Monday, 2 September 2013


My Wife of 15 years and myself finally got a vacation 
away from the kids when a family member agreed to sit 
for a week. We had missed out on a honeymoon and the 
last 14 years had been just work and look after our 
growing family. Needless to say we were both ready to 
have a great vacation in the Caribbean.

We arrived early in the morning at the airport and 
after a long day of travel were tired but not wanting 
to waste any time we still went to one of the resort 
bars for some drinks. I was in the mood to drink and 
have fun but over indulged and ended up drunk that was 
how I ended up arrested after a fight with another 

I woke the next morning in a dark cell with the sound 
of a radio playing nearby. A large black male in his 
mid to late 50's sat at a desk reading a newspaper. 
"Excuse me," I inquired. "Can you please tell me why I 
am here?"

He looked at me over the paper and after a short pause 
replied, "Because you don't have any money mon."

"Why do I need money?"

"To pay your fine of course, stupid tourist," he 

It didn't make sense I had brought a lot of money to 
spend on vacation so I should be able to get out. "Is 
my wife coming to pay my fine?"

"Oh yes, she is coming to talk to you."

What did that mean and why didn't he answer my 

My wife arrived at 9am the large black man who I found 
out was the local captain ushered her into the cell 
area to talk with me through the bars. I apoligised 
profusely for getting into this mess and asked why she 
hadn't bailed me out. At this point my beautiful wife 
began to sob that the captain had said the fine was 
three times the amount of spending money we brought and 
she knew we had only a small amount in our bank account 
until the end of the week when we get paid. I sat back 
stunned to realise our first honeymoon ever would be 
spent with me in jail.

Marie my beautiful spouse with tears in her eyes leaned 
forward with her forehead touching the bars and 
whispered something so faintly I missed it at first. 
Leaning forward she repeated the captain said, "They 
have an alternate means of payment, for just this 
case." Which apparently occurred often. "What is that?" 
I asked hoping to salvage our vacation.

She could not speak for a long while and it was to the 
point I thought she wouldn't when she croaked they like 
fat broads here you know! My wife is not fat but does 
have a pear shape with her waist being thirty inches 
and her butt is 38 inches. She has curly hair she dies 
auburn and the most beautiful grey eyes. To top it off 
she has a 38inch chest, although comfortable with her 
body she laments the fact her nipples are very large 
and faint almost to the point of not being there at 

"T-they want me to do something... and if I do it... 
there'll be no fine and you will be free immediately," 
Marie explained.

"Well," I said. "Do what they want. What's the holdup?"

"They want me to sign a paper..."

"That's all? What's stopping you?" I pleaded.

Marie looked me in the eye and said, "Honey the paper 
says I agree to have sex with the captain and anyone 
else for 2 hours."

Don't do it! I wanted to scream, but the thought of 
spending a week in jail here scared me so I remained 
silent thinking of alternatives. Stuck in a foreign 
jail for a crime that was committed in front of a large 
group of witnesses left me in a real bind.

Marie then spoke up and said, "W-what happens next... 
you can't blame me for." She then stood in front of the 
cell next to mine on called the captain by his 
christian name; "Thomas lets go."

The black captain walked by my cell looking me in the 
eye with a huge shit eating grin, in his hand was a 
paper and pen. "Don't worry mon," he said. "They all 
enjoy it in the end," he sneered as he turned and 
unlocked the cell beside mine.

Both proceeded inside and I lost site because there was 
a brick wall dividing the cells. The next thing I heard 
was clothing being removed and the captain speaking in 
harsh words followed by quiet replies from my 
submissive wife.

Take my dick out and suck it Thomas ordered my wife 
which she must have done immediately as I heard sucking 
sounds almost right away. Soon Thomas ordered her onto 
the bed and instructed her to lie on her back and grab 
the bars which she did. He then must have started 
licking her. I could see the top of Maries head just 
around the corner and by the ways it was thrashing back 
and forth I knew she was enjoying it. 

She always makes they same side to side head shake when 
she is coming, and soon her hands were off the bars and 
cradling the captains shaved head as he prepped her 
pussy. Marie was doing her best to stifle her orgasmic 
groans but I could tell from her rapid breathing her 
cunt was twitching under a good tongue lashing. 

"Put it in she moaned..."

