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This is the story of how I started sharing my wife and 
eventually renting her out to other men.

I am 46 and my wife Lisa is 47. We have been married 18 
years and have a 17 year old son and a 16 year old 
daughter. Lisa is part of a large family and has 7 
brothers and two sisters. Growing up with 7 brothers 
had a very big impact on her attitude toward men. A 
very positive impact. It is her love of men that has 
made our lifestyle possible. Lisa is a blonde with 36A 
tits and very sexy legs. Her best asset is her 
beautiful bubble but.

A little background on how Lisa and I started dating.

Back in the mid eighties Lisa and I both worked for the 
same company. I was a photographer and she was a 
customer service rep. The people we worked with were 
all great people and we got to know each other pretty 
well. On New Years Eve I was stood up by a girlfriend 
that I had just started dating. To make amends this 
same girl baked some muffins and left them in front of 
my apartment door. The next day at work I was relating 
this story to my coworkers. One of the girls said, "Oh 
I bet that impressed you." 

I said no it didn't, but if she had come to my 
apartment, walked in and taken off her clothes, I would 
have been impressed by that. Everyone laughed and to 
tell you the truth I did not realize that Lisa was even 
paying attention at the time. That night Lisa knocked 
on my door, walked in and took off her clothes. We have 
been together ever since. 

From the time we first started dating I loved having 
Lisa dress sexy and show off her body. I have a 
lingerie fetish, particularly garter belt and 
stockings. It started with having her walk naked in 
public. We would drive out late at night and find a not 
so secluded street where a car would drive by every 
couple of minutes. I would pull over and have her get 
out of the car and strip down to her garter belt, 
stockings, and heels, leaving her dress, bra, and 
panties in the car. 

I would drive the car a block down the street and have 
her walk slowly to the car. The rule of the game was 
that she had to keep walking until a car drove by. The 
most she ever had to walk was 3 blocks. This really 
excited both of us and she would keep her clothes off 
on the drive home. Once home we would have great sex. 
Lisa was a true exhibitionist.

We found many ways to explore Lisa's exhibitionism, but 
one of the best was the photography seminar. I am a 
photographer and videographer. I taught a seminar for 
amateur photographers on lingerie and boudoir 
photography. Lisa was the model. She spent the entire 
day wearing her lingerie and modeling for 10 
photographers. It was so exciting having her look so 
sexy in front of the other men. The seminar was 
supposed to end at 5pm with the last two hours 
dedicated to allowing the photographers to pose Lisa 
and set up the lighting on their own. 

She was so turned on by all of the attention that she 
offered to pose nude. I did not stop her but instead 
encouraged her. The seminar did not end until 8pm. Lisa 
spent 3 hours posing nude for 10 photographers. It 
still remains as one of the most erotic experiences of 
our lives. Later when we were having sex, in the heat 
of the moment, I told her I wished that she had let all 
of the men have sex with her. She went wild and had a 
very intense orgasm. I do have photos to share from the 

Lisa and I did many things over the years to show off 
her sexy body. I had frequented many strip clubs before 
we got together. We went out for dinner one night and I 
don't remember how we got on the subject of strip 
clubs, but she said she wanted to see what they were 
like. I decided to take her to my favorite place. It 
was a place called Trixie's Delight. Lisa was all eyes 
as she watched the dancers strip and the reactions of 
the men. She did not strip that night, sorry, but what 
she did was still very sexy. 

Lisa went to the bathroom and when she came back she 
had her bra and panties in her hand and she had 
unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. Lisa 
caught the attention of most of the men as she walked 
back to our table. This was due to the fact that she 
was carrying her panties and bra in her hands and 
because she was wearing a white blouse that when 
combined with the lighting in the club made it clear 
that she was not wearing a bra. Since it was obvious 
that she was with me, the attention of the men soon 
turned back to the dancers on the stage.

Lisa and I had what we called "our sex night." About 
every other month we would be living out a fantasy or 
showing her off in some way. We spent many hours 
talking about our fantasies and developed a try 
anything once attitude. I made sure that Lisa 
understood that I did not want her to do anything that 
she did not want to do. It turned me on that she was 
doing these things on our sex night because it turned 
her on. I made sure that she understood that she could 
cancel any plans we had made at any time. 

We had talked so openly about our fantasies that I knew 
what she liked and didn't like. I never set up anything 
that she did not approve of before hand. I did surprise 
her once. I will tell you about some of our sex nights, 
but will skip the details of how they were set up. I 
assure you that all men who had sex with Lisa always 
wore a condom. She only had unprotected sex with John, 
Lonnie, and I. Lisa always used birth control. 

Lisa stripped at a fraternity house. When we arrived at 
the fraternity there were about sixty guys there. We 
mingled for a short time and then Lisa started to walk 
through the crowd on her own. Music was playing but you 
could not hear it because of the crowd noise. When Lisa 
started to take of her blouse the guys went crazy. She 
moved around the room and the guys would lift her skirt 
or touch her somewhere. Lisa soon had her skirt off and 
walked around in her bra, panties, and stockings. She 
sat on one guys lap and had him take off her bra. She 
stood in front of another guy and him take of her 
panties. I never saw the bra and panties again. 

For the next hour Lisa walked to different guys and 
either sat on their laps or stood in front of them 
letting them feel her tits, ass, and pussy. I loved it. 
She was wearing only her garter belt and stockings 
letting sixty guys see her and feel her. One guy got 
down on the floor on his back and Lisa straddled him in 
a 69 position. As he fingered and licked her pussy she 
undid his pants and pulled his dick out. The crowd was 
going wild as Lisa started to suck him. Another guy had 
gone to his bedroom and came back with a small dildo 
that he started to slide in and out of her pussy. 

Things were getting out of hand pretty quickly but Lisa 
soon stopped the action and stood up. She continued to 
let guys come up to her and feel her anywhere they 
wanted. It was very exciting to stand next to her as 
the guys felt her up. Lisa had many offers from guys 
who wanted to take her to their bedrooms for sex, a 
couple of them even begged saying that they were 
virgins. Lisa politely turned them all down and put her 
skirt and blouse back on. We then went home and had 
great sex. I do have video and still photos from the 

Lisa had an eight men gangbang. We rented a hotel room 
and I watched and helped her get dressed in her garter 
belt and stockings and panties. The dress she wore was 
one that we had custom made at a store that made 
outfits for exotic dancers. It fit her body perfectly 
and was short enough to show her stocking tops and did 
not require a bra. At the designated time we went down 
to the bar to meet the guys. Quick introductions were 
made and then we all left to go to the room. It was 
pretty obvious to other people what was going on as 
Lisa was dressed so sexy and walked to the elevators 
with eight men. 

Once in the room the guys spent a little time getting 
to know Lisa and then two of them slowly stripped her 
down to her stockings. She then went to each man and 
let them feel her, or suck on her nipples, or lick her 
pussy, or feel her ass. Lisa was soon on her back on 
the bed as one guy started to fuck her pussy and 
another started to fuck her mouth. This was not 
romantic, it was raw sex. Lisa had an orgasm as the 
fourth man fucked her pussy and another came in her 
mouth. After everyone had come at least once we tied 
her to the bed and shaved her pussy. After that it was 
a free for all. 

Lisa was fucked missionary, doggy style, and with her 
on top. She was spanked, and fucked in the pussy, ass, 
and mouth at the same time. I was the one fucking her 
in the ass. It ended with two of the guys coming on her 
tits. I do have video and still photos from the video. 
I actually used two video cameras.

Lisa stripped at two bachelor parties. Both were 
friends of Lonnie's. She did not have sex with any of 
the guys at the bachelor parties but did a sexy 
striptease and let the guys play with her. She did 
reach into the groom's pants and played with his dick 
on both occasions.

Lisa was a panty girl for an online friend. I have 
posted many pictures of Lisa online over the years. One 
of my favorite newsgroups to post on was the panties 
newsgroup. I love lingerie and Lisa always looks so 
sexy when she dresses up. I posted a photo of Lisa in 
panties and offered to sell her panties. I only posted 
the message once and I had many guys wanting to buy her 
panties. One guy seemed sincere and we had a great time 
with Ken. Ken was great and sent a lot of panties for 
Lisa to pose in. All of the panties Ken sent were the 
same style. White full size panties. 

Ken was a great online friend and Lisa and I had hoped 
to meet him some day but it never happened. Still we 
had a lot of fun. I set up a po box for Ken to send us 
stuff. And send us stuff he did. He sent panties and 
sexy outfits. Lisa would pose as I took pictures of her 
in Ken's panties and outfits. Ken would e-mail us a 
description of how he wanted Lisa to pose. Lisa started 
out fully dressed in the outfit Ken sent her, but would 
soon be down to her panties. Eventually her panties 
would be off and she was posing naked for Ken. 
Eventually Ken asked her to pee in her panties and she 
did. I took photos and then sent them to him. I put her 
panties in a zip lock bag and mailed them to Ken.

I met a guy online who lived in our town. Tim was very 
much into bondage and discipline and wanted to spend 
some time with Lisa. We exchange e-mails with him 
talking about what he wanted to do and what Lisa was 
willing to do. I do want to have some interaction with 
you the readers of our stories. If you want to hear 
about Lisa's bondage session with Tim, write a story 
about what you would do with Lisa if she was yours for 
a weekend. E-mail your story to 
and I will tell you of Lisa's meeting with Tim.

I set up a ruff gangbang for Lisa. It was actually her 
idea and one of her fantasies. She wanted to have her 
clothes ripped off by several men and be taken 
forcibly, but not hurt in anyway. It took sometime and 
planning but I set it up. A friend of mine had some 
land out in the country with a little cabin on it. I 
made arrangements to borrow the cabin for the day and 
the scenario was that Lisa and I would be there for a 
day in the country. 

The guys would show up saying that they had the cabin 
for a hunting trip and then forcibly take Lisa. Two 
days before it was to happen Lisa called it off. I did 
not hesitate to make phone calls and send out e-mails 
to cancel our plans. Lisa always had the right to 
cancel or refuse to do anything. I did ask her why she 
canceled our plans since it was something that she had 
suggested and wanted to do. Lisa told me that the ruff 
gangbang was a fantasy of hers but she did not want to 
have sex with strangers anymore and she hoped that I 
was not disappointed with her. I kissed her and hugged 
her and told her that I loved her. I told her that she 
had already fulfilled all of my fantasies and that I 
would never be disappointed with her, ever.

Over the years we found many ways to show her off. 
Sometimes subtle sometimes very blatant, and we still 
continue to this day. Lisa always wears garter belt and 
stockings when we go out for dinner or a special event. 
We always have fun trying to show as many guys that we 
can that she is wearing stockings. This has progressed 
to the point where Lisa tries to flash her panties as 
much as possible when we are out. I love watching from 
a distance as guys move closer to see up her dress. 
Lisa knows I love it when she shows off and finds ways 
to surprise me. Once we were in a hotel hot tub and 
Lisa was wearing a bikini. We were by ourselves for a 
while but soon were joined by two men. 

It was obvious that they came to swim in the pool but 
when they saw us in the hot tub they decided to join 
us. We had a nice conversation with the guys and they 
were openly flirting with Lisa. Lisa took off her 
bikini top and bottoms and set them on the side of the 
hot tub. You could not see below her neckline because 
of the bubbly water, but we all knew she was naked. We 
stayed in the hot tub for another hour and Lisa let the 
two guys play with her while sitting on their laps or 
sitting next to them. 

She did not let them actually have sex with her but let 
them do everything else. When she was ready to go back 
to our room she got out of the hot tub displaying her 
naked body to the three of us and put her bikini 
bathing suit back on. I loved it and once we were back 
in our room we had great sex.

