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Ann Pham-Monet was a beautiful Eurasian girl with just 
the right proportions of Asian and European ancestry to 
produce the classic beauty of love poets. Married in 
Asia to an American gentleman 35 years her senior at age 
16, she had come with him to Washington State where she 
had divorced him when she was 20. Now, at age 28, she 
had been married to Bill Martin - age 21 - for the past 
2 years. Ann was highly sexed.

Bill Martin had a lot in common with her first husband, 
Claud Monet. Both were good looking and well built. Both 
had inherited money and were fairly well off, and both 
were hopeless bores in the bedroom. Always the optimist, 
Ann counted herself lucky to have a nice home and 
adequate finances... and respect, none of which she had 
had in her youth in Asia. 

First married to a selfish clod more than 3 times her 
age, she'd bounced to the opposite extreme and married a 
youth 7 years younger than herself. Still, she loved 
America and she loved her beautiful home with its green 
lawn and flowers among the towering trees south of 
Seattle in Federal Way.

Her sexual desires were contained in a slumbering blast 
furnace deep within her, fires now banked, but ever 
threatening to break through in tongues of white heat. 
Yes, more than most young women, she had a very strong 
sexual drive. She often got sexual release by 
"fluttering" herself. 

Only once had she had sex with anyone other than one of 
her two husbands, that when Bill, her present husband, 
had been on a weekend hunting trip and an unexpected 
visit from his older brother had ended when he had crept 
into her bed after she was asleep. 

It was only after his lovemaking became wild that she 
realized it was not a dream. Unlike his younger brother, 
he knew what to do with a girl and when to do it. 
However, he lived in Washington, D.C. - making it a one-
nighter only.

But Ann had mightily impressed big brother. She got his 
express mail letter 2 days later. It was full of 
compliments and passion, and admiration for her love 
making skills, and her body:

"When you took my hand there in the darkness of your 
room and kissed my palm with your sweet, warm mouth and 
darted your tongue between my fingers, it was like 
lightning to my soul. When you sucked my finger, my 
passion soared. But never have I experienced sensations 
such as you gave me. 

"I found that woman part of you had a life of its own 
with separate physical powers; undulating, grasping, 
squeezing, how? Oh my lovely woman, goddess, I almost 
past out with physical calamity."

Ann smiled as she read. In her country all young girls 
were taught how to control their pubocoygeal muscle 
which surrounded their vagina just inside of it. 
Actually, the muscle is like a figure 8 and is also used 
to stop the flow of urine. Asian girls were taught to 
exercise and control the muscle from age 10 and the 
instruction continued until marriage. An older relative 
usually became the instructor.

Her aunt would say, "Imagine you are urinating in the 
bushes and you hear someone coming. How do you stop the 
flow? You contract your love muscle. See, you've been 
doing it for a long time and didn't realize it. By 
practicing you'll gain control for love making. The next 
time you are alone in the forest, sit on a fallen tree. 
Pretend you're going and then stop it. Do it many times. 
Tighten the muscle, relax, without moving other parts. 
To make sure you're doing the muscle and not anything 
else, move your legs apart a little. If you're not sure, 
look down to see if anything moves.

"The first week," her aunt continued, "do this 6 times 
each morning and evening. The next week start doing 20 
and add another exercise: instead of holding the muscle 
contracted for a while, tense and release it quickly 10 
times, creating a fluttering sensation. Your muscle will 
tire at first like any other, but by steadily increasing 
the number of exercises (and being careful to relax 
completely between contractions - too much muscle 
tension is just as bad as not enough) you can build up 
your strength and control.

"When you reach 50 contractions and flutters you will 
probably find that you cause stronger clitoral 
sensations and most likely you will have an intense 
orgasm all by yourself without anybody near you - most 
girls do - and when you make love you will have not just 
one, but many, orgasms."

Three days before she married the much older American, 
her aunt offered a final lecture: "To make a man believe 
you are virgin - even if not - squeeze before he tries 
to enter, at least 2 or 3 times. Squeeze on the 
outstroke and it will be tight like a virgin (she was a 
virgin) and even years later it will hold him in longer, 
giving pleasure. Then hold him still as you flutter and 
contract in rhythm with your heart or with the rhythm of 
the jungle where you learned. Finally, milk him when it 
is time." 

Then, her aunt had shown Ann where the "love spot" was 
deep inside of her. This one spot on the upper vaginal 
wall held the secret to deep, satisfying sex. She must 
teach her man how to touch it with his love tool. "It 
took me a long time to find my spot," her aunt said, 
"and I know my body well. So be patient. Take the time 
to get to know the inside of your vagina. Sit down or 
get on your hands and knees. 

