Tuesday, 29 October 2013


My name is George and my wife’s name is Dee. You have 
to understand that I grew up in Michigan and black and 
white was not uncommon however my wife grew up in 
Atlanta where proper white girls did not date black 
guys. Just a social taboo carried out from earlier 
generations. This story starts at a time when we had 
been married for 18 years and the company had recently 
transferred me to a plant located in the South as a 

I had recently hired a handsome single young black man 
named Sid. He was a very black friendly guy who seemed 
to get along with everyone he met. The plant had a 
break and lunch room where employees took their lunch 
and coffee breaks. Of course there was always the 
typical talk and jokes while on break. Sid and I would 
often talk and the topic of women and sex was not alien 
to our conversations. 

Sometimes the lady employees would join in and sex 
would enter into the conversation as well. It was 
usually some rumor about who was cheating with whom 
etc. One day Beth, an older married white employee 
joined us and we were joking about who was getting it 
on with whom. Beth looked at Sid and said, "You would 
be surprised at how some of the gals wish they could 
melt your chocolate." 

Sid sort of looked startled then smiled as he replied, 
"There are some really foxy white ladies here that I 
wish would try to melt my chocolate." At that we all 

I jokingly said to Sid, "Sounds like a recipe for fun 
and danger to me. Some of these Red Neck husbands might 
not like the attention you would get from their white 

I was pondering how many white wives would like to get 
it black. I wondered if my white wife ever thought of 
getting some black. I could tell that I was getting a 
strange erotic feeling from these thoughts. This 
subject occupied my mind the rest of the week as I 
began to have thoughts about how I would like to see my 
wife give a black man some of the best white honey in 
the world. I had a very sexy wife who loved sex and was 
not bashful in bed. 

I was having all kinds of thoughts and asking myself 
all kinds of questions. Would she do it? Would she like 
to try some black? Would I enjoy her doing it? How 
could I approach the subject with her? Hummmmmm now Sid 
was a good prospect and I think he would like my wife 
if he had a chance to give her a good look. I need to 
feel him out some more and plan some way to have Dee 
and Sid meet.

One day at lunch I said to Sid, "I have heard that 
Black guys dream about getting a white man’s wife in 
bed," and chuckled as I asked, "Is that true"? Sid 
smiled and said that most of the black guys he knew 
always joked about it. He doubted that many succeeded. 
I pushed the point and asked if he had succeeded. He 
laughed and said that it was still a fantasy of his. He 
just had not been lucky enough to have done it. 

I continued, "I hear that a lot of white wives would 
like to try black but are afraid of getting caught. It 
is still sort of taboo here in the South you know."

Sid nodded then casually asked if my wife was one of 
them. I laughed and informed him that she was a proper 
southern gal but I had never asked her and that I 
really did not know., and that perhaps she could  be 
one of them.

Now that I had planted the seed, I was thinking, I need 
to water it some and see if it will grow. 

I stopped at the adult video store and selected an 
adult movie of a black man and a white woman. It was 
about a husband bringing a black painter to his house 
to paint the house and he and the wife hit it off and 
spent some time grooming each other for a nice scene in 
the bedroom.

About half way thought the movie, with my hand in Dee’s 
crotch feeling her now wet quivering honey pot, I 
remarked that we had a new black man at the factory 
that some of the  white ladies were having sexual 
fantasies about. 

Dee said, "What!" 

"Yes dear, some of the white ladies flirt with him. I 
guess they want to try some black. One lady has 
referred to it as ‘Melting his chocolate’." 

Some time later, I asked Dee to cook me up some beans 
and cornbread and bring it to my work place for lunch 
and to include enough for Sid and he had said that he 
loved beans and cornbread. She agreed and a few days 
later we had lunch together in the lunchroom with Sid, 
He really bragged to my wife as how good it was and how 
he bet she could really cook good meals. She was very 
flattered and said that she would be glad to cook him a 
good meal soon. 

Now how much better could it turn out? Sid was looking 
her over good and I could see that his hormones were 
acting up. I noted that Dee was squeezing her thighs 
together now and then which is a sign I had learned is 
a good indicator that she is feeling some tingle in her 
crotch. I had previously noted that her eyes were 
dancing up and down his body as he first was introduced 
and she seemed to be fixated on his every word and 

When we finished lunch, Sid held her hand and said, "I 
am looking forward to checking out yourrrrrr cooking 
real soon." 

Dee responded, "And I am looking forward to pleasing 
your appetite real soon."

I could tell by the way she said it that she had some 
evil thoughts or was not concentrating for some reason 
as she drug out the hand shake and parting words.

A few days later I made up my mind that I wanted to 
really get things set so that it would increase the 
chance of a nice sexual evening between the two. I 
wanted it to happen.