Lisa's sister usually kept our kids when we went out 
for the evening or overnight. Just a block down the 
street from her sister's house was a little 
neighborhood bar. After being at an association dinner 
we were on our way to pick up our kids but decided to 
stop off at the bar for one last drink. The bar had a 
dart board and Lisa and I started to play a game of 
darts. We made a bet. If I won Lisa would have to take 
off her panties in the bar while everyone watched, if 
she won I would have to do the house work for a month. 

It was a fierce but fun competition and came down to 
the last dart, but I won the game. Lisa started to walk 
to the bathroom to take off her panties but I stopped 
her and told her she had to take them off where we 
were. She looked around at the people in the bar, there 
were only three guys and one woman, and none of them 
paid attention as she took her panties off and gave 
them to me. We then left to pick up our kids. 

I did learn something that night. After all that we had 
been through and all that we had done, when we made a 
bet and if she had won, I would have to help her with 
housework. I am not the most intelligent person in the 
world but what she wanted was obvious to me. From that 
point on I started to help with the chores at home. I 
help with the laundry, the dishes, anything she needs 
to help make our house a home.

We spent many hours talking about sharing her with 
another man. Our talks came down to 3 main points. We 
love each other very much and were very secure in our 
marriage. Lisa loves sex and men and she can separate 
love from sex. The idea of sharing her turns me on 
immensely. We decided to try it once and see how we 
felt after.

My video business is mostly corporate work, training 
videos and local commercials. I spend allot time with 
my clients in the editing process. I get to know them 
pretty well. I developed a great relationship with 
John, the owner of a local very successful restaurant. 
John is a workaholic with not much time for a personal 
life. He is divorced and can't keep a girlfriend 
because he spends most of his time at his restaurant. 
During one of my editing sessions with John I told him 
about the lingerie photography seminar in which Lisa 
was the model. He told me to sign him up for the next 
seminar. Lisa had met John on several occasions. When I 
asked Lisa what she thought about John being the first 
guy to share her with she was very interested. He is a 
handsome guy. I called John the next day and we met for 

After some small talk I told him that my wife had 
performed a strip tease act for me and I wanted him to 
see it. He was shocked at first but after some 
reassurances from me he was all for it. I then told 
Lisa that on Saturday night she would be doing her 
strip tease act for both John and I. Her reaction was 
not what I suspected it to be. 

Reality had hit home. Fantasy was becoming reality. She 
was scared. Scared that our marriage would be affected 
in a negative way. I was scared also. We talked about 
what we were about to do and realized that we both had 
the same fear. We had a good thing going, a marriage 
that most people dream about. We had a great 
conversation, a conversation that every married couple 
should have, but most never do. We decided to have her 
strip for John.

It was 4 days until Saturday night. 4 days to plan her 
strip tease act. It was so exciting to talk about what 
she was going to wear and how she would take it off, 
and what she would do once she was stripped down to 
garter belt and stockings. The plan was to have her 
strip and give John a lap dance. During the lap dance 
she would get John naked and then let him take control.

The striptease. The lighting in the room was provided 
by about 20 candles placed by Lisa. Nice music playing 
in the background. John and I watched as she walked 
down the stairs. Lisa was wearing a slinky black dress 
that swished and swayed showing her stocking tops as 
she walked down the stairs. It was a site that I will 
never forget. She first waked over to John and gave him 
a kiss that soon turned into a French kiss with him 
sucking her tongue as his hands explored her body. She 
broke the kiss and moved over to me, whispering in my 
ear she asked, are you sure you want this? I hugged 
her, kissed her, and said please do this for me. She 
then moved to the center of the room and began to 
perform the most erotic strip tease I have ever seen. 

It is very erotic when it is your wife who is the 
stripper. Once she was down to garter belt and 
stockings, Lisa did a lap dance for John. It was a 
short lap dance as John soon took control. He put her 
on her hands and knees and just played with her tits 
and pussy for a long time. She loved it and began to 
beg to be fucked. I slid under her so that I could be 
kissing her and holding her while John fucked her. I 
was kissing her and looking into her eyes when John 
entered her from behind. Lisa was kissing me anywhere 
she could. All over my face, sucking my tongue, every 
time he thrust into her she kissed me somewhere. When 
she was close to coming, John started fucking her hard 
and I grabbed her tits, one in each hand, and started 
pinching her nipples. She came hard and was exhausted. 
John shot his load of cum in her pussy and our fantasy 
was reality. And we loved it.

The rest of the night is what I think every lady's 
fantasy should be. Lisa was constantly in a state of 
sexual arousal. If she was not being fucked by one of 
us, she was being played with by one of us. The next 
day we could not get enough of each other. We just hung 
out together making plans for the future.

It was John who suggested that Lisa would be a great 
rent a wife. John offered to pay 1,000.00 for a 
weekend. I discussed this with Lisa and you would be 
surprised by her response.

Lisa's striptease for John and I had gone so well that 
all three of us could not wait to get together again. 
We soon set up another meeting but with a different 
twist on the striptease. Lisa had performed a great 
striptease and it was very erotic, but in talking about 
it later I could tell she was a little uncomfortable 
with the dancing part. She did great, but I had taken 
her to a strip club before and I think she felt that 
she was not as good as the dancers at the club. Nothing 
could be further from the truth, but what was important 
to me was how she was feeling about all of this. 

I talked to Lisa and told her I wanted to do things a 
little different this time. Instead of her dancing and 
stripping in one outfit, I would like her to model many 
outfits. I asked her to pick 10 of her favorite 
lingerie outfits and model them. My idea was for her to 
come into the room, model the outfit, let each of us 
caress her in the outfit, and then leave and change 
into another outfit. The last outfit must be something 
with her wearing garter belt and stockings. Lisa loved 
the idea and after giving me a kiss went off to start 
picking out her outfits.

One week later we were again alone in the house with 
John. Lisa had the candles burning again and the music 
was playing. As John and I were waiting for Lisa to 
make her entrance, she called me upstairs to help her 
out. She did not need help but wanted to put her own 
twist on the evening. Instead of just modeling the 
outfits, she wanted to have us take turns removing her 
lingerie. Once she was naked she would leave and return 
wearing another outfit. Don't you just love her? What a 
great idea. I told her to let me strip her first. 

Lisa's first outfit was the same dress and lingerie she 
wore the first time that she stripped for John and I. 
Lisa modeled the outfit in such an erotic fashion it 
was unreal. Walking around, bending over, showing her 
stockings, lifting her dress to show her panties. Then 
she stood in front of me so that I could strip her. I 
removed her dress and caressed her body all over. I 
pinched her nipples thru her bra and felt her pussy 
thru the crotch of her panties. I took her bra off and 
again pinched her nipples. 

I put my hands inside her panties and caressed her 
beautiful ass. I slid her panties down and she stepped 
out of them and moved her legs apart. I cupped her 
breast and pinched her nipple with my left hand as I 
moved my right hand between her legs. Lisa let out a 
gasp as my finger found her clit. She was very wet and 
as I started to finger her she pulled away, picked up 
her clothes, and left to change into another outfit.

Lisa's second outfit was a see thru red baby doll 
chemise with matching panties and high heels. It was so 
sexy because her outfit was see thru. You could clearly 
see her nipples and pussy hair, and when she turned her 
back and bent over, you could see that her panties had 
a wet spot. I just wanted to stop right then and devour 
her. Lisa went to John and said "Your turn." John spent 
allot of time having her turn around and bend over 
before he finally put his hands on her. He had Lisa sit 
on his lap with her back facing him. He grabbed her 
breasts with both hands and, taking a clue from me, 
pinched her nipples. Lisa arched her back and let out a 

John pulled her baby doll nighty off and then moved her 
legs apart and draped them over the arms of the chair. 
He then first caressed her pussy thru her panties and 
then moved his hand down inside her panties and 
continued playing with her. Lisa again arched her back 
and let out a moan. Her own hands went to her breasts 
and pulled on her nipples. At this point I could not 
wait any longer and moved towards them intending to get 
down to business right away. Lisa jumped up and said 
not yet. She was not done teasing us. She asked John to 
take her panties off and I watched him put them in his 
pocket. Lisa was then off to change again. What a 

While Lisa was changing I told John that we should be 
naked when she returned and that I could not hold back 
any longer. He agreed and we both took our clothes off.

Lisa walked down the stairs wearing a matching black 
lace bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels. 
All three of us had to stop and do a double take of the 
situation. Lisa because John and I were naked, and John 
and I because Lisa was wearing an open nipple bra and 
crotch less panties. What an incredible site.

Lisa strutted around the room showing off her very sexy 
body. I noticed a change in her as she played with her 
breasts and bent over showing us her ass and pussy. She 
would get close to us and as we would reach out to 
touch her, she would move away. At the time I thought 
she was just teasing us some more. As the years have 
gone by and I look back, I realize now that at that 
time Lisa was beginning to understand that she was in 
charge. She was beginning to become comfortable with 
her sexuality. I will talk more about this as time goes 

After teasing us for what seamed like an eternity, Lisa 
straddled me while I was sitting in my chair and guided 
my dick into her pussy. As she was riding us both to an 
orgasm she began to talk to me. Do you love me? Will 
you always love me? Do you think I'm sexy? Do you want 
to share me? Should I let John fuck me? My answer to 
each question as my dick was squirting in her pussy, 
was yes, yes, yes, yes, and please.

Lisa stayed with me as our orgasm subsided, She was 
kissing me all over, my lips, my face, my neck, my 
arms, anywhere she could reach. She was hot and not 
done yet. I looked her in the eyes and said "Please 
give yourself to John."

Lisa went to John, and straddled him lowering her pussy 
down onto his dick and rode him until he came inside 

Lisa got off of John and went upstairs. While she was 
gone John and I got dressed. Lisa returned about 20 
minutes later wearing a different outfit. It was a 
white teddy, not see thru, but very sexy. I remember 
thinking that she looked more comfortable and relaxed, 
but still so sexy. The rest of the evening we just hung 
out together drinking wine. It got to be very late and 
I asked John to stay the night and sleep on the couch. 
He accepted the offer and Lisa and I went off to bed. 
It was the next morning when John made the offer to 
rent my wife.

I woke up the next morning and Lisa was taking a 
shower. I went to the family room and John was just 
waking up. We both went to the kitchen and I made some 
coffee and we started talking about the night before. 
Lisa came in to the kitchen and gave me a kiss and then 
looked at John and said, "Thanks for last night." She 
then left to go pick up our kids and spend the day at 
her mothers.

Lisa was not gone long before John told me that he 
needed to ask me for a huge favor. I listened as John 
told me about how he was dedicated to making his 
restaurant a success. John explained that his marriage 
failed because he spent so much time working at the 
restaurant. The restaurant was his life. He went on to 
explain that in general he was very happy being single, 
but there were times that he wished he had a wife. 
Someone to go to the ballet with, someone to take to a 
movie, or someone to just hang out with at home. 

I said, "Oh come on, you're a good looking guy who is 
successful, there is no way you would have a problem 
getting a date." 

He said, "You're right but he didn't want to date."

He didn't want to take the time involved in finding a 
date. John told me that he was receiving an award at a 
restaurant association dinner in two weeks. He asked if 
he could take Lisa as his date. My first thought was to 
say no, but I took some time to think about it and it 
seemed harmless enough to say yes. I told John that it 
was fine with me but I would have to ask Lisa. What he 
requested next floored me. John said, "You like to 
share Lisa sexually and I would like her to spend the 
night with me after the dinner, and I will pay you 

I spent the rest of the day home alone thinking about 
John's request. He wasn't just asking to pay for sex 
with my wife he wanted her to be his wife for the 
evening and overnight. At first I was pissed off but as 
I kept thinking about it I started to understand where 
he was coming from. I also started to get turned on by 
the idea. Only guys who share their wives can relate to 
this, and I can't explain it. This would be taking 
sharing Lisa to a new level. I decided to talk to Lisa 
about John's request. I was worried about how she would 
react. We had long discussions about sharing her but we 
never discussed her being alone with another man and 
spending the night with him. 