"It is easier to find if you are very aroused, so take 
this excuse for a little self-pleasuring before you 
start. When you are highly aroused, or even after you've 
cum, put your long middle finger in your vagina and feel 
the upper (forward) surface. 

"First is the rough Skene gland just inside the opening, 
then you can feel a hard area that is the corner of the 
pubic bone. Hook your finger in back of it, finding a 
little hollow just before the smooth part leading back 
to the cervix. Your finger will be pointing up at your 
navel. Probe this area with your finger until you hit 
the spot. You'll feel quite a jolt and a momentary urge 
to urinate, but don't quit touching. Often it swells and 
hardens like a bean. Keep stroking until warmth floods 
over you."


Now, on this late summer day, Ann skimmed through the 
classified newspaper ads and found just what she was 
looking for: "HOME REMODEL, Master carpenter, complete 
remodels or small jobs. Bonded, insured, registered 
Satisfaction guaranteed. 946-5555." Ann called and made 
an appointment for the next morning at 8 o'clock.

Bill left for work about 7 o'clock. That gave her just 
enough time to shower before the carpenter arrived. At 
last she was going to get a larger closet and a floor-
to-ceiling mirror in her bedroom. She was barely dry - 
still naked - when the door chime sounded. Damn, the 
carpenter was early. Wrapping a towel around her head, 
she slipped into her bath robe and went to the door.

She was shocked at his appearance. He was about 30, 
blond, blue eyes and more than 6 feet tall. A dream 
walking! He smiled broadly at her obvious confusion and 
said, "I'm Jim Bradley, your remodel man. May I come 
in?" He was extremely handsome, with an athletic body 
and smelled very masculine. Still in shock, she let him 
in and led him to the bedroom to describe all of the 
work she wanted done. She had discussed with Bill some 
of the changes she wanted to make and he had waved his 
hand expansively and said, "Whatever pleases you, dear."

One side of the room had sliding doors the full width of 
the room. "I want you to deepen the closets behind those 
doors," she said to Jim, "and I want a full length 
mirror somewhere." He nodded as he moved closer to 
examine the closets. She felt his body brush against 
hers as he stepped forward, his scent was strong and as 
shocking as his appearance, causing a sudden unexpected 
weakness to flood down her legs. 

He was staring at the closet floor where she had only 
minutes before tossed her bra and panties. Her face 
flashed scarlet, the flush pouring down between her 
breasts in spite of her attempt to remain calm.

When he pulled open her robe she fought back in 
righteous indignation, but he firmly pushed her back 
onto the bed - her feet still on the floor - he kneeled 
there between her legs, his tongue parting her soft, 
curly bush there. Then he wetly licked her clitoris. Her 
own passionate response frightened her as her nude body 
jerked helplessly and she realized it was too late now.

Then his body slid up on hers and she felt his mouth at 
her nipples, then her rib cage and belly, then lower and 
deep into her lush pubic hair again. Her backbone 
tightened, and she gnawed her lip. Surprise broke 
through her, raced up her back and went off inside her 
head like rifle fire as his mouth drank at her pink 
steaming fountain disguised by soft, dark hair. Twisting 
and heaving, she tried once more to escape, but there 
was no breaking free. Then she did not want to be free. 

She pulled his hands up and placed them on her breast as 
he began doing her nipples. She started grinding her 
pelvis against his wet mouth and probing tongue. Her 
nerve endings went crazy, her legs jerking with surging 
shocks, she felt the searing of their rushes. The bed 
came alive, and she clung to him. It grew and grew 
inside her, bright darting tips of wet fire that reached 
every tiny corner of her being. 

Her orgasm burst against his tongue, exploding madly 
against his mouth, her legs lifted up and she moaned. 
Then his throbbing hardness entered her. Her moans 
turned to gasps. His slow thrusts carried her further 
and further into a place she'd never been before. She 
remembered to contract her tunnel. Gasps became moans 
again and - finally - a sobbing plea from her. His mouth 
covered hers as he held her pulsing body close to his 
pounding chest.

Eons later she came drifting slowly back, dreamily back, 
every bone in her body gone soft and her flesh singing. 
Her vagina was still slowly squeezing/relaxing 
involuntarily. She realized it had not ever been like 
this... so vibrant... with anybody else. 

This was powerful medicine and she needed something to 
protect herself and now. But she found no magic shield. 
She was defenseless and utterly without protection. All 
she knew for certain was that to lie with a man such as 
this was to become part of the magic jungle of love most 
women only dream about.

