Friday, 18 October 2013


After reading the stories that others have posted, I 
think our experience qualifies as worthy to be written 
down also... this is a true story and it was the first 
time anything like this ever happened to us, even 
though we have been trying... 

My wife and I decided at the last moment to take off 
for a weekend camping trip to a remote area that we 
had been to once before, looking for rocks and gems. 
The weather forecast called for rain but that doesn't 
bother us as it actually helps to see the color in the 
stones. Before we got to our destination it started to 
drizzle a little bit so we knew we were going to be 
pretty much by ourselves at the campsite. 

When we arrived, we were surprised that the only other 
person we saw in the area had a motorcycle for 
transportation and was staying in a tent under a big 
juniper tree (we found out later he was a college 
student and was doing a study and mapping the area for 
a class project). 

we were going to be staying in our enclosed trailer 
that we haul our quads in, so it would be dry and have 
plenty of room to move around in. (we unload the 
quads) We Had a queen mattress that we stowed against 
the wall that we made into a nice comfy bed.

After our introductions, I offered the other camper a 
beer, which he was grateful for as he came in packing 
pretty light, and after visiting for a while it really 
started raining, so we went back to our trailer and he 
went into his tent.

We ate dinner and went to bed about 9. We fell asleep 
listening to the rain on the aluminum roof of the 
trailer, then around 11pm we heard the neighbor camper 
asking if we were still awake, (I was now). Then 
before I answered he knocked on the door. I got up and 
opened the door and asked what I could do for him... 
he was wet completely thru his clothes and he was 
wondering if he could stay in our pickup for the 
night. I said to come in the trailer and ill would get 
him some dry clothes to change into. My wife was still 
under the covers...

I thought about it and the kid was not going to 
survive the night out there and we didn't have any 
extra covers, and I didn't want him staying in the 
truck and having the engine running for heat, so I 
asked my wife what she thought about letting him sleep 
under the covers with us. She said that should be ok. 
We all got in our toasty warm bed and I was on the 
outer edge and she snuggled up tight to me so he would 
have plenty of room, over half of the bed.

And we all went to sleep...

Sometime later I woke up and my wife was still 
snuggled tight to me, but I felt a slow rhythm motion 
that continued for a while but it didn't take long to 
figure out he was up against my wife and was grinding 
on her ever so slightly. I wasn't sure if she was 
awake or not, but the thought of it was arousing me.

I didn't move or do anything and in a few minutes she 
moved and rolled away from me a little bit and the 
motion stopped. Then it started up again only 
different and I could feel her moving... I could only 
guess that she had rolled over and was now slowly 
stroking his cock with her hand and not wanting to 
wake me up.

I was almost ready to cum thinking about her hand 
wrapped around this kid's hard cock... 

This guy was probably 24 and nice looking with a very 
pleasant personality and my wife is 46. She is 5'2", 
very good looking and has a great figure with firm 
medium sized tits. And she has a healthy sex drive. I 
am 50, 6'1" and also in good shape as we hike a lot 
and are outdoors people in general

I am not overly long at 6", but it gets hard and 
extremely thick... and our sex life is great as we are 
both open minded and like sharing our fantasies, 
watching dirty movies and trying new toys. We have 
fantasized about a threesome and tried to make it 
happen but it always seemed forced or something... it 
just never happened. (Too many boorish or overbearing 
guys out there. Crude and rude is another description 
of a lot of the men you meet when trying to make 
something like this happen. We don't want someone like 

We are both very bi-curious and have always hoped we 
could connect with another couple.

But after all the trying, something was happening now 
without trying. Finally, she rolled away from me and 
was now fully facing him and the action picked up. 
More motion and heavier breathing. I didn't know what 
to do, I was still acting like I was asleep, but I was 
excited beyond belief. 

Finally I moved a little and when I did, all the 
motion stopped and it got quiet. When it started 
again, I rolled over to face my wife's back and 
pretended to be still sound asleep... in a few minutes 
I slowly stuck my hard-on up against her crack... 
surly she had to know by now that I was awake. But he 
didn't know it!

The motion started up again and a bit more now... then 
I started slowly humping on her like he did to get 
this all started.

I gently moved my hand up on her arm and felt the 
motion of it playing with his cock, and then followed 
it down to where her hand was. I could tell by her 
motions that he had a nice long cock and she was 
working it pretty good now. I was still sliding my 
meat up and down her ass crack. Then I slowly worked 
my way back up her arm and then reached for her tits. 
And found a hand already there. He withdrew his 
quickly and didn't move, but my wife was now working 
his shaft harder than ever. 

I pulled her butt around so I could bury my hard cock 
in her pussy, and when I did this she bent forward and 
started sucking him. She had an orgasm within 30 
seconds... There is no doubt now that everyone was 
awake and enjoying themselves. It was pitch black in 
the trailer, no light whatsoever, and no one had 
spoken a word. 