Later that night I first asked Lisa if she was ok with 
what we had been doing with John. She was. I explained 
John's dating situation to her, and how he did not want 
a relationship etc. I then told her about John needing 
a date for the awards dinner and that he wanted her to 
be his date. She was flattered and said she thought it 
would be fun as long as I was ok with it. I told her 
that there was something else John wanted, and 
something I wanted her to do. 

I told her that John wanted her to spend the night with 
him after the awards dinner. Lisa didn't say a word but 
got up and started walking out of the room. I knew then 
that I had gone too far and had made a mistake. I 
stopped her and told her that I had already told John 
no and it wasn't going to happen. She did not say a 
word and walked away.

Later when we were getting into bed I told her that I 
loved her. Still she said nothing. Neither one of us 
could get to sleep we just laid in bed together. After 
about an hour I felt her hand on my chest. Her hand 
moved from my chest down to my dick and she started 
stroking me and I was instantly hard. Lisa climbed on 
top of me and guided my dick into her and started 
riding me. Then she started to talk to me. She would 
kiss me and then ask me a question. Kiss me again and 
ask another question. "Do you love me? Will you promise 
me that you will never leave me? Do you want to share 
your wife with John? Do you want me to act like his 
wife when I am with him?"

My answer to all of her questions was a very excited 
yes. Lisa rode me until I came in her. She then told me 
that she wanted to do it, she wanted to be John's wife 
for the day. I hugged her and kissed her and told her I 
loved her. Then I said that there was one more thing, 
John wanted to pay her $1,000.00. At first she didn't 
believe me but I assured her that he was serious. She 
laughed and said that she was going to have to be 
pretty good to earn $1,000.00. We then went to sleep 
and as I fell asleep I thought to my self that I was 
married to the sexiest woman in the world. The next day 
I went to see John to tell him the good news.

I told John that I had changed my mind and had told 
Lisa about his request. I told him that Lisa would be 
his date for the evening and spend the night with him. 
He was a very happy man and wanted to make sure Lisa 
was ok with everything. I assured him that Lisa was 
excited about being with him, but that I had some 
conditions. I told him that I wanted him to treat her 
as his wife and with respect, but if there was anything 
kinky he wanted to do Lisa would be willing to please 
him. I told him that he could show her off if he wanted 
but could not share her or take photos of her. He 
agreed to my conditions and I told him I would have 
Lisa call him to work out the details.

The morning before the awards dinner Lisa left our 
house and went to be with John. Before she left I 
kissed her and told her to be a good wife for John. She 
did not return home until the next afternoon. I spent 
the day with my kids and that night I could not sleep 
at all. I was going through a range of emotions from 
jealousy to excitement to fear.

The next day when Lisa came home I asked her if she was 
ok and did she have a good time. She said she was fine 
and had a great time, but was worried about me. I did 
not looked to good because I had not had any sleep. I 
told her I was just happy that she was home. After we 
put our kids to bed she told me all of the details of 
her time with John.

Lisa arrived at his house looking very sexy. She was 
wearing matching black lace bra and panties, black 
garter belt, stockings, black heels, short black skirt, 
and a white blouse that was sheer enough that you could 
see her bra. John took her to his bedroom and undressed 
her leaving her in her stockings and heels. She then 
undressed him and started to suck his dick. They then 
got on his bed in a 69 position with her on top and 
while she continue her blow job John devoured her 

When he was close to coming he stopped her from sucking 
his dick and had her straddle his face and he continued 
to eat her pussy. When she was close to coming he put 
her on her back and started fucking her. Lisa told me 
that she was so turned on by the entire situation that 
it did not take long for her to have an orgasm. John 
continued to fuck her for a little while longer and 
then he came in her pussy. They then just laid together 
for about an hour kissing and caressing each other.

Lisa and John took a shower together washing each 
others bodies, kissing and caressing each other. They 
got dressed, Lisa in the same outfit, and went to his 
restaurant for lunch. John introduced Lisa to everyone 
as his date for the awards dinner. After lunch he took 
her shopping having her try on many sexy dresses before 
deciding on an elegant black dress. It was a floor 
length dress with a long split up the side and an open 
back that would not allow her to wear a bra. 

Then they were off to Victoria's Secret to buy some new 
lingerie. New garter belt, new stockings, new panties, 
and something for her to sleep in later. A white see 
thru baby doll with matching panties. Their last stop 
was a shoe store for new heels. Before they went in 
John told her to make sure the salesman got to see her 
stockings and panties. Lisa tried on five different 
pairs of heels before John a made his selection. She 
told me that the salesman had plenty of opportunities 
to see her panties and stockings.

Lisa and John returned to his house where he helped her 
get dressed for the evening. On the way to the dinner 
they stopped by his restaurant where he took her to his 
office. He locked the door and had her bend over his 
desk. He opened her dress at the split, pulled her 
panties to the side, and fucked her from behind. He 
didn't ask he just took her.

Lisa told me that she was so excited by the days 
activities and the way John was fucking her that she 
came very quickly. John soon came in her and after 
putting her panties and dress back in place, they were 
off to the awards dinner. On the way John told her that 
he wanted everyone to know that she was wearing 
stockings and not pantyhose. He told her to stand or 
sit so that the split in her dress exposed the tops of 
her stockings. 

Lisa told me that she really enjoyed being at the 
awards dinner. The food was great, she got to meet 
allot of nice people, and she was proud to be with John 
as he received his award. She did as he requested and 
exposed her stockings as much as possible. She told me 
that all the looks she received from the men excited 
her and she felt very sexy dressed the way she was. She 
told me that what turned her on the most was feeling 
Johns cum as it seeped out of her and soaked the crotch 
of her panties. After the dinner was over they drove 
back to John's house. On the way he had her sit next to 
him and spread her legs so that he could play with her 
pussy as he drove.

After arriving back at John's house he had her perform 
a sexy striptease for him and of course leaving on her 
heels and stockings. John played with and explored her 
body for over an hour before he put her on her hands 
and knees on his bed and fucked her from behind. Lisa 
told me that he fucked her hard and fast and when she 
felt him coming in her she had an orgasm. As John lay 
back on the bed exhausted Lisa put on another sexy show 
for him removing her stockings and putting on the baby 
doll nighty and panties. She then turned the lights out 
and got in bed with him. As they fell asleep she told 
me that she felt guilty for having such a great time 
and missed me and she was actually crying before she 
fell asleep. I hugged her and kissed her and told her 
that I loved her and would always love her no matter 
what. I told her that what she did was very sexy and it 
had been my idea and I was very happy that she had a 
great time.

In the morning Lisa woke up before John did and took a 
shower. She realized she did not have any clean panties 
to put on so she just put her heels on and remained 
nude. She went down to the kitchen put on a pot of 
coffee and started to look for something to make for 
breakfast. She heard John get up and then heard the 
shower running as she looked in the fridge and realize 
that John had planned ahead for breakfast. In the 
fridge was a breakfast casserole with heating 
instructions. John told her later that he had planned 
on cooking breakfast. 

When she heard John coming down the stairs she poured 
him a cup of coffee and offered it to him as he walked 
into the kitchen. What a site that must have been, Lisa 
naked in heels and offering a cup of coffee. As they 
waited for the casserole to finish cooking Lisa sat on 
Johns lap as he played with her body and asked her if 
she had a good time the night before. She told him she 
had a great time and hoped he was happy with her, she 
knew he was but asked anyway. John told her that he had 
the best time of his life.

After breakfast John led her back to his bedroom and 
had her lay on her back. He spread her legs and started 
using his tongue on her pussy. Lisa told me that when 
she was getting close to coming John moved from her 
pussy to her butt hole and started licking her but 
hole. He spent allot of time playing with her butt 
hole, fingering it, licking it, and sticking his tongue 
in it. At the same time he was playing with her clit 
and pussy. John was driving her crazy with what he was 
doing and she knew what was coming next. 

Lisa and I had anal sex before and under the right 
conditions she liked it. John had her in the right 
condition. John told her that he was going to fuck her 
ass. He lubed her ass hole and his dick and slowly 
entered her ass hole. He continued to play with her 
clit and pussy bringing her to an orgasm as he fucked 
her ass. He kept it going as long as possible. Fucking 
her until he was close to coming then stopping keeping 
his dick in her ass as he kissed her and played with 
her nipples. Lisa told me that it lasted over 30 
minutes until he finally came in her ass. They laid in 
bed together for awhile kissing and playing until she 
told him that she wanted to go home.

Lisa was done telling me about her time with John and I 
just had to have her. We made love together and it was 
the most intimate sex that we had ever had. We were 
kissing each other with more passion than we ever had 
before. When we were done I held her in my arms for a 
long time. I just wanted to hold her. After laying 
together for awhile Lisa went to her purse and returned 
with ten one hundred dollar bills in her hand. She 
started to give me the money but I stopped her. I told 
her that the money was hers and she could spend it 
anyway she wanted. She kissed me and then kissed me 
again and then kissed me again and then put the money 
back in her purse.

We went to bed and I started thinking about what we 
were doing and then I remembered that John had bought 
her some new clothes and lingerie. Lisa was still awake 
so I asked her to show me the dress and lingerie that 
John had bought for her. She kissed me and told me that 
John was keeping her new dress and the lingerie at his 
house so that she would have them to wear the next time 
she was with him.

Lisa's last comment to me, "John was keeping her new 
dress and the lingerie at his house so that she would 
have them to wear the next time she was with him," told 
me two things. She had enjoyed her time with John and 
wanted to be with him again. This was important to me 
because I wanted to be sure that she was not doing this 
just to please me. I also wanted her to be with him 
again because it did turn me on so much especially when 
she told me all of the details of their time together. 
At the same time I was worried that it might get out of 
hand and she would fall in love with him. I was scared 
that I would lose her.

The next day I talked to Lisa and told her that 
although everything had worked out great I did not want 
her to be alone with John again. Lisa said ok and asked 
why I had changed my mind. I told her I was afraid of 
losing her. She said, "Well then, I guess we are done 
with John renting your wife." She kissed me and looked 
me in the eyes and told me that I never had anything to 
worry about. She told me that I was a great provider 
for our family, a great father for our kids, a great 
husband and lover, and her best friend. She hugged me 
and told me that I would never lose her, and that I was 
stuck with her for life.

In the days that followed Lisa and I talked some more. 
Then I talked to John. Then we all talked together. We 
set some boundaries and limitations that made everyone 
feel comfortable and we decided to continue with 
sharing Lisa.

In the years that followed the three of us were 
together many times in a threesome. Lisa told me later 
that she liked these times the best because she was 
with both of us at the same time. Lisa was always 
wearing sexy lingerie and John and I devoured her body. 
We did every possible combination of a MFM threesome 
there is. Lisa's favorite was double penetration. 

One of us would lay on his back and Lisa would start 
riding him, the other would lube her asshole and start 
fucking her in the ass. My favorite was to be in a 69 
position with Lisa with me on the bottom as John fucked 
her from behind. I would lick her clit while having a 
close-up view as John fucked her pussy. When Lisa had 
an orgasm I was able watch her pussy convulse and feel 
her lower body quiver.

John continued to rent my wife on average about once a 
month. Lisa would leave on Saturday morning and come 
back on Sunday afternoon. John took Lisa to places that 
I never would have. They would go to the Ballet, they 
would go to the Opera, they would go to a play, or just 
go dancing. I had no interest in the Ballet, Opera, or 
dancing, but Lisa did and I am glad that she had the 
opportunity to experience those things.