It was almost noon, but they were like children playing 
without thought of time or place. They rolled together 
as expert and graceful as cougar cubs; then the 
inexplicable, unexpected, unplanned sensations added, 
added and added up to a sudden crisis of delight that 
left her gasping and weeping onto his shoulder.

When they were dressed at last, he made certain 
suggestions about the remodel, and she eagerly agreed to 
almost everything he said, including converting half of 
the garage into a guest room with a new secret door 
connecting her closet with the closet in the new guest 
room; a new door in the guest room to the backyard, and 
a huge mirror over what used to be a door between the 
garage and the bedroom. 

Bill had readily agreed to the remodel plan, but he knew 
nothing of the mirror being a one-way glass allowing a 
view from the guest room into the bedroom when the guest 
room was dark and the bedroom light. Of course, Jim 
Bradley not only did the remodel work, he also made love 
to her almost every day. To fuck is to live, she 

Jim and Ann grew more skilled at pleasing each other 
without ever losing that wonderful sense of awe at each 
other's mere presence. Just being there, on her bed, or 
curled up on the carpet, seemed a continual wonder to 
them. They were lovers in every sense, and her pangs of 
guilt at betraying Bill slowly faded. 

Jim Bradley, was her lover and Ann was very grateful. 
Anything she and Jim could imagine, any refinement of 
pleasure they could dream, they did with tenderness, 
with laughter, with breathless excitement. they would 
sometimes lie naked for hours touching each other all 
over, taking turns. "Is it nice if I touch you like 
this? Like this? Like this?" She would nod dumbly... or 
he would. But he always managed to leave before Bill 
came home from work.

Never would she forget the first time they had used 
their tender secret after the remodeling of the garage 
and her bedroom. It was a weekend night, September 4th. 
She and Bill had gone to bed about 10, but she had urged 
him to take two halcyon tablets so he would get a full 
nights rest. He agreed. "If you don't mind," she 
murmured, "I think I'll read awhile." 

Within a short time Bill was sleeping soundly and she 
knew Jim had let himself into the guest room. As she had 
planned, she quietly slipped out of bed and stood for a 
half minute making sure Bill slept soundly before moving 
into her remodeled closet and through the secret door 
into the guest room. Yes, Jim was waiting. Bill, 
sleeping soundly, was plainly visible through the one-
way glass. 

She had insisted he stand as still as a statue as she 
undressed him in the darkness and ran her tongue - and 
long hair tresses - all over his body. He had groaned 
with desire and conflicting pain of the struggle to not 
move. Then, in sweet revenge, he had laid her on the bed 
and kissed her lingering all over, in every well-
explored sensitive crevice of her naked body. Only when 
she was actually weeping with longing did he slide into 
her. Her head rolled, giving her an exhilarating sense 
of danger and excitement as she watched her sleeping 
husband through the one-way mirror as Jim's thrusts grew 
stronger within her.

Naked, she shivered with pleasure as he moved in her. 
Soon they were panting like hounds hard pressed. Her 
hands gripped his buttocks, forcing him deeper into her 
contracting cunt as she watched sleeping Bill through 
the mirror, but in some distant recess of her head she 
could hear her own sobbing whimpers of pleasure settle 
into a rhythm of lust which matched the rocking of their 
loving bodies. 

As lightning and thunder began to fill her, a jarring, 
grating noise intruded. Her eyes flew to the mirror 
again where she could see Bill, nude, disappearing into 
the bathroom. But she could not stop her shuddering, 
gasping orgasm as Jim's cum spurted into her in hot, 
throbbing jets. Kissing him deeply, she jumped out of 
bed, grabbing her gown as she fled back to Bill's bed, 
quickly turning off her lamp and jumping under the sheet 
in the now darkened bedroom.

In a few moments she felt Bill slipping into bed beside 
her. His hands began to roam over her body - she could 
think of no rational way to stop him - his hands roamed, 
caressed, and then one slid down her belly and became as 
still as a stone as it felt the heat and wetness of her 
fresh-fucked cunt. 

Frantically she whispered, "You were asleep and I was so 
worked up thinking about us making love... I was just 
wanting it, you know... I did fluttering on the floor so 
I would not awaken you... and I kept fluttering inside 
because you were fast asleep and I needed it." 

With relief she heard his happy chuckle as he pulled her 
hand down and wrapped it around his now swelling penis. 
What idiots men are, she thought. Okay, her pussy would 
love another nice session, but a fast, short quickie 
would more likely result.

