Thursday, 31 October 2013


I'm Steve and I've been married to my gorgeous wife 
Darlene for three years now. I guess you could say we 
are country folks. I grew up living and working on a 
farm. Darlene is a country girl. A real blue jean, 
sneaker wearing girl. Never saw her wear a pair of 
high heels until our wedding day and not a pair since. 

We live in the little single wide trailer my Daddy put 
here for us as a wedding present. We're back in the 
woods up on a hill not far from Daddy's farm. I make a 
living fixing tractors and other farm implements 
around the valley. 

Darlene makes quilts, curtains and anything else she 
can sew on that little old machine of hers. Her 
parents live on the other side of town which is about 
five miles away. Her Daddy drives a big truck around 
the country delivering those brand new John Deere's. 

When Darlene was little she used to ride with her 
Daddy across the country. She learned how to sew from 
this lady she use to visit outside Knoxville. She 
learned how to cook from her mother. Can't do any 
complaining about the food around here. 

I can't complain about the sex I get either. Darlene 
was a virgin when we met in high school and I was the 
only guy she ever dated. She learned all about sex 
going on those long deliveries with her Daddy. Now 
before you get the wrong idea about her Daddy let me 
explain things a little better.

Darlene and her Daddy use to stay at these cheap 
motels along the way. Darlene said she'd get bored and 
go out and play or just find things to do around the 
motels where they stayed. They always stayed in the 
same ones so Darlene got to know some of the people.

There was this motel somewhere in the middle of Ohio 
that had a lot of black folks. Darlene said she was 
peeking in a window one night in one of the rooms just 
down away from where she and her Daddy were staying. 
She said there was this big old tall black guy 
standing near the bed. The drapes were wide open and 
anyone walking by could see inside.

Darlene said the man talked to her earlier in the 
evening when her and her Daddy pulled in. I could 
surely understand why after Darlene told me what she 
saw. There was this blonde white girl on the bed. 
Darlene said she had her legs spread wide open waiting 
for the black man to get undressed. 

Darlene described the size of that black cock to me 
like it was the size of her forearm. What Darlene 
described to me was this poor blonde white girl begged 
to be black bred by this much older black man. Darlene 
said she remembered watching that couple bred for over 
an hour until her Daddy yelled for her wondering where 
she was all that time. 

Darlene started to head back to her room but not until 
she got to see that black man shoot his sperm inside 
that white blonde woman he was fucking. Next morning 
when they were getting ready to leave, Darlene saw 
that black man standing out in front of his room with 
a coffee cup in his hand. 

He was fully dressed but all Darlene could think off 
was that long fat cock the man had between his legs. 
Darlene said he smiled at her and said. "Morning young 

Darlene smiled back and noticed the black man's eyes 
were fixed on her blouse. You see, Darlene has always 
been very large endowed and like the tom boy country 
girl she is, never wears a bra. She wasn't wearing one 
that day for sure. He seemed to take a liking to 
Darlene since she was young and blonde like the woman 
he'd fucked the night before.

Darlene said she saw a car drive up with a white guy 
driving. He said something to the black man who turned 
around and cracked open the motel room door. A few 
seconds later Darlene said the blonde woman emerged 
from the room. She was dressed in jeans and a blouse 
much like Darlene wore with big old tits like 

She got into the car with the white guy and they drove 
off. Darlene thought it was rather unusual. Her Daddy 
was still in the shower so she wandered over near 
where the black man stood.

"That your Daddy's rig out there?" The black man asked 

"Yep. We're headed up north into Michigan. Have to 
deliver those two tractors," Darlene replied.

"Wait just a minute while I get you something young 

Darlene watched as the black man disappeared into his 
room and brought out a paper. He walked over and 
handed it to Darlene starring at her tits.

"That's a discount coupon for your next stay. I'm Chet 
and I own this place. You and your Daddy are welcome 
back anytime."

Well, Darlene gave the coupon to her Daddy who was 
always looking for deals when they stayed somewhere so 
whenever they traveled toward that area Darlene's 
Daddy would stop at that little old motel.

