Friday, 25 October 2013


Kari and I had always been a pain in the ass to each 
other and after our folks died in a car wreck things just 
got worse. I was nineteen when she got married to Don and 
kicked me off of the estate and I ended up in a shitty 
little apartment in the bad part of town. I managed for a 
year and then the company I worked for went into Chapter 
7 and that was that. The only upside was the company 
lawyer told me a legal right to live back at home so I 
enlisted his aid and was soon back at home in my old 

I immediately decided to make life miserable for Kari and 
the best way for me to do that was to be a tease to Don. 
I'd go around the house in one of his shirts and just a 
pair of panties, after making sure the air conditioning 
was on first. She'd leave for work in the mornings and 
I'd make him breakfast while all I wore was a silk 
peignoir that showed off most of my 34C's. At night when 
I knew he was up late working on a project I'd go skinny-
dip in the pool, knowing he'd see me out the window. 

My mistake was that I never once thought about how Don 
felt, all I could think about was getting at Kari by 
getting him all hot and bothered. I didn't have a lot of 
experience with men and I had no idea what I was messing 

After six straight months of this I guess I didn't plan 
on my to speak. 

My ovulation cramps had been pretty bad this one night 
and I woke up needing some serious relief. I padded out 
to the bathroom and popped three of Kari's Midol and then 
decided to hit the hot tub to ease the aches a bit more. 
I went out the back door to the pool and the hot tub and 
got the extra bonus of seeing the light on in Don's 
study. I was going to go naked anyways, but I made an 
extra show of it as I stepped out of my panties and then 
unbuttoned one of Don's shirts that I'd appropriated for 
a nightshirt. 

Naked, I slipped into the soothing heat and felt the 
cramps begin to abate. The relief was amazing and I 
decided to use the built-in lounge in the hot tub to 
relax even more. I stretched out my legs to the pedestal 
in middle of the tub and felt the world start to slip 
away. Sleep hit me like a truck and I remembered as I was 
dozing off thinking about how it was just like being in 
my mother's arms again. 

When I woke up the water was sloshing a little bit and 
the pool lights were all off. It was a little 
disorienting to be in the dark like that, but I didn't 
panic. Actually, I figured it was safe since there wasn't 
anyone around for a mile or so and I just put my head 
back and drifted off again. 

I woke up again to the feeling of someone pulling me out 
of the lounge. 

"Wha-wh-wah's going on?" I said to the ink-black night. 

"It's okay, it's me." Don's familiar voice settled me 
down, but I still felt a tinge of panic at how dopey I 

"You did know," he went on, "that Kari keeps her Vicodin 
in her old Midol bottle since it's easier to open. I 
heard you open the bottle and was a little concerned 
you'd drown out here." 

I rested my head on his shoulder since it seemed so heavy 
to hold it up on my own. 

"Thanks, Don, you're the best." 

Then the thought hit me that Don's shoulder was holding 
my head up. The confusion of reconciling my former 
reclining position with wherever I was now made me fidget 
a bit to feel around myself. 

"Shhhh, baby, you're with Don and you're just fine." I 
calmed down a little and brought my ankles in to my belly 
and found something blocking them. I rubbed the heels of 
my feet around and felt them touching skin... but not my 
skin. It was Don's back. 

"Yeah, that's right baby...wrap your pretty little legs 
around me... mmmmm." He pulled me tighter and I felt the 
warm water gush up between my breasts as our bodies met. 

"Don... wha... what are you doing?" I found the strength 
to pull my head up to face him, except that I couldn't 
see him in the dark. 

"Sweetie, I'm gonna show you what you've been messing 
with since you moved here." 

He pulled me tighter and his lips sought out my own and 
he began the softest, most passionate kiss I'd ever had 
in my life. His hands roamed freely over my naked body 
and I felt myself responding to his kiss with a kiss of 
my own. The drugs made me feel as if I was watching this 
all take place from somewhere else. 

