't large, B-
cups, but they were perfectly proportioned, with large 
brown areolas and thick dark nipples. Curt was admiring 
those nipples and how they stood at attention with the 
least provocation. Curt didn't know what time it was 
when Kay ravished him last night, nor did he care. Kay 
had been horny last night, very horny. Maybe it had 
been booze or just some other guy's flirting with her, 
what ever it was he was grateful. Sex the night before 
had been fantastic. 

Curt had been asleep when Kay had had slipped into bed 
and climbed on top of him last night. Demanding, Kay 
had been incredible and oh so wet. Kay's pussy was 
dripping with excitement. In fact she had been so loose 
and wet that sex lasted a lot longer than usual.

"Sorry, but seriously, didn't you get enough baby," 
Curt said, as he slipped behind Kay in the shower and 
pressed his swollen dick against the crease of Kay's 

"Yes I got enough, in fact you made me sore down there 

"Baby you were fantastic last night, god what ever you 
drank make sure you have some more of that. You were 
such a slut."

"Curt, slut, your wife is a slut! You get a little sex 
and I'm a slut." Kay laughed at her husbands remarks.

"Kay do you remember last night." Curt let his hand 
drift down between Kay's legs. The small trimmed patch 
of golden hair dripped with water.

"Yes, of course I do." Kay shuddered as Curt rubbed his 
finger over her wet slit. Her nipples getting hard 

"You remember what you had me do to you."

"Sure." Kay lied, she really didn't have any 
recollection, but decided to bluff.

"Sitting on my face like that, what a way to wake up. 
That was a first and god were you wet." Curt had spun 
Kay around and was pressing his swollen dick up against 
his wife.

"I thought you'd like that, you like eating me out." 
Kay was probing, trying to get bits and peaces of the 
previous night events. Slowly it was coming back to 
her. Yes she remembered now, she was holding on to the 
head board while straddling her husbands head and she 
had felt so naughty, why, suddenly she was thinking of 
her dream man. Curt distracted her when he took her 
thick hard nipple into his mouth.

Curt eased her back against the seat in the shower, 
then kneeling down Curt parted Kay's legs and began 
licking her clit.

  "Oh that's nice, you can do that when ever you want 
sweetie," cried Kay, as Curt worked his tongue deep 
into her slit.

Kay loved the fact that Curt loved to eat pussy and he 
was good at it. Kay first lover a Jewish guy from her 
home town in New Jersey, had been very gifted in the 
cock department, six or seven inches, in any case 
bigger than Curt. Kay met Robert and they dated their 
freshman and sophomore years in college. Robert had 
unfortunately been more inexperienced with sex than 

Funny she thought, as Curt brought her near orgasm, how 
men compensated for their shortcomings. Kay truly and 
deeply loved Curt. At 5'8" Curt wasn't the tallest man, 
but he kept himself in excellent shape and was an 
ardent lover. On the other hand Kay realized she wasn't 
the most experienced lover either. Sure Kay had a 
number of suitors in high school and college, but only 
two lovers. 

While Kay wished Curt was as well endowed as Robert, 
Kay realized that a woman couldn't have everything. Kay 
promised to keep that thought to herself, as her 
husband buried his tongue deep in her pussy.

"Oh Curt that feels so good baby, god I love you." Kay 
truly and deeply loved Curt. 

Curt kept himself in excellent shape. Curt knew he 
wasn't the biggest guy in the penis department, average 
size, but he'd never had a complaint. The way he 
figured it, once he got his mouth on a woman they would 
forget all about the big dick thing. Feeling Kay's 
trembling body only confirmed his way of thinking. 

Curt felt Kay's orgasm and her gentle tug on his 
shoulders was her sign that she wanted him to fuck her 
now. Curt couldn't believe how horny Kay was acting. 
Last night had been wild. Curt had never seen Kay like 
that and it wasn't just the way she was acting last 
night. The truth be know, if it had been any other 
woman besides Kay, Curt would have suspected 
infidelity. Kay's pussy was literally dripping, she was 
so wet. As for the smell, Curt had attributed the musky 
sex smell to Kay dancing. Now as he inserted his dick 
into his wife's well lubricated pussy, he forgot all 
about last night. 

"Cum, cum, cum baby, give me your cum. Fuck me Curt, 
give me your baby honey." Kay loved her husband as he 
rapidly pumped his dick in and out of her cunt. Kay 
felt him tense and shoot his sperm into her womb. 
Nothing excited Kay more than the feeling of a man's 
dick expanding and contracting in orgasm The feeling 
never failed to cause an orgasm in Kay. The couple had 
been trying to get pregnant for three months. Kay 
hugged Curt and squeezed his penis with her cunt 
muscles hard. Kay wanted every drop of his sperm.


"Hi what happened to you last night Kay?"

"Jolene I was going to ask you the same thing. I 
remember meeting Jerome and by the way you didn't tell 
me the new love of your life was black, and that's it. 
It's like the lights went out."

"Really you seemed fine, wild but fine."

"Jolene what do you mean wild." 

"You don't remember dancing."


"At first you danced with Jerome and me. You were 
pretty wild, I even got a little jealous."

"Oh my god Jolene, I'm sorry. What did I do."

"Well let's see besides rubbing up against my 
boyfriends cock and then kissing Jerome."

"Your kidding right, oh my god, I didn't kiss your 
boyfriend, oh fuck why don't I remember. Jolene your 
not joking are you?"

"Nope it's alright though after you met Jerome's friend 
you kind of directed your attention at him, much to 
Jerome's chagrin. I will say Jerome was pretty horny 
when we got home. So what happened to you and Lamar."

"Me and Lamar, who is Lamar."

"Lamar is a friend of Jerome's or should I say an 
acquaintance. Any way you don't remember him, amazing. 
Girl how could you forget that hunk, He's only about 
5'9", or so, but very athletic and good looking."

Now Kay was wondering if her dream wasn't real. Kay 
decided not to tell Jolene about her dream. "Jolene 
please do me a favor, have Jerome call this Lamar guy 
and find out what happened, please."

Fifteen minute's later Jolene called back. "Lamar said 
he drove you home and took a cab back to the club"

"That's it, no kissing, no sex, nothing. God that's a 
relief. What a nice guy to just take me home like 

"Sorry girl friend, but your black fantasy will have to 
remain just that, a fantasy."

"Jolene I don't have a black fantasy."

"Really, well to bad, cause you don't know what your 

"So tell me what am I missing?"

"Do you have about three hours?"

That night Kay had another dream, again with the black 
man. When she woke she attributed the dream to Jolene's 
rather graphic account of sex with Jerome. The dream 
had left her wet and horny. Kay slipped her hand under 
the sheet and started touching Curt's penis. To bad it 
wasn't as big as her dream man's cock. Kay quickly 
climbed on top of Curt and guided his still hardening 
dick into her wet pussy.

"Good morning Mr. Campbell."


