Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I'm Tom and my lovely wife Erin and I have been 
married for eleven years now. We live in suburban 
Detroit where I've worked for one of the auto 
manufacturing companies for the past fourteen years. 
We live in this tiny little house in a suburban city 
just south of Detroit. It's predominantly a blue 
collar neighborhood. It's a nice town and nothing 
exciting never really happens here. The local 
newspaper headlines are usually packed full of stories 
about the high school football team. Now the Detroit 
newspapers are completely different. Always a murder 
or a robbery going on in that city. I know because I 
work in Detroit.

We have good friends that live in the city. One of 
those new high rise apartments recently built in the 
downtown area of Detroit. Our friends are Julie and 
Rick. Rick's a white guy I've known since I graduated 
high school we worked at a local car wash together for 
a summer job until we found something more permanent. 
Yeah. You guessed it. We both work on the assembly 
line together. 

I've always envied Rick. Always thought his gorgeous 
Asian wife Julie was a knockout. Julie has a pretty 
face with an adorable smile. She loves to joke around 
and have fun. Always doing something sexy to show off 
that gorgeous petite body of hers.

It's not that my wife Erin isn't gorgeous. She is and 
I think very sexy too. It's just that I always wanted 
to know what it would be like screwing an Asian woman 
like Julie. Julie has a gorgeous little ass she 
wiggles when she walks. She is much more open about 
certain things than my wife Erin.

Rick and Julie have been out to our house for 
barbeques many times. We've gone to the movies 
together and just about everything two couples can do 
together. That is until recently. Neither of us had 
any kids yet. Julie and Rick were talking about 
adopting a child. Erin and I have been putting having 
a baby off for a long time since money has been tight. 
It had been about six months since Julie and Rick 
accepted one of our offers to get together on a 

Rick always came up with an excuse that they were busy 
taking care of Julies Mother. Another week it would be 
something else. Erin and I were getting really 
concerned. We didn't want to lose our best friends.

We finally got together this past Fourth of July 
weekend. Everything seemed normal again only this time 
my wife Erin finally asked Julie what was wrong. Why 
haven't they been able to get together with us the 
past several months?

Julie said they joined this club out of Detroit. It 
was a couples club as Julie put it. We wanted to know 
why they didn't ask us to join. That's when Julie said 
it was a special kind of club and we probably wouldn't 
be interested. 

It took most of the afternoon to convince our best 
friends to let us in on what kind of club they 
belonged to.  Julie said it was a couples club. Sort 
of she said. We kept digging that afternoon until Rick 
and Julie finally sat down with us in the living room 
and told us all about the club they belonged to.

Julie started explaining things to us. "I don't know 
how to tell you this but the club we belong to is 
called. The black Stable Club." 

Erin and I laughed at the name Julie told us. We 
waited for all the details as Julie explained the name 
of the club and what they did every Saturday night.

"You see. We're sort of swingers. A bunch of couples 
get together every Saturday night at the club and we 
have an auction. Each of us wives are each week to be 
auctioned off to the highest bidder. We currently have 
seventeen couples that belong to our club."

"Where does the name black stable come from then?" I 

Julie giggled with a devilish smile. "The club is run 
by a group of black men. They are a bit on the wild 
side. They make all the rules and have the couples 
sign contracts when they join."

My wife Erin asked. "What do they do? Do they watch 
the couples swing or something?"

Julie and Rick both laughed as Rick hesitantly 
explained. "Uh….You see. The black men have these 
poker games to see who is going to have the most chips 
for bidding on the women that night. The lucky guys 
will get to bid on the most attractive women in the 

"You mean Julie is put up for auction to have sex with 
one of these black men?"

Rick and Julie just laughed. Rick went on to tell us 
more. "Julie usually gets auctioned off pretty quick. 
They have these private rooms where they take the 
women. The rules of the club states that they can do 
whatever they so please with them. Sometimes us guys 
are allowed to watch and sometimes we have to wait it 

I kept listening to Rick explain the club to us. "You 
see, they have these pool table and video games to 
keep us entertained while the women are busy servicing 
the black men. They even have this huge TV we can 
watch when there is a game on. There are some nights 
they'll video what's going on in one of the rooms and 
play it live on the TV."

"You're kidding?" my wife asked.

"No," Rick replied. He went on saying. "When a new 
couple join they always put her and her black bull up 
on the TV so we can all watch the fun."

Julie butted in saying. "Rick said all the guys were 
focused on my body the night they put me on that 
screen. He said all the guys were chanting and egging 
my black stud on as he fucked me."

Erin and I looked at each other with stunned 
expressions on our faces.

Julie continued talking and telling us more. "I guess 
you two are shocked after telling you about our club."