Their typical day together. Lisa would show up at his 
house dressed sexy including stockings. John would 
strip her or have her perform a sexy striptease. She 
would take his clothes off and go to her knees and suck 
his dick. He would lay her on her back on his bed and 
lick her pussy and clit until she was close to coming. 
Then he would fuck her hard and fast bringing her to an 
orgasm and then keep fucking her until he came in her 
pussy. They would lay together for awhile kissing and 
holding each other. They would take a shower together 
and then he would take her out to lunch and then take 
her shopping. Sometimes he spent allot, sometimes he 
spent a little. 

John always bought her some new stockings. They would 
go back to his house and he would help her get dressed 
for the evening. Once she was dressed he would bend her 
over lift her dress pull her panties aside and fuck her 
from behind. Then they would be out for the evening. To 
the Ballet, a play, dancing, and always dinner. 
Whatever they were doing she always had to expose her 
stocking tops. 

He always wanted everyone to know that she was wearing 
stockings and not pantyhose. Do to the fact that he 
always fucked her, and coming inside her before he took 
her out, while they were out his come was always 
seeping out of her pussy and soaking the crotch of her 
panties. Once back home they would have sex again and 
go to bed.

On Sunday morning Lisa would take a shower and then 
cook breakfast for them. She would cook breakfast naked 
or wearing something see thru that John had bought for 
her the day before. They would spend the rest of their 
time together with John playing with ass. He loved to 
play with her ass and ass hole. John spent many hours 
over the years spanking her, licking her ass hole, and 
sticking his tongue in her ass hole. He bought allot of 
toys and small vibrators to use on her. When he was 
finished playing with her he would fuck her in the ass. 
After the second time that John rented her, Lisa came 
home to me and told me that John had sent her home with 
something for me. 

She pulled her panties down lifted her skirt and bent 
over. I almost came in my pants at what I saw. John had 
sent her home with a but plug in her ass. Lisa told me 
that John thought I would like it. I loved it. I 
immediately put her on her hands and knees and fucked 
her from behind. From then on John would always send 
her home with something in her ass hole. But plug, anal 
beads, or a small vibrator.

I loved sharing Lisa so much that I wanted to find 
another man to share her with. I talked with her and 
she liked the idea as well. It took a couple of months 
for me to decide who this new man would be. It was hard 
finding a guy that fit the criteria I was looking for. 
Not married, without a girlfriend, workaholic, and a 
good person. I settled on Rick. Rick was older than us 
and I thought Lisa would like an older man. Plus he fit 
the criteria. I described him to Lisa and she said she 
wanted to meet him first before I said anything to him. 
I told her that the next time he would be at my studio 
she should come by and meet him.

A week later I told her to come to the studio at 1:00, 
Rick and I would be in the editing room and I would 
introduce her to him. I told her I would have a small 
camera bag on the floor and if she liked Rick I wanted 
her to say that she needed the camera and then bend 
over and pick it up and in the process expose her 
stocking tops to Rick. I told her that if she liked 
him, seeing her stockings would be a good ice breaker 
for me to talk to Rick about her. If she did not like 
him she should do nothing and continue on her way. Lisa 
looked at me smiled and said, "You're always thinking 
aren't you."

The next day Lisa came buy the studio and met Rick. We 
all talked for a few minutes and then she said, "She 
just stopped by to say hi and then she left. She didn't 
pick up the camera bag and didn't expose her 

I was disappointed. Lisa told me later that Rick was 
handsome and nice but he didn't do anything for her. I 
then thought again about Lonnie. I had thought of him 
first but figured he wouldn't be interested because 
every time I saw him he was with a different girl and 
they were all beautiful. Lonnie was a couple of years 
younger than us, he was black, very good looking, and 
owned a sports fitness gym. I described him to Lisa and 
she wanted to meet him.

I set up the same scenario for Lisa to meet Lonnie as I 
did for Rick. I introduced Lisa to Lonnie and what she 
did next proves what an exhibitionist she is. After we 
all talked for a few minutes she turned her back to us 
and bent over at the waist to get the camera. Not only 
could Lonnie and I see her stocking tops we could also 
see most of her white panties. Lisa didn't just pick up 
the camera bag she actually took the time to open the 
bag and take the camera out of the bag. 

It was very sexy and it was obvious to both of us that 
she was showing off. Lisa then stood up straight turned 
around shook Lonnie's hand and said, "It was nice to 
meet you." Then she left. I will skip the details of my 
conversation with Lonnie after Lisa left and let you 
know that Lonnie also started renting my wife.

Lisa and I started with Lonnie the same way we did with 
John. She did a sexy striptease for us that ended with 
both of us having sex with her. And yes it was very 
sexy because Lonnie was black, and yes he did have a 
big dick, and Lisa loved it. I will never forget the 
scared look on her face that soon turned to a look of 
total pleasure the first time he fucked her. Lonnie 
started to rent Lisa for different reasons than John 
did. Lonnie was not lonely for a wife but he liked that 
he could do whatever he wanted with her when she was 
with him. Lonnie always treated Lisa with respect, he 
never shared her with anyone, he never took pictures of 
her, but he did love to show her off.

Lisa had a great time with Lonnie. Lonnie liked to show 
her off to his friends and he pushed Lisa to her limits 
of being an exhibitionist. He only rented her 4 times 
over a period of 2 years but each time he more than 
satisfied her urge to show off.

Each time Lisa went to be with Lonnie he would call her 
and tell her what clothes to bring. The first time that 
Lisa was with Lonnie he told her that all she needed to 
bring with her was a white bikini bathing suit and 
white heels. She had a black bikini and a blue one but 
not white bikini. She did have the heels. So we went 
shopping and had a great time selecting a bikini for 
her to wear. She tried on several and we decided on one 
in which the top tied at the back and the bottoms tied 
on the sides. She looked very sexy in it and I like the 
way her tits bounced when she walked.

The next Saturday Lisa dressed in her bikini and heels 
and drove to Lonnie's house. She took no other clothes 
with her and the only other thing she had was her purse 
that contained her toothbrush, perfume, and birth 
control. When she arrived at Lonnie's house he told her 
take off her bikini but keep her heels on. He looked 
her over and had her turn around. After telling her how 
sexy she was he said he wanted to shave her pussy. 

Lonnie took her to his bathroom and had her sit next to 
the sink with her legs spread. After examining her 
pussy for a few minutes he began to shave her. Once he 
was done shaving her he played with her pussy. He 
spread her open, fingered her, and played with her 
clit. Lisa was getting close to having an orgasm when 
she heard people coming into the house. Lonnie kept 
playing with her pussy until his friends started 
calling for him. He pinched her nipples, gave her pussy 
one more lick, and then told her put her bikini back on 
and meet him downstairs.

Lisa had almost had an orgasm while Lonnie was playing 
with her pussy and it took her some time for her to 
calm down. It was the first time that her pussy had 
been shaved and she took some time look at her shaved 
pussy. At the same time she could hear the people 
downstairs and wondered how many were there. It took 
her about 30 minutes to compose her self, put her 
bikini on, and walk down the stairs. 

As Lisa walked down the stairs she was looking around 
to see who was there. Suddenly it became very quiet as 
the attention of everyone was directed at watching her 
walk down the stairs in her white bikini and heels. 
Lonnie was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps 
and gave her a kiss. He introduced her to the ten men 
that were there. Six black men, two Hispanic men, and 
two white men. After the introductions were made Lonnie 
told her to relax and enjoy herself. He told her that 
she was safe and none of the men there, except him, 
were going to have sex with her.

Lisa loves men and she was in her element. She mingled 
with the guys and loved the way they checked out her 
body in her bikini. As everyone became more friendly 
the guys would ask her to turn around so they could 
look at her ass or put her hands on her head so they 
could check out her tits. Lonnie was grilling steaks 
for his friends that day and asked Lisa to help him 
with the preparations. 

As Lonnie fired up the grill Lisa prepared the side 
dishes. The next couple of hours was a very relaxed 
atmosphere. Lonnie cooked the steaks and Lisa was the 
perfect hostess setting out the food and getting beers 
for the guys. They all had a great meal and just hung 
out together for some time.

Lonnie had a chaise lounge in his back yard and told 
Lisa to lay on it and enjoy the sun for awhile. A short 
time later he approached her with a bottle of sun tan 
lotion. Lisa told me later that whenever she smells sun 
tan lotion it reminds her of what happened next. As all 
the guys watched, Lonnie told her to turn over on her 
stomach. He untied the back of her bikini top and 
started to rub the lotion on her back and arms. As he 
rubbed the lotion lower on her back he untied the 
strings of her bikini bottom and pulled it off of her. 
He rubbed the lotion on her ass and legs. Lonnie told 
Lisa to turn over and he pulled her bikini top off. She 
was now naked in front of everyone and her pussy had 
been shaved. Lonnie rubbed the lotion all over the 
front of her body and between her legs. Lisa laid there 
with her eyes closed in what she called a dreamy state 
as she listened to the conversations going on around 

She heard the guys say, "look at how hard her nipples 
are," - "I like her ass," - "I want to fuck her ass," - 
"I want to fuck her tits," - "I just want her pussy." 

Hearing all of this really turned her on. After awhile 
she moved her ass lower on the chaise lounge, put her 
feet on the ground on each side of the chaise lounge 
and spread her legs. "Did you see that? She just spread 
her legs for us," "Her pussy is wet," - "She likes 
showing her pussy to us." 

This continued for a long time until Lonnie went to 
Lisa and told her to say goodbye to his friends and 
then go get in his bed and wait for him. Lisa picked up 
her bikini and heels and said goodbye to the guys. She 
went to Lonnie's bed and waited for him.

A short time later all of Lonnie's friends were gone 
and he joined Lisa in bed. Lonnie started to talk to 
her and asked her if she had enjoyed herself but Lisa 
interrupted him and said, "Please don't talk just fuck 
me!" And he did. And she loved it. And she had an 
orgasm. And he came in her pussy. They spent the rest 
of the night having great sex and playing with each 
others bodies. 

Lonnie liked to play roughly with Lisa's nipples and 
pussy. He introduced her to nipple and clit pumping 
that night and it is something that Lisa and I still 
enjoy doing to this day. It makes her nipples and clit 
more sensitive and helps her to have stronger and 
longer orgasms. Lonnie fucked her once more that night 
and again in the morning before she left.

Lisa came home the next day and told me she had 
something to show me and led me to our bedroom. She 
untied the strings to her bikini bottom and showed me 
her shaved pussy. She looked so sexy and what she said 
next made me rock hard. I started to move my hand to 
feel her shaved pussy but she stopped me and said, 
"Don't! I'm real sore down there." 

I asked her to show me and she laid back on the bed and 
spread her legs. Her pussy was open a little and could 
see Lonnie's come seeping out of her. Her pussy lips 
and clit were red and swollen. Our kids were home so we 
did not have time to talk and Lisa went to take a bath. 
After our kids were in bed Lisa told me about her time 
with Lonnie. He rented her 3 more times and found new 
ways to satisfy her desire to expose herself.

The second time Lisa went to Lonnie's he told her that 
all she needed to bring was a black bra, black panties, 
and black heels. Lisa had many matching bra and panty 
sets. We selected a set that was made of thin silky 
material. It was not see thru but you could clearly see 
the outline of her nipples and pubic hair. Lisa put on 
her heels and a coat then drove to Lonnie's house. 

When she arrived Lonnie took her coat from her and 
looked her over. He could see that her pubic hair had 
grown back. He told her how sexy she was, gave her a 
kiss, and grabbed her ass with both hands. While still 
playing with her ass he said, "Let's go shave your 
pussy," and he took her to his bathroom.

Lisa took off her panties and sat next to his sink and 
spread her legs. Lonnie looked at her pussy and said, 
"You're ready for today, you're already wet." He spread 
her pussy lips gave her clit a lick with his tongue and 
then started shaving her. While shaving her he talked 
to her and asked her if she had enjoyed herself the 
last time she was with him. She told him that she had a 
great time. He asked her if he had been to ruff with 
her. She told him that she was sore for a few days but 
it was worth it and that no he had not been to ruff 
with her. He told her that he planned to fuck her 
harder this time but, "Don't worry you can tell me to 
stop anytime you want."