When Kay was late for her period she and Curt were 
ecstatic. The incident with Jolene had transpired more 
than two weeks before and Kay hadn't given it anymore 
thought. By the time the doctor had confirmed her 
pregnancy, a month later, the incident at the club was 
ancient history.

The pregnancy went extremely well. Three months into 
the pregnancy a sonogram showed Kay was carrying a boy. 
The couple couldn't have been happier. Kay quit her job 
and focused all her attention on being a healthy 
mother. Kay's daily regime consisted of fixing up the 
babies room, eating right and exercise. Curt and Kay 
attended Lamaze classes, with Curt doting on Kay's 
every need. Even the expecting grand parents were 
excited, Kay's mother Joan, even arranged to come live 
with Curt and Kay for the first few weeks.

Even sex between the couples had been fabulous. Curt 
was taken with Kay's larger breasts and the fact that 
her nipples and areola's had darkened considerably. For 
Kay everything was perfect except for one nagging 
matter. two or three ties a week Kay would experience 
the most erotic dreams. 

The dreams were always the same. In the dream Kay would 
make wild and reckless love with an incredibly hung 
black man. Upon awaking Kay was usually in the throws 
of an orgasm which as time went by she would finish by 
rubbing her clit vigorously. After awhile and near the 
end of the pregnancy Kay found herself looking forward 
to the dreams.

The big day came on a Saturday. Curt had been scheduled 
to play golf but on a premonition canceled. That 
morning he drove Kay to the hospital. The couple had 
cut it close waiting till contractions were close. The 
baby breached and it was decided the delivery would be 
by C-section. Kay was on the birthing table less than 
three hours before giving birth to a strapping baby 

Kay noticed the screwed up look on Curt's face first 
followed by the general quite that ensconced the room. 
Even the doctor who moments before was quite talkative 
was at a loss for words.

"What's wrong is the baby okay." Kay started to panic 
when Curt with out a word walked out of the room. 

"The baby is fine Kay, calm down," the doctor said, as 
he handed the baby to the nurse for cleaning. the baby 
was swathed in a blanket and was wailing. When the 
nurse finally gave the baby to Kay, she couldn't 
comprehend what she saw. The baby boy was dark skinned, 
coffee colored, with thick curly brown hair. 

The disbelief gave way denial. Kay simply refused to 
believe that the baby was hers. When Kay's mother found 
out what had happened Joan suffered a sever panic 
attack which resulted in her having to be admitted and 
sedated. Kay was left alone to work things out in her 
mind. The incident with Jolene was the only 

Late that night after the shift change a large matronly 
black nurse walked into Kay's room with the baby.

"Please leave and take the baby with you."

"Listen sugar I am doing no such thing. I don't know 
what happened here and I don't care and neater does 
this little man. Now he don't know about color. He 
needs his mama and last time I looked you were his. 
Look how beautiful this baby is and healthy too. Girl 
look at him, he's yours, your flesh and blood and he's 

"You don't understand, I can't."

"Look just hold him for a second, I need to get 
something and I'll be right back." The nurse handed the 
baby to Kay and left the room. A few minutes later the 
nurse peeked in on mother and son. Kay was inspecting 
the baby's toes. The nurse smiled and returned to her 
post. She would wait an hour and then return. Looking 
at Kay's chart she noted Kay wanted to breast feed. 
That would be next.

By the next morning Kay was already on her third 
feeding. Kay named the child after much soul searching. 
Kay and Curt had originally planned to name the child 
Curtis, but that was out of the question now. So Kay 
named the baby Peter after her deceased grandfather. 
Kay's mother had calmed down considerably and with 
medication had been released from further hospital 

Kay could only guess what had happened, evidently that 
night with Jolene she had had unprotected sex with 
Jerome's friend Lamar or somebody. After explaining 
this to her mother she was somewhat mollified. As 
implausible as the story seemed Joan Loved Kay and had 
no reason not to believe Kay. That afternoon with her 
mother's help, Kay was discharged and took a cab home. 

Curt on the other hand, was another story. Kay called 
Curt several times before her arrival but he wasn't 
answering the phone. At home they found some of Curt's 
clothing gone and no note. Kay tried Curt's parents' 
house, but received an incredibly cold reception by 
Curt's mother and instructions not to call again. Kay 
was devastated.

Late the next day Jolene came by to see Kay and the 
baby. Kay's mother Joan was less than happy. Joan had 
never liked Jolene and had often told Kay not to hang 
around with the tramp. In high school Jolene had had a 
bit of a reputation, even though it was unwarranted. 
Joan wasn't surprised when Jolene married Jerome five 
months before. Joan had bumped into Jolene at the store 
and could tell Jolene was pretty far along and had to 
get married.

Joan let Jolene into the house without so much as a 
hello and a very nasty look. Jolene had arrived with 
her black baby boy of two months in tow.

"How are you honey."

"Well Jolene what do you think, my husband is gone, my 
mother hardly talks to me, my father forget it, I'm not 
sure who the father is, I can barely walk, did I leave 
anything out."

"I know, I wish I would have know. I just didn't see it 

"Who ever it was must of slipped me some kind of drug. 
Do you know were I can find that guy Lamar. What's his 
last name?"

"You know Kay you were acting funny, even before that 
guy showed up." The inflection in Jolene voice seemed 
to suggest that Kay was partially responsible.

"Jolene what are you saying that I did this to myself."

"No, not at all, it's just that you were like coming on 
to every thing with pants on that night, long before 
you met up with that guy."

"Jolene it had to be him, who else would have done 
something like that."

Jolene averted her eyes for a moment. How could she 
tell Kay, one of her dearest friends, that all of this 
was her man's fault. Jerome though he could get both 
women into bed at one time, so he slipped Kay a 
combination of x and roof. To make matters worse Jolene 
had gone along with the scheme. What could she say to 
Kay now, she was in love with Jerome and would do 
anything for him. Plus Jolene had always harbored deep 
feelings for Kay and had been afraid that revealing 
those feelings to Kay would end the friendship. The 
last thing she needed now was Kay stirring things up.

"Kay if I thought it was that guy Lamar that drugged 
you, I'd be the first person to string him up by his 
balls, but it wasn't him. You were acting real crazy 
long before he showed up. Maybe it was some one else, 
but I doubt you'll ever find out who it was. Probably 
some stranger who thought he'd get you alone later. You 
did dance with a lot of other guy's."

"Jesus what a fucking mess, Curt won't even take my 
calls. What was that guy's last name and do you know 
were I can find him."

"You mean Lamar, I think his last name is Dubois. 
According to Jerome he moved down to Miami. Why, you 
don't intend to call him do you Kay. Why would you do 

"Jolene honestly I don't know what to do. The guy is 
the father, at least I think he is. Don't you think 
he'd want to know." Pete started crying. Kay picked him 
up, unbutton her blouse and gave the hungry little boy 
a thick dark nipple.

Jolene wanted to suck on that nipple too, her pussy 
damp, as she watched Pete feed. "So Kay is little Pete 

"Your incorrigible you know that Jolene." Kay looked up 
at Jolene and smiled. "I hate to brag Jo, you know 
that, but he is a little man."


