Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Beth's face was burning red with shame and fury. Her 
stomach was fluttering violently and her throat felt 
paralyzed as she sat in her son's bedroom, snooping 
through his computer while he was at school.

At first she had found the types of things she'd 
expected to find on Ben's computer: mostly random 
porn. She had watched some of it, getting a kinky 
thrill from touching herself to the same things her 
son did. Then she came across a folder labeled, "Mom".

When Beth had opened it and clicked on the first file, 
her jaw dropped as she saw herself in a video. She 
watched herself pull her pants down to her knees and 
then sink to her knees on the carpet of her bedroom. 
The family dog, Rufus, pawed at her and licked her as 
she went to her hands and knees. As soon as she had 
pulled her panties down over her ass Rufus mounted her 
from behind. She could hear herself on the video 
talking dirty to Rufus.

The shock of realizing that her own son must have put 
a hidden camera in her and his father's bedroom had 
enraged her, but right next to the anger was the shame 
of her deepest secret being discovered by her son.

Beth had been having an "affair" with Rufus since he 
was old enough to mate, for the past five years, since 
Ben was 11. She had always had a major turn on for dog 
sex, but it was something that her husband, Gary, had 
expressed a negative reaction to when she'd first 
brought it up early in their relationship. After that 
she never mentioned it again and kept her secret to 

Beth knew that Gary would divorce her if he ever found 
out, that's why she thought of it as an affair. 
Keeping it a secret made the whole thing that much 
more thrilling and naughty to her. She didn't feel 
guilty about doing something that wouldn't hurt Gary 
if he wasn't such a prude anyway. So in her mind, what 
he didn't know couldn't hurt him.

Now she didn't know what to do. Her first instinct was 
to ground Ben, for life, for violating her privacy on 
such an astounding level; but her son knew her 
deepest, darkest secret. She imagined yelling at him 
for it:

"Young man, how dare you take secret videos of me 
fucking the dog?!"

She blushed at the thought.

Beth had noticed Ben looking at her lately and had 
seen him blush when she caught him looking at her 
breasts or ass, but she hadn't thought much of it. He 
had turned 16 recently, and she knew his body was on 
hormonal overdrive. She had just taken the looks as 

Beth was still in shock as she continued to look 
through the 'Mom' folder. There were over a dozen 
videos of her with Rufus, there were videos of her 
masturbating on her bed, and there were videos of her 
with her husband. It looked like Ben had installed the 
camera sometime in the last six months.

Beth blushed as she realized that she was getting 
turned on by watching herself and knowing that someone 
else had been watching her secret debauchery. She felt 
guilty that it had been her son, but it was already 
done, she couldn't change what had already happened. 
Pandora's Box was open.

'Someone knows.' She kept thinking to herself. She had 
never wanted it to be a complete secret, she had 
always longed to share it with Gary, achingly so, but 
she had always known that she never could. Not being 
able to share who she really was, with anyone, had 
been a source of some depressing feelings for Beth. 
And now her son knew. He'd known for months, and she 
realized that it hadn't changed the way he felt about 
her. He hadn't treated her any differently, he hadn't 
looked at her with disgust, he hadn't run to his 
father with the damning evidence and shamed her. He'd 
kept her secret. And apparently he even liked it, 
judging by the size of his 'Mom' video collection.

The anger was fading, and Beth's heart was swelling a 
bit as these thoughts raced through her mind. Things 
were suddenly different, her life and family were 
suddenly different. The love for her son was changing 
in to something more than it had been just this 
morning. She now respected him on a level that she 
couldn't respect other people. Beth had always 
fantasized about having this kind of connection with 
Gary: keeping each other's kinkiest secrets and the 
trust and respect which that entailed. She had never 
imagined that person could be anyone but her husband, 
and now she had what she'd always wanted, but it was 
her own son.

Beth was blushing crimson and the sensation of 
fluttering in her stomach had somehow spread all 
throughout her as emotions raced through her.

She saw an odd looking icon in the system tray and 
clicked on it. An image of her bedroom popped onto the 
screen. She thought it was a picture at first, but 
then she saw Rufus walk through the room. She realized 
it was a live feed and that Ben must have it set to 
record all day, every day, and that he must edit out 
the parts he liked.

Beth was biting her lower lip while she watched the 
live stream when she heard the front door shut. Ben 
was home from school. She quickly minimized the live 
feed program and closed the folders she'd opened, then 
turned off the monitor before running out of her son's 
room. She panicked and ran to the kitchen and tried to 
pretend she'd been there for some time.

As soon as she got to the kitchen she remembered what 
she was wearing. She'd been in the middle of doing 
laundry when she had made the detour to Ben's room. 
She hadn't been wearing much, she had intended to get 
dressed before he got home. She was only wearing a 
pair of panties and a tight undershirt tank top. She 
should have run to her bedroom instead of the kitchen, 
but it was too late now, she'd committed to the 

Beth's pulse was racing as she tried to slow her 
breathing while she stared into the pantry. Now that 
she was standing still, she became very aware of how 
wet and swollen her pussy was.

"Hi, mom."

"Oh, hi, Ben," Beth said, trying to keep her face 
hidden behind the cabinet door as she blushed. "Sorry, 
I was in the middle of doing laundry."

Ben didn't say anything, but Beth could feel her son's 
eyes on her. She couldn't bring herself to peek around 
the cabinet door, but she knew that he must just be 
standing there, looking at her. Her hand was shaking 
as she went to reach for a box of crackers. It slipped 
from her fingers and fell to the floor.

Beth got a little electric tingle through her body as 
she decided to do something naughty. She pretended as 
if she thought her son had already left the room as 
she slowly bent over at the hips to pick up the box. 
As she stood back up she heard his clothes rustling as 
he hurried out of the room, then heard his door shut a 
moment later.

Beth's clit was throbbing as she wondered if he was 
checking the day's video log. She felt so guilty about 
being turned on by it, but she couldn't help the 

She started to go to her bedroom to change into 
something more revealing, but stopped half-way there. 
Something about walking around the house almost naked 
while her son was home was turning Beth on even more. 
Before today she never would have thought of exposing 
herself this way to him, but now she knew that he'd 
already seen everything.

Beth finished the laundry and brought the clean 
clothes into her room, with Rufus following her in. 
She immediately spotted where the camera must be, 
inside of a clock on top of a dresser directly across 
the room from her bed. She did her best not to stare 
at it as she wondered if her son was watching her that 
very moment. Her pussy was still wet and throbbing, 
and knowing that a camera was on her, and that someone 
was watching her, was turning her on even more. She 
made up her mind to give her son a show.

Beth had never had sex with Rufus while anyone else 
was in the house. She would only do it when Gary was 
at work and Ben was at school. She decided that was 
going to change, but there was something else she 
wanted to change as well. The camera was across the 
room from the bed, and she wanted it to be closer.

Beth put away the clothes, and then pretended to be 
straightening and rearranging some of the small things 
in her bedroom. After moving around several things she 
looked at the clock and walked toward it. She almost 
giggled as she thought that if Ben was watching her 
that he must be panicking, wondering if she had 
finally spotted the camera. Beth did her best to feign 
disinterest in the clock as she picked it up and then 
set it down on top of the headboard shelf at the head 
of her bed. She blushed as she thought that the camera 
would be angled at the perfect level to catch the show 
she was about to put on for Ben, and it should also be 
able to better capture the sounds.

She went to lock the door to her bedroom, like she 
usually did when she was about to play with Rufus, but 
decided not to. A thrill went through her at leaving 
it unlocked so that the only other person in the 
house, Ben, could possibly walk in on her.

She got on her hands and knees on top of the bed and 
called Rufus. His tail was wagging as he jumped up on 
the bed with her.

Beth started by hugging Rufus and putting her face 
against his. Rufus started licking her lips with his 
rough tongue. Beth opened her mouth and Rufus started 
licking her tongue and the insides of her cheeks.

Making out with Rufus was one of Beth's favorite 
things, she always felt dirty when she did it, and she 
loved the feel of his tongue; silky smooth on the 
bottom, rough on the top. She made sure that the 
camera could see what she was doing as she tilted her 
head so Rufus could lick even deeper. Beth reached 
under Rufus and grasped his cock as he snaked his 
tongue into her throat.

Beth gagged on the dog's long tongue, but she kept her 
mouth wide open for him. She gagged several more times 
as she squeezed his dick in her hand and felt it 
starting to swell.

She finally pulled back and rubbed Rufus' neck with 
both hands. "Who's my big stud?"

Rufus wagged his tail and licked Beth's face. He was 
used to Beth talking dirty to him, and he'd learned 
several of the words and phrases.

Beth looked into Rufus' eyes. "Do you want some 
pussy?" He barked at her in response, his tail wagging 

"Well that's too bad, Sweetheart," Beth said, "Because 
you're getting my ass today."

Rufus was on his feet, his tail wagging while he 
nudged and pawed at Beth.

"Ah ah!" Beth lightly scolded Rufus. "Sit! Stay!"

Rufus sat down, his tail still furiously wagging while 
he watched Beth flip over onto her hands and knees. He 
started to get up, but sat back down as he watched her 
and waited for his command. 