She got to know Chet a little better every time they 

Chet would flirt with her telling her how gorgeous she 
was and all the white boys would be chasing after her 
someday. Darlene said she ran into the white woman a 
few months later outside the motel. She had a big 
belly and was defiantly pregnant.

Darlene remembered how she heard that woman begging to 
be black bred. She was wearing a wedding ring and 
wondered if she were married to Chet. She got nosy and 
asked Chet when she saw him.

"That blonde woman your wife?"

Chet laughed than replied. "Nope. She works here 
cleaning rooms. Her old man works down at that corner 
gas station."

Darlene started wondering  but only remarked. "Guess 
she is going to have a baby."

Chet laughed really hard grinning as he replied to 
Darlene. "Yep. She's going to have a baby alright. A 
black baby."

Darlene looked puzzled but was very nosy for her age. 
"Her old man black?" Darlene asked.

"Nope. Just love black dick." Chet starred at Darlene 
than asked her. "How old are you young lady?"

"Just had a birthday last week. Just turned eighteen."

Chet kept starring at Darlene's tits like a dog would 
a bone. "Well. I guess you're old enough to know." 
Chet paused than said.  "Her old man is a cuckold. 
Loves having other men fuck his wife. Especially black 
men like me."

"You mean you're the babies' father?"

Chet laughed. "For a young girl you sure want to know 
everything don't you?"

Darlene blushed. "Just wondered is all."

Chet kept looking at Darlene's tits. Her nipples were 
clearly visible thru her white blouse. 

"I'm the Daddy if you really want to know. How old did 
you say you were again?" Chet asked.


"OK. Just wanted to make sure. You're not fibbing me 
are you?"

Darlene replied. "Nope."

Chet thought a minute than replied. "She loves big 
black dick like a lot of other white women."

Darlene just kept starring at Chet for more answers. 
"Let me tell you something girl. I have a list of slut 
white wives that I service regularly and that's no 
bull shit. Women around here know me as, Horse."

Chet made Darlene grin. She knew Chet wasn't telling 
stories. She saw the size of his cock with her own 
eyes when he bred that white woman last time they were 

"I believe you. Just wondered why they all attracted 
to you. Don't their husbands' have big dicks?"

Chet laughed out really loud. "You wait until you get 
a little older and get married yourself young lady. 
You might understand things a little better when you 

Darlene told me that story a million times and I 
always got a hard on every time she told it. Darlene 
likes to tell the story every time we have sex. The 
best part didn't happen to later on that evening. 
Darlene said she was hanging around the back of the 
motel that night after her and her Daddy ate at the 
café across the street.

Chet had a small house around back behind the motel. 
The little house had a nice porch out front where Chet 
would sit on his favorite chair. The moon was shining 
bright that night and illuminated just about 
everything that night. Including the porch on Chet's 

Darlene said she heard people talking. Coming from 
Chet's front porch. She was being careful not to be 
seen so she hide in the bushes listening to the 

"Suck it bitch... That's it... Take it all the way 
down your throat."

Darlene peeked around the corner. It was the pregnant 
white woman sucking on Chet's big black cock. Darlene 
said she stood there watching until Chet shot his load 
inside the woman's mouth. Darlene saw her stand up 
than walk toward her car parked alongside the motel 
and leave.

Darlene tripped over a board or something. "Alright 
now. I hear you in there. Come on out where I can see 
you." Chet said.

Darlene came out into the moon light where Chet could 
see who she was. He started laughing as soon as he saw 
her face.

"Did you learn anything back there young lady?"

"Sorry sir. I didn't mean to ease drop on you."

Chet stood up. His pants were bunched up down near his 
feet." Come around here young lady. Chet said.

Darlene walked around starring at Chet's big black 

"This is what I told you about. These white women go 
crazy for this big thing of mine."

Darlene didn't know what to say as she starred at the 
big cock up and close but said. "Guess God gifted you 
in the right places."

