Wednesday, 9 October 2013


My name is Carla I am 34 and have a son David who is 
15 and 16 tomorrow.

My husband was tragically killed 7 years ago.

Although I have had several dates since they have not 
come to anything and I had not had an encounter for 
over a year.

We live in a small house near Manchester and I work at 
a local supermarket as a merchandiser.

For the last few days I have been feeling horny, it 
always happens when I am having my period and I get 
hornier as it ends, I wished my husband was still here 
to give me what I crave.

Watching David grow up over the last year he has taken 
on most of the roles that his Father did all except 
the one that I needed now.

Putting the idea from my head I got ready for work. I 
was on the late shift and would not be back in the 
house before 9.

As I worked through the day my mind drifted back to 
David, I didn't know anything about his girlfriends or 
what he got up to with them. I began to fantasise 
about how big he would be, his father was not over 
endowed with about 5 inches so I reasoned it would be 
similar in size. 

My god what am I doing? I'm thinking about the size of 
my sons cock, the thought of it spurting cum all over 
my breasts, was the final image. Hastily I started to 
load the freezers hoping the cold air would calm my 
passions, all it did was make my nipples even harder 
and bending over to reach to bottom of the cabinet 
sent my mind reeling as I offered myself to David.

When at last the shift ended I could feel my panties 
were damp I went to the rest room and slid my index 
finger into my slit. I was soaking, I rubbed my clit, 
but had to stop when I heard others coming into the 
room, I would have to wait till I got home.

I called at the pub on the end of our street and 
ordered a double vodka and tonic. I downed it in one 
mouthful, placing the glass on the bar I mouthed a 
thank you to the bar man and left.

David was watching television when I came in, I went 
straight to my bed room and stripped of my work 
clothes and underwear putting on my short robe I 
dumped everything in the hamper in the utility room 
and went for a shower.

The water cooled my body but not my urges and I 
directed a powerful spray onto my clitoris, I was 
trembling from the effects of the water and the orgasm 
that was approaching.

David went to the hamper and now held his mother's 
panties to his nose he savoured the smell and they 
were so wet he licked the crotch. He decided to take 
them to his bedroom and he crept upstairs.

Stepping from the shower I went to my room to dry off 
and continue to pleasure myself.

I had not completely closed the bedroom door and as I 
lay there on my bed I was caressing my breasts with 
one hand whilst I had two fingers deep inside me, I 
was on a high and nothing now would stop my orgasm, I 
noticed a shadow on the door and the thought that 
David might be watching spurred me on. 

Unknown to Carla he had his cock in his right hand and 
he stroked all 9 inches as he buried his nose in the 
crotch of his mother's panties, I raised my hips as I 
came and plunged another finger inside, David caught 
his load of cum in the panties and hastily went to his 

After a few minutes Carla called out that he should 
have a shower and get ready for bed, She went 
downstairs and looking in the hamper she was pleased 
to find that her panties had been taken, She poured 
herself a large vodka then she changed her mind she 
wanted to be aware of what she was about to do and not 
to have the excuse of being drunk.

She heard David go to the bathroom and the water 
running in the shower, she crept up the stairs into 
his room. She found her panties under his pillow they 
were full of his cum, she tasted the heady mixture and 
tiptoed to her room, pulled off her robe and looked at 
herself in the mirror. 

Running her finger through her sopping lips she 
caressed her clitoris and then crept back to the 
bathroom, silently she open the door, David has his 
back to her and naked she stepped into the room. She 
had not made a plan so she just stood facing the 
shower, she cupped one breast and rubbed at her pussy 
as she waited for her son to turn round.

David sensed that there was something different and as 
he turned round Carla could see he was stroking his 
rock hard cock.

Nothing was said as Carla opened the glass door and 
replaced his hand with hers, she took his right hand 
and placed it on her pussy, leaning forward they 
kissed and their tongues intertwined.

Carla stepped into the shower and they explored each 
other's bodies. David was sucking gently on her 
nipples changing from one to the other as she moaned 
with pleasure. Carla was fascinated with his cock it 
was so much bigger than his fathers and she cupped his 
balls with her other hand, they were so heavy.

Turning off the water she led him out of the shower, 
kissing and touching every inch as they explored and 
dried each other's bodies.

She led him by the hand to her bed and laid down in 
the centre, David snuggled up to her and they kissed 

Carla's main concern, as she held his cock was if she 
would be able to take it, not only was it longer, it 
was much thicker than her husbands, She shuffled over 
in the bed and pulled David into the centre. She 
kissed him on the lips and then trailed her tongue 
down towards his nipples, she sucked and kissed each 
one and then holding his cock with one hand she placed 
a kiss on the tip.

She flicked her tongue over the tip, pulling back his 
foreskin she took the purple end in her mouth and 
nearly gagged with its size.

David had watched porno DVDs and even though he had 
not done it he coaxed his mother to straddle his head 
and he soon was licking her paying special attention 
to the hard bud that had now appeared at the top of 
her pussy.

She could feel that she was going to cum and hoping 
that he would not stop she wanked his cock as she 
sucked harder.

Her orgasm hit her like an express train just as her 
pussy tightened she felt a huge jet of cum in her 
mouth, she could swallow fast enough as it dribbled 
down her chin and back onto his balls.

She continued to suck and stroke his cock and as it 
hardened she knew she had to have it inside her.

Turning round she straddled him and wrapping her hand 
round him she gently lowered herself onto him. The 
head stretched her and once she had got used to its 
width she pushed a little harder till her she felt her 
hand touching her, she had never felt so full.

Rising up the width pulled her pussy lips out and as 
she lowered herself down they squished and made a 
hissing noise, getting into a rhythm she began to 
relax as she became used to the invader. Lifting 
herself up she removed her hand and lowered herself 
taking in a greater length, rising up again so that 
only the head was inside her she pushed down just as 
David pushed up to meet her. 

She felt his balls on her bottom and knew she had all 
he had to offer. She was sure it would have hurt but 
she felt no pain and as she started slowly to ride him 
she started a climb to another orgasm.

David had ideas of his own, and believing that what he 
had seen in the DVDs was what he had to do, he stopped 
his mother's movements and rolled her over onto her 
back, he had stayed inside her and now he started to 
fuck her with long fast strokes, she had never had 
such a feeling and as he lifted her ankles onto his 
shoulders she felt stretched as she had never been 
before, he was filling parts she had never knew she 
had and he pushed hard against her cervix every time 
he thrust into her. 

As Carla had her third orgasm David didn't miss a 
thrust, she was well onto her fourth when he pulled 
out and turned her over and lifting her up he entered 
her doggie style and soon was pounding away as he had 
seen in the DVDs.

This was too much for them both and David felt his 
balls tighten and as he shot a wad of fertile cum into 
his especially fertile mother, she screamed out his 
name as her fourth orgasm shook her whole body. She 
rocked forward and as he pulled out she felt their 
joint juices flow out onto her leg.

She hugged him to her and the kissed and cuddled him 
as she looked at the clock on her bedside table, 
12.05. "Happy Birthday," she said. "I think you might 
want to sleep here tonight." She patted the bed next 
to her. "I'll phone in sick for both of us, I think we 
have things to do and talk about."

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