Beth reached into her night stand and brought out a 
bottle of lube. She blushed and got goose bumps as she 
positioned herself so that the camera was pointed 
directly right at her ass. She was sure that her son's 
eyes were glued to her right this moment, and he was 
about to share this experience with her. She very 
slowly peeled her panties down her ass until they were 
around her thighs, then she poured lube onto her 
fingers, reached behind her, and started working the 
lube into her ass. She wiggled one slick finger into 
her ass, and then another before pulling them out and 
pouring more lube on them. When she was able to fuck 
the two fingers in and out of her ass with ease she 
was ready for Rufus.

Beth turned to the side and sat back. She made sure 
the camera had a good side profile of her as she 
stripped her tank-top off, exposing her breasts. She 
wiped the lube from her hand on the shirt and tossed 
it to the floor.

Beth got on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass. 
"Fuck me, Rufus."

Rufus bolted to his feet and mounted Beth from behind. 
He wrapped his forearms around her hips and started 
slapping his hips against her ass.

Beth reached under her and covered her pussy with her 
hand as the tip of Rufus' dick started poking at her. 
She felt the tip of his dick hit her hand several 
times before it finally went a little higher and 
started poking at her ass.

As soon as she felt the tip of Rufus' dick poke 
directly against her ass hole she felt him slam his 
hips against her ass. She felt his cock slide into her 
slippery ass hole and felt it almost instantly swell 
to its full size. By the time Rufus started pounding 
away at Beth's ass his knot had already swollen inside 
of her, preventing his cock from pulling out of her so 
that it tugged against her ass from the inside each 
time he slapped his hips against her ass.

Beth could feel his hot cum squirting inside of her. 
"Oh fuck!" Beth cried out. "Yes! Fuck my ass!"

Beth gasped for air and moaned loudly as she reached 
below her and roughly rubbed her clit. She could feel 
Rufus' cum filling her as she heard him panting. She 
felt her pussy get wetter and knew that some of his 
cum was leaking out around his knot and dripping down 
her pussy to mix with her own arousal.

Beth wondered if Ben could hear her, not just through 
the mic, but through the walls. She knew that 

Beth was usually very vocal during her lovemaking and 
orgasm, especially with Rufus, and she made no effort 
to be quiet now. Knowing that Ben could hear her only 
made her more aroused. She wondered if he had his dick 
in his hand right now, stroking it as he watched and 
listened to her. The thoughts of her son were starting 
to push Beth over the edge, she could feel her orgasm 
quickly building inside of her.

"Mmmm, that's right, Baby, fill my ass with that big 
dog dick." She let out a loud moan. "Pump me so full 
of doggy cum that it will still be leaking out of my 
ass when my husband comes home."

With Rufus's forearms tightly wrapped around her, Beth 
turned on the bed so that the camera would have a full 
side profile of the action instead of seeing it from 
behind. Her breasts wobbled below her as Rufus 
continued pounding away at her.

Beth could hear Rufus panting in her ear and could 
feel him drooling on her back as he started to slow 
down. She clamped her ass tight around the base of his 
dick, locking his knot inside of her so that he 
couldn't pull out. She turned her head toward the 
camera and tried to look back over her shoulder at 
Rufus. He was panting hard but he started licking her 

Knowing that her son was watching her in one of her 
most depraved moments – making out with a dog while 
it's hot, throbbing cock ejaculated inside of her ass 
– sent Beth over the edge and she started to cum on 
Rufus' cock.

Beth turned her head and threw it back over her 
shoulders as she arched her back under the dog, almost 
screaming, "Fuck!" She was almost hyperventilating as 
her orgasm shot through her in wave after wave. She 
kept rubbing her clit as she squirmed underneath 
Rufus; the heightened tactile sensation of his soft 
fur rubbing against the bare skin of her back and ass 
added to her orgasm, making it even more intense.

Beth turned her head back toward Rufus opened her 
mouth for him again. Each time he slipped his tongue 
into her mouth she sucked on it as he pulled it back, 
which made obscene slurping noises.

As her orgasm started to calm, Beth hung her head 
between her shoulders, breathing hard and deep. 

With his cock still firmly lodged inside of Beth's ass 
Rufus started to dismount. He hopped off of her back, 
to one side of her then started to turn around. Beth's 
ass clamping down around Rufus' knot kept it firmly 
lodged inside of her as it spun inside of her while he 
turned around until they were ass to ass.

Beth knew it would be some time before Rufus' cock 
softened enough to be able to pull it out without 
hurting her. She felt full; not only because of the 
fat dog dick inside of her, but because of all the hot 
cum he had pumped into her. She knew cum was still 
squirting out of his dick, even now, although at a 
much slower rate, and he would continue cumming inside 
of her until they finally pulled apart.

Beth kept her ass clenched tight but relaxed and 
basked in her orgasm. It had faded somewhat, but was 
still ongoing.

Beth moaned as she rubbed her clit and looked over her 
shoulder so that her face was pointed at the camera, 
but her eyes were looking back at Rufus. She wanted 
Ben to see her face during her orgasm. "That's a good 
boy, give me all of that hot cum." She giggled as 
Rufus wagged his tail and she felt it brushing over 
the top of her ass.

They were knotted for about ten minutes, and Beth 
brought herself to another orgasm in that time, before 
Rufus started tugging at her.

Beth gasped as she felt Rufus' knot start tugging 
inside of her. She loved this part, and she hoped that 
Ben would like it. She awkwardly moved herself closer 
to the camera so that she and Rufus were on top of the 
pillows near the headboard. She looked over her 
shoulder and made sure the camera was pointed directly 
at where she and the dog's bodies met, from this angle 
it wouldn't be able to see her face. She relaxed as 
much as she could and let him slowly pull himself out. 
As soon as his knot had slipped to the widest point, 
his whole dick suddenly popped free of her.

Beth gasped as Rufus' dick was suddenly pulled from 
her. Dog cum gushed out of her ass and down her pussy, 
pouring off of her clit to land on her husband's 
pillow. She clenched her ass immediately, keeping any 
more from gushing out of her. She crawled to the edge 
of the bed and pulled a butt plug from her night 
stand. She made sure the camera had a good view as she 
slipped it up her ass, plugging her ass and keeping as 
much of the dog cum inside of her as she could.

Rufus was at the foot of the bed, licking his still-
erect dick clean as she got off the bed. She leaned 
over and kissed his nose and ruffled his fur. 

Beth went to the dresser and pulled out a pair of 
sweat pants. Making sure to stay in view of the 
camera, Beth stepped into them and then leaned over at 
the hips, so that the butt plug was plainly visible as 
she pulled the pants up her legs. She dug through her 
drawers for a moment, looking for the sluttiest bra 
she owned. She turned to the camera so that Ben could 
see her breasts as she put on a flimsy, almost see-
through, low-cut bra, then put on her lowest-cut tank 
top. Her nipples were still very erect, and the fabric 
of her bra and shirt did nothing to prevent them from 
poking at the material and being very visible. She was 
still experiencing the afterglow of her orgasm, and 
she wished she could share it. A devilish idea 
occurred to her. She was dying to know for certain if 
she had just shared her bestial lovemaking with her 
son or not.

Beth left her room and crept down the hall to Ben's 
room. She listened for a moment, but she couldn't hear 
anything. Her stomach was fluttering, she couldn't 
believe what she was about to do.

She reached for the door knob and quietly turned it. 
She quickly pulled the door open and stepped into her 
son's room, all in one fast motion. "Ben, what would 
you like for dinner... ."

Beth got more than she'd hoped for. When she first 
opened the door, her son was sitting in his chair, in 
front of his computer. He had his shirt off and his 
pants around his ankles. He was leaning back in the 
chair, his head hanging over the back of it, and Beth 
could see that his belly and chest were covered with 
creamy white cum. He had his hand around the base of 
his dick, and it appeared that his dick was wilting 
from very recent rigidity.

Ben's hand flew to the power button on the computer 
monitor, which Beth noticed was displaying her bedroom 
from the new angle of the clock camera, so she knew it 
wasn't an older movie he was watching. Her heart 
swelled as she confirmed that he'd been watching her 
the entire time.

Ben was trying to do too many things at once. He was 
trying to turn off the monitor, trying to pull his 
pants up, trying to find his shirt to cover himself, 
and shouting, "Mom!"

Beth stepped back out of the room and turned her back 
to the open door. She blushed as she tried to recall 
every little detail of what she'd just seen. She got a 
guilty sense of pride and pleasure when she realized 
that her son's dick appeared to be larger than his 
father's. She heard more yelling from inside the room 
as things crashed around. She felt bad for 
embarrassing him so badly, but it's the least of what 
he deserved for putting a spy-cam in her bedroom.

"I'm so sorry, Ben," she yelled loud enough for him to 
hear. She loved that she was the first woman to ever 
see him in such a state.

After a couple minutes Ben came to the door.

"Geez, Mom," Ben meekly said.

Beth turned around to face her son. She saw his eyes 
flit down to her cleavage and her very obviously hard 
nipples, and she loved the attention from him. She 
pretended not to notice his eyes on her breasts.

"I'm really sorry, Sweetheart, I should have knocked," 
Beth said.

Ben looked at the floor and blushed a deep red. 
"Yeah... I guess I should have locked the door."

Beth loved that he had been watching her. She realized 
that he must have gotten off at the very end of it. 
She got a thrill thinking that he must have not wanted 
to miss a second of it, that he wanted to enjoy every 
moment of her show for him. She knew that he had seen 
her put the butt plug in, and she wondered if he was 
thinking about it right now as she stood in front of 

"It's alright, you aren't in trouble or anything," 
Beth said. "It's a very normal thing."