For the longest while Jolene was the only person that 
Kay saw besides her mother after returning home from 
the hospital. Kay thought it was cruel how all her 
acquaintances had deserted her. Jolene had warned her 
about that.

Almost three weeks passed, before Curt called. Kay's 
mother had returned to New York a few days earlier and 
Kay was very depressed. Kay became excited when Curt 
said he wanted to come by and pick up some things. Kay 
fixed herself up in preparation for Curt's visit. Kay 
took a warm bath, shaving her legs. The C-section had 
left her hairless and now short nubs were protruding so 
she decided to shave her pussy clean again. Curt would 
like that. 

Kay put on a form fitted blouse that was tight due to 
her milk swollen breasts. Kay noted that her enlarged 
nipples were very prominent through her old bra and 
promised herself she would go out and buy new ones. 
then she put on some shorts that accented her legs.

Curt said very few words when he entered the house. 
Moving into the bedroom he rapidly started packing some 
cloths. Curt had tried not to look at Kay, but just 
seeing her made his prick hard. Between the pregnancy 
and the two weeks he'd been away Curt was really 
getting horny. 

Damn why did this happen, he had been humiliated. Curt 
had gotten the story from Kay in a long letter she had 
written. Truthfully, Curt believed her, but would 
anyone else. That was the problem, facing his friends 
and his family was humiliating. Yet seeing Kay again 
was testing his resolve, dam he loved her, but Curt 
told himself leaving her was for the best. 

"So is this it Curt?"

"I guess so Kay."

"Curt how can you blame me? Some one drugged me or 
something, I thought it was your baby."

"Kay you put yourself in this situation when you went 
out with that slut Jolene. What did you think was going 
to happen. She lives with a black guy, has his baby. 
Hell she probably convinced you to try one of his 
friends. "

"Curt I never thought I'd hear you talk like that. 
Jolene is my only friend, Curt, please listen to me. I 
don't know what happened that night. I've never been 
unfaithful, never, I love you with all my heart. If I 
had fucked some guy I would have told you." Kay was 
sobbing now and she walked up to Curt and wrapped her 
arms around him. 

Curt could feel Kay's body tremble with each breath. 
Kay's breast's seemed so much larger and so warm. Kay's 
face was buried against his shoulder and he could feel 
her hot breath on his neck. Involuntarily Curt wrapped 
his arms around Kay to comfort her. 

"Dam Kay you have a black baby, everyone will always 
know. If it really happened like you say give the baby 
up for adoption."

"Oh Curt it's not that easy. You don't understand, for 
nine months I carried that baby, I thought it was our 
baby. I tried not to, but I love Pete I can't help it, 
I could never let him go now. Please don't you see." 
Kay's was hysterical as she tried to explain.

Curt tried to stay the path, but looking into Kay's 
eyes his resolve vanished. "Don't cry Kay, calm down. 
Maybe we can work things out."

"You mean that Curt, oh please tell me you understand. 
I didn't do this to hurt you, your my life."

"Look I can't make any promises, not yet." Looking into 
Kay's eye's Curt slowly and deliberately kissed Kay. 
Her mouth was soft and inviting as he savored her 
familiar taste. The kiss set the couple off like 
gasoline in an Arizona forest. Eight weeks without sex 
had left Curt rock hard and Kay wet with desire.

Kay slipped her hands down to Curt's pant's quickly 
undoing them. Reaching into his jockey shorts she 
grasped his hard penis and began stroking it. Without 
being asked Kay dropped to her knees and took her 
husbands dick into her mouth. Kay wanted to show Curt 
how much she loved him, how much she needed him. Kay's 
cunt was gushing, she wanted his penis so bad it hurt. 
Cupping his balls with one hand, she placed her other 
hand on his rump and enveloped his dick with her mouth.

Looking down on his wife's blond hair, Curt placed both 
his hands behind her head and began fucking Kay's 
mouth. God Kay was wild, Curt had never seen her like 
this. Kay was never big on oral sex and he found 
himself wondering if she had sucked off her black 
lover. The vision of his wife sucking a black cock 
suddenly filled Curt's head and almost immediately he 
felt the urge to cum.

"Fuck yeah, oh yes I'm gonna cum Kay."

Kay was surprised, she had just started sucking on 
Curt's penis and already he was about to ejaculate. 
Normally this was her cue to stop sucking and spread 
her legs. Maybe it was the fact that she wanted so to 
please Curt. Maybe it was going the last eight weeks 
without sex, what ever the reason Kay decided to keep 
sucking. Squeezing Curt's dick hard she pumped it with 
one hand and cupped his balls with the other. For Curt, 
his imagination and Kay's sucking were too much.

"Oh god I'm cumming Kay." Curt fully expected Kay to 
stop sucking and was stunned when his first jets of hot 
cum pumped into his wife's mouth. Curt closed his eyes 
as his body convulsed in orgasm.

Kay looked up at Curt as he came in her mouth. The look 
on Curt's face said it all, he was in heaven. For her 
part Kay had always thought she would be grossed out by 
a man's cum. Now as she swallowed her husband's sperm 
she found it very exciting. In fact Kay noticed she was 
on the verge of cumming herself. As she licked the 
remaining drops from Curt's dick she looked up at him 
approval. Curt merely stared down at her with a look of 

"What's wrong Curt didn't you like it?"

Curt didn't know how to respond. Sure he liked it, but 
now he was worried that his wife had learned this new 
sex act from some one else. Just then the baby cried 
out sparing Curt the dilemma of answering.

"Honey why don't you go to the room and get in bed, 
I'll just be a minute, Peter's probably hungry."

Curt stood there a moment and then picked up his pants. 
His shriveled dick glistened with Kay's saliva and his 
cum. Curt could hear Kay's cooing and decide to look in 
on her. Kay was in the room they planned for the baby, 
sitting in a chair next to the crib. Kay was so 
engrossed in the feeding she didn't notice Curt at the 

Kay lifted her t-shirt and unfastened her bra with one 
hand. Then holding her breast she guided her dark 
protruding nipple into the baby's mouth. For only the 
second time Curt got a good look at the child. The 
baby's hair was a light brown but very curly and the 
child's skin a dark carmel color. Curt turned and 
walked out of the house without a word.

Kay heard the door and knew immediately that Curt had 
left. With the baby still attached to her nipple, Kay 
hurried to the front door. Curt was closing the trunk 
as Kay walked up.

"Curt are you leaving."

"Jesus Kay the neighbors might see." Curt tried to move 
past Kay to the driver's door. Kay stepped sideways 
blocking his way.

"Curt why are you leaving."

"Look Kay I don't want to make a scene. For heaven 
sakes cover yourself up and go inside."

"No one can see anything and so what if they did. 
Answer my question Curt." Curt had managed to slip pass 
Kay and was opening the door.

Pausing at the door Curt answered, "Kay I can't handle 
this, you with this black baby. How can we go any 
where, do anything. People will always know."

"Know what Curt. I wasn't unfaithful Curt. I was 
drugged or something."