Lonnie finished shaving Lisa and told her to take off 
her bra and lay on his bed. He followed her and 
retrieved his nipple and clit pump from his nightstand. 
He attached the cylinders to her nipples and pumped her 
nipples. He attached a cylinder to her clit and pumped 
her clit. 

After about five minutes he took the cylinders off of 
her and had her put her bra and panties back on. They 
both looked at how her hard nipples were poking thru 
her bra and Lonnie pinched both of her nipples as Lisa 
moaned. Lisa continued to moan as Lonnie stroked her 
pussy thru her panties and lightly rubbed her clit. 
They then went downstairs to start preparing the food 
for his friends. 

Lisa greeted Lonnie's friends as they arrived, the same 
guys that were there the last time, and they all 
complimented her on how sexy she looked. She was very 
excited that they were all looking her over while she 
was only wearing her bra and panties. Lisa once again 
was in her element and really put on a show for the 
guys. She made sure her tits bounced when she walked. 
When she bent over to place something on a table she 
pointed her ass in their direction to give them a good 
look. She would adjust her bra by pulling up on her bra 
straps and adjust her panties by pulling out on the 

Lisa was being such a tease and the guys were getting 
bolder with her. One put his arm around her and she 
felt his hand on the side of her tit as he told her 
that he loved her hard nipples. Another put his hand on 
her ass and told her that he loved seeing her pussy the 
last time and asked if she was going to show him her 
pussy again.

After everyone had finished eating Lonnie led everyone 
to his living room. As the guys took their seats they 
were wondering what was going to happen. Lonnie stood 
behind Lisa and told her he wanted her to show his 
friends her sexy body up close. He took her bra off and 
pinched her nipples. He slowly pushed her panties down 
until they dropped to her heels. Lonnie put his hand 
between her legs to feel how wet she was then told her 
he wanted her to stand in front of each of his friends 
and give them a good look. He told her to first stand 
facing them so that they could see her tits and pussy 
and then turn around and bend over to show them her 
ass. After seeing the way she showed her pussy to his 
friends the last time, Lonnie knew she loved to show 
off and wanted to see how far she would go.

Lisa stood for a minute in front of the first guy and 
then turned around and bent over putting her hands on 
her knees to show him her ass. Lonnie told Lisa not to 
move and then said to his friend, "Go ahead you can 
touch her she won't bite." 

Lisa jumped a little as she felt his hands on her ass 
but kept her position. Lonnie's friend moved a hand 
between her legs and slid his finger into her pussy. He 
told everyone how tight and wet her pussy was. Lisa did 
not move and looked at Lonnie wondering how long he 
wanted her to keep her position. Lonnie then realized 
he had told Lisa not move and then told her to move to 
the next guy. Lisa went to each of Lonnie's friends and 
first stood in front of them letting them feel her tits 
and pussy. She would then turn around, bend over, and 
let them feel her ass. 

The guys played with her tits. They pinched and pulled 
her nipples. They played with her pussy and fingered 
her pussy. They played with her ass and slapped her 
ass. When one guy started to put a finger in her ass 
she pulled away and told him that he could touch her 
there but not put his finger in there. Lisa will do 
anal sex if the conditions are right but this was not 
it. The guy was happy to just touch her ass hole. Lisa 
continued until each of Lonnie's friends had the 
opportunity to play with her. 

Lisa told me later that she was so turned on by the 
guys playing with her that she was hoping that Lonnie 
was going to let all of his friends fuck her. That was 
not to be the case as Lonnie told her to go to his 
bedroom and that he would join her soon. Lisa looked 
for her bra and panties but they were gone. Obviously 
they had become souvenirs for someone. Lisa went to 
Lonnie's bedroom and waited for him.

As Lisa waited for Lonnie she looked at herself in his 
mirror. She turned to the side to see her profile and 
liked how her breasts stood out firm from her body, and 
how sexy her nipples looked being so hard. She turned 
her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder to 
see her backside. As she looked at her ass that was red 
in color from being spanked by Lonnie's friends, she 
thought to herself that she did have a nice ass. Lisa 
had been told many times by many guys that she was very 
sexy and had a great ass. She always politely received 
their compliments, but never thought they were sincere. 
She had seen what real sexy women looked like in the 
magazines and the movies. There is no way she would 
ever have the big tits, long legs, or movie star looks 
that those women had. What she thought every man 

Lisa closed her eyes and as she put one hand on her 
breast to play with her nipple and the other hand 
between her legs to play with her clit she began 
hearing voices from the past. Guys that she dated in 
high school that told her she was beautiful and not 
like other girls. She thought about when I had asked 
her to marry me and told her that she was the sexiest 
woman in the world. She thought about her times with 
John and how special he made her feel. Lisa started to 
hear again what Lonnie's friends had said about her in 
the past and on this night. "She is so sexy," - "I like 
her ass," - "I wish she was mine, I would never let her 
go," - "I want to take her home," - "I like her legs, 
you won't see any legs sexier than hers." 

Lisa stood there in front of the mirror enjoying her 
body and for the first time in her life she was 
comfortable with her body and her sexuality. When she 
opened her eyes and looked in the mirror, she saw that 
Lonnie was watching her.

Lonnie took Lisa's hand and led her to his bed. Lisa 
laid down on her back and Lonnie laid beside her. He 
ran his hand over her breasts and then down between her 
legs. While he was caressing her body he was telling 
her how beautiful and sexy she was. Lonnie moved 
between her legs and Lisa watched as he slowly entered 

When he was fully inside of her he kissed her. He took 
both of her hands and moved them above her head pinning 
her hands to the bed. Lonnie started to slowly move in 
and out of her and Lisa started having the most intense 
orgasm of her life. She had been excited and aroused 
the entire day. The teasing, the showing off, being 
naked, being played with, her nipples pinched, fingers 
in her pussy, ten guys telling her how sexy she was, 
and her clit was so sensitive. 

It all came together at once as she arched her back, 
squeezed Lonnie's hands tightly, and felt her pussy 
spasm and clamp down on Lonnie's dick. Her orgasm went 
through her entire body and she felt like she could 
hardly breathe. Lisa's pussy was so wet that Lonnie was 
moving in and out of her with ease. He started to pick 
up his pace fucking her faster and harder. Lisa wrapped 
her legs around Lonnie's back and began to tell him to 
fuck her harder. 

"Fuck me, fuck me, come on fuck me harder, harder, 
harder, fuck my pussy, I love your cock, come in me, 
come in my pussy!" 

Lonnie grabbed her legs behind her knees, spread her 
legs wide and began fucking her faster and harder. He 
had never fucked a woman so hard and could not believe 
how wet her pussy was. Lisa went quiet as another 
orgasm engulfed her body. She looked down between their 
bodies to see Lonnie fucking her and then threw her 
head back on the bed closing her eyes tightly and 
almost passed out from her orgasm. Lonnie's voice 
brought her back to reality as he was telling her, "I 
am going to cum in your pussy Lisa." 

She began kissing Lonnie anywhere she could reach as 
she felt him cum in her pussy. She kissed his lips, she 
kissed his nipples, she kissed his arms. Lisa kissed 
him as he slowly stopped fucking her and came to a 
stop. Lonnie stayed on top of Lisa as they both kissed 
and enjoyed the sexual bliss they were experiencing. 

Lisa had never been fucked so hard and Lonnie had never 
fucked a woman as hard as he fucked Lisa that night. It 
had only been about five minutes from the time that 
Lisa laid on her back until the time that Lonnie came 
in her pussy. It was the best, longest, most full body, 
most complete orgasm Lisa has ever experienced. And I 
am jealous. I have never been able to duplicate or even 
come close to duplicating that experience for Lisa. I 
have tried but it can't be duplicated. I am happy that 
Lisa had the experience and I would not change a thing. 
But I am jealous.

Lonnie and Lisa were exhausted after a great fuck 
session and spent the rest of the night playing with 
each other and drinking wine. Lisa gave Lonnie a full 
body massage. She loved playing with and sucking 
Lonnie's dick and when he came in her mouth she 
swallowed his cum and continued sucking him until he 
went soft. They then fell asleep.

The next morning Lisa woke up first. She woke up Lonnie 
by going under the covers and started sucking his dick. 
It did not take long for Lonnie to wake up and soon he 
had her on top of him riding his dick until he came in 
her pussy. Lonnie gave her one of his shirts to wear 
since her bra and panties were gone, Lisa put on her 
coat and came home.

When Lisa came home we had the house to ourselves. Our 
kids were at their grandma's. I made sure that we had 
some time alone when she came back from Lonnie's. Lisa 
asked where our kids were and after telling her that 
they were at her mom's house, Lisa took off her coat 
and then took off Lonnie's shirt. She was standing 
before me naked and said, "I have no idea who has my 
panties or bra." 

I was instantly hard and told her I had to fuck her. I 
led her to the bedroom and as Lisa laid down on her 
back she spread her legs showing me her shaved pussy. I 
could see Lonnie's cum on her thighs and pussy. As I 
started to enter her she told me to go easy because she 
was a little sore. As I started to slowly fuck her Lisa 
told me that she had a great time with Lonnie and that 
he let all of his friends see her naked. When she told 
me that Lonnie let all of his friends feel her and 
finger her, I came very quickly. We kissed each other 
and as our lips parted we both said, "I love you," at 
the same time.

Lisa and I spent about 30 minutes kissing each other, 
holding each other, and saying I love you to each 
other. I covered her with a blanket and told her that I 
would be right back. When I came back 20 minutes later 
I led her to our bathroom where I had prepared a hot 
bubble bath for her. Lisa looked at the candles 
burning, they tray of chocolate covered strawberries, 
the pitcher of iced tea, her favorite drink, and the 
bubble bath. She kissed me, told me thank you I love 
you, got into the bathtub, and told me about her time 
with Lonnie and his friends.

The third time Lisa went to Lonnie's it was actually a 
surprise that he helped me plan for Lisa. Lisa had a 
fantasy of working as a stripper. She had performed her 
strip act many times and had become very good at 
stripping. She had even taken a class at an adult 
continuing education center called "How To Strip for 
your Man." She practiced her routine many times at home 
while I watched. I made a music cd for her to dance to 
consisting of three songs all by Madonna. "La Isla 
Bonita," - "Vogue," and "Justify My Love." 

During the first song she would just dance around very 
sexily but not remove any clothes. During the second 
song she removed her blouse and skirt and at the end 
she removed her bra. At the start of the third song she 
would remove her panties leaving her in just garter 
belt, stockings and heels. For the rest of the song she 
displayed her body in a very sexy way. Bending over, 
laying on her back opening and closing her legs, on her 
hands and knees simulating a fucking motion, and ending 
up on her back as she pulled her nipples and ran her 
hands between her legs. Lisa is so sexy and her strip 
routine was better than I had ever seen at a strip 

Any ladies that are reading this story please consider 
doing the same thing for the man in your life. I am not 
saying that you should strip in public or for others, 
but if you strip for your man it will be the best gift 
you could ever give him. All men like to watch women 
strip, but nothing is better than having your 
wife/girlfriend strip for you.

Lisa performed her strip routine for me, for John, and 
for John and I when all three of us were together. But 
her fantasy was to work as a dancer in a strip club for 
one night. She wanted to strip to her music, do lap 
dances, strip again, and do more lap dances. I did try 
to set this up for her but it's harder than what you 
might think. There are amateur nights but that is not 
what she wanted, she wanted to be a pro for the night. 

