Friday, 18 October 2013


As a young white suburban housewife in the 1980s I 
often became bored with mundane household chores 
including caring for my two young children. My husband 
was a great father and the love of my life, but 
something was missing. Without his knowledge one 
summer evening I arranged to drop my kids off at my 
parent's house telling my husband that we were going 
to spend the night at the lake. After dropping off the 
kids I met up with a girlfriend at a club in the city 
that was showing a performance of Chippendale Dancers. 

As the night went on I particularly enjoyed the 
personal contact as the dancers moved into the 
audience for a more close-up view by the women in 
attendance. One dancer especially caught my attention. 
He was a handsome black man with a great body and 
ebony skin that glistened from the active workout. His 
name was Bobby and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. 
Sensing my interest, he repeatedly positioned himself 
right in front of me to dance his pelvic thrusts. 

As he looked into my eyes I felt my focus move to the 
enormous bulge tucked into his thong and back-and 
forth to his eyes. Each time he came by my seat I 
could feel his intensity growing and my heartbeat 
racing. I ran my fingers over his sculpted chest and 
six pack abs. As the show was winding down at the end 
of the evening my girlfriend decided to call it a 
night and head for home. 

I had a final glass of wine as I watched the last 
dance of the night. As I was heading out the door I 
noticed several women waiting outside to see the 
dancers come out. I decided to wait as well when 
several Chippendales emerged including my handsome 
ebony dancer.

I shyly approached him and expressed how much I had 
enjoyed his performance. Without hesitation and with a 
smile of confidence on his face, he responded to my 
comment with "if you enjoyed that perhaps you would 
like a private performance". I asked where that 
performance would be to which he responded "in my 
hotel room". With my heart racing and feeling the 
tension of the moment I accepted my favorite 
Chippendale's offer.

I was 33 and he was 22. Walking across a pedestrian 
bridge toward his hotel he stopped briefly to enjoy 
the full summer moon glistening off the still river 
water below us. As we enjoyed the soft summer breeze 
he pulled me tightly to him and kissed me lightly 
before proceeding to his hotel. I could feel my heart 
racing and my panties getting moist in anticipation of 
Bobby's private performance.

As we entered the elevator going up to his room, Bobby 
pushed himself against me pinning me to the back wall. 
This time we kissed deeply as I felt his lounge 
exploring and exciting my senses. I could feel the 
heat of his crotch pressing against mine. As the 
elevator opened on his floor I remember the excitement 
and couldn't wait to get into his room. Slamming the 
door behind him, my ebony performer eagerly began 
removing my clothes just as I did to him. 

Standing only in my soaked black panties I tore off 
Bobby's thong and was staring at the most perfect cock 
I had ever scene. I was immediately on my knees 
sucking his beautiful rod. My mouth was barely able to 
open wide enough to accept his shaft. Without 
thinking, and for the first time in my life, I was 
deep-throating a cock that seemed to be going half way 
down to my belly.

The more I sucked on him, the wetter I could feel my 
pussy getting. After a little while he pulled me up 
and pushed me on the bed. Within seconds my 
Chippendale had my panties off and my legs spread. The 
beauty and the anticipation already had me near orgasm 
as I felt his lounge stroke my clitoris. I shivered in 
anticipation and pleasure with such a beautiful man 
servicing me. Feeling intensity of my clitoral orgasm 
within seconds I begged to have Bobby inside me. 

Calmly and coolly my lover teased my outer pussy with 
his enormous black rod and I could feel my intensity 
building once again. As he finally entered my love 
canal I felt a fullness I had never experienced 
before. I was immediately in ecstasy with each thrust 
of his cock from the tip to his balls slamming into my 
vagina. The rim of his black cock had a large rim 
separating the shaft from the head. With very few 
thrusts I was in orgasm as I squeezed my legs around 
my lover hoping to never let him go. I was constantly 
between panting and moaning as my lover stroked my 
pussy as no man had ever done before. 

After over an hour of the bust fuck of my life I got 
to enjoy my lover's juices as he exploded his load and 
his seed deep inside my belly. Not wanting the private 
performance to end, I feel asleep in my lover's arms 
before enjoying two more incredible lovemaking 
sessions by morning. It was a night over 20 years ago, 
a night I will never forget, a night of which I still 
feel in my erotic dreams. My husband could never 
satisfy me like my Chippendale lover.

Today I have a daughter in her 30s who is experiencing 
some of the same excitement with her black boyfriend. 
Often she shares her excitement and her satisfaction 
that she enjoys with her dark lover. After a recent 
tell all I confessed to her my amazing experience as a 
woman her age with a black lover more than 20 years 

She told me that her boyfriend has an older brother 
who loves white women. I confessed that I didn't 
believe at my age that I could ever experience the 
intensity of lovemaking again. My daughter has set up 
a double date with me and her boyfriend's older 
brother to see what might happen.

My panties are starting to get wet all over again in 
anticipation. I love private performances by beautiful 
black men.

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