I told Sid that my wife was really enjoyed meeting him 
and that I thought that she had a suppressed interest 
in melting some black chocolate. Sid chuckled and 
asked, "So am I to assume that you are OK with her 
fulfilling her fantasy"?

"Wellllll, Iuuuuuuuu, I guess if she wants to, it is 
her decision. I guess just one time would not wear it 
out", and we both laughed. 

Now I had to cultivate my wife. That evening I told Dee 
that Sid had asked me if she was as hot as she looked. 
I told her that I think Sid wants to get some of her 
white pussy.

Dee tried to act shocked but I could tell that it had 
perked her interest. She asked if that upset me. I 
continued that I thought that he could have any of the 
wives in the factory and that his choosing mine was 
quite a compliment. I told her that she was my wife but 
I don’t own her and if she thought she wanted to show 
Sid what a hot wife I had that I considered that a 

"Honey I love you so much. You are so good to me. That 
movie that we saw the other night with the black man 
and white woman in it really got aroused, and when I 
met Sid, I knew that I wanted him. I don’t want to do 
anything to affect our marriage. Are you sure you are 
OK with this," she asked me.

I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply and said, 
"It is ok my love, just don’t wear it out now," as we 
both laughed.

This had taken awhile but now I had it all set up with 
both Sid and Dee thinking it was their idea and I am 
just going along with it.

The date was set for Friday night after work; Sid would 
come over for some of Dee’s cooking and what ever else 
they decided to do. I sure wanted to be a witness to 
all the doings. 

I arranged the main windows with a couple of inches 
crack at the bottom so I could hear and raised the 
blinds a few inches so I could see into the house den 
and the bedroom, where most of the action should take 
place. I could look into both  from the back patio.

I checked Dee’s chest of drawers and found some new 
under clothes that she had bought: A black sheer lacy 
thigh length nightie and a new lacy half-cup bra and 
lacy black panties. I knew now that she had some plans 
to melt some chocolate. 

Friday, dinner was ready and set and Dee went to get 
dressed. I watched through the window as she put on her 
black lace sheer panties and bra and slowly felt 
herself though them in front of the morrow. She then 
slipped her black calf length evening dress over them. 
Put on her high heel black shoes and she was ready to 
play hostess to Sid. 

I quickly moved to the den and as she came in I 
complimented her on her looks and she sat next to me as 
we waited. The doorbell rang and I let Dee answer it.

I could hear Sid muffled voice say, "Damn you sure look 

"Thanks Sid", Dee replied. I could hear her whisper, 
"You are one handsome black stud, yourself." As they 
greeted each other with a hug, I saw Sid’s hands 
briefly move to her nice round firm buttocks and pull 
her toward him as his black hands squeezed and she let 
out a soft, hummmmmm. (Although they were in the entry 
hall out of direct sight, little did they know I could 
see them in the hall mirror). He was hardly in the door 
and they had already started the little courting 

As they walked into the den and I greeted Sid, I could 
see that his male member was already bulging in the 
front of his designer white jogging suit. Damn, he was 
hot for my wife already.

As we enjoyed the dinner Dee prepared, I could not help 
but see how Sid and Dee were constantly looking at each 
other and not to be ignored were Dee’s hard nipples 
pushing into the flimsy dress.  I knew that they were 
thinking of how they were going to enjoy the evening.

We moved into the den and Dee poured us some wine as we 
all three sat on the couch with Dee in the middle. Soon 
Sid asked Dee to dance and they danced and returned to 
the couch. Dee asked me if I wanted to dance and I 
replied that she knew I was not much on dancing and for 
her and Sid to enjoy dancing and I would watch. Now Dee 
loves wine and she seemed to be ahead of everyone in 
that department as she became loose and giggly. She was 
not making moves on Sid like holding him close and 
doing the pelvic rumba on him.

I told them that I had decided to go to a movie and for 
them to enjoy dancing and I would return at midnight. 
With that I left and drove around the block, parked the 
car and went back to our patio to watch and see what 
would happen.