Ben's blushing was only getting deeper.

Beth was going to torture him a bit, he needed some 
kind of punishment for what he'd done with the spy-

"It's not a secret, Sweetheart," she said. "Every man 
does it. I'd be worried about you if you weren't doing 

"I... uh..."

"Women do it too, you know?" Beth knew full well that 
he knew women masturbated, he'd only been watching her 
masturbate for months now.

Ben started fidgeting as he blushed.

"So, it's totally normal, and nothing to worry about 
at all," Beth concluded. "Ok?"

Ben's voice cracked as he said, "Ok."

Beth was almost done with the torture. Still feeling 
the afterglow of her own orgasm, and very aware of the 
large load of dog cum inside of her ass – and that he 
knew about it was there – she reached her arms up and 
slipped them around Ben's chest and hugged him. Ben 
was already taller than her, he'd started a growth 
spurt three years ago, so she pressed his face against 
his chest while she hugged him. Her breasts and still-
sensitive nipples mashed against his chest.

Beth hugged her son tighter as she felt his arms 
timidly wrap around her. She had always wanted to 
cuddle after being with Rufus, after sharing that 
incredible intimacy with a man, and this was the 
closest she had ever come to that. Her eyes were 
tearing-up a bit as she spoke against his chest, "I 
love you, Ben."

"I love you too, Mom."

Beth reluctantly pulled back from the hug. As she 
turned and walked down the hall, she knew her sons' 
eyes were on her ass, she knew he was thinking about 
the butt plug which was keeping all of the dog's cum 
in place. She smiled to herself and swished her ass a 
bit for him as she walked away.

Beth tried to go about her regular day-to-day things 
as if nothing were different. It wasn't long before 
her husband, Gary, came home. There was usually an 
hour between Ben getting home from school and Gary 
getting home from work. 

Almost immediately after Gary got home, she had taken 
him into their bedroom and given him a blowjob while 
the butt plug was still firmly plugging her ass, 
stopping the dog's load of cum from pouring out of 
her. She'd made sure that her husband couldn't see her 
ass as she took off her panties and rubbed her clit 
while she sucked his cock. She did, however make sure 
that the spy-cam had a good shot of it, and she 
wiggled her ass in front of it so that Ben could see 
the plug was still there, and that she was still full 
of dog cum while she blew his oblivious father.

Over the next few weeks Beth started making sure that 
she always had on skimpy outfits when Ben was due home 
from school, and then changed them before Gary got 
home. She also started finding excuses to touch and 
hug Ben. She never again had sex with Rufus while her 
son wasn't home. She wanted him to hear her. She even 
left the door to her bedroom open several times. Ben 
always pretended that he'd heard nothing, not wanting 
to blow his own secret, and not wanting his mom's 
change in behavior to stop.

Beth had become obsessed with these secret secrets. 
She loved secretly sharing her kinky sex life with her 
son who had no idea that his mother knew all about his 
secret spy-cam and his rapidly-growing library of 
movies of her. It was a secret she was going to keep 
for him, since he kept hers so well.

Beth started to grow hungrier for her son, she 
wondered if he felt the same sense of intimacy with 
her that she felt. She desperately wanted to be sure 
that he did. She wanted to fully share herself and 
make the connection complete.

She started being more bold with Ben, using his 
secret, knowing that he would always pretend not to 
hear things, that he always would pretend that he 
hadn't seen things. She knew that he would probably do 
just about anything to keep his secrets.

The first time she "accidentally" exposed herself to 
her son, she had just taken a shower. After drying 
herself she had wrapped the towel around her torso, 
folding it up under her arms until the bottom of the 
towel inched up, just barely exposing her slit in the 
front, and her ass in the back. She walked out of the 
bathroom and into the kitchen where Ben was sitting at 
the table. She pretended not to notice that the towel 
was too high, and acted as if she were completely 

She heard Ben almost choke on what he'd been eating 
after she walked by him, and she smiled to herself. 
She walked over to him and patted his back. Her 
exposed pussy was only inches away from him. "Oh, you 

"Uh, yeah," Ben managed to croak out.

Beth wondered if Ben could see her pussy moistening. 
She rubbed his back. "You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm ok."

"Alright." Beth picked up an apple from the table and 
slowly walked out of the kitchen, letting her son 
watch her ass wiggle as she walked away.

Towel accidents became a regular occurrence in their 
home. Ben never noticed that they only happened when 
his father wasn't home.

Eventually Beth started leaving her bedroom door wide 
open when she masturbated and when she fooled around 
with the dog, never making any effort to be quiet. She 
knew that Ben would be in his room watching her 
through the cam, and wouldn't wander by the door and 
think something was amiss by seeing it wide open; but 
she always hoped and fantasized that he would walk in 
on her.

Two months went by since Beth's discovery of the spy-
cam. She didn't know how Ben was managing to stop 
himself from throwing her to the floor and raping her. 
She teased him every single day. She'd even walked 
into his bedroom recently and pretended to be 
interested in the video game he'd been playing. She'd 
told him that maybe she would like to try it out. 
Before he could stand up, she'd sat down on his lap. 
She had only been wearing a thin pair of pajama pants, 
with no panties, and a tank-top. Ben had been wearing 
a pair of thin basketball shorts. She has asked silly 
questions about the game while she felt his cock 
swelling below her ass, pretending she couldn't feel 
it at all. She squirmed a bit on his lap and almost 
came as the length of his cock fitted between her butt 
cheeks and the head of it pressed against her pussy. 
She'd made an excuse about something burning in the 
kitchen and hopped off his lap.

Soon after the lap incident, Gary had thrown a party 
in their house. Beth used the excuse to dress a little 
slutty. She knew Gary liked to show her off, but it 
was Ben who she wanted to see her. She wore a tight 
fitting one-piece dress which was too short at the 
bottom and too low-cut at the top for modesty. She got 
looks from Gary's friends all night, but it was the 
covert stares from Ben that really thrilled her. At 
one point, from across the room, she saw Gary talk to 
Ben, and then Ben disappeared into the garage. She 
figured he must be getting something out of the spare 

Inspiration struck Beth and it sent wicked electricity 
up and down her body, leaving her clit tingling. She 
knew that the light in the garage was out, and that it 
would be almost pitch black in there at this time of 
night. She stood up and excused herself and hurried to 
the garage. She slipped inside and closed the door 
behind her.

It was very dark. The only light was coming from the 
outline of the door behind her. She pretended to be 
looking for her husband as she put her arms in front 
of her and walked through the darkness. "Gary? It's 

Her hands finally bumped into Ben, and she pretended 
to be scared. "Don't scare me like that, Gary!" she 
said as she thumped his chest. Before Ben could say 
anything she grabbed his shirt and yanked him toward 
her, standing on her tip toes so she could press the 
side of her face against the side of his. She huskily 
whispered into Ben's ear, "I need your cum down my 
throat, Baby. I've been craving it for so fucking 

Beth heard him drop what sounded like a bag of ice. 
She smiled in the darkness and grabbed her son's 
crotch. He was already half hard, and she could feel 
him quickly swelling harder in her hand. "Well, Gary! 
I guess you've been aching to get this big ol' thing 
in your wife?"

Beth quickly unzipped Ben's pants and reached inside. 
She almost had an orgasm when her hand wrapped around 
her son's cock for the first time. He was already rock 
hard, and straining against his pants. He was 
definitely bigger than his father. She moaned, "Oh 
fuck, Baby, is that for me?"

She pulled Ben's cock out through his zipper and 
lightly stroked it. Beth knew her son had never done 
anything like this before, and she didn't want him to 
cum in her hand.

"You like watching your wife wear slutty clothes 
around your friends, Baby?"

Beth moved her face closer to Ben's. She bumped into 
his chin and then used his shirt to tug him down. She 
squeezed his cock in her hand as she found his lower 
lip with hers and bit it. She wanted to save his first 
proper kiss for later. She sucked on his lower lip and 
nibbled it before moaning and speaking around it, 
holding it between her teeth, "Can I have your dick, 
Gary? Pretty please? I've been a good girl."

Beth felt her son nod his head up and down. She let go 
of his lip and pulled him down a little farther. She 
bit his earlobe and then said, "I love you."

Beth sank to her knees and wrapped her fingers around 
the base of Ben's balls. She squeezed them as she 
started licking her son's cock. She felt a sense of 
pride when she realized just how hard she had made 
him, she knew he wasn't going to last long, which was 
fine, because she couldn't risk being in here for 
long, she had to make this fast. She started giving 
her son the best blowjob she could.

Beth swirled her lips around the head of Ben's cock, 
licking his slit up and down before she quickly sank 
his dick deep into her mouth. She relaxed her throat 
and pressed forward, forcing the head of Ben's dick to 
slip down her throat. Beth sucked him off with her 
throat for a moment before pulling her head back.

Beth could hear Ben starting to breathe faster and 
harder. She increased the pressure of her suction 
around his cock and started a very fast pace of 
bobbing her head back and forth. Wet, squishy sounds 
came from Beth's mouth as she sucked her son's cock. 
Beth was starting to soak her panties, she squeezed 
her thighs tight together.

She felt his balls start to contract in her hand and 
knew he was just about to cum. She pulled back and 
held her lips just around the head of his cock, 
tilting her head from side to side while she moaned 
and sucked.