I actually called strip clubs and told them she would 
work for free. The high class places, which would have 
been perfect, Lisa would have to register with the 
police as an exotic dancer. That was not good for us, 
and the clubs would not make the effort for her if she 
only wanted to work one night. The low class places 
would let her strip and work for a night, but when I 
went to check the places out, they were not for us. Bad 
places, with bad clientele. I would never go there 
myself, and never take Lisa there.

Lonnie and I worked together on many projects to 
promote his business, and we talked about his times 
with Lisa. During one of our conversations I told him 
about Lisa's stripper fantasy and the efforts I had 
made to fulfill her fantasy. The next day Lonnie called 
me and asked if I was serious about Lisa's stripper 
fantasy coming true. I said, "Of course we are, what do 
you have in mind?"

Lonnie then told me how he could make it happen.

Lonnie had a friend that owned a bar and he had talked 
to this friend about Lisa stripping one night at his 
bar. Lonnie told him about Lisa's fantasy and asked him 
if he would like to have a stripper entertain his 
customers, free of charge. The bar owner, Len was his 
name, told Lonnie that it was a big risk for him to 
have a nude dancer at his bar and there was no way that 
it could happen at night. The state liquor control 
agents sometimes stopped by, it was very rare, but when 
they did stop by it was at night. If Len would let Lisa 
strip at his bar it would have to be during the day.

Lonnie explained all of this to me and I told him that 
I wanted to see the bar and meet the owner. Lonnie gave 
me directions and we agreed to meet at the bar the next 
Saturday. The bar was small but very nice. It had a bar 
with very nice comfortable bar stools, four tables with 
comfortable low back chairs, and it had a small stage 
suitable for a jazz trio or small band. The stage had 
two small lights to illuminate the stage. Lonnie, Len, 
and I talked about Lisa's fantasy stripper night over a 
few beers. 

Len was a perfect gentleman and wanted to meet Lisa and 
see her before he would commit to letting her strip. I 
explained that I wanted this to be a surprise for Lisa 
and asked if I could show him some photos of her 
instead. Len agreed and I told him I would e-mail some 
photos to him later that day. I sent him two photos of 
Lisa. A photo of her wearing a sexy dress that showed 
her face, and photo of her wearing garter belt, 
stockings, bra, panties, but not her face. Len replied 
back to me that he thought Lisa was very sexy and asked 
if he could show the photos to guys that he wanted to 
invite to watch her strip. I replied back saying that 
he could show the photos. So it was set, Lisa's 
stripper fantasy would become reality.

The next time Lisa was to be with Lonnie he told her he 
wanted her to dress like a stripper. Lisa had done her 
strip routine but had never actually dressed like a 
stripper. So we went shopping at the store that had 
made her custom dress, the store for exotic dancers. 
The shop owner, Mary, was very helpful and picked out a 
great outfit for Lisa. It was a very erotic experience 
for both of us as Mary selected different clothes for 
Lisa to try on. Again, for the ladies that are reading 
our story, doing this same thing with the man in your 
life would be another great gift to him. We bought a 
very sexy all white outfit for Lisa. 

It consisted of four inch stiletto heels, g-string 
panties underneath lace full back panties, lace bra, 
halter top that tied in the front, a skirt that barely 
covered her ass, thigh high stockings with garters. Two 
weeks later on a Saturday morning Lisa dressed in her 
stripper outfit and drove to Lonnie's house. Lonnie 
told Lisa how sexy she looked and that the outfit was 
perfect for what he had in mind. 

At this point Lisa thought she would be stripping for 
Lonnie and his friends at Lonnie's house. Lonnie led 
her to his bathroom where he shaved her pussy again, 
and pumped her nipples and clit. Once again the clit 
pumping makes her clit very sensitive and the nipple 
pumping enlarges her nipples and keeps them hard for 
hours. Lisa got dressed again and Lonnie told her they 
were going out to meet some new friends.

As they drove to the bar Lonnie noticed that Lisa was 
very nervous and told her not to worry and that nothing 
bad was going to happen. He wanted her to strip for 
some friends of his but she was not expected to have 
sex with any of them. What Lonnie told her was true, 
she was not going to be in any danger. I was already at 
the bar before they arrived. Len charged ten dollars to 
everyone who was there to pay for two bouncers to keep 
things from getting out of hand.

I was at the bar for about an hour before Lisa and 
Lonnie arrived. During that hour the bar filled with 
men of all ages and races as two waitresses served 
drinks. None of them new that I was the stripper's 
husband and I listened as they talked about how they 
hoped they would get a chance at a lap dance. Some guys 
told the others that they had seen her pictures and how 
they could not wait to see her in person. 

When Lonnie and Lisa arrived the place went quiet. 
There were about 50 guys there and they all were 
waiting for the party to get started. Lonnie introduced 
Lisa to Len and they all stood by the bar and had a 
drink. After about 15 minutes Len led Lisa to the stage 
and introduced her to the crowd. "This is the very sexy 
lady that you all have heard about. She wants to put on 
a show for you today. Gentlemen, this is Lisa." Len 
stepped off the stage and turned on the lights and the 
music started to play. Lisa still had not seen me but 
when the music started and it was the music she had 
practiced to she started to look for me. I moved so 
that she could see me and when she saw me she gave me a 
wink and then started dancing.

At first the crowd was going wild applauding, cheering, 
and whistling. The crowd calmed down as they watched 
Lisa dance in her sexy outfit. The crowd would go wild 
each time she removed an article of clothing. First her 
halter top and then her skirt. She was so sexy and it 
looked as if she had been stripping for years. During 
the second song she removed her bra and then her 
panties. This left her in just the g-string, thigh 
highs, garters, and heels. Lisa ran her hands over her 
body, cupped her breasts, pulled her nipples which were 
rock hard, turned her back to the audience and bent 
over showing everyone her ass. 

At the start of the third song Lisa laid down on her 
back with her feet on the floor of the stage. The crowd 
was quiet as she slowly removed her g-string panties. 
Lisa extended her legs up pointing her heels at the 
ceiling and the crowd went wild again as she slowly 
spread her legs wide showing everyone her shaved pussy. 
During the rest of the song Lisa did her best to show 
off her body. While still on her back she spread her 
pussy lips. 

She stood up turned her back to the crowd, spread her 
legs wide, and spread her ass showing everyone her ass 
hole. As the song ended Lisa was on her hands and knees 
with her ass facing the crowd as she simulated a 
fucking motion. When the song was over she stood up and 
took a bow. Lisa received a standing ovation as the 
crowd applauded and cheered.

Lisa walked through the crowd of men wearing just her 
heels and thigh highs. She was once again in her 
element as the guys slid dollar bills into her garters 
and copped a feel of her body. Len announced that Lisa 
was available for lap dances at ten dollars per dance. 
A chair was placed on the stage and I was Lisa's first 
lap dance, and I did pay the ten dollars. She looked so 
sexy in her heels, thigh highs, and the garters holding 
the dollar bills. Lisa straddled my legs and thanked me 
for making her fantasy become real. She told me that as 
soon as she heard the music she knew I had planned it. 

I told her that her striptease was the sexiest thing I 
had ever seen. I played with her breasts and then her 
pussy. She was dripping wet and as I rubbed her clit 
she had an orgasm right there in front of everyone. 
Lisa spent the rest of the afternoon in just her heels 
and thigh highs giving lap dances to all of the guys 
there. They played with her breasts, sucked pulled and 
pinched her nipples. They ran their hands all over her 
body fingering her ass hole, pussy, and rubbing her 
clit. Lisa had two more orgasms as the guys played with 

Four hours later and after all of the guys had a lap 
dance I took Lisa home. We had great sex as we talked 
about the events of the day. The next day I drove Lisa 
to Lonnie's house so she could pick up her car. She 
said she wanted to thank Lonnie for his help in 
planning her fantasy. As I pulled away to go pick up 
our kids, Lonnie met Lisa at the door and they went 
into his house. Lisa was home about an hour later and 
told me she gave Lonnie a quickie.

While Lonnie and I were working on a video project for 
his business he told me about how he had met a very 
special lady. Lonnie went on to explain that he wanted 
to settle down and get married. But he also wanted to 
rent Lisa one more time. I was very happy for him and 
sad for myself at the same time. Lonnie is a great guy 
and I was happy that he met someone special. I was sad 
that Lisa's time with him was coming to an end. Lisa 
really enjoyed the times she was at Lonnie's house, and 
her experiences were an incredible turn on for us.

Lonnie called Lisa and made arrangements for her to 
come to his house the following Saturday. He told her 
that all she needed to wear was a bra, panties, and 
heels. He also told her about the developments in his 
life, and that this would be the last time for them to 
be together. I was in the same room with Lisa as she 
talked to Lonnie on the phone and I could tell that she 
was excited and sad at the same time. Excited to be 
with him again and sad knowing that it would be the 
last time.

Lisa wanted to wear a very sexy bra and panty set for 
her last time with Lonnie. I watched, and it was very 
erotic, as she tried on different matching sets of bras 
and panties. I could tell that she was not happy with 
what we had already so I said, "Let's go shopping."

We had a great time shopping. I could spend the rest of 
my life shopping with Lisa and watching as she tries on 
different sexy outfits and I would die a very happy 
man. We did not find anything she liked at the typical 
mall places and ended up at an expensive lingerie shop 

The service was great. We were the only customers in 
the shop and had two female attendants waiting on Lisa. 
They treated her like royalty. They gave both of us a 
glass of wine and took us into a large dressing area. 
They asked us what we were looking for and Lisa told 
them that she needed a very sexy bra and panty set for 
a special guy. They helped Lisa remove her clothes and 
then they took measurements of her body. They measured 
her arms, inseam, waist, stomach, breasts, hips, 
everything. They left the dressing room and returned 
with six different items for Lisa to try on. 

Then they helped her try on the lingerie. It was very 
erotic as I watched them dress and undress Lisa in some 
very expensive and sexy lingerie. Lisa decided on a 
very sexy matching blue flowered bra and panty set. The 
bra fit her perfectly and uplifted her breasts to 
enhance her cleavage. Her nipples were slightly 
visible. Lisa's best asset is her ass and the panties 
drew your attention to her ass. The panties were very 
sexy, and semi transparent. The attendants selected a 
pair of high heels to complete the outfit. I was in 
sticker shock as I paid the bill but I said nothing as 
I gave them my credit card. It was over one thousand 
dollars. Lisa and I had a great experience at the 
lingerie shop that day and we continue to go there once 
a year.

The day before Lisa was to go to Lonnie's house I had 
an idea and slowly talked to Lisa about it. I reminded 
her about how she had wanted a ruff gangbang but had 
cancelled at the last minute because she did not want 
to have sex with strangers. I had her attention. I went 
on to say that since this was her last time going to 
Lonnie's house, and the last time she would see his 
friends that I had an idea. I explained that she had 
been teasing his friends for a long time and she had 
gotten to know them pretty well. 

They were not strangers to her. I told her that it was 
up to her, but why don't we invite Lonnie's friends to 
our house for her ruff gangbang. Lisa had a smile on 
her face as she thought for a minute and then said she 
wanted to do it. She told me that she really liked the 
guys and had wanted to have sex with them since the 
first time she had gone to Lonnie's. Lisa gave me a 
kiss and then said, "You are always thinking aren't 

The next day Lisa dressed in her new bra, panties, and 
heels. She was stunning. She put on a coat and drove to 
Lonnie's. When she arrived she went into Lonnie's house 
and took off her coat modeling her new outfit for him. 
He loved it and caressed her tits and ass through her 
panties and bra. Lonnie led her to the bathroom 
stripped her and then shaved her pussy. When he was 
done shaving her he licked her pussy and clit until she 
was close to coming. He then led her to his bed and 
pumped her nipples and clit. After 15 minutes he 
removed the pumps and pushed his cock into her in one 
hard thrust. Lonnie pinched her nipples hard as he 
fucked her to an orgasm. As he was fucking her, Lisa 
could hear Lonnie's friends arriving downstairs. 