Erin replied, "Julie. I would have never expected you 
and Rick to be involved with something like this."

Julie smiled as said, "Yes. I know."

Erin and I were very stunned to learn that our best 
friends were involved in a swingers club. The most 
shocking part was that it was an interracial club and 
the husbands could only watch. After Rick and Julie 
went home that night, Erin and I laid up half the 
night thinking about the things Julie said took place 
at their private club.

Several weeks had passed since Rick and Julie spilled 
out their guts to us about their club. We sort of kept 
our distance from them lately knowing their Saturday 
nights were going to be reserved for their club 

Julie called one Friday afternoon wanting Erin to go 
out shopping for new clothes with her. I guess they 
had lunch together and Erin came home well after 
dinner. I cooked something up in the microwave that 
night. Erin came home telling me she had stopped off 
at Julies' club to leave off some party supplies and 
she met a couple of the black men that ran the club. 

Erin said they didn't seem like bad people. They were 
really friendly to her and even invited her to come to 
one of the parties.  I was a little shocked that Erin 
even told me about it. Later that night Erin and I had 
wild sex for the first time in weeks. She later 
confessed to me that she always had a fantasy of being 
made love to by a black man. 

She had asked me if I'd ever be turned on watching 
another man make love to her and I replied that I 
wasn't sure. I'd read stories on the internet about 
fictional couples getting involved in interracial 
parties where the husband always watched. Those 
stories turned me on a lot but I never considered 
watching my own wife making love to another man.

I lay there in bed thinking about what Erin had told 
me about her fantasy and couldn't help to wonder if 
her and Julie had been discussing us joining their 
club. We both woke up sometime during the night and 
had our second round of wild sex that night. I don't 
think that ever happened since our first year of 

The next morning we somehow started to discuss The 
Black Stable Club. Erin opened up about her discussion 
with Julie on Friday. Julie discussed sex with the 
black men into more detail. Guess she was too 
embarrassed to speak about it in front of me a few 
weeks ago. We talked about it most of the day until 
Erin finally called Julie just before they left for 
the clubs weekly party.

Erin told Julie we were willing to give it a try. 
Julie explained that it was too late to invite a guest 
to the club this week but said that we could come the 
following week. Julie and Rick stopped by during the 
week and had dinner with us. Rick was more open this 
time telling me how exciting it was to watch the other 
wives getting laid by these dominating black men. 

Julie even joked about how she was spoiled by the much 
larger size of the black members now. Said her pussy 
had stretched out after repeatedly being used by 
different black bulls week after week. She laughed 
saying she had no problem accommodating the largest 
men at the club now.

Julie took Erin out shopping for a new dress to wear 
to the club. I still wasn't sure if I really wanted to 
go but Erin seemed more excited than I had ever 
dreamed she would. I actually hoped Erin would change 
her mind about wanting to go to the club party that 
following weekend but she was still all for it 
Saturday morning. Julie called Erin around none and 
told us to meet them at their house around five. By 
this time Erin was getting butterflies in her stomach 
and so was I for that matter. 

The dress Erin wore wasn't all that revealing. The 
most important attire was being carried in a little 
bag Julie had loaned her. I never got a look at what 
she brought but did see her putting a pair of black 
high heels into the little bag. 

Rick said that's when the fun began at the club. When 
the women changed into something really revealing and 
paraded around on a stage as they lined up for the 
weekly auction. Here we were riding in the back seat 
of Rick and Julie's car. If we changed our mind now 
we'd have to call a cab to take us back to their 
place. The trip to downtown Detroit took us about 
thirty-five minutes. 

Rick pulled into a parking lot next to this old brick 
building on the corner. The parking lot was fenced in 
with wire wrapped around the top of the fence. Wasn't 
the best neighborhood but at least the parking lot was 
guarded and fenced off. There were lots of cars there 
already, perhaps fifty or more.

I held Erin's hand as we walked up to the door behind 
Julie and Rick. There was a heavy set black man seated 
near the door. He recognized Julie and Rick and smiled 
at the couple who were explaining that we were the new 
couple they were bringing tonight.

The black guy starred at Erin starting with her legs 
working his eyes up to her face and finally let us 
pass. We walked thru this big steel door into a very 
dark room. Took my eyes a while to adjust. We were in 
some sort of lobby and the only people around. We did 
hear people talking in another room. Mostly men 
talking and laughing. Rick said it was the men playing 
cards and getting ready for the nights auction.

To my surprise, Julie took hold of Erin's hand and 
started to lead her thru a door toward the left of us. 
She waived at me saying. "We'll see you guys a little 

I looked at Rick wondering what was going on. We 
haven't even signed membership forms yet. He said we'd 
do it separately and lead me in the other direction. 
This was going to be some night! 

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