Then she pulled away from me and turned around and 
said "stick it in me" with her ass towards him. And 
she started sucking on me. He was up on his knees 
fucking her hard. She had my dick in her mouth and 
every thrust he gave her with his cock. I got just as 
good from her mouth... I knew I wasn't going to last 
long and in about 3 minutes I came hard and she 
swallowed... and she kept sucking me even after I went 
soft and he was still pounding her. 

Soon the rhythm picked up and he was grunting and my 
cock got instantly hard again knowing he was squirting 
a load deep inside my wife. Then she turned around and 
let me fuck her while she worked him over again with 
her mouth. Then we all fell asleep.

In the morning I was woken up by the motion on the bed 
again... this time he was on top of her going at it 
and she was lying face down on her belly... I had to 
get up and pee. When I got back they had the covers 
off and I could see he had a very nice cock he was 
fucking her with, at least 8.5 or 9 inches.

It was a lot longer than my 6 inches but not as 
thick... soon they both came and he rolled off of 
her... by this time I was making coffee. They cleaned 
up and got dressed and we had coffee, then she made 

The weather was a little better in the morning and he 
had work to do and we had rocks to find, so we went 
our separate ways, her and I talked about the 
experience all day and decided we would invite him 
back that evening.

When we got in about 4pm he was already at his site 
with a fire going so I got a couple beers and went and 
visited with him while she made dinner.

I asked him if he wanted to join us for dinner and he 
said sure, so while I got up to go pee I asked him to 
go over and get a couple more beers for us from the 
trailer... and see what she was fixing us for dinner. 

After 15 minutes he still didn't come back... so I 
went over to see where my beer was and as I approached 
the trailer I could hear it rocking on the springs. I 
didn't want to interrupt her fun so I stayed away, but 
I did walk past the open door and saw they were hard 
at it again. She was on her back on the mattress with 
just her pants off, and he had his pants down around 
his knees and her legs were up over his shoulders... 
they didn't see me. I got so hard I forgot about the 
beer and went around the trailer and jacked off.

In a little bit he came out with the beer. He said she 
distracted him for a few minutes. I said yea, I 
figured that out.

We had a nice dinner outside and another beer and we 
had a fire going at our site by this time so we hung 
out, flirted and had a fun time. By this time it was 
about 6:30pm and in a little while she went over and 
sat by him... then she just reached out and opened his 
fly and pulled his cock out and jacked it and played 
with it in front of me in the daylight. Of course I 
was hard again. 

She knows I am curious about another man's cock... and 
I am not sure if she was teasing me with it or just 
letting me see how nice it was... either way I wanted 
to feel it in my hand and to taste it but I didn't 
know how he would react. I was so hard it almost hurt. 
But we just talked about stuff; work, play, fishing, 
just conversation while she massaged his meat and 
sucking it clean of precum every so often.

Then she said she was going to go clean the trailer 
and she was going to get ready for bed. We stayed out 
by the fire and in a while I asked him if he needed a 
place to stay tonight, he said that it would be nice 
because his sleeping bag was still wet.

We went in and my wife was already in bed, so we got 
cleaned up and crawled in too. She was facing me and 
it didn't take long and he was fucking her again from 
behind while lying on his side, as was she. I worked 
my hand down between her legs and got to feel his big 
dick sliding in and out of her. I was about as turned 
on at that moment as I have ever been in my entire 
life, before or since. She and I were kissing and it 
was intense. 

I absolutely love and adore my wife and the feeling I 
got by being able to share an experience like this 
with her is indescribable. It's a feeling of closeness 
that I've never felt before. We were in this together 
completely and solely for the sake of pleasure.

After they both came again I was still horny and I 
wanted to see what it was like to lick her after 
someone else had his hard cock in her... so I 
whispered in her ear and she said she cleaned up good 
before bed and that she would like it too... 

Her pussy was hot, steaming... and wet... and once I 
got settled in I couldn't get enough. I couldn't tell 
his jizm from her wetness, but it was very wet and all 
good. It surprised me that I couldn't tell, but after 
cumming so much in the past 24 hours he probably 
didn't have much left to squirt. I loved licking her 
hot, swollen, freshly fucked pussy with a load of cum 
in it. I cleaned her up and then it was my turn to 
fuck her. It took about 2 minutes which was good for 
her because she was getting sore from all the fucking 
she had gotten from his long dick, and with my short 
fat one it stretched her sore pussy beyond comfortable 

We all fell asleep and in the morning she gave him a 
good blowjob, we had breakfast and then we packed up 
and left. We talk about it all the time and want to 
re-live it. We wish it was easier to find the right 
guy for this type of fun. Maybe someday. 

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