The first jet of Ben's cum inside of her mouth felt 
huge. Beth kept her lips wrapped tight around the head 
of her son's cock as it started to jerk and pulse, 
spraying thick, hot cum into her mouth. She squeezed 
her thighs together even tighter and couldn't stop 
herself from cumming as she felt his cum sliding down 
her throat. She could barely swallow Ben's cum fast 
enough. She couldn't believe how much cum her son was 
pumping into her mouth. She made sure that she didn't 
swallow all of it, keeping some in her mouth; she had 
a little surprise in store for Ben.

Leaving his dick hanging out of his pants, Beth stood 
up in front of Ben, letting her hands slide up his 
body as she did. She used his shirt to tug him down, 
with her other hand she found his face. Her mouth was 
still full of fresh cum, and her lips were coated with 
it. She found his lips in the dark and pressed her 
lips against his. She licked his lips until he slowly 
opened them to her urgent tongue. Beth could feel her 
son trembling as she slipped her tongue into his 
mouth. She found his tongue and caressed it with her 
own as his cum flowed from her mouth to his. Beth 
licked and sucked at her son's mouth, making out with 
him with his load of cum being shared between them. 
She couldn't do it as long as she wanted, though. She 
knew they had to get back to the party soon.

Beth bit Ben's lip as she slowly pulled her head back, 
letting his lip eventually pop from between her teeth.

She moaned and caressed her son's face, "Mmm, you have 
no idea how much I needed that, Baby. Fuck, I can't 
even remember the last time I came in my panties 
without even touching my pussy."

Beth felt around until she found Ben's hand then 
pulled it to her crotch. She roughly pushed his hand 
against soaked panties. "Mmm, see what you did?"

A thrill went through Beth as her son started to move 
his fingers of his own accord, rubbing her slit up and 
down through the soggy panties. She gasped as he got 
up the nerve to move her panties to the side and 
slipped two of his fingers inside of her. She knew it 
was the first time that Ben had ever touched a girl 
like this, let alone a woman.

She moaned, "Fuck... Baby. Oh!" She flinched as his 
thumb found her over-sensitive clit and started 
rubbing it while his other two fingers wiggled inside 
of her.

Beth squeezed her son's forearm tight with one hand 
and held herself up by leaning against him with her 
other hand against his chest as her breaths started 
coming faster. She couldn't believe that her son was 
finally inside of her, even if it was only his 
fingers. After all this time he was finally actively 
doing something physical to her. "Baby... you're going 
to make me cum again." Her words seemed to encourage 
him more because he started quickly fucking his 
fingers in and out of her. "Fuck!"

Beth bit her lower lip and barely stopped herself from 
screaming as she came on her son's fingers. She 
reached up on her tip toes and found his lips again. 
She made out with him while she quivered on his 

In between kisses, she started to feel anxious to get 
out of the garage before they got caught. "Baby... 
mmm... we've got to get back to the... mmmmm... party. 
People are going to... mmmmmmmf! Fuck, I could eat 
your mouth all night, Baby. Mmmmmm... ok, you go out 
first, and then I'll wait a few minutes before coming 

Beth reluctantly pulled her son's wrist down, making 
his fingers slide out of her. She was shocked as she 
felt both his hands move up inside her skirt and start 
tugging her panties down her thighs. She was blushing 
hot as he pulled them down her legs to her ankles and 
then helped her step out of them. A moment later she 
could hear him huffing deep through his nose and knew 
that he was smelling her panties.

"Hmm, keeping those for yourself?" Beth said as she 
smiled in the darkness and caressed Ben's chest. "God, 
you are such a dirty boy. I love you so much." She 
felt his hands go for her breasts and start squeezing 
them. She almost collapsed as her orgasm peaked again. 
She couldn't help but submit to him, but the fear of 
being caught quickly overcame her. She knew that 
someone could walk in at any second.

"Down, boy!" Beth said. "Fine, I'll go out first, you 
stay here for a while."

She managed to pry her son's hands from her breasts 
and she ran for the outline of light around the main 
door. She opened it and quickly went through it.

Beth scurried to her room and shut the door behind 
her. She leaned back against it, her heart pounding. 
She couldn't believe what she'd just done. Not only 
had she cheated on her husband, but she'd just 
committed incest. After these months of exposing 
herself, of letting her son see her in her most 
intimate of moments, she had finally done something 
physical with him. The sense of guilt inside of her 
faded as it was overwhelmed by her love for Ben and 
how happy she was to finally have taken another step 
in their intimacy.

Beth chewed on her lower lip and squeezed her slick 
thighs together as she wondered how this might change 
Ben. She'd thought for some time now that he was able 
to control himself around her only because he just 
didn't know what he was missing. He'd never been with 
a woman the way he had been tonight. Beth blushed, 'He 
had a few firsts tonight,' she thought to herself. She 
wondered how he would feel about it tomorrow.

Over the next week Beth saw the look in Ben's eyes 
changing. She could see his lust for her in them, and 
she loved it. Ben started to get more bold with his 
staring at her body, and Beth covertly obliged him by 
pretending not to notice, secretly loving every second 
of it as she wondered what naughty thoughts were 
running through his mind while he looked at her.

Ben also became more fond of hugs; Beth knew it was 
because he wanted to get his hands on her, and that 
was the most he could do without blowing his cover. 
She pretended not to notice when he squeezed her with 
his fingers, or if he caressed her a little bit more 
than a son should. Beth's heart melted when she 
finally realized that the tone of his voice when he 
told her that he loved her was changing, there was 
more in it now than there had been before, she could 
feel it in his voice and see it in his eyes when he 
told her.

A week after the party incident, Beth decided she 
wanted to start giving Ben some shows in person, not 
just through the spy-cam. She started having sex with 
Rufus in random parts of the house, and she always 
waited to start until just before Ben was due home 
from school. The first time, she had been on her hands 
and knees on the kitchen floor, with Rufus mounted on 
top of her from behind and his fat cock stuffed in her 
pussy when she heard the front door shut. She 
pretended that she hadn't heard the door and continued 
moaning, breathing hard, and saying nasty things to 

Beth blushed as she was fucked. Knowing that her son 
was watching her with the dog – in person and not on 
video – was incredibly arousing. She reached between 
her legs and roughly rubbed her clit while Rufus 
filled her pussy with cum. She heard Ben make a noise, 
and just knowing with certainty that he was there, 
watching her, made her start to cum on Rufus' dick, 
harder than she had for some time. She arched her back 
underneath Rufus and she didn't hold back from 

After a few minutes of being locked to Rufus, he 
started to pull out of her. His big dick flopped out 
of Beth's pussy and his cum, mixed with hers, 
instantly flooded out of her and splashed onto the 
kitchen floor. Beth lightly rubbed her clit a while 
longer, letting her breathing calm while she savored 
the feeling of Rufus' hot cum drooling out of her.

When she started to get up, she heard Ben's clothes 
rustling as he ran down the hall. She giggled to 
herself, knowing that he loved what he'd just 

She realized what a crafty boy he was when she heard 
him come through the front door again. He must have 
sneaked out the back door and come back around, so 
that he could enter the house again and pretend that 
he hadn't caught her in the middle of her lewd act 
with the family dog.

Beth hurried and pulled on her extremely short pajama 
bottoms which she'd been wearing prior to fooling 
around with Rufus. The legs barely existed at all, 
they stopped at the crotch, just barely covering her 
ass in the back. It was the kind of thing she liked to 
wear around Ben now.

"Hi, Sweetheart," she said as she saw Ben come around 
the corner to the kitchen. She went up to him and 
hugged him. She had grown to absolutely love hugging 
him right after she'd just had an orgasm, and she had 
just had a very good one. Hers and Rufus' cum were 
running down her thighs as she pressed the side of her 
face against her son's chest and could hear his heart 
pounding. She felt his arms wrap around her and his 
fingertips pressing into the flesh of her back as he 
pawed her.

Beth moaned against Ben's chest, but then pulled back 
before the hug became too long. Ben grabbed her hand 
as she was pulling away and she turned back to him.

"I love you, Mom."

Beth could see it in Ben's eyes, she could feel it: he 
meant it more than just a simple 'I love you' between 
family members.

'He saw me, on my hands and knees with our dog's dick 
stuffed up my cunt, with his own eyes and not through 
his spy-cam, and it didn't change the way he felt 
about me at all', she thought to herself. Beth's heart 
melted as she looked into her son's eyes, and she 
wondered if he could see it in her eyes like she could 
see it in his, "I love you, Ben."

Ben blushed and let go of her hand. Beth stood there 
biting her lower lip as she watched him walk down the 
hall to his bedroom.

For the rest of that week Beth had a surprise waiting 
for Ben when he came home from school. She used the 
same spot on the kitchen floor, because she knew Ben 
had a place he could hide in the hallway and be able 
to see her without her being able to see him.

On Wednesday, Beth was on her back on the kitchen 
floor with her legs spread wide when she heard the 
front door shut. Rufus was between her legs, licking 
her pussy while she rubbed her clit. She started to 
get more turned on when she knew that Ben was watching 
her, and the more aroused she got, the faster Rufus 
lapped at her juicy pussy. She was very boisterous in 
her orgasm.

On the last school day of the week, she waited until 
just minutes before she knew Ben would be home before 
she started to give Rufus a blowjob. Beth was on the 
kitchen floor, on her hands and knees behind Rufus and 
had his hard cock pulled back between his legs. The 
bright flesh of his cock glistened with her saliva as 
she sucked up and down the length of it.