"Then prove it, give the baby up."

"Please Curt don't make me choose, I love you so much. 
Please I'm begging you don't go."

Curt closed the door and started the car. Looking at 
Kay through the window he almost stayed. Kay was 
crying, her chest was heaving. then he saw the contrast 
of the baby's face against his mother's breast. Curt 
placed the car in reverse and backed out of the drive 

Kay took the baby inside and laid him in his crib. Kay 
checked the frig to make sure she had expressed enough 
milk for Peter's next feeding, then walked to the 
pantry and pulled out a bottle of vodka. Kay hadn't had 
a drink in ten months, she needed one now.


Jerome White was no hoodlum, to the contrary he was a 
hard working man who took care of his family. At the 
same time, being faithful to his spouse was not one of 
his virtues. Jolene was at work and with him between 
jobs he jumped at the chance to see Kay. Now as he was 
driving over to Kay's house to deliver an infant 
carrier he reflected on ways to seduce Kay. 

Kay was a fine piece. Jerome could kick himself in the 
ass for not getting her out of the club before Lamar 
laid eyes on her. Almost Jerome thought, but that was 
the way it had always been with Lamar. Even in high 
school Lamar ended up with all the girls, especially 
the white ones. Pulling into the drive way Jerome 
adjusted his manhood, his cock was hard just thinking 
about the woman.

Kay was half way through her third double vodka on the 
rocks when the doorbell rang. Getting up she stumbled 
and nearly spilled her drink on the way to the door. 
Kay didn't appreciate the full strength of the drinks 
she had made for herself. Peeking through the side 
window she saw Jerome standing in front of the door 
with the infant carrier Jolene had promised. Kay pulled 
her blouse smooth and tried to make herself 
presentable, then opened the door.

"Hi Jerome were is Jolene."

"Her mother had to go to the doctor's and she needed 
Jolene to take her." Jerome spied the drink in Kay's 
hand. Jerome stared at Kay's nipples which were dark 
protrusions clearly showing through her old t-shirt.

"Well come in, come in." Kay was tipsy and tried to act 
natural. Kay noticed Jerome staring and wished she had 
put her bra on after feeding the baby. Jerome walked in 
and placed the infant carrier on the table.

"You going to offer me a drink?"

"Oh Jerome I'm sorry, would you like one. I don't 
usually drink, but Curt just left and well I needed 

Jerome followed Kay into the kitchen. Dam what a fine 
ass the woman had. Kay's tits and nipples were just 
about perfect Jerome reflected as he followed. Kay 
retrieved a glass and was doing a bad job of filling it 
with ice when Jerome took the glass from her.

"Here let me get that sugar. Give me your glass I'll 
fill that while I'm at it. So you and Curt are still on 
the skids I take." 

"Yes he's still very angry, he just can't handle the 

Jerome handed Kay her glass. "Wow Jerome you really 
filled this up," Kay said as she spilled a little 

"Kay I want you to tell me everything he said." Jerome 
then took her hand and led Kay into the living room. 
Jerome sat next to Kay as she tearfully explained what 
happened. Jerome pretended to be the good listener all 
the while assessing when the best moment to make his 

"Jerome I have to admit I never thought of you as being 
so nice, so understanding. Thank you for putting up 
with me," Kay slurred as she rubbed her eyes. Jerome 
removed the empty glass from her hand.

"Hey don't you cry no more girl. That man don't know 
what he has in you. Hell any man would be a fool not to 
want you. Look at me now, you are a beautiful and sexy 
woman." Jerome lifted Kay's chin so that she was gazing 
into his eyes, there lips inches apart.

Alarm bells went off in Kay's head but her body seemed 
paralyzed as Jerome kissed her. Jerome's tongue darted 
into her mouth searching, probing. Kay closed her eyes 
and kissed him back. Part of Kay was conflicted with 
the fact she was kissing her best friends husband. Part 
of the conflict was in trying to remain faithful to 
Curt. The liquor and her state of mind rationalized 
those two issue away.

First, it had been a long time since she had felt the 
touch of a man and wasn't Jolene always telling her how 
good black men were in bed. "Oh Kay black lovers are 
the best. Once you go black. Black cocks are so thick, 
so big. black men are superior lovers in everyway." No 
this was as much Jolene's fault as anyone's.

Then there was Curt. According to Curt she was a slut. 
What was it he said, "Kay there's not even a mark on 
you, you didn't fight, you wanted it." Now she did want 
it and with that revelation she reached down and 
grasped Jerome's cock.

Jerome's cock felt thick and heavy as Kay's fingers 
closed around it. Instantly Kay felt herself becoming 
aroused. Jerome's thick lips covered her mouth, his 
tongue darting, hungry. Jerome's hands were busy too. 
Quickly they had slipped under her t-shirt to massage 
her milk filled tits. Kay's nipples tingled as Jerome 
squeezed them, producing small droplets of milk.

Jerome's cock strained in his pants as he broke the 
kiss. "Dam girl lets take this to the bedroom." Taking 
Kay by the hand he led her back to the master bedroom.

"Jerome this isn't a very good idea, Jolene is my 
friend." Kay said, slurring her words, as she stopped 
short after entering the bedroom. Taking her hand 
Jerome placed it on his cock.

"Girl you know you've been wanting some black cock. 
Look how hard you got me. Your old man fucked up, he 
not here and you need a man. Now tell me you want me to 
leave." Jerome pulled her close and kissed her again as 
he felt Kay squeeze his cock.

This time there was no resistance. Kay's hand was 
filled with hard black cock and she wanted to feel it 
inside her. In moments she had unfastened Jerome's 
pants. Jerome was been busy too pulling Kay's t-shirt 
off exposing her milk filled tits. Falling into the bed 
Jerome wasted little time pulling down Kay's panties.

Kay's pussy was extremely wet as Jerome roughly 
massaged her slit. Then with little foreplay Jerome 
climbed on top of Kay. Kay felt for and took hold of 
Jerome's cock with her hand. Kay looking down got a 
good look at Jerome's cock as she guided his fat cock 
into position. Jerome extended his arms in the push up 
position. Jerome never tired of looking at the contrast 
of color between his black cock and a white woman's 

"Look at my black cock baby, this is what you were 
meant for girl, not some skinny-dicked whitie."

Kay felt Jerome's cock head begin to penetrate her 
pussy as Jerome tantalizingly teased her with short 
hard thrust. Jerome's cock was a longer than Curt's, 
maybe an inch and a half, but it was much thicker. Kay 
could feel her cunt lips stretch as Jerome's cock 
pushed deeper into her pussy. A twinge of pain jolted 
Kay causing her to whimper.

"Sorry about that I'll go slow." Jerome was relishing 
this fuck. He'd been wanting to fuck Kay since the 
moment he laid eyes on her. Kay on the other hand had 
always put him off like he was nonexistent. In fact 
Before Jolene got pregnant, Kay was constantly trying 
to set Jolene up with Curt's friends. Now he was going 
to show Kay what it meant to fuck a real man.