Chet laughed. Then he starred at Darlene's tits again 
and said, "Come here. Don't be afraid. Come closer."

Darlene walked slowly forward until she was within 
reach of Chet.

"Go ahead. Touch it."

Darlene starred at the big fat cock but said. "My 
Daddy would kiss us both if he found out."

Chet blurted out. "You said you were eighteen, right?"

"Yes sir."

"OK than. You're old enough to touch it. Go ahead and 
just feel it with your fingers."

Darlene was hesitant at first but slowly reached out 
and took hold of the big thick cock. Chet sighed when 
he felt her soft white fingers touch his cock.

"Go ahead. Stroke it a little and see how big you can 
make it."

Darlene could smell liquor on Chet's breath so she 
knew he had been drinking. Darlene told me many times 
how quick that black cock grew in her hand. It could 
so big it started to scare her a little.

About that time Darlene heard her Daddy calling her 
name and let go of Chet's cock. If it wasn't for 
Darlene's Daddy calling her at the split moment than 
she might not have been a virgin when I married her.

"I have to get going." Darlene told Chet.

"Listen, wait a minute." Chet said pulling his pants 
up. Chet pulled out his motel business card and gave 
it to Darlene than said.
"If you ever get yourself married and your old man 
can't provide you with the proper dicken' than you 
give me a call. You hear?"

Darlene just shook her head and turned and walked 
quickly back to her room.

Yes sir. Darlene talks about that night often. She 
even still has the card Chet gave her that night 
tucked away in her jewelry box.  Darlene's Daddy never 
got a delivery back in that direction while Darlene 
rode with him so she never saw Chet again. 

It's funny. Darlene always talks about Chet's big 
black dick when we're having sex. Her pussy gets 
wetter than a soaked sponge with a vise clap around 
it. I always tease her that she should give old Chet a 
call someday and tell him she's married now. Just to 
have some fun.

I have to admit that my dick gets hard wondering what 
Darlene would do with a fat black cock inside her 
pussy like Chet's. We talked about Chet many times. 
Darlene guessed he must be in his forties. She has 
always been attracted to older men. Maybe because of 
her Daddy or something.

Yep. Darlene talks to me like I'm a little boy 
sometimes.  Steven! Did you wipe your shoes off when 
you came into the house? Eat all your food Steven. 
Starving children around the world would love to have 
what you have on your dinner plate. Then there is the 
brush your teeth before you go to bed routine. It goes 
on and on but I love her so much. 

We did get into this big argument this morning. It's 
about kids again. Darlene wants a house full but we 
haven't had much luck yet. My Daddy told me to keep 
trying. Could never wear it out he always told me. The 
remark that pissed me off this morning was when 
Darlene told me she would call Chet and see if he's 
still around. Said Chet could give her a baby. I told 
her to go ahead. See if I cared any.

She was so mad at me that she fetched Chet's old 
business card out of her jewelry box and walked out 
the door and drove off somewhere. Wait. I see a cloud 
of dust coming up the road. Turning into the driveway 
now. It's Darlene.

Darlene stopped the car just short of the trailer and 
got out and walked up toward the porch where Steve was 

Steve looked up at Darlene and asked. "You still mad?"

"No." Darlene replied and leaned over giving him a big 

Darlene gave him a kiss on the lips holding his 
cheeks. "Go wash up while I make dinner."

Darlene walked into the trailer as Steve followed. 

Steve sat at the dinner table looking over at Darlene. 
"Did you call him."

Darlene looked puzzled. "Who? Daddy?"

Steve thought Darlene must have forgotten about what 
she said about Chet. "You said you were calling Chet."

Darlene continued eating but stopped long enough and 
replied. "I didn't really mean it."

Later that evening when they were cuddling in bed 
Steve asked Darlene about Chet again.

"Why don't you give the man a call and see how he's 
doing. Maybe he could give you some advice on us 
having kids."

Darlene said she would think about it. They both fell 
asleep soon after.

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