After about five minutes of blowing Rufus, Beth could 
sense a presence behind her. She realized that Ben 
must have sneaked into the house today instead of 
risking her hearing the front door. She slipped her 
lips from Rufus' cock and swallowed the dog cum that 
was in her mouth before talking dirty to the dog. 
"That's a good boy, cum down my throat." She put the 
tip of his dick back into her mouth and swirled her 
tongue around it as she reached back and peeled down 
the booty shorts she was wearing, exposing her ass and 
wet pussy to her son.

Beth pulled her shorts down around her thighs just 
enough to expose herself, and then put her hands on 
the floor and focused on blowing Rufus. She moaned 
around his dick as she fucked it with her mouth, 
swallowing the constant squirts of cum. She arched her 
back for her son so that her ass stuck up into the air 
while she wiggled it for him. All she could think 
about was imagining Ben not being able to resist her 
for even one more minute and slamming his dick into 
her pussy.

Beth heard a moan from behind her and realized that 
Ben wasn't in the hallway, he must be right behind 
her, closer to her than he'd ever been before when she 
had done things like this. She pretended not to hear 
the moan over her own moaning and kept blowing the 
dog, but her pussy got so wet that her arousal was 
dripping from her engorged clit.

Rufus' cock must have gotten too sensitive, because he 
pulled away and wandered off. Beth leaned back and sat 
on her heels as she played with her hair, giving Ben 
enough time to slip away if he was still there. When 
she stood up and turned around he was gone, but she 
spotted something glistening on the kitchen floor 
directly behind where she'd been. She gasped and 
licked her lips as she realized what it was.

When she'd heard the moan, Ben must have been cumming. 
Beth's clit tingled as she realized her son had been 
standing behind her, stroking his cock while he looked 
at her pussy and watched her blowing their dog. She 
looked at the puddle of dog cum and at her son's cum 
and determined from the distance between them that Ben 
had almost hit her ass with his load.

Beth wasn't going to let Ben's cum go to waste. She 
got back on her hands and knees and licked the thick 
white semen from the floor. She swallowed it down and 
then ran to her bedroom. She positioned herself on her 
bed so that the spy-cam was looking right between her 
spread legs and she masturbated hard and fast. She 
arched her back, pressing the back of her head into 
the mattress and thrusting her breasts into the air as 
she climaxed. She bit her lip and barely stopped 
herself from calling out her son's name.

When she finally calmed down, Beth decided that enough 
was enough, she needed Ben, and she knew that he 
needed her; they were only torturing each other by not 
physically acting on their emotions.

Ben spent that weekend at a cousin's house, and Beth 
ached to have him back. She spent the weekend trying 
to think of how to consummate their feelings. Even 
after all the things she'd done in front of him, all 
the teasing and exposing herself, she couldn't bring 
herself to just jump in his bed.

On Sunday, a few hours before Ben was due home, Gary 
was in the living room watching football, and Beth was 
masturbating in front of Ben's spy-cam while she 
mulled over how best to go about going all the way 
with Ben. A thought popped into her mind and she 
couldn't stop herself from acting on it.

After all this time of forcing herself not to look 
directly at the spy-cam in the clock, Beth looked 
right at it. She got on her hands and knees and then 
lay down so that her face was right in front of it.

Beth smiled as she looked at the little black hole 
where the camera was. "I know, Ben. I've known for 
months," she said in a hushed tone so that there would 
be no chance of her husband hearing her. "I've known 
every single time you've watched me, I've known every 
time you've stared at my body, I've noticed every time 
you've hugged me, touched me, smelled me, caressed 
me," Beth looked over her shoulder at the bedroom 
door, and then back to the camera. "I've just 
pretended not to, because I loved every second of it, 
and I didn't want to embarrass you, and I just didn't 
know how to... . I don't know."

Beth blushed and looked away for a moment before 
looking back. "Baby..." she blushed again at finally 
calling him that more intimate pet name, "I knew all 
along that it was you in the garage that night of the 
party." She smiled and bit her lower lip. "I needed 
you, and I couldn't bring myself to just out and tell 
you. I just couldn't risk ruining everything."

"Ben, I love you. In a way that a mother shouldn't, 
but I don't care anymore." Beth was blushing, she 
looked away for a moment, but she couldn't stop. She 
looked back into the camera, "And I know you love me 
the same way."

"When your father and I first got together, I 
mentioned dog sex a few times, but he was disgusted by 
the idea, so I never brought it up again."

"It's a part of who I am, Ben," Beth blushed. She had 
never said anything like this aloud. Until now it had 
only been thoughts and feelings inside of her. "I love 
everything about dog sex, and I have always wanted to 
share that with someone, always. It's been one of my 
greatest desires in life, to connect with someone on 
that level."

"After your father shot the idea down, I knew that I 
was destined to never share it, to never be... whole."

"When I first found my movies on your computer and 
realized what you had done, I was furious. But then 
all these thoughts and emotions started to race 
through me. It thrilled me that someone finally knew 
the secret I'd been keeping all my life. Not only did 
that person know, but he still loved me, and judging 
by how many videos of me and Rufus there were, I 
assumed that person must have really liked it." She 
winked at the camera.

"Baby... I have a connection with you that I've never 
had with any other person before; a level of respect 
that I've never had for anyone else." Beth blushed. 
"How can you have true, 100%, straight from the heart 
respect for someone if you know that they think a 
major part of your life is disgusting, and that you 
know that they don't understand it at all?"

"I love your father, but he and I have never shared 
each other on that deep of a level."

Beth picked up the clock and looked into the spy-cam. 
"You know what, Baby?" Beth bit her lower lip 
seductively, "I've been keeping your secrets this 
whole time, too."

Beth lay on her back. Still looking into the camera, 
she said, "I know you love the dog stuff too, or you 
wouldn't keep my secret the way you do, and you 
wouldn't save the movies on your computer, and you 
wouldn't stroke your cock while you stood there 
watching me get fucked by a big dog dick."

Beth started tracing her fingernail over the thin silk 
of the bra she was wearing, holding the camera farther 
from her so that it could see what she was doing. She 
batted her eyelashes as she looked from her breasts 
back to the camera. "I know that you loved having your 
own mother suck your cock and swallow down all of your 
creamy, hot cum." 

Beth slowly moved her hand down, out of the view of 
the camera. She let out a gasp and arched her back a 
little as she flicked her clit. "Mmmm, I know that you 
loved kissing me, and feeling me push your cum into 
your mouth with my tongue. You loved squeezing my 
breasts in your hands, and you especially loved 
sliding your fingers into my pussy." Beth angled the 
camera down so it could see her crotch as she slipped 
two fingers into her pussy.

She angled the camera back to her face. "I bet I know 
more of your naughty secrets, Baby." Her chest was 
starting to heave a little faster. "You've gotten off 
while fantasizing about your own mother sucking your 
cock while a dog pounded her pussy, haven't you?"

Beth moaned. "Mmm, and I bet you've been thinking 
about me riding your cock, with my breasts bouncing in 
front of your face," Beth ripped her bra off, exposing 
her breasts and hard nipples, "And then seeing my eyes 
go wide as you feel my pussy getting tighter around 
your dick because the dog just stuffed his cock up my 

Beth was breathing faster as she fucked herself with 
her fingers and roughly rubbed her clit with her 

"I know you've been secretly fantasizing about blowing 
your load inside your mom's pussy while the dog is 
filling her ass with cum at the same time. Oh, fuck... 
Ben!" Beth almost screamed before she set the clock 
down on the bed and bit her hand while she came. She 
writhed on the bed, arching her back while she fucked 
herself with her fingers.

Beth's heart was pounding and she was tingling all 
over by the time she finally started to calm down. She 
was breathing hard, and her eyes were half-hooded as 
she picked the clock back up and looked into the 
camera. She had a big goofy smile on her face.

"You know how I know those dirty secrets of yours, 
Baby?" She slipped her fingers out of her pussy and 
brought them to her mouth, noisily sucking her cum 
from them before continuing. "Because they're my 
secrets too. Every time you've watched me masturbate, 
or watched me fuck Rufus over the last few months, it 
was you that I was fantasizing about."

Beth smiled and pressed the two fingers which had just 
been in her pussy against her lips, kissed them, then 
briefly pressed them against the clock face where the 
camera was.

"I love you, Ben."

It wasn't until Beth put the clock back on the 
headboard and got into the shower that anxiety started 
to overwhelm her as she obsessively wondered about how 
Ben was going to take her message. She was so anxious 
about it that she was short of breath as she turned 
off the water and dried herself. She almost went into 
her son's room and deleted the day's video log before 
he got home from his cousin's house, but she couldn't 
bring herself to erase what she'd just done, what 
she'd just told her son.

Beth was sitting on the couch, cuddling with her 
husband after giving him a blowjob when Ben came in 
the front door. She jumped off the couch and ran to 
her son and wrapped her arms around him. She hugged 
him tight, and her heart swelled and pounded in her 
chest when he wrapped his arms around her and held her 
even tighter than she was holding him.

Gary yelled from the couch, "Hey, Ben!" but didn't get 
up. He was oblivious to their embrace.

"I missed you, Baby," Beth said with the side of her 
face pressed against Ben's chest. She felt him stiffen 
a little bit and she realized that she had technically 
never called him that before because he hadn't watched 
her message yet. She blushed.

"I missed you too, Mom."