Bill, as always, was clumsy. Feeling her heated wetness, 
he gave a great groan and flung his full 220 pounds on 
top of her, moaning and burying his face in her breasts, 
kissing hard and biting without mercy. They rolled 
together on the bed as he thrust with impatient, 
unskilled stabs at her body, thumping his hardness into 
her thighs, at her back, against her steaming wet 
softness until there was that one second of terrifying 
pleasure as frightening as falling from a tree, as 
painful as a knife stab, when his stiff, hard cock found 
the sweet hidden secret place and pushed in. 

For a split second they both froze still, stunned by the 
sensation (a complete surprise to her), then he shook 
her body like a terrier holding a rat, and in seconds 
she was begging as though she had not been so shortly 
before filled with her lover's throbbing cock. 

Her legs and arms hugged him to her heated body and they 
writhed like frantic snakes. In less than 20 seconds, 
with a great bellow, he collapsed and lay still and she 
- with a newly awakened hunger; now greedy and 
insatiable - arched her back and rubbed and rubbed 
against him frantically, to bring on her own orgasm. 
Then as her pussy began to contract, she could plainly 
hear the smacking sound as it milked his rigid, spurting 

That will hold him for a week, she thought wryly.


But the next morning Bill awakened her, obviously still 
excited but not realizing that last night's excitement 
had come from the scent and feel of his wife, fresh-
fucked by a forbidden lover. His arms pulled her to him 
for a hard biting kiss and his other hand smoothed down 
the silk of her back and then clenched her buttocks with 
his fingernails digging in. Her mouth opened wide under 
his as he forced her legs apart and took her as roughly 
as an enemy. 

He was so excited! 

She also was (thinking about last night and having sex 
with Jim behind her magic mirror). One of his hands 
clasped hers above her head so that she was helpless 
beneath him, while the other pulled up her gown, but 
when she struggled he reluctantly backed off and slowed 
his inexpert heavy thrusts. But she freed her hands only 
to hold him closer and guide him inside her.


Several nights later she woke up with a start. The room 
was dark and Bill was sleeping soundly. At first she 
didn't know what had disturbed her. But looking at the 
mirror, she suddenly knew. Quickly she went to the guest 
room, tearing off her gown as Jim ripped his pants away, 
she flung herself like a wildcat on him. 

Both of them gasped as she rode him astride, like a 
cowgirl breaking a raunchy stallion. she pounded his 
chest, his neck and his face with her fists until the 
climax of pleasure felled her like a crashing fir tree 
to lie beside him. Then he spent a long, long time just 
holding her and whispering love and approval of her. She 
basked in his loving admiration.


Two days later she called him begging him to come. She 
was exultant now. She purred deep within, knowing the 
excitement of new love. Free, because she knew there was 
nothing to fear now. On the soft, smooth skin of her 
belly she felt his rough face - unshaven - sliding down 
to her rich, full pussy. Her body arched in abandonment. 
Her reeling senses climbed ever higher until she cried 
out softly, and again and again. A long time passed 
before she once more became aware of his gentle 

The next time blew his mind. She had pleaded with him to 
come over whenever he liked when husband Bill was at 
work, because it was sometimes impossible for him to 
come late at night. So he started over one day, but just 
as he neared her house her front door opened and Bill 
walked out. Of course, Jim had no way of knowing that 
Bill had come back to pick up his forgotten billfold, so 
he waited until Bill drove off before he went on into 
her house. He saw at once that Bill had made love to her 
before leaving with the billfold.

Angry, but excited, Jim pulled her down right there on 
the living room floor. She was hot, wet and open...oooh 
she was sweet. The sweetest thing in the world, he 
thought, is a fresh- fucked girl. As he held her nude, 
warm body, he thought, Why should I be mad because she 
screwed her husband? Lady Luck is allowing me to share - 
to have the major share - for sure. 

He well knew that her husband was usually inept at love 
making, but he also knew that Ann's sexual drive was so 
powerful that even the least skilled of men could easily 
excite her to powerful orgasm. Smiling to himself, he 
softly caressed her very wet, very heated, very 
recently-fucked cunt. His tongue lapped up the warm 
mixed juices on her still throbbing pussy. So sweet! 
Uuumh. They did a 69 as she took his nice cock into her 
warm mouth while he licked and loved her so alive pussy. 
Unlike most men, Jim's penis curved upward like a 

It touched her "love spot" over and over again. She 
could hear the jungle rhythm as her pussy fluttered as 
her aunt had taught...

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