Sid and Dee were now dancing as one rubbing and feeling 
up and down each other’s bodies. I watched as Sid 
started feeling of Dee’s breasts and slowly doing the 
grind with his now hard manhood. Their lips met 
passionately as they danced. Dee nibbled on Sid’s ear, 
which was a well-known sign that she was horny and 
ready for action. I could see Sid’s sweat break out on 
his forehead as he pulled Dee close. I was wondering 
what that black body would look like on top of white 

I barely heard Dee whisper to Sid, "Sugar, I think we 
need to move to another room", as she led him to the 
bedroom. I moved to look into the bedroom as they 
entered hand in hand. Dee had placed lighted candles 
around the room and I could see her pull her dress over 
her head and toss it aside and turn to Sid in her sheer 
black gown and undies. "I hope you like black on white, 
Honey. If you want to, you can change the black I have 
on and replace it with that handsome black body of 

Sid pulled the shortie off, then the bra as he kissed 
and fondled her white breast and suckled them like a 
baby starved for his mother’s milk. As he suckled, Dee 
unzipped his jogging top and discarded it revealing a 
muscular jet-black upper torso. He stood still as Dee 
felt his chest and nibbled his manly nipples. Sid then 
knelt down and removed her black panties as he parted 
her hairy white honey pot and gently licked her now 
free flowing nectar.

I realized that this scene had made me hard, damn I am 
watching my wife get laid by a black stud and I am 
getting horny, it is crazy, I thought.

It was Dee’s turn now as she pulled Sid’s jogging pants 
off to reveal a nice hard long black pole standing 
ready for her inspection. Dee caressed the black 
manhood and moved her hands to cup and feel of his bull 
like balls. I was thinking of how they looked like a 
black bull’s balls dangling in their sack. They were 
huge and I could tell that Dee was very aroused by them 
as she played with them and kissed them endlessly 
before she moved to his erect black pole to worship it 
with her kisses and her mouth, slipping her tongue 
around the head several times as Sid started slowly 
thrusting into her mouth. 

She soon stood and the two naked bodies became one as 
they held each other and kissed long and hard. Sid 
broke and said, "Baby, yo done got me so hot I can’t 
wait any longer to get your white ass.’

Dee giggled, and said, "I want my black stud to have me 
now. I need your black ass on my white ass." 

They melted into the bed still embraced as they rolled 
with Sid coming up on top as Dee opened her legs to 
receive her black lover. I could see Sid moving into 
position to run his long cock deep inside my wife’s 
white pussy. I saw the head as it parted the hairy lips 
and entered, both experiencing something new for the 
first time. I heard Dee moan and saw her push toward 
Sid as he moved his rod deep inside, his hands under 
her white ass pulling her to him. 

Dee was raised on a farm and often made reference to 
farm animals during sex. It did not surprise me when I 
heard her blurt out to Sid, "Breed me you fucking young 
black bull while the old herd bull is not watching.. 
Fuck your old cow."

Sid was now driving hard and deep as Dee met every 
thrust with a thrust of her own. Sid was groaning and 
moaning as he sweated and pounded his white momma cow. 
I could see his black balls as they bounced off Dee’s 
wet white buttocks; her joy juices were now flowing 
freely and covering her white ass. Dee looked like a 
bowl of vanilla ice cream covered with hot chocolate.

Dee was not moaning deeply, a sure sign she was ready 
to orgasm as I noticed that Sid was now making short 
thrusts and grunting loudly. 

I unzipped my pants and grabbed my now hot cock, as I 
knew it was ready to explode. I had watched this whole 
scene never touching myself and now my balls were ready 
to unload.

I saw Dee stiffen as she clung to Sid as he thrust 
deeply into her and held on as Dee shook and shivered 
then they both went limp. I knew that they had both 
reached the peak and Sid had just unloaded his black 
balls into my white wife’s waiting womb.

I pulled on my cock as it shot my load somewhere into 
the night air and undoubtedly onto the patio.

The two lovers were now locked in a speechless embrace 
knowing that they had both had some great sex, and I 
thought that perhaps it was likely the best they had 
ever had. I lay back on the patio and relaxed after my 
spontaneous orgasm. What king of a man gets his nuts 
off watching his wife get laid by another man and 
especially a black man?

It was very quite then after some time, I heard Sid 
say, "Honey, you sure busted my balls."

Dee laughed and said, "I sure hope so. Of course you 
made me do it!!! You made me so hot I was crazy for 
you.. You really drove me crazy when you emptied your 
black balls in my white womb. If cocks are handsome, 
you sure have one, sugar. You can breed me anytime."

"Well what is the old bull going to think of this young 
black bull getting his prize cow? I am spoiled now that 
I have had her and will want to plant my seed in her 

"Hummmm, that is a good question. Let me work on that. 
We better get dressed as the old bull will be back from 
the movies soon. It might upset him to see us like 

After a while I heard Sid leave and drive off. I waited 
a few minutes and entered the house to find my wife in 
her gown in bed and asleep. I quietly lay down and soon 
was sleeping myself.

The next morning, Dee remarked that Sid was a great 
dancer and hoped that we could have him over again 
sometime to dance some more. I did not let on that I 
watched and listened to all knew that they were 
planning another episode. Oh well, I had a spectacular 
view and enjoyed the night and looked forward to 
another spontaneous orgasm.

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