We were in the middle of a kiss when he cupped my ass 
with his hands and gently lifted me in the weightlessness 
of the water. His cock slipped up between my pussy lips 
and then came to rest between my ass cheeks as he lowered 

"Don, we can't... I can't... I'm not protected... you're 

He didn't try anything right off and just resumed kissing 
me. I lost track of time as we kissed and then he began 
the most exquisite grinding of his cock between my pussy 
lips and I felt my senses whirl. The grinding became more 
strategic as he pulled me tighter to grind his cock into 
my clit. I was beginning to feel the onset of a 
wonderful, warm climax when he lifted me up again and I 
felt his cock pry at the door of my pussy. 

"Don," I protested, "I can't... you know." 

He thrust into me, just enough. 

"I swear I won't come in you... I promise." 

What the fuck was I thinking? I kissed him and ground 
into him. 

"Okay... just don't come in me." 

That wonderful cock of his magically slipped into me and 
I was fucking my sister's husband. My whole universe 
quickly became that cock, sliding in... sliding out... 
fitting in to me... withdrawing... snuggling up to my 
cervix... pulling back. My delayed release began to build 
up and Don felt it, too. He held me tighter and drove 
deeper into me, making me gasp with the sensation of 
being penetrated so deeply. 

It didn't take long before I felt it start up. I don't 
know why, but some vestige of common sense told me to 
stop and I tried to lift myself off of that wonderful rod 
in my body. Don squeezed me tighter and drew me down, 
impaling me deeply on his beautiful tool. 

I felt it begin in my toes and sweep up my legs until it 
centered in my belly. My body fully opened to this 
available male, all I could think of now was the delirium 
cresting across my being. 

Don was building up to something himself and I felt his 
need building as my own peak drove me into a mating fury, 
humping at the cock in my pussy, making it hit my 
pleasure harder... deeper. Deeper... deeper into my 
body... inviting the male into my depths... to release 

The thought cleared my mind even in the middle of the 
finest orgasm of my life! 

"Don, you promised... Please! Uunghhh!!!" 

He was the master. He drove his cock hard into me and 
brought me to this place I'd never even imagined. I was 
senseless and aware of everything all at the same time. I 
abandoned myself to my demanding need and answered his 
deep thrusts by spreading my thighs to allow him fully 
into my eager body. I was terrified when I felt his cock 
swell up inside of me and kiss up to my cervix. I knew 
what was coming. I couldn't help myself as I spread my 
legs even further. 

With a series of deep, quick thrusts, he buried himself 
to the hilt in my pussy, ramming his cock almost into my 
womb, and then let loose his jets of sperm-laden come 
into my fertile belly. I never thought he'd stop coming. 
It just seemed to go on forever as my life changed 

He relaxed and held me tight with his throbbing cock 
still twitching sperm into me. I began to cry a little 
and he kissed me gently. 


He rocked me in his arms for what seemed like hours. Then 
I felt him push into me again. In the darkness he didn't 
see me crying as his swelling cock began to thrust itself 
into me again. I just sat there as he mated himself to me 
again and soon I felt him spurting his cream into my body 
for a second time that night. Not long after that the 
Vicodin claimed me and I can't remember what happened or 
how I got back to my room.

The next morning I awoke to a sunny day and as I 
remembered the night's affair I wondered if it was just a 

Kari opened the door to look at me. She seemed both 
pissed and somehow satisfied, as if in an "I-told-you-so" 
kind of way.

"Didja like fucking my husband?" 

Her voice was saccharin sweet. Shit, I thought, I'm 
really gonna get it. And I was both right and wrong with 
that thought. 

"You better get used to it if you're gonna stay here and 
tease him." 

She turned as Don came up behind her and kissed her full 
on the lips. She looked him in the eye. 

"Be down soon for breakfast." He said to her as she stood 
there hugging him.

Don kissed her again and I watched in disbelief as she 
turned and walked out the door. My disbelief was 
magnified when I watched as Don closed the door and his 
terry robe fell to the floor. There was already a glisten 
of moisture on his hard cock as he pulled back my 
blankets to reveal my naked body. 

I was speechless as he climbed onto the bed and knelt 
between my legs. I closed my eyes and felt him pull my 
thighs onto his and then his cock prodded between my 
pussy lips again.

"Just lay back and enjoy sis, cause I'm gonna fuck a baby 
into you if it's the last thing I do."

I was just about to beg him to stop when he slipped that 
magnificent cock of his all the way into me in one slow, 
electrifying plunge. 

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