Lonnie pulled out of her and told her to get dressed 
and meet him downstairs. Lisa rested on the bed for 
some time enjoying her aroused state and listened to 
the men downstairs. Lisa put on her panties and bra and 
again made a grand entrance walking down the stairs. 
All eyes were on her and the room was quiet as the men 
admired her body and new outfit. Once she was amongst 
the men they all kissed her and played with her tits, 
ass, and pussy. After being with Lisa in the past the 
men held nothing back. Their hands were inside her bra 
pinching her nipples and inside her panties feeling her 
ass and pussy. Lisa loved it. She once again was in her 

Lisa helped Lonnie grill steaks for everyone and 
enjoyed the attention of the men. After awhile Lonnie 
removed her bra and panties leaving her in just her 
heels. Lisa was constantly being played with as she 
moved among the men setting out food. She would stand 
still as the guys pinched or sucked her nipples, 
fingered her pussy or caressed her ass. One guy spread 
her ass cheeks and licked her ass hole. She would let 
them play for a minute and then continue setting out 
the food. After everyone had finished eating, Lonnie 
cleared the table and had Lisa lay on her back on the 
table. He told her to play with herself and put on a 
show for everyone. Lisa began by caressing her tits and 
then pinching and pulling on her nipples. Soon she 
spread her legs and began caressing her thighs. As all 
the men watched Lisa used both hands to spread her 
pussy lips fully exposing herself to them. Keeping her 
pussy spread with one hand she began rubbing her clit. 
Her clit was still swollen and very sensitive from when 
Lonnie pumped it and she was incredibly turned from 
being so exposed to the men. Lisa had an orgasm as 
everyone watched. 

As she was coming down from a state of sexual bliss, 
Lonnie gave the ok for his friends to play with her. 
The men devoured her body. She had ten men playing with 
her all at the same time. Kissing her, sucking and 
biting her nipples, squeezing her tits. Caressing her 
legs, arms and belly. Her legs were spread wide as the 
men took turns licking and fingering her pussy. Some 
licked and fingered her ass hole. The men were all 
telling her how sexy she was how much they wanted her. 
As she laid there enjoying being played with by all of 
them, she knew that she soon would be inviting them all 
to our house. They all would get to have her. Lisa had 
another orgasm.

Lonnie interrupted the action and told his friends it 
was time for them to leave. They were all very 
disappointed, but moved away from the table. Lisa sat 
up on the table and told the guys that she had a 
special invitation for them. She told them that this 
was the last time that she would be at Lonnie's house. 
They were all disappointed until she told them that 
they were all invited to our house the following 
Saturday for a special party. They all cheered and one 
of them asked what kind of party. Lisa told them that 
they all could have her anyway they wanted and she 
would do whatever they wanted. She said, "Guys I'm 
going to be your sex slave for the night." Lisa then 
went to each guy, gave him a kiss, and gave him a card 
with our address on it. To each one she said, "Next 
Saturday you can do whatever you want with me." They 
all left very happy promising to be at the party.

Lonnie picked Lisa up and carried her to his bedroom. 
He dropped her on the bed, spread her legs, and again 
pushed his cock into her in one hard thrust. He fucked 
her hard and fast and Lisa soon had another orgasm. Her 
orgasm continued and he was fucking her so hard that 
beads of sweat were dripping from Lonnie onto Lisa. She 
looked down between her legs to watch his cock fucking 
her and then began to kiss him all over. She kissed his 
lips, his forehead, his arms, his chest, his nipples. 
She kissed him anywhere she could reach. Then she urged 
him to cum in her pussy. "I love your cock, I love the 
way you fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me, cum in me, cum in my 
pussy, fuck me harder, please cum in me." 

Lonnie came in her pussy and continued stroking in and 
out of her as they kissed. Lonnie flipped over so that 
Lisa was now on top with his cock still in her pussy. 
She slowly rode up and down on his cock as she kissed 
him sucking his tongue into her mouth. Now it was 
Lisa's sweat that was dripping onto Lonnie. They stayed 
like this for quite awhile and then they took a shower 

Lisa and Lonnie soaped each other's bodies and enjoyed 
a nice long hot shower together. Lisa told me later 
that it was very intimate and sad at the same time. Sad 
because she knew it was the last time that they would 
be together. They spent the rest of their time together 
having sex and talking. Lonnie fucked her three more 
times during the night, and they never went to sleep. 
The sex was great but most of their time was spent 
talking. Lonnie talked about the special lady he met 
and how he was hoping to start a family.

The last time that Lisa and Lonnie had sex together, 
Lisa was on her hands and knees as Lonnie fucked her 
from behind. Lisa stopped him and asked him to fuck her 
in the ass. They had tried this the first time they 
were together but because his cock was so big and it 
had hurt her so much they had stopped. Lisa wanted to 
try again. Lonnie pulled out of her and pulled a small 
vibrator and some lubricant from his nightstand. He 
first tongued her ass hole getting her wet and relaxing 
her. Lonnie then used one finger to apply the lube, 
slowly pushing his finger and the lube inside of her. 
Once she was comfortable with his finger, he lubed the 
vibrator and slowly worked into her ass hole. Once the 
vibrator was all the way in Lonnie started to slowly 
move it in and out of her. After she was comfortable 
with the vibrator, he pulled it out and started to work 
the head of his cock into her. 

He got the head in and then Lisa stopped him. She told 
him that she wanted to watch as he fucked her ass. She 
then turned over onto her back and pulled her legs 
back. Lonnie applied more lube to his cock and started 
again. He got the head of his cock in her again and 
started to push. Lisa stopped him for a minute and then 
told him to go slow and easy. He would go in an inch 
and then she would stop him for a minute and then tell 
him to give her more. 

This went on until he had his cock all the way in her 
ass. Lonnie slowly started to fuck her ass pulling out 
just a little and then pushing back in. He kept this up 
until he was fully fucking her ass. Lonnie placed 
Lisa's legs over his shoulders and began fucking her 
ass hard. Lisa looked down between their bodies to 
watch his cock fucking her ass and started to 
vigorously rub her clit. She timed her orgasm to match 
his asking him to tell her when he was close to 
cumming. "Come on, cum in my ass, fuck my ass, please 
cum in my ass, I love your cock fucking my ass." 

Lonnie fucked her harder and told her he was going to 
cum in her ass. Lisa rubbed her clit harder and they 
both came at the same 

Lonnie collapsed on top of Lisa and they kissed and 
hugged each other. His cock was still fully in her ass. 
The sun was coming up as Lonnie pulled out of Lisa's 
ass and laid beside her. They stayed in bed for about 
half an hour just holding each other and kissing. They 
then got out of bed and had breakfast. As Lonnie cooked 
Lisa made coffee and set the table. After breakfast 
they said their goodbyes and then Lisa put on her 
panties, bra, coat, and then drove home. She arrived 
home at 9am on Sunday morning. The kids and I were 
still asleep. Lisa woke me up by climbing into bed with 
me and kissing me. I remember being very happy to have 
her back home. I asked her if she had a good time. 

She said, "I had a great time and I will tell you all 
about it later. Right now I need to sleep." 

I pulled the covers of the bed back to look at her. She 
looked so sexy in her bra and panties. She was falling 
asleep as I moved her legs apart to view the crotch of 
her expensive panties. They were soaked with her cum 
and Lonnie's. I first removed her bra and then her 
panties. She seemed to be sound asleep as I went down 
on her and licked the cum from her pussy and ass hole. 
But as my tongue was licking her, I felt her hand on 
the back of my head pushing my face deeper into her 
pussy. The pressure from her hand only lasted for a 
minute and Lisa was soon sound asleep. She slept until 
5pm that day while I took our kids to their grandma's 

The days leading up to Lisa's ruff gangbang were very 
exciting. The Saturday night party was always on our 
minds during the day at work. We talked about it at 
night before we went to bed. We talked about how she 
had told the guys that she would be their sex slave for 
the night. Lisa also told the guys that they could do 
whatever they wanted with her and we talked about what 
they might want to do with her. There were no limits to 
what we fantasized about and we had great sex each 

Saturday finally arrived and Lisa settled into a very 
long hot bath with a glass of wine as I took our kids 
to their grandmothers for the night. When I returned 
home Lisa was still in the bathtub and I went about 
setting up for her gangbang party. Lisa yelled for me 
to help her in the bathroom and when I got there she 
was sitting up on the counter top next to the bathroom 
sink naked with her legs spread. Lisa then asked me to 
shave her. I did and it was so sexy knowing that I was 
shaving her pussy for the enjoyment of other men. I 
stayed with her as she put on her makeup and then got 
dressed. It was a very intimate time for us. It was so 
sexy watching her get ready. Lisa dressed in a matching 
black bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. She put 
on a sexy black dress that buttoned down the front and 
high heels. As I watched her dress, I remember thinking 
that her clothes would not survive the night.

It was getting close to the time that the guys would be 
arriving so I led Lisa downstairs to our family room. 
Part of Lisa's ruff gangbang fantasy was that she 
wanted to have her clothes ripped off of her. I had a 
fantasy of her being at a party blindfolded with her 
hands tied over her head allowing the partygoers to 
play with her body. 

We decided to combine both fantasies that night. I tied 
Lisa's hands over head to a hook in the ceiling and 
placed a blindfold on her. I kissed her and as I ran my 
hands all over her body I asked her if she was ready 
for her ruff gangbang. I was surprised when she said, 
"No I'm not ready but I still want it." We had talked 
about her ruff gangbang many times. It was her idea, 
her fantasy. Her fantasy had become my fantasy. Now the 
fantasy would become reality and Lisa was very nervous. 
I lifted her dress and ran my hand down into her 
panties and felt that she was dripping wet. She was 
ready for her gangbang.

It took about 15 minutes for all of the guys to arrive. 
I introduced myself and offered them all a drink. Once 
they all had arrived I explained the rules. Actually 
there was only one. They had to wear a condom when 
fucking her pussy or ass. I then told them that Lisa 
was waiting for us downstairs tied and blindfolded and 
that I wanted them all to greet her by kissing her and 
feeling her up. Once everyone had a chance to greet her 
I wanted them to rip her clothes off and then take her. 
I told the guys that Lisa wanted a ruff gangbang, so 
take her hard and fast. I then led the guys to Lisa.

Each of the guys greeted Lisa with a kiss. The first 
guy just kissed her and hugged her. The rest weren't so 
shy. They put their hands inside her dress to feel her 
tits. They lifted her dress and felt her front and 
back. Their hands went into her panties and they told 
the others how wet she was. Two of them slapped her 
ass. Once all of the guys had greeted Lisa there was a 
short pause as everyone waited to see who would go 
first. Then one guy looked at me as if to get my 
approval, I nodded my head to him and then it began. 

The same guy moved to Lisa, grabbed the top of her 
dress and then ripped it open. Two other guys went to 
Lisa and as one ripped her bra off of her the other 
ripped her panties off of her. They were not entirely 
successful. I don't know if you have ever tried ripping 
a bra or panties off of a woman, it is pretty hard to 
do. I handed the guys a pair of scissors so that they 
could finish the job. In the mean time the guy who had 
ripped Lisa's dress open had stripped and now was 
moving towards her. 

He was black and had what I guess to be a nine inch 
cock. He moved between Lisa's legs and impaled her on 
his cock as Lisa wrapped her legs around his back. He 
fucked her hard and fast while her hands were tied to 
the ceiling and she was blindfolded. Lisa started 
cumming as soon as he started fucking her. And man did 
he fuck her hard. It lasted only about three minutes 
but it was intense to watch. Lisa was cumming the whole 
time. When he was finished and moved away I untied her 
hands. Lisa removed her blindfold and sat down on the 
floor still recovering from her orgasm.