Slowly Kay grew accustom to Jerome's cock. Kay was 
already in the throws of an orgasm. It had been at 
least three months since she last had sex and she was 
horny. Now watching herself fuck this big black cock 
was making her crazy. Grabbing her tits hard she began 
to squeeze them as her body convulsed with a powerful 

"Oh yeah baby squeeze those tit's harder, your cumming 
aren't you. Your cumming on that big black cock. Tell 

Curt never spoke to Kay like that. In fact no one ever 
had and it turned her on. Kay pinched her own nipples 
causing droplets of milk to ooze out and over her 

"Oh yeah I like that, keep doing that. Now tell me like 
I asked, do you like this big black cock."

"Yes I like it."

"Like what girl' what do you like." Jerome liked having 
his women compliment him, it turned him on to hear it..

"I like your cock." Kay's eyes were locked on Jerome's 
cock as he piston in and out of her slit. Kay's voice 
seemed to belong to another person, as she became more 
excited. Kay could hardly believe she was talking like 
this, yet with each stroke she became bolder.

"I like your big cock, it feels so good. God I needed 
this. Oh god fuck me, yes."

Jerome stopped pumping, then slowly withdrew his cock 
until just the tip of his cock head was penetrating 
Kay's slit. Kay was vigorously rocking her hips, 
lifting her ass high off the bed in response to his 

"You want this nigger cock don't you."

"Jerome stop teasing."

"This pussy belongs to me don't it?"

Kay getting caught up in the moment quickly answered.

"Yes this pussy belongs to you." Kay didn't mean it for 
one second. Sure she was getting off on Jerome fucking 
her, but there was nothing more. Kay really didn't like 
Jerome as a person and that hadn't changed. At the same 
time it was hard to deny that Jerome was a 
significantly better lover than her husband.

Jerome plunged his cock deep into Kay's cunt, satisfied 
that his conquest of the beautiful blonde was complete. 
Now as he slammed his cock in and out of Kay, the loud 
slapping sound of there bodies filled the room. Kay 
lifted her legs high in the air, as her hand clawed at 
Jerome ass.

"I'm going to cum baby you ready for my nigger seed, 
you want this nigger cum in you, tell me baby, tell me 
you want it."

"Yes fuck yes fill me with your nigger cum, fuck me 
harder, harder. Now cum, cum baby cum, fill me with 
your cum. Cum Jerome cum." 

Almost before she said it Kay was shocked by her mouth, 
but was to far into an orgasm to stop. When she felt 
Jerome's ass tighten it sent her over the edge. Kay 
could feel Jerome's cock expand and contract with each 
jet of hot cum he sent deep into her womb. For Kay it 
was the best orgasm she had ever experienced. Kay 
pulled at Jerome's ass as she willed his fat cock 
deeper, his cum deeper.

Jerome collapsed on top of Kay breathing hard his cock 
imbedded in Kay's pussy, which was also contracting as 
she milked his cock. They both laid there for sometime 
before Kay complained she couldn't breath and Jerome 
rolled off of her.

As the afterglow of the best orgasm she ever had wore 
off, Kay began to feel guilty, mostly about Jolene. 
Fucking like that had sobered her up. Without saying a 
word Kay got up grabbed her t-shirt and went to the 
rest room. Almost immediately she felt Jerome's cum 
oozing from her slit. Wiping herself she washed her 
face and tried to sober up. 

Kay didn't want Jerome to get to comfortable. Sure the 
sex had been good, actually it had been great, but Kay 
couldn't get herself to change her feelings for Jerome. 
Besides, soon it would be time to feed the baby. 
Walking back into the room Kay was stunned to see 
Jerome flat on his back obscenely stroking his black 

"Cat got your tongue baby, quit gawking and come here 
and suck this big black cock."

"Jerome you need to go, I've got to feed Pete."

"Come here Kay." Kay reluctantly walked next to the 
bed. Jerome was lazily stroking his cock. In the rush 
to get naked and fuck, Kay hadn't really got a good 
look at Jerome's cock. Now she couldn't seem to take 
her eyes off of it as she tried to persuade Jerome to 


Jerome extended his left hand and slid it up between 
Kay's legs, his finger sliding into her wet slit 
effortlessly. Kay immediately moved away. 

"Jerome please," Kay said, but not too persuasively. 
Jerome gave her his best smile.

"Come on Kay, look how hard you got me and that pussy 
of yours is so wet baby." 

Kay looked at Jerome's cock, black and heavily veined. 
Impulsively she walked back closer to the bed. Once 
again Jerome slid his free hand between Kay's legs.

"Oh yeah look how wet you are girl, now come on and get 
in this bed." Kay involuntarily spread her legs. 
Jerome's easily slipped two fingers into her cum soaked 

"Alright Jerome, but after this you got to leave." Kay 
heaved her breath raged suddenly. Kay pulled off the t-
shirt and climbed into bed. Then with out direction 
placed her head on Jerome's stomach and took over 
stroking his cock. Staring at Jerome's cock she noted 
that it was indeed longer than Curt's, but it was so 
much thicker and harder too. 

Jerome's cock head was inches away from her face as she 
squeezed his cock eliciting pre-cum from the slit, then 
like a dutiful slut she licked the bulging drop. 
Relishing the taste, Kay found herself thinking how 
earlier Curt had cum in her mouth. Now she was tasting 
a black mans cum and the thought of it made her squeeze 
her legs together.

"Oh that's good girl, lick it like that. Mmmm oh yeah 
keep swirling that tongue like that. Shit I didn't know 
you could suck cock like that."

Kay moved down so that as she stroked Jerome's cock she 
could look up at him. Jerome's eye's locked on hers and 
continued uttering obscenities. Kay pumped on Jerome's 
cock for sometime. Kay's let her saliva run down the 
length of his cock, every now and then stopping to 
catch her breath. When ever she stopped she would start 
again by gently licking Jerome's cock head. 

"Oh baby you are one fine cock sucker, suck it harder." 
Suddenly Kay found herself on the verge of cumming. 
Closing her mouth around Jerome's cock head she began 
sucking and stroking harder. Jerome's cock began to 
expand and she squeezed his cock harder. Working her 
mouth around the black cock head Kay found herself 
really getting off on pleasing Jerome.

"Fuck, oh fuck, swallow it baby, shit god dam," Jerome 
bellowed as his cock exploded in Kay's mouth. At the 
same moment Kay too began to cum as she tasted Jerome's 
hot sperm flood her mouth. Kay swallowed Jerome's thick 
cum with gusto as she squeezed and sucked on his cock. 

For the second time that day she had had a man cum in 
her mouth and it made her feel slutty and good at the 
same time. At the same time Kay couldn't help but 
notice that Jerome seemed to cum quite a lot more than 
Curt. Kay wanted to please Jerome and looking up at 
Jerome was all the evidence Kay needed to know she had 
done a fantastic job. Jerome's eyes were closed and the 
smile on his face spoke of contentment.

"You like that."