Beth didn't want to break the hug, Ben was caressing 
his hands up and down her back and it felt wonderful, 
but she wanted him to see her message before anything 
more happened. She extricated herself from Ben's 
grasp, which wasn't as easy as it usually was, and she 
walked back to the couch to sit back down next to her 

Butterflies were fluttering violently in her stomach 
as she heard the door to Ben's room close behind him. 
She knew he'd go right for the video log.

Beth didn't see Ben again that night. He stayed in his 
room all night, and she had things to do the next 
morning while he was getting ready for school, so she 
hadn't had a chance to talk to him then.

Beth fretted over the situation all day. She was 
getting a stomach ache from all the anxiety. It was 
now only ten minutes until Ben should be home from 
school. She couldn't be completely positive that Ben 
had seen her message to him, but she felt sure that he 
had. She decided to follow her normal routine.

Beth's pussy was already wet as she went into her 
bedroom, laid on her bed and called Rufus up. She let 
him sniff and lick at her wet panties for a few 
minutes, letting him get excited before she slipped 
them down and took them off. Rufus snaked his tongue 
inside of her as soon as her hands were out of the 
way, mashing his nose against her clit as he tried to 
get at the source of her juices.

She was writhing on her bed with her eyes closed, 
Rufus noisily lapping away at her pussy, when Beth 
sensed that she wasn't alone. She opened her eyes and 
saw Ben standing next to her bed, watching her.

Beth blushed a crimson red and resisted the natural 
instinct to push Rufus away, to throw a blanket over 
herself and run to the bathroom and hide.

"Hi, Mom," Ben said, blushing as he smiled.

Beth bit her lower lip as she trembled with anxiety 
and anticipation. Even though she'd exposed herself to 
Ben dozens of times, even though she had let him watch 
her do all manner of sexual acts, now that he was 
standing in front of her, in person, watching her in 
the flesh, it took a great will to fight the natural 
motherly instinct to close her legs and squeeze her 
thighs together in order to hide her pussy and arousal 
from her son's view.

Ben looked at the floor and fidgeted with his feet, 
"I'm sorry about the spy-cam."

Beth was still blushing. Rufus had started licking 
faster as she'd started getting more wet. She watched 
as Ben's eyes came up and started roaming her body. He 
looked into her eyes several times, making sure it was 
alright to look and watch, and Beth smiled at him in 
response each time.

"Do you like watching me?" Beth managed to say.

Ben had been staring at her pussy, watching as Rufus' 
tongue licked it. He looked into her eyes and his 
voice sounded serious, "I love watching you."

Beth couldn't stop herself, she loved talking dirty 
during sex; she'd never been able to talk dirty to a 
man about dog sex, "Even when I do nasty things with 
the dog?" Beth could see Ben starting to breathe a 
little harder and his eyes getting a little unfocused 
as he stared into her eyes. It made her stomach 

"I love that about you, Mom."

Beth's heart swelled and felt warm as it pounded in 
her chest. "You like watching Rufus lick out your 
mom's pussy?"

Ben's eyes shot between her legs, "Yes."

"And you've liked all the times I let you watch him 
mount me like a bitch and stuff his cock up my ass or 
my pussy?"

"Fuck yes."

Ben had never spoken to her like that before, she 
almost came on Rufus' tongue as she heard and felt her 
son's words. She squeezed her thighs together before 
she could cum, pushing Rufus away. She knew how she 
wanted to cum today, and it wasn't going to be on 
Rufus' tongue. She reached up and wrapped her fingers 
around Ben's belt and yanked on it, pulling him down 
onto the bed next to her. She leaned toward him, 
grabbed his shirt and used it to pull him closer to 

Beth adored how red his face was, and she knew that 
hers was hot, too. "I love you, Ben."

Ben was still blushing, but he didn't look away from 
her gaze. "I love you, Mom."

Beth tilted her face to the side and pressed her lips 
against his. Ben was a little stiff at first, but then 
opened his mouth to her urgently probing tongue. She 
slipped her tongue into her son's mouth and started 
making out with him.

Beth ran her hand down Ben's arm and picked up his 
hand. She placed it on her hip, and then slipped her 
hand up his shirt. She started caressing his chest as 
they kissed.

Ben pulled back from the kiss and opened his eyes. 
"What about Dad?"

"Well, he's just going to have to share," Beth said 
with a wicked grin on her face. "And what he doesn't 
know... can't hurt him."

"But don't you love him?"

"Of course I do, Baby, that will never change," Beth 
said. "But I love you too, on a different level than 
my love for your father. You've given me something 
that no one else can."

Ben looked like he was thinking about what she'd said. 
She started sucking his lips while he mulled it over. 
It only took a moment before she felt his hand start 
to squeeze her ass and then caress her body up and 
down as they made out.

Beth broke their kiss and propped herself up so she 
could tug Ben's shirt off. She pushed him over onto 
his back and got up on her knees, sitting back on her 
ankles so she could undress him. He reached down and 
caressed her thigh as she took his shoes and socks 
off, then she undid his belt and pants before tugging 
them down. She licked her lips as the bulge beneath 
his underwear came into view. She tugged his pants all 
the way off and threw them to the floor.

Ben was blushing furiously as Beth leaned over him and 
kissed him. The only thing he was wearing was his pair 
of underwear, and the only thing she was wearing was 
her bra.

"There, now we're even," she smiled down at him. Beth 
leaned back and fiddled with her bra. "You want to get 
this pesky thing out of the way?"

Ben's hands reached for her breasts. Beth threw her 
head back as he squeezed them through the bra for a 
moment before he started trying to get it off of her. 
He reached behind her and tried to undo the clasp, but 
quickly gave up and just tugged it off of her body. 
Beth loved the look in his eyes as he saw a woman's 
set of breasts up close and personal for the first 
time in his life. She almost came when he timidly 
reached for them and started squeezing them in his 
hands. She caressed his belly in circles as he played 
with her breasts.

Beth was moaning, "Mmm, Baby, there's one more thing 
in the way... ." She reached down and slowly pulled 
Ben's underwear down. His hard cock almost slapped her 
face as it finally sprang from its confines. She 
tugged the underwear off of his legs completely and 
threw them to the floor. 

Beth licked her lips and moaned as she stared at her 
son's cock. She wanted to stroke it in her hands and 
suck it, but she didn't want him to cum just yet. 
"Ben... do you know how fucking gorgeous your cock 
is?" She looked up at his face and it was beet red. 
She reached up and caressed his face as she threw her 
leg over her son and straddled his belly.

Beth's extremely wet pussy rubbed against Ben's flesh 
as she lowered her face to his and kissed him before 
moving her lips to his ear. Her lips were pressed 
against his ear as she whispered, "You're a nasty 
pervert just like me, aren't you?"

Ben's voice quivered. "Yes."

"You like watching your own mother fucking and sucking 
dogs?" she whispered.

Ben moaned, "Yes!"

"And now you want to stuff your cock inside of your 
mom's pussy?" Beth could feel Ben's pulse racing.

"Oh fuck!"

"Hmm?" Beth whispered. "Do you want to fuck your mom?" 
Beth put a strong, sharp emphasis on the 'fuck'.

"Yes!" Ben almost shouted.

Beth bit Ben's ear, then kissed her way up his cheek 
to his lips and gave him a lingering, wet kiss before 
she sat up on top of him. She raised herself up and 
scooted her body back. "Grab your cock and point it 
where you want it, Baby."

Ben grabbed his dick and angled it toward Beth's slit.

Beth watched her son's eyes as she started to lower 
herself down. She felt the tip of his cock start to 
part her lips as she continued lowering herself. She 
saw his eyes go wide as she felt the head of his cock 
fit inside of her. His mouth was gaping open by the 
time she'd sank all the way down his cock.

The taboo thrill of what she was doing, the searing 
heat of his flesh inside of her – the hardness of it, 
the throbbing of it, the wonderfully filling sensation 
of it – and the amazing feeling of love and intimacy 
filling her heart overwhelmed Beth. She arched her 
back and threw her head back as a tremendous orgasm 
burst within her.

Beth lowered her head and leaned over Ben's chest. She 
pressed her hands against his chest and thrilled at 
the heightened tactile sensation she was feeling 
because of her orgasm. His skin felt almost electric 
as she caressed his chest with her fingertips. She 
splayed her fingers apart and leaned on his chest as 
she started raising and lowering herself on her son's 
cock, while her pussy spasmed in orgasm.

Beth looked up at Ben's face and smiled. His eyes were 
closed and he was pressing the back of his head into 
the pillow. It looked like he was putting up a valiant 
effort to fight off his own orgasm as she slid her 
pussy up and down his cock. She stopped riding him and 
sat still with his throbbing cock lodged inside of 
her. She splayed her fingers out and caressed them all 
over the flesh of his chest before sliding them up his 
neck to his face. She slipped her fingers around 
behind his head and pulled his head toward her until 
he opened his eyes and looked into hers. She was 
sitting still on top of him and she could feel her 
orgasm causing her inner-muscles to involuntarily 
contract around his cock.

"You feel that, Baby?" Beth rasped out in between deep 
breaths. "That's what it feels like when you make a 
woman cum."

Ben's mouth gaped open a bit.

"I started cumming on your cock as soon as it was 
inside me," Beth said. "Can you feel my pussy 
squeezing your cock?"

Ben gave a quick nod.