"What?" I thought, but my question was soon answered 
when she groaned, "Stick your finger up my ass too." 
This was her favorite way to orgasm and usually what we 
did when Marie was really hot, she can go on for a 
dozen orgasms or more when we have the time.

Soon I heard Thomas say, "This is good and wet, do you 
want it in now baby?"

"No," Marie cried. "Finish me one more time with that 
fat tongue please."

Once again the sounds of my wife orgasming filled the 

By this time I had a raging hard-on (I couldn't help 
it) and was desperate to see what was happening right 
beside me to my wife. I could see the cell across from 
me had a mirror and if I stood on my bed it allowed me 
to see some of what was happening. I could hear Thomas 
tell Marie to flip over and get on her hands and knees.

"Most women find this the best way to take me," the 
captain warned my wife. I could see Marie's ass 
sticking up in the air and Thomas positioned in behind 
her, his cock must have been massive because Marie was 
already moaning and he looked like he was a foot away 
from her.

I looked down and saw Marie had reached her hand around 
the corner waving it to get my attention so I grasped 
it. She gripped it and would not let go, then I watched 
and heard the sounds of my wife taking another man's 
cock into her cunt. I started to protest about using a 
condom but Thomas cut me short and said, "Shut up mon, 
your whore wife signed the paper and if I want to breed 
with her then for the next hour and a half that's what 
I'll do."

I had had a vasectomy after our last child so I knew 
Marie's womb was unprotected but now we would just have 
to take it and pray for the best. 

Thomas then began pushing forward slowly, I could tell 
by Marie's head bobbing out almost from between the 
bars. He was very patient and took a long time to 
squeeze his obviously large cock into my wife. In 
between pauses he took to allow Marie time to adjust to 
his large member he explained to us why he liked to 
fuck women that had already had kids as they were able 
to take his 12-inch cock no problem that is as long as 
he "prepped" them first. 

Marie let out a long sigh and I new she was enjoying 
his dick, after a few thrusts deeper still she dropped 
her head to the bed and began coming. Thomas had to 
grab her large hips and hold the up to prevent Marie 
collapsing, "Like that don't you baby?" he hissed. I 
knew she had as her grip on my hand tightened while her 
body shook.

Then after a short pause Marie groaned, "C'mon and 
finish what you started," she practically begged him. 
The captain then gave a mighty shove to bury his tool 
all the way in and my wife let out one more sigh. 
Thomas then began pistoning in and out like a machine 
in my wife's cunt pulling out to the tip and the 
driving home. I watched his face in the mirror as he 
bit his lip trying not to come to early Marie pushed 
her ass back at him, it became a contest him trying to 
hold back the seed his balls wanted to spill and Marie 
trying to get him to finish.

Of course in the end Marie's body won as her cunt 
gripped he cock tighter and milked his black shaft the 
urge to spill his sperm became overpowering. Thomas 
gave one final thrust forward and gripping Maries hips 
he started to fill her with his live load of jism, she 
in turn put her head down and groaned give me your 
seed! Their mutual orgasm went on for at least 2 
minutes as Thomas collapsed on top of my wife. Marie 
gave my hand one last squeeze as her orgasm finished.

As my wife and her black lover enjoyed their mutual 
coupling I pondered what had occurred, my mind went to 
a science program I had watched that showed a woman's 
cervix dipping down as she orgasmed and this they 
speculated was to allow more sperm to enter the womb 
and therefore a better chance at impregnation. Had I 
just held my wife's hand as her black bull impregnated 
her... were we going home in a week with another mans 
baby in her belly? Not just that but a much older mans 
baby could be planted inside her.

As I pondered this I became aware of some kissing 
sounds coming from the cell next to mine. Getting up I 
could see Marie and Thomas kissing like lovers, later 
Marie would explain that she now had a connection to 
Thomas, like it or not, she still needed to be touched 
the way I did after we fucked and besides she wouldn't 
have been in that cell if not for me!

I was released that after the two hour contract was up 
but not before holding Marie's hand as Thomas fucked 
her missionary position. Marie and the captain joined 
at the hips and lips, her pussy scooping up more of his 


Sure enough when we got home Marie was pregnant, and 
she refused to have an abortion. She just told her 
family she had been raped and not to ask her any 
questions about it. But now she wants to travel back to 
see Thomas (the father) again and take his daughter to 
see her dad... alone.

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