"Fuck yeah, that was mother fucking fantastic baby. Now 
get up here." Jerome placed his hands under Kay's arms 
and easily lifted her on top of him. Then he surprised 
Kay with a long tongue kiss, it was while they were 
kissing that Kay received another surprise. Jerome's 
cock head while somewhat flaccid was pressing up 
against her slit and with a gentle thrust Jerome pushed 
into her wet pussy.

"God Jerome, you mean you haven't had enough."

"Have you?" 

"After this you have to go okay."

"Sure what ever you say Kay," Jerome said with a grin.


Curt drove down to the beach, parked his car and went 
walking. Curt always went to the beach when he had to 
clear his head. Curt hadn't gone far when he noticed an 
interracial couple walking on the beach with their 
child. At first glance the blonde looked a little like 
Kay, the man was tall and thin, but well muscled. The 
couple seemed so happy, the child frolicking at the 
edge of the water. Neither the man or the woman seemed 
to notice Curt as he passed by. 

Walking on Curt wondered what would happen to Kay. 
Would Kay's lover return to reclaim her and his son. 
Abandoning Kay would make it easy for him wouldn't it. 
What if Kay fell in love with the father of her child, 
then Curt would never see her again. 

One of Curt's co-workers had suggested that he should 
be glad to be rid of Kay. Jimmy the co-worker, was a 
Georgia cracker through and through had told Curt that 
once a white woman got a taste of nigger cock she was 
"ruinent". Curt didn't know what to believe, for sure 
he didn't put much stock in anything redneck Jimmy 
said. The reality for Curt was that with each passing 
day Curt found it harder to live without Kay. Today he 
had come so close to accepting the situation, if only 
he could put his pride away. 

Curt walked on for some time before turning back, his 
decision made. Dam the consequences, he wanted Kay back 
and would do what ever it would take to get her back. 
On the way back to the car with the sun going down 
there were few people on the beach. Curt noticed that 
the interracial couple were laying on a blanket. Their 
child was asleep and they were kissing. 

It was only when Curt got close did he realize that the 
woman's top had been pushed aside. The black man was 
rolling her nipple between his fingers. The contrast of 
their skins was very erotic. The woman's hand was 
buried in the guy's shorts and both lovers were 
oblivious to Curt. Curt slowed his pace to watch, his 
dick getting hard. Then the woman looked at him. Curt 
turned beat red having been caught in the act of 
staring, but the woman could have cared less and 
returned to kissing her man. By the time Curt returned 
to the car he had a raging hard on. 

Curt started the car and drove home. Hopefully Kay 
wouldn't be understanding about what had happened 

After Jerome left Kay had fed and changed Pete. Jerome 
had surprised Kay with his stamina. Kay had enjoyed the 
sex, and found herself wondering if Jolene hadn't been 
right about the black man myth. Putting her thoughts 
aside as crazy, Kay exhausted crawled into bed and went 
to sleep.

Curt entered the house through the garage and called 
Kay's name out. No one answered so when Curt heard the 
TV he went back towards the bedroom. Pete was asleep in 
the crib next to the bed and Kay was lying on her 
stomach spread eagle. Getting closer Curt admired his 
wife. Kay's t-shirt had ridden up exposing her bare ass 
and her exquisite pussy. 

Kay's pussy looked so inviting, it was puffy and red, 
the slit looked wet. Curt wondered if this was do to 
the recent child birth. In the low light Curt didn't 
notice Jerome's cum oozing out of Kay's cunt. Curt 
touched Kay on the shoulder and gently woke her.

"Kay I'm so sorry, I was wrong to ask you to give up 
your son. I was wrong not to believe you."

Kay didn't respond, still half awake she was still 
trying to take in the situation when Curt leaned over 
and kissed her. Curt's hands were roaming and she could 
tell he was very excited almost agitated. Braking the 
kiss Curt sat up and began removing his cloths. Kay 
knew immediately what Curt wanted and she was angry and 
apprehensive at the same time. 

One part of her was furious with Curt for thinking he 
could have her when ever he wanted. At the same time 
Kay was frightened because less then two hours before 
another man had repeatedly cum in her and the evidence 
was still dripping from her. Curt had pulled off his 
shirt and was in the process of pulling down his jockey 
shorts when Kay exploded.

"Curt you can't come here and do this to me. You made 
me feel like a whore. I go down on you and you leave 
me. How could you?"

Curt stripped nude and sat down on the bed next to Kay. 
"Kay I don't know what I was thinking. I'm so sorry 
please forgive me." Curt's eyes were pleading his case, 
and his puppy dog look was always a weakness for Kay, 
her anger ebbed. Curt placed his hand on her naked 
thigh and began gently rubbing it.

"Curt I don't know if this will ever work. Can you ever 
accept what happened, can you ever accept Pete."

"Yes, yes I can Kay. I love you Kay I don't care what 
happened, or how it happened. I love you and need you, 
no matter what you did." Curt's eye's were watering and 
he buried his face in Kay's neck smothering her with 
kisses, his hand moving swiftly between her legs before 
she could protest.

"You still don't believe me do you Curt. You don't 
believe I was drugged do you. You think I'm just a 
slut." Kay couldn't believe the conversation. Curt 
still didn't believe her, yet there he was fingering 
her cum filled pussy. Apparently all that mattered to 
Curt was fucking her.

Noting the sarcasm and hurt in Kay's voice, Curt tried 
to console her. "No Kay I didn't mean that. I mean that 
even if you had let him make love to you it wouldn't 
change the way I feel. Does that make sense. I mean I 
love you Kay no matter what." Curt never stopped 
nuzzling Kay, as he worked a second finger into her 
saturated pussy.

Trying to hurt Curt, Kay lashed out. "Really, you'd 
forgive me, you sure, even if I let him fuck me with 
his big black cock."

Curt stopped kissing Kay for a moment, surprised at 
Kay's tone and the words she'd used. Had Kay let the 
guy fuck her, did he have a big black cock. Curt's mind 
raced with the possibilities and his dick was 
unexplainably hard.

"How about if I let him fuck me afterwards, after that 
night, would you still forgive me Curt. How about if he 
fucked me just now, just before you got here? What if 
I'd been fucking my black lover all along. Still love 
ma then."

"You fucked him after that night."

"Answer me Curt, would you still forgive me." 

Curt was confused, had Kay fucked afterwards, had she 
just fucked him. What kind of game was she playing. It 
had to be a game. The way she was using profanity Curt 
knew she was angry. Trying to appease Kay only made her 
angrier, but Curt didn't know that, or for that matter 
how to answer her.

"Yes Kay, dam it I said yes." Curt was clearly 
bewildered by Kay's behavior and language.

"Good enough Curt," Kay answered sarcastically. Then 
pushing Curt off of her, Kay sat up and pulled off her 
t-shirt. Kay's tits were so much larger than before the 
baby and Curt could only lick his lips as he gazed on 
Kay's swollen nipples. If Curt had looked closer he 
would have noticed the small bite marks Jerome had left 
on his wife's thick nipples. Lying back down Kay looked 
at Curt who just continued staring at her nude body. 
Curt could hardly move and his hands were shaking. 
Obscenely spreading her legs Kay beckoned.