"That's nature trying to milk your cum out of your 
cock." Beth smiled down at her son and took his hands 
in hers. She pressed his hands against her breasts and 
squeezed her fingers around his own, forcing his 
fingertips into her flesh. "I need your cum inside me, 
Ben." She watched his eyes as she raised her hips up 
and then slid back down his dick. She started riding 
him, picking up the pace with each stroke. "Pretty 
please, Ben? Can I have your cum?"

Beth saw Ben's face almost grimace at the same time 
she felt his hot cum start shooting out of his cock 
inside of her. Ben threw his head back and shouted 
unintelligibly as she felt his cock pulsing, shooting 
jet after thick jet of hot cum deep inside of her.

Beth started to cum again as she felt Ben having an 
orgasm inside of her. She screamed as she started 
roughly bouncing up and down on his cock. She felt Ben 
start bucking his hips up at her each time she lowered 
herself, slapping his hips against her and forcing his 
cock as deep inside her as he could.

Both of them were breathing raggedly as Beth finally 
slowed and came to a stop. She collapsed on top of her 
son. She could still feel his dick still throbbing 
inside of her as she laid on his chest. Her breasts 
mashed against his abdomen and her erect nipples poked 
against him. Her body was raised up and down with 
every breath that her son took, and with her ear 
against his warm skin she could hear his heart 
beating. Beth felt complete. She felt like a part of 
her life that had been missing was now firmly in place 
and exactly the way it should have always been. She'd 
always known that keeping her secret created a void 
within her, but until this moment she had never known 
how big that void had truly been.

Beth caressed Ben's chest as she basked in the glow of 
their orgasms. She moaned when she felt Ben's hands 
press against her back and begin gently caressing her.

Slightly out of breath, Ben half-whispered, "I love 
you, Mom."

In all of her life Beth had never felt closer to 
another person than she felt with her son right now. 
She'd thought that knowing, sharing, and keeping each 
other's secret about bestiality was intensely 
intimate, but she hadn't been prepared for how she'd 
feel after going this far with her son. She thought to 
herself that there must be no greater intimacy that 
two people could share together, than what they'd just 
done. The incredible taboo of the secret they now 
shared created an incredibly deep intimacy between 
them. It was now a part of them that could never be 
shared with anyone other than each other. Their secret 
created a bond between them, a level of intimacy and 
love that Beth knew most people could never 
experience. She'd never imagined that love could feel 
this way.

Beth looked up into her son's eyes. She could see it 
there, she knew that he felt what she was feeling. She 
pulled herself up his chest, her skin sliding against 
his, and his manhood finally slipped out of her pussy. 
She kissed him, licking and sucking his lips as his 
cum drooled out of her onto his body. She gasped 
against his mouth as she felt him slide his hands 
between their bodies and start fondling her breasts, 
rubbing her sensitive nipples with his thumbs.

Beth pulled back from the kiss and opened her eyes. 
She watched Ben open his eyes and look back at her. 
With her breasts still in his hands, and while she 
looked directly into his eyes, she said, "I love you 
too, Ben." A smile split Ben's face, and she couldn't 
stop smiling back at him right now if her life 
depended on it.

Beth kissed her son again and then rolled off of him 
onto her side with her back to him. She reached behind 
her, grabbed his arm, and dragged it over her. Ben 
caught the hint and snuggled his body up against her 

Beth got goosebumps as she felt Ben's body press 
against hers and felt his breath hot on her neck. She 
held and squeezed his forearm as his hand started 
roaming her body.


Beth had to bring herself back to reality, "Hmm?"

"How old were you the first time... you know... did 
anything with a dog?"

Beth blushed. She had never spoken to anyone about 
this before. "I was twelve-years-old the first time, 
and it's been a part of my life ever since. You are 
the first person who has ever known."

Ben kissed her shoulder. "I was ten."

Beth almost gasped. She hadn't even thought about what 
Ben might have done with dogs before. "Really?"

Ben was blushing. "Yeah. It was Uncle Mike's 

Beth knew the dog, she had fooled around with is 
several times. "Mmm, that is hot, Baby."

"I've also fooled around with Rufus."

Beth was shocked. They'd had Rufus all his life, for 
the last six years. Beth had started mating with him 
as soon as he was old enough to mount her. She'd never 
imagined that anyone else might be fooling around with 
him. Ben must have started doing things with Rufus 
around the same time she had. "I had no idea."

"Last year, there was a day that the teachers 
surprised us by canceling last period." Ben said. "I 
came home early, and I saw you with Rufus."

Beth blushed.

"I couldn't believe it. I had never seen anything 
so..." Ben pressed his face into his mom's hair as he 
blushed. "Nothing had ever turned me on like that 
before. I've fooled around with Rufus, I've... kind of 
jerked him off, and I've been sucking his dick since I 
was 11, but I've never gone all the way with him. And 
to actually see you on your hands and knees... mating 
with him... it was amazing."

Beth had pulled Ben's arm up between her breasts and 
was hugging it tight. He started moving his wrist and 
caressed her chin with his fingertips.

"That's when I got the spy-cam," he continued. "I'm 
sorry, I know it was wrong. I wanted you to know that 
I shared the same secret, but I didn't know how you'd 
react if you found out that I knew. But I had to know 

They were silent for several minutes as they caressed 
each other. Beth was floating in bliss when she heard 
the front door shut. It took her a moment to realize 
what the sound had been.

"Your father is home!" Beth whispered urgently. She 
jumped out of the bed at the same time Ben did. Beth 
couldn't help but giggle as she saw Ben panic and run 
out of her room stark naked.

Beth quickly threw on a pair of sweat pants and 
fumbled around looking for a shirt. She saw Ben's 
shirt on the floor, picked it up and put it on. She 
picked up the rest of his clothes and threw them on to 
her bed before yanking the sheets off the bed. She 
wadded everything in a ball and tried to act normal as 
she walked to the laundry room. Her body was still 
tingling, and her legs were a little wobbly.

Gary caught her as she was about to go into the 
laundry room. "Hi, Babe." He hugged her from behind 
and fondled her breasts while she stood there holding 
the sheets that were covered in the evidence of her 
adultery and incest.

"Mmm, hi, Honey." She turned her head and they kissed 
for a moment.

Gary slipped his arms from around her and gave her ass 
a hard spank before he continued walking down the 

Beth let out a sigh of relief. She threw the sheets 
into the washer and got it started. She was about to 
take off Ben's shirt and put one of her own on, but 
she felt a kinky thrill when she thought about it. She 
was wearing her lover's shirt after she'd stripped it 
from his body before they'd made love. She wore the 
shirt for the rest of the night. She enjoyed Ben's 
blush and smile later that night when he saw her 
wearing it.

It only took them a matter of days to fall into a 
routine. There was always an hour between when Ben got 
home, and when Gary got home. They started to refer to 
it as "Our Hour", or "The Hour" when Gary might able 
to overhear. Every weekday that hour was packed full 
of all manner of fucking, sucking, lovemaking and dog 

Gary was oblivious to the entire thing. Even when he 
happened to slip his dick into his wife's freshly 
fucked pussy, he never seemed to notice that his son's 
cum was already inside of her.

It wasn't long before their Hour was no longer enough. 
Over the next weeks, Beth noticed Ben pushing the 
envelope when it came to his father. Ben had started 
covertly fondling her just out of his father's view, 
exposing himself to her and lifting her skirts up or 
pulling her blouses down to expose her while Gary was 
in the same room and preoccupied. Ben had even sneaked 
into her bedroom while Gary was asleep next to her and 
had masturbated into her waiting mouth.

After that Beth replaced Ben's single-sized bed with a 
queen-size bed, so that they could more comfortably 
and more discreetly make love in Ben's room when Gary 
was home. Gary was a sound-sleeper and never woke when 
she sneaked out of her room at night to have sex with 
their son.

Beth knew that doing with Ben when his father was home 
was tremendously risky, but she couldn't deny the 
thrill of it and how much it turned her on, and she 
couldn't deny her body to her son. It wasn't long 
before she started pushing the envelope as well, 
always looking for opportunities to fondle or suck off 
her son while her husband was in the next room.

There was a bathroom that connected to Ben's room, 
which had two doors – one connecting to Ben's room, 
and one connecting to the hallway. It became one of 
their favorite places to have sex. Beth didn't know 
how many times she'd been pulled into that bathroom, 
been bent over the sink, had her faced pressed against 
the mirror and been fucked from behind by her son with 
the only thing separating her from her husband being a 
few walls.

It had been about a month since they had first 
consummated their love. It was a Friday, and Gary 
wouldn't be home for another 20 minutes. Beth was 
laying in her son's bed with his cum slowly drooling 
out of her while they snuggled together. "Have you 
ever thought about going all the way with Rufus?" she 

Ben blushed. "Yeah, all the time, but I don't know if 
I could. He's so big."

Beth smiled, "Well, we'll just have to work on your 
ass, Baby"

Ben kissed her. "Alright."

It was another two weeks before Beth thought that Ben 
was ready for Rufus. She had started preparing him the 
day after they had first talked about it. Any time she 
sucked him off, it was now accompanied by her fingers 
in his ass. At first it had just been one, then two, 
and eventually she could get four of her fingers 
inside of him. She loved feeling his ass tighten 
around her fingers as he came in her mouth. Within a 
week she started fucking his ass with some of her sex 

It was a Friday again. On Monday Beth had started 
slipping one of her butt plugs up Ben's ass before he 
would leave for school. Beth had decided that today 
was going to be the day, so after slipping the plug 
inside of his ass, Beth had whispered in his ear, 
"Skip breakfast and lunch today, Baby." Ben blushed, 
knowing what his mother had planned for him.