All of the other guys, except two, had removed their 
clothes and were all over her. Lisa once again was in 
her element. For a while it was out of control as men 
surrounded Lisa. She was sucking a cock while stroking 
two other cocks with each hand. Guys were feeling her 
all over, fingering her pussy and ass, squeezing her 
tits, pulling her nipples, and slapping her ass. Then 
she took control and led one guy to the middle of the 

As he laid on his back Lisa lowered her pussy onto his 
cock. Then she fucked him. Now it was her turn to fuck 
hard, and fuck him hard she did. She paused for a 
moment and asked if someone would spank her ass. As she 
started to fuck again two guys came forward and each 
started to spank her ass, one on each cheek. They 
spanked her hard, actually I would say that they beat 
her ass. It lasted about five minutes and both Lisa and 
the guy had an orgasm. Her ass cheeks were beet red 
with hand prints from the spanking. Lisa fucked six 
more guys. 

Two lay on their backs and had Lisa ride them, four of 
them had her get on all fours and fucked her from 
behind. They all abused her tits and nipples in one way 
or another. Some squeezed her tits, others pinched and 
pulled her nipples to move her body in different 
directions, all left bite marks and sucker marks on her 
tits. As one of the black guys fucked her from behind 
he was using her garter belt to hold on to her. He 
fucked her so hard that her garter belt broke. When 
they were done Lisa removed the garter belt and her 

Lisa had fucked eight guys but there were still two 
more to go. Two guys, one black and one Hispanic, sat 
on a couch still fully dressed. Lisa went to them and 
sat between them. She asked them both if they wanted 
her. The Hispanic guy declined saying that he was 
married and faithful to his wife and that he just 
wanted to watch. The black guy explained that he was 
not the group sex type and did not want to have sex in 
front of the other guys. Lisa took his hand and led him 
up the stairs to our bedroom. At the time I did not 
understand what was going on but I trusted her 

Once they were in the bedroom the guy was not shy 
anymore. He reminded her that when she had invited 
them, she had said that they could do anything they 
wanted with her. Lisa looked at him and said, "I will 
do whatever you want." 

He first had her take his clothes off. Lisa removed his 
shoes, socks, shirt, pants, and finally his underwear. 
He first had her kiss and lick him all over his body. 
He then had her straddle his face so that he could eat 
her pussy and ass hole. He brought her to an orgasm as 
he licked her clit and fucked her ass hole with his 
tongue. He then put her on her back on the bed and 
pushed her legs back and lined his cock up with her ass 

She stopped him and reached into our nightstand and 
grabbed the KY jelly and handed it to him telling him 
that he would have to lube her if he wanted to fuck her 
there. He used his fingers to lube her ass hole with 
the KY jelly and then started to push his cock into 
her. Lisa told me later that his cock was huge but he 
entered her ass very slowly and it took about five 
minutes for him to get fully inside her ass. 

Then it became a long slow fuck as they tongue kissed 
each other and he mauled her tits and nipples while 
fucking her. Lisa did not have an orgasm but he did 
after about 10 minutes of slowly fucking her. He had 
one more thing that he wanted Lisa to do. He wanted 
Lisa to pee on him. So he laid down in our bathtub as 
Lisa squatted over his face and peed onto his face and 
into his open mouth. He swallowed as much as he could 
and cleaned her pussy with his mouth and tongue.

The guy came down the stairs about 15 minutes before 
Lisa did. She stayed behind to get a shower. We all had 
a drink as the guy told us what had happened upstairs. 
As he was finishing telling us about what a great time 
they had had, Lisa came down the stairs carrying the 
tube of ky jelly and wearing some new lingerie. White 
thigh high stockings, white crotch less panties, and 
white heels. The guys were admiring her new outfit as 
she poured herself a glass of wine and sat between two 
guys on the couch. 

The guys started to play with Lisa's tits and then 
spread her legs to feel and finger her pussy while she 
stroked their cocks. One guy told her he wanted a blow 
job so she went her knees in front of him and started 
sucking his cock. The other guy picked up the ky jelly 
and moved behind her. He lubed her ass hole and then 
his cock and started fucking her in the ass. After 
about 10 minutes the guys switched places. A few 
minutes later the guy in her ass came followed by the 
guy in her mouth. Lisa pulled his cock out of her mouth 
after the first spurt and took the rest on her face. 
Lisa took on the rest of the guys in pairs, six in all, 
the same way. 

Each guy got to fuck her in the ass and each got a blow 
job. After the second pair of guys were finished Lisa's 
legs and knees were sore, so she laid on her back for 
the last four guys. After the last guy had cum on her 
face she was done. She told us all that she could not 
do anymore. The guys all said that they were done as 
well. The guys started thanking her telling her how hot 
she was, how much they loved fucking her pussy and ass, 
how they loved her tits, etc. We all hung out for some 
time and then the guys got dressed and began to leave.

I took Lisa by the hand and led her to our bedroom. She 
was still wearing the crotch less panties but had taken 
off her thigh highs and heels. I laid her on her back 
on the bed and caressed her body. She was one well 
fucked woman. We both examined the bite marks and 
hickeys on her body and tits. Her ass was still red 
from being spanked. She had dried cum on her tits and 

Her pussy was open, and her pussy lips were red and 
swollen. Her ass hole was slightly open and red from 
use. I started to fuck her but she put both hands on my 
chest to hold me back and then said, "Easy, I'm really 
sore down there." That statement turned me on so much, 
and the fact that I had watched her all night in a 
gangbang, I came after only two strokes in her pussy. 
We spent about 30 minutes cuddling and talking about 
her gangbang. Lisa loved it, I loved it, but she also 
said, "Never again!"

Lisa's ruff gangbang turned out to be the climax of our 
sex night activities. As our kids got older our lives 
became very busy. Having a free weekend became a thing 
of the past. Lisa and I both were very involved with 
our kids schools and activities. Raising our kids was 
our number one priority. Both kids became involved in 
various activities and both kids played sports. Lisa 
and I volunteered at every level and our kids excelled 
at school and sports. 

John continued to rent Lisa but the times that they 
could get together became few and far between. Once a 
month became once every three months, eventually once 
every six months. Then a very sad day happened. I 
should have seen it coming but I didn't. Lisa and John 
were very close with each other. Their relationship was 
not just sexual but emotional as well. John called me 
and asked me to meet him for a drink. 

John explained that he met a beautiful lady and their 
relationship had become serious. He hoped to marry her 
someday. John went on to say that he could no longer be 
with Lisa because he wanted to be faithful to his 
girlfriend. I was floored with sadness for Lisa. I knew 
that she had a close bond with John and I knew that she 
would be very upset. John asked me if he should tell 
her or if I should tell her. I told him that I wanted 
to tell her but I thought that she would want to here 
it from him also.

I drove home with tears in my eyes knowing that this 
would be hard for Lisa. I loved her so much and I did 
not want to see her hurt. I should have known that John 
would eventually decide to slow down and get married. I 
should have prepared Lisa ahead of time.

When I arrived home Lisa could tell something was 
wrong. I tried to break the news to her as easy as I 
could but it wasn't easy. When I told her about the 
conversation I had with John she started crying. I 
moved toward her to give her a hug but she said, "I 
have to go out." Then she left. 

I knew where she was going. I cleaned up the house and 
put the kids to bed. I cleaned the house some more and 
then went to bed but I could not sleep. Lisa had been 
gone about four hours when I heard the garage door 
open. 30 minutes later she came into our bedroom and 
climbed into bed. I asked her if she was ok and she 
said, "Just hold me." I held her in my arms until we 
both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up before she did and when I 
went to the garage to get the lawn mower I saw her car. 
It was filled with clothes. The back seat, front 
passenger seat, and trunk were filled clothes that John 
had bought for her. I cleared out a downstairs closet 
and moved all of the clothes, lingerie, and shoes to 
the closet. Every item was very expensive and very 
sexy. As I moved each item to the closet I wondered 
where she went while wearing it. Did she wear this 
dress to the Ballet? What shoes was she wearing with 
this dress? The lingerie was the most intriguing. 

There were so many different matching bras and panties. 
So many garter belts, and all kinds of stockings. I 
must admit that I brought each item to my nose to smell 
them. To smell her scent left over from when she wore 
them. As I finished placing her clothes in the closet I 
suddenly experienced a strange form of jealousy. It's 
hard to explain but I experienced a feeling of 
something lost. It's a feeling like back in high school 
when you did not know a girl had a crush on you until 
it was to late. Your face gets red and hot and you feel 
like an idiot. I finished putting all of the clothes in 
the closet and then cut the grass. When I went back 
into the house I simply said to Lisa that I had cleaned 
her car out and everything was in the downstairs 
closet. She just nodded her head.

For the next six months we did not talk about John. I 
tried. We would be in bed and I would ask her if she 
wanted to talk. She would say "not now."

For our anniversary that year we did not much of a 
celebration. We were so busy with our kids and our 
business that we just did not plan anything special. It 
was just a dinner at home with our kids. But I did have 
something planned. I just did not know how well it 
would be received. As we finished dinner and the kids 
ran off to play, I presented her with two tickets for 
the musical "Cats." I also told her that I had signed 
us up for ballroom dancing lessons. Lisa took my hand 
and said, "This is the best present you have ever given 

Since then I have learned how to dance and I love it. I 
love holding Lisa close to me as we dance to the music.

Since then all has gone well. Lonnie has gotten married 
and Lisa and I were there for his wedding. Lonnie's 
friends were also there. They flirted with each other 
and Lisa danced with all of them. She turned down their 
requests for a repeat performance. John also got 
married. Lisa and I attended John and Susan's wedding. 
During the reception John toasted us and our marriage.

Although we have not played with others for along time 
we have found ways to satisfy Lisa's exhibitionism and 
my desires to show her off. When wearing stockings she 
always makes sure many people know what's under dress. 
Our favorite game occurs whenever we were out of town 
on business. At the hotel bar Lisa will innocently 
spread her legs so that men sitting nearby can see her 
panties. Once she knows that she has their attention 
she will go to the bathroom and remove her bra and 

When she gets back she will keep her legs crossed and 
enjoy the actions of the men as they try to get another 
look. Eventually she will uncross her legs and show her 
bare pussy to them. Soon she will unbutton a few 
buttons on her blouse or dress and flash her tits. 
Things become most interesting when the men realize 
that she is exposing herself on purpose. Many times the 
men ask us to join them at their table. Hands will be 
all over her body coping a feel of her tits and pussy. 
The men will ask her and sometimes offer money to have 
her join them in their room. Lisa very politely turns 
them down.

Most recently Lisa exposed herself on yahoo web cam. It 
was great. In the privacy of our own home Lisa stripped 
for a wide audience. My computer screen was going crazy 
with requests for her to strip, play with herself, and 
much more.

We have a good life together. Now we are moving into a 
different phase of our life. Our kids will soon be off 
to college. Looks like our son will play college 
football, and our daughter will play college 
basketball. We soon will have an empty nest. Lisa and I 
are planning to sell our business and retire. We want 
to be able to travel to our kid's college games and 
have fun.

This is why we are telling our story now. Lisa has 
helped me write our story, helped me fill in the 
details of what happened when I was not there. In doing 
so it has rekindled some old fires. One fantasy we had 
that we never fulfilled was to meet with a group of men 
for a weekend at a cabin in the woods. Lisa would only 
be allowed to wear bra, panties, garter belt and 
stockings. She would be the sex slave for all of the 
men and fulfill whatever fantasy they had. 

It never happened because Lisa did not want to be with 
strangers anymore, and when our kids got older we both 
were afraid of someone finding out about our sex 
nights. But as I finished writing this story I told 
Lisa I had an idea. I said, "What if we had a group of 
friends, all men that you would get to know so that 
they would not be strangers. And what if we bought a 
cabin on the lake like the one we looked at a few years 

Lisa interrupted me by giving me a kiss, and then said, 
"You're always thinking aren't you.

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