"What are you waiting for Curt, this is what you wanted 
isn't it. Come on. Come here and kiss me." Curt 
thinking everything was okay immediately took off his 
cloths as he continued staring at his nude wife. Kay's 
pussy was shaved clean and her cunt lips looked red and 
swollen. Curt assumed the changes were do to the recent 
c-section. Curt didn't know he was only partially 

As Curt stared Kay purposely let her hand slip between 
her legs, so that her finger could gently rub her clit. 
Kay didn't really know why she was doing this, it was 
completely out of character for her. At first she 
guessed it was to shock Curt, but as she saw it's 
effect on Curt it excited her. Kay for the first time 
felt as if she were in total control and she liked the 

Curt climbed on top of the bed and tried to assume the 
missionary position with Kay, but Kay didn't want to 
fuck yet. All the sperm Jerome had deposited in Kay's 
pussy was ample lubrication and Kay was certainly in 
the mood, but she wanted more. Curt tried to kiss her 
but she turned her face as she had a nasty thought. 

"Slow down Curt, kiss me first." Then placing her hands 
on his shoulders she pushed down. Curt left a trail of 
kisses down her neck until his hungry mouth latched on 
to her swollen nipple. Kay was content to let him suck 
for awhile, but then she nudged him again. Curt had 
always been eager to eat Kay's pussy before they made 
love. Now with a wicked thought, Kay became excited by 
the prospect of Curt eating her cum filled pussy. Curt 
with little prodding slipped down so that his mouth 
covered Kay's pubic mound.

Curt immediately smelled the strong scent of Kay's cunt 
and it caused Curt to dry hump the bed with excitement. 
First he gently licked her clit, then he moved his 
mouth further down so that he could bury his tongue in 
her slit. 

"Oh that's right lick my pussy. You like licking my 
pussy don't you Curt." Curt moaned his tongue working 
harder in response to Kay's question. Kay angry still 
pushed Curt further, as she noted his increasing 

"Would you still lick my pussy if I just fucked my 
black lover Curt?" Curt was so turned on the question 
caught him off guard. Momentarily Curt thought of the 
couple on the beach, then suddenly it wasn't the girl 
from the beach but his wife in the arms of the black 
man. Curt groaned as he strained to bury his tongue 
deeper into his hot wife's slit. Then with his thumb he 
started fucking Kay's saturated cunt.

"Oh that's right, ohh yes lick me deeper, lick my pussy 
deeper, ohhh that answers that question. Lick it baby, 

Kay couldn't believe how excited it made her feel to 
use Curt in this fashion. In their relationship it 
seemed that Curt's needs had always been the priority. 
Now for the first time that had changed as Kay 
shuttered with an orgasm. Now Curt was sucking on her 
clit and the pleasure was making Kay shake.

Curt looked up at Kay's face as he sucked on her clit. 
Kay's eyes were closed and Curt knew she was in the 
throws of cumming. Kay had never talked to him like 
this and all the talk about fucking some one else had 
been very much a turn on for him. Curt didn't believe 
for a second that Kay had just fucked her black lover. 

There had hardly been time, besides he thought she 
would never have admitted it. Yet Curt had found the 
perverse conversation very exciting. Releasing her clit 
Curt moved up and placed his dick head at Kay's gapping 
slit, but Curt was so excited he came immediately on 
her slit.

Kay wasn't disappointed merely surprised at how 
prematurely Curt had cum. In all their years together 
nothing like this had ever happened. Kay reached down 
and grabbed Curt shriveling dick, her hand using his 
sperm to stroke it.

"Wow it's been so long and the way you were talking. 
Dam Kay I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you, I promise."

"Don't worry honey it's okay," Kay said as she squeezed 
the remaining drops of sperm from Curt's penis, at the 
same time noting how fast it had become small.

"I never heard you talk like that it was like very, I 
don't know, exciting."

"Curt are you going to run off again, if so get your 
things and get out." Kay felt strange talking to Curt 
this way especially since she was still stroking his 

Curt became solemn. "Kay what I did before was wrong , 
I promise it will never happen again. I love you Kay 
more than anything."

"Your never going to ask me to give up my son, because 
if you do Curt we're through you understand."

"Never, I don't know why I ever suggested it."

Over the course of the next month Curt, Kay and Pete 
became a family. Curt took to Peter like he was his 
own. The couple got along fabulously and their sex life 
was the best ever. Curt noticed that Kay seemed to be 
more demanding, although not as vocal as the time when 
they had first gotten back together. Curt secretly 
thought about it all the time and now when ever they 
made love Curt found himself more and more, fantasizing 
that Kay indeed had a lover, a black lover. What Curt 
didn't know was that Kay was fantasying too, about her 
dream man.


Jolene dried her long brown hair carefully, as she 
looked into the bathroom mirror. Jolene had her 
mother's Latin looks, brown eye's, golden brown 
complexion, and full lips. Jolene's father had provided 
the long legs and a sprinkling of freckles. Jolene's 
breasts were b-cup at best. Jolene's nipples were 
large, thick, and dark brown, which make up for her 
smallish tit size according to Jerome. 

Jolene stood there wondering why Kay hadn't returned 
her calls, it had been weeks since they had spoken. 
Jolene figured that it was Kay's' getting back together 
with Curt that had cooled the friendship. Jolene heard 
the door and slipped on a t-shirt, Jerome was home 
early and had called to say he had a surprise.

Jolene walked into the living room of their small 
apartment to find Jerome and a friend standing in the 
living room. 

"Oops, sorry let me go put on some shorts." then the 
friend turned around and Jolene could hardly breath.

"Not on my account Jo, long time no see."

"Hands off Lamar, she belongs to me man, Jolene and I 
got married."

Jolene froze in her tracks, it had been little more 
than a year since she last saw Lamar. 

"Hey baby you remember Lamar, go run and put on some 
shorts. Lamar just got into town. Hey babe is there 

Jolene started to tremble as she made her way back to 
the bedroom. Jolene hadn't seen Lamar since just after 
the episode with Kay, but the episode with Kay wasn't 
the problem. Two days after the incident with Kay, 
Lamar had shown up at her apartment after meeting her 
at the club that night with Jerome and Kay. Jolene had 
just started dating Jerome and was single then, living 
alone. How Lamar had gotten her address was a mystery. 

Lamar was smooth, very smooth and the next thing she 
knew they were making love. Jolene had always used a 
diaphragm with Jerome, but things had happened so fast 
with Lamar. Now with him in the next room she could 
hardly breath, what if Lamar said something to Jerome, 
what if Jerome found out that their son was really 

"Hey Jolene I have to make a beer run, entertain Lamar 
baby and I'll be right back."

Jolene removed her t-shirt and was searching for a bra 
when she felt strong arms envelope her from behind.