When Ben got home from school, her arms were wrapped 
around him and they were making out before he even 
closed the door. They stripped their clothes from each 
other as they made out and awkwardly walked down the 

They stumbled into Ben's room and Beth pushed him down 
onto the bed. She got on top of him and ground her 
crotch against his. She ran her hands over his chest 
and gently bit his nipples while he played with her 

Beth pulled herself up Ben's body until they were face 
to face. She kissed him and said, "Today's the day, 
Baby. I think you're ready for Rufus."

Ben looked at Rufus who was sitting on the floor next 
to the bed watching them. "Are you sure?"

"Trust me, you're ready."

"Alright, Mom."

Beth smiled and kissed him again. "I love you, now get 
on your hands and knees and get that cute ass in the 

Beth slipped off of Ben and sat on the bed as he got 
to his hands and knees. She looked at Rufus and patted 
Ben's ass. Rufus jumped on the bed and went right for 
Ben's ass. He licked Ben's balls and all around the 
butt plug that was lodged in Ben's ass.

Beth slowly tugged on the butt plug until it popped 
from Ben's ass. Before Ben's ass could relax and close 
completely, Rufus slipped his tongue inside Ben's ass, 
causing Ben to moan. Rufus pushed his nose against Ben 
as he snaked his tongue deep inside Ben's ass several 
times before it started to relax.

Beth gently pushed Rufus away and poured lube over 
Ben's ass hole as she worked it in with her fingers. 
When she was done lubing up Ben's ass, she said, 
"Alright, turn around." She positioned Ben so that 
there would be enough space behind him on the bed for 
Rufus and enough space for her in front of him.

Beth leaned in and kissed her son's lips. "Ready?"


Beth smiled and winked, "Tell him."

Ben blushed and smiled back at her before he looked at 
Rufus. "Fuck me, Rufus!"

Rufus bolted up and jumped behind Ben. He jumped on 
Ben's back, wrapped his paws and forearms around Ben's 
hips and started humping at Ben's ass.

Beth saw Ben's eyes go wide and knew that Rufus had 
found his mark. She bit her lower lip as she squeezed 
her thighs together. She knew that Rufus' cock was 
very quickly swelling and filling her son's ass.

"Oh fuck, Mom..." Ben gasped.

"It's alright, Baby," Beth said as she caressed his 
face. She leaned in and kissed him. He moaned against 
her lips as Rufus pounded his ass, jolting Ben's body 
over and over again.

Beth pulled back from the kiss. "Clamp down tight, so 
that he can't pull out."

"I am..."

Beth caressed her son's face and stroked his hair. 
"Good boy."

Ben blushed. Rufus was starting to slow down, he was 
panting as he rested his chin on Ben's back.

Beth patted Rufus and scratched behind his ears. "Can 
you feel him filling you with cum?"

"It feels really... warm, and... kind of wet."

"Mmm fuck, Ben," Beth moaned. "That's his cum. He's 
going to keep pumping it up your ass the entire time 
he's inside you."

They'd had three-ways with Rufus before, with Rufus 
fucking her from behind while she sucked off Ben, and 
she had decided that this was going to be no 
different. Beth sat on her butt and scooted closer to 
Ben until her breasts were in his face. She cradled 
his head while he moaned and sucked at her nipples. 
After a couple minutes of that, Beth slipped her 
fingers into Ben's hair and grabbed a handful of his 

"Mmm, I think you need to eat my pussy while you're 
getting fucked like a bitch, Sweetheart."

Ben was blushing as she leaned back and pulled his 
face down to her pussy. She gasped as he immediately 
sucked her moist outer-labia between his lips and 
lightly nipped it with his teeth. She let go of his 
hair and laid on her back, spreading her legs wide for 
her son.

Ben had been a very fast learner when it came to 
eating her pussy. Within a minute Beth was writhing on 
her back, willing herself to resist the urge to 
squeeze her thighs together while her son ate her 
pussy like it was a peach. She did squeeze her thighs 
around his head and came extremely close to cumming 
when she felt him wiggle his finger up her ass while 
he lightly scraped his teeth over her clit hood.

Beth felt her son's mouth leave her pussy and heard 
him groan. She spread her legs and looked at him. She 
could see that Rufus was dismounting and turning. She 
knew Rufus' cock was spinning inside of Ben's ass as 
Rufus positioned himself so that they were ass to ass.

Beth sat up and hugged Ben around his neck and roughly 
made out with him. She broke the kiss and slid the 
side of her face against his until her lips were close 
to his ear. She let out a half-whimper, half-moan and 
said, "Do you like that big dog cock stuffed up your 
ass, Baby?"

Ben was trembling in her arms. "Yes!"

"You like being pumped full of hot cum by a dog?"

Ben was starting to breathe harder, "Yes!"

"You know, in his mind, he's breeding a bitch right 
now," Beth huskily whispered into her son's ear, 
"Pumping his bitch full of sperm, with his knot 
plugging her fuck-hole, not letting any of it escape."

"Mom..." Ben moaned.

Beth brought her lips back to Ben's and kissed him. 
She held his face in her hands and looked into his 
eyes. "Do you need to cum, Baby?"

Ben was breathing hard as he nodded his head up and 
down in her hands.

Beth smiled. "Do you need your mom to suck that 
gorgeous cock of yours, and swallow down your cum?"

"God yes, Mom, please..."

Beth kissed her son again and then laid down on her 
back. She wiggled herself under him until she could 
reach his dick with her mouth.

She moaned and licked her lips when she saw that 
Rufus' cum was slowly leaking out of Ben's ass, around 
Rufus' knot, and it was running down Ben's cock to 
drip from the tip of it. It was an awkward position, 
but Beth made it work. She sucked the head of her 
son's cock into her mouth and could taste Rufus' cum 
on it. She moved her head back and forth, blowing Ben 
as well as she could in this position. She reached up 
and fondled his balls while she sucked him.

Beth moaned around Ben's cock as she felt him place 
one of his hands over her wet pussy and start rubbing 

Beth felt the bed moving as Rufus started to get a 
little antsy, she repositioned herself further 
underneath Ben just in time to watch up close as Rufus 
started to slowly pull his knot out of Ben's ass. 

Ben was roughly rubbing her pussy, squeezing her clit 
between his fingers as he did. She was close to 
cumming, but she tried to ignore the waves of pleasure 
emanating from Ben's hand and fingers as much as she 
could, trying to will herself not to cum yet.

When Rufus' knot was almost out, stretching and 
tugging at Ben's ass from the inside, she heard Ben 
groaning and then heard him shout as she felt his 
thick, hot cum start shooting into the back of her 
mouth. She had only swallowed the first jet of his cum 
when she saw Rufus' knot finally pop out of her son's 
ass and his whole cock flop out from Ben's ass 
immediately after.

Rufus' cum instantly started to gush out of Ben's ass. 
Beth quickly angled Ben's pulsing dick in her mouth so 
that that the length of it was pressed down against 
her tongue, then she opened her mouth as much as she 
could so that there was a gap on the top side.

Rufus' cum was flowing out of Ben's ass, down over his 
balls, down the length of his cock and into Beth's 
mouth. Beth's orgasm overcame her as she felt the hot 
dog cum fill her mouth and mix with her son's cum. Her 
mouth was full of dog cum, and her son's cock was now 
submerged in it while he ejaculated inside of her 

Beth tightly squeezed her thighs together and 
involuntarily bucked her hips at Ben's hand as her 
orgasm lit her body up. Dog cum spilled out over her 
lips and down her cheeks before she could swallow the 
mouthful and make room for more.

Ben's dick was still pulsing and shooting his own cum 
in her mouth, she hungrily swallowed her son's and 
Rufus' cum as it mixed together in her mouth before 
Ben finally collapsed onto his side.

Disoriented from her intense orgasm, Beth fell over on 
the bed twice before she was able to crawl behind Ben 
and cuddle up against him. She wrapped an arm around 
him and hugged him, pressing her bare breasts and 
sensitive nipples against his back. She started 
kissing and nibbling at his shoulders.

"Was it as good as you thought it would be?" Beth said 
between kisses and bites.

Ben's breathing was finally calming down. "Yeah, it 
was amazing."

A surge of happiness swelled in Beth. She'd been 
worried that after all this time, maybe Ben wouldn't 
like it. Still hugging him tight, she let out a small 
moan and said, "I love you, Ben."

Ben slipped his fingers between his mother's fingers 
and held her hand. There was still warm dog cum 
drooling out of his ass. "I love you, Mom."

And they fucked happily ever after. The end.

 - - - - - - -


Hahaha, well, that's it, I hope you enjoyed the show. 
I couldn't really figure out how to end it. If I 
hadn't ended it this way I probably would have just 
kept compulsively writing out the rest of their lives 
forever. And then we wouldn't be here now, sharing 
this moment together =) I hope it was good for you, 
because I certainly got off.

All feedback is welcome, I would love to hear from 
you; especially what my story might have done to you 
or made you feel. Those kinds of feedback emails are 
the very best. The more explicit the better =) Guy or 
girl, or somewhere in between, I love to hear from 

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suggestion for a sequel, or something of that nature, 
that's just fine and dandy.

Until next we meet.

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