"What the. Lamar don't, Jerome." Lamar's hands had 
already covered her breasts his fingers pinching her 

"Dam Jolene it's been a long time, is it me or did your 
nipples get bigger." Jolene turned around so that she 
could face Lamar.

"Lamar you didn't say anything to Jerome did you."

"Hell Jolene I didn't even no you were married to him. 
I guess you never told him about are little get 
together." Lamar slipped his hands into Jolene's 
panties and caressed her ass cheeks. 

"Lamar, Jerome just went down the street. Oh Lamar, god 
what are you doing."

"Girl don't act so innocent with me, lets get these 
panties off now." Lamar partially pulled down Jolene's 
panties as she quickly stepped out of them. Then with 
little hesitation Lamar turned her around and leaned 
her over and began undoing his pants.

"Lamar hurry Jerome can never know."

"Take it easy baby, feel what I got here, did you miss 
this baby." Lamar 's cock was already getting hard as 
he rubbed it up and down Jolene's slit. Moisture was 
already oozing from her cunt and the way she was 
gyrating her hips with anticipation made Lamar smile. 
Lamar pushed his cock into the tight pussy and Jolene 
let out a loud moan.

Jolene felt the pressure increase as Lamar's cock 
penetrated her hungry cunt and almost instantly she 
began to cum. Lamar had this effect on her ever since 
the first time they had met. True his cock was big, no 
huge, but it was more than that. More than his being 
black too. there was this animal magnetism with him 
that drove Jolene crazy. So crazy that she had had 
unprotected sex with him and gotten pregnant. 

Thankfully when she told Jerome she was pregnant he 
never questioned who the father was, Jerome's ego 
helping there. As for Lamar she never told him he had 
gotten her pregnant. Now she was fucking Lamar again, 
risking everything and not caring, at least she was on 
the pill. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed though 
her body as Lamar's cock filled her pussy.

"Oh fuck Lamar that feels so good. oh god, oh don't 
stop." Jolene could feel her pussy stretching as 
Lamar's cock filled her up. Jolene loved sex with 
Jerome, but he didn't have the tools or the know how to 
please her like Lamar. In that regard Jolene had never 
met a man like Lamar. Jolene pussy was stretched to 
it's limits, the fullness of Lamar's cock head bumping 
her cervix.

Lamar buried his cock in Jolene white pussy as he 
pressed his hand on her back, forcing her over the 
bathroom sink. Jolene tight cunt was contracting around 
his engorged cock and she was franticly pushing back 
against his black spear. Lamar could feel her cumming 
and this excited him even more, nothing excited him 
more than making a woman cum hard. Not to mention that 
little stint in the Dade county jail had left him 

No wonder Lamar felt his sperm start to boil. In less 
than two minutes Lamar's potent seed exploded in Jolene 
pussy. Driving his cock deep into her slit, Lamar 
clenched his muscular ass cheeks as his sperm coated 
Jolene's womb. Jolene could feel Lamar's cock swell and 
pulse as he came, god she loved that feeling, a feeling 
she had only had with Lamar. Jolene shuddered violently 
as she came hard for a final time.

"Oh god that was so nice, dam you Lamar, I can't 
believe this happened." Just then Jolene heard the 
garage door, Jerome was home. Turning quickly she 
pushed Lamar out of the bathroom door. Lamar had a shit 
eating grin on his face, his cock still dripping with a 
mixture of Jolene's cunt juice and his sperm.

"Lamar don't just stand there, please pull up your 
pants," Jolene said as she slammed the bathroom door 

When Jolene immerged from the bathroom Lamar and Jerome 
were sitting in the living room. Jolene was shaking 
with fear that Jerome had found out what had just 
happened. Jolene couldn't believe she had let Lamar 
make love to her like that. No foreplay, rushed, she 
had acted like a cheap slut.

"Jolene I was just telling Lamar here about Kay and her 
black baby. I think we know who the daddy is." Lamar 
hooked his thumb in Lamar's direction. Jolene remained 
quite, not knowing how to respond. Lamar was quick to 
speak out.

"Jolene I think I need to see my son. I understand from 
your husband here that your friend thinks I drugged 
her. You know that's' not true right."

"Yes." Jolene didn't know were this was going, but 
Lamar's last statement sounded more like a threat than 
a question, at least she didn't have to worry about 
Jerome for now.

"Good that settles it then, why don't we take a little 
ride. I think it's time I meet my son."


Kay finished the work out tape and turned the TV on to 
one of her soaps. Glancing into a mirror Kay looked 
herself over. Almost six months had passed since she 
had given birth and with hard work she was in the best 
shape ever. Kay's sports bra was wet with perspiration 
and she made a mental note to buy a larger size. 

Kay was still breast feeding and her breasts were at 
least two cup sizes larger. Kay's shook her head at the 
sight of her thick nipples looking like thimbles 
underneath the sports bra. No doubt she would need 
thicker material on the bra too. When the door bell 
rang the last person she thought she'd see was Jolene.

Kay thought about not answering, she felt terrible 
about what happened with Jerome. Never the less it was 
time to face up to Jolene and she decided now was the 
time. Opening the door she greeted Jolene.

"Hi Jolene come in. Were is little Jerome?"

"Out in the car with his dad."

Kay became nervous, Jerome must have said something and 
Jolene was going to confront her. Kay didn't know if 
she should invite Jerome in, so she said nothing and 
prepared for the worst. 

"Sorry I haven't called you back, but with getting back 
with Curt and the baby, it's been crazy."

"Kay that's alright, probably the last person Curt 
wants to see is me after that night we went out. That's 
not why I'm here. Lamar is in the car outside with 

"The guy that drugged me. He's here now. I'm calling 
the cops right now, that son of a bitch." Kay walked to 
the phone and picked it up.

"Kay put the phone down before you do something you 
regret. I told you then and I'm telling you now, it 
wasn't Lamar that drugged you. You were messed up long 
before Lamar got there. Hell Kay you just about fucked 
my husband on the dance floor that night. I told you 
about that, you even suggested a threesome to us, for 
heaven sake."

Jolene had never said anything about a threesome to Kay 
before and it caused Kay to put the phone down. Kay 
treaded carefully now.

"Jesus, Jolene you never said anything."

"It was no big deal Kay, but I don't want you accusing 
Lamar of something he didn't do. He's really nice and 
he wants to see his son."

"Oh god what am I going to do now. Oh fuck Curt, just 
when we got back together. How come this Lamar didn't 
call before. Where was he when I was pregnant. What a 
fucking mess."

"Kay he just got back into town, he didn't know. He's 
really a nice guy." Jolene felt compelled to build him 
up. right now all she could think about was keeping 
Lamar happy. The last thing Jolene needed was Lamar 
saying something to Jerome. After all Jolene had no 
illusions about Lamar loving her, all she was to Lamar 
was another lay. Without asking, Jolene turned and 
opened the door and signaled to the car. Moments later 
Lamar appeared at the door as Jolene made her way past 

The moment he walked through the door a flood of 
memories swept through Kay's mind. There he was, her 
dream man.

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